414-Additive-free Episode 69 Let's do Halloween and pl...

'So, we're having Halloween.'

I left Jeannette and Molly, who were sheltering at the edge of the floor, hiding their navel area, and proceeded to talk with Estella.

'I've heard of this ...... somewhere, it's one of the new event ideas you mentioned before and after the banquet.
'You have a good memory.
'At meetings like that, I go back and read the Conversation Record to organize it later.
'You're doing that?
'Of course not. You can't keep track of everything in a memorandum.

The Conversation Record, which records every single word, is useful in such cases.
It's just that it's a pain in the ass to sort through all the extraneous stuff that's recorded.

'Oh, ......'.

Jeannette came up to me, hiding her stomach.

'Is Halloween an event where you show your belly button?I thought it was a very cute and fun event in my memory.

Come to think of it, when I mentioned Halloween, Ginette was very interested in it, wasn't she?

'Basically, it's an event where kids dress up as demons, devils, and monsters and go around getting candy by scaring adults into giving them candy or else they'll play tricks on them.
'Mm-hmm. Then the children have to dress up in very scary costumes, don't they?

Although she said she was scared, she probably had a very cute image in her head. Ginette's facial muscles were in the shape of her usual fluffy smile.

'In my hometown, not only kids but also old adults were dressed up in fancy costumes and hustling in the streets.

In my hometown, not only kids but also adults dressed up in fancy costumes and hustled in the streets.
It was the adults who were making a big deal of it in Shibuya and other busy streets that stood out.

'It's the s*xiness and skillful costumes that attract people's attention.
'What do you mean by 'skillful'?'

Estella asks, slightly intrigued.

'Zombies with their arms ripped off, Dullahan in armor that looks like the real thing, beautiful girls that look like they're almost naked.
I don't need the last one.

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... d*mn.
I think a demon girl in a tiger print bikini is a good idea.

I'm sure you'll be fine. Can you try saying 'it's okay'?
'Oh, okay, Jeannette. It's a silly thing anyway, so just ignore it.'

I think it would look good on Ginette!
Ah, it's okay Estella. I have a wall monster I can recommend to you. Don't worry.

''So, I'd like to ask Yashiro who is thinking of something absolutely rude right now.

The perceptive Estella gives me a sharp look. You're so sharp. ......
If I could make an android of this guy, I'm pretty sure it would beam out of its eyes.

'Is this just a bunch of kids in costumes getting candy?
'If you say only, then yes. ......'

Estella's expression was not very cheerful, as if she had not been able to convey the essence of Halloween verbally.
If this guy doesn't bite, we won't be able to make it a city-wide event.
I guess I'll have to make a serious presentation.

'Ginette, bring me some paper, pens and paints.
'Yes, sir. I'll be with you in a moment.

Ginette runs to the kitchen.
She probably went to her grandfather's storeroom to get them, so it would take a while. 'Jeannette, you're too slow.

'I'll be back in about an hour.
'It shouldn't take that long, indeed.

Estella stretches her back and looks around the store, as if she thought the conversation would be interrupted until Ginette returned.

'There aren't many people here today, are there?
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be fine.
'Oh, I see. I guess people are eating outside.

There's no need to eat doughnuts in a restaurant.
Some people ate them because they liked the atmosphere of the sunlit pavilion, but most of them probably took them to their homes or workplaces and ate them there.
Even though it faced the main road, for those who worked beyond the main road, the restaurant was quite far away.
The only person who would come such a long way would be Estella.

'Are you Umaro?
'What do you mean?

Oumalo has now settled in New Town and become a neighbor, but he used to come from the 40th district every day.
As for me, even the distance from the lord's mansion to the sunlit pavilion and back is a bit troublesome. It's quite far.

The fact that he doesn't mind this troublesome distance.

'It's almost like Umaro.
'Can you please stop saying out loud only the results of your thinking?

'I don't understand,' said Estella, resting her cheek on her cheek.
Her finely textured white cheeks are pushed up softly.

'It's supposed to be 'munchy' there.
'You're being annoying.

Even if you only say the conclusion out loud, you understand exactly what I'm talking about.

'I feel like it's been a long time since the Sunlit Pavilion was this quiet.
'It's because the shopkeepers are so noisy, like Loretta, the eldest daughter of the hamster people, and the ordinary girl.'
'It's all Loretta, isn't it?

She's loud enough for ten people by herself.

'Sorry to keep you waiting~'

Ginette came back smiling, carrying the art supplies I had asked for.
She looked so happy.

'Why do you look so happy?
'Because Yashiro-san's face is ...... ugh.'
'He says your face is unique.'
'Shut up.
'Heh, no, it's not!That's not what I meant. ......!

Ginette rushes to deny Estella's absurd teasing, waving her hands in the air.
Then, with a subdued smile, she turns her head slightly and opens her mouth as if to gently break it.

'Since Yashiro-san's face was the same as usual,' he said.

He raises his head and smiles at you with a smile that seems to include absolute trust and vulnerability.

'I was so happy to think that something very fun is about to start again.

I felt a bit of a headache from the overly vulnerable smile that a crook might lick off his tongue if he saw it.
This guy is as unguarded as a zebra lounging in the middle of a herd of predators, saying, 'Everyone is so kind.
What is the basis of his trust in others? Where does this trust and confidence come from?

'Now I can say, "Halloween is a festival dedicated to the god of big boobs, like a farmer praying for a good harvest! What will you do if I start drawing pictures of tits?
'Yashiro-san won't do that.
'No, Jeannette. You can't let your guard down until the end because that's what Yashiro does.''
'What are you talking about, Estella? Wouldn't you be more than willing to participate in a festival celebrating bountiful breasts?'
'What kind of image do you have of me, do you?How can you allow such a disreputable festival on the main street?
'......, but what if we do it in secret in the lord's hall?
'Estella-san. Maybe, but now is definitely not the time to be quiet.

At Molly's point, Estella clears her throat.

'Well, we've gotten off topic, so let's get back on track.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with that. I'm sorry, I'm leaking my desires.

I like the gesture of holding a tube top bra by the sides and lifting it up with both hands when it slips off.
'But' what?Can you please stop rambling on about irrelevant things?

There was no understanding.
Estella, Ginette and Molly, not to mention the dumbfounded Estella, looked at me like they didn't understand me.
These guys ....... I guess we'll have to play in the river again during this year's heat wave.
Let's all jump in from a high place!
Then everyone will notice the quaintness of the bra-slipping gesture.
Oh, but it's the top that gets misaligned in the dive. ...... I like the gesture of fixing the bottom. ...... But the top is also good. ......

'I have a feeling that there will be another fierce battle between the upward and downward misalignment factions. ......'
'Why don't you stop thinking about stupid things with a serious face and start drawing?

Estella spits out annoyingly, slapping the stack of papers that Jeannette brought with her.
'Oh, ......,' Ginette shrugs with a troubled face.

'You looked so serious until just now.

According to Jeannette, her face looks different when she's thinking about something fun, which is why she said 'Yashiro-san doesn't do that'.
I think that's probably a misunderstanding on Ginette's part.
It would be impossible even for a great agent of the FBI or CIA to read my thoughts from my facial expressions, and there's no way that a person like Jeannette, who has about five 'good guy filters' on her eyes, would be able to find out.

'Well, I admit that Yashiro's face is easy to recognize.
'I can agree with that.

For some reason, even Molly agrees. Even though they're from different territories and don't see each other that often.
You'd better not say anything rash. It's not like my face is easy to recognize. There's no ....... No, it's not.

I'm not sure what to say. I'm not sure what you mean by 'bad at lying' to the greatest fraudster of the century!
It's not even close to business obstruction. It's on the level of defamation.

'Okay, I'm going to mix 80% truth with 20% boobs. ......'
'Please take this seriously. ...... anymore.'

Ginette's cheeks puffed out and she held out her brush.
Whose fault is it? It's not my fault, I promise.

A mixture of dismay and anticipation is directed at you from three directions.

I'm not sure how to describe it, though.
If you draw a realistic illustration of the actual costume, the ginette will be scared.
Even in Japan, there are very few costumes with the same level of special makeup. Most of them are cheap cosplays bought at mass merchandisers.

In terms of the level of cosplay, Japan's largest subculture festivals held in summer and winter are of a much higher level.
But if you want that quality in 42 wards, you can't go there. ......

After much consideration, I decided to use a Halloween-like illustration. I used colors and touches that pushed the Halloween-like atmosphere and fun feeling to the forefront.
An orange jack-o'-lantern laughs wickedly, the silhouette of a distorted castle floats in the purple night sky, a witch flies on a broomstick under a suspicious full moon, and comical monsters and kids in funny costumes are happily clutching candy.

It's so cute!

Sure enough, I caught a ginette right away.
She peeked at my illustration, writhed and writhed, then peeked again, smiled, looked around the illustration, and then writhed again. You are writhing.

You're writhing, aren't you?Is this castle going to be built by Umaro-san?
'No, this is just an image illustration.

As expected, I can't say, 'We're going to have Halloween, so keep building the castle. Much less a Halloween-like castle that ignores various physical laws.

'Hey, Yashiro. If you tell Magda and give her the right to shop at the market with Magda, you might be able to do it.
'Relax, Estella. If it's Umaro, he'll do it for real, so please be careful. I can't handle a castle being built.'
'No, it's fine because I'll live there!
'You're really into it, aren't you?

Estella's tension is rising in a troublesome way, so I decide to calm her down.

'This is an exaggerated illustration I drew to convey a Halloween-like atmosphere. People decorate the streets, houses, and dress up in costumes to create this atmosphere.
'Well, the city is going to be dyed with this kind of atmosphere? ...... It's wonderful!I'm sure that everyone on the main street will be doing their best to help, Yashiro-san!
'I'm sure everyone on the main street will cooperate. They've always been good at entertaining people, and more importantly, they've always complained about the lack of events.

If the main streets are decorated for Halloween, the atmosphere will be much better.
As in Japan, it is a spectacular sight to see the whole area at once covered with the colors of the event. Halloween, Christmas, and so on.

'Um, Mr. Manager, Mr. Yashiro. Is there such a thing as an orange pumpkin?I've never seen one before.
'I've never seen one either. ...... Do you have one, Yashiro?
'We had them in my hometown.

Well, even in my hometown, it was more in foreign countries than in Japan.

'This is not an edible pumpkin, so it's no wonder Jeannette doesn't know about it.
'It's not edible?
'No, it's edible, but regular pumpkins are better.

In Japan, it's not considered edible. The seeds can be roasted and eaten, though.
The only time you will see this orange pumpkin in Japan is during the Halloween season, and in the news about giant pumpkins.

'They grow so big that adults can't hold them. Then, we can have a quiz to guess its weight and give out prizes.
'That sounds interesting!I'd like to try it too.
'I'll have to check with Momat or Assunto first to see if they actually have any in this town.

You can't know if the peddlers guild deals in inedible vegetables until you ask them.
I don't even know if there's an ornamental vegetable category in this town.
If it's ornamental, Millie might be more specialized.

'What if we don't have pumpkins?
'I think anything will do. If you can carve a little ghostly face and make it into a lantern.'
'You're going to make it into a lantern?'
'Oh, yeah. You carve out the inside and put candles in it. At night, the eyes and mouths will light up and the kids will have fun with the scary .......'
'That's very scary.

Ginette smiles, showing no sign of being the least bit scared.
The glowing bricks on the main street of the Forty-second arrondissement, though, would make the light from the candles less noticeable.

'Let's turn off some of the glowing bricks. As long as it doesn't threaten our safety!

At the Festival of Light, we also blocked the light by covering them with black cloth. You can do it if you want to, but ...... Estella, don't you think you're getting too carried away? We're still in the planning stages.

'What other ornaments are you going to make?If you want to make ornaments, I'll help you this time.

The ornaments I made last Christmas to decorate the fir tree.
In fact, she secretly wanted to make one, and Ginette was strangely enthusiastic.

'I couldn't help at all at Christmas because I was cooking.

Then she claps her hands.

'Speaking of which, what kind of food do you eat on Halloween?

I guess the standard Halloween food is ...... candy.

'Not food, but desserts and sweets made from pumpkins and apples are standard.

In Japan, pumpkins are the most popular, but in Europe, apples are often the mainstay of Halloween. In Europe, apples are often the mainstay of Halloween because they are harvested around that time.

'I might make pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie, but ......'.
'It all sounds very sweet.'

Molly's expression clouded.
'If it wasn't for the timing, I might have been more interested.

'Then again, I may not be able to cook very well.'
'Don't worry, Jeannette.'

At my words, Ginette turns to me, her eyes filled with a faint glimmer of hope.

'You've got to walk down the boulevard with your belly button out, so you don't have time to cook anyway.'
'It's not okay at all, that situation!

''No!Ginette puffed out her cheeks.
'I'm sorry you're upset, but this is something I'm planning for you guys.

'Jeannette and Molly are to wear the costumes I specify and participate in the Halloween parade.
'What?Well, that's a bit ......'.
'Um, I'm also having trouble with .......'
''If Yashiro specifies it, won't you be wearing a bikini or something again?
''It's impossible, Yashiro-san!

I was blamed for Estella's arbitrary decision. That's terrible.

''I'll talk to Ukrines and get you a decent outfit. If you really want to wear a bikini, I won't stop you.
''I won't wear it!I can't wear it!

Well, I'm not going to make her wear that either.
Molly may be fine because she's still underage, but ...... it's too dangerous for Ginette to walk down the main street in such a revealing outfit.
She could get kidnapped by accident.
It's no fun to be swarmed by bad bugs.

I don't want to be the only one who sees you swaying around in those light clothes!

'I'll ask Ukrines to make sure you look pretty.
'Ugh ...... but ......'.
'My belly button is ......'
''Then I won't help you lose weight.''
''Sorry, I'll do it!''

I can feel the desperation in Jeannette and Molly's eyes.
They must be afraid of their own flabby bellies and Delia's outburst.

'Why don't we tighten her up enough to show her off before the day?
'No matter how tight I get, I don't plan to show it off. ......'

Molly nodded her head in agreement with Jeannette's words.

'But ...... someone as weak-willed as me might need to be as strict as Yashiro-san. ......'

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it'll help.
In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at our own web site.

'Besides, I'm so modest, I'm sure no one will pay any attention to me.
'That's true. If it's a parade, there will probably be many other people participating, and beautiful people like Norma, Delia, and Nephrite will be the focus of attention, and I'll be hidden behind them!
'Then, let's do our best in secret, Molly!
'Yes, manager!Quietly!

Ginette and Molly are nodding to each other as if to encourage each other, but both of their smiles are very tense.
Well, that's going to attract some attention.

I mean, is Neffery a beauty in Molly's eyes? ......

I'm sure she'll be noticed.

Estella also looked at Jeannette once with a 'I think Jeannette will get attention' look, then turned to me.

'I'll reject anything too disreputable, okay?
'So, this isn't that kind of event. ...... I don't know why you're thinking that way.
'It's because you said you were going to mix in 20% boobs!

I'm not going to worry about that.

'If it doesn't exceed 70%, it's safe.
'I'd like to be out even if it's 10 percent.

Nevertheless, I'm going to work on it rather seriously this time.
And I have other goals, too.
So, I'll give you a serious explanation of Halloween costumes.

'Kids dress up like this.

While saying this, I draw an illustration.
There's a ghost that looks like it's wearing a sheet, a Franken with an angular body, and a vampire in a jet-black cape and silk hat.

'Wow, they're cute. Is this a demon?'
'Where I come from, they call them monsters. This one is a ghost, the soul of the dead. This one is an artificial Franken. And the vampire who sips the living blood of beautiful women. Or a skeleton in black with bones painted in white.
'They're all scary, aren't they?

He's probably imagining the church kids in costumes. Ginette looks like she's having fun.
Ginette is positive about Halloween as long as she doesn't have to wear it.

Also, one of the most popular Halloween items is ......

'This is the werewolf that transforms on the night of the full moon.
'Hmm?Aren't you a werewolf?'
'Yes, that's right. You're a werewolf.'
'I've seen people like this in the hunting guild.

Ah ......

I see. Werewolves are common in this town?

'Then how about a witch?

I draw an illustration of a witch in a black robe and pointy hat.

'That's Regina, isn't it?
'That's true, she looks just like Regina.
'Well, ......, is Regina-san a demon in your mind, Yashiro-san?'
'I don't deny Molly's opinion, but it's not like that. ......'

In this town, magic is used by the spirit gods, and there are no such things as witches.
No, maybe they exist just because I don't know about them, but I'm sure this isn't the image they have.
In any case, if you dress up as a witch and everyone who sees you recognizes you as 'Regina', you are not suitable for Halloween costumes.
...... That shut-in pharmacist. You're dragging me down.

'By the way, is there any kind of monster lore in this town?
'Monster lore?
'Like these vampires and frankens?'

Estella and Ginette both nodded their heads.
'Maybe that kind of hearsay is less common in this world where there are no movies or comics.

'My brother once told me. My brother once told me that if I didn't behave well, the dead would come peeping through the windows in the middle of the night.

I've heard the story of Molly.
Imelda once told me a similar story. The dead will come for you. I wonder if this is a story that is passed down in the forty wards.

'......My room is on the second floor, so it's fine......, right?
'No. My room was also on the second floor, but I heard that the dead can fly.
'Heey!I never open the window in the middle of the night!

Jeannette is trembling with her head in her hands.
The window in your room is covered with a wooden board, so there's no way to peek in.

'Oh ......, I've heard that story too.'

With a tearful face, Jeannette opened her mouth stiffly.

'I think it was ...... the time when the night in the 42nd district was still pitch black,...... in the back alley in the evening darkness,...... the spirit of a woman glowing dimly!
'Oh, that's Wendy.

I've heard of such ghostly disturbances.
So, there must be a certain number of people who believe in ghosts.
Then there might be imaginary creatures like monsters.

'Cause monsters and hexenbiests are more of a threat. Maybe they didn't need to create imaginary monsters. Someone with that kind of creativity.

Some people who create stories may also find it easier to imagine real monsters than to create imaginary ones. This is the opinion of Estella.
If there are no monsters, the repertoire of costumes will be reduced.

'Then why don't we dress up as Hexenbiests?
'The kids have never seen a hexenbiest, so they won't understand.
'Then Halloween might be difficult for them. ......'

Dressing up as an unfamiliar monster would probably be half the fun.

'Then why don't you teach him, Yashiro-san?
'You mean ...... I'm going to go around talking about these guys?'

What a pain in the ass!

'By the way, what kind of people are these monsters?
'Well, the vampire is .......'

I told him the characteristics of each monster and a little story.

'From what you've told me, it sounds like there's a lesson in there.

Estella pointed to my illustrations and explained briefly.

'The vampires, ghosts and skeletons say, "Lock your doors at night and go to sleep early or you'll get scared. Franken is a little different, though, as he says, 'You can't go against God's will.
'Well, the stories of ghosts and monsters were probably invented in large part to get kids to go to bed early. Also, if you waste your food, the monsters will attack you and say, 'What a waste!
'I hope you don't waste food so that you don't meet such scary monsters.

'I'd like you to tell that story to the children in the church,' Ginette said, 'but I don't think there will be any food left over in the church. There will never be any left over.

Whether it is monsters or Japanese yokai, they are the embodiment of the fears and anxieties of people who are afraid of the dark, so they must be similar.

'When you put it that way, the dead spirits peeking out of the window are also a way to make the children go to bed earlier.
'So, there may be various kinds of ghosts in different families.

Ginette seems to have defined the term "ghost" to include all the monsters.
It's a Halloween-like idea, so it's okay.

'Didn't Estella's place talk about it?
'In our case, we didn't have much of a chance to restrict our actions by using subterfuge. Because of my position as a lord, I would have refrained from saying or doing anything that could be taken as a 'lie', even if it was something trivial.

'The ghosts are coming' would certainly be a lie.
It would be difficult to prove that he didn't come.

'Has anyone heard of anything else like that?

At the sudden voice, all of us turned our gaze toward the kitchen.
There was Hammaro, hands raised in the air and smiling.

'Were you taking a nap upstairs, Hammaro?
'You, you. Were you sleeping up there?'

'I didn't say that!

Isn't this guy still sleepwalking?

'Hammaro-san was supposed to take a nap after noon, so I lent him my room.
'Yeah!The manager's room smelled so good!
'Are you sure?I'll go check it out!
'No, Yashiro-san!

That's not fair.
I want to take a nap in Jeannette's bed too!

'So, Hammaro. What stories do you know?
'You know some ghost stories, don't you?
'Yes!I know!
'Then why don't you tell me the story?
'Yes!............ Hamumaro?
'Will you tell me the story?
'I will!Take both ears off!
'...... I'll report to Loretta later.
'Hawa ......,......,I'm going to give you a lecture,......'.

I'm not sure what to do.
Don't tease me, Estella. It'll stop the conversation.

'I'll tell Loretta what to do, let me talk to her.
'That's my big brother!The vine!
'A Buddha in hell, right?
'What the hell is that?
'What kind of throat?
'Yashiro, can we please move on?

You always flip-flop at times like this, don't you?Hey, Estella.
You're so aristocratic in all those ways.

'So, what did you hear about?
'Well, that children shouldn't go to the main street without permission from an adult.

There are a lot of people on the main street, and it might be dangerous for kids to go there without their parents' permission.
They might get hurt by a rampaging bull, or they might be kidnapped.

'If a child goes out to the main street alone, he will be taken away by a ...... scantily clad old man!
'That's me!No, it's not me either!

You're still talking about it, aren't you?
I was just asking around, 'Have you seen a girl in a skirt?' because Magda was badly injured, turned into a beast, and ran out of the Sunken Pavilion in a skirt. I was just asking around!
I didn't kidnap her!

'Yashiro. Don't dress up as an old man in a skirt.'
'Who would!I'm sure you'll be able to find something to help you out.

It's a bit complicated!
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

'Anyway, it's better to dress up in something the kids here can easily imagine, so let's gather some information.
'That's right. Do you want me to help you?
'Okay, thanks!Then, take care of the rest, Ginette!

Because I don't want to listen to scary stories from a kid!I'm the type of person who remembers things in the middle of the night!
I'm the kind of person who remembers things in the middle of the night! The familiar Franken or Vampire can still be cute, but an unknown ghost I've never heard of is just a normal ghost story!
Who's going to bother asking around?

Well, I'm glad Jeannette agreed to do this.
Just in case you're worried, why don't you take Magda and Loretta with you?


Estella, who had somehow gotten up from her seat and was standing behind me, placed her hand on my shoulder.

'I'll help you too, so let's do our best 'together'.'

When I turned around and looked up at her face, I saw that she had a black smile on her face that told me at once that she didn't want Ginette to be the only one who had to do the hard work.
Hey, Estella. That's called blackmail, you know?

'All right, ......'.

I sighed as I ripped Estella's fingers from my shoulder, one by one.