199-Later Tan 27 Clothing Shop and Half-Naked

'Yashiro-chan~! I've come to invite you...'
'The sheep's clothing store has arrived!

I sent Hammaro on an errand and asked him to fetch Ukrines.
The sun had already set, but it was still early in the evening. It was that time of day.

'Sorry to call you here, Uclines. Is everything all right in the store?'
'Yes, sir. It's fine.
'I know you're working on the wedding dress, but I'd like some more time.
'What, you've changed your mind?That's not like you, Yashiro.'

No, I don't think you're being too hard on ...... me.

In addition,......, we've recently hired an employee. I'm concentrating on the production. So I've been able to make some time for it.
'Oh, finally.
'Mm-hmm. Thanks to you, I'm making a lot of money. I can't sleep with my feet up to Yashiro-chan.
'...... Yashiro will be happy if you sleep with your boobs facing him.'
'Well, are you okay with an old lady like me?
'Don't take it seriously, Ukrines. And don't interrupt me in the middle of something exquisite, Magda.

I'm not happy to have my tits pointed at you.

Uclines has been busy with the new clothes I'm bringing in and the increasing number of customers since the yukata boom, but it looks like they've finally decided to hire an employee.
He could have done it sooner, but he was having a difficult time because he seemed to have a particular way of doing things.
He once said that he didn't want anyone who didn't love clothes to handle his products.

'Did you find a good employee?
'I auditioned.

You even had a selection committee?
I guess being an employee of a clothing store is a high bar.

'Thankfully, there were many girls who wanted to work for us. Mmm-hmm.
'Did you decide on the knowledge or the love of clothes?
'Of course that was an important point, but I was also particular about the appearance.

As is the case in Japan, sales increase when the shopkeepers are beautiful and wear the store's products beautifully.
Above all, this creates admiration and raises the quality of the store.

I see.
So Ukrines is trying to attract new customers by strengthening what he could not do himself.
I guess I'm going to be the one to make it.

'But it was hard work. It's hard to find young girls with good facial features and proportions.
'And those who want to work in a clothing store are limited, aren't they?
'Yes, that's right!

His voice was raised, and his hardship was evident.

'My ideal is a girl like Nephrite.

No, it's true that her style is good, but ............ her face is like a chicken's, you know?

'She's popular among the girls, Nepheli. She's a bit neutral-looking, isn't she?
'Neutral, I mean. ......'

It's hard to tell her gender because of her race. ......

'But Nepheli doesn't want to work outside of a poultry farm. ............ It's a waste, isn't it?

Uclines said with deep regret.
It's a shame,' says Ucrines, looking deeply disappointed. ...... But, well, I suppose Nepheli would.
His love for the poultry farm is unparalleled.
I don't think he's going to leave his job for a minute.
First ......

'Nepheli is at his best when he's working at the poultry farm.

He looks happy, lively, and good-looking.
I meant to say something like .........

Conqueror conqueror conqueror conqueror conqueror conqueror conqueror ............

I was going to say something like:
...... Ah. What timing. ............

'Oh, what?Huh?Oh, that ......?

Nepheli came to the sunlit pavilion with seemingly impeccable timing.
There was a bamboo basket lying at his feet.
For a moment I was nervous, wondering if it contained eggs, but it seemed to be baby sponge cakes. The contents seemed to be safe, protected by the bamboo basket with a lid.

'Oh, um, Jeannette's not here, so I was wondering if there's anything I can do to help. ...... Um, I'm done with work!Also, I heard that Delia is here, so go bake some baby sponge cakes for her. ............ So, you know, ......... .........'
'Oh, thanks. That'd be great, Neffery.'
'Huh!Ya,palm............ that,......'

'And I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything serious. What you just said.'
'What?I know, but...?Yeah, I totally understand!
'...... Even if you know what you're doing, you'll still fall in love with her.

I'm not sure what to say.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out. ......
You see, Nepheli has become like a steamed chicken.

'Just what I needed, Mr. Neffely.

Bertina approached the boiling Nephrite.
It's time to go home, isn't it, Bertina?
There's supper for the kids.

'I was just about to leave, I'm full.
'You're here to work, aren't you?

I wonder if this is what Loretta was like when she was in ............ Cantalucia, eating okonomiyaki with the customers.

'It would be great if you could take the floor for me.
'Uh, yeah!I'll take care of it!'............ What's that, a steel plate?
'...... that, Magda, the assistant manager, will explain. Wash your hands first.

I'll leave Nephrite to Magda, and return to my conversation with Ukrines.
As an apology for calling you out, I'll treat you to a boatload of takoyaki.

'Well!That's so cute. Do you mind if we eat while we eat?
'Oh, no. I'm talking on my own, so enjoy it.'
'Well... I'll eat.

Ukrines is working on Wendy's wedding dress. I'm sure the load is great at the moment, but ...... there's one more thing I need you to make.
I've heard that they're hiring more employees, so I'm going to take full advantage of that.
I spread out the blueprint of the new thing I want you to make in front of Ukrines.

'...... What's this?
'I'm going to use it for my upcoming wedding. I'll need quite a few of them, do you think you can get them?'
'If it's as simple as this, I'm sure it's ...... possible.'

It was a good time for Ukrines to focus on his work.
Well, well, well.
This should work.

And then, at the worst possible time to ruin such good timing, an unbelievable person came to the sunny pavilion.

'Where's my daughter?Is Wendy there?

There she was, a giant moth, bigger than me.
A half-naked man in tights with his muscular upper body on display.
It was Wendy's father, Thibault of the Yamamayuga tribe.
I feel sick in my absolute domain today!

'...... pervert'
'I'm a pervert!
'Yashiro, you're a pervert!
'You're just like a picture of a pervert.
'Oh, God!You're disgusting, you pervert!
'Wow, ...... is a pervert, .......'
'You're a pervert like no other in history.'

Magda, Loretta, Delia, Norma, Nepheli, and Umaro and Hammaro. It seems they've all been unanimously declared perverts.


Unlike the girls, who were distracted, Bertina said in her normal calm voice.

'You've made some strange friends again, haven't you?
'No, we're not friends.

It seems that Tibor is classified as 'strange' in Bertina's eyes.
Also, could you please not say 'again'?It hurts my feelings.

'How did you find this place?
'Cause I heard my daughter called you "Hero-sama". I asked around at the entrance to the city.

What? ...... 'Hero-sama' can lead you to me? ...... That's scary. I mean, I hate it.

'So, what's up, Tibor?What do you want?
Do you have a daughter?
'You can't hide her from me!

Thibaut shouts, and the scales come flying out.
Stop it. It's unsanitary!

'Don't spread scales in a restaurant!

'Then get my daughter out of here!
'I'm in District 35. It's the residence of Sirach of the swallowtail butterfly tribe.''
'Sirach, ......?

Scales, wow!
...... This guy, do you want me to seriously punch him?

'I mean, what do you want?What are you doing here?
'I'm here to bring back my daughter!
'Are you still talking like that?
'Listen to me, you!You're trying to make a spectacle out of my daughter's marriage, aren't you?
''A show, or rather, a ......, let's all celebrate together, right?
'I heard that you asked me and Ka-chan to be in the show!
'Yeah. I did.'

When I affirmed, Tibor grabbed me tightly by the chest and twisted me up.
I can't breathe. ......!
But more than that, I can't stand the sight of Thibaut's face so close to mine!It's too disgusting!

'Stink!Your breath stinks!
'I don't smell, you idiot!

' yells Tibor with his stinky breath.
Is he angry because he thinks his daughter will be exposed?
Not just his daughter, but himself and his beloved wife as well. ......

'You're asking me to go out in public dressed like this?
'Oh, I was aware of that.

I mean, you're mad at yourself?

'Are you trying to make us the laughing stock of the family?
'Don't worry. You're the only one who's going to be laughed at.'
'...... No. It's not funny.'
'Yes, sir.

From behind me, I can hear people being even more scathing than I am.
Magda and Loretta. Be careful, sometimes a good argument can hurt people.

'If that's what you want to talk about, why don't you leave it to me?I'll make you some clothes.

I heard a soft voice and felt Ukrines stand up.
I turn around and see ......

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be fine.

...... He had a really pissed off look on his face.
This is the first time Uclines has shown this expression. Honestly, it's super scary.

I'm not sure what you're talking about.
'Oh, no, ...... this is because I don't have any clothes to wear due to my ...... beastly features. ......'
'If you don't have any, why don't you make some?
'No, but ............ I don't have that kind of money ......'
'Money?Are you throwing away your character because of money!Is such a thing allowed!No, it's not allowed!It is not allowed!
'Oh, you're right, ............, but, you know, ......?
'Oh, my God!The more I look at it, the more unpleasant it is!What is that, what is that, what is that outfit?Is this a challenge to me?I'll take it!

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.
He's not very good when he's pushed too hard.

'Yashiro-chan!I'm going to borrow this pervert for a moment!
'Oh. It'd be great if you could take it home with you.
'No, wait!There's still the wedding and all that ......!
'I'll make you a gentleman's dress that you won't be ashamed to wear to the ceremony!You won't have a problem with that, will you?
'Eh, no, ...... that's the ............'
'What is it?
'...... No, thank you very much.'

Winner, Ukrines~.

Well, the question of whether it was okay to expose this perverted tightsman to the public was one of the concerns.
I'm sure Ukrines will figure it out since he's so motivated.
All right, I'll leave it to you.

'Now, please follow me. I'll have your clothes made and on you as soon as possible. This kind of aesthetically unpleasing half-naked tights are only accepted by ............ Norma and Natalia!

'I'm not going to dress like that, am I?
'Oh my God!I want to see it!
'No, you wouldn't!

And then there's ...... and eventually .............
Let's hope for such a future.

So, Yashiro-chan. I'll take this document. I'll have it ready by the deadline!So long!
'Excuse me!I still need to talk to you about ...... that!

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing.
...... Ahhh. The floor is covered in scales.

I'm not sure what to do.

She peeked out of the door and looked outside.

'Did you see the half-naked pervert that Ukrines just grabbed?
'That's Wendy's father. You've seen him before, haven't you?
'Oh, I'm sorry. I try to forget the stains on my memory.'

What a convenient way to make a point.
But, hey, keep your memories.
...... You don't want to have to 'meet' that pervert more than once, do you?It's not half as hard on the heart as it sounds. Sometimes it's important to memorize and build up a tolerance.

'Not at all. It's always so noisy where you are, anchovy.

The one who appeared from behind Estella was Lucia.
Why are you in the 42nd district?
Gilberta is probably at Sirach's mansion escorting Ginette and the others, did she come alone?

'Gilberta's absence is boring, so I came to visit you.
'Do your job.

Don't abandon your duties when you're in the mood, you, every single time. ......

''Besides, the pervert who was just now is a citizen of your territory, right?
'Pervert?...... That's right in front of me right now, isn't it?
'It's not me!It's the perverted half-naked tights man who just left!
'That's because of his animal features. There's nothing wrong with that.

Your favoritism for the beastmen is unbelievable!
You and Jeannette are the only ones who can say there's nothing strange about that half-naked tights man. Even my own daughter, Wendy, was a little put off.

'Don't compare me to that, I'm a fresh, handsome gentleman.
'Keep your jokes to your face!
'Whose face is the joke?
'Take off that joking face!
'Don't be absurd!

Why is it that Thibaut can tolerate it and I can't? I can only assume that the brain that controls Lucia's aesthetic sense has a serious error somewhere.

'Anyway, Yashiro. How was Orkio?'
'It was a hit.'
'Good. Then let's execute the plan.

I told Estella all about it on the way home yesterday.
Well, in short, we're going to have a big parade, but since it's a multi-district project, there are some things that need to be adjusted.
Perhaps Lucia is here to discuss these matters as well.

I'd like to talk to the lords of the 36th to 39th districts as well.
In that case, it would be better if Lucia from the 35th district talked to them rather than Estella from the 42nd district.
Well, since we're just passing through the districts on the way, there won't be anything special.
There's no harm in laying the groundwork. Such is the nature of nobility.

'Yashiroo...... what was that strange man just now......'

Nephrite is twitching with a dustpan in his hand.
Yeah. I guess you could be classified as weird enough.
But you know what? I'm getting so used to seeing his chicken face, I'm starting to feel threatened.

'I was spraying a lot of weird powder all over the place... ......'
'I was so excited. ...... Oh, so that's scale.'
'Yeah, ...... it's kind of dirty. ......'

Hey, hey, hey.
Wendy's going to get it too, you know. Be careful what you say.

'Thibaut's wary of humans. He must have been very excited.

'They thought they'd be made a spectacle of and a laughing stock of, so they came in.
'So they make a fuss and end up being looked at strangely by a lot of people. ...... Foolish.

Lucia shrugs her shoulders, as if lamenting the ineptitude of the people of her district.
'If you saw a half-naked man in tights walking around with scales all over him, well, you'd see him.

'Most likely, he was seen with us humans.
'So, the humans are all trying to get Wendy to marry ......?
'Indeed, if they knew that Lucia-san, the lord of the 35th district, was cooperating with us, Wendy's parents might get nervous.
'Hmm. Estella may be right. I may have aroused some distrust by my actions.'

If it was just us, we could have just brushed it off with a strategy of not listening, but that's not going to work with a lord.
If they really had seen us and Lucia together, they would have been very upset.

'You don't have much faith in the nobility, do you?

Lucia muttered to herself.
One of the reasons why the Bug People became wary of humans was because of Sirach's injury.
I'm sure there are many who view the nobleman who injured Sirach as an enemy.

'Wendy's parents are probably wary of nobles. ...... Originally, they became wary of humans because of Sirach-san.'
'Hmm. I'm sure you're right.

Lucia replied to Estella, who muttered to no one in particular.

'It became known that Orkio's relatives had set fire to the mansion.
'Was the culprit immediately identified?If it's just circumstantial evidence, you can get away with anything.

In fact, aristocrats and powerful people often cover up facts like that.
Orkio's relatives were aristocrats, too, so they would do that. He was so confident in his ability to cover up the fact that he would have done something so outrageous as arson.

There was no way he could get away with it. There was a huge fire that burned down the whole area and caused a huge explosion that blew up the house and ...... caused a lot of trouble.

Arson, explosion?

'I heard that because of that, Orkio's family was stripped of their noble rights by the king and reduced to commoners.
'That's a harsh punishment. The victim, Orkio, was also stripped of his noble rights. ......'
'It's an old custom that both sides are defeated in a dispute between nobles.
'Well, setting off a fire that blows away the mansion is a bit much, isn't it? It's a pity about Orkio, but his relatives can't help but be stripped of their rights.
''No. Probably, the relatives didn't intend for it to be that big of a deal.''

According to what I heard at Sirach's mansion, the relatives started to harass Orkio and Sirach in an attempt to have their marriage dissolved, and when they were rebuffed, they got angry.
At that time, they must have been very angry, but they would not have tried to stop the couple from getting married. At best, he would have felt like 'I'm going to give them a hard time.

But ......

'There was one miscalculation on the part of Orkio's relatives, who had only intended to threaten him with fire.
'The mansion where Orkio and Sirach lived was covered with a large amount of Sirach's scales.'
''Ah .......''

Estella had once witnessed the scales burning in Wendy's parents' house. I'm sure you can guess how powerful it is.
The joy of being with her.
Resentment, sadness, and anguish at the harassment she receives from her relatives. ......
These changes in emotion were causing Sirach to spew out scales.

And when her relatives, unaware of this, set fire to the house, ......

'The scales ignited and exploded in a blaze of ...... fire. I guess that's it.

There is such a thing as a dust explosion.
Its destructive power is unimaginable.
Don't underestimate a mere powder.
It's because they're tiny particles that they fly in the air, are hard to see, and are easily burned.

'I see. I'm not going to let you get away with arson, but I think it's credible that you didn't think it would be that big of a deal.''
'Hmm. It's a reasonable inference for an anchovy.

Well, it's only a theory.
But if it's proven, it might change the way the insects look at us.
If they find out that the accident that caused Sirach to lose his antennae wasn't completely intentional, they'll at least look at me a little bit differently.

'Hmm?...... Oh, right!

I look at the dustpan Neffery is holding.
This could be useful.

'I'm going out for a bit!Nephrite. Nephrite, could you pack this scales in a bag for me?
'Hey, Yashiro, where are you going?
'To someone who can make use of this scale powder.
'Yashiro. You've come up with something. Do you mind if I follow you?
'Suit yourself.'

Next to Nepheli, who looked as if he didn't understand, Estella smirked as if she had realized something.

Estella's face looks more like 'I don't know what it is, but it looks interesting' than 'I know what it is'.

'Yashiro. Are you going out?
'Yes, I am. It's almost dinnertime, so there'll be more customers.
'Well, we can run it on our own, but I'm not sure about .......'

Norma, Delia and Umaro gather around with anxious looks on their faces.
These guys have mastered okonomiyaki and yakisoba in just one day.
I'm sure you'll have no problem leaving them to me. ......

'If you work hard today, we'll give you a special seat at the wedding to show you the good stuff.
'That's what you're going to make, isn't it?
'I don't know about that, but if that's the case, I'll leave it to you!I'll take care of it no matter how many people show up!Umaro!
The three of us were a little nervous.

I'm a little worried about the three of us, but we'll be fine with Magda and Loretta.
......... I feel like my position has changed.
In the past, I was worried about Magda and Loretta, and thought that I would be fine with Jeannette.

'Don't let me down, Oumaroo!
'You don't say that!And don't call me that, Hammaro!
'Okay, Oumalo. Follow Hammaro and make sure you serve him well.'
'What?I'm under Hammaro?

The fact that I'm even a little bit happy about such a change ...... has poisoned me a lot.

'Well then, Yashiro. Let's go.
'What would you like to do, Lucia?
'Huh, huh............, there are so many beastmen in this shop............ It's heaven!
'Okay, Estella. I'll take you there even if I have to step on you.'
'Yeah. I guess so.'

Estella was finally getting used to dealing with Lucia.
Yes, yes. You can't coddle this kind of thing.
Take them by force. If they resist, we'll deport them.

'You and Hammaro!Just once, let me pet you!
'Yes, yes. Even Lucia will sue you if you mess with the youth.'
'The cry of a woman's soul I've never seen before...'

It seems that Hammaro, with his beastly features on full display, was very much to her liking.
I don't think I've ever seen Lucia show this much interest in a man before.
...... Are you saying that Hammaro is your first love?
No, no, no, no.

'Or else, let me fondle that fox girl's tail!
'Then I'll be in charge of the tits!
'Estella!Let's get those two out of here.Hurry up!

Norma points outside with her cigarette at the ready.
What the hell... It's not getting any better. It's not going to get any worse. ...... It's more likely to get better.

'Lucia's too perverted to be warned. ......'
'Don't worry. We're both more than perverted enough.'
'You've come to say that, ......, Estella.'

Estella grabbed me by the neck and dragged me and Lucia out of the sunlit pavilion.

When we went outside, Magda and Loretta came out to see us off.

'Big brother. Let me and Magda take care of the store!But when you're done working, please hang out with us again!

I've been running around a lot lately, so I haven't had much time to spend with these guys.
When I get some time, I'll play with them as much as I can.


And Magda, who is now the chief executive officer of the Sunlit Pavilion under the name of acting manager, stares at me with a reliable expressionless face.

'...... When you come back, Magda will treat you to the most delicious takoyaki.'

Well, honestly. I've been smelling the sauce all day, and ...... I'm getting a little tired of it.

'Oh!I'm looking forward to it!

If Magda says it's the best food, I can't stop eating it.
We'll have takoyaki for supper.

Magda and Loretta saw me off, and the two lords and I walked toward the main street.

'Where are we going?
'To Regina's.'

We're going to Regina's apothecary.

'What are you going to do with the scales, anchovy?
'I thought you might be able to make something good out of it. ......'

He tapped the bag of scales he'd received from Nepheli, and his secret ambition flared.
If this thing is completed, it will surely change the history of this city.
It's the ultimate item that can turn any event into a huge party in a single shot.

I'll make fireworks.

Regina can do it.
I have a feeling.