281-Episode 193 Arrived in Ward 24

Estella grinned as the carriage drove away.

'Hmmm, ...... writing to us. There's something cute about you, Magda and the others.

She was very happy to get a letter.
Most of the letters that come to Estella are probably work-related, so receiving a letter from a close friend must be something special.

'I'll read it right away.

I hurriedly unfolded the neatly folded letter.
Looking into the letter, I found various words written in multiple strokes.
It's a far cry from Assunto's simple letter, which said, 'Go make a lot of money.

'Hmmm. Well, I guess there's a difference between me and Assunto.

Estella gazed at the letter with particular pride.

'Estella-san, take it easy. You look a little tired, so you should eat lots of fruit.

It is written in small, round, and very cute letters.
This is Millie's writing.
Unlike her tone of voice, she seems calm and relaxed.

'Millie is so cute, even her letters.

Estella says things like that with a grin on her face that would be a problem if an old man said it.
You're lucky you're the same s*x. If you were heteros*xual, Millie would have avoided you.

'I wonder who this character is?

She looks happily at the next simple letter written on it.

'Gouge me.

'It's definitely Imelda, isn't it?

A simple swear word written in careful script.
A message from Imelda, no doubt.

Estella's cheeks are twitching in an obvious way.

'Hmm, hmm. I'll just ignore this one and read the next one!

Pretending that Imelda's message didn't exist, she looks at the next words written on the page.

'The nutrition you eat goes to your stomach: ......'

'...... Magda, isn't it?
'That's odd. I feel the same way.

I guess character comes out in letters too.

'What, Estella's hungry?Then eat salmon!
'Then you need rice too!I think freshly cooked rice is the best!
How about some oysters?Oysters are called the milk of the sea~ Estella, you love milk, don't you?

Estella's expression deepened in confusion as the messages that she knew were from Delia, Loretta and Masha continued.

'Why am I being offered food?

The content of the letter to the lord, who was about to head to the 24th district, was 'Eat this, eat that', 'Eat this, eat this' .......

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
'Natalia ...... has a lot to say.
'So, let's leave out the superfluous part ............ and the part that is not developing at all, Estella.'
'That's what I mean, a lot of extra words!

I think Natalia has a good point, but Estella doesn't like it.
Estella asks her to correct her statement, but Natalia is ready to ignore her.

'Hey, Estella. Look at this one, the next one is a bit longer.

I show the letter to the two of them, who have been bickering forever.
It's written in beautifully balanced letters. It's probably Norma's handwriting, isn't it?

"Chicken, 250g.
100g soybeans
300ml milk
20g butter
2 teaspoons of flour: ............

The ingredients are listed in order, followed by the cooking instructions: 'Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces, skin side down, and brown them.

'...... What's this?'
'Is that the recipe ......?'
'Oh, yes, it is. It's also probably .......'

To the confused pair, I give them a clear solution that is probably not a mistake.

'It's a recipe for chicken and soy gratin in white sauce with lots of breast-enhancing ingredients!
'It's none of your business, no-mah-ah!

Estella leaned out of the carriage window and bellowed in the direction of the faraway sunlit pavilion.

'Looks like Natalia was right.
'As I thought, a certain part of the body is not developing at all: ......'
'Oh my god!Why don't you guys read the letter as soon as you can?

It's a good idea to fold the letters you receive into quarters and put them away in your pocket.
You don't just crumple it up and throw it ...... away. I guess she was happy for some reason.

As Estella became flustered, Natalia and I each unfolded our own letter.

'Oh, ...... this is ............'.

Before I could start reading, Natalia gave me a difficult look.
'...... I'm curious.

'What was written on it?A complaint?'
'I don't think I've behaved in a way that would attract complaints from others.
'You mean .......'

Well then, you might want to take another look at what you say and do.
You're full of rudeness.

'So, what does it say?'

At Estella's request, Natalia revealed her letter.
She brings her hands down and turns the letter halfway around so that the top and bottom are interchanged.
When she looked into it, she saw the following words, short and concise.

'Natalia, pull yourself together.

'I have so many ideas about who might write this that I don't know who the message is from.
'Before you say who it's from, please do what's written here.
'I will do my best.
'Make sure you do. This is a lord's order.
'To the extent possible.
'Can't you just say 'yes', sir?
'You can say that at .......'

Well, it's up to Natalia to decide how much to weigh.
Let's not expect too much from her.

'Oh. I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not.

Natalia let the conversation fade into obscurity and moved her gaze to the next sentence.
There is a small round letter in front of her eyes.

"I hope we can go out together someday.

I think that Millie and Natalia might not be a good combination.
The flower guild seems to be busy, and Natalia is also busy as a head waiter.

'That's true. If you get a chance, we can talk at length. ......'

Natalia's slender fingers caressed Milly's round letters.

'...... I'd love to dye you my colors ............ grin'.
''Don't approach!''

Millie is now an important cultural asset of the Forty-Two Wards.
We have to protect her from these dangerous people!The whole city!

The rest of the letter said ''Take care of Yashiro'', ''Don't catch a cold'', ''Don't wield knives in other cities'', and so on.
It's more like a warning than a letter.

I suppose it was inevitable.

There are not many people who can write something good even if they are given a pen and paper and told to write.
It takes a lot of brain power to convey your thoughts in writing.
If it's what you usually think, it's easy to write it down.

I'm sure that my letters will be filled with words like "Don't get caught up in the boobs" and "Don't get too carried away.
I open the carefully folded letter, imagining what they might say.
It says.

I'm a little worried about you because you've been going out a lot lately, though I'm sure your brother will be fine. Don't push yourself too hard.
"Ladybug. I'm looking forward to the picnic. It's cold at night, so don't catch a cold.
"Call me if you have any trouble!I'll be there no matter where you are!
"Don't drink too much, stay up too late, and don't overdo it. Be careful, okay?
Don't run around and fall over~ Let's talk about the sea next time~.
I look forward to your success. But most of all, I hope you have a safe return.

All of them have sentences that show their concern for me. ...... And at the end, in simple letters that are typical of Magda...

"Waiting at the Sunlit Pavilion

I was told to go home early.
............ They.

'They love you, don't they?

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
'...... Don't think that's going to make me embarrassed over and over again.

'Isn't it nice?Are you jealous?

When I replied, Estella blew out.

'Hmm ......, I didn't expect you to respond like that. ...... No, you've changed too. Yeah, I've changed.

What's funny is that she's holding her stomach and shaking her shoulders.

Across from her, Natalia closes her eyelids and twists the corners of her mouth into a pout. If you're going to laugh, you should laugh more clearly. ......

The fact that you are being relied on is no longer ...... disgusting. But it's still uncomfortable. I don't know why it's me. It's like ...... no, I'm the one who's ...... why.
But it's not hard to understand.

People are attracted to leadership that is easy to understand.
We tend to feel safe and trust and surrender to the leader.
And I tend to be a leader.

A con man needs to be able to lead others into his trap.
They use psychology and human mechanics to manipulate people.
If the end result is a trap, he is a swindler. If the end result is happiness, he is called a hero.
There is a fine line between a con man and a hero.
The impression changes depending on whether the result is positive or negative for the person.

So this guy's a dick.
They're all fooled by me.
That's what my con man skills are for.

'If you ever want to start a heroes' guild, let me know. I'll consider it.'
'This guild gives me the chills. It's going to be a vicious money-collecting organization, that's for sure.

'Cheer for the heroes, show your support with your money.'

Basically, you can assume that anyone who is a good person and only says things that are pleasant to the ear is a bad person or a crook.
There are not so many people who are willing to serve others with perfect good intentions.
Ginette is the only one.
Even Estella is reluctant to do anything that might be detrimental to her.

A hero?
There is no such thing as an unpaid, profit-less, good-hearted person who serves others and leads people through leadership. ......

'If there really is such a thing as a hero, he must be suffering from a serious disease.

I think he's the ultimate dominatrix or something.
It's also possible that he's a dangerous person with an abnormally strong need for approval and an abnormal propensity to huff and puff at the pleasure of being seen by others.
...... Either way, you're a pervert.

--And while I was carefully explaining to them the stench of heroes, Estella and Natalia kept smiling at me. Listen seriously, people. A course on how not to fall for scams given by an active scammer is quite valuable.
I'd even charge a fee for it.

'Well, let's try to negotiate in the 24th district. It's for our own good.

Estella smiles and squares her shoulders in a way I don't like.
If you had big tits, I'd be puffing on your side with my elbow. ...... Unfortunately, no one can touch my elbow at the moment.

You deserve to make a profit. I don't need to be told what to do.
But Estella dares to say that happily. ...... You're so funny.

Across from Estella, Natalia taps herself on the chest twice. Then she bends her right elbow lightly and slides it sideways twice, and waves her palm twice. ......
This means--

"Your tits.
"even if you move your elbow.
"even if you move your elbow.

--I guess.

...... What the hell are you doing?
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

'In the meantime, Natalia, after supper, we need to talk.
'I didn't say anything, did I?
'It's not always safe to say things out loud.
'You're full of it!
'That doesn't mean you can't say it out loud!
'I thought it would be a loss if I didn't.'
'I don't think so!

...... Traveling with these guys, it's really lively.
Can't they at least be quiet while traveling? ......

I'm going to give them a little bit of a hard time.
That's what they said.

'Natalia, pull yourself together.
'I didn't expect to be warned by ...... Yashiro-sama. ............'

Don't give me that look of disapproval.

'It was written in the letter.'
'Yes, that's true. All right, I'll try to control myself a little.

And after Natalia, Estella.
This would also match what was written in the letter.

'Estella, grow up.
'I'm doing everything I can!

She's a hard worker!
In the letter, everyone said the same thing to you!

'......, I hope you'll be more than careful with yourself.
'Sorry. I have a tendency to hyperventilate when I weigh myself,.......'

'What kind of constitution is that!
''You think it's better to cause enormous trouble to others than to suffer yourself!
'You're a sociopath!

I'm a person who's kind to myself above all else.
There's only one 'me' in the whole world, including other worlds.
I have to take good care of him.

'You guys should take better care of me.
'I'll pay you back in full!
'Oh, I'm so important!
'No, no, no!No, no, no, no, no, no!

What's the matter with you? I told you to take good care of me because you came right back at me.
How am I supposed to take care of Estella? Do you want me to treat her like a princess?

'Then I'll carry her on my back all the way.
'Isn't that caring, then?
'I'll even give you the occasional 'peek-a-boo'.
'I see you've been babysitting!

Estella doesn't like any of this.
That's why the nobles are ...... so selfish.

'Well, well, Miss Estella. Don't be so uptight. ...... Peek-a-boo~'
'Don't do a peek-a-boo!

The carriage is going down the road at night, buzzing loudly.
I'm sure it's because of the letter they gave me that it's more lively than usual.
Even if it's just a simple word or a joke, it's nice to have something written for you, and it's powerful enough to make Estella and Natalia ruffle some feathers.

I'm a con man, so I know what I'm talking about.

Words have such great power.
They can move people, sway their hearts, and make them happy or unhappy.

Especially, handwriting is very powerful.

The daughter of the swallowtail butterfly tribe and the man of the nobility ...... were forcibly torn apart, but they were able to love each other for decades because of the handwritten letters.
Whether he knew it or not, Magda made the best choice.
He made the best choice to bring out the true strength of this simple, easy to deal with lord and make the negotiations go well.

Once this mess is over, we'll be able to relax a bit. Or rather, I want to relax.

Maybe these letters will give me the motivation to do so.
It seems that I was in such a state of euphoria that I couldn't help but think about it as the carriage rocked.

The carriage kept going, and when the moon was very high in the night sky, we arrived at the 24th district.

'First, let's go to the inn, and then we'll have dinner. I'll have a table ready for you.

Once we entered the 24th district, the carriage we were riding in followed Assunto's carriage to an inn.
This was a very large inn, and I was a bit surprised.
At any rate, it was the first time I had seen a four-story building in this city.

'You're making a lot of money, ...... you son of a b*tc*.
'I totally agree with you, sir.
'Can you two please not give off a black aura?Since you can stay at such a nice inn, you should be more honest and happy.

Estella, who is in charge of money, sighs.
It's a little easier when you think of it as other people's money,......, but there are four floors.
I've seen a few buildings with wide sides. Like Sirach's house.
Imelda's house has a lot of different buildings on the property, and it's a grand structure, but the main house is two stories.

Four stories.
The main building is a two-story building. It's not as good as a hotel in Japan, but it's quite impressive when combined with the atmosphere of the city and the surrounding scenery.

'However, the room we've reserved for you is on the second floor, so please don't be so overwhelmed.
'What, the second floor?
'Don't be extravagant, will you?Just being able to stay here is quite a big deal, you know.
'That's true, isn't it?

For some reason, Assunto spread out his arms and puffed up his nostrils with pride.

'This "Cradle of the Moon" is not an inn where you can easily stay. It's a first-class inn where guests are expected to have a certain level of dignity.

If it is a first-class inn, please translate it as a hotel or something.
The word "inn" inevitably makes me feel simple, like a guest house.

'The first floor is a dining room and bar, and from the second floor are the guest rooms, where only first-class guests can stay. The third floor requires the highest level of dignity, and the fourth floor is off-limits only to VIPs.
'VIP hey ......'

There's no such thing as an elevator anyway, so you'll have to take the stairs up to the fourth floor, right?VIPs are going up all the way.
So we went up, but it's only the fourth floor. There's not much to see or wonder at. ............

'I don't envy you at all.
'That's strange. When Mr. Yashiro says it, it sounds like he means it.

In our world, it's probably the kind of high floor you'd like to stay in at least once.
I've been staying in the President's Room a lot in Japan, so it's nothing to me. In fact, it's not worth talking about.
That's why I'm grateful for the second floor of ......, where I don't have to climb so many stairs.

'Yeah. Upstairs is best.
'You've changed your opinion. Are you being considerate?'

No way.
I'm just disgusted by the shallowness of this inn that's trying to give a sense of luxury to a place that's only four stories high.
I'm sick and tired of the intrusive sense of luxury.
As a person who has seen so many third-rate hotels that only make things look good but neglect the basic spirit of the service industry, I am tired of it.

In the first place, the name is too cool.
The Cradle of the Moon. ...... You're so fancy.

'I'm looking forward to seeing the knees of the people staying on the fourth floor. I bet they're shaking.'
'Yes, I'm sure they are. But they're vain people. I'm sure they'll keep a cool face to hide their erratic breathing.
'Even though their knees are sore and their hearts are beating fast. ......
'The first floor is so close to the ground.' ...... It's funny. ...... kkkkkkkkk.
'Hey, you guys. Can you stop making the darkness of the night even darker?
I'm not sure what to make of that.

No, no, no.
When I think of those money-grubbing aristocrats, I can't help but sneer.
I wonder if Assunto is contagious?

The lord and his head waiter don't seem to harbor any ill feelings toward the nobles.
You guys don't get to come to places like this often. You can't afford it.

'Let's go to your room anyway. I want to put my things down. Will Assunto take the carriage for us?
'Yes. There's a branch of the peddler's guild in the 24th district, so we can use that.

That's the city of soybeans and malted rice. The peddlers' guild has settled down.
This must be the place where the most money is gathered in the neighborhood.
You've got a good sense of smell.

'But, Assunto. I don't know how these people could so easily do what you're asking.

I thought that Assunto, who is in charge of the poorest district's branch, would be unimpressed with the people of the upper branches, but ...... he seems to be in a very superior position.

'Hmmm,......, I've made connections with the Koji craftsmen. They ...... ah, I'm talking about the people from the branch of the 24th district ...... they can't mistreat me any longer.

I was told that koji makers are difficult.
Perhaps the peddlers' guild in the 24th district had no direct connection with them.
There may have been some indirect connections, since they may have traded goods. ......

So Assunto, who invented a new product and made a good impression on the koji maker, is also a blessing to the people in this branch.
He even listens to us if we are a little selfish.

'That's why I really wanted to stay with you at this inn, but I'll stay at the branch.

It seems that only the three of us will be staying at this inn.

'The branch of the Peddler's Guild has a room that only special business partners can stay in, and we've been invited to stay there. Well, I've always wanted to stay there. Mmmm, one of my dreams has come true.

Assunto sniffed happily.
He really looks happy.
He might be rather famous among the peddlers' guilds. The magnificence of staying at a branch of the peddlers' guild in District 24.

If that's what she wants to do, I won't stop her.
I'm happy to reduce Estella's burden.

And she gets to keep the stables for free. I can't complain.

'And now, about your room: ......'

Assunto took out two keys and held them out in front of us.

'There's one single room and one double room. ............ Now, who would you like to stay with?'

Assunto looks at me with a meaningful smile on his face.
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

...... Well, "which" is ............

I glare at Assunto, who is amused.
You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them. It's not pretty at all, that face.

And then, without a sound, Natalia steps forward.

'Lady Estella is a lord. Please make yourself at home in your room.
'What?Wait, wait, wait!Are you saying you're staying in the same room as Yashiro then?
'Yes. I thought that would be more reasonable.
'What's reasonable?Of course not, of course not!
'Is there anything wrong with that?
'You're naked when you sleep!
''Is there a problem?''
''Would you mind not joining in so casually, Yashiro?I have a problem!

He strode forward and checked Natalia with his right arm.
As if to keep her away from me, he puts his hand on Natalia's navel and pushes hard.

This is not because there is any deep meaning to it, but because the head waiter who guards the lord's mansion would be in big trouble if he were to cause any problems in another district, so I am stopping him!

He says those tsundere words while glaring at me with those same tsundere eyes.
Nice try. One more word, 'Don't get me wrong! would have been perfect.

'So, Estella-san will be staying in the same room as Yashiro-san, is that correct?

At Assunto's point, Estella froze.
Her face turns bright red, and a stream of steam rises in the chilly night sky.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing. I'm sorry.I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what you need to do.It's better than a scandal,......, right?It's good ......, isn't it?Yeah.

Before you know it, your excuses will switch to self-deprecation.
He looks at me with a bright red face and red eyes. ..................

'I can't help it ............, can I?

Even if you say it with such a maidenly look up ............

''Why don't I stay in a single room and you and Natalia stay together?

I'm sure you've heard of it, but I've never heard of it.
...... I mean, normally you would separate the men and women, but in this case...

I'm not sure if I'd be able to do that if I were you.

Estella blames Assunto for her narrow-mindedness and begins to take it out on him.
Stop it, stop it, stop it.
The more you get pissed off like that, the more you'll please Assunto.

The more you get angry like that, the more you will please Assunto. ...... I thought this kind of happening would be a good memory of the trip. It's part of the production.

Assunto gave him a not-at-all-cute wink and chuckled.

'............ Assunto ...... is a good one to remember ......!

Estella's whispered sigh of defeat is only half as effective as her red face.

'......Please be careful in the dark of night.

............ Yeah. It's not funny when you say it, Natalia.
You're a bit annoyed that you were inadvertently tricked.
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit nervous about the whole thing. ...... Anyway, that hand in your pocket is ...... scary, so can you please take it out?It's a good idea to keep your hands clean.

After fooling and teasing the two shrewd men, Assunto left the inn in a good mood.
After leaving our carriages and dropping off our luggage, we are supposed to meet up again for dinner.

...... I hope we can meet up.

'Dinner is on Assunto, right?
I'm sure you will.

Two people who have been unusually drunk are colluding.
Assunto will be made to pay for his own mischief later. He'll get what's coming to him.

Well, I guess I'll just head to my room.
A single room is nice and easy.

At any rate, I don't want to be in the same room as Natalia, who is completely naked, or Estella, who is red with embarrassment. ...... I'm uncomfortable, I tell you.

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