13-Talking about a player who likes to distribute.

 It was when he was up unusually early that he began his hobby of streaming.
 It was titled "Sukuna's First Delivery" - a new delivery that would be starting soon, reserved for 6:00 in the morning.

'You're going to start your delivery on the second day? ......'

 That's unusual, he muttered.
 This is because the usual practice of such distribution is to start from the beginning in search of novelty.
 If you look at the distribution information, you can see that he is already a level 14 player.

(You mean he got to 14 in one day yesterday, when the game was saturated with an avalanche of new players? ......)

 It was an astonishment that he felt because he had watched and cheered the new players' first delivery yesterday.
 He wondered what kind of players were streaming, and clicked on the thumbnail of the stream that was about to start.

 Although "WorldLive-ONLINE" advertises that it will be broadcasting while the game is being played, the fact is that less than 10% of all players are broadcasting at the moment.
 This is due to the misalignment between WLO's main selling point and the purpose of the initial purchaser base.

 What is the biggest drawback of VRMMO? It's the fact that, because it's experiential, you can't do anything other than play the game.
 Even for free, they tend to feel like work, and are time-sucking MMOs.
 Still, unlike MMOs that can be played on PCs and consumer consoles, VRMMOs have the weakness of being able to do only one of many things.

 If you can only do one thing, you want something of high quality. We want something unique and attractive. Under such circumstances, WLO appeared like a comet.
 Overwhelming graphics. The best AI. A sense of reality that maximizes the five senses.
 The truth is that as a result of the explosion of buzz from the beta test, people who demanded quality went out and bought it.

 Therefore, the number of people who decided to buy the game for the delivery function was not that large.

 Nevertheless, the streaming function worked well, thanks to the streaming of famous live streamers and professional gamers prepared by the officials.
 In particular, professional gamers specializing in VR have made a name for themselves outside of tournaments, and their work has been remarkable.
 Players such as Rinne of HEROES, Fyma of Freedom Bombers, and Masayoshi of Fun Creation have made a name for themselves as frontline broadcasters with overwhelming playing time in addition to their name value.
 The number of their followers has been gradually increasing, as has the number of regular players.
 At the same time, the number of non-player viewers is steadily increasing.

 WLO's distribution function is a genre that has only now begun to heat up.

"Uh, uh, Testes.

 He was a little lost in thought when he was brought back to reality by such a soft voice.
 He looked at the screen and saw that the broadcast had begun.
 The girl on the screen was a black-haired, red-eyed demoness. She was one of the most popular looking demons, though not often chosen because of her peaky appearance.
 Perhaps it was because it was her first time, but the way she waved at the camera and tested the microphone, combined with the loveliness of her avatar, made me smile.

First time.

 The first time I saw him, he was typing comments, which was almost his life's work.
 Distribution is an entertainment that can only exist when there are both distributors and listeners.
 In other words, it is the comments that make it fun.
 That is why he always comments when he watches a stream. He believes that it is the best support he can give.

 Sure enough, the face of the girl who was delivering the message brightened as several other viewers wrote comments.

Welcome, first-timer. It's my first time streaming, so I don't know if I'm doing it right, but can you hear me?

 Perhaps attracted by the honest response, comments were written at a reasonable speed even though there were only a dozen or so people watching.
 He, too, wrote an innocuous comment.

'Good. Oh, thanks for the first time visitor. I'm Sukuna. My name is Sukuna. If you saw yesterday's broadcast of Rin-chan ...... Rinne, you might know me.


 I needed some time to digest the words that came out of the mouth of the distributor Sukuna, who was probably trying to keep a calm tone.
 Rin-chan? It started with "Rin-chan?", the word "Rinne" reminded me of "Heroes", and from the comments that flowed, I learned that the girl in front of me was a budding professional gamer.

 I knew that there was a newcomer to "HEROES".
 However, he was not that interested in eSports itself, and was only a fan of Rinne as a distributor.
 In addition, he hadn't seen Rinne's broadcast yesterday, when Sukuna was on, because he was too busy watching the other newcomers.

(I'm sorry to say that ...... has been streaming since yesterday, in fact.)

 He regretted his mistake of missing it, as it seemed that some of the few listeners were already fans of Sukuna.

(But then again, ...... has the right equipment for level 14. (And you've got the right equipment for level 14. (That's unusual for a girl.)

 When he regained his composure, he looked at Sukuna's equipment again.
 She's wearing steel plate, chainmail, and leather pants with a belt, which means she might have a throwing skill. That's because they are no different from leather pants except that they can be equipped with throwing items.
 The weapon is also a metal rod. Although it is very popular among the demon tribe, it is rare for women, and for better or worse, the appearance of the equipment is rugged and solid.

(Imbalance, or something, is ...... nice.)

 You run out into the field at full force, killing a pack of wolves instantly.
 After sinking all of them with a single punch by accurately hitting their weak points and soft parts, Skuna resumed interacting with the comments without a care in the world.

(You're too good at fighting. What was that, a big dexterity swing? (Cracking the brain of a wolf moving that fast: ......)

 More than anything, he switches to a beastly glare the moment he spots an enemy, and then switches back to his full, bright eyes when he thinks he's defeated it in an instant.
 It was so fast that I thought something had taken over.

(This is going to grow. No doubt about it.

 His many years of experience as a listener had given him a keen sense of Sukuna's potential.

 After that, we laughed at his sudden comment about destroying the human body, and got excited at the unexpected boss battle.
 In a sense, it was quite natural that he was completely captivated by Sukuna in the end.


'Well, we resume at one o'clock, right?

 The frontline attack clan, Dragon Fang.
 As one of the production workers supporting the clan, he readied his gear and started to move.

 The reason for this is that he has come to see a new player who has obtained the materials for a named boss monster that has not yet been defeated, and while he can still maintain the appearance of ......, he wants to make contact with him and possibly become friends with Sukuna.

 Fortunately, his specialty is production, which should be extremely useful to Skuna right now.
 If things go well, he might even be able to produce named materials.

'I don't like to think too much.

 It's always only those who take action that get the chance.
 With a few evil thoughts in his mind, he runs from his base in the fourth city, Feas, to the city of beginnings.

 He is one of the game's best players, spending most of his day watching streams and producing equipment.
 The top player who supports the front lines of the game from behind the scenes is only a fan in this moment.