406-I thought Episode 61 was coming, but I couldn't av...

When I woke up in the morning, I had terrible muscle pain and couldn't get out of bed.
The kitchen smelled good, and I muttered to myself, "He's already working, isn't he?" with 80% admiration and 20% dismay.

As long as Jeannette was working, I couldn't stay in bed forever.
I crawled out of the room and walked down the corridor with only my energy. Just when I felt fed up with the downstairs in front of me, the door of Ginette's room opened.

'Oh, good morning, good morning, ......'.

Ginette crawled out of her room with a deathly look on her face, her hair more tousled than usual.

'I'm in pain all over,...... and can barely stand,......' she said.

Apparently, his muscles were so sore that he couldn't even get ready properly.
I understand. I get it.
You can't get too excited about ball games. My arms are so sore I can't even lift them. Maybe it's the eye of the typhoon?No, maybe it's the cavalry.
Maybe, but I must have about six old criers on my shoulders right now. That's how heavy I am.

'Can't you do something about your hair?It's so tousled.'

They are defenseless, and it's funny to look at them, but it's not a good idea to go out in public with them. As a restaurant owner and staff. You need to be clean and neat. The impression of sloppiness is negative for the restaurant.

'I tried to ...... do my best, but I couldn't move my arms as usual. ......'

I've heard that he's trying his best to lift his shaking arm, but it won't come up above eye level. That seems to be the limit.

'...... I'll do it later.'
'Are you sure?

He suddenly shouted loudly, and quickly pressed his mouth with his body that should have been creaking.
As if to block the source of the unintentional joy that spilled out.
In the event that you're not sure what to do, there are a few things you can do.
As if sensing the air of wanting to cover it up but not being able to, Ginette smiles shyly and says something like an excuse.

'Actually, I've ...... seen Magda having her hair combed every now and then, and I've ...... been thinking that it's nice.

I've never had the flirtatious hobby of playing with a girl's hair when I don't need to, and as a result I've never combed Jeannette's hair.
No, I might have fixed her unruly hair, but I don't remember brushing her hair properly.

I don't think it's something that would be appreciated. ......

'Well, if you have a brush, bring it to me. If it's the same one as Magda's, that's fine.

Magda often comes out on the floor in a drowsy state, so I keep a brush for her in the kitchen cabinet. I keep it on the shelf in the kitchen for him to brush before we open.

'Well, um, I'll get it!Oh, but it's not that I don't want the same one as Magda's. ......'
'I know, bring it quickly.'

Ginette happily returned to her room.
Sharing a brush is a surprisingly caring thing to do. It's best to avoid it if possible. Brushing can damage the scalp and cause infections, which are rare but not impossible.
Above all, once your hair is tangled, it is not easy to get rid of it, and using someone else's brush is very worrisome.
It is better to keep a hairbrush for yourself as much as possible.

So, let me tell you about the hairbrush situation in Jeannette.
'Oh, my hair! I heard a voice from the other side of the door, and then a moment of silence passed.
I guess they were cleaning the hair tangled in the brush.
You may have experienced this before, but cleaning brushes is quite difficult. Especially if you have been using it for a long time.
After removing the hair, you may be worried about the dust at the root.
Does it put pressure on you to wait in front of the room?

'Jeannette. I'm going downstairs first.'
'Oh, yes!'

We talked through the door, and I went down the hellish stairs with a creaking body.
Umaro, while you're adding a roof, could you install an escalator as well?

While turning away from the reality by imagining the impossible, I managed to get down to the first floor.
It was still pitch black, and there was still no sign of the sun rising. The clear air that irritated the mucous membrane of my nose was a little cold.
There is no laundry drying today. That's because Jeannette overslept. She may have been awake, but she couldn't move.
I guess the real work will start tomorrow.

With this in mind, I headed for the kitchen, attracted by the delicious smell.

...... Hmm?

If Jeannette is still in the room, then ...... who's cooking?

I'll hold the pain for a moment and pick up speed.
Who else but Jeannette would be cooking in the kitchen of the sunlit pavilion?

I can think of Magda, but Magda can only cook a few items, like popcorn and okonomiyaki.
I'm sure she hasn't been taught how to make soup stock dishes like the ones she's smelling now.
Besides, it's donated food to be fed to Bertina and the church kids. There's no way Ginette would let something she couldn't guarantee taste pass her by.
Then what the hell ......

I opened the door to the kitchen and jumped inside.
And there he was.

'Good morning, Mr. Kometsky.

'You're awake early.'

It was Inez and Deborah .

'...... What are you doing?'
'Preparing breakfast.
'I've been asked to do that.'

A request?
Ginette asked these guys to do that?
No, that's impossible. How could Ginette, who was stuck with sore muscles, ask the head waiter of another ward to do something for her?You can't even get to the first one, Ginette said.

'I happened to see you in front of the store, so I asked you to help me, Yashiro-sama.
'I'm helping, too, preparing breakfast.'

It was Natalia and Gilberta who peeked out from the floor.
It was Natalia who asked Inez and Deborah to help out. ...... So, why are you here, guys? Why are you here, at this time of night, in this place?

'Estella said, "Ginette, I'm sure you're having a hard time with your sore muscles today, so can you go help her with the preparation? She said.
'Your imitation of Estella is even more malicious than your imitation of her. ......'

'That's a resemblance!
'I don't remember, I don't remember, the Lord of Smiles saying, those words.

It doesn't matter if you've said it before or not, the imitation is.
The interesting thing is to attack the part that looks like it might be said.

'So, Natalia is understandable, but why is Gilberta here?
'I couldn't go home, last night, Lucia was exhausted.

She had a full day of sports. It must have been hard for her to return to the 35th district by carriage at that hour.

'And now, unable to move, Lady Lucia is suffering from severe muscle pain.
'So, you came the next day. You're lucky, you're still young.'

I've had it before in Japan, but when you're over thirty, the muscle pain comes two days later.
'Huh?I'm totally fine. I'm still young...' to '...... d*mn it, it comes on the second day... ......! I'm sure all of us will experience this disappointment.

'So, where is Lucia now?
'At the branch of the Woodcutter's Guild I'm visiting, courtesy of the branch chief.

So she stayed at Imelda's place.
I wonder if it's because we're in the same red group, or if we've developed a bond.
Anyway, I'm glad Millie and Hammaro are safe.

'So you're saying that Gerasie and that old man from the 23rd district stayed there too?
'Master Guerraxi has returned to the mansion. He didn't do anything serious.

Hey, Inez, you're spitting venom.
I've been feeling it for a while, but do you hate Gerrardsey?

'My lord's name is Iver Hagen. Please don't forget that. You'll be very disappointed.
'Don't be sorry, it's not that.
'I believe my lord is currently resting in his palace.

There's no Gellarcy or Hagen left.
Then why are you here?

''I was wondering if there might be another field day today, to check.
'No, there isn't!I'll die if there is!
'I was wondering if there was something I forgot to be praised for, just to make sure.
'I've already praised you enough!

These guys came up to me at dinner after the ward's field day and asked, 'How did you do in that competition? Did you see me in this competition?'' How many points out of a hundred did I get then? Then, please praise me to the fullest,'' he said, getting into a really persistent praise and praise mode.

It was a pain in the ass. ......

If you say 'I don't know' or 'I don't remember', they don't get angry, they don't cry, they just shut up and go 'shhhhhhh ......'.
I'm sure that the gynet next to me would say, 'Yashiro-san, please say something to him.
So I praised each and every one of them, competition by competition, even when they weren't competing!
I've used up enough praise to last me three years!I've used up three years of my 'praise power'! I've praised so much that I don't think anyone will complain if I don't praise anyone tomorrow!

I even grabbed Gelercy and went to complain to him, "You should praise him more! I even went to complain to him.
Then Gellersey's guy ......

'What are you talking about, man? You don't have to say it, the head waiter knows it.

That's why you're making a big deal out of it right now!
I'm not getting any of it!
Not one thing, not one thing!
BU kids are the only ones who don't understand unless you tell them!You have to understand, you know!

'You're the worst, Gerasie!
'Master Yashiro, I agree with you, but I think you should refrain from speaking ill of the lords of other districts.
'Your venom is quite good, Natalia.'
'No, ......, I'm afraid my frustration from last night is not yet over.'
'What's wrong?
'As a matter of fact, Ricardo-sama came to my house to ask me to stay the night because he was tired.'
'Wow, ...... Ricardo, wow, .......'
'I smeared salt on it and turned him away.'
'Sprinkle it, man!You're supposed to spread the salt!What are you going to do with it?Burn it?'

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... There aren't many houses that can accommodate a lord, and if there were, it would be Estella's or Imelda's, and you'd think that would be impossible. But ......, Ricardo doesn't understand, he's an idiot.

'And what about Estella?
I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a good night's sleep.
'Did you get a good night's sleep?
'Is that to check if you were naked last night?
'You didn't sleep at all, did you?
'No, I had a good night's sleep.
'You slept and you're still in that mood?It's like you've been up all night!
'I'm running normally.
'It's serious, your condition too.

According to her, Natalia tried to help Estella, but was forced to leave after Estella personally asked her to take care of Jeannette.
Estella must have been overwhelmed. Without Natalia, the work would not go as smoothly.

'So, did Natalia cook today's dinner?
'No, sir. I can only inject a love-beam into the finished dish.
''I don't think that's particularly necessary, that process!
'''What?I've practiced it.'''
''Are you okay, head waiter x3?No, x4!

I'm not sure what you're talking about.
What were you guys practicing for?

I'm sure you'll agree that it's a great idea to have a good time.

Magda, usually a sleepyhead, emerges from the floor.
Magda, who is usually a sleepyhead, comes out of the floor, followed by Loretta, who is full of energy.

'Good morning, big brother!
'Are you guys okay with the muscle pain?
'...... That kind of exercise won't give me sore muscles.'
'We work out differently, you know!

Magda and Loretta's words were met with nods of agreement from everyone but me.
I'm not sure if I'll be able to afford a full day's workout at ......?How much can you guys take?

'Aside from the sore muscles, how did you manage to get up, Magda?
'...... Of course. I could have predicted that the manager would leave. Magda has to be strong when the manager is away, so this morning she woke up by herself--'
'I've come to wake you up!
'Ouch!It hurts, Magda!Don't chop me in the side without saying a word!

I'm sure Magda feels like she's been let in on a secret, but for me, it's more like 'I know'.
But I guess there are a lot of people who were sure that Jeannette would be stuck with sore muscles, like Estella, Magda, and maybe even Loretta.
I was too occupied with my own affairs to pay that much attention.

'The miso soup and simmered vegetables smell good. Who did the seasoning?'
'That's me.

'Haha~......', yawned Norma, peeking out lazily from the floor.
She hangs her arm on the wall that separates the floor from the kitchen and gives a coquettish look.

'Magda and Loretta came to my house early this morning. Magda and Loretta came to my house early in the morning and forced me to cook for the church children. ...... It's not easy at all. I had a few drinks last night. ...... If you had told me ahead of time, I would have at least prepared the food.

He doesn't seem to mind helping out.
And then he lets out a yawn once more, 'Woo~...... woo~'.
Oh, ....... You've got a lot of s*x appeal this morning, Norma.

'Norma, thank you so much!
'Why, now you've changed your mind. It's not like Yashiro.'
'...... No, this thank you is due to a very Yashiro-like reason.
'My brother is not shaken even if his muscles are sore all over.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'd like to know what you think. There's no need to deny it, is there?

'Don't worry about Norma's seasoning. I'm looking forward to breakfast today.
'Heck, praise won't get you anywhere.

Her big tail swayed softly.
If I wore a mini-skirt, my pants would be showing. I don't think I will.

'By the way, you all came from the floor, what are you doing on the floor?
'We're making rice balls. There's a lot of people.'

A lot of people.
I thought that meant the number of people eating in the church.

'Oh, Yashiro!Did you get up okay?
'Oh, hi, ladybug.'
'Hahaha. I guess Yashiro and Jeannette got sore muscles after all.

'Yashiro. I brought you some fresh eggs, so eat them and take care of yourself.'

There were lots of helpers.
That's what you mean by a lot of people.

Delia and Milly and Paula and Nephrite.
The strongest of them, who had competed against each other for the championship yesterday, were standing side by side making rice balls in harmony.

'Didn't you all get sore muscles?
'Of course not. I've never had muscle cramps.'
'Hmm. You were fine too.
'If you work at Cantartica, you'll never get sore muscles, I'm sure.
'I'm fine too. My chickens are pretty fierce, and I can't do it with a weak body.

Isn't it a tribal characteristic of the beast race to be physically strong?
It seems that none of us here have sore muscles.

...... No, wait.
Maybe Norma is just late and will be ...... around tomorrow.

'Yashiro. Can you tell me aloud what that look means?
'It's nothing, just put the flue away, okay?You don't want to get ash in your rice ball, do you?What?

I'm sure Norma has a body that never gets sore muscles. As expected of a good-looking woman, she never gives a second thought. Now that I've complimented you, put away the cigarette, okay?

'...... Everyone moves their hands, not their mouths.
'That's right. Time doesn't wait for you. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten so caught up in chatting that I've let my coffee go cold. ......'
'It's not your fault. Don't do this with me, Loretta.'

Paula let out an exasperated sigh.

'Yashiro and Ginette spoil Loretta too much. Do you want me to keep her with me for a while?I'll give her a good beating.
'Well, well, I'm sorry, Paula!You can't just send me to another store because I'm already an essential part of the Sunlit Pavilion.
'...... Loretta. Don't be so sure of yourself.
I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you have.It's the tone of voice you use when you're trying to say 'don't be so down on yourself'!
'Look, Loretta. You're holding up your hand.
'Mwah!I'm the only one who's mad at you!

The rice balls of various sizes are laid out in a lively fashion.
Delia's were large and Millie's were very small. Nepheli's is a little round, and Norma's is a beautiful equilateral triangle.

'Loretta and Paula's rice balls look very similar.
'What?Don't put them together, Yashiro. Mine are definitely tastier than yours.
'They taste the same!In fact, mine probably tastes better because it's filled with love.'
'Then let's play, Loretta!
'As you wish!

How are we going to decide who wins?
They're like two close sisters. The older sister is strict, and the younger sister is rebelling against her, but still trying her best to keep up.
They seem to be on the same page somehow.

'...... confident work'.

Magda shows us a beautifully made rice ball in her palm.
Magda's rice balls are rather cute.
Magda's onigiri are so cute that Umaro would definitely be able to find them among the countless other onigiri, oozing with Magda-ness.

'......Does the manager always do this by himself?
'...... When I can get up in the morning, Magda helps me.
'There are only so many days you can get up in the morning.
'...... Mmm.'

Norma was right, Ginette usually took care of all these preparations by herself.
I try to help, but ...... when I'm actually in the kitchen, there's hardly anything left to do. I'm trying to help, but when I'm in the kitchen, there's very little left to do.
It's not something you can just try to copy, you know.

That's probably why Magda and Loretta asked for help.
There's no way to copy Jeannette.
So I want to reach my goal the way I can.
There's no shame in relying on your friends. It's a proud thing to have friends you can rely on.

You can think of the best way to act and do it.
And they do it voluntarily, without anyone telling them to do so.

These guys are growing up, aren't they?

What a sincere feeling I had.

'Master Yashiro. Our preparations are complete.

It seems that the head waiter's team, led by Natalia, has completed their preparations.
Our rice balls are almost ready.

With such a large number of people working together, it should be done quickly.
There's still time for us to leave.
Let's just get ready for departure and take a short break.

'Hey guys, do you want me to make you some coffee?
'No. Then I'll make you some tea. Master Yashiro, please rest your muscles.'

I tried to move, but Natalia beat me to it.
I thought I'd at least do her a favor, but well, Natalia's tea is delicious. I'll leave it to her.

'By the way, did Tracy leave?
'Yes. Yesterday. She said she didn't want Estella to see her writhing in muscle pain.'
'Well, I'm sure he'll get sore muscles too.

I thought he might have left because Nene didn't join us, but I see.

Then I loaded the ingredients into the cart and cleared the floor and kitchen.
It was about that time that I finally said.

'Good morning, everyone. ......'

Ginette came out to the floor.
That took a long time.

'I didn't think stairs could be so scary. ......'

One step down, one step up. One step down, one step up, one step down.
It seems to have come down slowly, slowly.
The hem of her skirt and the cuffs of her sleeves were dirty, as if she had been on a great adventure in the narrow courtyard.
Have you been wading through the jungle?

Ginette struggled to bend her knees and sit on a chair, and her arms were shaking so badly that she couldn't even drink the tea Natalia had served her.
She needs care.

'I can't move ...... well because all the places I've never had pain before are hurting,' she said.
'It's probably because you used muscles you don't normally use. Muscle pain in those areas is pretty hard to take.
'I never thought I had so many muscles in my body.

The muscles you become aware of only through pain.
'Oh, I can't believe I have muscle pain in this part of my body! This surprise must have been new to Jeannette. He never exercises more than necessary.

'Then you should be worried about Bertina.
'Yes, I am. It's not every day you see a sister running.
'Your stomach is a muscle, too.'
'That's the only part that seems to be stronger than anyone else's. Hmm.

Well, I don't think Bertina's stomach will ever lose its appetite due to muscle pains in the future.
She might be crying because her arms are so full.
Bertina's hug is basically a knee-jerk hug. I rarely pick her up. So, it is not a very powerful image.

'Well, there's still time.

My thighs are also pretty vocal about striking, but it's a promise.
I can exercise more than Jeannette, so my sore muscles are not as bad.
I think I can at least brush them.

'Ginette, lend me your brush.
'Heck, ...... are we doing this here?'
'You want to go back to your room?'
'Umm............ going up and down those stairs is not a good idea right now......'

If I make you walk back and forth to your room again, you'll be late for breakfast.
It's not like I'm going to do anything wrong.
Circumstances are circumstances. I'm sure everyone here understands that.

'So, then, ......, please...'

Gently, she holds out a hairbrush.
Wow, your arms are so plump. My arms are so plump. ......

'Oh, um, could you please hurry up and take it off?The brush is too heavy .......'

As I stared at her, Jeannette's arms slowly lowered.
It's surprisingly hard to hold something and stick your arm straight out in front of you. It must be even harder for Jeannette. Especially if you have sore muscles.

I pick up the hairbrush and walk behind Jeannette.
Ginette, unable to twist her body due to muscle pain, follows me with only her eyes.
You don't have to look at me, just look forward.

I stand behind Jeannette and gently touch her chestnut hair.


Ginette shrugs, as if tickled.
Sometimes it's creepy when someone scoops up your hair. Especially around the collar.

I slowly brush through the hair, not caring about Jeannette.
The soft hair tangles fluffily in her fingers and shows fresh moisture as she runs the brush through it.
The tangled strands of hair are arranged by the brush and gently reflect the light in the room.

'You have such straightforward hair.
'Heck, ...... is there such a thing as straightforward?'
'Magda's hair bounces back no matter how you comb it. It's like it's urging me to 'stroke it more, comb it more.
'Hmmm. Then maybe my hair will do the same in time.

He smiles and says so, interrupting with a short '......' and letting out an embarrassed murmur.

'It feels very, very good, so ......'.

It feels good to be stroked.
So more. It's rare for Jeannette to beg for more,......, but nowadays it's not so rare.
She's gotten better at being sweet.
The reserved Jeannette of when we first met is gone.
That's a good change, I think.
It's one thing to be overly presumptuous, but it's cute to be as selfish as Ginette.

'I'm sorry, but you'll have to do the tying yourself. I don't think I can do it well.'
'You don't have to be good at it, okay?
'Give me a break.'
'...... Ude gaah.'
'Are you too bad at acting!

I guess it hurts to be sore . Muscle pain.
But that doesn't mean he can't give a true performance, and in Ginette's case, I can assure you it's impossible.

It's okay to be lenient when you're sick.
That's the unspoken rule in the sunken pavilion.
Does this apply to sore muscles?

'Don't complain if you get a frayed hair.
'I won't.'

Ginette looks forward in a good mood.
As she binds her long hair around her shoulders and weaves a large braid, she lets out a reserved, but innocent, 'wow'.
He once said to me, 'You're a big kid.
Which one is it? I'll tell you exactly what.

'Wow. You're good, Mr. Yashiro.'
'Oh, I see.

He wraps the freshly made braid in his hands and looks at it with a smile.
It's your hair quality that makes it look so beautiful, not my technique.

'Heh. Thank you, Mr. Yashiro. I'm glad your muscles are sore.
'It's not good. ......'

I've got sore muscles too. I'm fed up with the pain and dullness.
However, ...... combing my hair is nothing to worry about.
Since he seemed to be satisfied with the result, my mission was over.

'Well, well, well.

And when I turned around, there was a ...... line.

'...... Yashiro, Magda's turn is next.
'I'd like to ask you too!

Magda and Loretta.
And then there was Natalia and Gilberta, Ines and Deborah, and behind them Norma and Delia and Paula and Nephrite.
......, hey.

You can do it yourself.

I mean, it's perfect, isn't it?

'Master Yashiro'.

Natalia stepped forward to represent the group.

'I just remembered that ...... my muscles are actually sore.
'I think it hurts, I've got muscle pain in both of my arms.
'We've got sore muscles, too. Hey, Deborah.'
'Yes, Miss Inez. We're all equally sore.'
'We're all a little late, aren't we?
'I see, you're here too!What a coincidence!
'Ouch~, must have been all the fatigue.
'We've been busy, haven't we, Cantaloupe and our poultry farm?

You guys ......

'The ban on 'Judgment of the Spirits' ends yesterday, you know?
'...... Yashiro, look out.'

I look out the window where Magda is pointing.

'...... The sun hasn't risen yet, so it's safe.'
'Where's the rule?'

Seeing our exchange, Jeannette held her mouth and shook her shoulders.

'That's right. The Spirit God may still be resting.


Are they the kind that care about the age of their skin?
It's not like they're watching over you sleeplessly, are they?


Touch my hand, wrap your fingers around mine. As if to re-grasp the brush that is still in my hand.

'Just a little, ......, okay?'

So, 'hey? No, ...... you're too hard on me sometimes.

...... If you want, I can be the one doing the squeezing. No, I'd rather ......

I'll massage your arms when you're done.
'No, I'd rather be the one doing the rubbing ......'
'I'll give you a massage.

You're so stubborn.

Well, it's not like they weren't tired after all the work they did yesterday.
And yet, they helped us out this early in the morning,......, at least a little.
I don't know if this is enough to give back to them, but I'm sure they'll be satisfied with what they've done.

'All right. I just can't spend that much time on it in case the kids get hungry.
'Wow, that's great!That's my big brother!
''I came to the 42nd district to be petted.''

Loretta, Ines & Deborah who honestly express their joy .
Magda and Natalia silently posing with their guts.
Gilberta and Delia are smiling together, Paula and Nepheli high-five each other with their hands, and Norma loosens her mouth alone.

'And now, ladies and gentlemen. Do you mind if I use my brush?
'No problem at all if it's the manager's.'
'In fact, I'd appreciate it if you could give me some breast implants.
'There is no such effect, Natalia!
'Again, you're being modest.
'No, it doesn't!

If this brush had such an effect, I'd have to go around brushing the hair of every girl in town. But I'd have to go to my lord's house for about a year.

'Well, we don't have much time, so let's get it over with.
'At ......, let's start with Magda.
'You've always done it for me, Magda!This is a spirit of sharing!
'If your hair is long, it'll take longer, so you'd better get it done first.
'So, I'm first?
'I've got longer hair than you!
'No, you're the one.

Delia and Norma compete with each other for hair length.
Delia has long hair, too. She's probably just too lazy to cut it.

'While you're at it'
'Yes, let's line up, Inez.'
'I'll get on board, I'll be the head waiter of the 23rd and 29th wards.'

The head waiter and the others are putting a lot of pressure on me.
I know Gilberta is excited about this kind of thing,......, but Inez and Deborah have become quite eager to be praised. Do you want to be pampered?

And, well...

'Millie's the best. Come here.'
'Miry, can you ...... me?
'Yeah. Who's got a problem with that?
What?Here, over here.''

Millie was the only one who didn't assert herself.
That's why I picked her first.
If you're too pushy, it can often have the opposite effect.
It would be more peaceful to live in a world where a girl as modest as Millie is rewarded.

'...... Everyone is too pushy.
I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you're right.
'But, you know, you need to control yourself.

Everyone agreed, and the event began with no apparent purpose.
I'm not a charismatic hairdresser or a skilled butler.
All I can do is brush the ladies' hair, but if that's what you want, I'll do it. At least for today.

My arms are screaming with muscle pain, but I'm sure they'll get used to the pain if I work them gently like this.

It's not a welcome drink, it's a welcome muscle.
I don't know if it's effective or not.

I don't know if it works or not, but it's ...... kind of ticklish ...... hehehe.

As I sat in the chair in front of her and combed her hair, twisting her body, I thought that such a morning was not so bad.
I guess I was too tired to use my head.
This kind of simple work seemed comfortable for now.

My muscle pains were as bad as ever, but well, it was a very peaceful morning.