7-Episode 5 How to Hear

The morning of the fourth day after arriving in another world.
I woke up in a room on the second floor of a rundown diner in the 42nd district, the "Sunshine Pavilion".
...... I could smell straw.

When I woke up, the straw on my cheek fell off.
This small room, about four and a half tatami mats, was furnished with a bed and a desk, and a large rectangular wooden box with a lid in front of the desk served as a luggage compartment and chair. In a sense, it is a room like a business hotel.
However, unlike a business hotel, there is no electricity, and the walls and floor are decrepit to the point of being unsettling.

And the worst of all is the bed.
The bed was a large wooden box stuffed with straw. The bed is just a big wooden box stuffed with straw. ...... I thought it was a straw bin at first. Not even a sheet on the bed. ......
I've got straw all over my face because of it.
It is said that the straw is smoked and dried in the sun to prevent insects from spreading. ...... I feel like a girl in the Alps.

My head is still fuzzy. Maybe I didn't get much sleep. I've been in a lot of trouble since I arrived in the other world,......, so I was grateful to be able to sleep in my bed and offer up some sort of prayer to God, which is why I slept late. I was grateful for being able to sleep in my bed and prayed to God.
Well, I guess I should be grateful for the luck of the draw.
Yo, God. Thank you.
Well, I guess that's enough. I'll take any change you want.
I'd like to stay in bed a while longer, but that's not gonna happen.

'...... Oh, that smells so good.'

There's a smell coming from downstairs that's hard to resist on an empty stomach.
What time is it now?
The window is covered with a wooden board, so there is no light coming in. This wooden board is fixed with a primitive hinge on the upper side, and can be opened by pushing it upward. During the daytime, the wooden board is opened and fixed with a pincers.
There is no window glass. No, not at all. I remember seeing it in another ward. I guess this house is just too poor to get one. Well, that's not a luxury. I'm just happy to have a roof and walls. I'm afraid of the ...... darkness, I'm afraid of frogs, I'm afraid of strippers, I'm afraid of guilds. ............ I'm sorry I said bad things about your bed. It's the best girl in the Alps. If there was a goat, I'd want to spin around with it.

Anyway, I've got a bed to sleep in. I can't let it go so easily. I'll let you use it to your heart's content until you're ready to settle down here.

That's why I have to get up and help the landlord when he starts his activities.

This is how trust is earned. ...... And beyond trust, there is enormous profit. It is probably the same in every world.

I push up the wooden panel of the window to clear my still heavy eyelids.
The sunshine will wake me up. ............!It's dark outside!It's still night. ...... And it's cold!
Even though it's spring, it's still cold in the morning and evening. I'm going to miss my futon. ......
I'm not sure if she's working this early, but she's got big tits.

I closed the wooden board and left the room in the dark.
When you go out into the corridor, you will see a series of similar doors. There are four bedrooms and one storage room, for a total of five rooms. Ginette's room is on the north side of the stairs on the right, and there are three rooms in a row facing the corridor on the left. At the end of the corridor, there is a storage room that is hardly used now, and directly below it is the dining room.
Land must be cheap in the countryside. There is a lot of room for such a poor house.
I heard that in the Middle Ages, the concept of a room was rare and families slept and slept together in large rooms. ...... So, the Middle Ages as I know it is a different world. If you make assumptions about the level of civilization, you might get hurt. I'll be careful.

This building has a narrow frontage and is long at the back. The structure is what is called an eel bed.
As far as other districts are concerned, it is a common building in this city.
However, ...... there are no buildings around this sunlit pavilion, let alone houses, and the space is quite empty. In spite of such a place, it is a mystery why they made it such a long and narrow structure. Perhaps they are taxed according to the size of the frontage, as in old Japan. ...... No, but the entrance is on the side, so which is the frontage in this case?
I don't know. ......

The front half of the first floor is the seating area of the sunlit pavilion. At the back is the kitchen, and beyond that is the courtyard and the pantry. In the courtyard, chickens are allowed to roam free, and there is a small field.
All living spaces are on the second floor, and there seems to be no living room. There seems to be no living room, though the seating area may be.

The stairs lead down to the courtyard.
The stairs are built on the outside of the building. Well, not outside, but in the atrium.

Enter from the cafeteria, go over the counter, go through the hallway next to the kitchen, go out to the courtyard, and then go up the stairs to the second floor to find your room. ...... It's a very cumbersome flow line. I'd like to see a master remodel it.
The most annoying part is the toilet.
The only restroom is the one I went to last time, so to get to the restroom from the second floor, I have to go the opposite way of the route I just mentioned, and then go out the front and around the back of the store. The toilet that I arrived at after all that trouble was not even a toilet, just a hole in the floor, with no light, and the smell was ...... horrible.

I try not to go to the bathroom at night. It's not that I'm afraid of ...... the dark.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I noticed something strange in the courtyard.
The courtyard was too small. The reason for this was a large white cloth that seemed to divide the courtyard.
The cloth was stretched over a corner of the courtyard. There hadn't been anything like that before he went to bed. That means it was put up after Jeannette had woken up.
It is very difficult to move because it is placed so as to avoid the chicken coop and the field.
...... What the hell is the point of this cloth?
I touched it, but it wasn't wet. It's not like it's drying out. ...... Then why?

'...... Excuse me...'

I'm curious, so I'm going to roll up the cloth and go inside. Go through the curtain and go to the other side, which is separated by a large cloth. ......


There was a fluttery, fluffy space.
Slightly curled triangles of cloth were hanging from the laundry rope and fluttering in the wind. There were more than one or two of them. They were all over the place, as far as the eye could see.
Yes, this is a common treasure for all men--pants.
There, as far as the eye can see, are pants.

When there's a treasure in front of you, it's a man's prerogative to appreciate it.

I looked at the pants playing in the wind with a keen gaze, as if I were a connoisseur observing a masterpiece.

The first thing that jumped out at me was a pair of dazzling pure white pants. They were adorned with frills, giving them a cute and innocent look.
And if you shift your gaze next to ......, you will see that they are laced!The side part that touches the waist is laced with lace and is a little bit see-through.
In addition, the white and blue stripes that grab the hearts of men!

'...... Is this heaven?

How did such a treasure come to be in such a place? ...... Is it a blessing from God? ...... Ha!I'm not sure if this is how pants are harvested in other worlds.
I'm not sure.
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's had it. ...... But Adam, who got his hands on the forbidden fruit, has had a painful experience since then. ...... It's dangerous to mess with it... ...


Suddenly, he looked at his feet and found a small white shining cloth falling in the darkness. ......
Oh, God!
Is this what you call mercy? ......

You forbid me to touch the forbidden fruit, but you let the fruit on the ground slide.

Then we'll pick it up, God willing!

'............ Hmm. Ruffles.'

Ruffles are attached to cover the whole thing, covering up the fabric that directly touches the skin.
But it is precisely because there are so many hidden parts that the small triangle at the tip peeking out looks even more attractive.
The fluttering form creates a cute overall effect, but the eroticism hidden within it is also very effective.

It's wonderful.

'You're doing a good job.

I muttered to myself.
It is worthy of praise.

The sewing technique is incomparable to that of cheap clothes bought on the main street.
If you wanted to buy clothes of this quality, you would have to pay a lot of money.
...... Are they handmade?

I'm sure I can do better than that. ............

I unfolded the pants, pulled them, turned them inside out, and stretched them out for a closer look.

The quality is as good as anything sold in a store. If this is Ginette's handiwork, it could be a new business.
At the very least, it would eliminate the need to buy clothes.

Well, I'm good at sewing too, and I can make a lot of things.

That's why ......

'For reference: ......'

I put the lace pants I got in my pocket.
It's not a sin to pick up things that have fallen.
And just like peaches, apples and oranges, ...... something that has fallen has no more commercial value.
When I was in Japan, a farmer who was a good friend of mine said to me, "If it's fallen, bring it as much as you want. They are going to be thrown away anyway' and gave me a lot of them.

This is exactly the situation.

The only difference is that it's peaches or pants.

So to speak, this is peach paradise.
The utopia of everyone's dreams.
It's a land of everlasting spring where peaches grow all around with a fragrant scent.
See? Isn't that just like here?

The only difference is whether they're peaches or pants.

I'm sure it was God's guidance that brought me to this utopia.
God. Thank you for this chance encounter.
Actually, I've always thought you were a can-do kind of guy.
Like this. This is what I've been waiting for.

'Well, now that we've prayed to God, let's get going.

It is said that those who leave the Peachland can never visit it again.
But I'm sure I'll come back. Someday, I'll return to this utopia!

And I passed through the great white cloth that separated the dream world from the real world.

A chilly breeze caresses my skin.
Let's get inside.
I walked through the door that led from the courtyard to the kitchen and entered the room on the first floor.

'Good morning, Mr. Yashiro. You're very early.

As I walked into the kitchen, Jeannette gave me a cheerful smile.
It's full power in the morning.

'You're earlier than me. Are you sleeping well?'
'Yes. I'm an early sleeper.

He seems to have fallen asleep rather early.
Thanks to that, I couldn't ask him to escort me to the bathroom in the middle of the night. ...... Oh, I've been holding it in. I think I'll go. ............ Well, I'll wait until the sun comes up.

'I'm doing some food prep now. I'll have breakfast ready in a hurry.

I'll have breakfast ready as soon as I can,' he said, taking the pot off the fire.

'Oh, that's okay. After you're done.
'But you promised to provide three meals.
'That doesn't mean you have to adjust to me. I'll do it. Is there anything I can help you with?'
'Yes............, I guess so............... ...........................well... ..................'

You don't have any?

Well, it's a busy diner all year round.
But you must prepare a lot of food.
I've been here both times at night, so maybe it's busy during the day?


Ginette, who had been pondering for a long time, finally looked up and called me.
'Hmm? When I replied, Ginette said with a very serious expression.

'Do you know what a kitchen knife is?
'Do you think I'm an idiot?

Ginette waved her hands in the air, a troubled expression on her face.

'Knives are famous among chefs, but they're not familiar to the general public. ......'

I wonder when kitchen knives came into existence, if you put it that way. It's so familiar that we take it for granted, but it's an invention created after many years of research, isn't it?

'At home, what do you use to cut food?
'A knife.

Saying this, he takes out a knife with a blade of about 10 cm from his pocket.
That's dangerous!
This guy has a knife hidden in his pocket?
If I had accidentally stuck my hand in the big tit whip, I would have been stabbed. ...... It's a dangerous trap.

'By the way, Jeannette.
'Which is it, a big-breasted whip that catches big-breasted women, or one that catches big-breasted women with big-breasted women?'
'I don't know, but...?
'Oh, so it's not in this world? ......'
'Do you have something like that in your hometown, Yashiro-san?

No, I've never seen it, but I can't say for sure that it wasn't there. Then there might have been. I'm sure there was.

'In the world I was in, ......, knives were quite common. They were in common use.'
'Is that so? There's a great city. They're pretty expensive.

Well, it doesn't look like there's a hundred-yen store.
Blades must be expensive.

'May I see it?
'Yes. Go ahead.'

Jeannette moves her body away from the kitchen table.
On the kitchen table, there is a gyuto knife, a de-bade knife, a vegetable knife and a willow-blade knife. There was also a petite knife a little further away.
Oh, there's a de-bade knife, which means that in this town, people also grate fish into three pieces. Seeing that there is also a willow-blade knife, raw fish eating ......, or sashimi, may have taken root in the culture.
Tools reflect the culture of the time.
When you see a willow-blade knife, you think of a knife with a tail head, and the tool has its own use.

'It's a steel knife. It's a difficult tool to manage, but you've taken good care of it.'
'Do you understand?
'Hmm?Yeah, I'm a bit of a metal guy.'

I've had a lot of lessons from my master.
He did not allow stainless steel knives.
He was very strict about using only forged steel kitchen knives.
Steel knives rust easily and are much more difficult to maintain than stainless steel knives.
However, the sharpness of the knife is perfect, and the food cut with the knife has a powerful flavor as if it has been given new life.
The fact that he keeps his steel knife so clean is proof that he takes very good care of it. Well done. Perhaps it is because of the influence of the master that I have a good impression of people who take good care of their tools.

'Since you have a willow-blade knife, do you eat sashimi as well?
'Yes, I do. I don't eat it very often, but I make sashimi with a tail head for celebrations.
'I see, you also make sashimi with a tail head.

............ hmm?

'Well, what's 'Okashiratsuki'?
'What do you mean, ............, you just said it yourself, 'with a tail head'.'
'No, I didn't. I didn't say that.

Is this guy really okay?

'Then what did you just say?
'I don't eat sashimi very often, but I do make it with a tail head for celebrations. ......'
'See, now!You just said 'with a tail head'!
'I didn't say that!

...... Funny.
What do you mean?
What's going on? Is it an error in the forced translation magic?
If it's not with a tail head, then it's ............ perhaps...

I'm not sure.
I'm not sure.That's what I've been talking about.
'Repeat after me. 'Live'.
''With tail head.''

You're getting a lot of errors!

'...... It seems that there's something wrong with the way it's being translated.
'Oh, I see. I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I'm not the only one who's not familiar with the term.
'...... is kind of tricky.'
'Forced translation magic isn't perfect either.

It's not perfect. ....... If so, there may be an opportunity to take advantage of it. ......
For example, if you call the price of a meal "oisashi", it will be understood by sushi restaurants, but not by Western restaurants. ............ Hmmm, it won't help you make money... ...

'So, what kind of 'okashirazuki' is it?
'A fish with a tail and head is, as the name implies, a fish with a tail and head. ............ Oh, I guess it's faster to show you. I'll take a fish.
'Huh?Oh, yes. This is the one you can eat raw.

I won't let it go to waste if I process it. Good. Good idea.
The fish we processed were later enjoyed by the staff.

'............ horse mackerel'.
'Yes, it's a horse mackerel. It's amazing. You can tell just by looking at it. Are you a chef, Mr. Yashiro?'
'No, the country I was in was an island nation. I'm better at making tools than cooking.
'So you're a craftsman!That's great!
'No, I'm not much of a craftsman. ......'

And if you ask me what my official occupation is, I'm an impostor.
But I guess I don't have to tell you that. Let's cut up the horse mackerel before you get into trouble.

If we were to eat it normally, we would cut it into three pieces, but in this case, we need to cut it with the tail.
Let's cut only half of it and process the rest later.

'Is the sea close by here?
'Yes. I heard that if you go outside the outer wall, you can get to the sea rather quickly.'
'Have you ever been to ......?
'It costs a lot of money to go outside the outer walls.'

Ginette smiled tightly.
'Do you have to pay a toll?Or will we be charged an entrance tax when we return? ......
Anyway, it seems that poor people can't even leave the city.
Is this city's system okay? ...... Well, in every country, there's always someone who controls the flow of money, taking money from those who have it and those who don't. Yeah, dammit!

Dan!and slash the horse mackerel's body.

I'm taking it out on you. Sorry, horse mackerel.

'So, it's dynamic. ......'
'I'm sorry. I'm just a little upset.'
'Am I offending you in any way ......?'
'Oh, no. Don't worry about it. It's not like that.'

I'd better get him to change his mind a little.
If I'm frustrated, I'll ask myself, 'What have I done? I should be angry with him, saying, 'Hey, don't be rude in my kitchen! You should be angry. Otherwise, you will be licked by your opponent.
Being licked means that you will always be at a disadvantage in negotiations with that person.
You must not be licked.

I quietly filleted a half of a horse mackerel and placed it on the body, leaving the head and tail.
It's a rough job, but it completes the horse mackerel with head and tail.

'Wow, ...... is amazing. So this is the 'Okashirazuki'.
'Oh. It has a tail and a head, so it's called 'taigashira-tsuki'.
'I see. It's an interesting dish.
'Doesn't it look like a good omen?
'Yes. I'll be sure to copy it for celebrations.
'Shall we eat then?
'Yes, let's!Since it's a good opportunity!

Ginette smiled brightly and walked out of the kitchen with a horse mackerel tail.
Oh, I guess we'll have to eat at the table.

I crossed the counter and headed for the table where Ginette was waiting.
The chairs are still shaky. I need to do something about that, too.
I shake the chair twice before I sit down and take a seat.
Then I noticed Ginette across from me with a serious expression on her face.

'......What's wrong?'
'Mr. Yashiro ............, I just noticed .......'

'What is it?'
You suddenly look serious. ...... Is there something wrong with the tailpiece?

'...... I haven't done anything to prepare the rice. There is only horse mackerel!

'...... Yeah, well, I guess so.'

I know, I've seen it.

'I'd offer you some bread if I had any, but I'm not stocking up on ...... bread for various reasons. ......'
'It's too expensive to buy and it doesn't sell at all, does it?
'Why are you doing that?

No, I understand. If you put bread that costs 10Rb more than what you can buy in town, and you cross out the menu with two lines...'

'Mr. Yashiro is kind of a mysterious person.
'I don't want to be told by a mysterious person.
'I'm not mysterious.

I've never seen a creature as mysterious as you.
What's with the 'I don't think there's a single bad person in this world' look? It's rare enough to be a special natural monument.

'Oh, I'm sure!

Jeannette stood up, rattling her rickety chair.

'There must have been some nuts!Let's get some of those!'

Nuts and sashimi? ...... dinner?
Ginette runs to the kitchen and comes back with a flurry of activity. There were four raspberries in his hand. ...... Four grains?

'I'm sorry, I wanted to prepare something proper. ......'
'Why don't you eat this and then recreate it?
'............I see, that's a good idea.'

...... Is this girl okay?Is this a creature that can be left alone?

'More importantly, there is one thing I would like to confirm.
'What is it?
''The 'forced translation magic' isn't a panacea, right?''
'Yes, it is. .................. Juru'

Just as I thought he was thinking about it, he started to drool.

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry!I didn't mean to be rude!
'Don't worry, you can talk while you eat.
'Yes, sir.'

Jin-nette looked embarrassed and held the chopsticks in her hand.
You can use chopsticks?
I wonder what culture this city resembles. ...... I guess I need to change that way of thinking.

Ginette dexterously picks up a piece of horse mackerel sashimi with her chopsticks.

'Oh, ...... it's been a while since I've had sea fish.'

'You don't eat much fish, do you?'
'No. We have river fish on the menu. I eat a lot of it.
'Is sea fish expensive?
'You have to go outside the walls to catch it, so it's more expensive.

I see.
So if you are taxed for passing through the gate, that amount is added to the price of the fish.

'This horse mackerel was kindly given to me by a friend of mine.
'You should ask him to share it every day.
'No way!That's outrageous.

Ginette waved her hands in the air in fear.

'I'm grateful just to have received it like this.
'A favor is also a kindness when you accept it.
'Yes, is that so?
'For example, you were kind enough to bring me those nuts, weren't you?

He pointed to the nuts that Jeannette had just brought.
Jeannette stares at the nuts in her hand.

'That nut,' I said, 'I can't eat that! Why don't I just tell him to go away?'
'I'm sorry, .............'

That's where the word 'sorry' comes in. ...... Well, okay.

'Then, "Yes!I love nuts, don't you? I love nuts. Thank you.
'I'm so happy!
That's what I'm talking about.'

He picks up a nut and rolls it between his fingers.
She rolls it around in her fingers and looks at Jeannette.

'It's better to accept a favor from someone. It benefits you, too. Isn't that a good thing?On the other hand, if you hold back, you'll make them uncomfortable and you'll have nothing left over. No one benefits from it.
'............ I see, sir.'

I've certainly witnessed the scales fall from Jeannette's eyes.
It was so easy to understand that I wanted to say so, and Ginette was impressed.

'So, tell that acquaintance of yours, "Offer him a lot of sea fish every day. I'm sure he'll be so happy he'll start dancing.
'Yes!I understand. .................. Will he be happy?

I believed you for a second.
Well, I'm sure the dominatrix freaks will be happy to hear that.

No, that's not the point.

'I'd like to ask you a few questions about forced translation magic.
'Yes. I can tell you as much as I know.'
'What happens if I tell a lie?
'The curse will turn you into a frog.
'Are you sure?
'Uh, .............'

Jeannette put down her chopsticks, straightened her back and looked at me.

'If you are cursed by the Judgment of the Spirits, you will certainly be turned into a frog.
'What happens to the lies that are not subjected to the Judgment of the Spirits?
'No matter how much time has passed, if the person concerned calls the Judgment of the Spirits, the curse will take effect from that point. However, if the person who told the lie does not invoke the judgment of the spirits, the lie will not be punished as it was not heard.

I think, or ......

'In other words, you can tell a lie if you don't get caught, is that correct?
'There's no such thing as a lie that can't be exposed.

That's not what I meant. ...... Let me put it this way.

'What about lies that can't be accused?For example, ...... a 'gentle lie'.'
'A gentle lie ......?
'Let's say I have a disease that doesn't have a chance of survival.'

' Jeannette stood up, rattling her rickety chair with a clatter.

'It's a metaphor: ...... Sit down. I'll be fine.'
'Is it?Oh, ...... good.'

How believable can you be?

Holding his chest with both hands, Jeannette breathed a sigh of relief and sat down. But the chair had been knocked over by Jeannette herself earlier, so Jeannette landed on her bottom on the floor.

I'm not sure what to say.

...... Too much stink. ............ Are you from a comic book?

'Oh, um,......, can you please not look so surprised?It's rather embarrassing, so it would be better if you laughed. ......'
'I'm worried about your future.
'Please don't!Please, don't pity me for this!

After brushing the dust off her ass and pulling up a chair, Ginette sat down in it.

'So, what were we talking about?

You're seriously forgetting.
I'm going to ask you a quick question and get right to the point.

'For example, if I was very ill and didn't know what tomorrow would bring, and I told a lie that I was fine and would get better out of concern for my health, would the Judgment of the Spirits punish me for that lie?

Ginette folded her arms and cocked her head, 'Hmmm ......'.
Eventually, she uncrossed her arms and gave me a clear, though unsure, answer.

'Perhaps the curse will be activated. It's not the reason or the process, but 'whether or not there was a lie in the statement' that should be the condition for triggering the genie's curse.

Lying in the statement is ....... Now that's an important point.
I would like a little more proof, but since there is a record of the conversation, the words must be true. So what about the unspoken lies?
How would such a lie, such as raising both hands to show no intention of defiance when a gun is pointed at you and then defying the gun, be taken? ...... It is too risky to verify. I'd like more information.

'What if Jeannette lied to me, and I didn't call her on it?There's no reason to turn you into a frog when you've kept quiet about your illness out of concern for me.'
'At that time, ..................'.

Thinking slowly, Ginette replied with some certainty.

'The curse will not be triggered. As long as no appeal is made, the lie will be deemed to have never happened.'

In other words, a lie is no longer a lie if it is not discovered.
......, though it's too risky to do so.

'Can I have one more?

There's something that's been bugging me.
When I described the spices I stole from Norbert, the merchant of House Wishart, as 'received', all the people in the city interpreted it as 'stolen'. I guess the Forced Translation spell made them do it.
But Ginette didn't say anything when I pretended to go to the bathroom and said, "I'm going somewhere far away" when I ate away here. It was not translated as "run away".
Even disregarding Jeannette's extreme good-naturedness, if someone who had said he was going to the bathroom said he was going to run away, he would have said something. Even if he didn't say anything, his expression would show it.
At that time, Jeannette trusted me 100%.

Why was "I got it" translated into "I stole it" and "I'm going" not translated into "I'm running away"? ......
We can hypothesize that "alternative words" are translated and "abbreviated words" are not.

The reason why "ikizukuri" was translated into "tokashira-tsuki" is because I usually call "ikizukuri" "tokashira-tsuki". It seems to me that when we refer to the same thing, no matter how we change the way we say it, it will be translated into the word that indicates the thing itself.

In other words, whether you call "pants" "panties," "scanty," "slouch," or "treasure," the "forced translation magic" will translate it as "pants" equally.
So if you say, "Let me see your treasure," you'll get beaten up.

No, but wait, ......, why didn't they get "Piotkaiday"?
...... Let's do a little research.


'Now listen to what I'm about to say and tell me if it makes sense.'
'Okay, sir. Just tell me if it makes sense.'
'That's what I mean.

Now, what kind of example sentence would you like to see ............ that would make your response easier to understand ......... ...

'Jeannette. Would you like to have a morning coffee with me?'
'Coffee, sir?Would you like me to make you some?'

Ginette is about to stand up, but he controls her with his hand.
You've definitely taken it to mean 'morning coffee'.
You don't even pretend to notice the meaning behind it.

Now, on to the next.

'Jeannette, would you like to have a cuddle with me?
'Cat, is it?

Oh, what's with the feline language?It's kind of cute!
It's not .......
You're not getting the message. It's the same with chomechome.

Okay, now let's get serious: ......

'Jeannette. I want to hold you.'

The word 'hug' was taken to mean something other than 'to hold'.
The translation result of the "forced translation magic" may depend more on whether the other person understands the "correct meaning" of the word, rather than on whether what we are thinking is conveyed as it is.

'Ginette. Why don't you give me a shot?
'Aha!What are you talking about?You can't do anything naughty!Please repent!

Jeannette's ears are red and she's angry.
Does 'one shot' go through properly?

'Jeannette. Zukkongbakkong......'
'Please repent!

He seemed to have interpreted the meaning of the words in the flow.
Onomatopoeia can go either way depending on how it is used.

Maybe if I say 'nyan-nyan' in this way, the meaning will be understood.

'What's wrong with you?You suddenly started talking about s*x.
'No, I'm sorry. I dared to say something erotic to see your real reaction. I apologize if I offended you.'
'No,...... I'm not that angry,...... but when you suddenly say something like that,...... ...... That ............ is embarrassing.''

You'll be able to get a lot more information on the web.

I don't know.
I don't know.
He may be a high school student, but he is an old man in his thirties at heart. It's a little too much of an old man.
I think I've been a little too s*xually harassing. ...... I'll try to control myself.

If the result of the "forced translation magic" depends largely on the understanding of the other side, it means that you can't tell a lie to someone who has knowledge. ...... That's tricky.

Replacement words are a double-edged sword.

So, is there any chance that a translation will be made that we did not intend?
This is a case where a word that we uttered without the slightest intention is conveyed to the other person with a strange meaning.
For example, if a compliment, such as 'Miyoko-chan, the newcomer, has big boobs', is taken as 's*xual harassment', ......, this is not the case. Here's another analogy: ......

'What's the opposite of 'mushy'?'
'Huh?Would it be ...... 'musuko'?'
'And if it's my child?'
'Let's see, ...... 'Yashiro-san's Musuko' ......?'

...... grin.

'Then what if it's a stupid one?
'Let's see, ............ 'Mr. Yashiro's Stupid' ......?'

...... grin.

'So, what if that stupid son of yours is very respectable!
'Er, let's see!It's ...... ya, 'Mr. Yashiro's fine foolish son'!...... is that respectable for a fool?

...... grin, grin, grin.

No, it's ...... that makes me grin!No, no, no!
It's not the time to be grinning and letting girls say naughty words to you.
When I was in junior high school, I wrote 'Takemura Takeko Love Punch' on the blackboard and challenged the girls in my class saying, 'You can't say this sentence from upside down within ten seconds! I remembered that I challenged the girls in my class and made them read aloud. I remember the look on the girls' faces after they understood what I had said: ............ grin grin grin grin ......

So!I told you!This is no time for s*xual harassment!
I'm sorry.
Child in appearance, adult in mind, junior high school boy in s*xual curiosity!His name is Obayashi!
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it. ...... I'm going to be a very sorry creature. ...... I'm going to be a very sorry creature. ...... I'm going to be a very sorry creature. ...... I'm going to be a very sorry creature. ...

I'm not sure if I'd be able to do that if I were you.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
They were not transformed into obscene meanings on purpose, but were transmitted to us as they were said.
It seems that even if you are made to say an erotic secret word, it is not translated straightforwardly.
The word "va*in*" will be translated as "va*in*", and it does not mean that you have uttered a banned word.

This means that "hoshi", "shiro-bukuro", and "akuma" used by the police can be used as they are. Incidentally, "akuma" means "arson".

Then, ......

Putting found objects in one's own pocket is called "nekobaba", and is regarded as stealing by the public.
But I don't think so. The heroes of RPGs and heroes of side-scrolling action games are not afraid to take what they find as their own property. Heroes and heroes are symbols of justice.
I think you're right. What I found is mine. So I don't think of it as 'stealing'.

So here's an experiment.


She's a real straight arrow, isn't she, ...... after what she just said to me.
Well, that's more than I can say for now.

I hold out the nuts I've been rolling around in my fingertips in the palm of my hand and say.

'These are the ones you 'gave' me earlier.
'Yes, sir. Please, eat it.

Ginette smiles.

Now, on to the next.
I take out the pure white treasure I keep in my pocket and place it on the desk.

'These were given to me earlier in the courtyard.
'Phew!What are you doing?

Jeannette's face turned bright red and she snatched the pants from the desk in a panic.

'Give them back. They're mine.

'It's mine, you know!
'It fell in the courtyard.
'It was drying!
'No, it fell!
'It flew away in the wind, d*mn it!

With her cheeks puffed out, Jeannette grabs my treasure and hides it under the desk so I can't see it.
...... You're a slacker. ............

I'll get the treasures later.

You'll be able to get a lot more than that.
What is it?

Ginette answered politely, though a bit angrily.
She's a very helpful and good-natured person.

'Did the two words I just said, "I got it", sound like the same word?
'Huh?............ Yes. They were the same word.'

Ginette, who had closed her mouth for a moment, probably to remember my words, nodded clearly.

'By the way, my treasure from earlier...'
'It's my pants!......?What do you want me to say?

He got angry at me for being unreasonable.
That's okay.

'Do you believe that I got that thing from you earlier?
'No, I don't believe it!I didn't give it to you!

So you're saying.
If I say with firm confidence that 'this is not stolen', it is not a lie? ...... Well, that's a fine line.
At the very least, words uttered by someone who has been taken advantage of and not informed of the truth should not be considered a lie.
For example, if Jeannette says, ''Mr. Yashiro's fine folly'' is not a naughty word.
The truth is, 'What?What the hell is he talking about? But if Jeannette is not lying, and she is not aware that she is lying, then it will not be considered a lie.

He may not be trapped and turned into a frog.

In the case of the spices, both I and the other party were aware that we had stolen them. That is why "I received" was translated into "I stole", I guess.
If I had picked up the spices and said "I got it", ...... might not have been "stolen", right?

This is also subtle.
I'd like more information.

But apparently the "forced translation magic" does not "completely block" the lie.
It's a good thing I found that out.

The factors that determine whether a lie is a lie are [your perception], [the other party's knowledge], and [the facts].
Good. In that case, ......

I might be able to fool the spirit god.

I can scam the gods.
That's good. It's a big scale, just right for me.

I'm gonna make it as a con man in this city.

Then I'll need more information.
I'll have to expand my network to do that.

'By the way, Yashiro-san.

As I was pondering, Ginette said this to me, as if she thought we were done talking.

'There's a place I'd like you to go with me after this.
'Is it the bathroom?
'No, sir!

What, no?
...... I'm almost at my wits' end.

'I go to church every morning.'

Oh, I thought he was a churchgoer.

'Are you an albinist?
'If you're talking about a member of the Spirit Church, it's called an Alvistan.

It's like Christian. It's easy to remember.

'So, do devout Alvistans go to the church every morning to pray?

I'm not religious.

'Yes. I pray every morning, but that's not all.'

Ginette folded her hands in front of her chest, ...... with her underpants in her hands, ...... smiled a clear, untainted smile, and said something outrageous.

I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not. It's the best service I can do.

What does ............ mean?
The food that was being prepared in the kitchen was not to be served in the restaurant but to be delivered to the church.
And ............ I don't even want to think about it. ............

'...... for free?'
'Yes. It's a donation.'

You're an idiot, aren't you?

You're a poor man in a store that can't even straighten a chair.
And what about the amount of rice you were preparing just now?How many servings was that?It can't have been more than ten or twenty. It was about thirty servings!

It's free, people!

'...... I'm getting dizzy.'
'Are you okay!

Jeannette ran up to me and tried to put her hands on my shoulders, but I realized that she was holding her pants in her hands and hurriedly hid her hands behind her back.
Next to me, Ginette looks down at me anxiously.

'I'm going to the church alone, so please go to your room to rest.
'No, ...... I'll go with you.

You can't let him go alone.
If you do that, he'll be very happy to give away everything around him to others.
I've decided to make this my base for now. I don't want this store to disappear.
Above all, ............ I hate waste and squandering to death.

Have you become happier after donating to God?No, it hasn't. The proof is this rickety chair!You're so poor you can't even afford to replace this thing!
You said every morning?The gods of this world are so thick-skinned that they provide free food for 30 people every morning and get nothing in return. ......
Do you take it for granted?
Does he pretend not to know when a pious lamb starves for his sake?

If that's the case, then any service you perform for such a god is nothing more than a waste!
Donations?No need to donate!
The world is built on give-and-take!
If you provide a service, you get paid for it!And vice versa!This is the world's truth, the world's common sense!It's an ironclad rule!

I'll go to that church and refuse all donations from now on.

'Jeannette, just remember this.
'Yes, ......?
'I'm not going to let you waste money in front of me.

I glared up at Jeannette. And Jeannette's shoulders shook.
I thought she was a great girl with a frugal spirit because of her careful preparation of scrap vegetables and proper care of her utensils, but ............ she's a waste of money!
What you're doing is as stupid as taking out a loan to buy an expensive pot you don't need!

In my opinion, religion and fraud are no different. As long as there is no tangible benefit, I don't see any value in it. Therefore, I will not accept any money or goods!

I will stop you from donating. I will stop you from donating. ...... Never.

I gobbled up the remaining horse mackerel sashimi, quietly burning with the will to fight the coming battle.