200-I wonder if I'll be able to talk about it later.

'Oh, wow!It's beautiful.

Regina's eyes sparkle as the colorful flames explode in the steel vat.
This is Regina's store, as usual.
She has moved her workbench and placed an iron vat on the floor, where she is experimenting with fireworks.
Estella and Lucia, who are also looking into the vat, stare at the blazing flames, illuminated by the colored flames.

'That went better than I expected.
'I never thought I'd be able to use a spark of fire for something like this. You really think of interesting things, don't you?
'It's an application of the technology that was already there. It's not that difficult.

The great one is the one who created the culture of fireworks.
He must have been a daredevil because he did this with gunpowder.

When he ignited the scales with firecrackers, they burst into flames with tremendous force.
It was just like the flames that spread when Wendy used the powder at her parents' house.
This scale is much more flammable than I imagined.
The temperature seems to have risen quite a bit. The powder does not get so hot, but it seems that the temperature rises when the scales burn.

'The scales of the Yamamayuga people really do burn well, don't they?

Lucia's face was a little tense.
The thirty-fifth district, which was home to many of the Bug People. We've been letting this kind of danger go unchecked for too long. It would change their minds.

'If we mix these scales with Wendy's light powder, it should spark or something. I think it would make it more beautiful.'
'So, do you want to go get some of that light powder?'
'No. I just dropped by Theron's place and asked him to bring some for me.'
'It's not that I'm prepared, it's that I'm rough with people. ...... Really, I'm so thorough.'
'Theron misses Wendy, so I'm going to mix him up with some interesting experiments. It's kind of you, right?
'I guess you could say that.

Regina smiles a grimace of admiration, dismay, and teasing.
When he makes this face, it's when he's excited. Don't accuse people of having fun. You're just as guilty now.

'Hey, Yashiro. Why does the flame change color?'
'It's a flame color reaction.
'Flame color ......?

I borrowed some lithium and potassium from Regina's house, mixed them with scales and burned them together, and they colored beautifully.
Lithium is red. Copper is green. Calcium is orange. Potassium is purple. That's about it.

'Regina, did you know?
'No. I've never done an experiment like this before.'

Well, Regina's not a scientist.

'But, you know. But, you know, everything's possible in this house.
Isn't that right?
'From the ingredients for curry to the ingredients for fireworks, ...... even the flour to soften cakes is made here, isn't it?
'Well, there's a part of me that feels like I'm being made to make things. Hey, yourself?
'It's not like I'm forcing you to do it.

I'm not forcing you to do anything.' It's just that it was originally here, and I'm telling you to prepare more. ............ Oh, am I forcing you?

I'm sure it's been a great help though. I'm grateful, Regina.
'What the hell is wrong with you?No, you're kidding. You're not taking me seriously, you creep.

When I thanked her again, Regina twisted her body as if she was unsteady.
She's really not used to being praised.

But not everything is here.
We only have things related to medicine, and there are some things we don't have, no matter how much they are called "medicine".

For example, ...... has 'gunpowder'.

'And then there's ...... how to set it off.

In a fireworks display, gunpowder is placed inside a launch tube, a firework ball is placed on top of the tube, and the explosion of the gunpowder shoots the firework into the night sky.
I substituted scales and firecrackers for the main body of the fireworks, but scales can't produce enough explosive power to shoot this thing high into the sky.
I've never made gunpowder before,......, so if Regina doesn't have it, I can't help you.

'What about asking Delia or Magda to throw it?
'Well, that's one way to do it. ......'

'Well, that's one way to do it, but I'd like to show the people who are guarding the store today the fireworks as customers. I don't want to do it behind the scenes.

'I wonder if there's anyone out there ...... who's a stout, macho, good-natured guy who throws heavy things around on a regular basis and will listen to what I have to say. ......... .....................

I'm not sure.
I know a guy like that!
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.

'All right!We've got the launcher figured out!Now all we have to do is experiment and produce beautiful fireworks!
'Even if we've got it figured out, we haven't done anything at ......, have we?Don't we have to negotiate or something?
'I think there's someone out there who wouldn't be hurt if you tried to talk them out of it. ...... You have a very vicious face, Yashiro.

You're right, Estella.
But I'm sorry to say it's a nasty face. Call it a hopeful, innocent smile.

'The anchovy.'

Lucia, who had been staring at the black smoke of the tepee as the flames burned out, turned her head toward you.
Perhaps she was afraid of the flames, but her expression looked a little tense.

'Are you going to do the experiment now?
'Yes. Fireworks aren't beautiful unless they spread out like this. If you're using handheld fireworks, it's fine to use them like this, but ......, I want them to be explosive.'
'It's just playing with fire. ......I find some of them a little scary. ............'

Fireworks are meant to be viewed from a distance.
The flames at such close range are indeed a little scary.
For those who do not understand the finished product, it may be an object of fear.

'Well, I'll be very careful.

Accidents with fireworks can be terrifying.

'Thank you for your patience, heroes and lords.
Welcome. A handsome man who doesn't greet his landlord in my house.'
'Oh, I'm sorry about that!Sorry to keep you waiting, Regina-san.'
'You're so serious, aren't you?
'Don't tease him too much. Theron is not very immune to perverts like you.'
'I guess so. If it were me, I'd say, 'Who are you talking to, let me rub your tits! If it were me, I'd be saying, 'Who are you talking to?
'What kind of pervert am I?
'Are all the anchovies around you like this?
'I guess we're friends.

Huh. Estella, who is one of the top five in terms of the length of our relationship, is saying something.
Who are you talking to? I'll rub your tits raw.

'So, um... I brought you some light powder. ......'
'Oh, sorry. I'm going to do a little experiment. Can you help me?'
'Yes, sir. If there's anything I can do, anything at all.'

That's good.
Then you'll be in charge of mixing the amount of light powder I gave you with the scales.
Here, me. I don't want to glow in the night. I don't want to touch the glitter.

'Let's start by mixing the scale powder with the light powder in a one-to-one ratio.

Randomly, to my heart's content, I put the scale powder into the steel vat.
It's the first time. Let's see how it goes with the right amount.

'Yashiro. Don't you need to measure it?
'It's fine. I lit it once before and have a rough idea. You should trust my senses.'
'That's a completely unreliable basis.'
'Lucia......, you did your best to pull it up today, didn't you?The top is two millimeters higher than last time.'
'You're a monster, aren't you?You can't detect that kind of error with your eyes!
'I knew you were into this from the first glance.'
'Don't think so!I'm not!
'...... As expected, ............ Yashiro's senses are so accurate that it's weird.
'When it comes to boobs, though, ......'

When everyone is satisfied, I have Theron pour in the light powder.
I'll just eyeball it.
ZabazabaZabazaba............Yes, stop!

'Now we just need the right amount of fire dust. ............ Okay, Regina. Ignite the fire.
'I'll do it myself!
'No, I'm scared!
'I told you to trust your senses, didn't I?

You're a pharmacist, but you're a lousy one!

Well, it's not like I put in that much ......

It's no use. Well, let's light a fire.

I set fire to the rough rope and throw it into the iron bucket.

A moment later--

A huge explosion.

'What the hell are you doing, Jibooooooooooom!
'Fire!We have to put out the fire!
'You've got to know your limits, anchovy!

Abusive language being hurled. The vituperation.
I barely heard them all.

I was scared. ............ I was scared. ......

'Oh no!You're not allowed to experiment indoors anymore!You're doing it outside!
'I'm so glad we didn't start a fire.
'Stop spreading misery, you anchovy!I don't want to die in a place like this where there are no insects.

You'd be happy with Millie and Wendy.
You should be stronger.

'That was one hell of a pillar of fire. ...... Regina, are you okay with the medicine?
'Well, it was a bit of a mess, but no ...... damage.'
'I see. I'm sorry.'
'Well, ...... the explosion was far beyond our expectations, so ...... it can't be helped.'

It was exactly what we expected.
We had decided the amount of scales and fire powder considering the size of the fire when we burned them, but when we mixed the light powder with the scales, the explosion was far beyond our expectation.
Did it cause a chemical reaction?

'But ...... no one can imagine an explosion of this scale. ............ The nobleman who blew up Orkio's mansion might have felt this way. I don't know.

I thought I'd lightly set a fire and ...... make a scene, and then there was a huge explosion.
At that moment, the person who set the fire might have been the one who felt the coldest. Well, I don't feel sorry for him.

'If people knew how powerful this is, they might look at the accident differently.
'Well, that's true, too. ......'

I'm not doing this to show you how powerful it is.
Nor do I do this to instill fear in you.

I want you to understand it properly as knowledge.
But more than that, ......

'These fireworks have to be very nice.
'It's to liven up the wedding, isn't it?
'That's true, too.

That's the point of using these scales instead of creating gunpowder.
If you don't use this well-burning scale powder to create something beautiful and wonderful, and have it recognized, you'll be ......

'If we don't publicize the fact that it's a good thing, it will spread the false perception that the ...... worm people are dangerous, won't it?
'Ah, ......'

If such a rumor spreads that Orkio's mansion was blown up because of the swallowtail butterfly's scales ......, some people might unfairly discriminate against the Bug People. That would have the opposite effect.

'In fact, Wendy was more than a little shocked to find out that her own scales burned well.

When I told her what had caused the spark in the quarrel between father and son, she was superficially mending her ways, but her face was very pale.
That must have been scary.

'Fear is created because you don't know who you are. Then you should reveal yourself to them. Teach them how to deal with it properly, show them how to use it effectively, and they won't have to be afraid.

In Japan, there are not many people who are more afraid of gasoline than necessary.
This is because the correct way to handle gasoline is well known and many people know how useful it is.

You want to tell them, 'Your scales can produce such wonderful things.

If it hurts anyone in any way.
I want to show Siraha and Wendy some beautiful fireworks. I think so.

'............ anchovy......'
'Yeah. I think so. I want to show them beautiful fireworks. Hey, Lucia-san.'
'E...... ah, ah, yes.'

Estella patted her on the back and Lucia looked up.
And then, her face changes into a face that seems to have tickled her inner feelings of justice, mission, and other emotions that she is ashamed and hesitant to show.

'I'll give you my full cooperation. You need more scales anyway, don't you?I'll gather them up for you.'
'That would be great. Then you can go to ...... with the swallowtail butterflies and other butterfly people.'

I'll settle the other pending matter here as well.

'Gather the moths and the cocoon moths and collect their scales.
'Gather butterflies and moths?
'Yeah. We'll work well together and split the credit. Also, I'm sure I'll be asking for favors from the other insect tribes soon, so please help me with that.

Especially the beetles and stag beetles.

Once, Wendy said she wanted to play with flowers the same way butterflies do.
Wendy's mother, Valeria, once said, "Even the subspecies of swallowtail butterflies.
The Yamamayuga people are uncomfortable with the Swallowtail people and think that they are lower than them.
If we do not break this belief, discrimination will never cease.

Eliminate the belief that you are a person who is discriminated against. That is the first step.

'Let's get together as a race of insects and make other races surprised. We want to make this a positive event.

I hope it makes the Bug People proud.
I don't think anyone will take advantage of that.
It's not about who's higher and who's lower.
People who have special skills are said to be great. It's as simple as that.

'I'm going to wake up the people who think they're not good enough. I want you to help me do that.
'You're a big man, aren't you? Anchovy ............ No.'

Lucia's eyes change color.
Maybe the way she looks at me has improved a bit.

'A marbled tern.
'I'm not sure if it's upgraded or not!
'Just call it anchovy already!It's a little too familiar to me!

Either way, it means you've got eyes like a dead fish, anyway!

'I've given it some thought, but ...... I don't understand it.
'Your metaphors are more difficult to understand.
'Because, you see, Lucia-san is the lord of the 35th district, which prospered from sea fishing.'

I don't need that follow-up!I don't need it, Estella!

'Well, well. That's fine. That's a pretty cute nickname, 'Kataichishaburi'.'
'It's anchovy!Don't take everything in an obscene direction!And Lucia, don't give me that 'you're ......' look again!I'm the victim here!

As I was getting fed up with the fact that there are only idiots here, Theron jumped out in front of me with an incredibly refreshing smile on his face.
And then he grabbed both my hands tightly.
...... Stop it. I'm not happy with the way men are treating me.

'Hero-sama ......'.
'I'm .......'
'I'm thrilled.'
'...... So what?'
'I can't believe you thought so much about Wendy. ............ Once again, Hero-sama's kindness makes me cry, I can't stop crying!

Stop it!Don't cry!
It's just a punishment game to be cried by a man at this close distance!
I mean, you're getting more polite every day!
You used to speak more frankly!
Don't respect me!You're bothering me!

'For the sake of the heroes, I'll be happy with Wendy!I'm going to make out with you more than ever, without regard for place!
'Alright, then I'll ruin it for you.
'Don't you want them to have a happy wedding?
'I'll destroy it after the happiest wedding ever!
'What's the point of ...... doing it twice?

I don't understand.
Anyone who makes out in front of me is guilty as charged.
Just blow it up. Only the men.

'I thought you had a big heart, but ...... you have a shallow bottom, anchovy.

Hahahaha, I've been scorned again. I've been scorned again. Hmph!

I'm sure the manager of the sunlit pavilion is the best when it comes to depth of pocket. ...... physically.'

It's true that Jeannette's cleavage is deeper than anyone else's, but still!Just shut up, you disgraceful pharmacist.

'Whatever the case, when you want to change something, you need a trigger. And the more flashy the trigger, the more effective it will be.
'It's like the sewers of District 42 and the gluttony contest in District 41.

Estella has witnessed the city's reforms many times. I'm sure she's aware of the importance of this.
Do something spectacular, get excited, and then carry on with the reform.
That's the easiest way to do it.

'So you want to use these fireworks to raise the status of the insect race?
'No, no. Not at all.

We are not in a low position to improve our status.
Right now, we are already equal, and there is no such thing as a low status that needs to be improved.

What we need to do is to change our mindset.

We need to break down the stereotypes of 'this is the way it should be' and 'this is the way it has to be', and instill the idea of 'it's simpler than that'. Force it on them. Smear it all over your body.

'Then you'll be able to have the lord pour you a drink in the flower garden.

Lucia certainly looked lonely that day in the flower garden.
She was sure that the wall between her and the Bug People would never be filled. The depth of the gulf that she thought would never be filled. Lucia was discouraged.

Then I'll fill the gap and tear down the wall.
At a fancy event, we'll get together and make a fool of ourselves, and all our reservations will disappear.
It's impossible to get to know each other when you're talking in fancy words.
You'll get tired of worrying about others. ...... each other.

'That's why we need to set off some big fireworks.
'Yeah, right. Okay!I'll give you my full cooperation!
'No, no, Estella. You'll be forced to participate from the start.'
'What?Let me be cool!

This is part of Wendy and Theron's wedding.
I'll spare no effort to help you, my trusty lord.

'Here. We're ready. Experiment's back on. Outside, now.'
'Hero, please direct.'

Theron carries out the heavy iron bucket, Theron carries out the heavy powder bag.
...... You haven't done a thing, Regina.

'All right, let's get started, Yashiro!
I've been trying to tell you.I wanted to say it.
'Let's get started, anchovy!
'No, no, no!I'm the one who planned it. I'll take the lead on .......'
'Hurry up and get started, Jibu~n!
'No, that's not it. I'm the one who said, 'Okay, let's do this! Like ......'
'Hero!Let's do it!
'You all want to show off, don't you?

In the end, the lost order could not be regained, and the experiment began in a flowing manner. ...... It's so tight.
After that, the experiment was repeated over and over again, taking plenty of time.
When the setting sun has dyed the sky red, and it has become dim, and darkness has begun to fall all around, the Theron begins to shine very brightly,...... powder,.......

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.
'I guess so. Well, I had some fun today. ...... I don't mind, I'll do it.

Regina is unusually enthusiastic.
Is this the first time Regina has voluntarily participated in an event?
I also found out that if you use the light powder, the flames will dissipate.
If we combine them well, we can make some fireworks.

'All that's left is to go to District 35 and secure a launcher.
'If you're going to District 35, I'll give you a ride in my carriage.
'Are you staying here today?
'Oh. I'm going to stay at Estella's or Milly's.'
'You're staying at my place, aren't you?That's the plan, isn't it?
'2:8, Millie's.'
'It's kind of dangerous, so I'll have you stay at my place!
'Miry wouldn't harm me.
'I'm worried about my people!
'You've come to say ......, Estella.'
'Thanks to you!It's no use having a scary face and an intimidating aura like that!
'............ millie-tan'.
'If you're too persistent, I'm going to start talking to you!
'At a hundred paces, Magda-tan.'
'Yashiro. Come to my house in the morning. I'll let you stay at my place even if I have to put you in chains.

Lucia's treatment is getting worse and worse.
Estella is getting tougher.

'...... has been compromised, Magda is here.

'Ooooh!You scared the hell out of me!'

The next thing I know, Magda is standing right behind me, snuggled up to me.
...... Give me a sign. Please.
It's getting dark, and I'm actually starting to get a little scared.

'Whoa!Tiger ears!Tiger ears!I want to be muffled!
'...... You don't have to force yourself to give up a hundred steps.'
'Aah!You're in a bit of a bad mood, Magda.

I'm not sure what to say.
It's a phrase that's very familiar to me. ...... What, you have the same disease?

I'm not sure if it's a good idea.Where's the store?
'...... The store is run by Loretta. We have some reassuring employees, and we also have a foxman wingman who's a bit seriously ill.'
'If it weren't for that last guy, I'd feel a lot safer. ......'

And the cause of that sickness is you, Magda.

'I've been worried about you because you've been coming home late ...... and so has ............ everyone else.'

'Everyone' too.
Magda is an honest girl. Well, I'm sorry I worried you.

'...... Since you're here, I'll invite you to dinner.'

He turned to the people in the room and pointed to each one of them.

'...... this, that, and the other.'
'You know, Magda, ...... just in case you're wondering, we're lords, so be careful how you talk to us. ...... No, I'm fine with that. ......'
'......Let's give to the lowly.'
'Magda, do you know what a "lord" is?'
'......The second highest position after Magda.'
'Yeah, what position is Magda in?'
'...... Angel?'
'Mm!I have no objection, Magda-tan!
'Lucia-san, please don't spoil her!It's not good for your education!

What can I say? Maybe Magda is a genius at getting powerful people like Umaro and Lucia on her side.
......They're only for powerful people with 'weird' in their name.

'......Let's have a takoyaki parley.'
'Yes, let's. I'm hungry, let's go eat together.'
'Well, I guess we should invite you over sometime.
'I'll go with you, Hero-sama.
'I'm starving too.
'That's true!You're flat from top to bottom, Estella.'
'Shut up, Yashiro!
'...... pfft.'
'You can't laugh at people as much as you say you can, can you, Lucia?

Oh, and if you look closely, this place has a low ...... average ......
I never thought I'd have to rely on Regina ......

''You guys need to grow some more.''
''Shut up!
''...... There's still hope for Magda.''

''And while you're at it, raise Theron.
''You can't do that, hero!

Nimbly, we made our way to the sunlit pavilion.
And suddenly, I think about tomorrow.

Tomorrow, ...... after I finish my business in the 35th district, ............

I'll go pick up Jeannette.