407-No additives. 62 At the church in the morning.


In the church common room, Bertina was crying.
No, she was crying.

'......I'm sore, all over.'

Bertina, too, seemed to be suffering from sore muscles the next day, not a day too late.
You're still young, Bertina.

She apologized for the way she was dressed, and sat down on a chair.
She sits on the chair for a long time. Surrounding her are a group of worried-looking children.
I guess none of these kids have sore muscles.

'Are you okay, Sister?
'I'm sorry to cause you concern,......, but I'm fine when I say I'm fine,.......'

She smiles at the worried Norma and the others, then bends her eyebrows into a figure eight.

'My arm hurts so bad, I can't eat my food. ......'

That seems to be the hardest thing for Bertina.

Breakfast was served quickly, warmly, and accurately by Natalia's army of master waiters.
The kids who crowded around Bertina were seated and fed.
A number of kids came forward and said, 'I'll feed the sisters,' but Bertina would not allow it.
There was no way that this mother would allow her children's food to be put off for her.
So, as a matter of course, Bertina had to narrow down who she would indulge.

'Ginette, I'm sorry, but could you please let me eat?
'I'm sorry, Sister. As much as I'd like to,......, I can't lift my arm,.......'

Ginette had always helped Bertina in these situations, but today she too was paralyzed with muscle pain.
He was barely able to sit on a chair alongside Bertina.
The mother and daughter resembling each other, looking in the same direction and not moving a muscle, were like dolls. Both of them are female dolls, though.

'I can't help it. I'll feed them to you.
'Yashiro-san, is it?

If it were true, the head waiters would be better at this kind of thing, but Bertina herself wouldn't want to bother people from other wards, and it would look like ...... care if Natalia fed her. The apron of the caterer's uniform reminds me of a helper.

'Are you sure you want to do this?
'You don't have to worry about me, do you?Besides, hard work is a man's role.'
'Hard work, mmm.'

No, no, no, Bertina. You're laughing, but ...... how many times do you think you'll have to go back and forth?Between the bowl and the mouth.

'Magda, take care of Jeannette.
'I'm fine. I'll ...... do it myself.'
'...... ping pong'.
'Aaaaah!......That's terrible, Magda, poking you. ......'
'...... Magda will feed you.'
'Oh ......, please, please.'

If your muscles are so sore that they scream at the mere touch of you, let them rest and be fed.
You'll wear out the little muscles you have.
Take care of your muscles and your Cooper's ligaments.

'Loretta take care of the kids.'
'I'll take care of them!
'Delia, Paula, Nephrite.'
'Anything you want.'
''Loretta will probably mess up, so follow up on her.''
'''Yes, sir!'''
''You're all terrible!I'm just a girl who can do her job properly!

Bertina and Ginette. The two tops who are the heart and soul of the kids are sick and can't move. If there were plenty of sisters to rely on, it would alleviate some of the anxiety.

'And Norma.
'I know, I know. You'll be on duty with the head waiters, won't you?
'No, I've got a baby to feed.'
'No, you can't!
'And I'm thirsty, so I'll have a tit.
'That's why I can't ...... give you a titty, even if I could!

I thought I was in the right place at the right time.


Right in front of me, Bertina's cheeks puffed up.
Bertina's cheeks puffed out right in front of her.

'Hey, hey. I'll do my best to serve you as penance.
'Please go to ....... Please.'

I hope this makes you feel a little less guilty and reserved.
When I picked up my chopsticks to start with the stewed food, it was cool and cold.

'Bertina, aren't you cold?

'Yes. I'm fine.'
'No, you can't. You can't move, you'll get cold soon. Hey, kids. Go get him a kneeler and a stole.''
''Yes, sir!

It's quite cold this morning.
Even though we're indoors, it's chilly in the large common room. You should make sure to keep warm.
Also, I heard that muscle pains heal faster if you warm up your body to promote blood circulation.

'Also, lend it to Jeannette.'
'No, I won't.'
''Come on, kids.''
''Yes, sir!

There's no need to be shy at a time like this.
An older kid (a man) and a well-behaved girl are running quickly together.
You're taking the initiative, I'm impressed.

I took a lap blanket and a stole from them and put them on Bertina and Ginette.
I put the stole on their shoulders and drape the lap blanket tightly around their waists.

'Thank you very much. It's very warm.'

The way she leans back in her chair and drapes her knees over herself, she looks like a grandmother. ...... No, not at all.
Maybe I'll make a rocking chair next time.
No, there's no deep meaning.
Bertina is young, Bertina is young, Bertina is young, Bertina is young, Bertina is young.
So it's not like, 'Hmm?Did you just say something? Don't stare at me like that. I didn't say anything and I don't think anything.

'By the way, are you okay, Yashiro?Muscle pain?
'Oh. Thanks to the welcoming muscles, I can move reasonably well now.
'Pick-up muscles?

I tell the puzzled Bertina not to worry about it. It's just a bunch of nonsense with no scientific basis.

'Hmm. But when Yashiro-san spoils me, I feel like I'm getting something for nothing.
'Oh, that's what I thought too.
'Ginette too?
'Yes. ...... hehe, I had my hair combed today.'
'Well, that's not fair. I struggled with it this morning.'

The mother and daughter have a conversation like that, and Bertina accuses me of 'cheating, Mr. Yashiro'. That's why I'm giving you this meal. It's a special treat, you know.
It is. What an extravagant person you are to not realize the service you're receiving.
You need to be punished a little.

'Well, what about the rice ball? ...... It's impossible to eat the whole thing with chopsticks, and it's also difficult to cut it into small pieces.
'Then, you can grab it by hand.'
'Is that okay?
'If it's Yashiro's hand, I don't mind.
'So, you'll lap up every grain of rice on my fingers?
'Yes, you can do that yourself at .......'

I couldn't turn my face away because I couldn't move, so I puffed up my cheeks in resentment.
It's an adorable resistance.

Listen, Bertina.
If someone helps you, you should be grateful. And return that gratitude whenever you can. Something of value, or information or service of equivalent value.
Now, what will I get in return?

'Good morning!
'Good morning!

Oh, that stupid voice with the lisp-- it was Barbara and Teresa, as expected.

'Huh, that smells good. Is there a sister ......, what are you doing, hero?

Barbara walked into the common room and rolled her eyes when she saw me helping Bertina.

'Good morning, Barbara, Teresa.'
'Good morning, Sister.'
'Good morning, Sister!

Oh, Barbara, you can say hello now?

'Actually, since I can't move due to muscle pain, Yashiro-san is helping me eat.
'Ah, muscle pain!Tomi-chan and Ree-chan were groaning this morning. They're not going to work in the fields today.

Too bad.
I guess I haven't mastered honorifics yet.

'Miss Barbara, have you eaten?
'Hmm?Oh, no. Not yet, though.

At Ginette's question, Barbara scratched her head and made a troubled face.

'I can't make breakfast because my mom can't move. So I thought maybe the sisters would have something to eat.

Barbara said that she had come to ask if there was any bread that she could share, like the one she had eaten at the field day.
He wouldn't even be able to cook a simple meal.
However, bread like the one served at the bread-eating contest is not yet available in the world.
Even if the church had such bread, it would be black bread at best.

'Oh man, ...... I should have brought home some of yesterday's food if I had to do this.

Barbara still has few options for people to turn to in times of need.
He probably thought it would be relatively easy to ask for help from the church, since it was the place where Teresa was taken care of.

'Then, would you like to join us for dinner? Magda and the others have made a lot of food for us.

Ginette smiled at the motionless body.
Magda and the others don't seem to have any objections, and they seem to be giving off the vibe that it would be a good idea.

'Are you sure?'
'Yes. You can put Cheryl's and the others' portions in a bowl and bring them back later.

It was still early in the morning.
Tot and Cheryl are probably still asleep.
Bertina once told me that Teresa wakes up early because she definitely wants to greet Barbara in the morning. She told me that she herself said so.
It is also Teresa's important job to wake Barbara up in time to work in the fields in the morning. ...... Don't let her wake you up, sister.
This is why Teresa is strong in the morning.

'So, do you want me to feed you, Teresa?
'Yes!Let's eat!
'Hey, you two. We'll take it.'
'...... Yes.'

Barbara and Teresa obeyed Bertina's point.

'We'll take it.
'No, I don't think so. ...... Hmm, that's difficult.'

Bertina lets out a chuckle at Barbara's outlandish interpretation.

'Barbara. It's 'shall we feast?

I tell her that she'll have a lot of work to do before she'll be able to say 'accompany me'.

'Where's the 'please'?Are you an idiot, hero?
'...... I'll kick you out without feeding you, you monkey head.'

I don't want to be called an idiot by you.
You're too stupid to even spell 'stupid.

'Mr. Barbara. Please rephrase what Mr. Yashiro said.
'Yes~......, let's have a feast, Teresa.'

Yes, yes.
I think Teresa understands the language better than I do because she can arrange it herself.
I guess Teresa is smarter than me. Already at this point.

'Then please eat. We can't move, so if you'll excuse us we're dressed like this.
'Does the manager have sore muscles too?
'Yes, I'm ashamed to say so.

Natalia went to serve the food for Barbara and Teresa.
In the meantime, Teresa had joined the circle of kids and Barbara had joined ours.

'The manager and the sisters are stuck, and the hero is helping the sisters?

What are you trying to say, this guy?

''I thought you liked the manager because you've always favored him.

Ginette and I both let out a shout of surprise.

''But from the looks of it, you seem to like the sisters more.''

This time, Bertina and I shouted in the same way.

What's this guy saying?

''Aashi, I actually found out about the feeling of 'love' yesterday ...... hehe.''

Barbara smiled with a shy smile, even though her ears were dyed red.
No, I know. Everyone here saw that moment.

'So, you like it, right?The one you're gonna marry when you get bigger and bigger?'

Not necessarily, but in a broader sense, it's like that.

'My mom and dad got married because their love for each other grew very, very big. Yesterday, too, when my husband said his shoulder hurt from overexertion, my mother fed him. Just like Hideo is doing right now.

I felt a mysterious sweat on my back when she pointed to me and said that.
Bertina also let out a strange 'chuckle' and became restless.
Her eyes flickered back and forth.

'So that's the thing, right?The hero likes the sisters and will marry them someday, right?Aashi, I already know that kind of thing!


I see.
I see. You're getting carried away with the knowledge of 'like'.
So you're in a state of mind where you can't help but want to use the new word you just learned.

But you know what? ......

Don't be a pussy.

'Mr. Barbara.

As I put down my chopsticks and began to think, 'Well, how am I going to cook this?' Bertina, who should have been unable to move due to muscle pain, stood up easily.

'...... ah'

You can say whatever you want, Barbara.
Oh, so you've already been warned without our knowledge.
And yet, Barbara made the same mistake in front of Bertina.
Well, you know.

I guess it's the retribution for being too happy-go-lucky in love.

'...... Please come to the confessional. We'll talk before breakfast.'
'No, I'm ...... sorry, I'm ...... sorry.'
'Come on, come on.'

Barbara was rendered speechless by Bertina's goddess-like smile.
Well, I can't help it. The smile that Bertina had on her face was not that of a goddess, but that of a goddess of destruction with an aura of evil.

After the hunger and muscle pains, Bertina leaves the common room with Barbara in tow.
It's time to move, body. Professionalism, ...... or too embarrassed to flee the scene, ......

'Well, I'm going to eat, too: ......'

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.
In the event that you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find a lot more information on the web.
...... That stupid monkey woman.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.
It's not the PTA!It's the TPO!

...... d*mn it.

The next hour passed, and Inez and Deborah returned to their ward.
It's just another day at work.
Gilberta and Natalia are meeting with their respective lords here, and are relaxing in the common room drinking tea. It's a rare sight to see them relaxing.

Magda and Loretta took Norma and the others back to the Sunken Pavilion.
Since Jeannette couldn't move yet, they took care of opening the restaurant.
Since we couldn't prepare the food today, we decided to make it an okonomiyaki stall day.

The Hardware Guild and the Flower Arrangement Guild will be helping us in the morning.
The river fishing guild is closed today.

The rest of the guilds, except for the restaurants and some other guilds, seem to be taking it easy today.
It's the day after a full day of field day.
Why doesn't the sunny pavilion take a day off, too? ......

Many families eat out after field day, because they are tired.
I don't remember him saying that.
Anyway, Ginette has no intention of taking a day off.

The same was true for Cantalcica, and Paula hurriedly left after cleaning up breakfast.
Nepheli, whose parents did the morning work at the poultry farm, said there was no such thing as a day off from taking care of animals.

Ginette and I stayed behind at the church, leaving Magda and the others to prepare for the opening.
We are resting in the common room to ease our sore muscles before the opening. He rubs his body, waiting for his muscles to recover. Rubbing rubbing rubbing ......

The sky was gradually beginning to lighten.

Then it was quiet for a while.

'Oh my God, Barbara is ......'.

Bertina was pouting as she chewed on a potato that had soaked up some of the flavor.
It seems to be still lingering.
When Bertina returns from the confessional, Natalia is feeding her breakfast. She refuses my help.
Well, I understand how you feel, yes.

Bertina, a devout Alvistan, would never have been asked so openly about her love or marriage. She must have felt embarrassed several times more than others.

And as for Barbara...

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.

'............un...... gulp'

I ate my breakfast while crying, and my sister Teresa kept rubbing my back.
She's a pain in the ass, man.
If she were my own sister, I would have dug a deep hole in the garden, dropped her in it, and planted a magnificent cherry tree on top of it to prevent her from crawling out. Every year when I look up at the cherry blossoms, I'll remember, 'Oh, I had a sister, too,' for a week or so out of the year.

'Totto-san, did you get home safely?

'Don't worry. Tot's a lot stronger than that idiot monkey.'

It was about twenty minutes ago that Tot came to the church, worried about Barbara who hadn't returned.
It was just as Barbara was being locked up in the confessional, and Tot, who had some idea of what was going on, said, 'Oh, I see. ...... What should I do? He was desperately trying to smile with a caring face.
So I left Teresa here, who was unlikely to leave without her stupid sister, and told her to just take her food with her, and let her take her luggage and leave.
Cheryl would be up by the time Tot came home.
It might be difficult for Tot to reheat it. But Norma's stew is delicious even when it's cold.

'Gus...... oishii............ gohan,thank you,tencho...... eiyu I'm sure you'll like it.

Dirty, dirty, dirty!I'm not a sniveler!
I'm not going to be able to do that.It's on my rice ball!Oh, God!

'Either cry or eat!
'...... eat......'

...... Don't many people in this church put their appetites first?

'Here, snivel.'
'......My hands are full. ......'
'And now,......'

Barbara, the idiot who holds the onigiri in both hands.
Eat them one at a time. Either no one will take them or ...... they'll be eaten up by Bertina if we don't keep them. What kind of survivalist church is this?
So I roll up a piece of softened paper and pick Barbara's nose.
Here, 'Pfft! You know what to do.

'N ...... bubiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Even with ......, you should have a little more hesitation, girl. All power to you.

'Bertina's sermon wasn't meant to be angry, so don't cry anymore. You just need to reflect on it and be careful next time.'
'...... Yeah.'
'Don't turn your head. You'll snivel again.'
'............ Yeah'
'Here, snivel again. ......'

Barbara looks up and wipes the tip of her damp, shiny nose with a piece of dust paper.
You keep your head up now. It's dripping.

'Eeyou...... gentle......'
'You've only just realised. There aren't many gentlemen as gentle as me.'
'...... but, Aashi............ no matter how much you like me, I can't marry a hero... ...'
'Gobe ............ gobe naaah ......!
'What are you talking about?
'It's because I like you, right?What are you talking about?

You stupid monkey. ......!

'Yashiro-sama. Since yesterday, you've been rejected by Barbara-san.
'I'm not being rejected!I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

Even if you don't want to confess, at least wait until I like you before you dump me!
If I get a rejection letter from an audition I didn't apply for, I'll be too upset to remember!

Don't talk in parallel, a**h*le monkey.

As I was wondering what to do with this annoying crying monkey, a flirtatious raccoon poked its head out of the church window.

'Hey, you!It was fun last night, seriously!

Percy opened the window and greeted me with a flirtatious face and a flirtatious voice.

'No, I heard you were over here when you went to the sunny pavilion, ......?What is it?What's wrong?

Percy is dismayed to find Barbara crying and chewing on a rice ball.
It's too late for you to notice. Are you narrow-minded?

'That's yesterday's ......, uh, .......'
'That's Barbara.
'Yes, Mr. Barbara.'

He called you his best friend, but you didn't remember his name?
What a jerk. Doesn't he see people as a stepping stone to his own love life?He's an a**h*le. You should get stabbed sometime.

Percy, the enemy of women, opens the window near Barbara and calls out to her.

'Hey, Mr. Barbara. Mr. Barbara.'
'Guzu ............?'

The world was blotted with tears, and Barbara didn't know who was there for a moment, and only after large tears spilled out did she finally see the face of the other person.


A faint voice escaped, his tail fluffed up, and his whole body rippled with a creeping sensation.


What was that scream like a rock festival vocalist?

'Haha. What's the matter?Are you crying?
'No, I'm not crying ......!

I'm not sure if it's because I'm a bit of an idiot or because I'm a bit of an idiot. .

I'm not sure what to do.No, no, no!This is a ...... ah, Aashi, not a foodie!

What's that excuse?
What are you worried about?

'Haha. What's that?That's really funny.

Percy laughed at her and Barbara felt depressed.
She looks like she's been heartbroken.

'That's good. I like girls who eat a lot of delicious food.

Barbara's face changes from bottomless to heavenly in an instant, enjoying the springtime of this world. ...... extreme, this guy's facial muscles.

I'm not sure what to make of it.
'Nah ...... nothing'.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. Percy gestures to his cheek, and Barbara wipes it with the back of her hand, desperately trying to hide the tear tracks.
I can't tell you why I'm crying, can I? 'Because the sisters got mad at me,' she said.

'Oh, that's right. Come here, come here.'
'H......, yeah.'

Barbara obeyed Percy's little beckoning. Slowly, slowly approach the window.
And then, with a pop, Percy's hand taps Barbara on the head.

'If it's nothing, there's no need to cry, right?

Barbara's tears recede completely as Percy strokes her hair.
Her eyes are black and white, and her half-open mouth is leaking hot breaths of 'mohhhh~'. If you could see it, your breath would have been bright pink.

'Have you stopped crying yet?
'...... (click, click, click!)'

Barbara shook her head up and down desperately, as if she couldn't speak.

'Well, you can laugh now, can't you?
'...... (chuckle!)'
'Then keep smiling.
'...... (chuckle!)'
'I promise.
'...... (giggles!)'
'I'll worry about you if you cry.'
'.................. (click!)'

I heard a strange sound.
What?Barbara, did you squeeze some small animal in the back of your throat?

'Tears are a girl's most precious jewelry, so don't waste them, seriously.'
'.................. Pssh~'

You're leaking air!
I think you've got a hole in there!

'Oh, and hey, you!

I look at Barbara, who has collapsed, muttering something like, 'Okay, she's stopped crying,' and then Percy comes back to me.
No, no, no, don't come near me for a while. I don't want people to think I know you.

'You asked for it, so I made the first prototype and brought it over.
'For real. ...... But I'm not sure if it's good enough.'

Well, it's just a prototype.
But the one that Percy brought was quite good.

'I'm impressed that you've already brought a prototype the day after the field day.
'That's what you said. 'If you make it in time tomorrow, you'll get a reward, if not, you'll get a beating!I really tried my best to die!
Hahaha. Did you really take that joke seriously?
'You didn't look like you were joking, did you?
'I was joking. What about the reward?
'No, just that one?You're serious about the chastisement?I'm scared, seriously!

I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

If you can produce what I want, I'll reward you accordingly.

At any rate, I'll give you a special seat at the "Late Spring Bread Festival".

Now, let's make some more money. Mm-hmm.