114-Battle of the Apostles: Leopard Change

'This is creepy.

 Drago muttered to himself as he watched the raid battle unfold.

'It's not very exciting.
'Honestly, it's not worth watching.
'Mr. Drago, are you going to pull it off today?
'I'd like to see it once in a while.

'I'll pull it out when the time comes.

 While replying to the listeners with her unique tone of voice, Drago swung his greatsword.
 Even though she is officially broadcasting live, it doesn't mean that she can't deliver as an individual.
 At first, Drago had planned to broadcast live, but not only her, but all of the attackers were in a state of near unavailability.
 There is enough time to pick up the comments while fighting.
 On the contrary, the situation itself is uncanny.

"You're a bored opponent for Mr. Drago.
"After all, Mr. Drago's style works best with large objects.
"Even we're bored.
"Ooh, watch your step.

'Don't worry, I can see you.

 In addition to the greatsword on his back, Drago also has a greatsword at the ready that he uses to brush away flying debris.
 It's not as specialized as Sukuna's, but Drago is also a swordsman with a high strength value, as he calls himself a heavy swordsman.
 Even if what he holds in his hands is not his original prey, he can still handle a piece of debris or two.

 As expected in the comments of the delivery, Drago rarely uses his eponymous named weapon.
 This was due to its overly troublesome performance.

 The name of the named weapon Drago bears is the Sky Sword, Azure Sky.
 It is the master of the fields around Fierce, and is the sibling weapon of Rinne's Blue Jade Staff, created using the materials of the first flight-type named boss monster, Arouz, the Eagle Lion of Azure Sky.

 Like the "Camellia of the Moon" worn by Sukuna and the "Mellow Rapier" played with by Lowe, Drago's Named Weapon also has a Named Skill.
 The ability, or named skill, given to the Sky Sword Azure is "Azure Sky Piercing Eyes. Unusually for a skill, this skill has two effects.

 The first is "absolute intimidation against all monsters of a lower level than the wielder.
 The first is "Absolute Intimidation against all monsters of a lower level than the wielder", which means that all monsters of a lower level than the wielder will be forced to flee as soon as Drago draws his sword, except for those monsters that are completely immune to intimidation.

 Because of this skill, Drago will always need to have another weapon to fight lower-ranked monsters.
 This is because, basically, there are only a few monsters in the field that are stronger than Drago.
 This was the main reason why Drago usually didn't pull out her named weapon, but the reason why she didn't do so now that she was facing a superior opponent was because of another skill effect.

 The second skill effect of this weapon is that "when fighting monsters of higher rank than the wielder, the weapon's attack power is doubled in exchange for attracting twice as much attention from monsters.
 In other words, instead of gaining twice as much hate, the weapon's attack power would be increased by a factor of two.

 It was simple and absolute, an overwhelming skill effect that should not be weak by anyone's standards.
 And the attack power of the Sky Sword Azure was an outstanding 158.
 When you consider that even Sukuna's Shadow Stitch has an attack power of just over 80, you can understand its unbelievably high attack power.

 However, even if the Named Weapon is broken, it will not be lost and can be rebuilt in the worst case, and even if its durability is low, it is not so weak that it will break in a few hours of battle.
 And even though her durability is low, it's not so low that it'll break in a few hours of battle. The weapon's attack power, which is already extremely high, is permanently doubled unless Drago dies or the weapon breaks.
 What's more, all of her own buffs will be added on top of it.

 This was the reason why Drago was said to have the most firepower of all players.

 However, the second skill effect has a fatal flaw in raid battles.
 The second skill effect has a fatal flaw in raid battles: it doubles the amount of hate you gain. In addition to this, Drago's ridiculous attack power means that he gains hate so quickly when he is using the Sky Sword Azure that it is laughable.

 So it's not that Drago can't pull out his named weapon, it's that he can't pull it out.
 He uses it when the tank collapses, or when he needs to buy up all the hate in the endgame. Drago was fighting with an unmarked greatsword because that was his intention.

'It's about time, isn't it?

 With the exception of Lucifer, all the players became more alert.
 There's only one gauge left to cut.
 At this point, it becomes important to know whose attack will drop the gauge.

(To tell you the truth, I'd rather Lynne hit it from a distance, but if ...... Ars Nova's weakness continues to be lightning, I don't want her to buy hate just yet.

 If Drago is the strongest in terms of succession firepower, then Rinne's trump card has an extreme amount of firepower that could bury even a named boss monster in a single blow if it hits.
 Judging by the amount of HP she's lost so far, she'll probably be able to take out at least one gauge even against the Giant Dragon raid boss.

 However, Rinne's trump card takes an inordinate amount of time to activate. In addition, she has a fatal weakness: she can't move at all during that time and continues to gain hate.
 It is a double-edged sword that cannot be used in the early stages of the game and has no chance to be used in the final stages.
 It is a double-edged sword that cannot be shot at the beginning of the game and cannot be shot at the end of the game.

 This is where the instantaneous readings and stagnation come in.
 One player cut it off without any hesitation.

'Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Don't get your knickers in a twist, boys!

 For better or worse. Lucifer, the fallen angel who doesn't read the atmosphere, shaved off the HP gauge of the giant dragon with a high smile.
 At times like this, it's good to have at least one player who doesn't read the atmosphere and goes for it, Drago thought to himself.
 Whether Lucifer's action was a wise decision or a blunder, he could not say.
 However, at this point, one-fifth of his HP had finally been cut off.

 At that moment, something strange happened to the giant dragon.

 The giant dragon, which had been attacking the tankers Noel and Tetsuya, suddenly stopped its attack and thrust its limbs into the earth one by one.
 Every time one of its legs buries itself in the ground, the earth shakes and the player's foothold is taken away.

 The crowd of players is unaware of what is about to happen.
 Pish, pish, pish.
 In the midst of the roar and dust, the only one whose ears were able to pick up such a tiny sound was Sukuna.


 Sukuna is shouting something.
 Drago's position was almost exactly opposite from Sukuna's, with the giant dragon in between.
 Even so, at the faint sight of Sukuna and Rinne's impatient expression, Drago immediately thrust out his unmarked greatsword as his own shield.

 The air trembled.
 The moment Drago thought that, the wind of destruction blew over the world.


'...... What happened?

 The greatsword that was thrust in front of him disappeared without a trace, and Drago's own HP was reduced by half.

 He managed not to get blown up, but he took a tremendous amount of damage.
 Before checking the situation, Drago almost reflexively drank the potion with the highest recovery amount in his possession, and looked around.

 The field, which had originally been a clearing, had been cut down to the point where the giant dragon had buried its legs, and was now several dozen centimeters lower.
 Perhaps in reaction to the destructive act, which he hesitated to even call an attack, the giant dragon was completely silent.

 Drago and Shuya are safe, having guarded themselves as quickly as possible.
 In the event you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at the best way to get the most out of your time.
 Sukuna and Rinne, who had been the first to leave the field while calling out for everyone's attention, had managed to escape at the very edge of the field.
 The healers by Rinne's side, as well as the buffers in Drago's party, were safe as well.

(d*mn, I didn't expect to lose four cards.)

 Drago clicked his tongue as he checked the battle situation.
 The players closest to the giant dragon at that moment were Lucifer the Fallen Angel, Leo, Erumi, Noel, Tetsuya, Drago, and two stray players whose names he didn't know.
 Lucifer, the Fallen Angel, who had been cutting down the gauge and seemed to be enjoying the challenge of the giant dragon more than anyone else, died instantly because he was closer than anyone else.

(I didn't think Leo would be dropped this early in the game.)

 Yes, the shocking thing was that Leo was dead. Looking at Erumi, who was unharmed and sitting in a daze, it seems that he died protecting Erumi.
 Even she couldn't hide her upset at the death of Leo, the number one ranked player at the round table and a good friend of Drago's as a member of the attack team.

 Noel and a stray player were also missing.
 Looking at Noel's surroundings, she probably died defending another player.
 Tetsuya and a stray wizard. Then there were the three tanks of Drago's party, Soramaru, standing dumbfounded inside Noel's still-dead barrier.

 Lucifer, Leo, Noel, and the stray. Drago bit his teeth in front of the scene created by the torrent of destruction that had mercilessly wiped out four players in fact.

'Anyone who was watching, if you were, tell me what happened.

'It was a wave, wasn't it?
'Yes. Just when you thought you saw a tiny crack in the giant dragon's body, the outer shell exploded like a bullet.
It was like fireworks as they scattered in a blue wave.

'I see, the Giant Dragon of Waves. ......'

 Drago nodded approvingly at the listener's question and the answer that came back without pause.
 It's not like the giant dragon's body has shrunk even though it exploded.
 I wonder if it's a kind of tremendous energy wave, as it's called a wave motion.
 Drago missed the actual attack because of the large sword that he held in front of him.
 That in itself was regrettable, but it was a good thing that he had survived being so close to the giant dragon.

 Fortunately, the giant dragon still hasn't moved, perhaps from the recoil of the attack.
 You'll have to pull out your unmarked greatsword now that it's broken.
 If this kind of attack flies at you every time you break the gauge, your tank will hardly function. You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.

'Miss Sukuna......?

 Drago saw the figure of a frail girl, her body trembling so clearly that he could see her from a distance.