95-Anecdote 10 Different World Fraudsters vs. Foreign...

The great city of Allbloom.

This city has a lot of tricky rules.
With the "Forced Translation Magic", your words are forcibly translated into words that your opponent can easily understand. It is difficult to smoke them out with ambiguous phrases or misrepresent them with confusing words.
And then there is the Judgment of the Spirits.
A joke of a spell that turns liars into frogs.

'Next. Come here and tell me your name and the reason for your initiation.'

The soldier guarding the gate says to me in a dignified tone.
These guys are the easiest.

'My name is Aina Thackeray. I came to this city as a 'tourist'.'

I give her a thin smile.
No, no, no. If I smile, they'll know. ...... But I can't help but think it's hilarious.

A city guarded by spirit gods.
A city with ironclad rules that cannot be lied to.

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.

'Then let me check your belongings.

When you enter this city, all of your belongings will be searched.
Anything that can be sold - meat, fish, fruit, antiques, etc. - will be taxed even if you have no intention of selling it. This is because there is no way for the gatekeeper to confirm whether or not you intend to sell. If they can't collect it later, they decide to take it first. If you have a problem with it, don't enter.

'Hey. What's this?'

The gatekeeper takes out a vial of powder from my bag. There were twenty of them.
Three grams of powder in each bottle. Sixty grams in total.

'It's medicine.
'Do you really need this much?
'It's just a day's supply in small portions.
'What kind of medicine is it?
'Actually, it's .......'

I pull the collar of my dress down tightly. The loose-fitting robe is pulled down, exposing a great deal of skin around my chest. The fullness of my breasts and the large scar in my cleavage are exposed.

Looking at my chest, the gatekeeper hurriedly looks away. With a bright red face, he ...... is a pure man. ......

'I have a large scar on my chest ...... so ......'
'All right!That's enough! Get your clothes ready!

I've heard that almost everyone in this city is a devout Alvistan.
They are compassionate and caring and would never do anything to humiliate others. Those who work as gatekeepers must be especially well-behaved and upright.

You can go through now.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.
It looks like we're going to make a lot of money this time,.......

When you go through the gate, there is a strange man there.

'Um, ...... sorry, ............ again, as always, please, ...... ...... sorry.'

...... half-fishman.
The half-fishman is bowing to a beautiful woman with bear ears standing by the gate.
It's kind of slimy and oddly floppy.
It's ............ weird.

'Masha's still out there, isn't she?Why don't you bring her in quickly?
'Well, I'll bring her to you. ...... Yes ...... sorry ......'.

The half-fishman is in a different doorway than the one I came through. Is that the gate for the residents?
Those who live in this city can pass through a different gate than those who come from outside. It is likely that many of them go outside the gate for work. This is a measure to ease the congestion.

'I'm sorry ...... I'm sorry ...... I'm really sorry ...... I'm always sorry ......'.
'Just hurry up and go!
'I'm sorry ...... I'm sorry for being so persistent ............ I'm really sorry I couldn't take my eyes off your feet... I'm sorry...!
'Go, go, go!

The half-fishman kept repeating his apology, bowing his head and gradually retreating. It's ...... or rather, it's slowly approaching us.
Why don't you just walk forward?

I can't stand to be hit by that creepy thing. And just as I was about to change my path, the half-fish turned around.


Perhaps startled by my presence in front of him, the half-fish jumped up and slipped spectacularly. He fell forward and clung to my legs. Through the robe, I could feel a slippery sensation.


Who could blame me for kicking the half-fish away immediately afterwards?
Don't you dare touch me!I'm not cheap!

I kicked him in the face with all my might. If I'm not careful, I might have blacked out.

The reason I wear a robe is to give the impression that I'm a quiet person and to catch them off guard.
The truth is that I am a martial artist, especially skilled in footwork. It's not uncommon for a con artist to run and fight.

...... That half-fish might be dead.
Well, if you call it self-defense, you should be fine. ......

When you look at the fallen half-fish with fear ......

'Hah ...... hah ...... hah ah ah ah ah ah!Foot!I'm sorry.I'm not sure what to do.It feels good!

The half-fishman was writhing in agony.

That's disgusting!
Probably the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

'Don't bother other people, Calvin!

The bear-eared beauty from earlier rushes over, lifts the rolling half-fish, and tightens her hold.

I'm not sure what to do.I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry!But if you want to punish me, ...... I'll trample you with my foot ............'.
I'm not sure what to do.

The bear-eared beauty pounced on the half-fish. and throws the half-fish outside the gate. The half-fish flies away into the distance, very far away. ...... That's the ocean. I sincerely wish I could go back to the sea.

'I'm sorry, gatekeeper. Let Masha in, will you?She's the head of the Sea Fishing Guild, so be polite.'
'Yes, sir!Yes, sir.

After giving instructions to the gatekeeper, a beautiful woman with bear ears came over to us.

'Are you alright?
'Huh?Oh, yeah, ...... well...'

The bear-eared beauty called out to me, and I gave a vague reply.
There was no way I was okay.
The robe became slippery, and above all, such a creepy guy touched my feet. ......1 It's not worth it to get 10,000 Rb.
But if you tell that to this bear-eared beauty,......

'If you are worried about the stains on your robe, you can ask old lady Mumm of the 42nd district. She's a genius at removing stains. As for the money, I'll have Calvin, the guardian of the mermaid, pay for it.'
'Oh, I'll pay for it...'
'Of course you will, Marsha.'

When I turned my head in the direction of the voice, I saw that a mermaid was being brought in by the gatekeeper. The beautiful mermaid was placed in a huge tank attached to a cart.
I've never seen a mermaid ...... before. I've never seen a mermaid before. ............Eh, so the half-fish guy from earlier is a mermaid too?

'Well, here you go.

The mermaid in the tank holds out something that looks like a piece of paper towards me.

'Give this to Grandma Mum. Then she'll remove the stain.'
'...... Oh, hi.'

The paper read, 'Seafaring Guild, Marsha Ashley.
If you give this paper to the mermaid, she'll get the bill. ......

'Thank you, sir.'

I thanked him ladylike and took the paper.

'Well, we'll leave you to it. It's really a disaster.
If you're going to the forty-two wards, I recommend you go to the Sunlit Pavilion.

With these words, the two of them walked into the city.
...... What's that means of transportation?

I'm not sure.

It is one of the characteristics of this All Bloom that there are many strange people.
There's no point in worrying about them all the time.

I regained my composure and stepped out.

Beyond the gate, there was a beautiful cityscape.
This place near the sea is prosperous in the fish trade. Fish must be transported from here to the entire city.

'And, that's not the point. ......'

I take off my slippery robe.
I had originally planned to take off my robe when I entered the city.
Underneath the robe, I put on light, comfortable clothes.
She wears a revealing dress that emphasizes her breasts and shorts that expose her thighs for easy running. Thanks to her knee-high boots, she is less exposed and does not look like a prostitute. It is a fashionable exposure, not an indecent one.
However, I'm sure that any man could fall for it. ......

For example, the men lined up in the carriage over there: ......

'My God, why are the requests coming from so far away?I'm having a hard time getting home!
'The request was received by ...... the chief.'
'That's right. There's also a bento box at the sunny pavilion, so get in a good mood and get to work.

Instead of standing in line, a large man with a horse face and a long man seem to be persuading a man with a fox face to get on the carriage.

'No!I can't finish my meal unless I see Magda's face!
'It's ...... a system that will end the life of the beams as soon as Magda-chan gets married.
'Yangboldo!Don't be silly!Magda is not going to get married!
'No, she'll go someday. ...... Liang, please pay attention to reality a little more.
'Shut up, Gooziya!I'll put all your salary into Magda-tan!
'That's embezzlement, boss!I'll give it to Delia-san anyway.

It's easy to get caught up in ...... these guys talking about women.

'Hey, guys.

They change their tone depending on who they are talking to. This is a common tactic of scammers.

'I've got a question for you.

The scammer will lower the luggage to the ground, acting as if it is too heavy to carry ....... When she does this, she emphasizes her bosom in a big way.
A man who can't be bothered by this is ......


Suddenly, a man with a fox face shouted and ran away.
What the hell is ...... that?

'The stimulus was too strong for the ............ wingman, who had greatly exceeded his tolerance for women.
'Well, even just talking normally is overheating, isn't it?

A large man with a horse face and a long, thin man are talking with dumbfounded faces.
Female tolerance?Overheating?

Huh?That's not good.
There's a lot of crazy people in this town, Allbloom.
We don't care about them.
We don't care about the ones that got away. We'll just have to fool around with the remaining men and let them buy us lunch.

'Actually, I'm~ so hungry~ ...... Do you guys know any good places to eat?

Here, she emphasizes her breasts even more and pulls herself closer.

'Also, ...... I don't know where I'm staying tonight. ............ Do you know any good places?

In this way, the man who is tickled by the ulterior motive is stirred up by an impossible fantasy and becomes a servant who buys him dinner and gives him gifts. In order to capture the faintest of hopes,............, men are so easy to please.
In fact, these two have their eyes glued to my large breasts.

'............ flaws'.

The big guy with the horse face seems to have found a scar in my cleavage.
This scar is a scar I got when I screwed up in a previous scam. ...... The location of the scar makes it look like I had heart surgery, so now I'm using it for scams.
It's a great prop to play the part of a sickly young lady.

So, let's set it up as ...... a girl who got over the surgery and got well, and is on a trip to commemorate it. There are many men who are vulnerable to such a "woman who has overcome her difficulties".
Knowing that such a situation exists, they will loosen their purse strings.

It doesn't matter how many lies you tell.
As long as you never see them again, the lie will never be discovered.
As long as your lie is not exposed, you will not be subjected to the judgment of the spirits.

'Yes, ...... actually, this scar is ...... from a heart ...... a long time ago.'
'...... breast augmentation'.
'What about ............?'
'Fake boobs B'.

'Fake ......

'No, they're not!They're real!It's my own!'
'...... Nice joke.'

That's all he said, and the big guy with the horse face walked away.

'What?I'm sorry.If you think it's a lie, try the "Spiritual Judgment"!It's my own!Really!

Without even listening to him, the big man with the horse face went away.
...... What is it?What is it with these people?

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'Your brother ...... my breasts ...... look strange?

It's a strategy to tickle your conscience, implying that you were hurt because of someone you know.

'Heh, it's not weird ......, you know?

He glanced at his chest and slumped.

Okay, he's down. This guy can afford it.

'So, do you like ...... your brother's breasts ............?'
'No. Not really.

'What about ............?

'Delia's are bigger, better shape, better tone, better smell!Oh, Miss Delia!I want to meet you, Delia!

The long, thin man danced away as if he were spinning.

.................. Well, well?
You can't help it if you like the woman you're with.
It's not like my breasts were defeated by that Delia or something.
I'm sure there are guys out there who are single-minded like that. ...... I don't regret it!I'm not.

I'm not sure what to do.What are you looking at?

...... I shouldn't have done that. I can't stay here if I'm going to be this disgusting. More importantly, I don't like this area. It's a bad match. It must be a bad omen.
Yeah. I've had bad luck since the half-fish hugged me in the first place.
Let's change places.

I looked at the sign for the carriage and saw ......

'...... forty-two districts'.

This carriage was going to the 42nd district.
Forty-two wards...... is the ward where there is an old lady who is good at removing stains.
If so, let's head there. ...... And while we're at it, I'll make a sucker out of you, people of the forty-two wards. ...... ugh.

--Meanwhile, at that time, the sunlit pavilion.

Delia, 'Yashiro!I've come to visit!
Masha: 'Long time no see!
Yashiro'Oh, Delia and Masha.
Ginette'Welcome, you two.
Delia'Give me the cake!Cake!I'll have a Mont Blanc and Masha will have a Mille Crepes.
Masha:'Delia told me about it and I was really looking forward to it.
Jeannette: 'Then I'll prepare it right away.
Yashiro'So, no half-fish today?
Delia: 'I threw them away because they were too gross for my taste.
Yashiro: 'That's the kind of thing you go over all year round. ......'
Masha'Speaking of which, where's the carpenter who's always around here?He's not here today.
Yashiro: 'Umaro?
Masha'Yes, yes. I like him because he always turns red when he sees me.
Delia: 'He's teasing me by looking at me on purpose, you know?
Yashiro'If you do that too much, he'll die.
Masha: Don't worry. I've got him on the verge of death.
Yashiro'...... Are you sure about that?
Magda'......Umaro and the others are working in the 35th district today.
Masha'Oh, really?I'm not sure if I've ever seen you before.
Delia'We came through the gate there today.
Magda: 'I gave him a lunch box at ......, so he probably won't come today.
Yashiro'Umaro would probably show up, even if he had to leave work. ......'
Magda'...... For the fox people, there's Norma.
Norma: 'I'm just here for the cake. I'm not going to bother you guys.
Delia: 'You don't need to bother me. We're just here to eat cake too.
Yashiro'It's good that it's popular, but ...... all the acquaintances are gathering here. ......'
Estella'Hello, everyone!I've come to eat cake again today. ............ What's with the big tits?
Yashiro'Look, we know each other again. ......'
Estella'You guys!How can you grow so much when you live in the same district and eat the same kind of food?
Delia 'Salmon!
Norma, 'Smoking pipe'.
Masha: 'krill?
Estella: 'That's just what you guys like!
Norma'There's no such thing as food that makes your breasts grow.
Masha: 'But don't they say that drinking milk makes them bigger?
Estella: 'I drink milk every day!But it still doesn't work!
Delia: 'Salmon is enough.

Estella 'I'm starting to eat rather a lot of salmon!'
Norma 'How's the flue?'
Estella'......The smoking pipe is ...... a little ......'
Yashiro'It's okay Estella. They just have the constitution to get big tits no matter what they eat or not.
Estella: 'Then what am I supposed to do?
Yashiro: 'Give up!
Estella: 'I can't give up!
Jeannette'Sorry to keep you waiting ............ Estella, what's wrong?
Magda'......It's hard to live...... that's what I mean.'
Jeannette'I don't know, but ...... Estella-san, please do your best!
Estella'I'm trying to do my best. ............ Oh, if there was a pill that could make my breasts bigger, I'd pay as much as I could!

--No one thought at the time that this would be the beginning of the current uproar.