279-Episode 191 The Two Who Came to Encourage

'Master Yashiro. Mr. Demilly of the Forty District would like to see you.'
'Mr. Yashiro. Your father would like to see you.'

When the lunch crowd had passed, Natalia and Imelda arrived at the same time, and each of them came to me with their own business.
They said the same thing at the same time.

'You tell them to come see me.
'Yashiro ......, who do you think you're dealing with?
'A hot old man, right?
'Which one do you think it is ......, well, I guess both, in your case.'

The nervous Estella let out a heavy sigh.

'If you're worrying about the details, you'll end up with Demili.
'So, you need to show a little more respect for the lords of the other districts ......!
'That's fine. We're just two old men with thin hair and a love of little girls.
'Hey, I don't like it when you talk behind my back when no one is around, Oba-kun.
'You should be more careful with your language, Yashiro!

As if to catch the end of my words, the two males open the door and enter the sunlit pavilion together.
I'm not sure if they're trying to outsmart me or not, but Ambrose Demilly, the lord of the 40th district, and Stuart Javier, the guild leader of the Woodcutter's Guild, put on a face full of the sense of having done it.

'Hey, bald guy and pedophile.
'Your rhetoric has become more direct, hasn't it?
'Just because you're in front of me doesn't mean you can say it!

He strolls up to me and stands on either side of me, surrounding me.

I could hear the sound of a heavy carriage, so I knew you guys were waiting out front.

'Javier came to see Magda and her sisters, but what's Demilly doing here?There's no hair-growth medicine in our medicine cabinet.
'Are you malicious, are you?
'Who came to see Magda and her sisters?Don't be so judgmental!
'Well then, Magda. Take your sister and go to the church.'
'Noooooo, wait!That's just a figure of speech, of course I'm glad you're here!

I'm sorry you're so distraught, Javier. Your daughter is looking at you like you're a dead fish.

'...... I hope you go bald.'
'Hey, Stuart's daughter!That's a stray bullet flying at us, too, isn't it?

Imelda's words damaged the hearts of Javier and Demilly.
A compact and lean attack. That's what I'm talking about, Imelda.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on, but I'm not sure you'll be able to.
'Oba-kun ......, you're really, really mean from the bottom of your heart. ......'
'I don't have time for this either. We came as fast as we could, you know?

In short, these guys also heard about the movement of the BU and rushed over.
I don't think we're half as late as we should be.

No, they must have received the information, so they must have taken some action before coming to see us.
At any rate, he borrowed a horse from Javier. He must have been informed at that time.

'I've met with the lords of the 36th to 39th districts.

Demily says, sitting across from me.
Javier sits down next to Demilly.

'The BU guys are always pressuring us with their numbers, so it was pretty easy to get the lords on our side.
'So you're saying that in the event of an all-out confrontation, the lords of the 35th district and below and up to the 42nd district can form a league?

Estella sits next to me as she says this.
We've got a lot of people here, don't we?

'Well, that's the way it is. Although it is the unanimous opinion of all the lords that it is better that the worst does not happen.
'It's the same for us.

Estella's face twisted into a wry smile.
In order to counter the BU, the lords of the districts involved in the wedding parade have formed a league.
But this is an impromptu league with no rules or penalties. There is no such thing as cohesion, and all of the wards have offered to cooperate in order to prevent damage to their own wards.

If they get involved in a full-scale confrontation, they will inevitably lose.
But it might be a threat.

'Did you go to the trouble of meeting with the lords here and there, and did the lords themselves come to tell you about it?
'Hmph. I think it would be a good idea to ingratiate myself with Ooba-kun.
'Do you want me to teach you a good scalp massage?
'I wouldn't waste my money on that!It's not every day I get a chance to ingratiate myself with you!
'You actually want me to teach you.'
'Hahaha, don't underestimate me, Oba. I've lived a long life too. I know very well that ...... self-massage is counterproductive.'
I've been around long enough to know that self-massage is counterproductive.

He's lived long enough that he can't say that he doesn't fall for his own desires.

'Besides, Stewart's been clamoring to come to the Forty-second Ward.
'...... Father (a stranger named), you want to love your sisters so much ......'.

'No, no, no, Imelda!I just wanted to see you!

They're really unflappable.
When you're old, you don't grow up. All that's left is decline.

'No, what. I heard you created a new dessert called donuts.'
I didn't create it. I just made the food from my hometown here.
From this town's point of view, it's a birth.

A couple of old men went to the 42nd district to eat the hottest sweets?In Japan, this would be laughable. Sweets friends, sweets friends?

'There's a coffee shop called Luxury in the forty-second district. ...... Ah, you guys are familiar with it. ...... The chef who owns it seemed to be in love with its taste.
'......You're here, Pompeo?'
'Yes. He was quite disappointed that Mr. Yashiro wasn't there, wasn't he?

Ginette smiles and gives me an answer.
That old man ...... has come to steal our taste again ......, or perhaps he was ready to learn from us. Thank goodness I'm not home.

I'm glad I wasn't home.Donuts.'
'Sure, I'll have one.
'Ha-ha-ha. The manager's getting better at business. Is it because of Yashiro?'
'No, not at all .......

It's not that she's trying to sell herself, but she simply wants people to try her new product.
I'm sure it won't be long before doughnuts become popular in the forty wards.

'Imelda keeps bragging about it. I've always wanted one.'
'Oh, no. I didn't mean to brag so much, you know.I was just expressing my honest opinion that it's ridiculous that people who have never eaten a single donut nowadays think they're gourmets.

I heard he was very proud of it.
He must have been so proud of himself that he talked about the deliciousness of the donuts with a sense of superiority.

'Well, I'm going to get ready. Magda, Loretta, I need your help.'
'...... I'll take care of it.'
'I'll make a lot of food and make them buy it all!I have the money, I'll be fine!'
'......It's dangerous. Even Loretta is turning into a yashiro.''

As the three of them walked into the kitchen, Estella stared at them, worrying about something she didn't understand.
You have to take the money where you can and suck it up. That's the ironclad rule of business, isn't it?

'I don't usually eat sweets, but it's a different story when it's a new product in District 42.

Demilly rubbed his hands together in anticipation.
He must have a plan in his head for distribution in District Forty.

I'm also more of a drinker than a sweetener,......, but I'll take whatever Magda Tan makes,............, or Imelda recommends. So, you know what?Put your hand axe away, Imelda.

Javier shushed Imelda with sweat on his forehead.
Imelda was clutching a hand axe that seemed to have a high killing power. ...... I see. I'm sure you'll find that all women who start to assume power and responsibility start to behave in a similar manner. ............ Don't carelessly flick your blade, Imelda. And also Estella and Natalia.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you.

And then there was Bertina, who hadn't even been invited, but had somehow found her way to our table.
...... I knew you'd come. No, I had a feeling, a feeling.

'Oh, hey, Ambrose,......, how much money do you have?'
'Yeah, well, not much. ...... Where's Stewart?
'Once, when I came to pick up Imelda who ran away from home, I was forced to buy breakfast for all the people in the dining room. ...... I brought quite a bit. ......... ...For that sister, ............ the worst that can happen is that you might have to borrow from Imelda.

I'm not sure if the threat of Bertina has become common knowledge in the neighborhood after the gluttony contest.
Demilly and Javier's complexion is dull.
I mean, they're naturally going to buy us a drink too. As expected of a grown man.

'Bertina. You should save up enough food for three days.
''You'll go bankrupt!
''Uh-huh. You're exaggerating, gentlemen.''

You're the only one who thinks so, Bertina.
You're a can-do girl. If you wanted to, you could throw the 40th district into financial trouble.

'Don't you drink, Sister?
'Alcohol, sir?I guess so. ......'

Bertina puts her hand to her cheek and thinks.

I've never seen Bertina drinking, by the way.
She's a sister, so maybe she's not allowed to drink. ............ No, I don't think the Spiritual Church has such strict rules. You can eat meat and pray as you like.

'It's not forbidden, is it?
'In the church?Yes. There are priests who like to drink wine.

If that's the case, I'd like to see them at least once. I'd like to see a tipsy Bertina, drunk and innocent.

'No, you can't offer alcohol to the sisters.

Ginette comes back with a plate full of donuts.
When her eyes meet Bertina's, she smiles, as if remembering something from the past.
...... What's going on?I'd love to hear about Bertina's 'drinking failures'.

'The sisters are very weak drinkers. She gets drunk even with very thin wine.
'Wow, that's surprising.
'Surprising? ...... Yashiro-san. Do I look like I drink a lot?

He looks a little uncomfortable.
Rather than the image of a heavy drinker, I had the image of someone who would look unconcerned no matter how much he drank. A calm and collected elf who would not be swayed by anything. Such an image.

'What happens when you get drunk?
'Well, ...... I don't really remember,' he said.
'You cry, Sister.'

Bertina tried to dodge the question with a smile, but Ginette repeated the words as if she was trying to nail her.
For a moment, Bertina looks annoyed, but then her eyes light up at the doughnut in front of her.
Bertina takes the doughnut and immediately bites into it. Now she will not be able to speak for a while.
As if to take advantage of this, Ginette tells him about the drunken Bertina.

'When she drinks, her face immediately turns pale, and she curls up on the floor, shivering and whimpering.
'What, that one?That's your 'mewing'?

I've never heard of 'mewing' before.

'It's like I get a headache and severe nausea.
'Sounds like a very early hangover. ......'
'As a sister who believes in never throwing up what you eat, drinking is an act that shakes her beliefs.
'No, you're overreacting. Can't you have a better creed, Sister of the Spirit Church?

Your obsession with food is unbelievable.

'Also, you're a bit spoiled. Just like Magda when she became a beast.'

What?I'd like to see that!
I'd like to see that.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

I'm not sure what to make of that.

After swallowing the doughnut stuffed into her cheek and sipping her tea, Bertina said in a quiet voice.

'I wish I could drink alcohol,' she says. It smells so good, and when I see people who can drink, they seem to enjoy it so much.

There are a lot of people who can't drink but like to be at a bar.
There are also a lot of people who are not drinkers but like to drink.

For those who don't drink, it may be something to envy.
It doesn't matter that you can drink, but it may be a little sad that you can't drink.

'I've heard that when you drink, your food tastes even better.
'That's dangerous, isn't it!
'Manager, if there's alcohol in this store, can you please remove all of it!
''Even the cooking alcohol!Also, you should ban people from the bar!
'Mmmm, that's terrible, Yashiro-san. Demily, Javier too.'

Bertina let out a laugh, thinking it was a joke.
You're the only one who thinks so.
...... If you start feeling that food tastes even better, this world will run out of food.

'Perhaps it's a consideration of the spirit gods that the sisters can't drink alcohol.
'Oh,......, even Jeannette said such a thing,......, that's terrible.

I'm not sure what to do.
Bertina's cheeks puffed out.

I'm not sure if Bertina is unwilling to be made fun of for not being able to drink.
Come to think of it, there are not many people around me who drink.
Estella used to say that she didn't like it much, and Ginette doesn't drink at all.
Not to mention Magda and Loretta, but I've never seen Delia or Paula drinking either.
Norma seems to be drinking, though.

'Even children drink in this city, don't they?
'Isn't it different in your hometown?

I asked Estella and she rolled her eyes at me.
Maybe people from this world don't understand that you can't drink alcohol until you're twenty.
If you ask them why they have to drink from the age of 20, ...... they will probably just say something like "because of the growth of the brain" or something like that.That's all I can say.

In my hometown, it was common sense to drink after you grew up.
'Then, what do you do when you go on a long trip where you can't get clean drinking water?

In such cases, you can use a vending machine or convenience store. ...... I don't think these guys would understand.
If you are going on a long trip in this world, it is not easy to secure drinking water.
Also, if you think about how to regulate your body temperature when it is cold, it would make more sense to carry an alcoholic beverage that can be stored.

'But you certainly don't drink too much strong alcohol when you are young.
'How old do you have to be to start drinking?'
'It depends on the person. ...... For me, the first time I was given wine was when I was about ten years old.

Ten years old? That's after you started helping out at the Sunken Pavilion.
He must have been drunk by a guest.

'I've never seen Jeannette drink before.
'Well, maybe it's because she didn't have any money, so she didn't have the habit of drinking.

I see.
So Ginette is the type who can drink but doesn't drink.
Before I came, they couldn't afford to buy alcohol, and after I came, they didn't feel like drinking alone because I and Magda didn't drink.

'Don't you ever feel like drinking?'
'I've had some at parties and festivals. Homer brought me some pure rice wine.'
'.................. Homer?'
'I'm a rice farmer from the Camomos tribe. You used your wiles to force me to sign an exclusive contract for rice.'
'Ah, that's the guy who made a lot of money from the increased value of rice thanks to me!
'......, your mind remembers things in a very convenient way.

Estella interrupts the conversation and reveals her disgusted face.
As a result of my extensive publicity of the deliciousness of rice, the profits of rice farmers have skyrocketed. They owe me a favor, don't they?
I'm sure they'll send you some pure rice wine or something to prove it. ...... I'd never heard of it.

I'm sure you've heard of it.
'The koji makers in the 24th district are very skilled. I've heard that the koji from there makes really good sake. I don't drink much, so I don't know how the sake tastes.
'It's delicious, the sake from the 33rd district.

Natalia adds to Estella's list of weaknesses.
Does this guy drink?
...... He looks like a strong man. The atmosphere.

'There are farmers in the 33rd district who produce rice for sake, and sake is made in the 33rd district using malted rice from the 24th district.

While listening to Natalia's explanation, I remembered the map of Allbloom.
The 33rd district is a perimeter district adjacent to the 24th district.
Because of the difference in elevation, it is too far away from the forty-second district to reach without going around it.

I'm glad Homer is here.
Otherwise I might never have found the white rice. You'd be making it in a place that far away.

'It's the rice, water and koji that determine the taste of sake. If it weren't for the koji makers in the 24th district, you wouldn't be able to get that flavor.

Natalia says with a lively expression. It seems that she likes to drink a lot.

'Do you drink a lot, Natalia?
'She's not a drinker.
'I didn't get that information from her!
'Hey, manager, do you have any alcohol on hand?
'Oh, oh, what a coincidence!I'm just starting to feel the urge to drink too!Why don't I buy you a drink?
''Shut up.''

The two men began to express opinions that were the exact opposite of what they had said when Bertina was drinking, and Estella and Imelda's sharp voices pierced through them.
The two big men shrug and huddle together.

Because Natalia leaked out some trivial information, ......

'Oh, yeah, that reminds me!

Javier, who looks like a tree frog being stared at by a king cobra, tries to force a change of subject and raises his voice louder than necessary.
You're sweating like a son of a b*tc*.

'Speaking of alcohol, isn't the lord of the 24th district, which has koji mold makers, a sour drinker?Hey, Ambrose?
'Huh?Ah, yeah, that's right!Donnis was a drunk who couldn't drink a drop, as I recall.

'Donis, that's probably the name of the lord of the 24th district.

'Demilly, do you know him?The Lord of District 24?
'Yeah, we're pretty close. But he's older than me, so it's hard to say we're close.

Donnis is known as the 'stubborn old man'. It makes sense that he's older than Demilly.
Demilly is still an old man, not an old man.

'Donis Donati. People close to me sometimes call me 'DD'.'
'It's Didi, Oba-kun. Yeah, I know it's on purpose.'

Donnis Donnerty.

If you are close to someone, it means you are not the kind of person who rejects others unconditionally.
Then you have room to enter. ......

'Speaking of the 24th district, I also have a close acquaintance.

I'm sure you've heard of it.
...... Or rather, more and more donuts are coming out. If Ginette is here, does that mean that Magda and Loretta are already licensed to make donuts?
Since it's Ginette, I'm sure she won't be too lenient on the cooking score. ......

'So you know the Sister, is she also a Sister of the 24th Ward?
'Yes, that's right. She joined the church in District 24 around the same time that Jeannette came to live at the Sunlit Pavilion.
'So you have connections with churches in other districts.
'I've only met him once in a while or received his bulletin.

I didn't know there was such a thing as a church bulletin.
It's not like a fan club bulletin, it's probably just a very boring document with contact information.

'I think I might see her rather often, don't I? Sometimes she gives me some miso from the 24th district.
'Are you being fed?'
'Oh my. I wonder if that's true. Mm-hmm.

She seemed to have a rather favorable impression of this acquaintance of hers, and even in response to such a joke, Bertina had a gentle smile on her face.
If you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at .............

...... It's best not to get into that situation, though.

'I can write you a letter if you like.'
'Yes, you may. I'd feel more comfortable if you could write a note saying, 'Take care of him for me.
'Yes, sir. Then I'll bring it to you tomorrow.
'Sorry. Here, thank you. Eat as many donuts as you like.'
'Well, be my guest.
'Hey, Oba-kun?That's on us, isn't it?
'Sister, you need to show a little restraint. ......'
'Amu amu......'
''d*mn, I can't say it strongly enough!
''Even the old man has a weakness for beautiful women. ......''
''Your father (a stranger named) ...... is filthy.''
''That's not what I meant!

With the two men in uncomfortable unison, Bertina ate the doughnuts without hesitation and took some for the children of the church.

It may have been a bit of a painful expense for Demilly and Javier, but there was no room for pity when Bertina gave them a big smile and said ''thank you'' before leaving, and they looked so disheveled.
Let's just say it was the price of admission to see Bertina's smile from the front.

But behind the soft smile of the saint, there stood the icy gaze of Hannya.
As for Demilly, Javier is ............ going to be in a lot of pain.

Before going to the 24th district, I got a lot of information.
I don't know how much of this information is useful, but ...... it's definitely better than nothing.

What's more, two heavyweights from the 40th district came all the way to give me a pep talk.
You can at least show your appreciation. ...... It wouldn't hurt to be reassuring.
Even if it is--

'Father (insolent person who should not be called by his name), why don't you go home now?
'Imelda, no!It's a good idea to maintain friendly relations with the sisters, or even the church, as well as the lumberjack guild. ............'
'............ I can't even be a pedophile if I'm confined to my boobs,............ '
'Huh!I'm not sure what to do.I'm not sure what to say.

--I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.