90-Episode 79 Late-night Talks

Assunto came to the restaurant after it closed.
I had made an appointment with him as soon as I returned from the 40th district.
When I told him it was about sugar, he was immediately interested.
We had a brief meeting there, and now we are at .......

'Well, that's Mr. Yashiro. You've already got a plan for the supply of sugar. ...... This is really worthy of respect. I'd like to call you 'Ya-sama' out of respect.'
'If you want to show respect, don't call me that.

Assunto, who has been in a good mood since his appearance, is smiling with wrinkles on his pig face.
He had complained happily the other day that his laugh lines had increased.

Even in the dim light, I could clearly see the wrinkles on his face.
The reason why the garden of the Sunlit Pavilion is dimly lit is because the shining bricks in the garden are covered with cloth to block the light. The secret agreement was made in a dimly lit place to create an atmosphere of ......, but this is also a part of the production.
It's also to make it easier for the enemy to get caught in the trap.

Assunto sits on the side of the store, and I sit with my back to the street.
I don't know if there's such a thing in the yard, but I'm sitting down.

'Well, I couldn't get my hands on it even though it was guaranteed to make money, sugar. The fact that you can handle it ...... means that you have to do something to repay Yashiro.
'Returning the favor,......,' he said.

He put his elbows on the wooden round table in the garden, leaned forward and whispered to Assunto.

'I want you to make peace with the disaster that's about to happen.
'What?...... calamity?'

A bead of sweat breaks out on Assunto's cheek. It was at that moment--


A man suddenly jumped out of the darkness, screaming.
He ran up behind me and shouted even louder.


Assunto, who was sitting opposite me, let out a pathetic scream and fell down from his chair.
He probably saw a knife being raised and lost his back. He doesn't have the guts, you know.

As for me...

'......Welcome to the Sunlit Pavilion......'.

I could afford it.
I had already predicted ...... this would happen, no, I had set it up.
The man standing behind me, about to put a knife to my neck, is Percy.
I've lured out this man who's halfway good, halfway sisterly, and capable of taking drastic action when the situation calls for it.


Assunto's dirty voice called out my name in concern.
I'd rather hear that in Jeannette's voice. I'm not happy at all.

Just as I was thinking that...There was a sound of metal hitting metal.

'...... I won't let Yashiro be harmed.

Magda jumped out from under the table and flicked Percy's knife away with her Masakari.
There is no one who can match Magda in speed. At least, I can assure you no one that I know of.

At the same time, the cloth covering the glowing brick was removed at once.
In an instant, a bright light floods the garden.

'What the hell is this?

Percy cries out in surprise, covering his eyes with his arms at the sudden light. You're full of holes, kid.

You're all over the place.

Estella, who has been standing by, puts a knife to Percy's throat and warns him.

'......, you set me up. ............!

Percy's voice is raspy and bitter.
Yeah, I did. I set you up.
I'm a fraud.

I knew if I pushed you, you'd act like this.

There aren't many things a person does when life gets tough and they can't get by.
You can either turn to someone else, act like a yap rock, or ...... get rid of the people in your way.

'You love your sister and you will not run away from the world by yourself. Never. So, the only action you should take is to eliminate ...... me, the obstacle in your way that is ruining your life.

Gradually his eyes must have adjusted. Percy drops the arm that was covering his eyes and looks around.

There was me, Assunto, Magda and Estella. And Ginette and Loretta were there too.
It was Ginette and Loretta who removed the cloth.

Percy, lured out into the light, glared at me with eyes like a wounded beast.
He looks like he's about to pounce.

'What do you want me to do?
'I just want to talk to you. Just sit down.'

I suggest a chair, but Percy bares his fangs.

'You've got to be kidding me!You could have just talked to me in that field during the day!Why are you bothering with this ......!
'If you keep talking in the field, the anteater brothers will find out who you are.

The anteater brothers, who had only gone to wash their hands, had returned relatively quickly.
If they had continued the conversation, it would have ended in anarchy.
That's not good enough. We have to finish this thoroughly.

'Well, I wanted to talk to you calmly.
'...... Wouldn't it have been better to tell the whole story in front of the Cary brothers?You don't have to go through this tedious procedure. ......'
'They're the anteater brothers of the stinky spinach farmers!I'm talking about Neck and Tic!You should at least remember their names!Don't you feel sorry for them?

No, I've never heard of them. ......

'I'm not going to talk to those guys until after the whole thing is over.'
'Don't tell me you're going to exploit ...... the Cary brothers against them?'
'If so, what are you going to do?Do you have the right to say anything?'
'............ No. ............ I've been taking advantage of their kindness and ............'

Percy loosened his grip on his fists and nodded off weakly.
It seems that the poison has finally left his system.

He glanced at Estella, who gave a small nod and moved her knife away.

'Sit down.
'...... Ah.'

I offered Percy a chair and sat down next to him.
The seat across from me is Assunto's, but ...... he's still lying on the ground. Why don't you just get back in your chair, you disgrace.

Now I look at Ginette. He nodded his head and walked into the dining room.

'I didn't have the option of revealing what you've been doing right there.

He settled down and began to speak slowly.
Yeah. I couldn't do that.

'To the anteater brothers, you're a 'good man', a 'benefactor' who's helped us make a living. If they find out that you've been using them or cheating on them, even if those brothers are irredeemable a**h*les, they'll be shocked to within an inch of their lives.
'...... Yashiro, you're exaggerating. It can't be that bad.'

Magda follows up.
'Well, I don't really care about their stupidity, so I'll just take it as it comes.

As I was doing this, Ginette came out of the cafeteria with a cup of tea.
Politely, there was enough for everyone.
I asked the others to join us at another table I had prepared. It's just the three of us here.

'I wanted to give you some space. You needed time to think about things, and we needed to get the right people together.'
'...... made me think a lot, a lot.'

Percy muttered, as if he had made up his mind or given up,.......
I'm not sure what to make of it. The process must have taken a heavy toll on Percy's mind.
He's not a bad guy by nature. You can sense that in every conversation.
You push him, you make him decide it's the only way, you make him act, and you make him fail.
After making him cool down, the emotion that comes to his mind is ............ 'relief'.
'Oh, thank God. I didn't have to kill him. I'm so glad it didn't turn out to be a disaster.
I'm sure Percy's mind is filled with such relief right now.

With relief comes fatigue. It's called "exhaustion.

In fact, at the moment, Percy is wearing a weak expression on his face that he can't hide.
He is completely defenseless. He's a carp on a chopping block.

Like a dry sponge sucking up water at once, or lungs emptying during a swim sucking in a full lungful of air with a single breath, there is a force that tries to absorb more than usual after letting it all out.
Percy, who had let his emotions get the better of him, would now listen to us with open arms.

'I want to distribute sugar. And I want it cheap and stable.'

I'll tell him what I want.
No subterfuge, just straight up.

'...... can't do that, man. I wish that were true, too.

Put your elbow on the table and rest your cheek on it.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it. ...... Don't do it, your languid look is like the gravure of an idol magazine, and it's strangely fitting and annoying.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, you can contact us at ....... ...... Getting down on your knees is a given. Sometimes they even did things like bribery to curry favor,............, and to me as a kid, it looked really ugly.
'Hey. That's enough badmouthing Assunto.
'Mr. Yashiro, you're the worst. I'm sorry, but I'd like to hear what you have to say, so can you please keep quiet for a while?

Assunto looks grim, as if he could bow out for 1Rb.
All right, just keep your mouth shut. Hmm.

Children are sensitive about such things, right?That's why we were bullied a lot by the kids in the neighborhood, ...... saying that we're living the good life by flirting with the aristocracy. ......'
'I have no idea what's wrong with that!In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following web site: ....... I'm sure you'll agree.
I'm not sure what to say. I'm not sure what you're talking about.

I'm sure you've heard of it. But he ignored it.

'Well, actually. My father earned his money by rubbing his head on the ground like a grasshopper, and we made a modest living with it. It's a fact, and I don't care what people say about it, that's what I thought. ...... but'.

On the table, Percy's hand is clenched.
The fist is tightened and a faint 'squeak' is heard.

'When my parents were killed in an accident, ...... one of the neighbors said to me, ...... "Suck it up," .......... ...I was so disappointed that I had done such a bad thing. ...... I was so disappointed that protecting my family was such a bad thing. ...... I was so disappointed that I had done such a bad thing. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... I hated my dad so much, but ...... he was a jerk. ...... I punched him in the face.

Money makes people crazy.
It affects not only those who have money, but also those around them in many ways.
Jealousy and black-hearted scheming exist everywhere.

'When my parents disappeared and it was just me and the newborn Molly, I thought, ......, I'm going to protect Molly no matter what.

Even if you are the one who gets stuck in the ............ mud and ends up going down the wrong path,............?

'When I realized that I had done something dirtier than ...... my father,......' he said.
'That's how desperate you must have been,......, I can tell.

To my surprise, Assunto showed empathy for Percy.
Does he have any compassion for others?Or was he just making a play to gain an advantage in the negotiations?

'Actually, I have a sister, too. ......'
'That's too bad!
'Yashiro-san, I'm about to tell you a good story, so could you please shut up?

Assunto thumped the table.
He called himself a good story. ...... It's cold.

'I, too, worked hard to protect my only living relative, my sister. I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.

...... A little?
You'll be out of the running for Judgment of the Spirits.

'Then, one day, my sister said to me: ......'
'Don't do the dirty work ......?'
'No. ......'

In response to Percy's question, Assunto gave a small shake of his head.
Then he clenched his fist and said forcefully.

''It's still sweet!You have to be greedy enough to squeeze the dregs one more time to be a merchant! ...... and'
'I'm scared, your sister .......'

A sister who's even more insatiable than Assunto ...... is too disgusting.

'A sister is a person who understands her brother.
'Well, ...... your sister may be tough, but ...... my Molly is ...... sensitive, pretty, and has a really good voice. I'm sure you've heard of her, but I've never heard of her.
'I'm proud of my sister, that's enough, you siscon'.

It's too far off topic.

'......, but if he knew I was such a dirty person, he'd ............
'You're an idiot.

I'll tell you what, Percy.
You're an idiot.

'You don't see Molly for what she is.
'Ha ......, huh!f*ck you!I'm only looking at Molly, and I've been working so hard ......!
'In the process of working hard, you've lost sight of Molly.
'How can you say such a thing to me?
'Molly knows everything, man.
'What about ............?

The Molly I met at the sugar factory had a good view of her surroundings.
She probably noticed that we were aware of Percy's cover-up.
Molly's a girl with great instincts.
That's why we thought we could bring her in just by asking her to give us a message. ...... Looks like we were right.

'Master Yashiro. I've brought the man you asked for.'

Natalia emerged from the street at night. Beside her was Molly.

'Molly!What are you doing here ......?
'I heard my brother was going to do something crazy. ............'
'Listen to me: ......'

Percy looks at me.
Yeah, that's what I asked him to tell you.

'I didn't think you'd do anything rash, but I asked Natalia to keep an eye on you just in case. I also asked Molly to give you a message.'
'Surveillance ............ I didn't notice ...... at all.'
'Of course not. I'm the head maid, remember?

No, I don't think that's the kind of title you want to put your name on here.

'Molly, did you know ............?'

The siblings face each other.
Molly is standing, face down.
When she looked up slightly, she gave a small nod.

'I knew ....... All the things my brother is doing,.............'
'You'd know that if you ran the factory every day, that's ......'
'............What, seriously?'

Idiots. There's an idiot.
He's not very good at hiding things, is he?

'I'm really sorry ............ for Mr. Carey's brothers, but I know you've been working hard for me, so... .........I couldn't say anything. ......'

Tears dripped from Molly's eyes.

'......I'm sorry, bro. I'm sorry for giving you such a hard time all the time. ......'
'Ba, idiot!It's okay!It's all my fault!There's nothing for Molly to cry about!You know that, right?It's my fault, isn't it?It's none of your business, is it?

Her eyes stare at me.

'Hey, you!If it's punishment, I'll take it all on my own!I'll even guarantee all the damage I caused to the Cary brothers!So, can you just let Molly off the hook?He really didn't do anything wrong!
''No!My brother did something bad for me ...... because of me!So I'm the one at fault!If it's a punishment, I should be the one to take it!
'That's not true, Molly!
'You're an idiot, so shut up!
'That's cruel, Molly!

It would have been a big deal if she'd been able to reflect on that before others pointed it out.

'If I hadn't known, you'd have done the same thing tomorrow and the day after, right?
'............So, that's ......'
'What you're doing now is not remorse. It's regret. You are only regretting that you did something that would be discovered and hunted down. Stop pretending you're sorry. It's disrespectful to the anteater brothers.

Saying 'I'm sorry' after you've been found out is not 'I'm sorry' but 'Please forgive me'. It's not remorse, it's self-preservation. It is a selfish escape from reality.

'That ...... Yashiro-san............'

Ginette walks up next to me and looks at me with eyes that seem to want to say something.
She gives me that look again: ......

'...... What?'

Magda and I are the only ones who have actually met the anteater brothers.
I'd like to hear an objective opinion from someone other than me.

'Did those anteater brothers look unhappy to you?'
'...... Negative. They looked unbelievably happy.'
'They were happy, weren't they? Their crops were selling.'
'...... And we met some 'nice people' who brought us some food once in a while.
'Oh, you guys ...... what the heck are you ...... doing?'

I ask a puzzled Percy.
It's a very fundamental question.

'Did you guys do something wrong to those anteater brothers?
'What about ......?
'You were the only one in town who found a use for the vegetables that no one else saw any value in, and you were the only one who bought them, right?What's wrong with that?
'So, that's ...... what I said earlier, right?You said that I ...... intercepted the legitimate benefits that the Carey brothers should have received. ......'
'Value?For stinky spinach that doesn't even sell?'
'That's because you don't know what real value is. ......'
'If you don't know, you can't make a product out of it.'

Percy scratched his head with a confused expression.
Assunto calls out to Percy.

'Can I have a word with you, Mr. Percy? We merchants buy and sell goods by paying for their value. No matter how much hidden value there is, if you can't present it, the product is worthless,......, and if you say it like this, it's as good as garbage,.......

'Go, garbage ......'
'I only know one person who would be sincere enough to pay to take in such useless trash. ...... Hmm.'

Assunto turns to look at me.
'Don't, don't look at me, you creep.

'Isn't it up to the individual who has the trash in their hands to decide what to do with it?
'But, but ......'.
'If you still suffer from pangs of conscience,............, well,......, I'm sorry to say that I've heard from a certain person. ......Wouldn't it be better if I taught you the correct way to use that garbage?
'...... correct,usage......?
'Yes. If we do that, we will know that our crops have value and we will be proud of them. Of course, the price of the crops will increase, but not as much as the nobles.'

Percy and Molly froze, unable to read Assunto's intentions.
However, she seemed to understand that she wasn't being blamed, and Molly's tears had stopped.

'Well ...... I mean ............ what does that mean?'

Percy scratched his head, held his temples, folded his arms, looked up at the sky and ...... finally turned his gaze to me in a helpless state.

'I'm sorry I haven't told you before. It's actually a great crop. I'll buy it at a fair price from now on, and I'll be counting on you.
'But, but... ......!
It's fine!

If you get your act together, we'll back them up so well that you won't even have to complain.

'Percy. Your factory will be in full operation tomorrow without a break.'
'What?Eh, ...... yeah?'
'Loretta, can you get ten brothers and sisters each to send to the factory and the anteater brothers?'
'Yes, sir!This month, some of the children have moved up from the younger class to the older class!They're old enough to work!
'Assunto. I want you to identify the weak sugar factories that are being shut down by the nobles, and the good farmers who are letting their farmland go to waste.
'Yes, yes. We'll pick up some beautiful people like me.

If it's ...... like Assunto, I'll be very worried. But I'm sure he'll understand my intentions. Then good.

'Estella. Keep the nobles in check.'
'You're being too reckless!
'Natalia. Back up Estella.
'That's too much, Natalia!

If we can keep the aristocrats away for the first month or so, we can build a base for sales.

'I'd like to create a new menu at the Sunken Pavilion to promote Percy's 'New Sugar'. Will you allow me to do so?'
'Yes, sir. I'd be happy to.'
'Also, I'd like to talk to Bertina.
'Then I'll ask her to let you know first thing tomorrow morning.

I can't sell it without a permit.
Well, I'm sure Bertina will give me the OK right away. After all, Bertina has a sweet tooth.

'And Magda.
'...... what?'

Magda is looking up at me.
The same eyes that were staring at me this afternoon.

'Is that okay?'

She puts her hand on my head and crunches my hair.

It's rare, really, that Magda begs me.
That time.
When Percy got down on his knees in the anteater field and begged me to protect his sister, Magda stared at me silently.
The look in her eyes told me that she wanted to help them somehow.
Ginette's good-naturedness must have infected you. I'm aware of some of the symptoms, and ...... I guess that's what happens when you live under one roof. It's a pandemic. There's nothing we can do.

So I'll give up and at least help people.
But I'm going to build in a mechanism that will benefit me greatly.

'When sugar becomes available, their lives will be more stable, and they won't have to deal with that again.
'......Yashiro. Are you doing this for Magda?

'Well, I suppose that's part of it.


Magda closes her eyelids and gently touches my hand as I stroke her hair.

'...... Thank you.'

Slowly opening her eyelids, Magda's face seemed to ...... smile a little.

It would be nice if he had a friend who was close to his age.
Somehow, it's good to have more people to care for. Educationally.

'Oh, that ......'.

After assigning each of us a task, Molly calls out to me.

'Ni, you're too stupid to understand, so why don't you ...... tell me?'

Do you need that preamble?
Look at him, he's right there looking like, 'What? That's your brother's face.

'What are you going to do?
'I'm going to distribute the sugar.
'But if we do that, the aristocracy will ............ almost shut down our factory just for selling a little sugar to the market. ......'
'That's why.'

It's a matter of life and death for a factory owner when sugar cane doesn't arrive for three months.
The system that allows such a thing to happen is crazy.

So I'm going to destroy it.
I'm going to destroy it.

We're going to make a lot of stuff and put it into circulation. We'll release them into the market so fast that the aristocracy won't be able to control them even if they try later.
'Can you do that ......?
'Assunto will take care of it. You know?

Assunto was playing the abacus over there, doing some calculations.
His eyes glittered.

'I've calculated that, at the lowest estimate, once the six factories start producing 'new sugar', the nobles won't be able to do anything about it. If we put too much pressure on the factories, we can build a structure where all the factory managers will turn to the 'new sugar' and leave the nobles' sugar.
'So, do you have any plans for the factories?
'We have up to three.
'Then find me the other three as soon as possible.
'I understand it's not easy to ....... I'll see what I can do.

Assunto's eyebrows were raised, but his eyes were strangely lively.
It's a different look than the one he used to have when he was scheming.

'Oh, by the way, there is a sugar maker whose ...... factory burned down in a fire. If only the factory could be built, there would be four of us including him.'
'Okay, let's build one in District 42 on the condition that you come to District 42. Estella, do you have money?
'No, I don't!I don't, but ...... you can do whatever you want. It's too late for a factory or two. ...... Haha.'
'Okay!Okay, Magda!What's he up to?'
'...... Just tomorrow, the sewage works in the Forty District will be completed, and Umaro will have his first vacation in a week.'
'Okay, lucky!Then I'll have the factory built quickly during my vacation!
'Um, Yashiro-san, ...... isn't that too much to ask ......?
'...... manager'
'Yes, yes. What can I do for you, Magda?
'...... Magda loves people who work hard.'
'I do!That factory!I'll build it perfectly!

Umaro suddenly appeared in the garden of the Sunken Pavilion.
Ginette let out a cute scream at the sudden appearance.

'How,how,how,how,how did Oumalo-san get here ......?'

Holding her speeding heart,............, she wonders if it's reaching her,......, blocked by such a resilient wall, Ginette asks Umaro.

'Hee, hee, hoo, hoo!I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

...... No good, he's still not immune to Jeannette. ......
I'm going to ask him.

'Why are you here at this hour?
'Oh, actually, sir. I was working overtime earlier and I'm on my way home now.

This change in attitude is a little annoying.
I'm not saying that you should be nervous with me, but ......

'So, is the sewage work finished?
'Um, Yashiro-san...... Oumaro-san. You seem to be very tired. ......'

Jeannette asks with concern. 'I'm a translator. ......

'You're dying.
'Haha ............ Well, I haven't had a day off in a week. ......'

That kind of feeling is really coming out. Umaro looked ragged and gaunt.
I wonder if he was working overtime until midnight every day.
It must have been hard work for you. ...... I'll give you a break.

'...... I'll take care of it.'

Magda poured a cup of tea from the tea set Ginette had brought with her.
As she handed it to Umaro, she said in her usual flat tone.

'...... Good job . You did a great job.'

Yes, sir. Everyone, please evacuate.
Needless to say, ......
We, the familiar faces, all simultaneously, spontaneously, silently, took a step away.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.I'm so tired!I'll be back in a few days.

...... With this much energy, I should be able to finish a factory or two in half a day.
Umaro, I can work without sleep or rest for another week.

But then ...... Umaro staggered and sat down on the ground.

'Are you okay, Mr. Umaro?

I guess okay means the exact opposite of okay.

'Jeannette, you're no good. You'll drain Oumalo's strength. It's still .......'
'...... Hmm, Magda's up.'

Magda walked over to Umaro, who was sitting on the ground, and patted him on the head with the same hand that I always do.

'...... good boy. Good boy.'
'Factory, I'll build you a dozen!
'No, I don't need that much.'

I like you, Umaro. Stupid.

'What the ...... hell are these guys ...... doing going that far ahead?'

Percy's expression was one of confusion.

'If you fail,......, the nobility will take notice of you, and you'll all be finished!You might not be able to live in this city!So why are you so ...... confident in your actions?

Up until now, Percy has been too afraid of the consequences to take any drastic action. Then I can understand your confusion.
But if you don't take action, you'll never be successful. Ever.

'Oh, um, Mr. Percy.'

Jeannette stands in front of Percy.
She folds her hands in front of her chest and smiles fondly.

'Failure is not something to be afraid of. What you should really be afraid of is being alone.'
'...... lonely?'
'People create no small amount of friction in order to live with someone else. If you stop acting out of fear of that, you won't be able to live with someone else. ......'

Percy's eyes widened.
It must be something that comes to mind. Something he'd stopped doing, something he'd lost.

'Loneliness is a very lonely thing. There is no one to share your joys, no one to share your sorrows, no one to give you a hand when you are in pain. ...... Most of all, there is nothing you can do when someone you love is suffering. ...... It is very unfortunate. It's very unfortunate.

If you don't take action, you won't be able to make a connection with someone.
If you don't have a connection, you can't do anything for someone else.

That's what Ginette thinks is sad. ...... She's a softie.

'Mr. Percy did a lot of things for Molly. Was it scary?Was it anxious?'
'...... that's .......'
'It's the same for us. We don't have to hesitate to do great things with the people we love.
'But ......'
'And ......'

Ginette turns around.
Ginette's long hair fluttered in the night breeze.

'Because I believe in ...... you, Yashiro.'

Ginette's smile under the big moon was so beautiful that ...... I couldn't help but gasp.

'Oh, no, sir. We're .......'

With a mischievous smile, Ginette shrugged her shoulders.
Don't ...... tell me, tell me. If you're trying to convince someone, tell it to the depressed raccoon over there. ...... d*mn it.

'......You're ............ not the reason ......... ...'
'Maybe it's because of that reason that you can be strong.

I work hard for the people I love.
There aren't many reasons that drive me more than that.

'Hey, bro.'
'Let's give it a try.'
'.................. Oh. Yeah, I guess.'

Percy choked on his tears.
Maybe it was a flashback to all the things he'd worked so hard for, all the things he'd carried alone for so long.

He's a little clumsy, and he's been working too hard.

'Hey, me!I'll do it!If we run the factory at full capacity, we can make enough sugar for this whole area!

Percy stood up, shouting with strength.
He wipes the tears from the corners of his eyes with his arms and smiles, showing his bright white teeth.


'Hmm?What is it?You look so weird.'
'...... originally.'
'I'm sorry, he was born that way.'
'It's your brother's default.
'If you endure it, you'll get used to it in three days.
'Oh, hey, guys!I don't think that's what ...... means, okay?

All right, Magda, Estella, Loretta, Natalia. You guys should remember that.
And Ginette, that's not a subtle denial, is it?

Not 'no'!Percy!You've lost the black around your eyes!

Percy hurriedly looked at his arm. On the contrary, the black color around her eyes had been completely removed.

'Oh, no!The ink has fallen off!
'Big brother, I've always had a complex that I don't have any animal features at all, that I look like a woman. ......'
'Stupid, Molly!Don't say that!
'I write it myself every morning.'
'Don't tell on me!

Wow. ......
What is it with Percy and ......

'Shut up!
'You're so annoying!It's your constitution, you can't help it!
'...... irreparable cover-up.'
'Hey, hey, why are you looking at me with such pity?
'It's not my constitution, my heart is kind of feminine.
'You guys can say whatever you want!

Magda and Loretta also hit him where it hurts, and Percy was on the edge of his seat.
Yeah. Well, he doesn't seem to be a bad guy.

'Alright!I get it!I know exactly what you're going to say!Now watch this!I'm going to make a lot of sugar, and I'm going to make it in a manly way, and I'm going to become a man among men, so that one day I'll have fine animal features!
'...... 10Rb to abort'
'Oh. I'm 5Rb to fail.'
'Then I'm about 20Rb away from giving up.
'I'm 15Rb...... to give up halfway through.'
'You guys are terrible!And you've failed at all of them!

While Percy was playing with our girls, Assunto finished his calculations.
Sugar distribution channels and methods. The amount of sugar needed per month and the price to maintain equilibrium in the market.
After all, it's best to let Assunto do this kind of work. He's a useful guy. It's just that he was rotten to the core for a while.

'That's great, Xanthe.
'It's Assunto, though!

It's the same either way, isn't it?

'...... Um, we're .......'
'Yeah. You don't have to worry about anything anymore. All the people here are very fun, very reliable, and wonderful people. I'm sure they'll figure out a way to make us all happy.

Molly and Jeannette were having this conversation.

'What do you think we should do?
'I think we should try our best.'
'...... I see.'
'Then I'll do my best.'
'Yes, sir. Please do your best.'

Yes, Umaro suddenly became quiet. ...... He must have been tired.
...... I'll lend you my bed for the night. ............ I'll start using you tomorrow. What a mess.

I'll be a man!

With such an idiotic cry, our "new sugar" distribution plan was set in motion.