45-Symbolism and the Lord of the Forest

'Hey, why is Amber able to use magic?

'Hmm? No, I can't use magic.

 My question came back as a disappointing answer.

 I don't think it needs to be said that the demon race is a race that specializes in physical skills.
 Although they are not the strongest in all four physical statuses (strength, sturdiness, dexterity, and agility), they show an overwhelming growth in total value that cannot be compared to others.
 On the other hand, he is bound by the fact that he can't be even close to the average in magic even if he spent all his bonus points.

 But Amber, who is supposed to be a demon like me, was clearly using something powerful and magical.
 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
 If I can use it, I want to have it in my hand.
 I thought so, but my statement was easily denied.

'To tell you the truth, it's an item.

'An item?

 When I heard Amber's words, I thought of something that when shaken, would cause a flash of light or recover HP.

'That's right. It's a mark that can only be made by a special kind of person called a 'magician' of the fox tribe. The price varies, but the one I just used is a mid-range magic that costs about 10,000 Iris each.

'10,000 Iris ......?

'If you think of it that way, it's a cheap way for us demons to easily deal with our demons.

 It's true. In the event that you've got a lot of money, you'll be able to buy a lot of things, and you'll be able to buy a lot of things.
 After all, there is almost no lag in activation. There is no other item as effective as it in terms of emergency defense.
 If it's only 10,000 Iris, it's an unbelievable price. It hurts that it's disposable, though.

 But the Vixens... The Vixens are shown in the game's PV, but they're one of the non-playable, or non-controllable, races, I think.

 They have two forms, a quadrupedal beast form and a bipedal beast-human form, and they can transform into a human form when they grow up.
 The name is famous enough to be on the official introduction page, but I've never seen one before, at least not in my life.

'I've never seen a demon tribe before.

'That's not surprising. They have a high sense of tribe, and most of them are in hidden villages. If I wasn't a demon, I wouldn't have interacted with them either.

'If you weren't a demon?

'The demon tribe and the vixen tribe are on friendly terms. Perhaps it's because of the close relationship between the Demon God and the Immortal Fox, they've had a strong bond for a long time.

 I see. It seems that the demon tribe is on good terms with the vixen tribe.
 If that's the case, maybe I can go and buy some magic?
 But they seem to be a closed race, and I'm an outsider player. .......

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you.


'Haha, well, I'm sure they'll like you. Both the demon tribe and the vixen tribe prefer the strong.

 Now that I'm here, my gaze goes to my chest again. It's not that I'm being sarcastic, it's just that the 《Certificate of the Famous Sole Avenger》 is worth that much.

 Soon, I could see a sunny spot surrounded by tall trees.

'Now, we're about to reach the master of the forest, but you don't need any help, do you?

'Of course. I'm already familiar with this one.'

 This is not the hammer, but the gauntlet.
 Thanks to the bonus points I gained from the level I gained in the battle, I have enough strength to carry Meteor Impact Zero.
 I've fought a few battles and know how to use it.

 However, it would not be a hardship if I could wield it easily just because I have reached the required strength value. Just because you know how to use it doesn't mean you know how to use it well.
 Seeing me like that, Amber laughed happily.

'Bare-knuckle fighting, huh? By the way, you were using it just now. ...... Whether you know it or not, it looks good on you.

 After saying that, Amber gently pushed me back and led me to the boss's room.

'I'm off.

'Yeah, have a good day.

 The sun was shining, but not through the trees.
 As if it had been waiting for me to step into the room, a purple-colored serpent appeared.
 The snake's coiled height alone was probably 10 meters. And its whole body was thick. It looks like it's worth a shot.

 Its name is "Poison Naga Lv. 27". It only has a single HP gauge.
 Like the Red Ogre in the Cave of Trials, the names of bosses are rather simple, aren't they?

'Well, let's do it.

 I clenched my fists in front of the Poison Naga, which made a shrill sound.


 In WLO, monsters that use poison are not uncommon.
 The Lizard of the Swamp, which I should have been able to fight, is said to be a poisonous monster, and the Hydrosnake in the Forest of the End is also poisonous.
 In fact, the goblin archer also has poisoned arrows and can be found at ....... So, even the enemies that lead up to this point are this many in number.

 And then there's that. The namesake that Rowe defeated, Vladia the Luring Serpent.
 It's said to appear around Fierce, but I'm pretty sure that Rowe got a rare skill that's poisonous, so it's probably a poisonous type of monster too.

 If you think about it, the Poison Naga in front of you might be a degraded version of the Named.
 Still, you can't be too careful.

 This is the "Demon Forest". It means that all monsters can use magic.

'Is there a rule in this game ...... that big monsters can be fixed turrets?

 The Poison Naga deployed a light purple magic circle around her, and then shot out a liquid of the same color.
 It was easy to evade, but I could see the ground where it landed melting.

'That's right, isn't it?

 Judging from the degree of dissolution, it might be closer to a digestive liquid than a poisonous liquid.
 I don't see the need for it to be cast as a spell, but it looked like it would hurt like hell.

 The size of the body being swung around seemed to make it difficult to avoid,

'It doesn't move very fast,......,' he said.

 I tried to avoid it for a while and decided that I could go for it, so I lightly swung the gauntlets on both arms and put all my strength into it.
 You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.
 The sound of the fist slamming into the thick belly of the serpent was a weak ...... sound.
 The response was too weak to be a clean hit, but that's okay.

 At that moment, my fists took on a slight glow.

 The arts of the 《Bare Hands Fighting》 skill. The essence of this skill lies in its continuous strikes.
 It's a sentence from the skill description page, but that's about the only way I can explain it.

 The light-clad fist increases in power with each strike.
 The sound of the blow, weak and unreliable at first, becomes heavier and deeper with each strike.
 The good thing about this art is its long grace period. Even if you weave in and out of evasion, the effects of the art will not stop.

 A total of ten consecutive strikes will start with a weak sound and eventually turn into a thud! The sound of the first ten strikes changed from a feeble sound to a bursting sound.

 The "Toezakura" Arts.

 It is a 10-strike skill that is most powerful when used against large, slow monsters.

 Due to the synergistic effect of my high muscle strength, the power of the heavy metal gauntlet with its high attack power, and the firepower of the ten-layered cherry blossoms, Poison Naga had already lost 30% of its HP.

 The Poison Naga was frightened by the last blow, but before I could break its rigidity, it twisted its whole body and launched a cleave attack.


 I was blown away by the direct hit to my unprotected stomach, letting out a slightly suspicious sound as a girl.
 The damage was not serious. I knew from the way the attack passed through me that my large figure was almost like a piece of papier-mâché.

'Wow, that's a lot of stiffness.

 I didn't think I'd be able to take it unprotected.
 While he was taking a breath, Poison Naga was also regaining his stance.

 The Tenfold Cherry Blossom is powerful and has a grace period, but it also has two drawbacks.
 One is the duration. It takes at least 5 seconds to finish hitting the opponent.
 The other is that you have to hit the same monster with all 10 hits. This isn't really a drawback, just that you can't use it against small monsters.

 There are easier techniques with less gaps and fewer hits, but you can't use them unless you're dealing with huge monsters. ...... To be honest, it's almost like a romantic gun.
 I'm not sure if I'd have been able to do that if I'd been hit with a spell.
 I'm satisfied that I was able to activate it, so I'm going to start chopping it up more.

 SsangYong" with both hands in the air. The "Three Clouds," a three-strike attack that can be connected in less than 0.5 seconds, is followed by the "Four Leaves," a combination of a left, right, spinning kick and a backward jumping spinning kick.

 The advantage of this skill is that you can connect arts that have increased by one number into a series of strikes, and this is the reason why it is called 'the essence is in the series of strikes'.

 This is the reason why it is called 'the quintessence of striking'.

'Yo ......?

 After the three seconds of rigidity, I tried to dodge the four incoming spells by backstepping, but my feet were buried in the ground and I was momentarily stopped.

 I managed to duck, but on closer inspection, I saw that some of the ground that had been hit by the dissolver spell had melted into a muddy mess.
 At first glance, it looked as if the surface had just melted. There were no holes, so I didn't notice it, but it might have been a spell that melted only the inside softly.

 The ground was bald where the spell had fallen, so I could tell. .......
 I have a bad feeling about this. Take away their foothold, narrow their escape. What do you think they'll do after taking away your mobility?

'That's what they'll do, isn't it ......?

 Up until this point, I had only seen spells of intermediate level at best, no matter how powerful they were.
 It was a spell called "Earth Javelin" that the goblin mage had unleashed at a different time than the one during the panic, after taking about a minute to do so, but it had a speed that could not be compared to that of a ball-type spell.
 I was able to avoid it because I took time to prepare and I knew the angle of fire, but if it had hit me unexpectedly, it would have been quite dangerous.

 Now, with that in mind.
 The size of the magic circle that Poison Naga is currently holding with its mouth wide open is at least larger than Earth Javelin.
 I don't know what's going to fly at me, but if I were to die from an ice ball, I'd be dead most likely.

 Fortunately, it seems to take some time to activate, and judging by the glow of the magic circle, it looks like it will take at least another 20 seconds.

'If only I had that much time!

 Naga's HP was about sixty percent. Rather than take a gamble on whether I could avoid it or not, there was something I wanted to try.

 He assessed the hard ground, kicked out as hard as he could, and launched the SsangYong halfway into the Poison Naga's body. Two seconds.
 There was some recoil damage, but I didn't care. He fires 《Mikumo》 and 《Yonba》 more sharply than before. 4 seconds.
 Five consecutive hand-to-hand blows with 《Gowa》. Six seconds.
 Six high-speed, speed-focused fist blows 《Rikudou》. 7 sec.

'...... Here it is!

 Using the last shot of the Sixth Path as a starting point, activate the Tenfold Cherry Blossom.
 The power of the Ten-Plane Cherry Blossom is based on an additive method, starting with the first hit and adding damage with each hit. The final damage is equivalent to the first 55 shots.

 Perhaps because the damage of the first shot was so great, the recoil is so strong that it cannot be controlled.
 The third shot was already as powerful as the last.
 From the fourth hit, it became unbearable, and my HP was reduced.
 Each of the fifth and sixth hits reduced my HP more and more, but there were others who suffered more.

'Ha ...... Aaah!

 The seventh shot. A fist so powerful that even I can't control it pierces Poison Naga's thick body.

 The Poison Naga collapsed, convulsed for a while, and then disappeared as if it were dissolving into a polygon.

 It took only 15 seconds. Even though my level was higher than his, it took him less than a minute to remove more than 50% of the damage.
 Maybe the damage efficiency of this skill is broken. .......


 The avatar stiffens as it swings into the void with the eighth shot, which is too powerful to control.
 He couldn't move, but there were no more enemies. I slowly exhaled the breath I had been holding during the barrage, and sat down on the ground when I was able to move after a few seconds.

 Don't tell anyone that I almost got my butt stuck in the mud, okay?