201-I'm happy to see you all at a later date.

'What's wrong with you ......?'
'I was dressed by Mr. Uclines.'

I'm not sure I'd call you 'sir'. ...... Were you that scared, Uclines?

Early morning.
I went to Estella's house, planning to head to the 35th district. I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I've seen it before.
And there's Thibaut.
And he's wearing clothes.

'You made these clothes in one night? ............ How much does he like to work?
'My outfit is an affront to the clothing industry ...... or something ............ that was scary...' ...'
'So, you couldn't escape and were detained overnight.
'They made me wear a prototype ...... several times.'
'You spent the night at a woman's house ...... and went home in the morning.'
'Huh!Please don't tell Ka-chan about this!Please!Please!
'...... Ahh...

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
I'm not sure what to make of that. ...... Yeah, you're too right, I can't argue with that.

But it's a well-made outfit.
The processing of the wings and the belly (buttocks) is elaborate.
It is not just a simple hole, but it can be opened and closed.
The pants for the chibos can be opened up to enclose the large buttocks, pass through the legs, and finally fasten around the open waist. The waistband is constructed just like a baby's diaper.
The jacket is also worn in such a way as to avoid the wings, and the hem is fastened at the end.
There is no need to force the feathers into the holes, and there is no need to worry about damaging the feathers.
If this is commercialized well, it could be sold to the winged people.
You don't have to make a big hole in it to avoid damaging the feather. It would look neat and custom-made.

'You were a perverted tightsman, you cheeky bastard.
'I didn't like it when you did it!

No, no, no.
When you were exposed, you seemed to be enjoying yourself.

Speaking of clothes.

Even though it's early in the morning, Estella is dressed to the nines.
She's wearing the usual pants, but she's chosen a nice outfit.
She must have chosen clothes of a certain grade since she was going to be working with Lucia.

'By the way, what about Lucia?
'Lucia is in the carriage.
'She's already in the carriage?You're so quick.

I thought she'd be indoors, saying that nobles don't wait outside.
I opened the door of the carriage, which was even more gorgeous than Demilly's carriage, to say hello.

--Inside, Lucia was asleep.

'You've got no dignity whatsoever!
'M...... anchovy!How dare you break into a lady's bedroom?
I'm not sure what to say.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
It's not like she woke up here, since she's dressed completely differently.
But Estella wouldn't let her do that. ......

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before.
'Were you peeping at me?
'I know that much when I see it!

Then, 'Oh, I'd better stay up now. If I go to bed, I'll sleep through the night.' I stayed up, but I guess I was too sleepy to stay in the carriage.
I've experienced this when I was a retiree. After an all-nighter, I left home early and took a nap on the train.

'This is, my lord!Good morning!This morning, you are in a good mood. ......'
'Oh, ............?'

No, Lucia, "Hmm? ......
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
Don't lose sleep over it, and don't go crazy over the Bug People. ......

'...... mmm'.
'You're not responding well!I'm not sure what to make of that.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

'Master Yashiro'.

From Estella's mansion, Natalia emerged in a perfect appearance.
What time do these guys wake up every day?
I've been trying my best to wake Magda up so she can prepare the donation to the church. Should I have sent her to ...... help?

'You're late.'
'Oh, sorry. Magda didn't wake me up. But we're on time to leave, right?'

'No, it's not.'

Natalia said, her hands clasped like white fish and her eyes wide.

'I was just slowly changing my clothes in case someone came to take a peek!
'Why don't you just get on with your work, instead of doing unnecessary things?
'What's with the 'bang' and the 'caw' and the 'heh, heh, heh, heh, heh'?
'I'm not planning on it, that crap!
'I was wearing mismatched underwear to give the impression of carelessness!
'No thanks!I don't need your concern or information!

Oh, God. I'm having a hard time this morning. ......
Why do I have to go into this with all my might? ......

'So, let's get rid of those perverts and then get into the carriage.
'Wait!I'm just a harmless pervert!

No, don't admit to being a pervert, Thibodeau.
You've got a weakness for strong women.

'Is Natalia with you today?
'Yes. It seems that Gilberta is not coming, so I, unknown, will be in charge of accompanying her and taking care of her.
'Are you okay with emptying the Forty-two Wards?
'Since the 42nd district is peaceful, I don't think there will be any problems. ...... Well, if something serious were to happen and the Creamona family were to fall, ...... ...... Please take responsibility and make me your wife.''
'I don't think I'm responsible for any of this, do you?
'I mean, can you please stop talking about bad luck, both of you?

I don't think it's possible for the Cremona family to fall. ...... Well, Natalia has a lot of good people working for her. She'll be fine.

'Oh, yeah. Have you guys eaten yet?'
'Not yet, no.'
'We're going to stop in one of the districts on the way and get some.
'Then that's just fine.

While I was waking up Magda, who was very weak in the morning, Loretta and Delia cooked us some food and brought it to us.

'It's a joint work by Loretta and Delia, 'ordinary salmon rice balls'.
'Loretta's elements are being displayed without regret, aren't they?

When she's involved, everything becomes normal, you know.

'Is it possible that Delia stayed here too?
'Yeah, she did. Magda was lonely.'

It was the second night without Ginette.
Even if she didn't show it, she must have been feeling lonely and anxious.
At closing time, Magda started to be a spoiled brat and hugged Delia, who was very dependable, and wouldn't leave her.
I couldn't sleep with her in my arms, so I forced Delia to stay the night.

'That's why I want to go home as soon as possible today.
'I want to take Jeannette with me, you know.

That way, Magda would not be so lonely.
...... After this matter is settled, it would be nice to spoil her to the fullest.

'Oh, it's a rice ball. I love them.'
'Well, since you started serving rice balls made of minor grains, you've been eating them quite often, haven't you?
'It's easy to eat, and I kind of like it. I don't know, but it makes me ...... excited.''

Even children who leave rice uneaten will eat onigiri.
If you ask me, there was a time when a customer's kid left his rice before I made a children's lunch. ...... He also ate the rice ball I made at that time.

I'm sure you'll like the salmon.
'Because Delia was there.

If I had been in the kitchen, I could have made chicken soboro, okaka or kelp.

'Then, let's have it in the car.
'Then I'll leave it with you.

We'll leave it with Natalia and wait for the right moment to eat it in the carriage.
I'll take the money from Tibor. ...... No, you see. He's not supposed to be here, he's an old man,......, and he's kind of creepy?

I'm not sure how much I'd have to pay to get him to give it to me.

...... Oh, no.
This guy doesn't get this kind of joke.

First of all, they need to improve their extremely sneaky nature. ......

'Don't say that, Thibaut. Let's go back to the 35th district together.
'Lord Lucia ......, but a lowly man like me ......'
'Tibor. Listen to me.'

Lucia interrupted his sneering remarks and stared at Tibor with a serious expression.
He's so dignified that it's almost scary.
In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a number of things you can do.

And just as Lucia was about to open her mouth, a very cute voice came out.

'Ah ............ ah ...... good morning, good morning .......'


When Millie appeared, Lucia's tension went up a notch.
She completely ignores Thibaut. It's already been forgotten. ...... Is this guy going to stop discrimination? ............

'When I heard about the members riding in the carriage, I had a feeling that the rate of perverts would increase too much, so I negotiated with them yesterday to force them to accompany me.
'As a result, the number of perverts is increasing, isn't it? ......'
'Who's the pervert, anchovy!
'Hey, Kozo!You just casually counted me as a pervert, didn't you?

Lucia and Thibaut are biting at me in unison.
That's annoying. You're a pervert no matter how you look at it. Don't bother with the scales, Thibault!

'It's a six-passenger carriage, and I thought Millie-san could accompany me, so I asked her.
'Is that okay, Milly?
'Hmm!I want to see the flower garden again.

She must have finished her work for the day yesterday.
Did you ask someone from the Flower Arrangement Guild to take care of the flowers? ............ I have to give this back to the Flower Arrangement Guild. You're causing too much trouble.

We'll decorate the aisle with flowers.
And do a bouquet toss and fill the reception hall with flowers too. ......

If that becomes the standard, the flower guild will make a huge profit every time there's a wedding.
Let's give them a break like that.

'Hee-hee!I'm suddenly having a lot of fun!Hey, anchovy!Come on, Milly!Come closer!Come closer!
'Ah, ah's ...... ah's ............'
'Get away from him, you pervert!

You'll have to pay for this one separately.
Don't get too close to my Millie!
Let Millie sit next to me.

Hey, Thibodeau. Get your ass in the car. I'll let you sit next to me.'
'No, no, but!I don't want to be in the same carriage as my lord. ............ And there are too many people. ............ I'm afraid,......, and I'm a little scared,......'

You're the scariest of them all, right?
There's nothing scarier than a pervert wandering around outside in nothing but nude and black tights, right?

'I don't think a guy like me should be in a carriage,......'
'What is it then?Are you trying to tell me that your wife and daughter are worthless trifles?
'No, who said that?Wendy is our pride and joy, she's too good for us!
'And the wife?
'She's unbeatable!

That's for you, right?
Well, she sure was an ugly old lady, though.

Then, you're no different. It's not like you're the only one scorned by your family, is it?

He despises himself because he feels inferior to the race he was born into and has no control over.
But he doesn't want his family to feel that way, much less allow them to be insulted by a stranger for it.
For themselves, they are despicable, saying, "I'm such a race ......," but when it comes to their family, they are pissed off, saying, "Race doesn't matter.

In short, it doesn't matter what race you are. That's the truth.
It's just that I'm a little unsure of myself.

I guess Tibor understood that.
He remained silent and pondered.
Then, after a long period of silent consideration, he looked at me with pure eyes.

'I feel like I'm being specially despised by my .................. family.'
'Get a grip, patriarch!

You're ruining my plans!
You're walking around in tights and they're looking at you with contempt!
Put some clothes on from now on!I'll have Ukrines make you some clothes and you can come buy them!

I'll have Ukrines make you some clothes and you can go buy them.' If you really don't feel comfortable, how about the method Yashiro used before?

Holding up a finger, Estella sets about solving the conundrum like a great detective.
I've done it before. ......?

'Look, ...... in Jeannette's hair.'
'Oh, pseudo antennae.'
'Yes, that!

I put pseudo-tentacles on Ginette for Millie when she hesitated to ride in the carriage before.
I'm going to do the same thing this time.

'I don't mind if you put them on me!In a situation like this, I think I should be the one to do it!
'In other words, you were jealous of Jeannette and wanted to try it on too.
'No, that's not why ......'.

He's always on the lookout for new things.

'Oh ......, I'm sorry ......, I didn't bring you any flowers ...... today.'
'Oh, well,......, then it's impossible.'

'I'm sorry ......, right?'

Estella's obvious disappointment seemed to have made Milly feel guilty.
They both nodded their heads in disappointment.

'Oh, by the way, ......'.

I'm sure you've heard of it, but I'm not sure what it is.
It's a familiar cloth bag. It's from Uclines' store.
When you order a uniform or costume, it's usually delivered in this familiar bag.

'This is for you, from Mr. Uclines.'
'For me?
'I didn't have much time, so I made three prototypes ...... and told him to tell you that.

When I received the bag,............, I couldn't help but grin. The Ukrines guy was reckless,.......
I gave it to him yesterday and he's already made a prototype. ...... He's working too hard.

'Rejoice, Estella.
'You and Milly can be together.'

Inside the bag was a catsuit with a tentacle-like decoration.

'What's that?
'I thought I'd give them out at the wedding. I ordered a lot of them from Ukrines.

A marriage between a human and an insect.
That in itself is unusual, and there are many who unconsciously resist.
But if we can get everyone so excited that they don't feel that way, ...... we can get people to genuinely celebrate their marriage. ...... That's what I decided to have them make.

You see, there it is.
Even people who would never wear this kind of thing usually wear it when they go to the Dream Kingdom in Chiba, right?
And when you try it on, you might be surprised at how excited you get.

The joke that is allowed in this place now tickles people's hearts and makes them open-minded and excited.

If all the people attending the event wear this and match the insects, ......
The sense of unity that is created there will blow away any trivial sense of "discomfort". That's what I thought.

It was Miry who gave me the hint.
'...... Miri?
'That day. Miry smiled really happily at me. If that smile spreads to many people, it will work. That's what I thought.'
'Mirii ............ was really happy at that time. ...... Jinetto-san, Ladybug-san... ...I knew that everyone was thinking about me. ............'

I'm going to put a decoration on my head.
That's all I'm going to say.
But I can imagine the process of making 'just that' into, 'Okay, let's try it! I can imagine the process that makes you say, "Okay, let's do it!
There is only one reason to go to the trouble of doing "just that".

I want to make them happy.

It is this desire that will dispel what cannot be dispelled, and move what cannot be moved.

'I'm telling you, it's not like humans are going to 'fit in' with the insects.It's for both humans and insects to enjoy together. Right, Estella?
'Yes!I want to try it on!I want to wear it with Millie and Wendy, so we can have fun together.
'Ladybug-san............Estella-san............mm. It's fun together, isn't it?

This is it.
If a small feeling of happiness like the one that just happened here spreads throughout the town, I can say that my plan has succeeded.

'I'm going to make this work, Wendy's wedding!
'............ you're so much ............ about my daughter.'

I'm going to pretend that I didn't hear what Tibor muttered behind me.
I'm sure he wouldn't want anyone else to hear the damp words coming out of his father's face.

'But Yashiro. You only have three prototypes, right?'
'I'm not giving up, anchovy.'
'I also want to use these items to create cuteness and make hearts skip a beat with gap moe.'
'I didn't say I wanted to wear it. ...... You can wear it yourself.'

There are just three.
Estella, Natalia and Lucia can do it.
I'm not going to wear a catsuit in the first place.
...... Well, I promised Millie that I would wear it at some point, but ............ that doesn't mean it has to be now.
It's just a matter of sneaking it on while a lot of people are getting excited about it, for me.

But,......, the ladybug is the only one who doesn't have a matching one,......, poor thing.

Oh, that's not true, Millie!
Don't worry about me, come on!
You don't have to worry about me!

'Oh, ...... speaking of which, ............'

In the midst of all this unrest, Thibaut remembered something.
It's not often a good thing to be remembered in this context.
Forget it. Lose the memory now.
Let a meteorite fall on the back of Thibaut's head.

'There was one more thing Mr. Uclines left for me.

I knew it. ......
If it's not a tentacle catsuit, it's probably a matching item of some kind, anyway.

The Ukrines guy, he's so careful about that kind of thing, he's going out of his way to be extra careful. ......

'If you wear this, you'll be just like me.

Yeah ...... matching with Chibo ............ yeah~......

But Millie is looking at me like, 'Good for you, ladybug,' and I can't not wear it.

Even if I try to ask for help, ...... Estella wants to watch me struggle for fun, and Natalia is the one who pours oil on the fire. Lucia's default setting is hostile,......, and she has no friends.

'...... All right, all right.

The most effective way to minimize the damage is to give up quickly and wear it honestly.
If you wear it only in the carriage and take it off when you arrive, you don't have to worry about anyone other than the members here seeing it.
In fact, if we make good on our promise here, we may not have to wear the antennae catsuit on the actual event. Yeah, that's right. Let's think positively.

Oh, no. It's not that I don't like the idea of matching with the Bug People... it's that wearing a tentacle catsuit would be too painful.
I'm not the type to wear something like that even if it's just for fun. ......

I'm not the type to wear something like that even if it's just for fun.
Let's think about that.

'Then give it to me, Tibor.
'Mm. You can have it.

Who the hell are you?

Oh, no. In any case, it's probably a fancy, cute, fashionable item that Ginette and Milly would love. ............ I stuck my hand into the bag and pulled it out, and what came out was --Black tights.

You can wear them and I'll match you!
'Who'd wear them, a**h*le!

Why do I have to wear them with you?
And it's just the two of us!

'Anchovy. It's the first step in eliminating discrimination,.............
'That's right, Yashiro. We're the same person. ............ Pssst.'
'Come on, Master Yashiro. Put on your black tights, take off the rest of your clothes, and completely assimilate with the perverts over there!............ poo poo poo'
'You guys have some nerve, seriously!

Don't look at me with a smirk on your face!

'Oh, ...... ladybug-san, ......'

Millie grabbed the sleeve of my dress, looking like she was about to cry.
Her big eyes are shimmering and she looks like she's about to cry.
Oh, man. Did I hurt you because I didn't want to wear matching clothes?

'I might not be able to ............ match you.'
'Thank God, Millie is a girl with decent sensibilities!It's a good thing that Millie is the only one on my side!

Millie is the only one who can help me in this situation.
Natalia. I'm glad you brought me here. I'll give you credit for that.
...... I'll never forgive you for laughing at me just now, though.

The ladybug, let's get together with Jinetto and Mirii some other time.
'E...... ah, ah............ that's right, that's right.'

I'm not sure if you're a ...... ally ...... or not.
I can't help but feel that you're driving me to my death with your smile. ......

'Well then, let's get going.'
'Millie-tan. And then there's Thibault. Don't be shy, you two, get in the carriage. Okay?
'Yes, I'm sorry to disturb you at .............'
'Yes, I also understand .............'
All right, gentlemen. Let's get on.

Natalia led the way, and they boarded in order, starting with Lucia.

'Now, Thibaut, when the carriage leaves, count to a hundred and follow it as fast as you can.
'I don't see the point in doing that at all!

I teased him a little, and he got pissed off and tried to get in before me.
That's good.
You're getting pretty brazen, aren't you?

It'll be perfect if this brings Lucia and the people closer together.
And if she's more positive about Wendy's wedding, we'll be all set.

It's not a great piece of good fortune ...... that came my way unintentionally, but thanks to Ukrines stopping me, I had a chance to talk to Thibault at length.
I also got to hear his thoughts on Wendy. ............ "I'm so proud of you," he said. I'm sure Wendy will be very happy to hear that.

In the early morning, when the sun had not yet risen, a carriage drove through the streets.
We're headed for the Thirty-Fifth Precinct.
I've got a lot to take care of. It's time to get it over with.

I'd like to bring Ginette home and have a nice cup of coffee.