272-Episode 184 Newcomer Part-time Job

'It looks good on you, both of you.

Ginette looks at Tracy and Nene with a big smile on her face as they change into their waitress outfits.
I see, Tracy certainly looks good too.
Nene is the head waiter, so it may be natural that she looks good in an apron, but the apron of a head waiter is different from the apron of a waitress. Her embarrassment at her outfit, which emphasized her cuteness more than usual, made me smile.
Tracy looks pretty good too. She doesn't look like someone who's been called the 'tantrum princess'.

'...... Magda will teach her. Listen up, recruits.'
'Yes, sir. Senior Magda.'
'Thank you, senior Magda.'
'...... Mm.'

Magda knew that these two were the lord and the head waiter, and this was her attitude. ...... Your liver is too strong, isn't it? Magda senior is ...... well, Tracy and the others seem to be enjoying themselves.

'...... The basis of customer service is a smile. You should always be smiling.
''Yes, sir.''
''No, you're about to get into it, both of you.''

You're the one who said that.

''Mm-hmm. I'm kind of excited. It's my first time working like this.'

Tracy's excitement is rising.
She picks at her apron, spins around, and scurries around the cafeteria.

'Nene. Let's do our best.'
'Yes, sir. I'll do my best to support you.
'Oh, no. We're equals here. We're both 'new part-timers'. We're equal in our work, and we're going to have a friendly competition. ...... No, we need to kick each other down!
'No, don't kick me down!Just cooperate with them.

Tracy is very enthusiastic about her first part-time job. Or rather, she's enjoying it.
It's not uncommon to hear that rich people are happy to experience the life of ordinary people. I guess Tracy is one of those types.

'So, but ...... if something should happen, ......'
'Nene, .............'

For a moment, his temper tantrum was about to kick in, but he managed to put the brakes on it by using 'san'.

'I'll do my best to carry out the work I've been given, so as not to cause trouble to those who have given us space and opportunity. Isn't that what we should be thinking about right now?
'Yes, that's right. ...... You're right. Mr. Tracy ........................ ah!

After saying this, Nene realizes her mistake and looks pale.
But it's too late now. You have to take the penalty properly. ......

'Jeannette. Nice to meet you.'
'What?Are you sure it's me?

Oh, you look so happy.
You've been holding out for a long time, haven't you?I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's been holding back. ............ I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's been holding back. I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm not sure what to say. I'm not sure what to do.
'Oh, um, Mr. Manager,......, your face is kind of glowing,............, please be gentle. ......Oh,......!
I'm sure you'll agree.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to use the site, please contact us.
Tracy watches her go.
The expression on her face is 'mmmm. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I didn't make a mistake.
......, but you can't afford to be like that now.

Loretta and Magda walked away from the entrance to the kitchen, turned away, and covered their ears.
At that moment--


A piercing scream rang out in the sky.
The diners looked horrified, and the whole place was in an uproar.
Tracy, with the same expression of composure she had just displayed, froze, cold sweat dripping down her face.

'Jeannette, you seem to be very excited ......'.

Estella, who had once been hit by Jeannette's footstool, tried her best to smile, but failed miserably. ...... It's a berserker, isn't it?

'Tracy, you haven't thrown a tantrum since you got here, have you?
'Ho-ho ......, 'big deal', you're looking down on me again.
'No, I don't mean that!I said 'big deal' for the fact that your strategy is working!

What does that mean?That you're okay with me being on top of you?Cheeky.
Well, actually, I'd say the 'sanke' effect is quite impressive.
As Estella said, Tracy hasn't yelled at Nene once since they arrived at the Sunshine Pavilion. This is despite the fact that they have been talking more than when they were in their own house.

'I was afraid that the change in environment would worsen my tantrum habit.

Stress from a change in environment. For Tracy, she no longer had a waiter who could come to her when she called, and Nene was the only person she could confide in. She must be very worried.
In such a situation, there was a good chance that the excessive stress would worsen her tantrum.

'Why can't I yell at people just by calling them "sir"?
'I explained it to you in the carriage, didn't I?
'You see?The brain puts on the brakes, the sense of discomfort...'

You've got a rough memory. ......

'For example, Estella. Let's say you discovered Natalia snacking. Would you scold her?'
'Of course I would.'
'But what if the only reason you were able to witness the snacking was because you were snacking yourself ......?'
'U......, that's hard to scold......, or rather, too awkward to scold.......'

If you are a person who yells at others, there is a part of you that wants to satisfy your self-esteem. If they didn't, they wouldn't have to use calorie-consuming methods such as 'yelling', they would just 'pay attention'.
There is a good reason why you choose to yell at them.
For example, you want to beat the other person to a pulp, or you want to prove your own righteousness. ...... In short, you want to satisfy your self-esteem, as I said earlier.

So, what happens if you are forced into a situation where yelling at someone else will damage your self-esteem? ......
People will not yell at others if they know in advance that this will happen. They don't want to go to the trouble of embarrassing themselves.

'If someone yells at someone else while putting himself on the shelf, the people around him will look at him warmly without exception, right?
'Well, I guess so.
'I know that, so my brain puts on the brakes in such situations.
'You mean you can't yell at someone if you've broken the 'sanke' rule ......, right?
'Yes. And if you try to follow the rules to prevent that from happening, you'll have to use 'sanke' .......'
'So, if you remember why you're under the 'sanke' rule now, you won't yell at people out of emotion ....... I see.

I'm sure you're aware of that, but I'm not.
And ...... if you break the rules, there's a hell of a footstool waiting for you. ...... Tracy won't be able to break the rules so easily.

'............Uh, I'm back now. ......'

A teary-faced Nene stumbles back.

'I'm sorry ...... I won't break the rules again ...... I'm really ...... really sorry ............'

The words are uttered weakly, as if the soul were vaporizing and leaking out.
...... Ginette. What kind of foot pressure points did you give her? ............

'Oh, um,......, did it hurt a little?
'No way, sir!I'm sorry for the trouble I caused you!In fact, I'm the one who's sorry!
'Eh, that ......?

It was rare to see Ginette so frightened.
Incidentally, Magda and Loretta are still keeping their distance.
If you get involved with them, ......

'Don't worry, Jeannette. It's just that Nene has never seen you before, so she's a little surprised.
'Yes, you're right. I'm sure Estella and the others who have been through this a few times will be fine with it.
'............Hmm, I'm not so sure about that. ......'
'Um, ...... I'm sorry if I'm overdoing it, so ...... Estella-san. Could you please help us!
'I'm trying to learn how to control the force!How much is the best level for this punishment? ...... Can you find that out with me?
'Eh......, that's ......'
'Estella-san!Please lend me the soles of your feet for a moment!

Estella turned towards me with great vigor.
So I turn my face away even more vigorously.

If you get involved now, you'll get caught up in secondary damage like this.

For what it's worth, Jeannette likes foot pressure points. And because she has a strong sense of responsibility, she can be inflexible at times.
Give it up Estella ......, we can't save you.

'Then, Estella-san, come here!
'What?Really?Are you kidding me?
'If you cooperate with us, I'll buy you a donut later.
'I'll buy them!I'll buy them myself!
'All kinds. They're gorgeous. It's a little party.

'Ginette, your smile is kind of scary!Hey, Ginette-chan!

And so, Estella was abducted by the Demon Lord of Footstools ............

I'm not sure what to say.

The tragedy was repeated: ......

'But let's do our best, Nene!
'Yes, Tracy, ......!

I'm sure you've got a lot of enthusiasm,......, but I'm sure Nene will get hit five or six more times.

'...... While the sacrifice, Estella, is being preyed upon by the demon king, I'm going to teach you the basics of customer service.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. I want you to listen carefully.'
'Yes, sir. I understand.'
'Thank you very much.

You begin to explain the details of your work in a hushed, confidential manner.
If the Demon Lord finds out, he'll say, 'How do others feel about this? If the Demon Lord finds out, he's sure to get involved.
Natalia has been blending into the background and disappearing from all sight since a while ago. That's the head waiter. She is a pro at keeping herself outside of people's consciousness.
...... He is very good at running away from the fire so that it doesn't fall on him, isn't he?

'...... When guests arrive, be sure to treat them well.
'You're giving away coffee beans, aren't you?
'Tracy. We're in the 42nd district. We don't make a habit of forcing beans on our guests.'

Well, lords don't greet their guests with a 'welcome'.
You'll have to teach him from scratch, assuming he doesn't know anything.

'Let me show you how it's done.
'Yes, sir!Then watch me carefully!

The door of the store opens at the right moment, and a new customer enters.
They are the regular carpenters. They must be the ones who were sent out by Umaro to build the first Domoke-uru.

'Irasshaimase sir!

Loretta runs quickly and smiles at the carpenters.

'How's your work going?
'It's going well. Look at me, I'm going to build something amazing in New Town!
''I'm looking forward to it then.
'''Muhaa!I'll do my best!

The carpenters are kind of creepy.
Or rather. The carpenters are really creepy.

''Huh?You're scraping your elbow.''
'Hmm?Oh, it's just a scratch. Just spit on it and it'll heal.'
'No, you have to treat it properly!I'll disinfect it for you.
'''Loretta-chan's spit?
''There's some medicine at the Sunny Pavilion, I'll use it to disinfect.''

You carpenters are so close it's uncomfortable.
Or rather. They're so close it's uncomfortable, carpenters.

''Well then, I'll show you to your seats. You all eat a lot, so I'm going to assign you to eat a lot by the window and make the customers passing by outside think, 'Oh, that looks delicious!
'''Oh, yes!I've been casually taken advantage of!

Don't sound so creepy, carpenters.
Or rather. Don't sound so creepy, you stupid carpenters.

'...... like that.'
'No, wait, Magda. That's too special a case to be useful.'

Loretta's storytelling and the carpenters' disease are too far removed from the general case.
It would be impossible to do them all at once.

'...... There's a saying that it's better to be familiar than to learn.
'No, if you throw it in with zero knowledge, the customers will be annoyed.
'...... They say a lion thrusts his cub into the valley of a thousand flies.
'Because I don't plan to raise them to be that strong.'
'......They say that you have to get used to substandard big breasts by rubbing them.
'That's right!
'Big brother, you're making too much noise!Please be quiet in the store!

I was scolded from afar by Loretta, who was serving a customer. ...... Why only me. It's unreasonable.

'...... Anyway, you should try it once. You'll be fine. Most of the customers who come at this time are regulars who know each other well. Besides, Magda will be there for you.

He patted Tracy on the back and moved to the door.
After all, Magda is eager to train new recruits and takes good care of them. I'm sure you'll have no problem leaving him in charge.
Besides, as Magda said, ......

''The people who will be here at this time are probably from Torbeck Engineering, so there's no problem if they're rude.
''Hey, hey, Yashiro-san!I can hear you!

The carpenters who had finished their orders stood up and protested at once like a dancer.
Okay, we're through.

''At ......, try to greet the next customer like Loretta just did.
'Ha, yes!I'll do my best!'

Tracy lifted her anxious face with energy and stared at the door with a strong gaze.
And Nene looks at Tracey with even more anxious eyes than Tracey. I'm sure I've always taken over for her in situations like this.
But not this time. For Nene, it was also important to keep a close eye on Tracy's movements.

'By the way, Loretta. Who are those pretty girls?
'Are they newcomers?
'If so, I think I'll go more often!

The carpenters are starting to freak out when they see Tracy and the others.
Don't look. They're too good for you.

'Those two are part-timers only for today and tomorrow.
'Oh, so it's only until tomorrow!What a pity.
'But they're such beautiful women. Even if they make some mistakes, it's forgivable.'
'I know!I'm just happy to be greeted by her!

The old carpenters seemed to like Tracy and Nene very much.
Tracy, without her dignity, looks like a fragile, well-bred young lady. I don't know.
The same goes for Nene. She looks like a well educated daughter of a good family. ...... No, I mean, she does look that way, but...

'...... Mm. Come.'

Magda's ears perked up.
He must have heard the footsteps of a guest behind the door.

Tracy gasps, and there is tension in the dining room.
Everyone's eyes move back and forth between the door and Tracy.

Tracy folded her hands in front of her chest and stared at the door with an anxious expression.

In the midst of this tense atmosphere, the door opened quietly.

'Hello, Susu!I've come to have dinner~!
'Come in!
'Whoa!Who is this, who is this, who is this, who is this beautiful woman?

What bad timing .......
It was Umaro who walked into the store.
He's the only regular customer that even Loretta and Jeannette can't treat properly because he's too nervous around women, even though he has no problem being rude.
The difficulty is quite high.
...... You've got an unusual bite, Tracy.

I'm not sure what you're doing here.
'Heh!You know what?No, I'm ......!
'Do you want me to take you?
'I heard some words that shouldn't come out of a beautiful woman's mouth!
'Hee, elbow!Shall I slide my elbow down?
'I'm scared!This beautiful woman is really scary!

I think she was trying to imitate Loretta, trying to follow the conversation she just heard. ...... When did anyone slide down her elbow?

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.
'Yashiro-san!I'm not sure what to do.What is this?

It's a mess. ......
We don't offer spitting play.
So, carpenters. Don't try to get in line behind Oumalo. I'll ban you all.

'Nene. In the meantime, can you take Tracy to Jeannette's?'
'Yeah, ...... to the manager's place, huh?'
'Oh ...... 'Shall I spit on you?' needs to be punished.'
'Oh ......Ouch......Tracy............ ...... "Hmm"!

Nene, just in time.

In the meantime, as a way to cool your head down, you can have some acupuncture points pressed on your head to make it clearer.
Nene walked up to Tracy and gave her an earful.
At that moment, Tracy collapsed from her knees to the floor. ......Shock, that's a big one. ......

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

'...... Estella-sama. I'm sure you'll be able to understand that the life of a lord is very hard,.......'
'Haha...... today is a special day......'
'I'll work even harder to become a lord who is kind to his people.'
'Yes. I think that's a good thing,......, though the reason I came to think that way is a bit of a mystery.

It seems that the bond between the lords has become stronger.
Ginette. You seem to have been useful in diplomacy. I'm sure you'll be appointed 'Minister of Footstools' or something.


Magda, who had been serving Umaro on behalf of Tracy, comes to me.

'...... I'm going to start by making sure you learn the basics.
'Yeah, do that. I mean, didn't I say so at the beginning?
'...... Tracy is not a lioness.'
'I knew that, too.'

Magda's education policy had changed, and the day was spent teaching her the basics of customer service.
How to greet people. How to take an order. How to put away dishes and make up tables.

As the regulars looked on, the two of them tried their best to learn the job, and with their appearance, they quickly became popular.
They were applauded when they wiped the table, cheered when they took down the dishes, and many of them ordered desserts, which they usually don't order, because they wanted to talk.
...... You old men are so easy to understand.

By the time the sun went down, both of them were able to perform their duties reasonably well, albeit poorly.
I don't know who started the rumor, but it seems that word got out that the new part-timer was struggling, and male customers came pouring in.

When the number of customers increases and the workload increases, even veterans sometimes get overwhelmed. If you're a rookie, you panic.
However, such an overwhelmed appearance was well received by the customers, and the service, which was several steps lower than usual, was well received.

At best, the newcomers worked hard, surrounded by a calm, watchful atmosphere.
...... At worst, though, it would be 'under the grinning gaze of old men.

'Hmm. This is kind of fun, isn't it, Nene?'
'Yes, it is. It's a very nice place, isn't it, Tracey-sama?
'Yes, Nene, you're out!
'No!No, that was an accidental ......, no!No, not that one!
'Manager, Nene's on the phone right now...'
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ............

The two of them, freed from the titles of lord and head waiter, have returned to being close childhood friends and are happily talking to each other.
They must have laughed a lot like this in the past.


While Nene's screams were heard regularly, Tracy ended the day without throwing a single tantrum.
The calm atmosphere of the place must have calmed her mind due to the synchronization phenomenon.

Now we just have to see if she can keep it up when she returns to District 27.

But still... Seeing Nene being punished with a smile on her face like a child who's successfully pulled a prank, I think she'll be fine.

'Nene~. You need to reflect on your actions~'
'Ah!Ahh!Now!You just called me 'Nene'!I did, manager!
'No, that was a good call!It was a loving call, so it's a safe call!
'No, the rules are the rules!Come on, manager, punish me!
'Neneh!Why are you being so inflexible?In this kind of situation, you have to be flexible. ............ Ahh, the manager beckons with a smile!
'Tracy. Good luck.
'Remember that, Neneh!

Well... I'm sure she'll be fine after all this fun.
After that, Tracy's scream rang out three times, and the cafeteria erupted in laughter.
You're treated like a reactionary comedian, the lord of District 27 and the head waiter.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

And then until the end of business hours, Ginette was in a better mood than ever.