271-Episode 183 On the Way Home

The fact that Imelda had borrowed the carriage had paid off in the end.

'In the forty-second district, you will not be known as the lord and the head waiter.

I announced to everyone in the carriage, which was smaller than the one before.
There are five of us in the six-seater carriage, including the three of us, Tracy and Nene.
We didn't want to use the carriage at Tracy's house to hide our identities.

The reason for the concealment ...... is to dare to induce a synchronization phenomenon.

In an atmosphere where Tracy is treated as a lord, he has no choice but to remain a lord wherever he is. This is because they unconsciously choose to behave the way they think others will.
By hiding her true identity and letting her work at the Sunshine Pavilion, she can give them a taste of what it means to feel normal.

In other words, we'll put Tracy in a position where she doesn't have to reprimand Nene when she makes a mistake.
The head waiter has to be perfect.
With this in mind, he frees Tracy from the stereotype that he, as the lord, must scold and correct Nene before others can warn her.

She also tells Nene to stop "saying and doing things just to avoid getting angry with Tracy.
If Nene can get her into the habit of taking what she thinks is the best course of action, she won't have the stupid inconsistency of looking too closely at Tracy's face before taking action and not being able to take any action.
In order for Nene to remain the head waiter, it is essential for her to build a thought process that allows her to act one step ahead of Tracy. He can't do that if he's just looking to Tracy's opinion like he is now.

Both of these people are too extreme.
Before they can be cured of their vices, their one-sided thinking needs to be flattened out.

'--So make an effort not to reveal your identity.
'Yashiro......, how can you talk like that to the lord of another district with an unconcerned face......, well, it's a little late now.'

Estella sighs, her face turning pale.
I'm not going to get into it. Neither Tracy nor Nene are offended by my words or actions.
What's more, I'm trying to help you, okay?Why are you complaining about such a small thing?You should be grateful, revere me, and just obey my orders.

'You'll wear yourself out if you worry too much about it.
'I don't dare ask where you're talking about, but ...... when your scalp starts to show, I'm going to do it all over again. ......'

It's hard to deny that this is a horrible thing to do,......, but it's not.
I like seaweed, so I'm sure I'll be fine.I'm sure!

'Are you going to keep this a secret from Jeannette and the others?
'No, I think it's better to tell them what's going on. It's wiser to ask for their help than to hide it.

What you hide will come out.
Well, it's not a particularly important secret, but the consciousness of trying to hide something can create a sense of discomfort in our daily activities, and it's not uncommon for such a change to cause an irreversible situation.

Then you'd better trust your friends and tell them everything!
...... is a cold word that gives me goosebumps all over my body as a con man. ............ Well, with that group of people, there is no problem trusting them. I'm sure you'll have no problem trusting them.

'Ginette, like me, doesn't change her attitude just because she's a lord, good or bad.
'Can you please not lump her in with you?I want you to be aware that you're on both ends of the spectrum, like a good example who doesn't change his attitude and a bad example.

You're interrupting my conversation.
Who's the bad example? I'm always honest. I'm pure of heart.
I'm a pure fraud, I am.

'Besides, Magda's good at what she does and she'll do what I want, and no one will notice anything because no one can read Magda's face accurately.

The risk of Magda leaking the secret is extremely low.

'But Loretta is just a normal girl, right?
'She's fine, Loretta is.'
'You trust her, don't you?
'No, Loretta is just a stupid girl. Maybe she doesn't know what it's like to be a lord.''
'No. ...... I don't think that's true. ......'

Estella's expression twitched, probably because she overestimated Loretta.
After all, she's always been a bit of a dick to me.
He can't even be polite to the absolute top person in his life. I can't help but think that he doesn't understand anything about status and class.
At best, he understands the hierarchy within his siblings. We are at the stage where we need to teach him about hierarchy in the workplace.

'He's not just friendly, he's condescending at times.
'Well, I think he misunderstands the meaning of the word 'friendly' a little bit. ......'

Estella lets out a dry laugh.
I'm sure she knows what she's talking about. The fingers of both hands are not enough.

'I don't think it will be a problem for the members of the Sunken Pavilion either.

Natalia agrees with me.

'Even when I showed her the information paper I secretly purchased, not a single person praised my greatness, even including a few ...... regular customers.'
''What are you doing!

Natalia, who seemed to have casually obtained an information paper in the twenty-ninth district .
You're acting like a reader's egg showing off a magazine in which you've been featured. ...... I mean, the person on that information paper is probably a fictional character with similar characteristics to Natalia.

'I have an agreement with you to send me DOKE-ru No. 1 on a regular basis once it is completed.
'Why are you negotiating with Mr. Ma'ru without consulting me?What do I get in return?
'Estella, ............ has requested a record of my observations of the interesting and eccentric people in District 42.
'You just said my name, didn't you?You're selling my information, aren't you?
'I didn't mean to say 'Estella-sama's'. It's just that Estella-sama is the first one.
'Who's the first of the 'funny and odd' ones?Can you please stop selling out my private life?

'Don't worry. Of course, I will not divulge anything related to diplomacy. I'm just thinking of telling you about some stupid, unimportant failure episodes in an interesting way.
'That's what I don't want you to know!
'That kind of thing' is, on the night when I visited Mahr-sama's mansion the other day, when I was changing in my room, it was discovered that I was wearing my underwear backwards and forwards?
'I wonder why I'm revealing it here!
' 'How can I dress in front of Ma'ru-san ...... if it's not considered rude! But I don't think Mael-sama cares about Estella-sama's underwear.
'So why am I answering here and now?

Estella's secret, which she doesn't want the nobles of the other districts to know, is revealed nakedly in front of the lords of the other districts and the head waiter. ...... Natalia. It's funny, but stop it. No, it's funny, but...

'Estella-sama is beautiful, inside and out .............'

I mean, Tracy. You don't care about anything Estella, do you?

'Yashiro. It's fine to take Tracy and the others to the sunlit pavilion, but let's send Natalia away right away!As soon as we reach the 42nd district!

For Estella, the fear of having her secret exposed was more important than the fear of harming the lords of the other districts.
Estella and Natalia stare at each other in a narrow carriage. ...... If you ask me if these guys have a proper master-slave relationship, I can only wonder.

I'm not sure. So, ...... will my bad habits be cured if I help out at that store called 'Sunlight Pavilion'?'
'I can't say for sure if it will, but it will improve.
'So ....... I'm glad .......'

Until now, Tracy had been convinced that Nene's naivety, indecision and weakness would not go away if she showed her sweet face even for a moment, and she had never shown Nene the kind of anxiety she was feeling now.
In particular, she had never told Nene that she wanted to cure her bad habits.

When I told Nene at lunch that I had told her about it and that she didn't need to hide it now, she looked as if a curse had fallen on her.
She must have been relieved that she didn't have to hide anymore.

It would have been easier if his brain had learned that he didn't need to be angry anymore. ......

'Neneh!You've done so much for us!Why can't you even say thank you?
'I'm sorry, sir!I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
'Your words are so light!
'I'm sorry!

...... Vices are tricky because they're hard to get rid of. It's ingrained in your body.

In Tracy's mind--

'I'm worried about Nene's behavior', 'I'm angry', 'I yell'.

--The process seems to kick in faster than the thought.
Therefore, we need a mechanism to block this process.

The secret is ......

'Tracy. From now on, you call Nene 'san'.
' "'Sanshi' ......?

Yes. 'San-names'.

This is a technique that has been adopted as a countermeasure against power harassment in general companies, and is sometimes used against bosses who unknowingly abuse others.

There are many bosses who believe that their superiors are absolute and that they are allowed to behave in any way they like toward their inferiors, and they sometimes shout at their subordinates even when they do not need to, or use abusive language that constitutes power harassment.
They may yell at their subordinates even when it is not necessary, or use abusive language that is equivalent to power harassment. It is mandatory to address such people with "sir" and "honorific.

Of course, there are those who reprimand others with "sir" and "honorific.
However, those who reprimand others like an instantaneous water heater do not have the thought of cornering others by theoretically constructing words.
For those who think that they can silence others with a loud and powerful voice, this 'san' is effective.

In most cases, such people value their pride and honor more than anything else, and shouting is an appeal to others.
In other words, they think that they are cool because they are strong enough to reprimand others.

In addition to this, many arrogant people who shout at others without hesitation often call others by their names.
It is ingrained in their bodies that 'sanke' is for people of equal or higher rank.
That is why we call down those who are inferior to us.
However, calling someone by name tends to provoke the next outburst.

'Yoshimura, you son of a b*tc*! but 'Yoshimura-san, you son of a b*tc*! but not so many people say 'Mr. Yoshimura, you son of a b*tc*! Because it's ridiculous.

You are above others. For people who are intoxicated by such things, it is a high hurdle to address those below you as 'san', and you may even think it humiliating.
However, if the company or society evaluates you negatively as someone who can't even do such a thing, the boss who values his reputation will have no choice but to accept the 'sanke'.

There are too many people who cannot accept that ...... is just that.
That's why more and more companies nowadays require employees to take a course to prevent power harassment.

But Tracy is different.
She's not yelling at Nene to make herself look superior.
If that's the case, just addressing her as "sir" will curb her bad habits.

Addressing someone as "sir" is also a word of respect for others.
If respect and reprimand occur at the same time, your brain will feel confused for a moment.
That moment should cool down the brain like an instantaneous water heater.

'Nene, please call Tracy 'san'.
'What, what?I'm calling you Tracy-sama?

Nene looks at Tracy in dismay.
Call the master you serve 'sir'.

Different positions have different meanings.

Although 'sanke' has the aspect of respecting others, from Nene's point of view, it also means lowering Tracy's status.
It's a downgrade from 'sama' to 'san'. You can't hide your confusion.

However, the reason why Nene looks too much into Tracy's face is because she only sees Tracy as a lord and also thinks less of herself than she should.
She thinks that all her opinions are wrong and all the opinions of Tracy, her lord, are right. You can't correct Nene's bad habits with such a distorted thought process.

You should try standing in the same position.
You can stand in the same position as the new worker at the Sunlit Pavilion.
Just as you did when you were both young and neither of you had a title yet.

San'tsukashi' is a kind of basic communication that removes the unnecessary gap between us.
It removes the difference in assets, power, and skills to some extent, and puts them on the same level.
The reason why people who meet each other for the first time address each other as 'san' is because it is the preliminary stage of building a human relationship. If the relationship develops from there, the "sanshi" will disappear and each person will form his or her own community.

However, there are many people like Jeannette who use 'sanke' for everyone, so it is not possible to say that people do not develop relationships while using 'sanke'. I'm sure it will.

It's just a matter of personality.
The master-servant relationship, which had been formed in a strange direction, was to be removed and rebuilt once again.

'Okay, let's practice. First, Tracy.
'Yeah, ......, that .......'

Tracy rolls her eyes at the sudden rejection.
But then, looking a little embarrassed...

'N...... Nene, sir.'

--responded firmly to our request.
I'm sure she really wants to get rid of her bad habits.

Nene, on the other hand--

'Tomi, Tracy......-san'

-- and muttered as she got down on the floor.
Hey, hey.

'Raise your head!
'But, you can't call Tracy 'sir' ......!
'Neneh!You can't even listen to what you're saying?......!
I'm not sure what you mean.I'm not even sure if it's worth it.

I'm going to make you call each other 'san' no matter what before we reach the Sunlit Pavilion.

'All right, boys. Take off your shoes.
''...... yes?''

I say with a smile, and Tracy and Nene give me a twitchy look.
As I continued to stare at them with smiles on my face, they stripped down to their bare feet with tearful faces and held out their bare feet to me.

'From now on, when we can't call each other by 'san', we'll press the soles of our feet a little harder.
'Oh, the ...... soles of your feet?
'Oh, that Oba-sama. I don't care what you do to me, but don't do it to Tracy!

'Foot pressure points, execution.

'Ouch!It hurts, Oba-sama!
'Nene?It's okay. It's okay.Ow, Ow, that hurts, Mr. Obayashi!
'Miss Tracy!I'm okay. I'm okay.
'Nene, it's 'san'!Come on!
'Miss Tracy!I'm Ms. Tracy!I'm Mr. Tracy!Tracy-san!
'Nene......, Nene!'Nene-san!Nene-san!

At any rate, now that we've got the "sir" in place, we release her legs.
Tracy and Nene are slumped over, looking like they're about to fall out of their chairs.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be fine. It's a pity that ...... her face looks as if her soul has been drained.

'Ya, after all, you're a terrible ...... person, aren't you ......, Obayashi?
'Yes, that seems to be the case,......, Tracy,............, too!I'm not sure.I'm not sure.It's you!Mr. Tracy!

If you say it wrong, we'll stimulate your feet mercilessly.
The sentence will be carried out swiftly, without delay, and without mercy.

Nene is already in tears, but I don't care.

It's a good idea to keep your identity a secret, but you're still the lord of the 27th district.
'So you want to take my place?If Tracy makes a mistake, Estella will take the place of her, and if Nene makes a mistake, Natalia will take the place of her. ......
'Good luck, Tracey!I'm sure you can master this!

'Show us what a head waiter is capable of, Nene!

Estella and Natalia abandoned the other lords and the head waiter.
'Well, if you take their place, they won't be able to learn from you.

'But I think I'll be fine. I think the problem is Nene's habit of addressing me as 'sama'.
I'm sure you'll be fine.

...... Don't these people have the ability to learn?

And so on for an hour.

'......You've arrived, Nene. ......'
'Yes...... we're alive, aren't we, Tracy......'

Tracy and Nene get out of the carriage and hold each other's hands.
They're a bit over the top, really.

'Natalia. Please don't tell anyone what happened in the carriage. ......'
'No, I won't. ...... It'll be more than a diplomatic incident.'

They're having a big secret conversation over here.
We were just punishing and educating a poor student.

'Oh, it was you after all, wasn't it, Yashiro?

Hearing the sound of a carriage, Ginette came out of the sunlit pavilion.

'Welcome back, Yashiro-san.

She straightens her posture and smiles at me.
She then rolls her eyes when she sees Tracy and Nene crouched on the ground, holding each other's hands and crying.

'Um, ...... who's this?
'There's a bit of a situation. I'd like you to help me with the work at the Sunlit Pavilion today and tomorrow, is that okay?'
'Yes, sir. Of course. If you can help me, I'd be happy to.''

Without a doubt, Ginette agreed.
I knew that would happen, but ...... doesn't this guy have any suspicion?

'Um, Mr. Obayashi,......, is this the manager?
'Yeah. That's the manager, Jeannette.'
'Well, well, well. ...... Nene. Let's get up.'
'Yes, sir. Let's stand up and say hello properly, Miss Tracy.'
'............I just have a sore sole. ......'
'...... Patience, sir. If I don't greet you properly, you'll ...... be in trouble.

Tracy and Nene stand up, supporting each other, their legs shaking like newborn fawns.

'Nice to meet you. I'm Tracy. I'm from District 27.
'I'm Nene as well. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I look forward to working with you.
'Yes. I'm Ginette, the manager of the Sun-darkness Pavilion. It's nice to meet you too.

The three of us each bowed deeply.

'By the way, our manager, ......, is very good at foot acupressure.
'Please be gentle with us.
'I'm sure I'll cause you trouble, but please be gentle!

The moment they heard my information, Tracy and Nene got down on their knees.
It seems that they have been traumatized by the foot pressure points.

'Oh, by the way, Jeannette. These two are the lord and the head waiter there.'

Ginette's in a constant state of surprise.
You're like a reactionary comedian, you know that?

'Oh, um, please raise your face for now!You'll get your clothes dirty!

I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I've been so impressed with your work.
At all ......

'You're making a lot of noise.
'Don't you realize that you're the source?

'The source?Me?
The reason they're so noisy is because they're born with it. I don't like that at all.

'Um, Yashiro-san, ...... what did you talk about in the carriage?You seem to be unusually frightened,......?'
'I didn't do anything unusual with the story itself.

'When you forgot to say 'sanke', I just stimulated your feet again, and the content of the conversation was common and bland.

'Ginette has breasts that transcend the standards of humanity, Magda is a guy whose expression never changes to the extent that it looks like a painting, Loretta is the strongest normal who has mastered normal, and so on.
I'm not transcending the standards of humanity!

Mmmm...' said Jeannette, waving her arms around and patting me on the back.
There, there, it shakes when you do that. ......, good, do it more.

'Manager~san. What's going on?You're making a lot of noise. ...... Oh, big brother!You're back!

Loretta came out of the store with a happy look on her face when she spotted us.

'Mmm?Who the hell are these two beautiful people?
''Ah, you must be Loretta-san.''
''How do you know them!Who are these two people?

It seems that Loretta's characteristics were well communicated. They could tell at a glance how normal Loretta was. As expected of the world's most 'normal' person.

'These two are temporary workers at the Sunshine Pavilion.
'Oh, wow!You're new here?We welcome you!
'However, Tracy is the lord of the twenty-seventh district, and Nene is the head waiter there.'
'What the hell?Aren't they great people?

After a moment of surprise with a somewhat overactive reaction, Loretta said with a calm face.

'But I'm the older one here, so you have to listen to what I say.

Loretta is still Loretta, isn't she? Yeah.

And so, from that evening, two new part-timers with 'reasons' joined us at the Sunlit Pavilion.