142-Episode 123: Part 42 of Ward

Three days have already passed since the meeting of the three parties.
The briefing for the people and the event to let the people know about the two champions' abilities had ended successfully. ...... Well, there was one merchant with a pig's face who was fatally wounded, but that was something he said himself, so never mind... ...We had gathered at the Sunlit Pavilion to think of a dish that would represent the 42nd district.

The reason why we were there was because the kitchen, designed by Umaro, was spacious, easy to use, and functional.
It seems that the trend among the restaurants in the 42nd district is 'If you want to renovate, go to Torbeck Construction! It seems to be a trend among restaurants in the 42nd district. When I taught cake making in the past, the chefs who saw the kitchen here spread the rumor. Every one of them is curious to see it.
What a great advertising effect. Next time I'll get some advertising money from Umaro.

The people who gathered here were the members of the Restaurant Guild who had stores in the forty-second district, people from the Peddler's Guild and the market, and Estella.
The producers also wanted to be there, but no matter how spacious the kitchen of the Sunlit Pavilion was, it could not accommodate that many people.

We opened up the movable walls to maximize the number of people we could accommodate. It's still a bit cramped.
The plan is to discuss it on the floor first, and if a good idea comes up, try it out in the kitchen.

'This is the plate that will be used in the competition.

Estella holds up a large plate, about 30 centimeters in diameter.
It's huge.

Yesterday and the day before, Estella had been meeting with the other lords, accompanied by Natalia. There, they decided on the size of the plate, the schedule, and other details.
I didn't attend because Medora and Javier didn't want me to. They kicked me out because it would have been unfair.
They treated me like a complete advisor. ...... I'm only giving advice because I'm a friend.
I'm just giving you advice because I'm your friend. ...... Oh, that's a flag that I'll be the only one to pass.

Paula of Cantartica, with her golden retriever-like ears hanging down from her head, spoke up.
She looks a little disapproving.

'It's only a matter of time before the tournament comes around, isn't it?If that's the case, of course everyone wants to promote their own restaurant's cuisine.

Many people nodded their heads in agreement to Paula's words.
If your restaurant's specialty is introduced in a place where many people from other districts gather, there will be a rush of customers who want to try it. The popularity of your restaurant will be concentrated, and you may become the strongest. No, it will be.
It will become a "specialty of the 42nd district".

...... if only one dish is served.

I've heard that Yashiro has a plan for that. Yashiro, can you tell the others about it?

At Estella's urging, I stand up unsteadily.
Some people might not listen to me because I'm related to the Sunlit Pavilion, but I thought ...............

'If Yashiro is thinking of something, well...'
'Yes, he is. I'm sure he'll come up with something good.'
'Here, everyone. Quiet. Mr. Yashiro's story is about to begin.

What's ......?
What's wrong with you? ...... Oh, is that it?
Well, if they're willing to listen to you, there's nothing better than that. You'll waste a lot of time, energy, and mental strength if you're met with a bad reaction.

'Well, first of all. The forty-second district is full of delicious food.'
'Are we talking about boobs?
'I'm sure it is.'
'You're Yashiro, aren't you?
'Hey, there!Don't talk to me!And change your opinion of me!

I cautioned the participants who had been talking too much, and I started talking again.

'There are as many specialties as there are restaurants, and I'm sure that all of them would like to present their signature dish in the competition.

The participants listen to me with a 'yes or no' attitude.

'If only some stores are allowed to enter, there will be complaints. So, here's my suggestion: ......'.

At this point, I took out the food samples I had asked Bekko to make for me.

'I propose a children's lunch for adults, "Otona-sama lunch"!

A children's lunch for adults, with a variety of side dishes on a large plate. Well, it's a plate meal.

'Hey!Don't stand up!You can't see!
'Let me see!
'Oh, my fries are on there!
'Hey, are those our fries?

A crowd of participants rushes in.
...... Are you a kid?

'Well, why don't you watch and listen?

I announce the concept of the adult lunch to the crowd of participants.

'If you choose just one restaurant, you'll be on the wrong side of the line, so the concept is to include them all.
'Oh, ......, we don't have a menu...'

A mild-mannered lady raises her hand.

That's the owner of an organic restaurant.

'You see that fried shrimp with the tartar sauce?
'Oh, yes. Yes, there is.'
'That's your place. Your tartar sauce is, I'm not flattering you, excellent.
'Oh, my!

At his restaurant, they serve vegetables sticks with tartar sauce, and the tartar sauce was so amazingly delicious that I really wanted to try fried shrimp with it.

'Anyway, this is the first idea I came up with after asking around at various restaurants. I'd like to try making it now and modify it as necessary. You all brought your own ingredients, didn't you?
'Yes, sir!
'Okay, then, let's start cooking!
'I want to make hamburgers too.
'Can you teach me how to do it later?
'No, you can't.'

The cooks from each restaurant went into the kitchen, lively and friendly.

'Mr. Yashiro. We can't lose, either.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a little nervous about this. ...... No, it's very puffy, but... I want to pinch it.


I'm not sure what to do.

I can't. I couldn't resist the urge to pick it up.

'Oh, I'm ...... sorry, I don't work out ...... and I'm ...... puffy.'
'No, no, no. It's better to be puffy. Just don't end up like Medora.'
'I'll never reach those heights.'

Ginette smiles at me.
Somehow, Ginette's expression seems to have softened even more recently.

'......?What's wrong?

Like this, she stares at me, notices small changes, and asks me questions. He's been doing that a lot lately.
I used to feel that he was occupied with the store and himself, but now that ...... Magda and the others have grown into a force, I wonder if he's become more relaxed.

'You've got some leeway.'
'Oh, you mean meat, don't you? ...I'll try to be more moderate from now on. ......'

No, I didn't mean to imply that. ......
I hope I didn't hurt you too much.

'...... If they get any bigger, ............ we'll be in trouble, won't we?

I'm not sure what to do.

'I love it when my tits grow!
'Oh, dear!You're talking too loud!Aah!Aaah!It's nothing, folks!It's, well, it's nothing, anyway!

Ginette bows her head to the participants who are looking at her.
Even her ears are red.

'Momo momo!Because of you, I was embarrassed, wasn't I?Oh my god!Oh my god!d*mn it!

He slapped me three times, and with a red face, said, 'I'm going to the kitchen! and ran off, leaving me behind.
The people around me were watching the exchange with smiles on their faces.
Don't look at me. Don't look!

You've never said much about ...... before because of Mr. Yashiro.
I guess that's how much you've forgiven me.

............ Hmm.

I wonder what this feeling is. ............


As I was thinking, Estella suddenly appeared in front of me.

'Oh!...... Don't scare me.'
'What's wrong with you, spacing out?'
'No, I was just thinking about my boobs. ......'
'You're not listening!'

Estella looks at me like I've lost my mind.
'Yeah. I don't know, this kind of feeling is more comfortable for me. ............ What, I like to be abused?What? Seriously?

'But you thought of that, didn't you? It's an adult version of the children's lunch.
'We don't serve enough of them for the number of restaurants we have.
'So you're saying we should serve them all?That's too extreme an idea. But I think it's a good idea.
'Well, you can't get an adult plate anywhere, though.
'Then why don't you have a limited time offer at one of the restaurants?

Estella said something unexpected.
We can't serve the lunch to adults at some restaurants because each restaurant provides one dish.
But for a limited time ......, for example, we can sell it only at a restaurant we rent in the 41st district during the gluttony contest ......, and after that we can set up a place on the main street... ...No, wait, if you make it a special sale for every event, you'll get a premium ......

'Estella!Nice idea!'
'What?What, really?

A special dish available only for a limited time.
It could be a seasonal staple. Well, there is no season, but ...... the food that is eaten at this time every year can generate a certain number of sales without any danger.
Oxen, chilled Chinese noodles, Christmas cake...

Yeah. Not a bad idea.

'Hehe ......, I'm kind of happy when Yashiro praises me.

Estella, who is in a very good mood, is squirming and smiling.

'How can you be praised by me?It's not worth it.
'Because we can't imagine what's going on in Yashiro's head. I think I'm going to brag that I was able to suggest something that Yashiro hadn't thought of.
I'm sure you'll agree.

I'm neither Kongming Zhu-ge nor Yukimura Sanada.

'But, really. I'm glad you're here, Yashiro.'
'What?Returning the compliments?I don't want that.
'I'm not flattering you.'

Estella takes my hand and looks me straight in the eye.

'If it weren't for you, I'm sure nothing would have changed in District 42. No, it would have been destroyed by the heavy rains. ...... I thank you from the bottom of my ...... heart. Thank you, Yashiro.
It's not like .................. is a pattern.

It's very uncomfortable.
I'm not sure why ...... Estella's earnestness makes me uneasy. ...... I guess I like to be cursed?

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
'For all I know, you could be a ............ lord or ............ It's not a problem.You're a fool, Yashiro!

I received an unreasonable punch to the midsection and I crouched down on the spot.

I'm so embarrassed!

Estella runs off with those words.
I don't know what she looked like. I don't know what she looked like because she was crouching.

...... But what the heck is this?
This ...... inexplicable sense of unease.

Something doesn't feel right.
Is it because I'm strangely calm before the tournament?
That could be it. The people here are not thinking about the competition.
Those who are more focused on publicity are more optimistic about the current situation.
Regardless of the outcome, they will be able to promote the specialty of their restaurant. ......

But if you lose the game, ......

'I don't think Ricardo is going to take over the 42nd ...... district,' he said.

If we can explain and convince him that the construction of the city gate will greatly benefit District 41, we can build the city gate no matter which district wins this tournament.
However, the construction period will be delayed. Significantly so.
Even now it's far behind. ...... If we don't hurry, .................. ...... If we don't do it soon,.................., there's nothing to worry about.

No, it's true, there's nothing wrong with being early.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to do and how you're going to do it.

If it's delayed,............, it's not particularly troubling, is it?
I'm sorry.I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.

I'm sure you'll agree.

There is no such thing as a good game to lose. There is no such thing as a good game to lose, only a good game to win.
We have to win the game and build the city gates fair and square, without anyone complaining.

To do this, you need ............ strong players.
With Bertina and Magda confirmed, let's see what Delia and Umaro can do. ...... And who should we choose for the rest of the team? ............ Let's have a qualifying tournament.

'Hey, Yashiro.'

Paula's voice rained down from above.

'What are you mumbling about, crouching on the floor?

'...... I've been deprived of the energy to stand up for various reasons.'
'If you crouch down like that, I won't be able to pass by.
'Why? ......'

I looked up and caught sight of Paula's healthy, dazzling thighs. If I lowered my posture a little more, I could peek behind her short skirt. ............

'Feel free to walk through. I'll feel free to peek up your skirt too.'
'I said I can't pass because you'll do that!

I don't understand.
Why don't you just go through? In fact, please let me pass!

'Yashiro-san~, the prototype is ready~'

Ginette comes back to the floor with a platter.
The platter is so big that I can't see the finished product from where I'm crouched, but instead I get a great view of the maid's mini-skirt fluttering in the air!

'Ginette, can you come over here for a minute!
'No, in that position, ...... you can see it.
'That's why I'm here!
'Oh my God!Please repent!

If you can't show it to me, does that mean it's completely transparent?
I'm sure he's just fine.
Today is a special day for the members of the food and drink guild to gather. I'm sure it's just a pair of shorts. It must be!I can't argue with that!

'Hey, Suketto!
It's Jeannette!

Ginette puts the adult lunch on the table and pulls my crouching arm to make me stand up.
I feel like I'm being cared for.

'Anyway, look at how it's done.
'Hmm?............ Oh!

I looked at the adult lunch on the table: ......

'It's huge!

It was a tremendous volume.
I'm not sure I could finish a whole plate of this.
Or rather, it's impossible for an ordinary person.

Side dishes piled up on a platter.
Hamburgers, sausages, and other foods were piled up in layers.

'That's too much.
'But, but...' If you use the ingredients you usually use, you can make this much volume. ......'
'Why are there eight meatballs on it?
'Because one meatball doesn't have much presence,' he said. ......'

If you put so many meatballs on the plate, it will have the opposite effect.
It seems that those who are not on the main menu are trying to make their presence known by their numbers.
Because of this, the whole thing lacks a sense of crispness, and it looks like a jumble. ...... This is no good.

You can't help it. ......

I never thought I'd need that for an adult lunch.

I took it back to the kitchen, removed the excess from the platter, and adjusted the amount to make it look better.
Then, I put a trick on the side of the platter, which had little presence.

'Okay, that should do it.

With a simple solution, he stuck a toothpick with the restaurant's emblem flag into the meatball.

'Oh!Our emblem!
'How proud are you of your meatballs?

Since some people can't stick flags in salads, tartar sauce, etc. We decided to use the flags in order of each plate and stick one flag per plate into the meatballs.

'So, we'd better get them to eat a lot, right?
'Yes, you should. The more plates we have, the more times our flag will appear.
'Why don't we adjust the amount of food we put on the plates a little more?
'Yes, yes!

As soon as a direction was found, the discussion became more active, and all the participants came up with new ideas.
In order to create the best product to represent the 42nd district, sometimes they stepped aside and stood up for others, and sometimes they insisted even through their own selfishness, and the lunch for adults was brushed up more and more.

'It's amazing, isn't it?

Estella whispered, looking at the participants as they debated.
She kept her gaze on the participants, but only her voice was directed at me.

'Until a while ago, this was a quiet town at best, or apathetic at worst, where people simply enjoyed the disadvantages they were given.

When I first arrived, the air in the 42nd district was somewhat stagnant and gloomy.

'Even if you rely on someone, you don't tell them yourself, you just wait for someone to make a move.

They were just trying to maintain their current lives. That's what most of them were living for.
They accepted malice and unreasonableness as 'well, it can't be helped,' and now that I think about it, the 42nd district at that time may have been like a candle just before it went out.
The fire is still burning.
But there is nothing more that can be done. It can't be improved, it can't be rekindled.
The fire is still burning. There was nothing to do but wait for it to go out. ......

'The people who saw the Main Street Theater and ate the cakes were inspired to do something about it.

Estella's eyes flickered over to me.

'Thanks to ...... someone.'
'Hmm ............, you're talking about results.

People who can't change can't change, no matter what the trigger is.
Even if there is no trigger, those who change will change.

'It's just that I happened to be wandering around town at that time. There's no causal relationship there.'
'Hmm ......, you're rejecting me as if you're allergic to good people. Do you have a disease that kills you if you do good?

...... It's similar.
I'm a fraud, a bad guy.

You're all just a bunch of dupes. Realize it, idiot.


Ginette comes trotting up to us, away from the circle of discussion participants, chatting by the wall.
'Oh~oh~, you're making me all puffy.

'Hey!Can I use the pasta with tomato sauce?I'm getting the feeling that tomato sauce pasta is the only way to go here.

Ginette is getting excited.
It's rare to see him actively expressing his opinion, other than about the ...... church and the cafeteria.
He must be having a great time.

'Suit yourself. You're the manager here. Tomato spa, Neapolitan, whatever.'
'Napolitan?What's that?
'Haven't I ever made it before?
'Please teach me how to make it next time!
'Oh. I'll teach you along with the titty pudding.
'I don't want that one!
'Why not?I might be able to overwhelm you with a big meal if the menu is titty pudding.'
'If you do that, people will think that the Forty-second Ward is the city of boobs.
'The city of boobs'?What is that, I want to live there!Why don't we push that out all over the place?
'Oh my god, Yashiro-san!

This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your time with your family.
It's a gentle handful of punches, like a soft stroke.

I've never seen skinship like this before.

'Meh! That's it.'

She puffs out her cheeks, then immediately smiles her usual smile.
She looks happy and a little embarrassed.

'Oh, um... I'll have the pasta with tomato sauce. ...... Uh, Yashiro-san, what did you say earlier?
'Hmm?Tomato spa?
'Then I'll use 'tomato spa'.

With a bouncy bow and her fluttering apron and skirt billowing in the breeze, Jeannette returned to the discussion circle.
In order to fulfill her duties as a member of District Forty-two and the manager of the Sunshine Pavilion.

'You've changed, Jeannette-chan.

Estella seemed to have noticed the change in Jeannette.

'You've become so much brighter. You never used to raise your voice like that before.
'That's probably because you were making so much noise.
'I haven't changed.'

No, you haven't. You've changed.
Most importantly, you stopped being so secretive, keeping everything to yourself.
You've learned to take advantage of others. ...... so you can be bigger and bigger.
If you can't pamper others, you can't pamper others.

Estella is on the cusp of great growth. It is only a matter of ...... time when she will turn.

'Maybe there is nothing in this city that hasn't changed.

The slum has become a new town, the main street is full of life, and this sunlit pavilion, where there was not even a sign of life, is now filled with more people than it can hold.
Indeed, the 42nd ward has changed greatly.
There may be ...... nothing related to the 42nd ward that hasn't changed.

If that's the case, ......

If that's the case, then ...... I'm still the same bad guy, and I'm probably a foreign object to the 42nd Ward.

''''Oh! ''''
'Oh, it looks like you've got a good one.'

Estella takes a half step forward, then turns and looks at me.
She invites me to go see it.

'Yashiro-san!Look at this!It's perfect this time!You might have just made something amazing!

Excitedly, Jeannette beckons me over.
They invite me to come here.

These guys are making a place for me, I thought ...... uncharacteristically.

'This is the representative dish of the 42nd district!This is the representative dish of the 42nd district, the "adult lunch"!

The dish presented to me was a gorgeous and delicious looking lunch plate with perfect quantity, balance and appearance. No, it was more like a dinner plate.
Even if you are an adult who has long since outgrown children, this playful "lunch for adults" will remind you of the excitement of childhood and make you chuckle.

'Now you won't have any regrets even if you lose the big meal!
'No, you have to win!

Somehow, the sense of accomplishment that we've created has made us forget our original goal.
I think I'll leave the food to Ginette and Paula, and Estella and I will focus on the players.