405-No additions to Episode 60 Closing Ceremony

'The championship flag is awarded!

Under the darkened sky, the players are all lined up on the ground lit by bonfires.
The championship flag, created with the cooperation of all the guilds in the forty-two districts, was now being handed over from Estella, the tournament chairperson, to Magda, the leader of the winning white team.
To liven up the atmosphere, the waiters are playing musical instruments. I didn't know they even had to practice that. Estella was really into it, wasn't she?
Thanks to her, the awarding of the championship flag was given a special touch. A very solemn sight indeed.

'Well then, let's hear a few words from the leader of the winning white team. But we're running out of time, so keep it short.
'...... Yes, sir.'

Magda stood on the stage with a large championship flag and addressed the players.
He slowly looks around at the players and then quietly opens his mouth.

'...... This victory is the result of the white team's united effort. There may be many thoughts and feelings, but all the players worked very hard. If there were any shortcomings, it was the responsibility of Magda, the team leader. Please do not blame the athletes.

This athletic meet was not run in an honest manner.
As a result of everyone doing as they please, there will be more than a few people who will be dissatisfied.
Magda shows her consideration for such people. The feeling of being 'disrespected' is diminished when it is expressed in words like this.
A little bit of frustration can be swallowed by itself.

'...... If you have a complaint, please tell it to Magda.
'If you have a problem with Magda, I'll listen to everything you have to say instead!
'...... So, if you have any complaints about Magda, please ask Umaro--who worked so hard this time--to tell Goozuya.
'I've got a killer pass!
'If that's the case, Goozuya, we'll talk later.
'Give me your face, Goozuya.
'Goozuya, you're terrible.'
'There are so many people who are amused!

The crowd erupted in laughter as the villagers teased Goozuya.
Despite their exhausted bodies, everyone is smiling.
A little frustration is sublimated into pleasant memories in this way.

'...... You may have your own thoughts. But Magda had a great time at the field day.

At the sound of Magda's quiet voice, the crowd closes its mouth.
You can see that everyone sympathizes with Magda, even if they don't say it in words.
Yeah, that's right.
It was ridiculous, and I was really tired, but it was a lot of fun.

'...... The victory of the white team was due to the efforts of the players. The success of the field day was achieved by the united efforts of everyone here. It was only with the cooperation of everyone. Magda is convinced that it was a success won by everyone.

The crowd erupted in cheers.
There was only one team that won, but the credit for the success went to all the teams, and everyone in the room, not just the players.
It's honestly nice to be recognized for that.
In some cases, the words may be more valuable than the victory.

'...... Magda is truly proud of the people of District Forty-two and the people here.

Magda, who usually doesn't show her emotions, spoke passionately, and the sound of sniffling could be heard from inside the hall. It seemed to have hit the tear glands of an emotional person.
Taking a deep breath, Magda says clearly.

'...... Magda loves the Forty-Two Wards.

A round of applause erupted with cheers.
After a few moments of applause and cheers, Magda speaks her last words.

'...... is my closing remarks.
'That's my job, don't take it!Well, most of what I wanted to say has been said!

Next to me, Estella made a huge lunge.
The whole place is engulfed in a wave of laughter.
It's already night, but the people in this town don't seem to be tired.
I'm already starving.

'And now, the closing remarks by the conference chairperson.
'Estella~, you can use the same sentence~'
'Shut up, Yashiro!I'll do it right!It's a memorable first tournament!

If it's the first one, then I guess they're planning to hold it next year too.
I'll resign as a member of the organizing committee, I guess. Also, let's ban guests from other districts.
...... Oh, you have to be a member of the committee to get that kind of input. ...... So frustrating!

'Ehh, guys, thanks for all your hard work.'

Estella's greeting begins on the stage where Magda has stepped down.
But it was a 'smart lord' kind of greeting, so I let it slide.
It was something along the lines of, 'You're all amazing, I'm so impressed, you're all so wonderful!

'I hereby declare the closing of the First 42nd Ward Citizens' Sports Festival!

The declaration of the closing was made, and the whole hall burst into applause.
Ah ...... it's finally over.
It's been a long time. ...... My mind and body are exhausted.

''Well then, it's time for the long awaited dinner!
'''Today's dinner was prepared with the full cooperation of the Sundaari Pavilion.

After Natalia's explanation, Ginette bows her head.
The crowd applauded Ginette.
The stalls that had been in full operation since this morning were all sold out, out of stock, and rattled. There was no more food on this ground, far from the main street.
The hungry beast looked expectantly at the cauldron that had been smelling good for a long time.

'We've prepared curry and taro stew today. There will be plenty of refills, so please eat your fill, everyone.
''What is 'Imoni'?
''Imoni is the base of seasoning...''

As Jeannette explained the basic concept of sweet potato stew, a chorus of hungry people could be heard from all over the hall.
Just by listening to the explanation of what flavor is used as the base and what kind of meat is used, my stomach started to drip digestive juices.

It's been a while since I've had one of these.
I'm looking forward to seeing how Ginette's potato stew will turn out.

''We're bringing in a lot of sake!

Paula and Paula's father are holding a huge barrel of sake. The tension of the drinkers is surpassing the limit at once.
After all, it's good to drink after exercising, right?

'Ladies and gentlemen, please excuse us while we're having a good time.

Assunto raises his voice. He stands in front of a large cart covered with a cloth, and rolls up the cloth when the eyes of the crowd gather.

'I have received a gift from one of the guests of honor, who has asked me to bring it to you. Please enjoy it.

In the back of the truck was a pile of colorful fruits, and the girls' eyes lit up.
It was not a gift, but rather a request to Assunto to prepare it for us.
Guest of honor: ......

'Is it okay for adults to eat that?
'Of course, sir.'
'Then you're not Javier.
'What do you mean, Yashiro?I had a little bit too!

According to him, the nobles who were watching the game from the guest seats gave a little to each other.
A little bit is still a lot of money. It must have been a considerable expense.
Incidentally, Donis is said to have been the one who initiated the idea, and when Donis said, 'I want to reward them for their hard work,' Mahr agreed, saying, 'That's a wonderful idea.
Ah, that's why Donnis is lying on the guest seat instead of coming over here, even though he was the one who started it. Must've been too much stress on his heart. Don't fall asleep over a compliment. ...... Are you the kind of junior high school boy who can spend a whole day feeling happy just because you passed by the girl you like?

It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see if you can find anything that might help you.
The waiters are running around, serving food and assigning places to eat.
They are doing a great job, and so far there is no confusion.

'Ladies and gentlemen, it's dark in the hall, so please try to eat by the bonfire or by Wendy's side.
'Natalia, that's not a good idea!

After the sun went down, Shining Wendy continued to make her presence felt.
She looks troubled as she is swarmed by kids.

But it's dark. ......

'Hey, Imelda.
'What is it?'
'Oh, no. No.'

I was thinking we could have a campfire, but this ground is at the eastern end of the Forty-Two. I can't really ask you to go back to the Lumberjacks Guild District Forty-two branch, which is located at the western end of the district except for the swampy area, and bring firewood for the campfire.
The lumberjacks are probably tired after having a field day all day.
The length of firewood for a campfire of this scale would be 100cm or 120cm or something like that.

'Yes, yes. Before the stick-pulling started, I sent some of my men who were free to get firewood, so they should be back soon.
'What, firewood from ......?
'Yes. In the forest outside, we keep a fire going to keep us warm during the night. If you arrange the wood in the shape of a well, it will burn for less time, but it will make a big fire, so I thought it would be perfect for this place.

That's a campfire right there.
He made that suggestion on his own. ......

'And I was sure that in a situation like this, you would make such a request, Yashiro-san.
'Do I look like a nice, thoughtful guy to you?
'Oh?Isn't that what you were trying to tell me earlier?

This guy, isn't he getting pretty spunky?
Is becoming a branch manager supposed to be a heavy responsibility that makes you grow up so rapidly?
It's frightening. The future of this guy. ...... I'm afraid she's going to turn into one, Imelda.

As I was thinking about this, the woodcutter came back with a huge cart full of firewood.
These were the lumberjacks who hadn't participated in the competition after the stick pull.
Some of them may have wanted to spectate,......, but I guess they'd be happy to do so if it meant the death of their beloved Lady Imelda. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to get the best out of it.
I hope they don't lose their leadership after Imelda's marriage. ......

'Thank you for your utmost consideration. 'Oh, as the end of the steering committee.
'Oh?I thought you were sitting at the top.'

'The top seat is occupied by Estella, the chairman of the convention committee.
'Well, that's quite an airy committee you have there.
'Because it's unobstructed.
'Yes, it's a vaulted bust.'
'Whose breasts are blowholes!

An arm reached out from behind Imelda and pinched her cheeks from both sides.

'Efefahyan, what are you doing?
'What are you doing?

Estella is pouting and angry.
'But I have a flat bust that's more susceptible to wind resistance than most!It's not streamlined! --and it would be funny if you said.

'Yashiro. Can you put into words exactly what's going through your head right now, word for word?
'Then, first of all, put that noisy blade away in your pocket.

You had a knife hidden in your gym clothes?
You're a very dangerous person.

'Oh, that's right. Actually, I have a favor to ask Imelda...'
'If it's firewood, it's just arrived.
'Oh!Thanks a lot!Did Jashiro tell you to do that?
'Estella. If you don't change your mind right now, you'll lose the cavalry battle next year.

Like me, Estella is also underestimating Imelda's growth rate.
The head of an organization who can act two or three moves ahead of time will continue to develop his talent at an accelerated rate once he starts to grow.
I'd like to be on the same team as Imelda next year. It'll be easier.

'Mr. Hero'.

As I was imagining a year from now, with Estella being so optimistic and Imelda starting to show glimpses of a big name, Theron suddenly called out to me.
When I turned around, I was so dazzled.

'What, did my wife infect you?
'No, sir. Also, Wendy's luminescence isn't caused by any bacteria. ......'
''Then what is it?Did you rub against your wife so much that the light powder adhered to your entire body?I can't even see the outline of your face because of the glare, but I'm going to hit you with goo?''
''Wait, hero-sama!It's a brick of light!''

When told to do so, I scrutinized his eyes and saw that Theron was holding a rather large wooden box containing a large number of bricks that emitted a dazzling light.

'I say bricks, but this is a product that can stand on its own and be used as a torch at night.

When I picked it up, I saw that it was flat at one end, and it certainly seemed to stand on its own.
It also has a hook on the top to hang it from, so it can be used indoors or outdoors as a light instead of a lamp.

'Wendy told me that it was dangerous for young children to be near the flames. I hurried back to get them before the cavalcade started.'
'And you didn't take Wendy with you?
'Wendy, as you can see, is very popular with the children.

Theron looked at Wendy, who was glowing like a super fighter, smiling.
It's true that the kids are flocking to her, but it's not that she's popular, it's that she's a rarity. ...... Well, if it looks good, I won't bother denying it.

'I'm just a little tired. I can't believe I had to make Wendy pull such a heavy cart all the time. ...... I'm going to work out more!
'No, the racial difference is so great that you'll have to work very hard to reverse it.

Even that small and cute Millie is several times more powerful than us.
If Wendy has always been able to pull the cart that you've been pulling with a lot of effort, it just means that the division of labor was done correctly.

'Well, I hope you'll make that kind of effort, the head of the family.
'Yes, you're right. It's not the result, but the fact that you are willing to make such an effort and put it into practice that leads to a relationship of trust, isn't it?

Imelda and Estella are saying horrible things.
You know what?
If you're expected to be at the level of a lumberjack or a waiter, your potential husband will run away barefoot on the first day of marriage.
I can't do it. I wouldn't have the muscle of a lumberjack or the strength of Natalia to surpass human standards.
That's not a level humans can reach. ...... No, wait, they're all humans who've reached that level through hard work.
I heard that the lumberjacks are about half beast and half human. They're all monsters.

These monster-like lumberjacks quickly and easily assembled the huge firewood. It's the kind of hard work that would take an hour if you were to prepare it normally,......, but they did it in a matter of minutes.
The flames were quickly ignited, and in the blink of an eye, the darkness of the night was bathed in a glowing red light.
The flames rose in the center of the ground, and the glowing bricks of the cellon were arranged at even intervals at a sufficient distance from the campfire.

'Holy shit, it's bright.

The ground was filled with so much light that it was hard to believe it was night.
Even so, the sky was pitch black, and the atmosphere was somewhat mysterious.

'Mr. Yashiro~!I've hurriedly carved up a statue of the Hero of Light (candle version) to see if I can help in any way, that I have!
'Alright, let's drop some fuel on the campfire, yeah!
'The fruit of my efforts...?

Hmm. I bet you carved it in a few minutes anyway.
If Jeannette finds it, she'll be begging for it for the next three days!
We'll burn it before that happens, you know.


When you see this image through the medora running toward you, the illusory flames appear to be the fires of hell.
This is called an optical illusion. ...... I won't say it.

'My treasured meat has just arrived.
'Do you want some?
'Hahaha!My young man is very enthusiastic.

You went back to the 41st district, prepared a large amount of meat, and came back with that large amount of meat on a cart, pulling it all the way back? In such a short time.
It's reckless to go up against a beastman tribe.
I don't know how you managed to get such a good match, ward athletic meet.

'I've given all the Hexenbiest meat to Estella's head waiter, so he should be able to handle it.
'I see. Thanks for that.
'You know what? It's just something I wanted to do on my own. It's my way of thanking you for letting me be a part of your fun field day.'

'A fun field day, huh?

'Certainly, Medora's participation added a lot of thrills.
'Ha-ha-ha!I'll take that as a compliment.
'Oh. It's a great compliment.''

Medora laughs gaily.
Medora Rossel, the big boss of the hunting guild that even the nobles fear.
How can you be so easygoing with such a big guy?

'And one more thing.
'Hmm, what's that?
'Thank you.'

He didn't say what, just thanked him.
That seemed to be enough for Medora, and she showed a shy, girlish face, far removed from the public image.

'Well, ...... that's ............ something to look forward to in the future... ...right?

I'm not sure what to make of that.
The situation of training with me for two days and one night in the woods outside.

It's not uncommon for people to shy away from something they've always wanted when it suddenly appears in front of them.
But this time, I'm sure he was paying attention to me.
Inspired by Lucia's comment, "I'm going to be Hammaro's wife! She may have been inspired by Lucia's "I'm going to be Hammarotan's wife!
That is why he voluntarily destroyed the opportunity.

When someone does such a graceful thing, our conscience, which should not be there, tingles slightly, very slightly, within an unmeasurable level, as if to say, 'It's not like I really disliked it that much.

'So, this bet is a draw. Let's have a rematch sometime.

That's what you say. I'm sure you'll regret it later, and you know it. ...... Ahhh.

I'm not sure what to say.

This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your time with your family.

I'm not sure what to say, but I love you.

After saying that, she was a little embarrassed, and she slapped me on the shoulder and ran away.
It's not ...... "peshiri", it's ...... "gushabogi! I'm sure you've been shattered,............, and I'm sure you've been shattered,.......
I'm sure you'll agree.I'm not sure what to do.I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

'......My shoulder hurts. ......'
Please be patient.'
'Yeah, ...... where were you, maiden?I missed it, I did.'
'Really, I bow to you.'
'Estella. It's the corners of your eyes that are down. ...... Is my misfortune that funny?'
'If it's funny or not, it's very funny.'

Nyarou. ......

'But. But it's also true that it boggles the mind.'

Putting a hand on my aching shoulder, Estella jerks her chin toward the ground.
She wants me to look.

'A year ago now, who do you think could have predicted this?I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

Indeed, how could such a dense group of people have gathered in such a small place?

'It's probably just that they're all surprisingly bored. We didn't have that information last year. That's all.'
'Haha. That's not something a lord or guild leader would say, 'I'm bored'.

No. I've heard you say 'I'm bored' many times.
I've heard you say, 'I'm bored.

'Also, I'd like to say this as a friend. It's been a long time since I've seen Masha so excited. I'd like to thank you for that.

'No, Masha's always like that, isn't she?

As far as I know, Masha's always all smiles and fluffy and excited all the time.

'No. She's pretty naive that way. ...... There were many times when she was trying to be cheerful so that people wouldn't notice it.

I've heard that mermaids don't get involved with humans very often.
Masha is an exception to this rule, as she has the vitality to take an interest in humans and the land, and to actually do it.
This is something that might be seen as heretical, and it might put her in a delicate position among the ...... mermaids. Well, that's just speculation.

That's why Estella may have been in contact with Masha from time to time. In the form of "I want a sea fish", she was indulging Masha who was superior to her in terms of age and position.
Estella was also in a position where she couldn't argue with the voices of those around her, even if she had her own thoughts. She may have felt some kind of sympathy ....... This is all speculation.

However, there is a probability that it is not 'impossible', but 'not impossible'.

'...... Hmm. I'm sure that kind of response makes you feel at home. Well, that shy and crooked mermaid doesn't express such honest feelings in a straightforward manner, so I can only imagine.

Estella smiles at Masha as she sits in the tank and eats her sweet potato soup.
Masha is getting excited as if she has not noticed at all. But you can hear everything we're saying, can't you?I bet her back is itching right now, isn't it?
I'm sure that Estella will be hugged by Masha when she walks by after this.

'Ehehe. Did I say something rude?

She scratches her cheeks and smiles at me in a flat 'Estella' way, freed from the burden of being the tournament chair.

'I was relieved and happy that the tournament ended successfully, and that's how I slipped up, I'm sure. Don't worry about it too much.'
You're right. I think I can be nice to people today.
'Oh, you're Yashiro?That's great. Then maybe we should have a field day every day.'
'That's too bad. We're not allowed to judge the spirits today, so we can say whatever we want.

Who's going to be nice to strangers?
You're the ones who should be respectful and kind to me. How tired do you think I am today? I mean, ......

I'm going to get some curry because I'm starving.
'I'm looking forward to barbecued hexenbiest meat.

And so, the two hungry ladies left, chanting in a circle with their stomachs.
What's a lady?

'Ah~, there they are!

Shortly after Estella and the others left, Regina came this time.
She didn't show any sign of limping.

'Is your leg okay?
'I'm fine. It's brand new and no one has touched it raw yet!
'That's not what I asked you!What's a 'petting' that's not raw?
It's like the 'air petting' I do all the time.
'Wow, this is how false accusations are made...'

I've never done anything like that.
I'll try ...... next time.

'Oh no, you're killing me! I asked the manager, 'Hey! I was asked to add more curry roux, please.
'So you were 3-bound?
'So I served it, but there's this many people, right?It's not enough. That's why we mixed it up in the first-aid tent as soon as possible.

If Jeannette was so enthusiastic that she made enough for all the people present, she must have needed a lot of roux.

'So don't complain if this curry doesn't taste as good as usual.
'Even if the mixture changes a little, it won't be bad as long as the base is solid.

Even if the flavor or spiciness changes, the curry will not deviate from the main idea.
And Regina understands that base well.

'As long as you're involved, I'm not worried about the roux.
I'm not sure if I washed my hands when I scratched my butt before ...... mixing. ...... I'm not sure. ......'
I'm sure you'll be able to do it.Please!

Only a few enthusiasts would appreciate such a thing.
It's a hygiene issue that can't be overlooked, if that's the case!...... I'm sure you're joking.

I'm sure it's a joke, but I'll take it.

Regina raises her hand and walks away.
Why did he come all this way to say such an insignificant thing?
The answer is one.
To show me that her sprained foot is fine now. She thought she'd worried me, so she came to show me in a roundabout way that I didn't have to worry anymore.

He's not very straightforward, is he?

'Well, I guess I'll go eat Regina's home cooking.
'Ha, ha!What are you talking about, yourself?It's the manager who's making it.
'The roux is your homemade, right?I just made it here a while ago.'
'That's true, but ......'
'Well, I'll go and enjoy it.
'............ mmm!You really are a badass, aren't you?If you want to eat it, you'll have to eat it all!And you know what?

The mouth that had been speaking so vigorously suddenly stopped.
Then he covered his mouth with his hand and looked away.

'And if you like ......, you can come and eat at ...... next time, I don't mind.

He said and left quickly.
My leg seems to be fine now. ...... Don't do something you're not used to and fall down again.


And it was these guys who greeted me at the end.

'Which do you prefer, curry, sweet potato stew or barbecue?

Jeannette is serving the food without showing any fatigue from the field day.
And Loretta is helping her as if it were a matter of course.
As for Magda, she was popping a lot of popcorn that Yap Rock had brought with him. The delicious aroma of honey and butter sinks into my tired body.

'I've tasted them, and they're all delicious, so I'm a little proud of them!

Unusually, Ginette praised her own cooking.
This guy is confident about his own cooking, but he doesn't say 'delicious' to himself.
He takes the stance that it is up to the person who eats it to decide whether it is good or not.

If Ginette says it's good, it must be very good.
Or, perhaps, it is.

'Isn't it special to eat outside?
'Yes!The fact that I was tired and hungry was also a good spice.

He smiles happily.

'Big brother!Today's curry is amazing!If you don't eat this, you'll definitely regret it!
''...... Hexenbiest's barbecue is excellent. But be careful not to eat too much Magda's popcorn for dessert.'
'I think the sweet potato stew has a nice flavor. I want you to make sure it tastes like your hometown.

I can't help it if the three girls at the sunlit pavilion each offer me one.

'Then give me all of them.
'Then I'll go serve it to you!
'...... I'll go order a particularly delicious part.'

The three of us break up at once.

Looking around, the whole place is filled with people chatting happily with food in their hands.
They are biting into meat, eating curry, tasting sweet potato stew, and gazing at the colorful fruits.
Delia is devouring popcorn all the time.

'Yashiro-san, thank you for waiting.
'Big brother, it's a special serving!
'I found ...... Bonacon, so I stole it.'

At the same time, the three of them return.
They each have a large amount of food in their hands.
I can't eat that much by myself.

'Magda, where's the popcorn?
'We still need ......, but we have enough in stock for the time being.'
'Loretta, how's the food delivery?'
'Estella and her waitresses are so great, they're almost done.'
'Ginette. How's the cooking?
'There's not much left to cook.

That's a lot of work you put into it.

'...... Mm.'
'We're all having dinner together!

Unusually, all the employees of the Sunlit Pavilion decided to have dinner together.
Well, actually, I was aiming for it. It's not often you get a chance like this.

'Mm-hmm. Actually, I wanted to eat with you, so I worked a little harder to finish cooking.
'Me too!I worked really hard on serving the food.
'...... Magda, everything was calculated.

It seems everyone felt the same way.

'Hey. Can I be a part of this?

With a mouthful of curry in her hand, Estella joins the circle.

'Don't you have to eat with the officials and guests?
'I've been making the rounds in a hurry.
'What the hell, they're all thinking the same ...... thing.'
'That's like confessing that you're a badger in the same hole.
'Shut up.

We spread out our food around the shiny bricks Theron brought.
It's a very inconsistent lineup, but we're all in the same category of things that taste better when eaten outside.

'Well, let's eat!
'Yes. Bon appétit.

I gave the order and brought the food to my mouth in unison.
I ate the curry, but--

''Ugh ...... Maa!

I felt as if my cells, which had been bullied by lactic acid and had collapsed into a heap of corpses, were dancing in the spicy umami. The umami sinks into my whole body.

'Jeannette!This potato stew is so delicious!How did you make it?
'Well, it's based on--'
'Come on, let's eat Hexenbiest meat!It's been a long time since we had Bonacon!

While listening to Ginette's happy voice, I took a bite of the browned Bonacon.
It's delicious!
The juices overflowed with as much force as the citrus. My mouth is consumed by the taste.
I want to shovel in some white rice!Oh, there's white rice with curry!Yuck!

'Mr. Yashiro, would you like some sweet potato stew?
'Yes. It's delicious!

It's a little different from what I ate in Japan, but that's part of its character.
I guess this will become the taro stew of the 42nd district's Yodamari-tei. Anyway, it's delicious.

Look, Yashiro!Bonacon curry!It's so luxurious!
'Estella, don't mix up your ...... food, it's not polite.'
'It's fine. It's a meal outdoors, it's a day like this.

Estella happily bragged about mixing two dishes, something that is out of line in terms of etiquette. I bet she never does that in everyday life.
It would be considered indecent for a nobleman to eat meat and fish mixed together.
I bet they've never eaten cat food before, poor things. It's so good.

'Whoa!Bonacon curry, it's violently delicious!It's amazing!
'...... The umami of the Bonacon is not overpowered by the strength of the curry. Not only that, but the juices from the bonakon add depth to the curry.
'So this is how the flavor changes. It's a new discovery.

It is true that curry with good meat is delicious, but its taste is not beyond the realm of imagination.
It was not enough to make Jeannette swoon.
Well, there was no way that the addition of meat would make such a dramatic difference.

'Yuck!What is this?Yum!

It's so good!
It's so good that chickens, pigs, and cows are running away barefoot!

'I guess things change.
'Yes, it is. I'm surprised too.
'But you're not yelling and screaming, are you?
'Huh?Is that so?Well, but it was within the realm of my imagination, and I felt that the impact of the first bite of this flavor would not last long.

Ginette's guess was exactly right, and the Bonacon curry gave us a tremendous shock, but as we ate two or three more bites, we began to think, 'Well, it's not so bad.
No, it was good, but it was not as good as it should have been, or to put it plainly, it was a bit boring.
I guess the curry and the bonakon are too strong.
Because each of them has a strong impact that can play the leading role -- for example, they don't have a sense of unity like a band, but like a special unit formed by the vocalists of different bands. It's like a special unit of vocalists from different bands.

Ginette, who saw through this at the first bite, is indeed a professional.

...... a feeling, huh.

I'm not sure what to say. Do you have any cheese?
'Cheese?Well, .......'
'Yes, sir.'

It was Assunto who answered smilingly. He wandered around here and there, watching people's reactions. If he got a good feeling, he would try to make some kind of business out of it. You have a strong commercial spirit.

Assunto said, 'Please wait a moment,' and ran off, returning with several kinds of cheese in a matter of minutes.
He chose one of the cheeses that melted well, sliced it thinly, and put it on the curry.

'What?You put cheese in the curry?
'Well, that's okay. Just take a bite.

She twirls the melted cheese and scoops up a mouthful of curry and rice and offers it to Jeannette.
After a moment of confusion, Jeannette gently puts the curry in her mouth.
At that moment, Jeannette's eyes lit up.

'The richness of the ...... cheese envelops the curry and ...... is screaming in your mouth!
'Oh, it's so good!I'll try it too!
'Me too!
'...... Magda's already done it.'

They each put a slice of cheese into the curry and stirred.
Estella and Loretta dropped their spoons onto their plates.

'...... This is foul,' they said.
'......It's just foul deliciousness.'
'......Ummm ......Mandam'.

That last one is magda. Well, it goes without saying.
Also, 'forced translation magic'. ...... Stop translating by atmosphere.

'This is going to be added to the menu at the Sunshine Pavilion, isn't it?

'I don't mind the addition, but...'

'Doesn't it have less of an impact compared to Bonacon Curry?
'Certainly, in terms of impact, it might be. But...'

Ginette pointed at my last remaining curry and said professionally.

'This is a taste that makes me want to eat it again soon.

The Bonacon curry had a 'special occasion treat' feel to it in terms of taste as well as the high quality of the ingredients.
Cheese curry, on the other hand, is something you can eat easily whenever you feel like it.

'I think a dish that can be eaten with a smile without being overwhelmed, and that you can wait for with excitement from the day you decide to eat it next time, is the kind of dish that is appropriate for the Sun Goddess Pavilion.
'Then you've been favored.
'Yes!It's a big pass.

There's no such thing as a big or small pass.

'............ ah?

Ginette shouted as she tried to put cheese on her own curry.
She looked at my curry, looked at her curry, looked at her spoon, looked at my spoon, and then she realized. He realized that it was my spoon that he had just taken a bite of.

'Oh, um, it was ............, thank you .......'

Mmm, mmm!
Don't say anything strange!
There's no deep meaning to it!
I'm sure you'll have a great time.

I'm not sure what to say. ......

I'm not sure what to do.Use chopsticks!
'Yes, that's right!Let's go to ...... and take a break for a while.

I switched my spoon to chopsticks and sipped Ginette's homemade sweet potato stew.
Oh, it warms me up. I'm warm from the nape of my neck to my toes. It's so hot!

let's change the subject.

Hey, you guys. Especially Estella. Have you noticed?
'About what?
'The real purpose behind the white team's comeback, the one I was after.
'The true purpose of ......?

Estella looks at Magda and the others.
But none of them seem to have gotten my message.

What is it?
I just gave you a message worthy of the white team's victory.
When I looked at the scoreboard before the stick pull and realized that it was possible, I thought the spirit gods were suggesting that I should do it.

'Look at the scoreboard.

In the relay, 500 points are awarded for first place, 400 points for second place, 300 points for third place, and 200 points for fourth place.
The total points after adding those points are

Blue team: 3880 points
Yellow team: 3980 points
White team: 4180 points
Red team: 4080 points

'Look closely at the white team's score.
'4180 points...... so what?'

You still don't get it, do you? Oh well...
I'll tell you the answer.

'The total score of the white team is '4180'. Reading it backwards, it becomes '0814'.

In other words.

'That would be 'boobs~n'!
'Oh, sorry, Loretta. Can I have another one?
'Well, I'll go serve mine as well!
'...... Magda is going to add Bonacon.
'Hey, hey!Listen up, you guys!

It's a message that I took great pains to prepare.
There's got to be a little more to it than that!'I'm impressed! Or, 'You won the championship thanks to the boob message! Or, 'Well, it's a boob carnival today! And so on!


Ginette looks at me and says, instead of the three vicious girls who are ignoring my efforts.

'Please repent.

Well, that's exactly how I imagined it would end.
Well, there's always the confessional. One more trip to the confessional might not be a bad idea. d*mn.