270-Episode 182. Tracy and Nene

'Well, gentlemen. Let me show you around.

With Nene in the lead, we headed for the cafeteria.
Tracy and Estella walk behind Nene, and Natalia and I follow behind them.
Natalia is slightly ahead of Nene because she is attached to Estella.

Two other waiters are waiting in front of the large doors of the cafeteria, and when Nene gives the signal, they open the doors on either side at the same time.
On the other side of the completely open door, there was a long table that looked like something from a movie, with a pure white tablecloth on it and beautiful flowers.
I don't think I can pull the tablecloth, with this length.

Thinking about such unimportant things, we stepped into the dining room. In order.

When Nene and Tracy entered the dining room first, the waiters on both sides of the long, narrow room, lined up in front of the wall, bowed in unison.
The sound of clothes being brushed together without a moment's disruption. They were so well organized that it seemed like an army.
It's overwhelming when thirty or so people act exactly the same.
All of them are well-trained, even though they are still very young girls. I wonder if they have a very strict discipline. It's impressive.

And when Estella entered the dining room a little later, ...... the atmosphere changed completely.

'Aha! !", "Wow! There were yellow voices coming from everywhere.
I looked over and saw a man tapping his neighbor on the shoulder and saying, 'Hey, look, look!Estella-sama, you're really beautiful! This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your time.
...... Discipline, what's wrong? I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

'It's definitely Tracy's influence on Estella's popularity.
'I'm sure.'

That was the conversation Natalia had with me, with a smug look on her face. ......
The moment Natalia took a step into the dining room...


The moment Natalia stepped into the cafeteria, the crowd cheered like a national idol at a live concert.
Some of the girls were even holding their mouths in tears.


Natalia stopped in her tracks at the sudden outpouring of cheers, thought for a moment, and then quietly raised one hand.

''''' Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

No matter what you do, you'll always get a big cheer.
...... I see. I'm sure the information is shared among the wards that are members of BU. ...... Is Natalia's popularity still alive and well in Ward 27?

Natalia is now a real idol in this limited space.
At the coffee shop we stopped at on the way, she gave me a bouquet of flowers before I knew it.

Please look at me!

Some girls are spreading and waving colorful embroidered handkerchiefs. ...... I wonder if those are like Japanese fans cheering for idols. ......

I'm not sure how long it's been since I've heard of her. ...... Maybe it's because she's made too much noise in the 29th district. ...... You can find out who Natalia is by looking her up.

Estella and Natalia.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to do with your time.
The cackling yellow voices never cease.

The moment I stepped into the cafeteria...


A scream rang out.
The yellow voices were painted with fear, and the place was filled with screaming.
Many of them began to cry in a way that was clearly different from that of Natalia.

'Oh, ...... what a horrible face ......'.
'YEAH!I saw you looking at me!
'I want my rabbit back!

Oh ...... yeah. Now I understand why.
It's unlikely that all of these people were there to see the gluttony contest, so perhaps Tracy witnessed it, and the story spread with a big twist. In combination with the synchronization phenomenon, my reputation has gone from worst to worst,...................

'...... Nene'.
'Yes, yes!What can I do for you, Oba-sama?
'Rabbit, can you get me an apple?
'You're angry, aren't you?On behalf of the waitresses, I sincerely apologize!So, how about that look that says, 'Do you want me to actually show it to you so you can traumatize the servants? I'm sure you'll understand.I'm sorry for making you feel uncomfortable.

I'm sure that the negativity that he possesses has sublimated his crisis management abilities to an explosive level, but he accurately read my complexion and gave me a full-body bow as if he was carrying the rudeness of thirty people on his shoulders. It was as if he was about to get down on his knees.

I mean, with all this noise, isn't Tracy's 'temper tantrum habit' going to kick in again?

'Calm down. You must watch your mouth. You're being disrespectful to the guests I've invited.

Contrary to my expectations, however, Tracy scolded the waiters in a calm, rather gentle, soft manner.
The waitresses also listen to Tracy's words and give me a bow, apologizing for my rudeness. You'll be able to pinch the hem of your skirt and bail in a cute way. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... The expression on their faces is frozen with fear, but they all look the same.

'And look closely. You're a very pretty girl, .......

No, you don't have to declare it with such pride. ...... You'll tear up the "Sarashi" again. I hope so.

'Can I have a cute ......?'
'Well, ......to,......if Lady Tracy says so,......'
'Well, yes, if ...... Tracy says it's cute, it must be ............'
'Can you ............?

Oh, it's not so easy there.
I guess even the people here don't get caught unless the whole atmosphere is in that direction. Just because someone says something, it doesn't mean that they agree with it.
In particular, the case of Tracy, whose sensibility is completely changed, must be rare.

However, it may not be convincing because Tracy herself, who says I'm 'cute', has a rather distant attitude toward me.
Well, you see, ......, it's because of her affection for me that the 'sarashi' was destroyed. There must be some awkwardness.

But to be so frightened that some people start crying just because of a rumor,......
It's an uncomfortable atmosphere.
The waiters are all nervous, and they look at me as if they're watching a ravenous animal.

'Estella. Would you like to take care of me again?
'No, thank you!

As if on guard, she tightens her arms and distances herself from me.
Well, sure. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's had a bit of trouble with the whole thing. ......
I'm sure you'll agree with me. I'm sure you've heard of it. ...... Estella is also pre-wedding. Maybe I should pay a little attention to her.

'Come on, Miss Estella. Take this seat.'

Tracy herself is escorting Estella with a smile on her face.
This has nothing to do with a token of friendship or diplomacy, it's just an abuse of authority and a perk, I guess.
Tracy looks very happy as she talks to Estella.

'Come on, Miss Natalia!This way, please!
''Thank you very much.

Most of the waitresses crowded around Natalia, taking care of her as much as they could.
That one's a little rude.
For a moment Natalia looked at me.
I could see that she wanted to ask for help,......, but she seemed to have given up and sat quietly in her chair.
The more you stay put, the calmer the situation will be.


'Oh, ......Oh, Oba, you may be unhappy with me because I ............ But ......'.

Nene was standing in front of me.
She was as negative as ever, and her gaze swept over me as if she were afraid of me.

'Are you that scared?You weren't so scared when we talked in the garden, were you?'
'I'm not afraid of you at all, sir. However, since ...... Oba is the one that Tracy praised as cute, ............ I didn't want to be rude. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to do and how you're going to do it.
I'm not sure what to say.

I'm nervous as hell.
This guy isn't afraid of what I did in the gluttony contest, he's afraid of being scolded by Tracy for being rude to me.

But most ...... of all, I watched the gluttony contest next to Tracy, so ............ I'd be lying if I said I wasn't completely terrified of Oba-sama. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a fear of ......'.

I'm starting to shake.
I guess fear is fear. I just don't show it in my work.

'I still dream about it sometimes. ..................'

A beautiful girl saying 'I still see you in my dreams' may be a situation that would normally make you happy, but ............ all you get is a bitter smile.

'...... I made up my mind at that time, in that place, that ............ I was going to die here.

He's saying the exact same thing as Tracy.

'You and Tracy are close, aren't you?

Seeing the same thing and feeling the same way means you're close in your senses.
It's possible for two people who have lived in the same space and the same time to do that. In fact, the probability of that happening is high.

'We're childhood friends, aren't we?
'Osana............, um... Where did you get that?
'Where, Tracy told me that.'
'Tracy-sama said ......?

She looked surprised and stepped aside. I was so surprised that I even hit the unoccupied chair.
Where is the element of surprise in that?What else could it be?

'I see you remembered ...... ............'.
'No, you remember, normally!

I've been with you since I was a kid, and no one would forget that we were childhood friends!
Unless you've lost your memory somewhere.

'He said that you are the only one who can be the head waiter to serve him.
'What's that sound you're making?
'B.................. Boh......... ...I'm ...... glad .......'
I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do that.

Countless chairs lined up in front of an absurdly long table .

Nene crouched between me and the chair next to me, curling up and whimpering.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation. ...... I'd like her to cry a little more cutely, for a beautiful girl.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at .......... ...'

There is no lie in those words.
Even though she is constantly yelled at, Nene seems to adore Tracy.

'If it weren't for you, Tracey, I'd ............ have no reason to live. If it weren't for Tracy, I'd be .................. as worthless as a glove on the street on a rainy day. ......'
'I told you to stop thinking negatively!

What are you comparing it to?
And there's a mysterious glove (one side only) in the middle of the road in this world, too!In Japan, we have a high rate of military gloves.

'I can't believe that you ...... thought that way about me, a useless person who is always getting yelled at. ............ ......I have no regrets about dying right now!
I'm not sure what to do.

It's a good thing you're still alive!I don't want anyone else to be the head waiter.

'Ugh ...... I'm so happy ...... I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight ............'.
'I don't know about that feeling,......, but don't you ever get sick of it?I don't know about that feeling, but don't you get sick of being yelled at every day, every time?
'Disgusted?...... me, Miss Tracy?'

Nene's tear-red eyes widened in surprise, as if she was seeing something so impossible that the Great Buddha of Nara would stand up and moonwalk.
Then, a feeling similar to anger spread across his face.

'No way!I've never once in my life disliked Master Tracy!I'm just grateful that you've kept me around for so long. ...... Disgusting has never crossed my mind or been on my mind!

That's a lot of spirit.
The eyes that are too serious are uncanny and full of power as if to say, 'I'll kill you if you don't take this seriously.
Denial with all your might.
Nene adores Tracy with all her heart.
I'm sure of it.

'But, isn't it hard to be yelled at?
'If it's hard, it's because I'm not worthy of letting Tracy do that to me.
'But there are also unreasonable reprimands, aren't there?
'Unreasonable means acting in a way that is unreasonable. Tracy is thinking of me, and with her words and voice, she is pointing out my inadequacies.

In other words, he has never given me an unreasonable reprimand. ...... Is this guy serious?
If this was Japan and I was a consultant sent to eradicate power harassment in a certain company and Nene was a member of that company, I might have thought he was defending himself by making such a statement due to his position. ......, but this guy's eyes are serious.

He may have thought that the environment in which he has been placed is "normal" and abandoned the idea of questioning. ...... No, he may have lived his life without even thinking about it.
Having lived in an abnormal synchronization phenomenon since childhood, they seem to have abandoned the idea of 'having their own opinions' or 'questioning others'.

Is that what they call "normal"? ......

They are as pure as elementary school children.
They don't do what the teacher tells them not to do. Those who break the rules are denounced as 'bad guys', and they don't question such treatment.
It is important to teach children the rules of the group before they develop their individuality, otherwise they will become people with poor moral values.
On the other hand, if we kill the individual and force them to be part of a group too much, there is a danger that they will lose the important ability to think for themselves.

This is what happened to the candidates I met at Mahr's mansion in District 29.
They can only give manual answers and can't handle irregularities.

I suppose Nene is one of those BU youths.

'Nene. Do you ever think about not wanting Tracy to yell at you?'
'I think about it every day. 'I want to be the perfect head waiter so that I don't have to be warned by Tracy.

...... Yeah. Your reasons for not wanting to be yelled at are completely different from what I'm saying.
I didn't know we were this far apart.

But you do want to be able to avoid being yelled at.
Then it's safe to say that Tracy's wishes and Nene's wishes are aligned.

Well, both of them need to change their mindset in order to make that wish come true.

Tracy needs to change her habit of yelling at people when she doesn't need to.
Nene has a habit of putting the highest priority on not getting angry and looking at the other person's face.

If we can utilize their body's ingrained tendency to hyper-synchronize, we might be able to manage that.
If you can put them in an environment where there is no room for their vices to peek out, ...... if you can make them realize that an environment where their vices don't appear is normal, ...... their vices may disappear from the bottom up.
It's worth a try.

I've succeeded in making them think I'm 'cute' when I was an object of fear.
If the environment is right, I'm sure ......

'Shall I give you what you want?
'What ......?'

To avoid being shouted at by Tracy - to correct the irresponsible naysayers who are always looking at other people's faces and making them look bad.
I know just the place to do it.

'I'll help you.

But I'm going to do you a favor and give you what you want. You'll have to be prepared to pay a fair price.

'I'm sorry, sir!I'm ...... glad you feel that way, but'
'What ...... are you going to say no to?'
'Ha, yes...... to tell you the truth, I would very much like to cooperate with you and be reborn as someone who is not a burden to Tracy-sama right now. ......... ...When it comes to asking for Oba's help,............'

Is it because you don't trust me?
Is it because they don't trust you? Is it because of the bad impression you made in the gluttony contest?

Unusually, when I reached out my hand to him, he brushed me off.

What is the reason for this? ......

I've heard from Ricardo, the lord of the 41st district. Ooba-sama does not treat anyone with an E-cup or smaller as a human being, and will not accept any compensation unless it is for services derived from breasts!
'Hey, Estella~. Can you drop by the 41st district on your way home?I've got to go beat up that a**h*le lord over there.
'Wow, what a coincidence. I've been wanting to punch that guy in the face too.
'I'll accompany you, Master Yashiro, Master Estella.
'Oh, um, ......, does anyone need to stop me?

I, Estella, and Natalia's intentions coincided, and Tracy looked dazed and confused.
The stupid lord over there doesn't seem to understand unless you give him a good thrashing. That's kind, in a way.

But, hey, I can always go beat up Ricardo later: ......

'Tracy. Can we make some time sometime?'
'Time, is it ......?
'Oh, yeah. I'm thinking about a night or two, but can you spare the 27th district?'
'Two nights ......, what on earth are you planning to do?'

We're going to take the lord out. And take the head waiter with you.
I know I'm talking out of my ass.
But they shouldn't be here. In order to cure their vices, we have to take them to that place. ......

'I want you to come to the 42nd district. I think we'll be staying at Estella's mansion. ......'
'I'll make it!Nene, make the necessary adjustments immediately!
'Yes, sir!I'm home!

I'm home!
You made a quick decision. ......
It's like I asked him if he could make time, and he said, 'You have to make time.

But if we can get these guys out, we're in control.

'You don't just need to come to District 42, you need to be trained to cure your vices. This is not a sightseeing trip.'
'Oh, um ...... what exactly ......?'

Tracy and Nene exchanged glances and then looked at me again.
Well, don't look so anxious. I'm not trying to make you do anything difficult.
It's just that ......

I'm just trying to get you to do a little part-time work.

In a place where there are always smiling faces, a place where it is difficult to form an atmosphere of anger, a place where you move around so much that you don't have time to get angry, a place where you use your head, a place full of smiling faces and happy chatter, a place where you have to find what you need to do on your own initiative and do it accurately and to the point.
You should get a part-time job in such a place for a while.

'Yashiro, could that be ......'?

Estella, who sensed what I was trying to do, asked me with a look of half impatience and half confusion.
Yeah, that's right. Maybe what you're thinking is right.

'I think I'll put Tracy and Nene to work at the Sunlit Pavilion.

That place of work, headed by the strongest corporate animal that's harmless to humans.

'But, but, ...... to let the lord of another district work, ...... besides, it's doubtful that such a thing will cure Tracy-san's habit, ......'.
'What are you talking about, Estella?

You know that.
I'm sure you'll be able to get rid of your temper tantrums in no time with a little work at the Sunshine Pavilion.
After all...

'Ginette's good-naturedness is contagious, you know?

I gave Estella one of my confident winks.
Well, you'll see.

After that, Nene, urged by Tracy, worked hard to ...... After lunch, that is, after today, we will head to the 42nd district.