89-Episode 78 Answers

'What the hell is going on here? ......'

Percy's expression froze as he opened his mouth wide enough to drop the thin cane he was holding in his mouth. ...... How can that cane not fall off?

I'm not sure if you've sniffed this place out.
'Sniffed out ......, what are you talking about?
'Don't be stupid!

Percy's eyes glinted in the black border.
The flirtatious face he used to have is now hidden from view.

'So you were a dangerous person after all. I thought I was going to smell it from the beginning. ...... In the first place, when I was introduced to "that" Assunto, ............ ah!I'm not sure what to do.

Percy ruffled his silky hair.
You'll regret it in the future if you torment your hair follicles too much.

'......They found out about the black market, ......and Assunto sent you to me, didn't he?
'...... black market?
'Don't play dumb with me!I'm not that stupid either!I already know everything!

Percy's expression twisted, and he glared at me with a scary look.
I have no idea what ...... you're talking about.

'Hmmm, ...... black market, .................. I see... ...'
'What ............?

Percy's face is getting paler and paler as he reveals his dumb face.

'............ No, no. It's nothing. ............ Forget it.

I'm not so good-natured that I'll just forget it.

'Heh, hey ...... what the hell is wrong with you?
'Yeah, man. What's with the air?Let's all get along!

The anteater brothers are trying to clear the air, but ...... Percy's expression remains stiff, and I'm stuck with these guys. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it. ...... I wish I could be alone with Percy somehow.

'Oh, ............ ladybug, ......'

Millie anxiously grabbed the cuff of my dress.

'............Kenka,no......, okay?
'It's okay. We're not going to fight.'
'Do you want me to play Judgment of the Spirits?
'Yeah. ............'

After a moment of indifference, Milly shook her head violently.
I don't have a problem with it, because I don't turn into a frog when it's applied.

'Hey, mop and burp.
'Hey you!My name is Neck!
'No, it's not Meetoo!
'My name is Tic!
'Okay, you two. Can you give me a piece of this stinky spinach?'

I said, pointing at the many stinky spinach plants in the field in front of me.
The anteater brothers looked at each other with a puzzled expression.

'Hey, Tic.
'What is it, Neck?
'I was wondering...'
'What do you mean, by any chance?
'Do you eat ladybugs raw?
'Whoa!That's wild!

You can't eat them raw, they're so muddy!

'Pull out a plant, root and all, and sell it to me.
'You're a good man, Neck!
'Oh, you're a very nice man, Tic!I didn't know there were other people who would buy stinky spinach besides our 'nice guy'!
'That's Millie's acquaintance!
'Millie's acquaintances are all good people!
'Hey, hey, hey. Don't casually make yourself out to be a 'good person', NE~Yo!
'A~tch!I've been caught!
'Just hurry up and give it to me, stinky spinach!

I've had enough of your American Short Comedies!

'OK, OK, Jast-A-Moment!
'OK, so hurry up and do it!Naw!

'......Yashiro is a susceptible nature. Don't worry about it.'

When I hurried, the anteater brothers both kneeled down on the soil and began to dig up the soil with both hands.
...... Don't they use tools?

'Oops, Tic!Don't damage the roots in your haste!
'Of course not, Neck!The 'good guys' said that roots can be sold as roots!
'Yeah, that's right. You know exactly what I'm talking about.
'Of course DA-RO☆'

Yeah, it's annoying.
But ............... 'Roots can be sold as roots' .......

When I glanced at him, Percy turned his face away and tried not to look at me.

'Wow!Look at these magnificent roots!

The stinky spinach was dug up and held high by the anteater brothers with a lot of soil on its roots.
Underneath the spinach-like leaves was a large, thick, white root that looked like a radish.
It might be closer to a turnip than a radish.

'Hahaha!It's really great!
'It would be great if it tasted good!
'That's right. It's just the taste that's a pity.

I think taste is the most important factor in determining the value of vegetables. ...... 'Only' taste is a disappointment' ......

'Then why don't we give you some freshly picked stinky spinach!
'Buy now, and I'll give you another of the same!
'Oh, yeah, I'll take it from ...... then.'

These guys may not be from a junior high school textbook, but a late night shopping show.
The anteater brothers, looking rather happy, pulled out another stinky spinach and handed one to me and one to Magda.
We bought two for the unbelievable price of 1Rb. ...... Well, to be honest, one is enough for me.

'You've got mud on your hands.

I say, and the anteater brothers look at their hands.
The anteater brothers' hands were covered in mud.
Just like Percy's hands were covered in mud when we first met.

I see. The only farm work he's ever seen these anteater brothers do. That's why he had to dig up the dirt to pull out the radishes.
As a result of digging up three radishes, Percy's hands were covered with mud that day.
The big difference between Percy and the anteater brothers is the way they handle their dirty hands.
Unlike Percy, who was touching his clothes and hair, the anteater brothers were careful not to touch anything with their hands, lest they get dirty somewhere else.

Well, that's normal, isn't it?

Percy turns his head away and purses his lips.
I guess he's trying to figure out what I know and what I don't know.

I can't help but feel uneasy about how much he knows about me.
But I don't want to give him unnecessary information by saying something he doesn't want to hear. The 'black market' comment he made earlier had instilled fear in Percy.

People who are like that are ...... fragile.

'Yeah, ............ what?
'The anteater brothers got their hands dirty. Can you go wash them for me?
'HAHAHA! I can wash my own hands. As long as we're not quadrupeds.

No, you're more like quadrupeds.

'...... It's important for both of you to be clean. Follow Millie's instructions and wash your hands quickly and thoroughly.''

Magda said, and the anteater brothers straightened up and began to urge Miry to lead them to the washroom.

''Come on, Milly!Let's get a move on!
'...... Miri, what do you want me to do?
'I'm in charge of opening doors and faucets. It's important to keep them clean!
'Yeah......, okay. Okay, ladybug, I'm off.
'Oh!Nice to meet you.

After seeing Millie and the anteater brothers off, Magda muttered to herself.

'...... Is that good?
'Very good.'

With Magda's assistance, we were able to get the three out of the way.
Millie was too kind, and the anteater brothers should ...... tell her what happened before deciding how to proceed.
Magda's presence is a great help at times like this.
This guy is usually quiet, but when he opens his mouth, he has a tremendous influence to optimize the situation. She sees things carefully and is quick-witted.
She is a good girl who is very thoughtful.

'Now, let's get down to business. Percy.'


Percy backed away slightly and stared at me in a defensive manner.
I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one with good intentions when it comes to getting rid of the anteater brothers.

'...... Oh, oh, oh, Yashiro-san is talking to you. I'm not sure what to say.
'Ah, Magda...... that kind of thing, no thanks.'
'...... so'.

I don't know where you got your knowledge from, but you don't need to fill in the bottom three positions.
I'm not sure what to make of it.

I don't know where you got your knowledge, but you don't have to fill in the three lower positions.

'First of all, let me tell you that Assunto didn't send me to you with any plan.
'...... Are you sure?'
'If you think I'm lying, you can always invoke the Judgment of the Spirits.

Percy turned his steely gaze on me, took a good deal of time to think it over, and then muttered, '...... Okay.
If your assumptions are wrong, you're not going to get anywhere.

'I'm looking for sugar for a reason. It's not at the ridiculous prices that the aristocrats have fished out, but at the kind of prices that can be used in large quantities in ordinary restaurants.
'Sugar?Are you insane?

Percy's smile, as if he was mocking me, seemed to be somewhat self-deprecating.
He probably feels that the current situation where he can't go against the nobles is strange.

That's why he took action.

'I think it will be possible if I ask you, don't you?
'Well, it's impossible. There's no sugar cane coming in.

We can't make sugar because there's no sugar cane. ...... Haha. What are you talking about now?

'Then why don't you use this one?

I hold up the stinky spinach with mud that the anteater brothers gave me.

'With that stinky spinach, how do you get sugar from ......?
'That's enough. Percy.'

I interrupt him, and his mute eyes stare at me.
'I told you it was a question and answer session.

I know everything, man.

'He's not named Stinky Spinach. I don't know who gave it to him, but it's a common name.'

That's the complicated and annoying thing about forced translation magic.
Perhaps the first person who saw it gave it the name 'stinky spinach'. Since then, those who saw it for the first time were told that the vegetable's name was "stinky spinach," and it stuck.
So the name of this vegetable is "stinky spinach" in this city.
That's why this vegetable is called "stinky spinach" in this city. That's because that's what they've been taught to call it.

And that nickname was passed down to me at .......
Even I know who this guy is.

Forced Translation Magic is greatly affected by the knowledge of the user and the listener of the words.
If even one of those who have ever said 'stinky spinach' had known the official name of this thing, I might have been able to know its true identity much earlier.

'In my country, we call this thing 'sugar radish'.

Percy's face contorts.
There's no way to confirm how my words were translated, but ...... judging by his expression, he must have sounded like he was getting right to the point.

'...... "Sato" and "Radish"?'

Magda tilted her head.
Okay, so it was translated as a combination of those two words. Then that's best.
They can't understand the meaning of 'sugar and radish' in Japanese. I'm relieved to hear that it was properly translated as a combination of the nouns 'sugar' and 'radish'.

'Sugar can also be made from other sources than sugar cane.
'...... That's what this is?'

Magda stared at the sugar radish with a curious look on her face. 'Well, it's hard to believe that this can be made into sugar.

'Originally, it's not a vegetable for eating the leaves. The main part is in the roots.

Sugar radish accumulates sugar in its large roots when exposed to sunlight.
In Japan, sugar radish is produced in Hokkaido and other areas. In Japan, sugar beet is produced in Hokkaido and other areas. Most of the sugar beet is shipped to sugar processing plants and is rarely sold in the general market. Therefore, it is not familiar, but it is one of the proudest foods of Japan. In the north, there is sugar radish in Hokkaido, and in the south, sugar cane in Okinawa. Japanese sugar is made from them.

Incidentally, although it is called "sugar radish," it is a member of the "daylily family," the same as spinach, and its leaves resemble spinach.
However, if you compare them side by side, they are totally different. ...... Human memory is a vague thing, and if you are presented with a similar thing as the same thing, you will be convinced that it is so.
If you are shown a lizard, you will be convinced that it is a lizard, right?It's like that.
So, of course, it is not a member of the radish family.
It is called so because it looks like a radish, but it is a different plant.
The most characteristic feature of this plant is the sugar accumulated in its roots.

'Although the initial process is different, after squeezing out the sugar solution from this plant, sugar can be crystallized in the same way. Percy. That's what you've been doing.
'...... Hey, what's this ............'

Percy is about to make an excuse when I reach out my arm and point my finger at him.

'You don't want to lie. The only action you can take is to remain silent.

I'm not here to discuss the properties and characteristics of sugar radishes.
I already know what they are. Percy and I both know how to use sugar beet properly. It's a waste of time for the two of us to talk about the properties of sugar radishes.

'When you've given up, tell us how you knew you could make sugar from it, or something like that. Until then, I'll keep talking.'

The next time Percy opens his mouth is when he's admitting defeat.
I'll keep talking.

'You posed as a kind person, bought these sugar radishes from the anteater brothers at an unbelievable price, then made sugar and sold it on the black market. Didn't the nobles find out about this and stop him from selling sugar cane?

I looked at him, but Percy didn't say anything.
However, the bitter look on his face is like an affirmation of my opinion.

The stinky spinach ...... sugar radish leaves that Jeannette was grabbed with were probably also sold on the black market. They were used by people who wanted to make a profit by deceiving customers by selling spinach in a place famous for spinach.

'When we went to visit the factory, it hadn't been shut down for very long. Even though they said they hadn't received any sugar cane for three months. The fact that there were traces of sugar production just before the shutdown is evidence that sugar was being produced from raw materials other than cane.
'...... Why do you have to be so coy?

Percy didn't speak, but Magda sent me a question.
She couldn't understand why Percy didn't market it more widely, even though he had found a new way to make it profitable.

'What would the aristocrats who want to monopolize sugar think if a sugar substitute ......, or rather, this thing is already sugar itself, ...... appeared in large quantities at low prices?'

That's such a cute word to use. ......

'They'd be crushed for sure. Not only will they not be able to distribute sugar cane, but their sugar routes may also be shut down. It's that simple. All you have to do is say, 'Anyone who does business with Percy is forbidden to do business with anyone but Percy. The traders can't afford to lose their sugar, and the sugarmakers can't go against the aristocrats who control the sugar cane.
'...... I see. ............ scary.'

That's why Percy was selling the sugar to the black market.
This is why Percy has been selling sugar to the black market, so that he can profit from it without his identity being known.

'Considering the current situation, it seems that people don't know how to make the new sugar or even about this sugar radish, but it seems that people have caught on to the fact that ...... it seems that Percy is the one who is making the 'new sugar'.'

The wrinkles between Percy's eyes deepened.

'That's why they thought we were spies looking for the sugar factory, when we came here for a factory tour with an introduction from Assunto.
'That's right!That's why we appealed to him that we couldn't move the factory and were in need of money, but he saw through all of our ....... ......'

No, no, no. I was convinced by your appeal.
I knew there was more to it.

'I'm not a spy, and Assunto is not a pawn of the sugar barons.
'You can't trust him!

Percy raises his voice.

You can see the agitation on his face. It's a sign that you're being pushed very hard.
You can clearly see that he is just trying to put up a good front by raising his voice.

For Percy, sugar radish is his only lifeline. If it were cut off, his business would cease to exist.
However, we cannot overlook the current situation where sugar is being sold to the black market. Regular products are strictly controlled by the aristocracy and cannot be accessed by the general public. On top of that, the pirated version of "new sugar" is only distributed in the foul black market.
Then, neither of the two sugars can be used at the Sunlit Pavilion.
Perhaps Jeannette won't agree to it. He may be deceived, but he would never deceive anyone. He wouldn't buy food for his customers at a black market or some other fishy place. I've been cheated by ...... stinky spinach before.

Therefore, I have to make the "new sugar" available to the general market.
If I can do that, I will have completed my mission. ............ Now, what should I do?

'......Do you want to make a contract with Percy and ask him to supply sugar to the Sunshine Pavilion?
'If you are exchanging goods frequently across the districts, it will be easy to be noticed by the nobles. We don't want to lose our supply of sugar as soon as we're discovered.

We don't want to lose our established menu .......
Once a person has tasted the cake, if the cake is taken away, there will be a ...... riot.

'In ......, in the garbage collection guild.
'That's a ward-only guild that can only operate in the 42nd ward.
'What about the Sea Fish from the ...... Sea Fishing Guild?
'That's for repairing the nets they bring in. It's not against the law to take what you can get.

But the Garbage Collection Guild can't come to District 40 to trade sugar.
If you want to buy goods from him, you need to buy directly or through Assunto.

'...... Do you come here every day to buy?'
'It's a hassle, and if you act so conspicuous, you'll soon be found out.'
'...... secretly.'
'No, you can't.'

The flow of goods is easily traced.

In this world, where you can't lie when questioned, the truth will soon come out.
If one of the nobles asks Jeannette, not me, where it came from, I'll be out in a heartbeat. I can't take that risk.

'Hey, hey!

Suddenly, Percy dropped to his knees on the ground.

'Please!Please don't tell anyone about this!I can't protect my sister if I can't make sugar!I don't want her to live in poverty!I don't want him to be miserable anymore!That's right!Please!

I bow my head with my hands.
Percy gets down on his knees, not caring that his hair is stained with dirt.

He's a sister or a ............ sissy.
If so, ......


Magda stares at me with emotionless eyes.

'...... What are you going to do?'

His eyes seem to be saying, 'Do something about it. ...... He's starting to look like Jeannette. ............

I'm going to act in my own best interest.

It's not like there's anything you can do about it. Who's going to keep quiet about such a lucrative deal?

Percy looked up with a start. His forehead was stained black with dirt.

'I'll take this back to Assunto and ask him for a business meeting. Tell him about the existence of sugar radishes and how to produce them, and the nobles will jump at the chance. We might be able to get a margin, and if we do well, we might be able to secure a certain amount of sugar.'
'Wait, wait!Then, my siblings and I are ......?
'Why don't we just continue as before?Buy sugar radishes, make sugar in a small way, and sell it to the black market. Well, the price of the most ...... expensive sugar radish will probably go up.
'......?Are you a ............ demon?

Percy grabbed a handful of soil and looked indignant.
I'm not sure what to do.

You can find a lot more information on the web at the moment.

'I'll make an appointment with Assunto on my way home, and we'll talk at the Sunken Pavilion at night after work. It's getting light in the garden, so if we can talk over a nice meal outside, he'll be happy to oblige. Well, let's have a drink and a chat to celebrate the occasion.

Turning to Magda, who was not saying a word, I mentioned my plans for the evening.
I'm very grateful to Magda for keeping her mouth shut at times like this.
She reads the atmosphere and knows my intentions.

'That's ...... the way I found it, ......!

Percy barks in anguish.
You're a sore loser.

'That's too bad. I knew it too. That's all I know. I didn't hear anything from you or learn anything from you. I just ended up in the same place. I don't care who I sell this knowledge to, it's my business.
'You're willing to take away someone else's profit for your own?

Percy stood up and closed in on me.

...... but...

'You're the one who's taking away the anteater brothers' profits for your own gain.
'............ Yeah.'

At my words, Percy's face turns from red to blue.

'Who is it that is hiding the value of these sugar radishes and buying them at an unfairly low price to increase your profits?
'......So, that's ............'.
'Who is the one who keeps calling sugar radish by the name of 'stinky spinach' to keep people from paying attention to the valuable root?
'......o, I'm ............'.
'Look at the field here. Look at their houses. ............'

Most of the fields are abandoned, and the houses are shabby, ready to collapse.
Their standard of living is probably not very high.

'This is because you are depriving the anteater brothers of their profits.
'............ is different from .......'
'No, it's not.'

Percy staggered back to get away from me.

'You're the one who's preying on the anteater brothers. You're the only one who gets to sip the sweet juice at their expense. Just like the ...... nobles.''

Percy twisted to get away from the pointing finger, and lost his balance and fell on his butt.


Percy's face contorted in pain. The distortion became worse with time, and Percy's face became crumpled.

'O, I'm ............ just, my sister is ............'.
'Yeah, I know. There are things that are important to you that you want to protect no matter what.'
'Yes, that's right!That's why ......!

When you show some understanding, Percy will hang on to you desperately.
Then I push him away.

'So,' he said, 'I can do the same thing, right?
'............ yeah'.
'I also have something important that I really want to protect. It's the store and the people who work there.
'...... Oh, no, ............ that's ......'
'For that reason, even if some siblings are forced to live in poverty,......, it's 'inevitable', right?'

Percy fell completely silent.
He was convinced that what he had done so far was now going to be done to him.
And because he had done it before, he couldn't even argue.
Percy's face gradually turned down, and he nodded completely. He looks like a mechanical doll with a dead battery.

'This will make life easier for the anteater brothers. If I provide Assunto with the information, he can sell the sugar radish for a very high price. We've been forced to live in poverty for so long. It's about time they were rewarded.

Magda grabs me by the hem of my dress.
He stares at me blankly.
Her ears are lying slightly to the side on her head.

A sign of anxiety.

I took Magda's hand and squeezed it once as she grabbed the hem of my dress.

It's okay, don't worry. --That's what I meant.

'............ so'.

I guess she got the message, because she slowly pulled away from me.
Then it's time to finish the job.

'That's why, Percy. Why don't you find a new way to make sugar again?

I say mockingly, as if spitting.
I don't know what kind of expression Percy had on his face as he listened to my words, but I didn't miss ...... Percy's hand squeezing the earth.

I don't know if you heard what I said, but I didn't miss ...... Percy's hand squeezing the dirt. ...... Direct that energy in the right direction, Percy.

I'll be waiting.