413-It's probably because of the muscles.

'I've gained some muscle. I'm sure you have.

It's a quiet afternoon at the Sunken Pavilion.
Molly sits alone at the end of the floor, facing the wall, her eyes turned away from reality.

'Big brother, what's wrong with Molly?
'Oh, I was wondering why Delia's weight was heavier than expected, and I told Molly that muscle is heavier than fat, so it's common for people to weigh more than they should, even if they're skinny.' ......
'Oh, is that so?
'Oh. Right after I got on the scales on high alert.'
'No, I mean, the muscles are heavier?
'Try it with the beef in the kitchen. If it's the same size, lean and fat, the lean is definitely heavier.'
'Is that so?I also gained some muscle from the field day!
'...... You've gained some weight, haven't you?
'Doki!It's not that I've eaten too many doughnuts, I guess.

There you are again, the weak-willed girl.

'I've grown muscles, haven't I?
'...... Yashiro. The manager has the same symptoms as Molly.
'Oh, Magda. Tell that to Jeannette. Half your weight is in your tits.'
'That's not true, sir!
'Manager, did they grow back?
'No, not my breasts!.................. Ugh.'

Ginette, who had admitted to herself that she had grown anything but her breasts when she said 'breasts', plopped down on the table.

'I exercised so much at the field day. ......'
'I must have taken in a few too many calories before and after that.

Thinking back, the trial production of breads started before the field day started, and we had a bread-eating contest, bean jam doughnuts, curry doughnuts, and hot dog tasting. And you ate a pizza this morning.
Moreover, thinking back, Jeannette has had a lot of opportunities to eat lately, such as working on a prototype of a new healthy dish related to the lovely Yann Avenue, and devising a menu for Norma's diet together with Norma.

In fact, Jeannette has always been a small eater, saying 'I don't get hungry when I'm cooking'. The amount of food she had eaten in the past few days was more unusual for her.

'In addition, since Osina has been cooking the wonderful Yann Avenue-related dishes, Norma has been cooking the diet dishes, the baker has been making the bread, and Magda and Loretta have been practicing and making the new doughnuts, Ginette has hardly been cooking at all.

It's a lot less than it used to be.
Today, she only prepared the breakfast. Yesterday, she had Norma and the others do it for her.

'Are you hungry because I didn't cook?
'...... The manager is a bit of a strange girl.'
'That's not true!Magda, that's a bit of a misnomer.'

Raising her upper body from her prostrate position, Ginette stood up from her chair and clenched her fists.

'But it's okay. From now on, that's right, from this moment on, if you face the dishes with all your heart and soul as before, you will be back to normal in no time!

As if to bolster her enthusiasm, a customer came into the Sunlit Pavilion.

'I'm sorry, please!
'Welcome!Welcome to Hidamari-tei!
'Two curry doughnuts, please.
'...... Please wait a moment.
'Yes, thank you for waiting!They're freshly fried and hot!
'...... Manager, checkout.'
'............ Yes.'

As if to discourage Jeannette's enthusiasm, the customer with the curry doughnut left with a smile on his face.
'They won't let me cook.

'...... ugh ............'

Then Ginette plopped down again at a nearby table.

'Manager, cheer up.
'......Yes. I know, but ......'
'......As such, as you sit in your chair and bend over, the flesh on your stomach will ...... grow in two and then three tiers.'
'Let's get crispy!

Ginette stood up crisply.
Yeah, the feeling of having a belly that's leaning over you brings on a lot of regrets, doesn't it?
But it's normal to have a certain amount of room, right?
A belly that doesn't become a bump when you arch your back is a little too thin.

'But that's surprising.

Delia looks at Jeannette curiously as she gobbles up the doughnut.
Ah, yes. I followed you here.
What, work?
No idea. The guys from the river fishing guild were smiling and waving, so I guess there's no problem. 'Today's work is almost done! It was the master's training time from here on out! Urgent business?Go ahead!You need a master, don't you!Please take me to him!No, no, don't be shy!By all means!By all means! I'm sure he'll be fine.

...... Delia, just because they're scared of you doesn't mean they don't like you, right?
I'll make sure to check with Omero next time. Yeah.

So, what is Delia surprised about?

'The manager also cares about such things, right?
'That's ......'.

Her lips twitched, her gaze flickered to me for a moment, and then she immediately turned her body away.

'I do care a little bit. It's not like I'm not interested in fashion and all that. ......'

I see.
I guess Jeannette has reached the age where she cares about fashion.
When I first met her, I thought she was only interested in pretending to wear pants.

'But you know, the manager is kind, the food is good, and you can do housework, right?She can do everything I can't do, and I don't think being a little fat is a disadvantage. And you have big tits.
'There's a difference between housekeeping skills and looks and fashion. ......'
'But manager, you're cute, you have big boobs, and I think your appearance is perfect.
'No, that's not true ......!I'm not ...... cute. ......'
'...... The manager becomes much more beautiful when she wears makeup.
'It's ...... too much to say that she's beautiful. ......'
'But she has big boobs.
'Yes, sir. They're big.
'...... strongest'
'Oh my god!Everyone, please don't talk about things based on Yashiro's standards!
'Hey, come on, Jeannette.

I've been holding back so much this time!
I thought the moment I said 'big boobs' you'd say 'please repent! The moment I said I had big boobs, I thought I'd get a 'repent!
d*mn it, I should have just joined them!

'I don't even have big boobs, you know. ......'

Alone, in a distant seat, Molly is twilighting.

'Don't worry, I'm bigger than Estella: ''''
'Everyone ...... apologize to Estella.'

Ginette said angrily, 'Meh! I was furious.

'Anyway, why don't Molly and the manager get some exercise?'

Delia, who had just eaten a doughnut, said with an expression that said nothing at all.

'When Molly's body is healed, we can go for a light jog.
'It's ...... jogging, huh?

Ginette's eyes wavered anxiously.
That's right. When I saw Delia's 'lightly' at Loretta and the others' diet camp, I could only feel fear.

'By the way, how far is the distance?'
''Hmm~...... I'm not sure about the detailed distance, but if you want to lose weight quickly, why don't you go visit Lucia-sama?''
''Thirty-five districts?

Ginette and Molly's voices came together.

''Is that 'lightly'?''
''Lightly, to the thirty-fifth district.''

Jeannette. You know that, don't you?
What he means by 'light' and 'gentle' is not the distance or the difficulty, but the feeling.
It's like running a 100km marathon with a light heart.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.
'...... It's a relief to see a glimpse of common sense that is not lost.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
Ginette, as if she hadn't heard them, looked pale and absent-minded.
I wonder if she is thinking back to the journey to the 35th district, where we all walked for almost a day pulling a cart.
Jogging it, well, that's too much for Jeannette.

'Oh, ......'.

Ginette slowly raises her hand.
She raises her hand slowly, hesitantly, guiltily, halfway, stealthily.

'I think I can get back to normal with a little diet and ...... exercise, that ......'.
'Mr. Manager!

Loretta grabbed Jeannette by both shoulders with a firm grip.
She looks straight into Ginette's eyes.

'It's the manager who taught me the dangers of restrictive diets!
'No, um, ...... yes, that's true, but ...... if you don't misjudge the limits, there's no problem ......'.
In the event that the manager collapses due to such a diet,............, I will have to punish the manager by cutting my own body.

I'm not sure what to do.
This is probably referring to the diet plan that Ginette imposed on Loretta and the others, even taking a day off from the sunlit pavilion.
The most painful thing for Loretta must have been the fact that Ginette made her cut herself.

In response to Loretta's determination, Jeannette clears her throat and--

'U............ movement,......,' she declared in tears.

She declared in tears.
This is a great way to make sure that you don't end up with a lot of problems.

...... at all.

In the event that you've got a lot of money, you're going to need to be able to pay for it.
'...... I'm sure. I think so too.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

'...... Huh. I'll set up a curriculum for you.
'Thank you very much!

--No choice. Yes, it was inevitable.
Without Jeannette, the Sunlit Pavilion can't survive.
It's a crisis of survival.

'Yashiro-san!Me too!I'd love to have my curriculum too!

Molly appealed desperately.
She must have felt Delia's unorthodox nature firsthand.

'Okay, Delia. I'll come up with a menu, can you tell her about it?
'Not my idea of training?
'What happened to Omero when he took that 'your idea of training'?
'He fell asleep. He's too soft.
'These two are softer than Omero.'
'Ha-ha-ha, that's right!

Do you really think that Ginette and Molly are tougher than Delia ......'s two-meter-plus raccoon human race?
How low is Omero's rating, in your opinion?

'Also, I'll let Barbara join you, so let her exercise with the people of District 41.
'Oh!I'll leave it to you!

Delia just can't take it easy, but she'll do the job she's given, right?
Well, in the case of Delia, she's able to do exercises that other women would find strenuous with ease, so that it becomes a goal for her to say, 'By the time I can do this, I'll have a nice body like that! That's the main thing. Rather, that's the main thing.

'Well, what should we do until evening?Do I have anything to do?

The women of the forty-first district arrive in the evening.
Barbara was talking about 'at lunch time', but they wanted to join us after they finished their work in the fields, so we'll join them in the evening.
I'll be free until then. ......

'Well then, Miss Delia. I have a favor to ask.

Loretta claps her hands and strikes a 'please' pose for Delia.
Magda stands next to her and asks for Delia's help.

'After this, we're going to distribute donuts to the church and the neighborhood children.
'...... a small bread festival, not a donut festival.'
'What, is Yashiro spoiling the kids again?'
'No, I'm not. It's an effective use of free labor to keep food from going to waste.
'Hmm?What are you talking about, Yashiro?
'I'm hiding my embarrassment.'
'...... as usual.'
It's not the same as .......

While letting out a sigh at their self-serving interpretations, my cheeks loosened slightly at their concern.
If you take Jeannette to church, I'm sure the kids will flock to her and want to eat donuts with her.
And Ginette can't say no to that.
Also, Bertina will notice that Ginette is a little listless and will be heartbroken.
Hiding ...... is not a good sign, but now is not the right time.
It's best not to let the kids see Jeannette in this state.

I took a copper coin out of my pocket and threw it towards the kitchen.

'Mr. Yashiro?What the hell are you doing ......'
'Oh, no!The money's gone!

With all eyes on me, I continued to speak.

'Maybe' it 'might' have tumbled into the hearth. If that's the case, I'll have to turn off the furnace and look for it. Wow, I'm so thrifty I can't waste a single Rb!I might not be able to work if I don't find it right now.

Hearing my words, Magda wagged her tail.

'...... That's terrible. Then you might not be able to use the cooking stove for a while.
'I see. This means that the manager and my brother should stay behind and take care of the hearth!

Magda's words were echoed by Loretta.
Ginette blinked her eyes and tilted her head.

'...... I'll tell the kids that.'
'That way, the children and the sisters won't be worried about the manager's absence.'
'...... Ah.'

Whenever Ginette is not around, the kids are always asking, 'Where's Ginette? Why isn't she here? Whenever Jeannette is not around, the kids will scream, 'Where's Jeannette?
In such a case, if you tell them that 'Jeannette is now using the kitchen stove in the store', they will say 'Well, what can we do?
If you say, 'It's my job,' the kids will complain, but they won't complain. Bertina is doing a good job of educating them in this area.
Well, Bertina may think something is wrong, but it's a problem for someone of ...... Ginette's age. I'm sure she'll understand.

Then Magda and the others quickly get ready to leave.

'Well, I'm off then!
'...... I'll take care of your absence.
'I'll take good care of you!

The three girls left the store with a large amount of donuts in their hands.
I saw them off at the door and entered the store just as their voices were fading away.

As the door slammed shut, Ginette let out a sigh of relief, 'Haha ......'.

'I'm sorry for making you feel uncomfortable.

She smiles weakly at me.

'Thank you very much. You too, Yashiro-san.
'Well, it's not good to eat too much, that's for sure.
'Yes, sir. I'll reflect on .......'

Ginette shrugs her shoulders.
Molly is also awkwardly scratching her cheek.

I sit them both down in a chair and stand in front of them.

'You'll be taking Delia's shape-up exercises this evening.

I'd like to say a few words about how you should feel.

'Ginette is right, a few days of moderation will bring Ginette back to her normal weight. It's just a few days of overeating. But you've got too little muscle. Take the class with the intention of building up your basic strength.'
'Well, ...... I want to be good enough to not get muscle cramps at next year's field day.'

Haha, that's asking too much, Jeannette.
It's okay to aim for it.

'Molly, go home and learn how to do the exercises so you can do them at home. Continuity is power.'
'Yes, sir. I'll try to continue every day to train my mind to discipline myself. I'll try to be ...... moderate as much as I can.

If you're busy, tired, or frustrated by a bad day, you'll want to throw all your plans away.
Don't let such weaknesses get the better of you, Molly says.
It may not happen overnight, but it's worth the effort.

'So,' Barbara says, 'I'll let you join in to foster cooperation. In the meantime, I'm going to nail you later so you're not late.

Do the same moves as everyone else for the allotted time.
If you can do that, it will be a good practice for you to look around and read the air.
If you get too excited, you can ask Delia to help you out.

'As for the food, ...... well, ......'.

Staring at the kitchen, I raise my eyebrows.

'Maybe we need to make some drastic changes .......'

The wrinkles between my eyebrows deepen as I face a somewhat difficult problem.
What should I do now? ......

'Oh, that's right. Mr. Yashiro.

Seeing the wrinkles between my brows, Jeannette lets out a soft voice.
'What is it?When I looked at Jeannette, her cheeks relaxed, as if she had seen that the wrinkles between my eyebrows were gone.

'I'll have to go look for some coins. I don't want to lose it.'
'Oh, I'll be fine. I threw it so that it would be on the kitchen table.

Even if it was to make up a situation, throwing the money on the ground was a little uncomfortable.
So, I threw the money so that it would bounce off the wall or the pillar and land on the kitchen table.

'What?Can you do that?'
'No way. ......'

Ginette and Molly walked into the kitchen with incredulous looks on their faces.
Then, almost simultaneously, they shouted, 'Ah! They shouted.

'...... It's amazing, Yashiro-san.
'It really was on the kitchen table.
'I told you so,' he said.

The angle and strength of the throw, as well as the rotation of the object being thrown, make it possible to throw the object roughly where you want it to go. It was a skill that I needed as a matter of course in the magic I had mastered to train my fingers.

'By the way, Molly. You can pick any table you like.'

He returned the copper and asked Molly to choose a table.
Then ask Ginette to choose one of the four corners or the middle one.

Based on their opinions, we decided on the middle of the table by the entrance.
I threw a copper coin at it.
Once the coin bounced on the table, it made a hard sound and stopped in the middle of the table by the entrance.

'That's amazing, Mr. Yashiro!
'Yashiro-san, how are you doing?Is there some kind of ...... trick?'
'No trick. It's just a habit.

He tosses another copper coin on top of the previous one.
There is a muffled copper sound, and the two copper coins overlap each other.

'It's on top of the previous copper coin!
''And they're neatly stacked in two!

From the third coin, the difficulty level suddenly increases, but that's enough for now.

It's slipping, you know, when I throw the third one, the second one.
You seem surprised, so I'll leave it at that.

'It's not impossible if you keep at it.
'I'll do my best!
'Um, me too!

The honest Molly and the simple Ginette clenched their fists together.
I can feel their consciousness moving slightly towards their own stomachs.
Mm-hmm. I'm glad you're feeling motivated.

'Yashiro~are you there~?

Estella walks into the empty sunlit pavilion.
As soon as she enters, she looks at the two copper coins stacked on the table.

'Don't touch them. They're mine.
'What are you playing with?'
'No, Estella, I'm not!Mr. Yashiro, it's amazing!
'Yes!It was unbelievably human!
'No, I know that Yashiro is not human, but ......'

Who's not human?
Let Estella take her seat at the table and I'll make sure to collect my precious money.

Ginette goes back to the kitchen and comes back with the tea ready.

'Our tea is 1Rb. ......'
'I'll pay for it. ...... You're so annoying.'

With a sullen look, Estella pushes the letter to me.

'It's a love letter.
'Is it for me?
'You'll understand when you read it.

With that, I unfold the rolled-up parchment.
The emblem of the Lord of the Thirty-fifth District was imprinted on it.
From Lucia?

I followed the contents of the letter with my eyes.


Present the donuts and Hammarotan to the Thirty-Fifth Ward.
And don't forget the curry doughnuts.
Bring the specified items by this evening.

I'll give you the honor of being my servant. You may consider it an honor.

Gilberta was in gym clothes all day today. You must be jealous. Ha-ha-ha!

'Don't waste the parchment.
'Yeah. I felt exactly the same way.
'I mean, this, ......, he's not coming at night, is he?
'Yes. I felt exactly the same way.

It's a very roundabout way of saying, 'Why don't you bring it, anchovy! He's probably planning to come into the 42nd district.
What's that guy got time for?

'Why don't you just disinherit him? What's the head of the 35th district doing?
'Unfortunately, that 'that guy' is the head of the family.
'It's the parents' negligence.
'She seems to be an only daughter, so even if her father was still active, disinheriting her wouldn't have been an option.
'You don't even have tits...'
'I don't agree with that, though.

Hey. I feel like I've been betrayed at the end.

'So, what do you think Yashiro ...... is coming for?
'Well, I guess they want me to teach them how to make red bean paste donuts.'
'That's right. The introduction of new breads was certainly a shock, but the an-donuts and curry donuts were even more so.
'That's because I set it up that way.

Information that is presented later is more likely to be remembered.
Especially when there is something better than what was presented first.
In this case, the cheapness of the food was a shock. It tastes similar.

'But you can't give away the process, can you?
'Hmm~......' ....... 'What?Are you trying to spread the doughnut process?'
'Why the hell not?'
'That's right. I'm sure Yashiro wouldn't be so careless as to surrender his profits to others.

No, that's not what I meant by 'why not'. ...... Anyway...

'By the way, why is Molly here?
'Because of all the new sugar-related products.

'Oh ...... I see.'
'Ugh ...... Estella-san, your gaze is too honest.'

Molly's expression clouded as Estella's gaze went to her own stomach.

'Estella, you have a great figure, don't you?
'Because you're not showing, you're retracting.
'Yashiro, shut up.
'How do you maintain your figure?
'All the nutrients go to my breasts. But even if I put all the nutrition into them, they still won't grow!
'Yashiro, shut up.

He kicked me in the knee with his heel.
Aristocracy is a b*tc*!

'Because I'm often seen by people. Being aware of it all the time is a big factor in keeping my body in shape.
'Natalia has a beautiful figure because she sleeps naked.
'That has nothing to do with this!
'Then I'll go naked too .......'
'Wait, Molly, calm down!
'What, could it be that Estella is also naked at ......?
'Yashiro, you're really annoying.'

The gouging of his heels increased in strength.
This is the power of a nobleman, I'm afraid~.

'Haha ......, I think I'll start a s*xual harassment course .......'
'Is the instructor Regina?
'She's not even allowed to take the class, she's quarantined.

I see. That's pretty much what I'm saying.
Don't let her get involved. We lose if we let her get involved.

'Oh, but you're right. Estella has a point.'
'What?s*xual harassment class?
'No, no. I'm talking about being seen naked.'
'I'm not talking about that.
'Being aware of other people's gazes is good for your body, it makes you tense.

It's natural that the naturalness of a smile is different between a model and a normal person.
They are professionals. To put it another way, it's because they can do it that they are professionals.
Muscles can be used to their full potential if you are conscious of using them.
Conversely, if you don't do it consciously, you won't be able to perform to your full potential.

'Jeannette, Molly. Would you like to walk down the main street with your stomach out for a bit?''
''Absolutely not!''

Ginette and Molly refused, half-crying.
Estella also let out a sigh of disgust.

''I don't want to do that either.


'No. I'll make sure you guys do it--'

It doesn't have to be right now.
If you're planning to do it just a little while from now, you'll have to be aware of it.

'You all like fun festivals, don't you?

Seeing my big smile, the three girls in the room twitched their faces.

'...... Yashiro, what kind of evil scheme are you up to?'
'Yashiro-san ......, for now, why don't you reconsider?'
'Wow, I'm a citizen of another district. ......'
'Don't worry. I'm not afraid to expose my belly button to everyone.''
''Of course not!

As I stared at Ginette and Molly, who were screaming in grief, I thought about organizing the event that I had promised to do a long time ago.