280-Episode 192 Feeling of Absenteeism

'Koji craftsmen are said to enter the room before the sun rises to take care of the koji seeds. It is important to adjust the temperature and humidity.

As Assunto says, the mornings of koji craftsmen come early.
A seed koji is a collection of koji spores that can be used to make bean koji, shio koji, etc. As the name suggests, it is a kind of koji seed. --You can use them to make soy koji or shio koji.

It is very difficult to control this kind of koji, and as it is a fungus, it can become toxic if it is not handled properly.
It is not an exaggeration to say that the quality of koji greatly affects the taste of the processed products afterwards and that the life of the products is entrusted to it.

So let's get a head start.

...... Are you an industry person? What do you mean, "get in front of it"? How dare you.
You're just staying the day before so that you can meet him early in the morning.
If you want to act like a businessman, you should be eating "see-saw" or "be-eating" and "reconnecting" or "going".

Well, that's why.
We started going to the 24th district the day before the day of the visit.
It's 16:00 now. The final bell has just rung.

'It'll be night by the time we reach the 24th district, but there's probably a tavern or two open, so we'll have dinner there and take you to the inn. Oh, I've made arrangements for you to stay here.
'And the money?
'Let's thank the lord for his kindness.
'...... It would have been better to stay at a lower rank inn, with this group.'

If Estella is getting flustered, then he must have arranged a good inn for us.
That's Assunto. You're merciless when it comes to other people's money.

'There was only one room available at the inn that was one rank lower. I could stay at the branch of the peddler's guild, but then I'd be alone with ............ Yashiro-san... ......... Would you have preferred that?''
'What?It's not possible!That's just it!I'm not alone with you because Natalia is here!
'So, Yashiro-san is a flower in both hands?
'Ya ......, Yashiro is a carriage!
'All right, Estella, give me the money. Shut up and give it. Put me up in a nice inn.

Who would sleep in a carriage, ...... when they're scared?

'Gentlemen, are you taking your supper in the tavern?

Ginette says, a little disappointed.
She probably wanted to make lunch for dinner.
But it would be too late to start preparing now.

'I'm sorry, Manager. I'm going to borrow Mr. Yashiro.
'Oh, yes. It's no problem if ...... Mr. Yashiro is okay with it. ......'

The way he glanced at me tickled me.
Nine out of ten people would think that you look lonely. I'm sure he doesn't mean to, but he does.

'...... Mr. Magda looked a little lonely. It was an urgent matter.

He leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear.
I look for Magda, but she's nowhere to be found. Maybe she's sulking.
She's been leaving me behind a lot lately.

'I'll let Loretta stay here.
'She's already planning on it.

The smile on Ginette's face returned to her face when she saw how well prepared Loretta was.
I'm grateful for his carelessness in times like these.

When I was thinking about that, ......

'...... aym,homme'

Magda's back. From outside.
Where has she been?I wonder how long he's been gone. ...... There's no sign of him, is there? You're a ninja, aren't you?

'......With Yashiro gone for the night, we're going to tighten security at the sunlit pavilion.

After proudly declaring that, he called out to the entrance door.

'...... Come on in, my trusty Guardians.

As if guided by Magda's voice, a crisp looking Loretta walks into the store.
...... Guardians.

'Are you saying that Loretta is going to protect the store?
'Not just .......'

Magda tucks her chin to guide my gaze.
As I turned my gaze to follow her, a group of familiar faces entered from behind Loretta.

'That's a real problem. We're struggling to improve the precision of the gears right now, and you're so pushy, Magda.'
'Well, come on, Norma~. I'm glad you're staying with us.
'Hey, Yashiro!I'm here to stay!

'Now that I'm staying here, it's going to be a special night for sure!
'...... Oh, my ......, you're going to be taken care of tonight, aren't you ............?'

In a row, Norma, Masha, Delia, Imelda, and Milly came in.
Masha's tank is being pushed by Delia.

'More than ...... are the Guardians guarding the Sunlit Pavilion today.
'How did you manage to get so many ......?'

Well, I guess you can feel safe with this many. Both in terms of security and ...... in terms of relieving loneliness.

In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.

'............ big tits and flat-chested x2'.

While uttering these mysterious words, she pointed at me ...... and Estella and the others lined up behind her.

'Wait a minute!Why are me and Assunto in the same group?
'Well, it's true that I'm a man, so I'm flat-chested, but ...... ho ho ho, we're the same.'
'Shut up or I'll put you in the stable, assunto?
'Sorry, I'm the only one with big tits.'
'You're really annoying, Natalia, shut up!

No, well... No, well... I get the whole 'big tits and flat chests' thing, but ...... what the hell is that all about?
-- and now Magda spreads her arms out, pointing at herself and those lined up behind her.

'...... Bakunyu Renmei + Whispering Two, With Magda'.
'Wait a minute, Magda!I'm not sure if you're talking about me and Miriri.
'Ah ...... whispering ...... but ............ a little, sad ......'
I'm not sure what to make of that.

'...... Magda has too much room to grow, so I can't quantify it.
'Oh, I see!Magda, you're so smart!
'Delia, don't be convinced by such a crappy theory.

Magda is a member of the Big Tits Team.
I'm not sure what to say, but I'll try.

'...... What are Yashiro's plans for tonight?
'We're all staying in!
'Can you wait a minute, Yashiro?

What's up, leader of Team Petanko!
I'm busy preparing for the dazzling Bakunyu Night!

I'm busy preparing for the dazzling Bakunyu Night! ''You'll be riding with us to District 24 to prepare for tomorrow.

You'll be able to get to the 24th district with us and get ready for tomorrow." The flat-chested leader puts his face right up to his nose, bites down on his back teeth and appeals with a smile that isn't quite funny.
It's ....... What an uninspiring invitation. ......

'...... boobs don't dance,......!
'You're trying to say it's not exciting, aren't you?If so, that's rude!

d*mn you, ...... Magda.
He's getting stronger by the day, that guy.
You don't want me to go that far, do you?

'...... can't we get by with Estella and Assunto?
'You were the one who suggested the bean sauce, right?I'm sure that Ma'ulu also thought that you would be able to work and wrote a letter of introduction for you, right?

You can't rely on me for ...... everything.

'Estella ......, you may not know this, but ............ I'm ......'.

I stare straight back at the red eyes staring at me and tell them in a serious voice.

'I love big boobs.'
'I know!I'm more than familiar with them.

Then you know!
You know that tonight is the night of the sunshine pavilion!

'Sunlit Pavilion Night!Purun-Purun Festivale!
'There's no such festival going on!
'It's not even a participatory event!

We've got all these people, but the landlord, Ginette, is refusing to host the festival.
What a waste of time. ......
I'm almost as angry as the TV personalities who make a mess of high quality ingredients in the cooking variety shows on TV. ............

'We'll take care of Yashiro when he's away. We'll take care of you while you're gone.
'Oh, ......, good luck with your work, ladybug.'
'Here, Yashiro. Norma and Milly are telling me to do this.'
'What? Is Yashiro going to go away?'
'It's a pity that it's my first sleepover...'
'Look, Delia and Masha are saying this!
'Delia, Marsha, can you stop being funny?
'What is it, Estella?I'm not amused at all.
'Uh-huh. I'm very much amused~!

Ah, it's so lively.

It's really lively and ...... reassuring.


I walk up to Magda, who has been staring at me, and put my hand on her head.
His ears fall down, and he shakes them a little as if he is repulsed.

'Take care of the store and these guys.
'............ What's your reward?'

Magda is still a little flustered.
A reward. ......

'How about we all go on a picnic?Take a half day off from the store.'

'Ding! Magda's ears perked up.
It would be possible if we closed the shop for half a day ......, or rather, if we only sold food in the afternoon.
Of course, I will give advance notice and sell a lot of 'lunch boxes for supper.

What do you think?

After looking up at me in silence for a good ten seconds, Magda wagged her tail once and sniffed.

'...... I'm in.'

That should put him in a better mood.
In addition, it will give Ginette something to look forward to, so we can kill two birds with one stone.

'...... So, do you mind, manager?
'Yes!Then let's make plans together again.''

Jeannette was all smiles.
The sad expression on her face is gone.

'How about catching some salmon in the river?
'You know, I'm always on the riverbank. I'll go somewhere else once in a while.'
'I don't care where we go...' 'But maybe you'd like to go to the mountains?
'Oh, no!Then, how about the forest?There's a place you know, where it's safe, full of beautiful flowers, and you can pick lots of fruit.
'Whoa!Millicent is unusually hot!
'...... That's the best candidate.
'Then, Miriri-san. Can you please get permission to use that place?

'...... They're all going, aren't they?

'The ...... match pants are white ............ on the contrary ......'.
'Hey, Estella. You've got to shut up your head waiter who's making disturbing remarks over there.'
'No problem. I'll tie him to a pillar that day.'

Estella's skills won't be enough to stop Natalia.
This is going to be another lively event.

'...... More importantly, Yashiro.

Estella glances over at us as we talk about the picnic and leans in closer to me.
I can hear Estella whispering in my ear on her breath.

'Didn't Jeannette say something?

I immediately pulled my ear away from her ticklish breath.
When I looked away, Estella was fidgeting, looking as if she was having difficulty saying something.
She looked at Jeannette once, and then her red eyes looked at me.

'You wanted to go with me before, didn't you? Didn't you say you wanted to come with me?'

Yeah. I guess.
He's talking about the time he briefly said he wanted to go with me.
That's all been said and done.
Ginette herself didn't want to go away, she just thought about it in the course of conversation.

I'm sure he'd be happier to be near everyone for fun than far away for work with us.
So let's just focus on the picnic, Ginette.

'He's most interested in the sunny pavilion, you know. He can't just go away for the night.

Unless it is an event that you have planned and prepared for in advance, like when you went to Lucia's place, you can't just go out and stay overnight on a whim. Ginette doesn't want to do that, you know.

'...... How serious are you?
'That's why ...... Jeannette's best is, ...............'

You can find a lot more information on the web.
Her red hair sways softly, and her breasts do not sway at all.

'Red hair swaying softly: ......'
'Shut up.'

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this. ......


As soon as Estella finished her story, which she had been telling me in a somewhat secretive atmosphere, Ginette came to me as if she had been waiting for me.
The first thing she said was something I couldn't understand.

'Thank you very much.

She shakes her long hair and bows her head.
She scoops a handful of hair from her cheek and smiles softly.

'What are you thanking me for?I have no idea.'
'You all look very happy to have something to look forward to. Of course, I'm looking forward to it too.
'I just suggested a picnic, didn't I?
'Yes. I was happy to suggest it.

Even though I thought it was overreacting to a picnic, I couldn't even be sarcastic when they were so happy.
The others are also having a good time, so I guess it's all good.

'I'll think of a lunch for you.
'I guess so. In the forest, we can't use the fire too badly.'
'That's right. Then I'll make lots of food.

He was so enthusiastic even before the date had been decided.
I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun talking about it this evening.

'Well, then, let's get going.
'Yes. Yes, we should.

If we delay our departure too long, it will make people feel uncomfortable.
It's better to go quickly.

There's nothing special to prepare, and it's only for one night. I'll just take it easy and go.

'Then, please follow me in my carriage.

With that, Assunto left the store first.
We are going in Estella's carriage, but Assunto is going in the carriage he has prepared.

I wonder if riding in a lord's carriage is supposed to bring out a sneering spirit.
...... Well, there was a time when I was riding in a carriage on the way back from the 41st district, and my face was twitching.
It was right after I found out that Estella was a lord, and I don't know how she'll react now.

'Aren't you going to ask Assunto to give you a ride this time?
'Because our carriage is more luxurious. If we're going to meet the lord of the 24th district, we should at least make a show of it.

...... That luxurious vehicle is a horse and carriage on loan from Javier.
You should at least build the body. It's about time you had a two horse carriage.

'...... I wonder if that horse can be given back to me without being returned. ......?
'If we make Mr. Javier dead, or ......'.
'Hey, you vertical lords and your idiot head waiter?I can hear you.'

Estella and Natalia plotting evil in front of their daughter.
These guys are the representatives of the forty-two districts. ......

'Okay, guys. I'm off.'

Estella waves her hand with a radiant smile, ignoring Imelda's pursuit.
You've got Imelda right out of your sight.

'So, Yashiro-san. Take care of yourself.

Jeannette folds her hands in front of me. She seems to be offering me a prayer, like she does Magda before she goes out hunting.
I don't know, ...... is staying overnight such a big deal?
Well, when I was in junior high school, the landlady was like that when I went to my friend's house for an overnight stay.
It's not that I don't want you to go, but I don't want you to go. ............

'Is there something wrong?I'm not sure what's wrong with me.

The laugh that escaped unintentionally caused Ginette to show impatience.
No, no, no. It's just that I thought we looked alike. That's what's so strange about you.

'E...... mmm. You can't deny that, but ......'.

When I tease her, she puffs up and purses her lips in an obvious way.
And then, with a hint of resentment, he says something like this.

'Because there's nothing I can do but worry.

So please let me at least worry about you. --And he seems to want to say that.

'Ginette, are you coming?

Estella pokes her head out from behind me and says something like that.
If Ginette were to suddenly leave in this state, there would be panic in the sunlit pavilion.
Look. ...... There aren't many sane people in this group, so we can't hold it together without Ginette.

'I'm tempted to go, but I think I'll pass this time.

Ginette must be thinking the same thing.
This is not the kind of guy who throws away his responsibilities and goes out to play.

As I was thinking this, Ginette's gaze suddenly caught mine.

'You promised me that you would come back, and ......'.

I was involuntarily made to feel nervous.

'I'll be here, waiting for you.

Ginette's smile, like the sun's, is ...... sometimes too bright to look at directly.
That's why she smokes you with words like this.

'I'll be back, ...... because the Plump Plump Festival is waiting for me.
'chuckle...... chuckle'

Ginette shakes her shoulders and laughs.
That's right. This is about right. Continuous exposure to direct sunlight is poisonous to a shady person like me.

'...... I hope you get punished.'

Next to the bright smile, Estella radiates an aura of darkness. I'm sure you're the one who's been punished by the boob gods or something. ......

If there's one drawback to the sunlit pavilion, it's that it takes a long time to leave.
If we don't leave soon, we won't reach the other side until midnight. Assunto's probably getting tired of waiting.

Estella and I head for the door together.
Natalia, who is ahead of us, will open the door and wait for us.

Just as we are about to go out, she waits for us again.

'Big brother, wait a minute!

Loretta rushes over to me and holds out four folded pieces of paper.

'What is it?
'It's a letter!We all just wrote it together!

I looked over to see Norma and Milly holding pens by the table.
There's no need to rush to write in such a short time. ......

'You'll see later. One for each of us, and this one is for Mr. Assunto.'
'Okay, let's see Assunto's.'

Without saying a word, I take up the letter to Assunto and unfold it.
It says.

"Go make yourself a lot of money.

--And on it was written...
'...... A letter, this?

'...... All right. I'll make sure to give it to you.'
'Do I have to give it to you, or what?

We decided to read ours later and got into the carriage.
Estella sat on the top seat, I sat next to her, and Natalia sat across from her.
After confirming that we were seated, the master drove the horses.

With the sound of hooves, the carriage slowly begins to move forward.