96-Anecdote 11 Different World Fraudsters vs. Foreign...

'Really, if I drink this, my breasts will get bigger?

A beautiful girl with red hair leans forward on the table.
She seems to be quite interested in it. ...... This will sell.

I'm at a tavern in the 42nd district called Cantalucica.
I left my robe with a stain removal genius named Mumm and was thinking about what to do when I encountered ...... my prey.

At first I thought it might be a man with a nice face,...... because his chest was so flat,...... but then he mumbled, 'My chest... ...I'm sure they'll grow in some way. ...... I'm sure they'll grow in some way. ...... I'm sure they'll grow in some way. ...... I'm sure they'll grow in some way. I'm sure you'll be able to find something you like.

I've got some good information for you, and I'd like to talk to you about it.
The red-haired girl followed me with open arms.

That's how I approached her, and here we are.

A rather nice bar on the main street.
The red-haired girl and I sat on the window seat.
I'm going to use the Marsha Ashley card that I didn't use during the stain removal.
This way, even if I eat and drink a lot, it won't hurt my pocket.
It's a reimbursement card. It would be a shame to use it for only 3Rb of stain removal. It's more profitable to eat and drink a thousand rb here.

By treating the red-haired girl to a meal, we can dispel some of her distrust of us.

'Hmmm ......, it looks like normal powder to me.'

I stare at the powder in the vial with suspicion.
That's probably true. There is no such thing as a pill that makes your breasts grow just by drinking it.
However, a girl with a sincere wish is likely to bite into such a fishy thing, grasping at straws.

'I've been dealing with this product for five years now. ...... In the first year, my breasts, which were completely flat, grew this big.

The red-haired girl's gaze focused on my breasts.
I emphasize my proud F-cup breasts and show them off with a bang.

'......, really?
'If you don't believe me, you can go to ...... and play "Judgment of the Spirits" on me, okay?
'Yes ......, but that's ......'.

The red-haired girl hesitated. I suppose it is. I'm sure you're right. The Judgment of the Spirits is the same as killing someone if you make a mistake. ...... But it is that hesitation that feeds us.
If you are hesitant to use it, your sense of guilt will be replaced by a sense of duty, and you will not be able to say, "I don't want it.
When this red-haired girl uses the Judgment of the Spirits, my victory is assured.

'Don't worry. I'll never turn into a frog. That will prove that my story is not a lie. So, please, don't worry about it.
'That ............ right?............Then, ......'

Even this red-haired girl needs something to trigger her to make the purchase.
If you have an excuse to buy something, it will be easier to buy it even if it is a little expensive. It is the right way of scamming to justify a woman's desires like that.

'Well, then, are you sure you want to use ......?
'Of course I am. My breasts grew to an F cup in a year, five years ago when I started dealing with this drug.'
'Let's ............ "Judgment of the Spirits" ......!

The red-haired girl stretches her arm straight out and points at me.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
...... I get nervous no matter how many times I experience it. I'm sure you'll be fine.

A few tens of seconds pass, and then the light that enveloped me disappears.
Of course, I haven't turned into a frog.

Of course not. I'm not lying.

My breasts grew rapidly in one year, five years ago, when I started dealing with this product. It has nothing to do with ...... this drug.
Five years ago, I was 13 years old. I guess it's called a growth spurt. My body quickly transformed into a feminine one, and my breasts got bigger.
It just so happened that my growth spurt came at a time when they were starting to run scam businesses using this drug. That's all.
I never said anything about my breasts getting bigger thanks to this drug. It was this red-haired one who misunderstood.

'I've come across this ...... amazing medicine: ............'
'There is a saying, "Once in a lifetime. Every encounter is special, and you can never redo that encounter again.
'Strawberry ...... Ichie?
'Think of someone you love. What was your encounter with that person like?Wasn't it ...... accidental, yet fateful ...... and very wonderful?'
'......Encounters with ............important people'.

Suddenly, the red-haired girl's face turns red.
She must have thought of the man she was in love with when she heard the word 'significant other'.
Easy to understand, she's a really good duck.

Such a maidenly woman tends to want to make the man she is in love with her "destiny" even if she has to force it. It's because they want a reason.
Just like when they buy an expensive product, they want to have some reason to conclude that the person is worthy of their life.
There is no more solid reason than "he is the one" ....... Therefore, they want that reason.

Right now, the red-haired girl is probably replaying her encounter with the man in her mind.
Probably, it was just a normal encounter.
However, if she hadn't gone to that place on that day, she would have said, '......', 'if I hadn't talked to him, ......', and so on. The two people who met by such a series of coincidences must be ...... destined to be together.
So, one more push: ......

'What do you think? Would you like to try one ...... of these coincidences as fate?'

The man she fell in love with and this stinky ......, or for the red-haired girl, 'medicine of hope' ...... are brought together in the same sentence.
This will replace the medicine in the red-haired girl's mind as being as valuable as the man she fell in love with.
...... Then, the result is clear as day: ............

'All right. I'll take them all. I'll take all of them. I'll take twenty of them ............ and I'll get a D cup ............ and maybe even an E cup. Maybe even an E cup. ......?
'Are you sure you want them all ......?'
'Yes!I'll take them all!
'Thank you very much!I wish you all the best and hope your dreams come true.

And after the purchase, I'll put a spell on you to make it harder for you to come back to yourself.

'I hope your dream will come true and the man of your dreams will be turned on by your charms.
'U, fate's ............?

I knew I hadn't turned him on yet.
If you're this shy, you might not have much hope. I don't care about that.

'Large breasts are one of the most attractive features of women. ......'
'So,......, right?
'If you have everything else, you might be able to ...... win over any opponent.
'Oh, no!You can't have it all,............, can you?I'm not sure what to say.

Yes. The spell is cast.
Now you'll be all melty and dreamy for the rest of the day. You can melt away to your heart's content.

The red-haired girl comes to you with a buoyant expression and pays you in full.
She seems to be carrying a large amount of money with her. ...... I guess I should have asked her for more. ......
I was going to sell them for 1,000Rb each, but to my surprise, the red-haired girl wanted to give me all 20 bottles. The total price was 20,000Rb...... even after deducting the introductory tax, free materials, and travel expenses,...... hmmm, I made a fortune.
You can't stop being a con artist.

The red-haired girl won't realize she's been cheated until after she's consumed all the pills.
I'll be out of town by then. There's nothing I can do if I'm not in town to find her and cast the 'Judgment of the Spirits'.
In the first place, I only said that there is a possibility that my breasts will grow. No matter how many questions I was asked, I dodged them well and never said a word about how this potion would make my breasts bigger.
The Judgment of the Spirits can be avoided at all costs if you understand how it works. The only people who don't realize that are the residents of this town.

You can continue to drink with glee. Those nondescript powdered mushrooms.
Just mushrooms, which are plentiful in my town. Well, they can be used to make medicine, and I'm not lying when I say "medicine. Eating them won't kill you.
So no one can punish me.
No one. ............ ugh.

''Hey, isn't that Estella?

Suddenly, a voice came from behind me, and I and the red-haired girl both shook our shoulders.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... Who's this airhead who's talking to me in the middle of a secret conversation?

It's a good idea to take a look at your face and see if you can ............ find any chickens.

I'm not sure what to do.
'Oh, what?You're so rude.'

'Oh, is that what you meant?I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.

The chicken-faced ...... girl?The chicken-faced ...... girl smiles and bails at me. ...... smiles, doesn't it?

'Ne, ne, ne, ne ferry!What are you doing here?
'I'm here to deliver eggs. I've started selling cakes here too, you know.'

Apparently, the red-haired girl and this chicken knew each other.
The red-haired girl is desperately trying to gather up the vials and hide them from the chickens.

'Oh?What's in that vial?
'It's nothing!It's nothing!

The red-haired girl is in a great hurry to advertise herself as 'some kind of mysterious item'.
...... This girl is really a bad girl.

It's a good medicine for beauty. A woman as fashionable as her should take the initiative to adopt things from other countries. You know?

'Yes, yes!That's what I'm talking about!'
'Heh. Hey, you should share it with me. I've been having a lot of skin problems lately.

You can't see my skin!With feathers!

'Da, no!No, no, no!This is that ......!
'I brought it for her, so there's a chance it won't fit her skin.

If it's a possibility, it can't be a lie.
Also, since it's 'something I brought for her', it should be safe too.

'Oh, is that so?Then it's impossible. I'll give up.'
'............ Ho!

The red-haired girl breathes a sigh of relief.
If this girl ...... had a scammer by her side, she'd be getting cheated every day.

'Well, I'm a little relieved to know that Estella also uses such things.'
'Because you're always dressed like a man. You're a beautiful woman, so you need to polish your womanhood and become more girly like me.

......, oi. Chicken!

I don't know where this confidence is coming from, but the chicken is making a very smug face.
It's kind of annoying.

'Oh. Isn't that Regina?'

The chicken points out the window and looks at a woman walking down the street.
She's dressed all in black, walking down the street with her head down. ...... What a gloomy woman.

'What?What?Who are you calling me?Are you an enemy?Are you bullying me?
'It's me, you...'
'Oh, what is it? You're the chicken from Mr. Chicken.
'It's Neffely!I told you to remember my name!
'Patience, patience...'

She speaks a strange language.
She's talking to the chickens through the window, and it looks like she's coming into the store.
...... It's time to leave. The more people there are, the more likely it is that I'll have to tell lies.

'Well, then, I'll be around .......'
'Oh, wait!

The red-haired girl stops me from getting up.

'This girl Regina who is coming is a pharmacist in the 42nd district. ......'


'Can you teach me how to make this medicine?I'll pay you handsomely!I'm sure there are many people who need this medicine!What do you think?'
'Eh, no, ...... that ............'

That's not good.
If the pharmacist looks into it, ...... even if they don't find out right away, they'll find out someday.
No, wait, wait. Calm down, me. I'll look suspicious if I get upset here.
Calm down, calm down. ......

'As much as I'd love to help women with their problems,......, the process of making this medicine is a secret. Please understand.'
'Well, that's true. I'm sorry for saying such a strange thing.'
'No, no. I'll leave you to it. ......'
'Yeah. Take care. Thanks for the nice meeting.'
'No, sir. My pleasure.'

I bowed deeply and left the table.
You pass the pharmacist in the store. ............ Even a pharmacist can't tell what it is at a glance. It would take a week to analyze the ingredients.

We'll be out of this city by then. No need to rush.

'What's that, what's that vial?
'Estella said it's a medicine she bought from a traveling merchant.
'Is that so?Can I see it?
'Yeah, sure, but please be careful with it!It was expensive!

I can hear them talking.
But my victory is unassailable.

I sashay out and continue down the main street.
I have no more use for this place.

When my work is done, I have only one more objective to fulfill.

I head for the carriage stop at the entrance to the Forty-second Ward.
It looks like a carriage has just arrived.

'Wendy, watch your step.
'Thank you Theron.

A couple gets out of the carriage.
The man is strikingly handsome, and the woman is plain. How could such a plain woman have caught such a nice man? I'm a much better woman than you. And I have bigger breasts than you.
Would you like me to take ............ yours?

No, you don't have to go that far to make some waves. ...... Hmm. The couples of the world should die out.

I purposely stumbled and hugged the handsome man.

'What's with ......!Are you okay?

The way he accepted me, the way he didn't touch my body unnecessarily, I passed!
The worried eyes, yes!
...... Muggy.


He seems to have noticed that the handsome man has turned his cheeks and averted his gaze.
That uninitiated reaction ............ passed!

'I'm sorry. I stumbled.'
'Oh, I see. Are you hurt?'

And then, with her breasts pressed against his chest, he turned his gaze toward the sober woman. She has a triumphant look on her face.
The more you anger the woman here, the more her anger will go to her boyfriend.
The more you anger her, the more her anger goes to her boyfriend. ....... The boyfriend doesn't like it when she gets angry at him for just helping people. Of course he'll say something back. I hope it sparks a big fight.
Couples should die out.

I thought to myself, ......

'Please be careful. Come on, give me your hand.'

The woman smiled so calmly that I was taken aback, and held out her hand to me.

'Oh,......, hi.'

She pulled me by the hand and slowly pulled me away from the handsome man.
I see. You're the kind of guy who hides his anger behind a smile and then explodes later,.......

'You have a wonderful boyfriend, don't you?
'Yes, I am. Yes, I am.'

He affirmed ....... If so...

'Such a kind boyfriend, I like him. ...... I think I'm starting to like him.
'Yes. I understand. I know exactly how you feel.'

...... You get it, don't you?

'Theron is really kind and nice. ...... It's a real mystery to me why he's with me. ......'
'That's not true, Wendy!If I'm a butterfly, you're a flower. If I'm a beetle, you're a sap!

...... sap?

'Just as it's inevitable that night will break and morning will come, it's also inevitable that I'm attracted to you.'
'Theron ...... glad.'
'I'm fascinated by your brilliance, I'm like a moth attracted to ...... light.'
'Moths............ lovely.'

Yeah. These two are crazy.
Okay, let's not get involved anymore.

I'll leave you to it.

It's too stupid to do this.
I still want the couple to die.

'Please stay until the fortieth district.'
'Yes, sir. If you're going to the forty-second district, I'd recommend going to Cafe Luxury. They serve delicious cakes.'
'I know. That's where I'm going, of course.'
'You're a connoisseur, aren't you?

He gets into the carriage and has a conversation with the guardian.
I'm sure that the Cantalcica tavern that you mentioned earlier is now selling cakes,......, but it must be a degraded copy anyway.

I'm fascinated by the real cakes that can only be found in this city.
Ever since the first day I ate it,......!

So, after finishing my work, I headed to the 40th district for another purpose, to eat a luxury cake.
Once that's done, I'll be done with this troublesome city.
I'll come back to scam you in a few months. See you, 42nd Precinct. And the good-natured red-haired girl.

Slowly, the carriage began to move and I left the Forty-second Ward, savoring the afterglow of my victory.

--while, at that time in Cantalucia.

Regina: 'Hmm?This is not medicine.
Estella: 'What?
Regina: 'This is just powdered dried mushrooms.
Estella: 'Really?No way!
Regina: 'You've been deceived, haven't you?
Estella: 'But the ............ Judgment of the Spirits didn't work. ...... We have to go after him anyway!
Regina: 'He's probably gone. She's gone. ...... She's gone.
Estella '............No.'
Nephrite: 'Hey. Why don't you talk to Yashiro?
Estella'...... to Yashiro?
Nephrite: 'Show him the Conversation Record and he'll see through the scam. Yashiro, you seem to be good at that kind of thing. You know, you're rather ...... dependable, aren't you?He's got a bit of a ...... head on his shoulders.So...
Estella, are you going to show me the Conversation Record?
Regina, what is it?Did you say something that you wouldn't want me to see?
Estella '............'
Regina: 'Well, I'll have to weigh the embarrassment, the amount of money I was cheated out of and the humiliation of being cheated, and see which is heavier.
Estella'............ Oh, God!I'm going to go see Jashiro!
Nephrite'You have to come!
Regina: 'You tell him. The contents of this vial are dried mushroom powder. The only thing in it that might be good for you is the fiber. ......'
Estella: 'Okay.
Nephrite: 'But you can tell a lot just by looking at it, even the ingredients.'
Regina: 'My eyes, they're a little special.
Estella'Thank you, both of you!I'm off then!

--Estella, we're leaving Cantalucia to go to the Sunshine Pavilion.

Estella: 'Yashiro!
What's the matter, Yashiro? What's the matter? You look like you've been tricked into buying something fishy like 'medicine that makes your boobs bigger'.
Estella: 'How do you know?
Yashiro: ............ Really?I was just gagging that I might be in that situation someday. ............'
Estella'............ Apparently, that someday is ...... today.
Estella: 'Yes, because!We were talking like that during the day. ......!
Yashiro: 'Is that the kind of food that makes your breasts bigger?'
Estella'...... Yeah.'
Yashiro'Anyway, tell me what's going on. And show me the Conversation Record.'
Estella'I'll show you, but ...... don't laugh, okay?
Don't worry!I'll laugh my ass off!
Estella: 'Oh, my God!Whatever you want!

--Explaining the situation

Yashiro '...... You've fallen for a typical trick.'
Estella '...... I'm sorry.
Theron: 'Good evening.'
Ginette'Oh, Mr. Theron. You too, Wendy. Welcome.

Theron: 'Oh, I don't want to eat today, but I'd like to have some medicine to remove Wendy's luminous paint.
Ginette'Ah, yes. Regina-san left it for you. Please wait a moment.
Wendy'I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Magda'...... is glowing again.
Loretta: 'It's only dimly lit, but it's shining brightly.
Wendy'......Excuse me.
I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more information on this in the future.
Estella'......That's right, but ......I've explained it in more detail, why do you only pick up that part ......'
Theron 'Hero-sama'.
Yashiro'Yo, Theron and Buddha.
Wendy: 'It's Wendy, Mr. Hero!
Yashiro: 'No, I was just thinking that you had a strong halo.
Theron: Hey, is this the woman you were talking about?
Yashiro: Hmm?You mean the con artist?
Theron'So she was a con artist?We've seen that woman.
Estella: 'Really?Do you know which way she went?
Theron: 'We took a carriage to the 40th arrondissement. ...... I believe she said she was going to eat cake in luxury.'
Estella: 'Alright!Then get in the carriage and go to ......!
Paula: 'Hey!Is Jashiro there?
Jashiro: 'Paula. What's going on?
Paula: 'Just now, a beautiful girl with long brown hair, big boobs and thighs came to Cantartica.
Estella: 'Do you have the same sensibility as Yashiro, you ......'
Paula'He gave me this to pay for it.
Yashiro'...... Masha's signature. Are you going to charge Marsha?'
Paula'Yes, I think so.'
Masha'What?Why is Cantartica billing us?
Paula'Oh, Masha, you're here.
Masha'The cakes are delicious, so I'm staying here!
Yashiro'Do you have any idea?
Masha'Yes. I gave it to this beautiful girl with long brown hair, big boobs and thighs. ...... She said she was going to pay for Grandma to have the stain removed.
Yashiro'...... you've been scammed too.
Masha'e~......What should I do~'
Delia'If you know where they're going and what they look like, let's grab them and make them pay for it!
Yasilo'But looking at the ...... Conversation Record, it might be difficult to get back the full amount ....... I can't find any conclusive lies.
Estella: 'Because this medicine is fake, isn't it?
Yashiro 'They haven't stated that it's a breast enlargement potion. He's just leading Estella to believe that.
Estella: 'No. ...... then ......'
Yasilo: 'So let's do the same thing to her.
Yashiro'......Yashiro troupe, the second performance is about to start.'

--A foreign con artist who scammed her way into Yashiro's territory: ...... What will be her fate: ......... ...continued...