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'The prototype is going to be completed in three days.

That's what Assunto said enthusiastically as he came out to the sunlit pavilion early this morning.
He had met with both Mahr and the koji maker and seemed to be getting a solid response. He was breathing even harder than usual.

So I stuck my fingers in both nostrils.

'Phooey!What are you doing with ......, Yashiro-san?

Assunto holds his nose and takes four steps away from me. ...... No, you're coming too close, it's too hot.

'Ginette. Boil some water for me. My fingers are dirty.'
'If you think it's so dirty that you have to sterilize it with boiling water, please don't put your fingers in people's nostrils!

Assunto pulled out a fancy handkerchief from his pocket and sniffed.

'I'm sorry, man. I didn't mean to intrude on your couple's sweet memory.
'I don't have any such memory!

He really wanted to come see her earlier, but yesterday and the day before, Tracy and the others were at the sunny pavilion, and Assunto heard that information somewhere and decided to change the day.
He said, 'Mr. Yashiro tends to give priority to his guests when he is in the position of host. He said, 'I wanted to have an important discussion with you slowly, knee-to-knee.
In other words, he doesn't want to go on stage unless he's the star. How selfish of him.

Oh, and he also said, 'If I meet the nobleman without preparation, ...... envy will show on my face, ......'. ...... How could you go to see Ma'ru like that?

'So, you're sure the prototype is the soy sauce?
'Of course!The more it's aged, the less spicy it becomes and the more delicious it becomes. ......, right?......, so they want you to taste it as a sample product for now, while they continue to age it.

I'll check the knowledge you got from me just to be sure and then proceed.
The other party is probably a koji maker.
He wants you to taste it first before proceeding with the aging process.
Well, if the original taste is misguided, it is a waste of time to let it mature.

'You're very enthusiastic, aren't you?
'Of course I am. He even said, 'This is an exciting job.

That's a lot of praise. I wonder if Koji craftsmen are that difficult to deal with.
...... It's getting troublesome to go see him. I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.I'll just let Assunto take care of the troublesome people and I'll just suck up the profits from the bean sauce. ............ No, it would be more profitable to meet and talk to him.
If you can get through to them, you might be able to get some help in the future, and hopefully you can use them as a joke. ............ Hmmm.

'Yashiro-san. I'll accompany you when you go to see the koji maker.''
'Why not?
'You would definitely be rude, wouldn't you?
'Don't be so judgmental. I'm just trying to get to know you. ............ grin'
'Your face!Your vicious face makes me anxious!

No, because Bertina said that my evil face is soothing.
My rascally smile is soothing. Isn't that a relief?

'...... I'd like to meet you, too.

Ginette, who had been watching the exchange between me and Assunto with a smile on her face, let out a few words.
So, do you want to go with me?--When I turned my head towards Ginette to ask her, our gazes suddenly collided,......, and Ginette's face turned red and she looked away.

'Oh, no!But it's okay!There are also ...... stores.'

What is it?
You can find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing. In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at .............I'm sure you'll agree. It's not ....... Calm down, heart. It's hot...kind of...all of a sudden!

...... I'm sure we both have parts of our lives that we don't want to be touched, and I hope that we can keep our relationship as friendly as possible. ...... grin'

...... d*mn!
I'm not sure what to make of that.
That's why I hate this guy. He's so perceptive it's annoying.

'If you can do it in three days, I'll go see him that day. We can try it out there and have him taste it while we're at it, that'll motivate him.'
'I see. That's a good idea. She'll be interested to see how the seasoning she made turns out.

Assunto didn't seem to have any objection to my idea and seemed to be on board. ......, but there was one word that stuck out to me.

'Oh, didn't you say so?At the moment, the koji maker who handles all the koji is a woman.

'That's a first.'
'Well, gender isn't much of an issue. It's your skill that matters.'
'What are you talking about? That may be fine for products, but it's not enough for negotiations.

You need to change your strategy according to the gender and age of your opponent.
Negotiation techniques will be different between a stubborn old man and a fashionable girl.

Did this guy only think of negotiating with 'koji craftsmen'?

'He's the kind of person for whom a small strategy won't work. If you change your approach based on gender or age, you might be displeased and turned away.
'Then what?Do you want me to treat women the way I treat old men?
'Keep in mind that you're dealing with a craftsman, not an old man.

If Assunto cares this much about you, ............ you've been burned.
I thought you'd put the interests of whoever you were dealing with first. You're so cynical.

'If that's what Assunto says, then let's give 'Estella's lusty strategy' a try.
'Who's going to cooperate with that?

Estella is always the one who interrupts at the right time when we talk like this.
Are you lurking somewhere, waiting for the right moment to appear?

'That's a very well-timed appearance.
'In fact, I have a suspicion that you might have heard my footsteps and are saying something silly.
'No, no, Estella-san. Mr. Yashiro's antics are 24/7.

Oh, shit.
Two people who can't keep their mouths shut are here.

'If it's going to be three days before we meet the Koji maker, I'd like to arrange a meeting with the lord of the 24th district around that time.
'That depends on Mahr's reply. I don't know when I can get an appointment.

But that's Ma'ru. I have a feeling that he'll be able to set it up right away. ...... Don't be overconfident, though.

'It's easy if the timing is right, but you can't make the lord's schedule work for you.
'If possible, please don't wait too long for the koji maker. He is a difficult person.

So both of them are people I have to treat with respect and high regard. What a hassle.

'Would you rather I call on him?'I'll feed you.'
'Yashiro, are you an idiot?
'Whoa, whoa, whoa. Estella, what are you doing?

Isn't that what happens when you get all these people together?
You have to respect me sometimes.

'Please let me know when you have a date. I'll adjust my work schedule to make time for you.

Assunto leaves the sunlit pavilion, saying, 'See you later.
You're going to the 24th district with Assunto, huh?

'The beauty rate is going down.
'Thank you for the compliment. But for some reason it doesn't make me happy at all.'

Estella sighs in disgust.
If she was dressed properly, she'd be a beautiful young lady.

'Estella-san. You're up very early today. What do you have in mind?'

Ginette saw Assunto off and came back.
Indeed, Estella and I always meet at the church. It is only occasionally that she comes before that.
But ......

'What?No, I woke up early, so I just kind of...'
'I see. Well, take your time.'
'Yeah. Can I have some tea?
'Yes, I'm home.

...... That's about the reason.
I think this guy thinks that the sunlit pavilion is his parents' house or something. He comes here every now and then to settle down.

'Help me out once in a while.
'I'd love to, but ...... Magda got mad at me for chopping vegetables before. ............ Magda.'

Oh, I see.
He doesn't usually cook, you know. I don't know when Magda overtook him.
Magda used to be a noob when she first came here, but ...... time is a great thing.

'I wish I could do as well as Natalia, but I'm still practicing.
'You're practicing?That's great, Estella.'
'Oh, really?Heh heh.

She smiled happily when Jeannette complimented her.
Don't praise Estella too much. She gets carried away easily.

'So, will you take a look at the results of your practice?


'Do you have any potatoes?
'Yes, sir. We've got a nice baron.'

The potatoes came from Hamko's farm, owned by Mormat.
It's not a gift, it's a field for us. We invested in it, first. We deserve to be treated well.
I'm the first to spot the ham's labor.

'These potatoes are great.
'Carrots and onions are producing well right now.
'...... Momat, you're not being overtaken, are you, technically?
'No, I don't think so,......, probably not.'

The Hammies have a tremendous capacity for absorption. If you let him tinker in the field every day, it's not impossible for him to overtake Mo-Mat. Even if he is a master.

'Then watch me. --Haha!

What was she thinking? Estella suddenly threw the potato high in the air.
Then she took out a knife from her pocket and swung it with a 'Supin, Supin! She swung it around ............ and quickly held out a plate to catch the potatoes.
On the plate, the potatoes split into eight pieces.

'They're still unevenly sized,.......'
'That's not the point, that's the problem.

What are you practicing?

'You should have peeled them first.
'Oh, I see!
'That's not "I see"!That's not the point, that's the problem!

Cut it properly on the cutting board!
I'm not looking for a performance look!

'It looks like I won't be getting a wife for a while.
'Ugh, shut up!Just because you're training to be a bride doesn't mean you'll get one!
'Estella, you ...... are such a horrible thing to say to Norma. ......'
I'm not saying that!Yashiro is the one who interprets it that way, isn't he worse!

If you let them hear the conversation here, there will be a war between Norma and Estella, I'm sure.

I have no intention of getting married. I'm in a position to get a son-in-law.
'I hope you find a man with big tits.'
'I don't want a man with big tits!

You idiot. You're genetically predisposed!Don't drag the child into the negative cycle.

'Don't put your children in a negative cycle. ......'
'Don't say another word or I'll strip you.

Oh, shit.
Estella's got a knife in her hand now.
I'll hold my tongue a bit.

'I don't need your help anymore. Go wake Magda up.'
'Yeah, ...... Magda doesn't sleep well.'
'All you do is complain. Can't you just say, 'Okay, I'm going to wake her up with a s*xy 'ah-hah' sound in her ear? Can't you say that?
'No, I can't!First of all, I won't wake you up in such a strange way!

While complaining, Estella went upstairs to wake Magda up.
In the meantime, Ginette and I are preparing the donations for the church.

'Yashiro-san isn't very good at mornings, is he?
'I know you're up today.
'That's right, ugh.'

Giggling happily, Ginette dexterously peeled the potatoes.
I only get up early when I have business with Assunto.
And every time I do, Ginette looks happy.
I usually let her do it by herself.

'Do you want me to help you every morning?
'No, no. I'm more than happy to do it once in a while. Besides--'

He hides his mouth with a potato and glances at me.

'--I also like to see Yashiro-san sleepy.

It's a little bit hateful, a little bit cute,......, and no words of condemnation can come to mind, so the mouth is closed to such teasing words.
It's a little frustrating, I know.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you can do to help.

'...... Estella doesn't understand. She has no talent for waking people up.

It seems that she did not like the way Estella woke her up.

He pointed his finger at Estella, who came back a little later, and started lecturing her.

'...... You have a disappointing body that can't even shake your breasts, so you should learn to be s*xy enough to let out a 'haha~' sigh.
'Why is Magda becoming more and more like Yashiro?I'm not going to do that!
'...... I don't know if it's Yashiro.'
'No, you wouldn't!No, I wouldn't!I'm not going to ...... do it!

It's not like I was expecting it, but he took the trouble to look me in the face and remind me.
I feel like he's pretending when he says it so strongly. 'Don't push me' kind of thing.

'Mr. Magda. I'll need your help after I wash my face.'
'...... I'll take care of it.'

Magda's tail wagged as she left the kitchen and headed for the backyard.
The way her tail wags, she's in a bad mood. I guess he didn't like the way Estella woke him up.
............ She looks like she's about to fall asleep.

'Magda, I think I'm going to take a double nap before I wash my face.

Ginette said, chuckling.
She knows what Magda's thinking, doesn't she?
Well, if I fall asleep before I wash my face, I won't lie about my promise to help after I wash my face. Even if you've finished the food preparation, you still have to help with the donation.
As long as you don't wash your face, you have free time.

'How did you wake me up, boy?
'Like Loretta?
'...... I don't think I'm that normal.'

Because Loretta's normal is a normal that ordinary people can't surpass.
It seems that even Estella couldn't go beyond normal.

''I shook her, but she didn't wake up, so I just pulled the covers off her.
''Ah, ......''
''Eh, what!Why are you both sighing at the same time?''

I was disappointed without hiding it and Jeannette smiled and let out a breath at the same time.
Estella......, that's the worst thing you can do.

I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I've been so impressed with your work.
'Because he won't wake up. ......'
'In such cases, if you whisper in his ear something along the lines of, "I'd be happy if you'd wake up soon~", he'll wake up rather smoothly.
'...... What a troublesome favor.'

I see. So that's how Ginette wakes her up.
No wonder I'm in a good mood on the days when Ginette goes to wake me up.

Incidentally, I whisper the breakfast menu in her ear.
She wakes up in about two minutes with a growling stomach. It's more efficient this way.

'Magda is becoming more and more like Yashiro because you're spoiling her. ......'
'Hey, hey, hey. I'm not spoiling him, and don't say that it's a bad thing for him to look like me.
'Perhaps, but if three Yashiro appear, this city will disappear, right?...... I mean, if Magda wakes up, it's a reach.
'Am I some kind of demon god?

I'm not sure what you mean by that.
I'm sure you've contributed to the development of the city to some extent.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

'It's still not raining ......'.

Estella mutters, looking out the window.
It seems that everyone is concerned about the weather.
The lack of rain during the rainy season is a serious problem. It could have a negative impact on the crops.
This time last year, people were screaming about flooding.

No matter how hard you stare, raindrops won't fall from the sky.

'Is it affecting you?
'Well, to a certain extent. Thanks to the foot-powered waterwheel, we've been able to keep it going.

Apart from BU, this is a headache of its own.
But there's nothing you can do about the weather. I don't have any way to resist natural disasters.

'As for the rain, we'll just have to wait.

Estella looks up at the sky, frustrated.
It's a relief that it's not a serious drought.

'At any rate, we must secure a water source.

Her unclouded eyes, which seemed to reflect the color of the sky, turned to me.
I guess he's expressing his intention to resolve the problem by successfully negotiating with the BU.
In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'll do whatever I can. I'm the lord of this city.

Maybe he met Tracy and got a little overlooked.
She put her people first and said she would fight back when she had to.
As young female lords, they must have had something in common.

He seems to be suffering from a preoccupied, want-to-do-something syndrome.

'It's no use rushing. We've got to do the best we can right now.
'That's right.

Estella's enthusiasm seemed to be spinning out of control. When I pointed it out to her, she smiled shyly and scratched her cheek.
Yes, for now, you should do what you can do now. Do something that will help the people.

'So, help me prepare the food.
'Oh, no, that's a bit .......'
'It's the lord's job to help his people!
'I want to eat a good sized, tasty, crunchy, mouth-watering breakfast!
'...... So you're saying that if I mess with it, it'll be ruined?
'I'm confident it will.

'Don't show off your breasts, they're not worth showing off.

'We're almost done, so please take your time.'
'Yes. Thank you, Jeannette. Oh, Yashiro. Tea.'
'Don't be silly, make it yourself.

At all. Jeannette's sweet.
If he was there, he should've used him as a joke.

He'll never change. He's still the same good-for-nothing, works harder than anyone else, always smiles, and ............ never changes, which is a relief.
No, well, in a small way, even Jeannette has changed.
She is more likely to express her opinions, and she no longer pretends to ignore bad behavior such as running away from food.
He has learned to be strict and responsible.

But there's more to him than that, and that's why he's ...... relieved.

'Oh, ...... I see.'

I'm sure this is what Bertina was talking about.
Change is not a bad thing.
But there is always a part of you that wishes it would stay the same.

Perhaps the reason why people gather at the Sunlit Pavilion is because they are comfortable with that kind of unchanging sense of security.

'What is it?

While we were talking, Jeannette, who had finished preparing the food, looked at me as she put away her knife.

'Oh, yeah?' What do you mean, 'Oh, yeah'?

Her eyes sparkled with happiness and interest.
It's nothing, but he wants to know.

'It's not a big deal.
'Then feel free to ask it out. Come on, spit it out.'

I don't know where she learned it, but she uses words that don't fit Jeannette.
She must be aware that it doesn't suit her. She chuckles at her own comment.

'I'm imitating Yashiro-san.
'Did I say something like that?
'Yes. 'Yes. Sometimes.'

Well, you might have said that. It's so casual that it doesn't even register.
He remembers every word, uses it at the right moment, smiles happily and says ......

'Maybe I'm being a little too pushy. ......'
'I kind of thought so.

I'm going to break everything down and launch something that's never been done before.
That's how I've always done it.

Slowly and gradually, like Jeannette, is not my way.
There are rare occasions when I push people into a trap slowly, though.

'Isn't it good to be forceful?

Maybe he was hoping for that.
Maybe that's why I said this whiny thing.

'Everyone is looking forward to the new things you are starting, Yashiro-san.

Because I knew that Ginette would say so.


I was sure that she would smile at me like this.

'When Yashiro-san is happy, I'm happy too.

So this is what it's like to not want things to change.

'Ah, but... If you walk too fast, it will be hard to catch up with you, so please wait for me.

And this is what has changed: ......

'No matter how late you are, I'll catch up with you.

A small self-assertion.
Ginette has learned to communicate her needs to others.

'You don't have to push yourself to catch up.

I finish my prep work and start putting away the knives and colander.
I turn my gaze to my tools and mutter to myself over the sound of the water washing away the dirt, hoping they can't hear me.

'...... I'll be back.

When the noise of the water stops and you lift your gaze, which has grown heavier, you see that it is a good thing.

I've heard good things about it.

The best smile was looking at me.
...... Hey, did you hear that?

'But I'll catch up with you. Good luck.'

I drained the water, cleaned up the tools, and said a few words to him.

'It's fun to walk next to you, Yashiro.

I couldn't really respond to those words.
It's not the same as saying, 'You can do whatever you want, ......'.


Because I didn't say anything back, Estella placed a cup in front of me in the silent kitchen.
The cup was filled with amber tea.
I looked at her face and saw a soft smile on her face.


He offers me a cup of tea, as if to say thank you.
Well, I guess he just put it in while he was making his own. ...... It's a little embarrassing to be offered this at this time. I felt as if I was being cared for. ......

I'm not sure what to say.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it. ...... and.

I'm not sure what to say.

It was so thick!

'...... How much tea leaves should I put in?
'You ...... can't even make a good cup of tea? ............'

You can learn the basics from Natalia, and then go train with Norma for about six months.
You'll have no one to marry. Oh, you're getting a son-in-law?They'll run away, if they drink this stuff!

'Miss Estella. I'll teach you how to make tea next time. Let's do it together.
'Ginette!I love your unchanging smile!

Estella jumps into Jeannette's chest and hugs her tightly.
...... Hmm. It's not all good to remain unchanged.

Jeannette. You should be a little harder on Estella. You're spoiling her too much.

After consoling Estella for a while and Magda waking up, we left the store.
What a busy place this place is in the morning.