273-185th episode, comrades.

The next morning, on the way home from donating to the church, Ginette nodded and asked me if I had done too much ...... yesterday.

The next morning, on the way home after making a donation to the church, Ginette nodded her head and asked me that question.

'What, you weren't aware of it?
'Yes, .......'

I'm not sure if it's something that comes to mind, but I'm not sure what it is.

'Actually,......, Magda and Loretta have not come close to me since this morning,......, and the distance between us is slightly,.......'

I've been listening to Tracy and Nene's screaming about yesterday's footstool penalty, and I guess that's understandable.
After all, once you're caught, there's no getting out of foot pressure hell.
Ginette is usually reserved, but when she gets carried away, she turns into a ghost who keeps saying 'one more time, one more time'.

Therefore, Magda and Loretta keep a distance from each other to keep the fire away from them.

By the way, Loretta said, "If Tracy and Nene are staying at Estella's place, I'll stay at the Sunshine Pavilion! She had been staying there with a mysterious theory.
He's been coming to stay with us a lot lately. I think he'll move in soon. There's an extra room.
Well, that's just a 'guest room' that's left open.

'Um, ......, I'll try to behave myself today, so if that ............ is about to get out of control, could you please stop it!
'No, Ginette, ...... weigh yourself, okay?I'm sorry.
'In my feelings, I was doing it yesterday,.......'
'......Weigh yourself,.......'

Ginette might actually be a little bit of a sassy girl ...... just because she's not aware of it.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it, but I'm going to do it.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you can do to help.

...... Oh my god.

'I think I'll get a foot massage when I get home. I've been walking a lot lately, and my feet are all swollen.
'......What?You mean for me?
'Oh, yeah. Ginette's is good for you. It's just right for me.

The reason why you feel pain from foot pressure points depends on your constitution as well as your unhealthiness.
I'm not that healthy, but I've never felt pain from foot pressure points. If I were to be hit by Magda with all my might, I'd probably lose a couple of bones and scream, but as long as it doesn't go beyond the scope of the acupuncture points, there's no problem.

Ginette's foot acupuncture is rather pleasant.
The only problem is ...... that once Jeannette starts doing the foot pressure points, she wants to keep doing them forever, so I can't let her do them so often. We both have jobs to do, and I've had a few complaints about the damage it does to other people when I'm not around. 'Don't irresponsibly set fire to Jeannette's footstool spirit! I said.

In this area, Magda and I are the only ones who don't feel pain from foot pressure points.
Magda, however, finds the soles of her feet ticklish and hates foot pressure points in a different way. ...... I know what you mean. Tickling is annoying.
Especially when they tickle you with a happy face and voice. ......


When I arrived at the sunlit pavilion, Estella appeared as if she had timed it just right.
She came running towards me from the main street, waving her hand. With a full face, 'clearly plotting something'.


Estella jumps on my side, dexterously waggling her ten fingers and tickling my side and stomach area.

'Yeah, yeah!How do you like that, Yashiro?

Look at you, you happy face. ......

'Do you give up?Are you ready to apologize for all the times you've been rude to me?
'Hey, Estella.'
'............ Ah, what?'

Estella finally noticed that I wasn't smiling at all and made a dumb face.
She clings to my waist, rubbing my abdomen and looking up at me from below.
It's not a good look for a young girl who's about to get married,.............

I'm not sure what to say.No, no, no, this is .......'
'...... Estella is a lascivious woman.'
'Estella-san ...... is very aggressive.'
'No!It's not like that.

After me, Magda and Loretta pointed it out to her, and she realized how shamelessly she was dressing and doing shameless things.
Estella jumped away from me and folded her hands behind her back to hide her fingers that she had been moving so wildly.

'I mean, what, why?
'What do you mean, 'why'?Let's just go into the store instead of doing something stupid.
'But, what about yesterday?
'...... Estella was allegedly rubbing Yashiro's lower abdomen yesterday as well.'
'You were a lower abdomen fanatic, weren't you, Estella?
'That's not it!

I left the noisy Estella and her friends behind and quickly entered the sunshine pavilion by myself.

I know exactly what you're thinking. ......
The best time to carry out the operation was right after the church's donation, when it would not interfere with the business of the sunny pavilion. ...... was right.

You'll be able to get a lot more than just a pair of shoes.

It's just a thin piece of tanned leather wrapped tightly around your body, but thanks to the elasticity of the leather, the slightest hint of tickling doesn't penetrate your skin!
Then there is no tickling!

I don't want to tickle you. ...... It would be awkward if these people knew that I don't like tickling.
Especially if the haunted Jeannette gets into tickling again. ............ The thought of it is terrifying.
That's why I had to do everything in my power to make her fail in front of Jeannette and the others, and humiliate her by treating her like a lascivious woman. Don't you dare attempt this nonsense again!

'I can't agree with you, God!
'...... Manager, a pervert has entered the store.'
'It's true. There are two of them in the store!
'Who's the pervert, Magda?
'Hey, Loretta. You just counted me as a pervert, didn't you?

As she entered the store, I poked Loretta in the temple with just the right amount of force.
'Huh, heh! Loretta leaks out a strange voice, but she seems to be a pervert enough, doesn't she?
At all.

'Oh. Good morning.

Such a voice can be heard from outside the store.
Ginette's cheerful voice comes out when she meets someone she knows, and there are only a few people who come to the sunny pavilion before it opens. ...... In short, Tracy and the others must have arrived.
I'm sure they left the building at the same time as Estella, and considering that Estella attacked me because she was alone and excited, they would have come by this much of a gap.

'Good morning, Mr. Obayashi.
'Good morning, Mr. Oba, ladies and gentlemen.

As expected, Tracy and Nene bowed at the entrance before entering the store.
My skin looks better than ever. I wonder if they slept well last night.

'Yashiro-san!Please listen to me!You know, you know!

I was about to ask her how Estella's house was, but before I could, Jeannette jumped on me. She was like a big dog greeting its master when he returns from a business trip.

'Your foot pressure points have been approved!It's still great, foot pressure points!

Where was the dull expression on her face just now? Ginette's face had a dazzling smile on it, like the first sunrise of the year.

I, Magda, and Loretta's eyes focused on Tracy and Nene.
What did you guys say to ...... Jeannette?

'Eh, um,......, actually, sir.'

I'm not sure what to say.
In place of the Lord, Nene sends us an explanation.

'We were prepared to have sore muscles last night and the next morning. The work here has been great, fun and fulfilling, but it has been physically demanding, and even I have had my arms and legs stretched to the bone, not to mention Tracy. However, when I woke up this morning, I felt more refreshed than I had ever experienced before, not only because of the muscle pain, but also because there was no fatigue left from yesterday. This is because of the foot acupressure that the manager gave me,......, or was it "Detokkusu"?I can only assume that it was because of the effects of the .......'
'...... And when I told Jeannette that, ...... this is what happened.
'I'm so happy for you, Yashiro!It's not every day you get to hear about the benefits of foot pressure points like this.

No, you're the only one who's happy, and that includes me.
So far, foot pressure points have stopped at 'painful and agonizing', but these guys may be the first to tell us how well they work. I was expressing that I felt good. ...... Well, it was the opinion of the originator. I guess they were just passing it off as a story.

'I think I'll start practicing foot acupuncture again!

Hearing Ginette's declaration, the air in the dining room became tense.
Magda, Loretta, and even Estella lifted their eyes and looked at Tracy and Nene like, 'Take responsibility, will you? Magda, Loretta, and even Estella lifted their eyes and gave Tracy and Nene a 'take responsibility' look.
Tracy and Nene, perhaps sensing the situation they've brought upon themselves, are cowering like herbivores stared at by a hungry beast.

'So, Nene. Would you please come to the kitchen immediately?
'Yes, yes. You're here to help me prepare the food. Yes, sir.
'No, you're not.'

Jeannette grabs Nene's arm firmly with a big smile on her face.
Sweat the size of candy balls drips down from Nene's forehead.

'You said "Miss Tracy" once before, so...'
'What?...... When was that?
'I'd like to apply for a Conversation Record.

Jeannette made sure that Nene's path of retreat was crushed.
Bringing up the Conversation Record, ......, you're really something.

I'm going to press the 'wake-up point' that Yashiro taught me before.
'Oba-sama!Is that a painful pressure point?How much does it hurt?Hey, Oba-sama!

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... Nanmu San.

'Good morning.'

We were a few minutes behind Tracy and the others. Natalia was the last to arrive at the sunlit pavilion.

'Please don't go ahead by yourself, Lady Cijotela.
'Who is this Chijotella?
'Jumping on a man in the morning and groping his lower abdomen is an act that is only allowed a few times a ...... year!
'It's not allowed even a few times a year!

What are you doing leaving room for 'me too if I get the chance'?

While I was glaring at Natalia, Jeannette peeked out from the kitchen.

'Miss Tracy! Please come to the kitchen when you're ready~'
'Huh!I'm not calling Nene-san by her name!Please check the Conversation Record for confirmation!
'Oh, no. I was hoping you could help me with the food prep.
'.................. Thank goodness.'

How traumatized do you think I am?
The second day of Tracy's part-time job began with a face that seemed to have lost its soul from the first morning.
Nene will be ...... a little later. There was a horrible scream earlier, and ...... I passed it up.

'So, what about Tracy's 'tantrum habit'?
'She's never had one.

Apparently Tracy's temper tantrums didn't show up in Estella's house after she left us.
I guess it's not so much the effect of 'san' ...... as it is the fact that Tracy is so easily influenced.
In the same workplace, we see the same scenery, experience the same things, and fear the same things.
Even if they've never met before, they're likely to develop a sense of camaraderie after all this. And Tracy and Nene are childhood friends. In an instant, they'd be back to the way they were.

The two of them, before they became lord and master of the household, when there was no need to scold or be scolded.

'Now, Tracy-san will be able to help us.
'Well, if he's reluctant to do so, we can threaten him with the Judgment of the Spirits. He said he'd help us, after all.

He'll cooperate with us in return for curing his vices.
That's the deal.
Now that you've been cured of your vices, even if you experience irresistible syncretism, you must vote for us.
Or you're a frog.

'Perhaps you don't need to threaten me with that. Not to you, Tracey.'
'I hope so.'

I've never been one to think exactly like a BU.
He was merely following the BU way of thinking as a lord to protect his district.

As long as we don't make a proposal that would be blatantly disadvantageous to them, they'll go along with us.
We are not in a position to cheat BU this time. We're fighting to avoid the fire that's been thrown at us.
Even if it is only one vote, it is significant that we were able to make them listen to us.
No matter what we proposed, it would be useless if the proposal was unanimously rejected.
We were able to drive a wedge in that iron wall. This vote is a big one.

However, ......, the key to the next round will be whether or not "our proposal" will be accepted.
If it's just a one-sided discussion like last time, we won't even have a chance to intervene.
We need to take one or two more steps. ......

'...... So, Magda and the others are going to change their clothes.
'I'm going to work hard all day!

Magda and Loretta head upstairs to change clothes as Ginette finishes her foot massage time.
That left me, Estella, and Natalia in the cafeteria.
Estella and Natalia seem to be planning to eat breakfast here. ...... means that Tracy and the others haven't eaten either?
Maybe I should tell Ginette to get them something to eat. Before the guests arrive.

'So, how did it go?Tracy and the others. Did they have any objections to staying in a lower-ranked ward?'
'Not at all. They enjoyed it. They even made ............ a puddle of blood in places.'
'Did he blow his nose again, he's ......'.
'But Nene cleaned it up, so it wasn't too much of a burden for us.
'Heh. So Nene is able to move on her own now?
It seems so. Natalia says she's not ready yet, though.
'If it were me, I'd stick my fingers in my nostrils to prevent the blood from falling.
'No, I'm not asking for that much, I'm asking you to stop .......'

Holding her nose, Estella moved away from Natalia.
Behind her, the door opened.
It was still early, but it seemed that a customer had arrived.

'Oh. I knew you were here.'
'Eh ...... Ricardo?'

It was Ricardo who walked into the store.
He stood in front of the door and looked at Estella, then at me.

'Looks like you're all here. Then let's talk.

It looks like he came all the way here because he had something he wanted to say to me and Estella.

'There's something I want to say to you guys.
'Ricardo, ...... sorry. It's not open yet, so can you please leave?'
'Wait, you're not going to say something like that in this situation, are you?
I'm a guy who doesn't get caught up in the small confines of common sense.
'It's not that you're not bound by common sense, it's just that you don't know common sense!

You're an idiot, Ricardo. I know what common sense is, and I dare you to be insane about it.
...... Who's a man who won't accept service unless it comes from his tits.

'Welcome, Mr. Ricardo.

In a good way, Ginette, who treats everyone with an open mind, gives Ricardo a sales smile.
You can find a lot more information on the web. ...... They're quick to change clothes.

I'm not sure what to say.

And then Ricardo, taking advantage of the situation, started talking to Jeannette.

'Your shopkeepers should be well disciplined!Especially this guy!
'You mean Yashiro-san?
'...... Magda will hear about it.'
'I'm listening too!

In the event that you've got a lot of time, you may want to take a look at the following. As if to protect Jeannette on their backs.

'I'd like to ask you ...... for more information, but it's not open yet, so go home.'
'Are you the same type of person as Oba!I hope that woman over there can talk to you properly!
'Of course I can!However, it's not open yet, so go home!
'Are you all on the same level?And stop saying 'go home'!At least say 'please leave'!
''...... Great!''
''I'm the lord of the forty-first district!I'm a lot better than you!

You're the lord of the 41st district, I'm better than you!

'Hey, Ricardo.

I'm sure you've heard of it.
There's something I need to say to this guy.

'Your head is too high. You're holding back!
'Who the hell are you, Obeyashiro?
'Without the cafeteria workers, the customers can't eat. Therefore, customers like you are of lower status than the employees!
'How can you be so cynical?
'...... You're too smart, go home.
'I'm afraid of your face, go home.
'It seems to be accepted, in this diner!

Ricardo, energetic since early morning, barks at Magda and Loretta.
Then, Tracy and Nene came in, apologizing in a calm tone.

'Thank you for waiting~. I'm not used to wearing this yet, so it took me a while.
'Oh, Ricardo-san.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'I have nothing to say to anyone but my guests!Go home!'
'...... Your face scares me. Go home.'
'You have a big attitude!Go home!
'You don't know anything about customer service, do you?No, you don't know me!You're right!
'Well, well, Mr. Ricardo. That's enough, go home.'
'Don't get carried away, you too!

Don't you know Tracy's personality?
When she says 'go home' like this, of course she's gonna say 'go home'.
I think it's interesting that Ricardo is talking in a reserved tone.

'Ano matter ......?What are you talking about?
'No, that's why!
'Well, wait a minute, Ricardo. You can't make such a loud noise in front of the Lords of Smiles.
'It's about that!
'Ah, yes. If it's about that, I've told you.'


Ricardo falls to his knees on the floor, his head in his hands and turns over.
Don't bark at the heavens, indoors.

'es...... Estella...... did you hear that too......?'
'Yes, I heard ...... the goosebumps, it's not normal.'
'Forget it!

I'm not sure if I'm embarrassed to have praised Estella or if I'm embarrassed to have named her "Lord of Smiles," but Ricardo's face turned bright red. ...... Even if it turns red, it's not cute at all.

'...... Don't make a fuss in front of the 'Lord of Smiles', go home.
'You're rude to the Lord of Smiles, go home!
'Shut up, you pussies!You petitiole!

You call Magda and Loretta like they're cherry tomatoes. How rude.
I gently pushed Tracy and Nene back.

'You're in the presence of the Lord of Smiles, go home.
'Master Ricardo. You're in the presence of the Lord of Smiles, go home.'
'You're just like them, aren't you?

How does it feel to be played by the superior and the inferior alike, Ricardo?

'So what are you doing here, frowning lord?
'Shut up!'

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, you can contact us at ....... That's what I came to tell you.''

He looked at Estella for a moment and then quickly looked away.
To hide her embarrassment, she shuffled her feet and walked to a nearby table and sat down on a chair.
Then, with her back to Estella, she thrusts her cheekbones into the air and spits out.

'...... We three neighboring districts are like an alliance,......,' he said.

I'm sure you've heard that the 42nd district is being put in a disadvantageous position and this guy came all the way here to tell you that.
He said he would be on your side no matter what. If you have any problems, you can count on him. ......


In the quiet of the cafeteria, I spoke quietly.
I walk up to Ricardo, who turns away, and say clearly and distinctly to his head.

'It's not open yet. If you're done, go home.
'You, you dare to say that in this flow!You should at least be grateful!I'm impressed!
'Ha-ha-ha, tell that to the Lord of Smiles.
'No, I'm not particularly impressed either ......'.
'I rushed in first thing in the morning, I did!
'Even so, the information was late.
'I shouldn't have rushed in!I mean, you've been looking at me like I'm a jerk all day, Estella!
'Hahaha ......, don't talk to her too much. They'll think you're related.
'I told you we're in an alliance!

I wonder. Ricardo's been spinning out of control ever since they made up after the gluttony contest.
He must have never had any friends before. ...... It's hard to make even male friends, but he's spinning his wheels trying to make female friends. I'm not going to give you any advice because it's fun to watch.

'I'm so mad!We'll eat here today!Open the restaurant!
'Are you declaring war on ...... by exercising power in another district?
'At least let me eat!
'Well, then, it's on you.'
'Ginette. I'm sorry, but can you open the restaurant a little earlier?
'Yes, sir.
'Wait a minute!What do you mean I'm buying?Am I paying for yours?
'No... It's for everyone here.
'Okay, everyone, let's go. Let's go.
'''''Thank you for the food. '''''
'Oba and his merry men!You're too tight for me, you guys!

Ricardo had paid for all the people in his party while he was screaming. He made sure to collect the 'charge fee' for opening the restaurant earlier than usual.

'...... what a day.

Ricardo grumbles and sits alone in a corner eating his meat.
I've been told that in the 41st district they eat meat in the morning, and I'm eating a rather heavy beefsteak.
Just looking at ...... makes my stomach churn. But since it's on the house, I'll have a bite to eat too.

'Ginette, it's a donut party.
'Cut the man some slack, Obayashi!

I served them to Tracy and the others who hadn't had a chance to properly enjoy the flavors of the sunny pavilion due to their foot cramps and part-time jobs.
Nene, in particular, seemed to like the doughnuts, her eyes twinkling as she gobbled them up.

The morning hours passed peacefully without any guests, despite the bustle.
I thought I could relax a little more, but ......

'Yashiro-san, are you there?

Umaro barged in noisily.
Have you come to eat yet?I thought it was ......, but there was something different about him.

'It's finished!
'Finished? ...... No way.'
'Yes!I've just finished the "DOKE-ru No. 1"!

...... No, it's just before eight in the morning.
What's going on with your working hours?
This is the type of guy who doesn't care if he has to stay up all night or take sleepless nights when he gets excited. ......

However, my cheeks naturally relaxed at the news of the earlier-than-expected completion.
With a confident expression on my face, I decided to go to New Town to see how it turned out.