122-Apostle Destruction Battle Comprehensive Thread + ...

[Last Day of Eve] Apostle Defeat Battle General Thread 2 [Raid Battle?
1: Metamorphosis
This is a general thread about the dungeon event: "Labyrinth of Stardust: The Final Act - The Battle of the Apostles".
Please discuss anything related to the apostle defeat war.

2: Sword
>>1: Sword
It's finally started.

3: Take
We're stuck... we've got to get out of the city of beginnings.

4: Memeron
>>Good job!
I don't know anything but Drago, Rinne, and Skuna.

5: Ondine
>>I'm sorry.
The only clan player I know is the company round table dragon fang.

6: Rait
It's nice to see such a sturdy dragon.

7: Wai Wai
>>1: Oops!
Drago has a named weapon!
What a surprise!

10: Sword
But it's a calm start.

12: Bored Man
Well, I guess only inflated games allow you to start raiding early.

15: Cessna
The Fallen Angel Lucifer looks familiar.

17: Telomere
Noel, you're still as loli as ever.

21: Exus
>>17: Noel
I don't know what to make of this, but I'm not sure I want to.

23: Robby
You're not doing anything.

24: Jukai
I think they're just exploring each other.

28: Sword
Look at the weapons. If he's bare-knuckle fighting, that means he's going for it.

32: Robby
grasp. That's no way to make hate.

35: Haruka Kanata
I'll use bare knuckle fighting and other shitty minor skills.

37: Nemo
No one uses a bow.
It's supposed to be the third most used, but what's going on? ......

40: Lack
>>40: Rack
I'm not sure what to make of this.
I think it's really bad that there's no one with a long range bow in this dungeon.

I don't know what's going on in the beginning.
At least the blue dragon is cool!

--99: Mezzo

99: Mezzo

100: Memeron
Yeah. ......

103: Solti.

105: Takatin

108: Lelio.
That's not funny.

109: Sword
Four cards down.

113: Ringo!
What the hell are Sukuna and Rinne doing?

114: Harnocco
Kimashi Tower?

116: Tetchan
I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with Sukuna.
She's got these really scary eyes.

118: Felt
The raid itself seems to have gotten back on track.

123: Ringo-chan
Oh, it's working!

125: Robby

I can't stop being excited.
Can we finally see that?

127: Mezzo.
I wonder where he's going to start.
If I can get it to 7, it'll be pretty good.

131: Sword
Ooh ......

133: Robby

136: Ringo-chan
It looks like he was using some kind of skill to avoid recoil.

137: Felt
I can't believe I'm the only one who can do this.
How many strength values does it take to do that?

139: Memeron
Wasn't he trying to do something at the end?

142: Haruka
>>I'm not sure.
I think it's over 300.

144: Robby
>>140: Robbie
I think it's the last art of bare-knuckle fighting.
I don't know what it's called, but I heard there's something like that.

145: Tuskar
Drago pulled that one out!

146: Cessna
There it is!
A kitchen sword!

148: Sedan
What do you mean you don't know the name?

149: Rolo.
It's a celestial sword!
I'm sorry, but it's cool.

150: Felt.
>>142: Gorilla!

152: Harupe
You're a warrior maiden, aren't you?

153: Robby
>>150: Felt
I think it's a condition of activation that you have to hit 2 to 10 shots in a row without interruption.

I don't even know the name of it until I use it once.
It seems that even if you specialize in endurance, it's impossible to beat them all at their current level, so I'm guessing you'll need a skill like the one Skuna used this time to nullify recoil damage.

155: Turkmenista
I don't know... I'm not sure what to make of it.

156: Metamon
I heard he's as powerful as a gorilla in real life.

158: Sedan
I wish I could have seen it.

160: Memeron
I'm sorry.

162: Cessna
It's not the power of one hit.
The game is unbalanced!

163: Rolo
I think my big sword will only do about a tenth of the damage.

165: Exus
The two of us shaved off about one and a half blades, and the grass is growing.

167: Dragon Screw Saito

168: Night Fork Stance

169: Sedan

171: Memeron.
Hold on.

173: Tuscal.
You've got to be kidding me.


251: Meme-mem-mer.
I thought I was stuck. ......

253: Cessna.
You're managing to hold on.
Is that Rinne's trump card?

254: Teppen Himiko
I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.

256: Rankaidou
I can't hide my shock at the fact that Shuya had such a hidden trick up his sleeve.

258: Leo.
Not at all.
I knew you'd be logging in whenever I saw you.
I feel like I've been foxed.

261: I like sweets.
Good work, Leo.
I'm not sure if this is a good thing.

263: Random
Thank you for your hard work!
I saw the way you protected Erumi-san!

265: Leo
>>261: Leo
I'm sorry for the leader.
I don't feel sorry for the leader.
265: Leo >>261
Lancelot, thank you.

267: Fatty.
I like your gracefulness, Leo.
By the way, I don't think you should call a girl "chan" when you first meet her either.

269: I like sweets.
>>Thank you.
I guess that's right.

270: Harupe
>>I'm sorry.
That's true.

271: Ran Kaito
>>I don't know.
That's the kind of person I am. ......

273: Leo.
You guys.

275: Memes Memes Memes Memes Memes
But well, Sukuna-chan is having a very rough time this time.

278: Meme, Meme, Meme...
It's a scene where they're usually laughing happily.

280: Topten Himiko
When did you become so addicted to Sukuna-tan?

282: Vero
The demon tribe should stay in their own thread.

Well, she's certainly showing a lot of emotion for a girl like her.

285: Zeronos
I think it's called the twin dagger skill, that's cool.

286: Black Sand
Well, I often use the three of us.

288: Turtle
I just floated away.

290: Rolo
I thought Weiskuna was a speedy character, but when did he join the muscle cult?

293: Haruka
I'm not sure what to make of this.

295: Memeron
I want to eat pudding!

296: Alpha
I think I'm about to finish it.

298: Meme, Meme, Meme...
That sounds bad.

299: Metamoso
No, seriously, it looks bad, doesn't it?

301: Leo
This monster has a lot of big moves.

302: Black Sand
It's making a squeaking sound.

304: Oh!
You're not going to stop that, are you?

306: Himiko on the top
You're the first one with one letter!

307: Noel
Good luck with that, Tetchan. ......!

I'm fighting for you, Sukuna!

310: Erumi
I'm pretty sure Shuya doesn't have a range defense.
I'm not sure if you want to show off your coolness or not.

312: Noel
I don't know.

313: Black Sand
Ugh ...... evaporated ......

314: Cessna
Too cruel.

315: Metamoso.
Exlayer Phalanx is so cool.

316: Chalky.
Mr. Shuya!

317: Leo

318: Memeron
That was a cool way to defend yourself.

319: Takashi

320: turtle turtle
The grass is gone.

321: Ryuri

322: Meme, meme, meme, meme.
You can use four types, so of course you can use three. ...... It's amazing how you can drown that out. ......

323: Yakuza Men
They're coming.

324: Marta.
I love this buzzing sound.

326: Cessna
As a wizard myself, I'm jealous.
I wish I could shoot magic like that.

328: Rankaidou
I feel like this is more like Starlight.

329: Takashi
Wow, that's amazing!
I've lost so much!

330: Leo
I've seen the Judgment video.
If it's just pure power, it's much different.

332: Drago
That's a nice trump card.
But ......

334: Meme meme meme meme.
You're not dead.

335: Black sand.
You just gave up for a second there, Rinne.

337: Marta.
Well, you've done well so far.

338: Haruka.

Why isn't Sukhna moving?

339: Taj Mahal
If you put up a barrier, Rinne can survive, but ......

340: Cessna
What's Rinne doing?

342: Sedan
You're a calm judge of character.

343: Tophen Himiko
No, but this is a bad idea.

345: Black sand
Disadvantages of Meteor Impact
Weapon destruction and 30-second post-technique rigidity.

347: Kalki
Sure, it might be for the best.
Or just throw away your life instantly.

348: Rankaidou
It's called "respect".

349: Ryuri
I've seen it in the movies: ......

350: Leo
It's precious: ......

352: Memeron
Rinnah: ......

353: Meme Meme Meme Meme Mel
Sukuna: ......?

354: Metamoso
what is that?

356: Cessna.
Back hand?

357: Persona.

358: Black Sand

360: Tiptoe Himiko
She's crying.

361: sedan

363: Dragon Screw Saito
Dead skill?

364: Drago

What the hell is going on?



[Darkness Falling] Nana/Sukuna General Thread 32 [Runaway
1: No Name Nana Fan
This is a thread to talk about the professional gamer "Nana" from the VR division of "Heroes" and "Sukuna" from WLO. No vandalism, no anti-vandalism. Love your bashing weapons.


35: No Name Nana Fan
I didn't understand that last one after all.

36: nameless nana fan
Emotional values are those brainwave things that were popular a few years ago.
You can see your emotions in color.

39: No Name Nana Fan
I was surprised to see her laughing so hard.
But the most surprising thing was that Nana can get angry and cry. ......

45: Nameless Nana Fan
I know what you mean.

47: No Name Nana Fan
You're right, for better or worse, I've only ever seen her surprised and laughing.

51: No Name Nana Fan
No, he was pretty weird in Monster House.

53: No Name Nana Fan
I'm not sure if there's a lot of crying among the broadcasters or not.

58: No Name Nana Fan
>>I'm not a fan.
I'm sure you've heard of it.

62: No Name Nana Fan
She's crying and fighting the whole time.
It was a bit painful to watch.

65: Nobody's Nana Fan
It's been quite a while since the introduction of emotional expression in VR, but when did it become quantifiable?

71: No Name Nana Fan
I got a lot of clips of Rinne Nana, so I'm happy!

73: nameless nana fan
I don't know what to say, but I'm not sure what to say.

75: No Name Nana Fan
I wonder if Nana is okay.
I'm worried about her, so I want some kind of official comment.

79: Nameless Nana Fan
You're the mirror of a fan.
Look at Rinne's social media.

83: A nameless Nana fan
Thank you.
I died of preciousness.

84: A nameless nana fan
I'm sorry.

85: A nameless nana fan
Is this okay?

86: Nameless Nana Fan
>>I don't know.
It's precious ......

88: nameless nana fan
What kind of person are you that you responded within 15 seconds of Lynne's post?

89: nameless nana fan
Linnea's knees look soft.

90: nameless nana fan
They really do live together, don't they?

92: A nameless Nanafan
>>I'm not a fan.
This is a Nana-only position, so give it up, please.

93: A nameless Nana fan
You look so happy.

95: Nobody's Nana Fan
I'm not sure if I've ever seen this before, but I'm sure I've seen it before.

98: Nobody's Nana Fan
As for Nana's real reveal, it's too late now.
It's been cracked since the first day of delivery.

99: No Name Nana Fan
>>I'm sorry.
I was so shocked that I lost consciousness.
Thank you.

100: Nameless Nana Fan
I'm not a WLO player, so I don't know.
I'm not a WLO player, so I don't know, but for now I'm happy to see the many sides of Nana.

102: No Name Nana Fan
Well, Rinne's too famous to be a real person.
She's a good friend of Rinne's, so it's easy to find out who she is.
And Nana doesn't seem to care too much about her real life being exposed.

103: A nameless Nana fan
Nana seems to be very salty in real life.
The best way to get to know her is to comment as a listener.

105: No Name Nana Fan
The service shot from Rinne was too strong.

106: Nameless Nana Fan
Rinne herself is a real beauty.

108: Nameless Nana Fan
Nana is the cute type.
But not as pretty as Rinne.
She's not as cute as Rinne, but she's also very cute, even if she looks a bit flat at first glance.

109: A nameless Nana fan
Didn't the heavens give Nana two things: ......

112: A nameless Nana fan
>>I'm not a fan.
I'm sure you'll agree that breasts are a great gift for exercise.

116: No Name Nana Fan
I hadn't thought of that.
So that's why Rinne is so athletically challenged.

118: Nameless Nana Fan
That's enough of the trivial stuff.
Now is the time to chew on this preciousness.

119: nameless nana fan
Precious: ......

120: nameless nana fan
Precious: ......

121: Nameless Nana Fan
Precious: ......

122: Nameless Nana Fan
Precious ......

(About 40 responses below are precious)