123-character introduction

Name:Nanaka Futashuku / Nana / Sukuna
Age:21 years old
Height:About 155cm
Weapon:Kinbou/General striking weapon
She has short black hair and dark eyes, and lives in a loose atmosphere. His personality is optimistic and calm. He was born with extraordinary physical abilities, and has lived with the problems and pains that come with them for a long time. She loves Rin more than anything. Her breasts are flat. Just when I was starting to enjoy my delivery, I got into a bit of trouble.

Name:Rinne Takashou
Age:21 years old
Height:About 170cm
Weapon:Wand / Ring
She has long, lustrous black hair, which she sets on a whim. She is a very glamorous and beautiful woman, and is also a very wealthy person. She is also a professional gamer, and it is said that there is no one more accomplished than her in Japan today. She plays games purely because she likes it. Except for her extreme lack of athletic ability, she is the embodiment of beauty and talent. He dotes on Nana and wants to support her for the rest of his life.

Age:19 years old
Height: a little taller than 185cm
Weapon: None
Blond hair, blue eyes, very tall, half-beautiful. She is Butane's cousin, and is naturally very rich. She is also a model because of her good looks. Unlike the two girls above, who have graduated from junior high and high school, she is enjoying her college life. He respects Rinne and Nanaka, who have things that he doesn't have, and considers Nanaka in particular to be his hero. I'm glad that I got Nanaka's contact information recently.

Name:Sakira Sato/Bloom
Age:17 years old
Height:Larger than Nanaka
Weapon : One handed sword / Large shield
A normal high school student who likes to play games . She has a more neutral appearance than a man's daughter...... and is not very fond of her own body, which is naturally hard to build muscles. Perhaps as a reaction to this, she tends to make gory macho avatars in VR games. She works hard at her part-time job every day and uses the money she earns to play games. I'm relieved to see that Nanaka, who's always working, is feeling a little better. Very nice girl. She tends to be liked by aunties.

Name:Kitten Maru
Height:Larger than Rinne
Weapons: ?
A craftsman of the clan "Dragon's Fang", specializing in light armor and cloth armor. He tends to have a rather rugged appearance, but he is a skilled craftsman and has a good number of regular customers. His hobby is to watch video games, and he enjoys watching them as a way to relax from the drudgery of production. He is the creator of the Red Wolf costume. He is very close to his wife who is an accessory maker.

Age: Same as above
Height : About the same as Sakira
Weapon: ?
Kittenmaru's wife in the real world, she is an accessory maker. She enjoys playing the game to a certain extent, though not as much as her husband. She is a very ladylike woman and likes pretty things.

Age: Don't tell anyone
A young girl who is famous as a very skilled swordsmith. She loves striking weapons, but there are no users, so she makes swords to earn money. She's a bit of a kitchen nerd. Even though it's just for work, he watches as many videos as Kittenmaru. He likes to screw mechanisms into the weapons he makes. Recently, he's been obsessed with Sukuna, a customer who lets him use rare materials endlessly and is a great user of striking weapons. He cried when he saw the meteor impact he unleashed on Gordo.

Name : Lowe
Age : Young
Height:Not very tall
Weapon: Rapier, a thin sword
One of the most skilled PK players in the game, she wears a gothic dress. She has been spotted in various places, appearing at random to hunt for players' heads. He has a named weapon, and his diligence in leveling his weapon makes it difficult to fight him off. He hopes to fight Sukuna again soon. He's a killer and a fighter.

Name: Drago

Age:Younger than expected
Height: shorter than Rinne
A female knight who is the clan leader of the clan "Dragon Fang". She is the first player to own a named weapon in the game, and is one of the most skilled players in the game, thanks to her crippling log-in time. In fact, she loves cats and hates dogs. He is also a professional gamer, but his salary as a streamer is much higher these days. He is famous for his unique audience. As the leader of a large clan, he is quite charismatic.

Gender: Female
Age: Two years younger than Toka
Height: Very small
Clan leader of the clan "Knights of the Round Table". Her swordsmanship is graceful and gorgeous. It is said that most of the players of the Round Table are enthralled by her. Although her level is not very high, there are many clansmen who want to learn from her, as there is no other player who can help them as much as she can. Ghetto eater. She sometimes sneaks up on Griffith behind the events. Sliu cried secretly when she was left behind.

Age : 23
Height : Smaller than Toka
Weapons: One-handed sword shield / Two large swords
A swordsman-like player with an aloof flow. For some reason, he spends all of his non-life support time in the WLO, and because of this, his level is much higher than the others. He has been in the game for a long time, and is rather well-informed. He's been loyal to Arthur ever since she saved his life. He's been the center of attention lately because of his twin daggers skill that he used in a raid battle.

Age : 56 years old
Height : taller than Rinne
Weapon: ?
Princess of the demon tribe with bluish colored horns. She is very cool. She has the title of "Power Holder", indicating that she is the most powerful person in the world. She is called "Amber of the Breaking Castle" because she once shattered the shell of a named boss monster that represented a castle with a single blow. With the goal of resurrecting the demon god, he calls out to every child player he can find. The path to the demon gods, which has been unbroken for the past few decades, has been opened up at once, and he is inwardly elated.

Name:Melty Bloodheart(NPC)
Gender: Female
Age: I haven't counted from 1000 onward.
Height: shorter than Nanaka
Weapon: ?
The world's strongest, oldest, and last of the bloodsuckers. She is so strong that she seems to be destroying the balance of the game all by herself. Too strong to be restrained, she nearly caused a permanent scorched earth when she single-handedly annihilated the Apostles. It is rumored that he once took advantage of a demon god's outburst and killed all of his people. He is generous with his love for Lin and a little bit mean to her.

Gender: Female
Age: I think she's over 5000.
Height: shorter than Linne
Weapon: None
An immortal princess who is favored by Melty. She tends to dress rather shabbily due to Melty's taste. Cursed with immortality, she lives forever, but her heart is never clouded. She shines strongly like the sun that illuminates everything. Her ability is hopelessly low. She likes Melty, for whatever reason.

Name:Sake no Doji(NPC)
Age: Older than Melty
Height: About the same as Nanaka
Demon God who was once the strongest in the world . Occupation:The demon god and guardian of children. He has been sealed away for over a thousand years. He is smiling happily alone in a world that has begun to move. His best friend used to be next to him. .......