158-Rewards of the Ryukaburuma

'No, ......, but I'm surprised. I don't know how you can guess so easily. ......'

'Meg, isn't that like the seventh time you've said that?


 I got a quick 1000 points, and was pampered for a while at the yabusame archery range.
 After the yabusame time was over, the three of us went to the receptionist's house.
 At first I thought I'd go alone, but both of them wanted to go with me, and the man said he didn't mind, so we decided to visit him together.

'But you know, it's really amazing. Where in the world did you get that kind of skill?

'Hmmm, ......, I haven't really practiced that much.'

'That's the point.

'Not at all, sir.

'You're getting a taste for talent, aren't you?
'You're getting a taste for talent.
"You were more primitive in the beginning.
'That's why you're so talented.

'Everyone is so harsh!

 'You can't help it if you can do it!

'Hahahaha! It's called talent! There are some people in the world who are born like monsters. Sukuna's daughter might be one of them.

 In contrast to Meguru's and Himiko's stare, the uncle was smiling cheerfully.

'Well then, I guess it's time to show you the reward I'm going to give you, little girl.

'Oh, I've been waiting for you.

 The uncle took out a paulownia box without any particular pretensions.
 Was it an antique of some kind?
 As I stared at it, the old man gently opened the lid.
 What was inside was a jet-black kimono with a suspicious glow.
 It was probably some kind of material, no doubt. If it's a cloth, then it's probably for armor.

It's called "weeping silk". It's a cloth made from the material of a certain monster, spun with a secret technique passed down in this village.

'Kikoku no Tsumugi: ......'

 It's a kimono made with the secret technique of a hidden village. It is an item with a very rare atmosphere.

'The armor made with this item far surpasses metal armor, even though it is made of cloth. Yet it is light and flexible. But if that's all it is, it's just tough cloth. Most cloths made from monsters have that kind of effect. Just like your red robe.

'Sure, I suppose it is.

 In the real world, metal would be sturdier no matter how hard you tried, but in the fantasy world, there is no such natural law.
 As if the strength of the monster is the strength of the material, cloth armor surpasses metal armor.
 Of course, it depends on the skill of the blacksmith and the type of metal, but the strongest equipment is almost always made from monster materials.
 Therefore, if it is simply a sturdy cloth, the "Weeping Pongee" has no new value.

 This "Weeping Pongee" is a reward for 1,000 Yabusame points.
 At least at this stage, I didn't think it was particularly valuable compared to the "Tsukihibana", a high rare item that I received for 500 points.

'Not for the Wailing Pongee. The Wailing Pongee has an effect that strengthens its power only when it's worn by a demon tribe.

'You mean the special equipment for the demon tribe ......?

 Well, that's quite an exciting setting.
 It's not just ...... that can only be equipped for the demon tribe, but equipment that shows its true power only when the demon tribe wears it.
 It's like a holy sword that only shows its true power when held by a legendary hero, but is otherwise sluggish.

 The target is not an individual but a race, but you can't give out a rare item that is limited to one person in an online game, can you?
 Even the "soul" of the Named is only a fixed drop the first time, and anyone can get it if they keep killing them.

 Now, the question is how effective and flexible the "Weeping Pongee" is.
 It claims to increase the power of the demon race. It could be a status boost, a constant buff, or a damage reduction effect.
 I'm wondering if it only increases strength or attack power, or if it has an effect on other statuses as well.

 The other thing is the flexibility of the material. It's important to know if it's necessary to make equipment using only the "Weeping Pongee", or if the buff effect will continue even if it's used as a material to strengthen equipment.
 To put it concretely, does the effect on the demon race remain even if you use it to strengthen the Red Wolf Armor?
 I originally intended to use it to strengthen my Red Wolf armor, so if it can't coexist with it, I'll probably use it as a sub-equipment.

 The uncle's shocking words blew away my excited yet anxious feelings.

'The equipment you make with this ...... will raise the basic status of all physical skills of the demon tribe by 40% just by wearing it.


''Forty percent!

 The statement was so shocking that Meguru and I both leaned forward and shouted.
 If that's true, it's a tremendous effect. It's so outrageous that it's as if you've thrown away the balance somewhere.
 Himiko tilted her head, while Meguru and I were speechless.

'Hmm? What are you so surprised about?

'No, no, no, no, Himiko-san, it's 40%, okay? Forty percent? It's forty percent, okay?

'Uh-huh. I know that, don't I?

'You don't understand, sir!

'Whew, .......'

 When I unintentionally pressed Himiko, who was a bit optimistic, she shrank back with tears in her eyes, as if she was pressured by our uncanny appearance.

'Well, ......, the two of you are more normal than the other two, as far as reactions go in this place.'

'...... Isn't the quicksilver effect bad?'

 Meguru said that before I did.
 That's what I wanted to hear too, so I don't particularly blame him for it. At least, I'm confident that I'm losing my cool right now, so I should be grateful to Meguru-san for being relatively calm.

'Yeah. But you see, the Wailing Pongee requires its users to be skilled. To be more specific, any armor created with it will have certain restrictions.''


'You can't equip it unless you have 500 muscle strength. This is not due to the weight of the equipment, but the equipment limit required by the material itself. So, the required strength value of the equipment itself is different.

 The equipment limit is 500 strength. I'm not sure if this is the first time I've heard the term "equipment limit" used.

 It is often misunderstood that you can equip even if you don't have the required strength value. However, if you equip more than the required strength value, you will not be able to move from the spot.
 So, the fact that the uncle went to the trouble of stating that it was a restriction on equipment probably means that 'if you don't have the required strength value of 500, you can't equip yourself'.

'The Wailing Pongee is a special cloth used as battle dress for the demon tribe. There are only a few demons in this village who can handle it, except for Kuroyosama. It's a piece of equipment that can only be worn by those who have been approved.

'The battle dress ...... looks cool.'

'Haha, you get that impression? Well, yes, it's not something you see very often, but for example, Kuroyosama's battle dress is very noble and beautiful, you know?

 Thinking of Kuroyosama wearing a relatively simple kimono, I replace his outfit with a jet-black luxurious kimono.
 Yes, this may indeed be cool.

'Hey, won't that effect disappear if I use it to strengthen other armor or something?

'Yeah, it's fine. It's pretty easy to use as a material. It will limit the strength value, but the effect of raising the status of the demon race should not disappear.

'I see, that's good.

 I was relieved to hear my uncle say that.
 In fact, I still don't know if the Wailing Pongee can be used to strengthen the Red Wolf costume.
 You can find out if you put it in your inventory and look at the materials used to strengthen the red wolf costume, but it would be a bit silly to do so now.
 However, the possibility that it couldn't be used for strengthening hadn't crossed my mind. Because I had the feeling that the Wailing Pongee was attracted to the Red Wolf costume.

'Do you want to use it to strengthen that equipment?

'Yes, since we've been fighting together for a long time.'

'I see. I hope it works.

'It'll be fine.

 Perhaps he understood what I was thinking, but he nodded his head without so much as a tease.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

'Oh, that's right, did Sukuna-san have a status that specialized in muscle strength?

'Ah, yes. It's okay.

 If you put in all the bonus status points you have now, your strength value will actually exceed 500.
 So, I wasn't worried about that part at all.

'Hmm, I'm not sure, but it looks like we're on the same page.

'Himiko-san. What's wrong?

'I just didn't have the right time to get into it, that's all.

'You're so honest.

 It seems that she had been looking for a chance to enter the conversation for a long time.
 He seemed to have been looking for a chance to get into the conversation for a long time, and the happy expression on his face made it hard to believe that he had just been messing around.

'This is the only reward for the horseback archery. The chief of the village instructed me to give away the Tsumugi to those who have the ability to get a perfect score on horseback, so Meguru and Himiko, do your best.

'You think anyone can get it?

'Yeah, I'll give it to anyone as long as they get a perfect score on horseback archery.'

'I see, I'm getting motivated. Sukuna-san, would you be willing to teach me sometime?'

'Sure, but it might not be very helpful, you know?

'I'd like to be able to get at least a hundred points.

'That's 12 points.

'Yea, Skuna, that merciless comment is making my heart ache.'

 I let Himiko cover her face with her hands and mimic crying, and put the 《Wailing Pongee》 away in my inventory.
 The words "Epic" shine brilliantly on the menu card. This is the moment when you get the Epic Rare item, possibly the fastest among the players.

 I also confirmed that it can be used to strengthen the Red Wolf Armor. And then there's the Soul, which I got from the giant dragon.
 I'll probably be in trouble tonight, so I'll ask Kittenmaru about it tomorrow.

'Please feel free to come visit me again.

'I'll take good care of it!

'Thank you for showing me this valuable item.'

'The sweets were delicious.

 It was getting late, we left the uncle's house, and since there was nothing special to do, we decided to break up.
 With high hopes in my heart, I finished the long day.