Isekai Sagishi no Consulting

Oba Yashiro, the notorious con artist who made his name known throughout Japan.

His life burned out on the bad luck, and he was reborn in a big city where you can’t lie. In this world where liars are turned into frogs by the Spirit God who hates lies, Yashiro makes use of his silver tongue and the skills he cultivated as a con artist to rise up.

The story of a hero who was reborn in a different word, using his modern knowledge and quibble as weapons to help a big-breasted beautiful girl in rebuilding a destitute restaurant and improving the living environment of the bottommost district.

Author: Miyaji Takumi
Chapters: 499

Isekai Sagishi no Nanchatte Keiei-jutsu The Other World Con Artist's Management Techniques 異世界詐欺師のなんちゃって経営術


1-<> Introduction of Characters
2-Prologue April 7th
3-Episode 1... Where is this?
4-Episode 2 Delicious Smells Floating at Night
5-Episode III, Ward 42.
6-Episode 4 Wait a minute!
7-Episode 5 How to Hear
8-Episode 6 Farmers' Crocodiles and Sister Bertina
9-Episode 7 Beauty with Red Hair
10-Episode 8 First Collision
11-Episode 9 emblem
12-Episode 10 Testing to Genet
13-Episode 11 Dining Character
14-Episode 12 Sincerity and sincerity
15-Episode 13 Guild Leader of the River Fishing Guild
16-Episode 14 The Girl with Empty Eyes
17-Episode 15 Salmon Pink
18-Go to Episode 16 and pay for your return.
19-Episode 17 Close Words
20-Episode 18 For a Smile
21-19. Goodwill of Cassilo
22-Episode 20 Opening of a New Clothes
23-Episode 21 I don't hate the struggle to do it.
24-I wonder if you won't watch Episode 22.
25-Episode 23 The Story of Estella Drenched
26-Episode 24 Wheat Bread Baked
27-Episode 25 You're so kind that you can't help it.
28-Episode 26 Treasure Discovery
29-Episode 27 How to Use Corn
30-Episode 28 The Mysterious Pharmacist
31-I'll trust you in episode 29.
32-Episode 30 Peace of Mind
33-Episode 31 Absolute Rest
34-Episode 32 Bear Ears and Sweetness
35-Episode 33 Working
36-Episode 34 Transactions with the Sea Fishing Guild
37-Episode 35 Unexpected Pitfall?
38-Episode 36 The Slums of District 42
39-Episode 37 My younger brother and sister
40-Episode 38 Cabbage, Moving
41-Episode 39 Lord of the 42nd Ward
42-the rush of air before the opening of Episode 40.
43-Episode 41 Mobile Sales Launch
44-Episode 42 Rain Sound
45-Episode 43 I believed it
46-Episode 44 Meeting on a Rainy Day
47-Give and Take Episode 45
48-Episode 46 Hammer's Work
49-Episode 47 After the Damage
50-Episode 48 Cooking
51-Episode 49 Old Birds
52-Episode 50 Main Street Theater
53-Anecdote 1 What I Can I Do
54-Anecdote 2: Save money,
55-Anecdote 3 Late Night Noise
56-Episode 51 Great Things
57-Episode 52 Trouble and New Possibilities
58-Episode 53 Knock and Knock
59-Episode 54 The Woodcutter's Guild Lady
60-Episode 55 keeps increasing.
61-Episode 56 Clumsy Dexter
62-Episode 57 Inspection and First Part of the Woodcu...
63-Episode 58 Inspection and second part of the Woodc...
64-Episode 59 is here.
65-Episode 60 New Initiative
66-Episode 61 Store Opens
67-Episode 62 Wax
68-I'm curious about episode 63 Loretta!
69-Episode 64 The Brickmaker's Parent and Child
70-Episode 65 Luminescence
71-66. Three things ordered by Yashiro.
72-Episode 67 Festival Morning
73-Episode 68 Festival Night
74-Episode 69 After the Festival
75-Anecdote Four: Trying Door-in-the-Face Techniques
76-Anecdote 5 Trying Foot-in-the-Door Techniques
77-Episode 6 Try Low Ball Techniques
78-Anecdote 7 Try That's Not All Techniques
79-Anecdote 8 Trying Deadline Techniques
80-Anecdote 9 Trying Hard to Get Techniques...?
81-Episode 70 Flowers and Sweetness
82-Episode 71 The Ladybug
83-Episode 72 Cake...?
84-Episode 73 Food of the Nobles
85-Episode 74 Raccoon at the Sugar Factory
86-Seventy-fiveth episode.
87-Episode 76 is similar, but it's different.
88-Episode 77 Soleil. Sunflower.
89-Episode 78 Answers
90-Episode 79 Late-night Talks
91-Episode 80 Sugar Destination
92-Episode 81 Taste of Happiness
93-82nd-episode 82
94-I promised episode 83.
95-Anecdote 10 Different World Fraudsters vs. Foreign...
96-Anecdote 11 Different World Fraudsters vs. Foreign...
97-Anecdote 12 Different World Fraudsters vs. Foreign...
98-Episode 13 Different World Fraudsters vs. Foreign ...
99-behind-the-scenes joke
100-The Power of Episode 85
101-Episode 86 Imelda~ Because what?
102-Episode 87 Imelda and I are alone.
103-Episode 88 Unpopularity
104-Episode 89 Special
105-Episode 90 One Day in the Forest
106-Episode 91 The soles of the feet on a midsummer da...
107-Episode 92 Shopping
108-Episode 93 I really like that.
109-Episode 94 What's New and What's New?
110-Episode 95 The Right Way to Spend the Heat
111-Episode 96 descends too much, doesn't it?
112-Episode 97 You don't have to say anything...
113-Episode 98 Visitors on Snowy Days
114-Episode 99 Working in the Snow
115-Episode 100 is busy at the end of the year.
116-Anecdote 14 Christmas at Yodare-tei
117-Episode 15 The Year-end and New Year's Day at Yoda...
118-Episode 101 Smiling Source
119-Episode 102 Bugs
120-Episode 103 Insect fishing
121-Episode 104 Second Damage
122-Episode 105... Hey!
123-Episode 106 Yokudatei Trial
124-malice directed at episode 107
125-Attack to protect episode 108.
126-Episode 109 Depression after Victory
127-110th episode collaboration project
128-Episode 111 Hunting Guild Situation
129-Episode 112 Ear-ear disease caused by a sense of w...
130-Episode 113 Lord of the Forty-one Wards
131-114 In order to make it difficult to talk about,
132-115. Position as the lord of the Forty Wards
133-Episode 116 Roaring Thunder
134-Episode 117 spoiled
135-Episode 118 Pre-movement Warm-up
136-Episode 119 Attack on Medra
137-120th episode rookie waitress
138-The 16th hand, the foot,
139-Episode 121 Three-Party Talks
140-Episode 122 The first secret room meeting and the ...
141-Episode 122 The 2 Secret Room Talks and the Second...
142-Episode 123: Part 42 of Ward
143-Episode 124 Possibility of Not Participating in th...
144-catch 125th episode participants
145-be relied on for episode 126
146-Episode 127 Omnibus Contest 42 District Representa...
147-Episode 128 Pharmacist of Lonely Height (?)
148-Episode 129 Let's make curry
149-Episode 130 Honey
150-Episode 131 Two Tooth Shapes
151-Episode 132 subtle changes
152-Episode 133 Sometimes I'm alone.
153-Episode 134 First Date @ Otome
154-Episode 17 Magda x Eyes Volume 1
155-Episode 18 Magda x Eyes Volume 2
156-Episode 135 Opening Ceremony
157-Episode 136 Reasons for Eating a lot in Game 1
158-Episode 137. Pack up the second game. Pack up. Pac...
159-Episode 138 Game 3 Pitfalls of the Love of Sweets
160-Episode 139 Game 4 The Devil's Chewing Sound
161-Episode 140 Game 5 Love's Foolish Eating Power
162-Episode 141 Where to Go
163-Episode 142 In 42 wards, a week after the conventi...
164-Episode 143. Memories of Coffee
165-144th episode: Sunrise-tei at that time
166-Episode 145. Their thoughts.
167-I'm in a hurry to get ready for episode 146.
168-Episode 147: Everyone's making a fool of themselve...
169-Episode 148 Unchangeable Daily Status
170-Episode 149 Confession
171-Episode 150 Cassilo's Decision
172-Epilogue April 7
173-Later Tan 1 Yodari-tei Consultation Center
174-Later, I'll tell you two flowers, words and love.
175-Later Story 3 Ossan Paradise
176-Later on, we'll talk about humans and the beasts.
177-Later on, Wendy's peculiarity?
178-Later, in the six-carriage story,
179-Later Tan 735 District
180-The Eighth Flame of Later Tales
181-Later Tan 9 Flower Garden
182-Later, Tan 10... well, the disturbing atmosphere.
183-Later Tan 11 Sweet honey tastes like love?...oh my...
184-Later, Tan 12 The other person at the secret meeti...
185-Later on, Lucia Suarez.
186-Is it 14 pure or stupid later?
187-Later Tan 15 Subhuman, Subspecies, Subline
188-Later, Natalia and Loretta were modeled.
189-Later, the order of 17th episode, "Importanthusias...
190-Later, Lucia and Gilberta.Sometimes chickens~
191-Later, the 19th story is a good boy and girl.
192-I'll tell you later. I'll be nervous.
193-Later, the lords and people of the 2135 wards.
194-Later Tan 22 Nostalgic scenery
195-Talk about it later on. 23 Shiraha.
196-Later, Tan 24th, that's not that selfish.
197-Let's talk about it later.
198-Later Tan 26 Sunset without Ginettei
199-Later Tan 27 Clothing Shop and Half-Naked
200-I wonder if I'll be able to talk about it later.
201-I'm happy to see you all at a later date.
202-Later Tan 30 Hanazono Tea Time (although it's not ...
203-Later Story 31 Power of Love
204-Later Tan 32 Hanazono Theater
205-Later on, I did my best.
206-Later, Tan 34 Launch Practice
207-What 35 Yashiro wants to make at a later date.
208-Later, Tan 36 approaches other ward lords
209-37 Excitement before departure
210-Later, the 38th tour of the temple will be held.
211-Story 39 Everywhere I go, it's going to be a big s...
212-Later, Tan 4035 and 42 wards.
213-How to use Imelda at a later date 41
214-Later, at the 42 Woodman Guild,
215-Later, I'll play 43 Woodman.
216-44 Shrimp Buddy Come on
217-I'll tell you later that I'll be ready for the bri...
218-Later, 46 Reunited
219-Later Tan 47 Wedding Parade
220-Later Tan 48 Wedding Ceremony
221-Later on, 49 Wedding Reception
222-Talk about it at a later date, 50 from tomorrow.
223-Remembrance Part 1 Yashiro
224-Remembrance Part 2 Bertina
225-Remembrance Part 3 Delia
226-Remembrance Part 4 Marsha
227-Remembrance Part 5 Imelda
228-Remembrance Part 6 Nefelly
229-Remembrance 7mm
230-Memorandum 8 Norma
231-Remembrance Part 9 Regina
232-Remembrance 10 Paula
233-Remembrance Part 11 Natalia
234-Remembrance 12 Loretta
235-Remembrance Part 13 Magda
236-Remembrance 14 Estella
237-Remembrance 15 Jeanette
238-chatter tomorrow's weather
239-Episode 151 Unusual Sunsettei
240-Episode 152 Jeanette's Worries
241-Episode 153 Tired Millie
242-Episode 154 Millie's Room
243-155. Trouble-causing constitution
244-Episode 156 Delia's thoughts
245-Episode 157 Gathering on the riverside
246-Episode 158 Understanding the Current Situation an...
247-Episode 159 Solving, Rewarding, and...
248-Episode 160 Unusual Changes in the River
249-Episode 161 Reunion
250-Episode 162 Delia's impatience
251-Episode 163 Departure Early in the Morning
252-Episode 164 Walking in District 29
253-Origin of episode 165 BU
254-Episode 166 Lordship Conference
255-Episode 167 Return to Yodari-tei
256-Episode 168 Negotiations and Reports
257-Episode 169 New boom, and...
258-Episode 170 Unexpected Contact
259-Episode 171. It's noisy inside and outside the car...
260-172. The House of Marle Aileen
261-Young People in Episode 173 BU
262-Episode 174 Born as the next lord...
263-Episode 175 Equally and impartially
264-Episode 176 Welcome and Soramame
265-Episode 177 Cooperation System
266-Episode 178 The Pile and the Carriage
267-Episode 179 The House of the 27th Ward Lords
268-Episode 180 Tracy McCurry
269-Episode 181. In Tracy's heart
270-Episode 182. Tracy and Nene
271-Episode 183 On the Way Home
272-Episode 184 Newcomer Part-time Job
273-185th episode, comrades.
274-186th episode fox vs Fox
275-Episode 187 Signs of Improvement
276-Episode 188 Before I go home,
277-189 Episode 1's first job
278-190 episodes are no different from changing
279-Episode 191 The Two Who Came to Encourage
280-Episode 192 Feeling of Absenteeism
281-Episode 193 Arrived in Ward 24
282-Episode 194 Koji Factory and Reserve Army
283-Episode 195 Koji Craftsman Rivera Whitehead
284-196 Koji craftsmen are difficult to please.
285-Episode 197 There's soybeans.
286-198th Marbo Tasting Event
287-Episode 199: Donnys Donnati
288-Episode 200 Filman Donalty
289-Episode 201 Spiritual Palm
290-Episode 202 Filman's Love
291-Episode 203 The Great Escape of a Boy in Love
292-Episode 204 Burns Up and Burns Out
293-Episode 205 Beyond the Red Door
294-Episode 206 Rabbit's
295-Episode 207 View
296-Episode 208 To Koji Factory Three Times
297-Episode 209 With Mokoka
298-Episode 210 Now,
299-Episode 211 I fell in love with you
300-Episode 212 Memories and Letters
302-Toward Episode 214 Banquet
303-Preparation for Episode 215 Banquet 1
304-Preparation for Episode 216 Banquet 2
305-Preparation for Episode 217 Banquet 3
306-Preparation for Episode 218 Banquet 4
307-Preparation for Episode 219 Banquet 5
308-Preparation for Episode 220 Banquet 6
309-Preparation for Episode 221 Banquet 7
310-Preparation for Episode 222 Banquet 8
311-Preparation for Episode 223 Banquet 9
312-Preparation for Episode 224 Banquet THE Final
313-Stand by for Episode 225 Banquet
314-Episode 226 is well prepared, and the guests are c...
315-Episode 227 Rebecca and Sophie
316-Episode 228 Arrived the lord... and...
317-Episode 229 Rebecca and Filman
318-Episode 230 The person who controls the koji facto...
319-Episode 231 Roles
320-Episode 232 With the old and the young,
321-Episode 233 If you get drunk, you'll have more phy...
322-Episode 234 Store Opening, Yukata and Surprise
323-at the end of Episode 235.
324-Episode 236 Return to Ward 42
325-Episode 237 Meeting after sunset
326-Episode 238 Criminals Gathering (?)
327-Episode 239 Gathering of the Three Great Guild Lea...
328-Episode 240 and on the day of the event,
329-Episode 241 Lordship Talks Begin
330-The leader of the 242nd Episode.
331-Episode 243 Destroy the majority vote.
332-Episode 244. Raise your hand if you're in favor.
333-There's a hint for episode 245.
334-Episode 246 Through a New Aisle
335-Episode 247 Invitation Battle for Banquet
336-Episode 248: Suddenly, Operation 248...
337-at the end of Episode 249's Banquet
338-Episode 250 Epilogue-like daily life of Yodari-tei
339-the first drop of water that seeps out of a story
340-Two spills, like water.
341-Episode 3 of the Spillover: The waves of conversat...
342-Spill Episode 4 Swallowed by the torrent
343-Episode 5 of the Spill, thick.
344-Episode 6 Like a boat floating in a mountain strea...
345-Episode 7 is like a gentle flow again.
346-No additives Episode 1 Something is wrong with eve...
347-No additives Episode 2 Accelerating discomfort
348-No additives Episode 3 Great struggle at unfamilia...
349-Unadditive Episode 4 revealed secrets
350-It's because episode 5 is important.
351-No additives Episode 6 Leaving Yodari-tei
352-Additive-free Episode 7 commonly known as bandits
353-No additives Episode 8 The art of opening a closed...
354-No additions Episode 9 Transactions from zero cred...
355-Additive-free Episode 10 Pajamas to Stop
356-No additives Episode 11 Bear vs. Monkey Head-to-he...
357-12th episode without additives"Next door" comes wh...
358-Additive-free Episode 13 To the City of Girls' Hea...
359-The reward for episode 14 is suddenly...
360-Episode 15 without additives, the promise is...
361-No additives Episode 16 Yodamari-tei, in the morni...
362-Additive-free Episode 17 Approach to Pretty
363-No additives Episode 18 One rainy day in the sun.
364-Episode 19 without additives is unconditionally co...
365-20th episode without additives, something that has...
366-Additive-free Episode 21 Teresa's unexpected talen...
367-Additive-free Episode 22 Learning, Teaching
368-Additive-free Episode 23 Palm Ross Switch [On]
369-Additive-free Episode 24 KJI in NTA
370-a shy sister who eats 25 episodes without additive...
371-No additions Episode 26 Teaming and intruders
372-Before the opening ceremony of the 27th episode wi...
373-start an additive-free 28-episode athletic meet
374-29th episode without additivesFirst race, footrace
375-Additional 30th episode team game tactics
376-How to win episode 31 "Typhoon's Eye" without addi...
377-Additive-free Episode 32 gears that don't engage
378-Additive-free 33rd episode engagement
379-Episode 34 Under the Rescue Tent
380-35th episode without additivesRace among customers
381-Additive-free Episode 36 Holy Clothes
382-Episode 37: There are many lords, and there are ma...
383-Additive-free Episode 38 Ball-in accordance with s...
384-No additives, episode 39. Rewards.
385-Additive-free Episode 40 Bread-eating Competition ...
386-Additive-free Episode 41 Three of us related to Ya...
387-Additive-free Episode 42 Bread-eating Competition ...
388-Additive-free Episode 43 Bread-eating Final
389-Additive-free Episode 44 Lunch Box Happy
390-45 episodes without additivesIt's too sweet.
391-No additives 46th episode 1st cheering match in th...
392-Episode 47: The progress, the ham child, and the s...
393-Additional 48 Episode Process, Results and Drum ro...
394-No additives Episode 49 One, two, two.
395-No additives, Episode 50. The trouble suddenly com...
396-Additive-free Episode 51 Seating @ On the Gravel
397-No additives Episode 52 Ginette, run!
398-Additive-free Episode 53 The Tripod of Palm and Ma...
399-No additives, episode 54. That's the first time I'...
400-Those who pull the 55th episode without additives.
401-They watched episode 56 without additives.
402-Episode 57 Horseback Riding Battle, Start of Battl...
403-No additives Episode 58 Speed drive, crash, chaos
404-How to win the final game in episode 59 without ad...
405-No additions to Episode 60 Closing Ceremony
406-I thought Episode 61 was coming, but I couldn't av...
407-No additives. 62 At the church in the morning.
408-No additives 63 Episode Late Blooming Spring Bread...
409-64th episode without additives, one of the stronge...
410-Additive-free Episode 65 At Sunrise-tei early in t...
411-Additive-free Episode 66 A slightly different tast...
412-No additives Episode 67 Kawahara, stomach and help
413-It's probably because of the muscles.
414-Additive-free Episode 69 Let's do Halloween and pl...
415-Additive-free Episode 70: The Fools of this City
416-Additional-free Episode 71 Order, Rules and TPO
417-Chapter 72 Profit and Loss for Profit and Loss for...
418-Additive-free Episode 73 Limited Time Crab Full Fa...
419-Additive-free Episode 74 Molly, Cassilo, and the H...
420-Additive-free Episode 75 Early morning lively cook...
421-Additive-free Episode 76 begins to get lively42 wa...
422-Episode 77 is ready.
423-Additional-free Episode 78 Obake Competition A.Mor...
424-Additive-free Episode 79 bustling time
425-No additives Episode 80 Obake Competition Afternoo...
426-81st episode of Obake Competition, closing
427-Additive-free Episode 82 Go to the cattleherd
428-If you go back to episode 83 without additives,
429-Additive-free Episode 84 Pre-prepared meat
430-Additive-free Episode 85 A kind-hearted girl.
431-No additives, episode 86. Thomson and Heroes.
432-Additive-free Episode 87 Potential of viscera
433-Additive-free Episode 88 Fox's Motivation Switch
434-There's no additional 89th episode show.with all o...
435-Additive-free Episode 90 Main Street Decoration
436-Additive-free Episode 91 Apple Bobbing
437-Additive-free Episode 92 Pinata
438-No additives 93rd episode Halloween Day
439-Additive-free Episode 94 Halloween Night
440-Additive-free Episode 95 Right now, Yodamari-tei
441-96th episode without additives, easier.
442-Additive-free Episode 97 prettier
443-Listen to episode 98 without additives, Mr. Yashir...
444-99th episode without additives!
445-Additive-free 100 episodes!
446-No additives, episode 101. It's hard to make someo...
447-<> Ginette~Fate smiled that day~
448-<> Estella ~ Eventually, fate will defi...
449-Episode 251 And the usual sunny-side-tei
450-Episode 252 What has happened so far, what's to co...
451-Episode 253 Cold Sweets in the Heat
452-Episode 254 Another job for the snowy season
453-Episode 255 Sweat in the Kiln of Hell
454-Episode 256 Preparation and Announcement
455-Episode 257 The hottest day of the year
456-Episode 258 Let's Swimming
457-Episode 259 A good swimmer
458-Episode 260 tears of joy when I talk about next ye...
459-Episode 261 Suspicious Person Information in Snow
460-Episode 262 Broken Phenomenon
461-Episode 263 Next Plan
462-Episode 264 Taste of Care
463-After cleaning up the 265th episode...
464-Episode 266 Cool Mint and Hot Bath
465-Episode 267 Let's all make a public bath.
466-Episode 268 "Look, this is Tolbeck's technology."
467-Episode 269 Gas Writing Techniques Learned from th...
468-Episode 270 When you attack someone,
469-Episode 271 New Year's Eve is busy and lively.
470-Episode 272. Those Who Gather on the Third Day
471-Episode 273 Turns Woe to Woeful
472-Episode 274 Flapping at the premiere
473-Episode 275 is a series of famous people.
474-Episode 276 Transformation for the Ceremony
475-Episode 277: The venue is floating and unsteady.
476-Episode 278: A flash in the pan?
477-Episode 279 Malicious Attack
478-Let him swim 280 episodes and fish him up.
479-After the 281st episode,
480-Episode 282. Garbage goes to the trash can.
481-Episode 283 Where to go home
482-Episode 284. Turn someone into a frog.
483-Episode 285 Past of Ward 42
484-Episode 286 When I made up my decision,
485-Hand in hand with the 287th episode.
486-Episode 288 The Noble
487-Episode 289 Things Move Underwater
488-Episode 290 Statement of the Information Paper Pub...
489-Episode 291 Fruit from Lies
490-Episode 292 Best Day
491-Episode 293 Worst Day
492-Episode 294 The March of Believers
493-295. Reincarnation, people.
494-Episode 296 Today's Visitors Are Mud and Clouds
495-Episode 297 Officials
496-Episode 298 Promoting, overthrowing and advertisin...
497-Episode 299 The Great Caravan Squadron is coming!m...
498-Episode 300 The Great Caravan Team is coming!After...
499-Episode 301 Lupinas' thoughts