143-Episode 124 Possibility of Not Participating in th...

'This is the message from your daughter.

Today, it seems that Estella has gone to the 40th district to meet with Demilly, and Natalia has delivered a message from Estella to me. ...... So, you know...

I'm not sure if you'll be able to find the right one for you.
'...... Are you kidding me?
'I'm not kidding, I'm not kidding!

This guy is totally joking.

'...... That's funny. I overheard that Yashiro-sama likes this kind of thing.
'Where'd you get that information, ......?
'I was trying to make you happy, but it seems I failed.
'You can go on as usual.
'Wow, you know that I spend most of my time naked at home!
'Who told you to relax at the same level as at home!Also, don't throw out ridiculous information!

You're making me nervous with your imagination!

'Well, in other words, the gluttony contest will be held in the central square of District Forty-one in two weeks as scheduled. The roads are in good shape thanks to the hard work of the hamsters, right?

Ginette summed up Natalia's explanation in an easy-to-understand manner.
Well, that's what it means.

During the period leading up to the tournament, each district is cooperating and cross-district commerce is permitted.
As a result, many people have gathered in District 41, and there are currently no customers at the Sunken Pavilion.
The entire city of District 42 will be treated as a "closed day" during this period. However, those who want to open their stores can do so. However, for the time being, YODAMARI-TEI is also planning to focus on the branch store in District 41.

A branch restaurant is a kind of food court where several restaurants in the 42nd district operate together in a common store. As a result of my idea, it is said to be quite popular due to its novelty.
Of course, they can't fit everything in one place, so they are divided into several stores.
Demilly also liked the food court so much that he said, "I'll copy it," and immediately adopted it.

People, information, supplies and money. People, information, goods, money, energy, enthusiasm, joy, anger, sorrow, and so on are all gathered in District 41 now.

It's getting exciting. It's obvious to everyone that it's a big party.

'Isn't Yashiro-sama going to inspect the 41st district?
'Yeah, in a little while.

At the moment, Umaro and the Torbeck Corporation are working hard to build a venue for the gluttony contest.
Ricardo will probably stay with them until it's finished, so I'll show up when it's done.

'The manager has been here all this time, hasn't he?
'Yes, sir. I wanted to open the store whenever I could, even if there were no customers. Besides, we still have a few customers a day.

The food court was left to Magda, Loretta, and Delia.
For the food court, where the menu is limited, Ginette doesn't have to go out of her way, and with those members, she can operate without compromising the quality.
One of the regulars praised Delia's salmon, saying that it was getting closer to Ginette's.
Another regular said, "Magda's food tastes like heaven.
However, due to space limitations, we can't offer the entire menu, so if you want to try something that is not on the regular menu, we ask you to come to the main restaurant.
Here, you can eat anything you want.

After all, Ginette is the only one who can protect the main restaurant.
That's why we put them there.

'But it's been a long time since ...... there's been no one at the sunlit pavilion,' he said.
'Before you started coming, it was like a miracle that there were people here.
'Yes, it wasn't that bad,......, was it?

There was one day when the only visitor was old lady Mum, my tea drinking buddy.
Old Mum runs a laundry in the neighborhood, and her routine is to come once a day for tea. She's the exception to the rule. I don't think you should count her as a customer.

'It seems that the more famous the tournament becomes, the more customers will crowd in.
'Is that so?I'm not sure. Not yet.'

Ginette shrugs her shoulders with a wry smile.

A crowd of customers in the sunny pavilion?
It's Jeannette's dream. It's Ginette's dream, isn't it, that this sunny pavilion will become a fun place where everyone can gather.
Just like when Grandpa was here.

I wonder if Ginette's grimace at the prospect of more customers was humility or embarrassment.
Well, you can't get too famous, can you?
The basic concept of this restaurant is to have fun together. It is not our intention to be so busy that we have no time to relax.
We don't want to think of our customers as mere guests, but we want to respond sincerely to each and every one of them. I think it is this way of thinking and attitude of Ginette that has made the current Sunlit Pavilion a place with a good atmosphere.

If it becomes too busy and becomes like a stand-up buckwheat noodle shop with a fast turnover rate, it will not be the "Sunshine Pavilion of my grandfather's time" anymore.
It will be difficult to adjust to that.

Well, I'll deal with the problems as they arise and I'll take care of them.
This store is an important place for me, too.
.................. No, you know what?

'It feels good to have it all to yourself.
I'm sure you'll agree.I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.
'Mr. Manager, ...... is that a statement you made knowing that I would be more relaxed if I were completely naked?

'No, you'll have to keep your ...... clothes on, okay?

I told you not to do that.
Ginette, don't look at me like you're having trouble dealing with me. You can't handle a call for help, that guy. In fact, he's the one I'm not supposed to touch.

'Oh, by the way, the young lady said, "I'm going to qualify, Petan! What did she say?
'Did she really say that?Recall it one more time, especially the ending!
'............ Oh, it was just 'qualifying' ......, maybe, maybe'.
'It's not "may", it's "totally"!

What is it, Natalia?I'm sure you've had a lot of stress at work lately.
If you want, I can give you a foot massage.
You can even rub your stomach points on it.

What's the qualifying round? What's the qualifying round?
'Ah. We have to prepare at least six players with big appetites. Well, you don't have to win them all, so the other two can just be spares. ......'
'Two more people............ well, that means we already have four players, right?'

Ginette looked somewhat worried.
What is it?Is there something wrong with that?

'Right now, we have Bertina and Magda. Then there's Delia and Umaro.

By the way, I haven't told them yet, but ...... well, we'll notify them soon enough.

'Oh, um,......, I'm not sure,.......'

Jeannette says with a somewhat apologetic look on her face.
...... What, what, I have a really bad feeling about ............

'The sisters may not ............ be able to participate, you know?

It's our ace!

'Well, if you say you can eat a lot of good food, he'll be happy to join ......?
'Well, ...... it's true that Sister loves to eat, but more than that, she values her position as a Sister of the Church, so it's difficult for her to be involved in ...... the 'conflict' between the wards. I think it's difficult to be part of the 'conflict' between ......'.
'...... and ............'

Sister's position.
That's right, ...... she's a sister.
The Church, which is equal to all wards, can't use its power for the 42 wards. ...... What's more, it can't participate in the "fight. ......

............ Oh no.

'Hey, I'm going to go check!
'Oh, um, I'm ......?
'I've got a store, I'll be fine on my own!Natalia, I'm sorry, but I need you to support Jeannette for a while.
'Natalia, I want to eat a nice cake...'
'Go ahead and eat whatever you want!I'll buy you a drink!
'I'm sorry, sir. It was as if I was urging her to do something.
'It's not every day you get such a blatant request!Anyway, I'm counting on you.
'Yes, sir. No matter what happens, I will definitely protect you.

Well, I don't think anything will happen, but just in case.

'Then, please take good care of her.'
'Yes, sir. But I don't think anything will happen on such a calm day.
'No, it's .......'

Ginette's cheeks flushed a little with embarrassment as she said this to Natalia, who had the same idea as me.

'Lately, or even for a long time, I've had a lot of ...... fun and lively days, and when I'm ...... alone, I suddenly feel lonely.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

...... alone is lonely.

'Eh ............ ah, what?'

He turned his body, which had been facing Natalia, towards her and slowly bent at the waist.

'I'll be waiting for your early return.

When she looked up, Ginette had her usual smile on her face. ............ Was that a joke ......?I'm not sure if it's a joke,......, but I'm a little embarrassed.

I'm not sure what to say. You're overreacting.
'Mmmm ...... sorry. Please be careful. There's no guarantee that a hexenbiest won't come in like last time.
'Ah, in that case, I heard that Medora has already sent a strike team.'
'Is that so? Then you can rest easy now. ...... I'm glad.

Ginette placed her hand on her chest and let out a sigh of relief.
Her large breasts slowly rise and fall.

'Mr. Manager. I've got an erotic gaze aimed at you.

'No, come on. I'm not looking at you like that.'

Ginette is not 'Kya' either.

'Even if Yashiro-sama has no intention to do so, Yashiro-sama's eros is like a blade without a blade. ...... It's no exaggeration to say that everything that comes into view is being humiliated.
I'm sure you're stressed out.
I'm sure you've been stressed out, Yashiro.
'Don't make obscene assumptions!

What the hell. Who's erotic like a blade without a blade?

'How can you say such a thing without knowing my true intentions?I'll show you how serious I am about ............!

This is my ............ seriousness!

--I'll be back!

Lock on!
Lock on! Full energy charge--unleash!
Eat this, this is my all-out ............ erotic eyes!

I'm not sure what to do. I'll be back.
I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure what to say.
Tits, tits, tits, tits, tits, tits! I want to be sandwiched between those tits!
Tits, tits, tits, tits! (Side tits, bottom tits, tits, tits, tits!
Tits, tits, tits, tits, tits! I've never seen Eldorado before.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Grab your tits, boy!

'Ya, Yashiro-san's eyes, Yashiro-san's eyes ah?
'Hey, manager!It's dangerous here!Hurry up and evacuate!
'Ginette from ~...... Natalia, lock on!
'Natalia, be careful!
'Ginette again!
'Manager!Get out of here!

...... What are we doing?

'...... Well, I'm off.'
'Hahaha ...... yes. Take care ............ hahaha......'
'Haha...... haha...... what was ...... this time ...... at all, 'Yashiro-sama is ...... totally ......'

I'm going to skip the unwarranted accusations and head for the church.
To be honest, if Bertina doesn't participate, it's going to be very bad.
It's not just a matter of struggling. Even victory would be in jeopardy.

'It would be a lot easier to negotiate with someone who's willing to take the bait. ......'

For what it's worth, Bertina is fulfilling her duties as a sister.
Whenever the kids in the church get sick, she wavers like a new mother, but she never gives up and takes care of them devotedly.
She exists in the same space, the same place, and the same world as the children, and shares their joys and sorrows.
Not only does she take care of the children, but she is also active in charitable activities, visiting the homes of the elderly who live alone.
The Sundaari-tei may have been one of such activities. I heard that the old man used to run it all by himself.
'The sisters wish for people's peace of mind more than anything else,' Ginette said to me at one point.
Peace of mind. ...... is the opposite of conflict.
It's still difficult to get people to participate. ......

Before I could even formulate a thought, the church came into view.
There was a figure sweeping in front of the gate with a homemade bamboo broom, and it was unmistakably Bertina.

'Hello. Yashiro-san.'

......, Bertina's stomach churned.

'Hmm... That's not good. Lately, just looking at Yashiro-san makes my stomach growl.
'You're Pavlov's canine. ......'

It's not like I look tasty, is it?

'What can I do for you at the church?It's unusual for you to be here alone. Didn't you say something obscene to Jeannette and she got mad at you again?You never learn, do you, Yashiro?

Well, I did say something indecent, but I wasn't asked to repent.

'I have a little favor to ask you, Bertina.
'Oh, for me?Please wait a moment.

Bertina's face lit up and she walked into the church grounds with a bamboo broom. She seemed to be on her way to clean up the broom.

'Sorry to keep you waiting. Come on, let's go inside.
'Oh, ......, no, I want to talk quietly, so I'll just leave you here.

If I go inside the church, I'm sure I'll get tangled up with some kids and I won't be able to talk to them.

It's better to talk outside.

'Shall we take a walk to the riverbank, then?
'Oh, yes. That'd be great.'
'Mm-hmm. ......'

With her hand over her mouth, Bertina smiles elegantly.
'What?Did I say something funny?

'Yashiro-san, you try your best to be respectful at first, but you soon go back to it.
'Oh, ...... I'm sorry.'
'No, sir. I don't feel any offense in Yashiro-san's words. ...... Recently, I've come to think his tone of voice is cute. It is said that the worse the child is, the cuter it is.
'I'm sorry ...... that I'm not good enough.
'Mmmm ......, you're cute.'

He smiled and patted my head a little.
The way he stroked my head was similar to the way I was stroked by the landlady when I was a kid. ...... I was a little at a loss for words.

I was at a loss for words. How about a bamboo broom?
'Yes. It's very easy to use. It only sweeps leaves and big debris. It's very handy.'

After Millie gave me the bamboo, I made a bamboo broom for the bamboo.
When I gave it to Jeannette, she was very pleased and asked me to make one for her. So, I donated three of them to the church.

While we were talking about such unimportant things, we came to the riverbank.
Hmmm, I don't know how to break the ice. ......

'Is there something difficult to talk about?

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what's going on in your life. You can't ...... compete with that, you know.

I'm not sure what to say. It's hard to say,......, but I don't know what to say,.......'
'I'm not going to show you my tits, okay?
'Why are you jumping to that?

Don't say anything that will disappoint me the moment I review it, even if it's just for a moment!

'No . I've heard rumors that Yashiro-san likes that kind of thing.
'...... Where is this rumor spreading? ............ I have a lot of ideas about the pharmacist who started it... ...'

Well, the source is probably the pharmacist. Maybe I should enter the ...... competition, without telling him. 'If you back out, it'll be the end of the 42nd district,' he threatened. ......

'It's proof that the people of the city like you, Yashiro-san. Rumors about Mr. Yashiro spread quickly, you know?'
'You're overreacting, and I'm not happy about it at all.
'It's not an exaggeration. If I were to spread the rumor that 'Yashiro-san likes to be on his knees' after this, there would be people who would come tomorrow at noon to confirm the truth of the rumor.
'...... What kind of country town is this?

By the way, I remember that the landlady was also very well informed. ......

'Yashiro-san has become an indispensable presence in the 42nd district. My ham kids say that Yashiro always sends out interesting things.
They're just playing around with it.

Well, all the Ham kids are working in the 41st district, leaving the younger ones in the church. It's unlikely that any strange rumors will spread for a while.
Thanks to the efforts of the children of Ham, the construction of roads in District 41 is progressing at an astonishing pace.
It's hard to believe that they hadn't used that labor force before.

'Well then. Let's talk about it.
'Oh, ...... yes.'

As if the chit-chat had eased some of the tension, Bertina gave me a gentle smile. If she smiled at me like this, I'm sure the kids would listen to me. There is no way you can hide anything from them.

'Actually, ...... as you know, we're going to hold a gluttony contest.'
'Yes. I'm aware of it. Thank you very much for all the delicious food at the demonstration the other day.

You can thank Assunto for that.
I'm sure you lost a lot of money on that.
But thanks to him, the explanation to the people went smoothly and the motivation of the people in the territory skyrocketed, so his expense was not in vain.

I'm sure Estella paid for it later. She said it was an event held by the district.
I remember Assunto looked so relieved.

'So, about that gluttony contest, can't we have you participate in ......?Ginette said it might be difficult due to her position as a Sister. ......'

Oh ...... what's wrong with me.
It's not like you to add an excuse after your request.

It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see if there's anything you can do to help.
Then, in a calm voice, she replied.

'That's right. As a Sister, it is not advisable for you to get involved in conflicts with others.

He said it clearly.

'Especially when one of you will gain a great deal by winning or losing'.

It's ......, man.
Bertina's participation will change the game dramatically.
It's not a joke, but it's a huge move that could upset the balance of power in these three districts.
...... still, the Church can't have that much influence.

'But ......'.

Softly, I smelled like cherry blossoms, and a soft warmth enveloped me.
Bertina gently reaches out her arms, cradles my head, and pulls me to her chest.
It's like she's hugging my head and pulling me to her chest.

I'm sure you'll be able to join us as a human being who cares about Yashiro-san.

I'm not sure if it's because of my clothes or because I'm buried in my dynamite breasts, but I'm afraid I'm going to misunderstand you if you say something like that.

'Hmm. But it's the kind of emotion a mother feels for her child.
'Ha, mother ......!
'Because Yashiro-san is very cute.'
'No, no, no, no!

So you are treating me like a child, so you are servicing my breasts without hesitation?
I can hear your heartbeat,......,............

'Yashiro-san......, you have saved my children many times.'
'How many times? ...... Only during heavy rains, right? ......'
'No, sir. Ginette is my little girl, too.'
'......That's not as ............ many times as you'd like. ......'

He squeezed his arms around her head.

'You saved this city and made it a better place to live. ...... How many people will be saved by that in the future? And as ...... people become wealthier, fewer children will suffer from misfortune. ............'

It was a calm ...... voice, but at the same time, a sad voice.

'All the people in this city are my beautiful children. Whether they live in the same house or far apart, ...... I love them all equally.'

Bertina, whose age is an order of magnitude different from ours, probably remembers when the current residents of this city were born.
She probably thinks of them as her own precious, precious, adorable children.
It is not a monopoly or a nuisance, but a place where anyone can return to ...... at any time, and Bertina has been protecting it for a long time.

'You have saved our children many times. You've saved our children many times, and now you've come to rely on me in important situations. ............ Do you know how happy this makes me, Yashiro-san?'
'No. ......'

To me, it's just brazen talk. ......

'I want to help you who always try to do your best alone. I want to support you as you fight alone, without showing your weakness. I'm sure there are many people out there who would like to support you.

No, always involve anyone and everyone. ......

'Yashiro-san. Relying on others means showing your weakness. It means to ask someone to carry a heavy load for you. What you've been doing so far is such a lonely way of fighting ...... that you carry all the responsibility alone and distribute the rewards of your success to everyone else.'

So I was ...... lonely .............

No, of course not.
I'm a fraud,...... and I'm not going to let a bunch of sycophants like these people walking around with their clothes on,...... drag me into the same place as them.

'Mr. Yashiro'.

Every time I call his name.
Every time I do, I ...... d*mn ...... feel relieved every time.

'Aren't there a lot of people around you who want to be able to rely on you?If you're smart, you'll realize that, won't you?'

............ Oh, shit.
That smells good. ...... Bertina. I feel like I'm getting sick of thinking about all the things that go around ......

'I was glad you could count on me. For your sake, it doesn't matter if the church is a little angry with you.

I flung off Bertina's arm and let go of her body.
If the church is gone, you can't go back to the church.
If the church disappears,......, or even if the church survives, if Bertina is no longer there,......!

It's okay.

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
I could smell the faint scent of cherry blossoms again.

'It's not like there's anything to be angry about. Besides, it's only natural for a mother to do her best for her child, isn't it?
'...... If you're a mother, I hope you'll let me suck on one of your boobs.'
'ugh ...... You can't say anything naughty. But if you can say something like that, then you're okay. I won't cry anymore.'

He then gently strokes the back of my head.
...... Who's going to cry over this? ..................

'Leave it to me. I'm here for you, Yashiro-san. Go ahead and do as you wish. I'll do my best to support you.'
'...... Ah. That helps.

With Bertina, our odds are much better.
Oh ...... I'm glad I came to talk to you.

'In return, please give me a proper reward for my hard work.
'...... What do you want to eat?
'I want to eat all the cake once. I also want to eat a children's lunch.
'...... Is it okay for a sister to make a deal like that?
'It's a daughter's privilege to be spoiled by her daddy.
'You know, ......'

She's a busy mother and daughter .......

'I'll leave it to you. If you win properly, I'll make you a whole cake, including the new cake.'
'That's ...... something you'll have to work on all of a sudden.'

As I listened to Bertina's quiet laughter, I thought like a poet, 'Oh, if I could hear a flower blooming, it would be like this.
I'm not going to tell anyone about this.

So I managed to confirm Bertina's participation, and while cooling my slightly boiled face, I trudged back to the sunlit pavilion.
I was out for about an hour and a half.

As soon as I entered the restaurant, Natalia said to me on the floor where there were no customers.

'Mr. Yashiro. I overheard this rumor: ...... Is it true that Master Yashiro likes kneeling?

The rumor ...... is spreading too fast. ............