63-a daydream in the setting sun

'I see, so this is the Imperial City.

'It's a big .......'

 The city of the beginning, Dualis, Trillia. The city of the beginning, Dualis, and Trillia. A huge city that we, who had seen three large cities, could only describe as spacious.
 That was our first impression of the city of Fierce.

'It looks like there are no checkpoints.

'I heard that the crystal on top of the gate acts like a surveillance camera. The gatekeepers are also said to be very strong NPCs, and there is a story that a criminal player over level 50 was killed with a single sword.

'NPCs are too strong'.

 After waving a hand to the monitoring crystal, we entered the imperial capital of Fierce.

'That's the Merstiv Imperial Castle, right? It's similar to the castles abroad that Lin took me to, but it's huge.

"It's going to be a challenge just to climb it.
"It's unnecessarily big.
"Is it physically possible?

'Even structures that are physically impossible in reality can be managed with magic in this world.

'I see...'

 Ah, magic is such a useful word.
 But joking aside, even at this time of night, the Imperial Capital is still quite crowded.
 There are various stores and food stalls along the edges of the wide streets, and the food is quite appetizing.
 There are also a certain number of people who look like players, but their equipment and appearance are different from those of players up to Trillia.
 He was a troublesome gorilla, after all. If you can beat him, you're pretty strong. I think that laser was sneaky.

'Now that we've arrived at Pheas, what do we do now?

'Well, ...... if you want to sell the materials of Mysteria Rabi, I guess I'd like to sell them.

 Thanks to the three Mysteria Rabbis I had hunted by the time I reached Fierce, my wallet was pretty well stocked.
 If I sell more materials from here, I won't have to worry about money for a while. The metal rod is almost indestructible if you use it carefully.

'If you sell it directly to Yorozuya, they will beat you down. Would you like to go sightseeing and look for a store?

'Yes, let's do that.

'Sis, do you have a minute?

 As I was talking with Toka about my plans for the rest of the day, I was suddenly approached by a passing NPC girl.
 She was a young child with brown hair that was a bit shaggy.

'Hmm? Something's wrong with ......!


 I felt death so clearly that I almost drew my weapon.
 What's this chill?

 At first glance, the girl in front of you is just a girl.
 She looks and feels like a normal girl.
 There is nothing strange about her. On the contrary, it was a sense of inexplicable discomfort that was stroking my senses.

'...... who?

'.................. Haha.'

 After a long silence, the girl who had laughed so horribly had transformed herself into a blonde-haired, red-eyed girl in the blink of an eye.
 It was the first time he had seen her, but she looked familiar.
 Hallucination? Magic? I don't know, but is it possible to change a person in such an instant?
 I still have the feeling of death gripping my heart.
 It's too high. I felt a difference in power that I couldn't even touch.

'Good day, red wolf-dressed demon. How did you notice me? I commend you.'

'That's right, sir.'

 I can't even afford to be antagonistic to a superior voice. You can always kill it. And I'm not naive enough to hesitate to do it in the street.
 I had to choose my words in a cold sweat in the face of a real killer.

'What is your name?

'...... Sukuna.'

'And your occupation?

'A child, but...'

'Well, it looks like you're real. I knew it.

 The girl is just smiling, humming a lilting tune.
 It's not unusual anymore for someone you've never met to know about you. However, I did not expect to be noticed by someone of this level.

'My energy is acceptable, my talent is perfect. As for strength, it is still in its infancy. ...... I like your eyes. I'm sure you're not the only one. You don't seem to be aware of it, but ...... I haven't seen a girl with so much murky darkness in a long time. It's a top-notch talent for a demon.

'What are you talking about, ......?

'You'll figure it out. That's what being a demon is all about. If that feeling you're keeping dormant awakens, I'll come back to see you.

 When the girl said that, she put a little bit of rouge on her fingertips to decorate her lips, and slipped her fingers into my cheeks, and then turned herself around.

'Wait, wait.

 I couldn't help but call out to the girl who seemed to be leaving after saying something meaningful.

'What is your name?

 I had no reason to answer.
 After saying that, the girl looked me in the eyes with her red eyes and said her name happily.

'Melty. I'll allow you to call me that.

 The name sounds familiar, and I choke up.
 Melty. Melty of the Heavenly Eyes.
 It's the name of the hero Amber told me about.
 It should look familiar. Because she looks just like Clo-Clo.
 Why is there such a big guy here?

'We'll meet again. Young, young demoness.'

 Leaving behind only her words, the phantom-like girl completely disappeared.
 All that was left was me standing there with no idea what was going on, and Toka-chan with a question mark on her face.


'Sister, what were you talking about?


 A few seconds after the encounter with the monster that was far beyond my imagination.
 What Toka-chan asked me was a strange question.

'What do you mean, ......?

'It seemed to me that my sister was talking to the void.


 I don't know what Toka-chan is talking about.
 If my self-reporting is correct, I was talking to Melty of the Heavenly Eyes,.......
 I'm not sure what you're talking about. Even if she didn't see what she looked like because of the illusion, she could have seen the brown-haired girl,........

'Hey, did you see it, listeners?

'I thought you'd suddenly started acting.
Did you see anything?
I don't know.

Oh, right.

 Maybe I was daydreaming. In a game?
 Or perhaps, if you were watching me in my previous state without an opponent, it might have looked like a very serious performance.

'Huh, ku ku, hahahahaha'.

 The thought made me smile a little, and I released the tension in my body.

'It's nothing. I was just talking to a ghost.'

'? Is that right, ......?

 Fooling the system. I don't even know what kind of far-fetched level you're talking about, but the higher-ups can do some pretty crazy things.
 Melty Bloodheart. The most powerful bloodsucker and hero of mankind.
 My first impression of him was that he was not purely good. That's true of Amber, too.
 I felt that he had the personality of a trickster who only cares about himself, but I may be wrong about that too.
 In conclusion, I don't know. Or rather, there is no way to know.

'Well, let's go sightseeing. I wonder if the blacksmith in Fieas sells gold bars.

'Sister Suk likes gold bars, doesn't she?

'They're so easy to use.

 We were somewhat tired as soon as we arrived, but it was only natural that we were tired since we came here after defeating the boss in the first place.
 Let's change our mind and go sightseeing. As I thought this, I suddenly saw my reflection in the glass window of the street, and I felt very relieved.
 I could see the faint traces of rouge on my cheeks.

'It's not a dream, or ......'.

 I'm sure we'll meet again.
 I had no way of knowing now that it was not as far away as I had thought.