412-No additives Episode 67 Kawahara, stomach and help

'Miss Delia, please help me!
'Whoa!What the hell!Molly?Why are you here?'

As soon as she spotted Delia on the riverbank, Molly hugged her tight waist.

'......Hey, you're so thin ......!

In the hug, Molly pursed her lips.
It was as if Delia's hips were very sore.

'Hey, Yashiro?What's the matter?'
'Oh, no, it's ...... something.'
'......The Sunlit Pavilion is a magical place. ......'

With tears in her eyes, Molly clenched her fists.

Today's Sunlit Pavilion has been frying donuts all morning.
There will be a donut party for the church kids and other kids in the neighborhood. ...... No, I didn't plan this. I said, 'There's going to be too many donuts left over from the practice, so let the kids dispose of them. I also said, 'If that doesn't work, we can just get some kids from around here', but that's all. So, it was never my idea.

--That's why the kitchen was filled with a sweet aroma, and working in a place like that, I couldn't help but think.

'The red bean paste donuts are delicious!
'Hmm?Yeah, they're sweet and delicious!Why are you crying at ......?

The sweet smell of the doughnuts made Molly look like she wanted to eat them, and Ginette, who had spotted them, asked, 'Would you like one? But Molly refrains. Molly refrained from eating them, but in the end she was so overwhelmed by the smell, the goodwill, and the desire to eat that she ate one, two, and three of them.

'It's delicious, but it's going to be meat!
'Hmm?A doughnut becomes meat?What are you talking about, Molly?

Unfortunately, Molly's desperate cry did not reach Delia.
Delia would never have cared about calories.

'You like sweets, don't you, Delia?
'Oh!I love them!I eat them every day!
'So how come you're so skinny?My waist is like this!

Molly clings to him again.
Isn't that a little unfair?

'Well, which one?
'Oh, dear!No, no, no, no, no, no.I heard Estella and Norma say he's no good!
'Don't be swayed by other people's opinions, believe in yourself, Delia!
'I feel like I'm screwed too!
'd*mn it!

Delia felt ashamed.
When we first met, she was so defenseless. ......!

'The old days were so good!
'Mr. Yashiro, you're looking like an old man.

Molly looks at me with dry eyes.

'So, what is it after all?
'That is, .......'

With a troubled expression, Jeannette explains Molly's current situation.
She is now in the position of a guardian.

''Molly, I'm a little full, so Delia-san would like to teach me how to do some moderate exercise to relieve my stomach.''

That's muddled.
You've layered on ostracism after ostracism, wrapping up the original expression so that you can't tell what it really is.

'Are you hungry?
'No, Delia. I want you to teach her some shape-up exercises.'
'Yes!Please teach me how to get in shape like you, Delia!
'Shape-up exercises or how to become like you ......?Which one should I teach her?'

That's right.
You can't get a body like Delia's with shape-up exercises.
It's hard to decide whether to teach serious river fishing or easy exercises, in Delia's case.

'...... Can't you become like Delia with shape-up exercises?

Her eyes stare at me.
Oh, Molly is so smart. Stop looking at me like you've seen the truth about ...... diet pills.

'Well, it's true that Delia's style is a result of her work as a river fisherman, but Delia's exercises are really effective for shaping up. Loretta and the others were also able to lose weight in a short period of time.

Ginette was desperate to follow up.
When Delia saw Ginette, she looked at her strangely.

'It's unusual for the manager to come at this hour.

The time is now around two o'clock in the afternoon.
Normally, there would be a few artisans coming in for a late lunch and a few madams coming in for an early three o'clock snack, and Ginette would be preparing for the afternoon tea time. ......

'...... It's been mostly donuts today.'

Ginette says with a rather stiff smile.
That's right. Perhaps yesterday's impact was too strong, but today there have been only doughnuts on sale since this morning.
An donut, curry donut. All the customers came to buy cream and jam donuts.
Even the carpenters, who were regular customers, bought a lot of curry doughnuts and went home. They would eat them while showing them off at the site.

When the carpenters came to have breakfast, the faint smell of cheese wafting from Umaro's mouth made them ask, 'Did you eat pizza toast? I didn't eat pizza toast. I just ate a pizza, that's all,' he said with great pride. He gritted his teeth.
'Yashiro-san!Why is it that you're the only one who's allowed to enter the Sunken Pavilion before it opens? There was also a complaint from ...... about why he was blending into the store before it opened, as if it was natural.
I don't know. I've been put in the category of "related persons".
I'll charge extra next time. Oh, he'll pay, usually. He doesn't mind paying for Magda.

I digress, but that's how the new menu was ordered from this morning, and Jeannette was hardly in the scene.
Magda and Loretta, who had practiced adjusting the temperature and frying the doughnuts in the morning, appealed to Ginette with their sparkling eyes, saying, ''I've learned how to do it,'' and they cooked the doughnuts in turn.

Thanks to this, Ginette was in charge of serving customers on the floor today, which was a rare sight for the regulars.
In the past, Ginette used to serve customers, but lately she's been confined to the kitchen. It was impressive that he was favorably received by the customers, who called him 'rare' or 'lucky'.
Use, who doesn't come here that often, came to buy lunch only today, but I'm pretty sure it was for Ginette.
That swaying tits maniac. I think we should charge him a fee.

Because all we sold were doughnuts, and many of them were multi-purchase takeaways, the amount of time spent in the store was extremely low today.
Some wanted to show off, like the carpenters, while others wanted to save time by finishing their meals at work.
It was a good thing that some of the customers, who usually gave up going to the restaurant when they didn't have much time, showed up and said, "I can take the donuts home with me.

Molly and Ginette had a lot of time on their hands even during the peak lunch hour.

'According to Ginette, the food isn't going to be served until dinner today.
'Yes, sir. After that, there will be a few regulars eating cakes, and then the crowd will calm down a bit, and maybe some meat dishes will be served in the evening.

I think you're right, too.
The people of the 42nd district, who like new things, bought curry doughnuts and the like, but since they had bread for lunch, they would want to eat a big meal for dinner.
I have a feeling so.

Ginette seemed to have anticipated this, and had done very little preparation in the morning. She even prepared the contents of the curry doughnuts.
Her prediction came true, and things are going as she imagined. ...... Ginette, who can't cook, looked a little lonely.

So I brought her along.
There are not many opportunities like this, and it might be hard to go out again once the temporary boom is over, you know.

'If you want to lose weight, you should learn how to cook from Norma. Exercise is important, but don't eat too much.

says a good-looking lady who eats as much sweet stuff as she wants.
That's not very convincing.
No, she's right, but...

'We were supposed to learn Norma's cooking at lunch .......'

Molly says with a dark expression. Her shoulders slumped, her back curled.

'Was I supposed to, or did Norma drop him off?'
'No!He was here before noon. ...... Just ......'
'Just, what?
'......I ate about four red bean donuts before lunch, so I wasn't hungry at all. ......'

When Norma opened the door of the sunny pavilion, what jumped into view was the image of Molly with a mouth full of powdered sugar, chewing on a red bean doughnut. ...... So Norma said to me, 'Go to Delia's and get squeezed to the limit. I'm sure you'll agree. I'm not sure what to make of it.

'Diet food ......, I was looking forward to seeing what it would taste like!
'Hey, Yashiro. Is Molly as stupid as you think?
'She's a great sister when it comes to work.

Her personal life is a little disappointing, surprisingly.
She's also weak-willed.
It could be a reaction to being poor and not being able to eat or it could be that she is simply too soft on herself. ......
Maybe he's naive because he's a sugar factory manager.

'Oh, but Yashiro. Today is the day I'm going to teach gymnastics to the people of District 41.
'Yeah, I was actually thinking of joining in on that. ......'

I was afraid that if I left Molly in the sunshine pavilion any longer, she'd grow fatter and rounder than when she came.
At the very least, we'd like to send her home a little lighter than when she came.

'I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help with the river fishing.
'Oh!That would be great. Actually, I was training Omero this morning and he fell asleep.
'...... What did you make him do?
'Hmm?Cavalry training?
'For next year?It's not too early to start!
'Because we have to win against Oumalo!
'Don't go too far, or Oomero will die.
'Ha-ha-ha!Don't worry, Omero is invincible.'

No, no, no. You're his natural enemy, but you're not very convincing.

'Omero-san has a pretty plump body even though he's being trained by Delia-san, doesn't he?
'Yeah, he's got a lot of muscle, but he's got a round body. Is he not working out hard enough?
'No, it's probably a species difference. ...... You can never not work out enough.'

I'm around Delia and she's the most affected. You can have too much, but never not enough. Never.

'What?Yashiro-san, is it possible that my stomach is also ...... a difference in race ......?'
'If that makes sense to you, I don't mind.'
'I can't ............. I'm sorry, I was just escaping reality.

Molly is a good girl who can come back to reality properly.
Well, my view of her has changed a bit over the course of the day.

'So, Delia. I'm sorry, but would you mind letting Molly help you?'

The water is still a bit cold, but exercise in the water burns more calories.
It'll be a better workout than staying in the sunken pavilion.

'Then take Omero's place and make the three o'clock snack!
'What are you making the vice guild leader do?

Is there a possibility that the reason he's round isn't because of his race?
Is he making something sweet for Delia and tasting it?If he ate sweets for Delia, the average person would get fat.

'Excuse me ......, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to have a snack ......'.

I came here to get away from sweets, but if I'm forced to make sweets here too,......, Molly, I'll definitely eat them.
Yeah. You can be sure of that. Molly is a weak-willed girl!

'Nah, what are you going to do about the sweet stuff then?
'Instead, I'll bring you some red bean paste doughnuts from the sunshine pavilion, okay?
'Oh!An donut?That's nice!I want to eat those again!
'So, can you help Molly with some work?
'Then take care of Omero.
'Um, is there anything I can do to help you move around?

The river is fast this time of year.
Especially in the places where these professionals work, the water is sometimes deep, making it dangerous for amateurs.
That's probably why. Delia doesn't seem to want Molly in the river too much.

'Delia. You can do the training I'm giving the river fishermen's guild. Can you give Molly a quick workout?'
'Oh, I don't mind if you want to do that, but ...... is pretty tough, okay?'
'I'd love to!I want to re-train this weak mind of mine!

Hmm. Retrain it.
Train yourself back to my ideal Molly.

Okay. Hey!Apprentice!

At the sound of Delia's voice, three boys came running up from the riverbank.
They're all kids with an air of innocence about them. All of them seem to be beastmen, judging from the fact that they have kemo ears and tails.
At Delia's command, they straighten their backs and gather together.

'Let Molly help you guys with your work.
'What ............ are you sure?'
'You're a girl and you're ......?'

The boys looked puzzled.
Are you making me do something that hard?No, I can sort of guess, seeing as how Omero was treated. ......

'I can endure anything!I want to try it even if it's a little hard!Please!

Molly bows her head vigorously, and the boys look at each other in annoyance.
Delia looks at Molly fondly, saying, 'Wow, I want one of those.

'So, ...... let's do it together, huh?

One of the boys calls out to Molly, and she replies, 'Yes! Molly replies, 'Yes!
When the boys saw Molly's happy face, they smiled, although their expressions were a little complicated.
If she showed this much motivation, they would not be able to ignore her.

'So, what are you going to do?
'Preparing for the fishing.

Saying this, the boy opens the lid of the basket hanging from his waist.
As Molly peers into the basket with interest, the boy pulls out the contents and shows them to her.

It was gnarled and squirming.

'It's a gizzard worm. We'll use them as food for the fish, so please catch lots of them.

It was a creature that would make a girl scream, with knobby legs like a zebra moth, hair growing all over its body like a beetle, and a worm-like length with a 'nympho-ness' to it.


And sure enough, Molly screamed.
It's tough when it's right in front of your face. I'd scream too.

But there were exceptions, and Jeannette looked at the wormy creature with a smile, saying, 'Oh, worms are common in watery places, aren't they?
You don't have to call them 'sir'.

'Are you not good with insects, Molly?
'No,...... I'm used to worms from working in the fields,...... I don't like them, but I'm still okay with them,...... ......Sure, it's just that they're kind of evil. ......'
'What are you talking about, Molly? This guy is a fish magnet.'
'I'm sorry, I'm not a fish and I don't understand how good it is. ......'
'Well, we'll catch the fish ourselves, just help us.

When the boy said this, Molly, who was hiding behind Jeannette's back, nodded her head with tears in her eyes, 'Well, that's ......'.
The boy then pointed to the one-meter-high rocks scattered along the riverbank.

'There are many of them under those rocks, so please lift them up as hard as you can.
'Are you sure you're looking at the right size?
'They're very cautious insects. They're tasty, so they have many enemies.
'Oh, they're tasty, aren't they ......?
'Oh, for fish and birds, yes.

Molly's face twitched as the boys laughed unrestrainedly.
Oh, even the beastmen can be shocked.
I thought Magda could lift it with one hand, but maybe Paula and Nephrite can't.

'Molly. If you can do that, you'll lose weight.

Delia said, but that's ridiculous.

'Okay, I'll do it!I'll do it!

And Molly is ready to do it, but she's an idiot.

'What should we do, Jeannette? I can't keep up with all the disappointing girls.'
'Well, ......, girls' problems are very difficult.

So you're risking your life?That's ridiculous.

'Well, I'll wait over here, and you can go over there.

One of the boys and Molly lifted a rock and the other two were going to catch the worms.

'Sister ............ haha'.

And before you know it, Molly is swooning at the sound of the word 'sister'.
She's my sister. I wonder if she's longing for it.
I think she's going to love it when she gets a junior who calls her 'senpai' one day. I think Molly has some of the same traits as Nephrite. We might hit it off.

'Then leave it to you, sister!

Molly, now fully motivated, puts her arms around the rock as if to hold it.
She looks at the boy facing her across the rock and says, 'Let's go! and they lift the rock in unison.

With a thud ......, the rock slowly lifts up, and the worms that had been hiding under the rock are startled and come running out all at once.
One of the worms crawled out and scuttled over Molly's foot as she stood by the rock.


Molly lets out an extraordinarily loud scream at the feeling of the rock caressing her skin, and throws the large rock she was holding with a bang!--She throws the rock away.

'No!Take it, take it, take it!

I didn't have time to look at Molly fussing over me, and I was desperately following the big rock thrown up into the sky with my eyes.
Because this trajectory--

'Don't throw it this way, Molly!

I cringed at the huge rock swinging at me from above.
I had to run as fast as I could, but I couldn't take a step.
The gravel was catching my feet and making it difficult to run. There's no way I can catch or repel a rock that big.
So there was only one choice for me, and I turned my back to the big rock and closed my eyelids tightly.

'That's dangerous!

Just as I was about to take a direct hit, Delia caught the rock.
With one hand.

'Are you okay, Mr. Manager?

Holding a 1 meter by 2 meter by 50 centimeter rock in one hand, Delia looked at us.
How encouraging.
I didn't know muscles could be strengthened that much. Amazing, beastmen.

'Sorry, Delia. You saved me.'
'No problem. It happens all the time, you know.

How often does this happen? ......

'Anyway, is the manager okay?You haven't said a word.''

Delia said and looked at Jeannette, who was frozen in my arms.

No, no, no.
Let me explain first.

I thought that if I was alone, I could manage to avoid it by jumping sideways, but next to me was Jeannette, who was probably one of the top three slowest people in the 42nd district, and I knew that even if I avoided it, Jeannette would certainly not be able to avoid it. I knew that Jeannette would not be able to avoid me even if I did, and I knew that there was not enough time for me to jump back with Jeannette in my arms, or that my muscle strength was a bit lacking, or that it would probably be too much trouble later if I pushed Jeannette away and sacrificed myself, or that if something happened to me because of that, Jeannette would probably be dragged down for the rest of her life. In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, please do not hesitate to contact me at ............. I'm sure there was no ulterior motive!

'Ginette...... are you alright?'
'Ha...... is ............ that ...... smells good,'

Oh, my God. You don't look okay at all!

'Manager, are you blushing?

Delia put her hand on Ginette's forehead.
Before you do that, shall I put down that huge rock you're holding in one hand?
It's wobbling above my head and it's really scary.

Just as I was thinking that, the worms that had been clinging to the back of the rock fell down in a heap. --Right into Jeannette's cleavage.

'What are you doing, you worm?

Either out of habit or out of caution, the worms were pulled out from under the rocks and began to burrow into Jeannette's cleavage, looking for a narrow opening.

'Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

The resentment increased eighteenfold.
That worm deserves to die!
Crush it!

I'll crush it!
You sinful insect!

'Ginette!I'll take it off you right now!
'Nyaaaaah!Yah, not you, Yashiro-san!I can do it myself!

Ginette pushes my shoulders with both arms and sticks her arms out.
It's like an indoor dog that doesn't want to be held.
Why?You're being so nice!
I'm just insanely jealous!
I wish I could live in that space!

'Manager, don't move.

Delia said lightly, and without any hesitation, she plunged her hand into Ginette's cleavage.


After a couple of 'squirming', she pulled her hand out and found a worm firmly in her hand.

'Hey, apprentice!Put this away, too.'
'Wait a minute, Delia. Give it to me!
'Mr. Yashiro!

No, no, no!
I don't want the bug stuck in my cleavage!
I just want to make sure that the worm who committed that terrible crime is punished severely!
At the very least, I have to find out if he's a male or a female!Because that will change the punishment!

'Delia, is it a male or a female?Female?
'There's no such thing as male or female worms.
'd*mn it, hermaphrodite!

I can't help it, this uncontrollable rage!

'Guild leader, that ......'

The boy called out to Delia in a worried voice.
When I looked over to see what was going on, I saw that the three boys were surrounding the crouching Molly.

'What's the matter, Molly?
'Oh, that ............ thing, the stripes on my back .......'

Apparently, throwing a huge rock had caused her to misalign her muscles.
It's possible.
It's when your body screams right after you've given a great performance like a firework display.

You're looking very funny and disappointed today.
I wonder.
I wonder if dieting makes you stupid.
I feel like my thoughts are short-circuiting, all of them.

'What, wrong muscle?

Delia gently placed the large rock in her hand where it had been, exactly as it had been.
What, are you particular about something?Is there a rule against destroying the original landscape?

'Then leave it to me. I know how to fix it.

Delia said, smiling and hugging Molly's shoulder.
At that moment, the blood drained from the boys' faces.

'Oh, that ......, guild leader ......!
'How do you heal a guild leader ......!
'That lady, she's an amateur ......!

What the hell kind of amateur is she? ......
One thing is for sure, I don't want to become a professional in that genre. Even if you don't know the details, you definitely don't want to be one.

'Don't worry, don't worry. I'm doing well with Omero.'

Ah, ......, that's how you feel about Omero.
I don't know, maybe I should stop. Molly might die.

'Well, Delia. Molly's a weak girl, so an Omero-type thing--'
'Then let's go!Hmph!

There was no time to stop.
Sorry, Molly. ......

Molly's scream echoed through the riverbank for the first time that day, and the sight of the members of the river fishing guild all on their knees apologizing to me from the distance was burned into my retina.

I see.
No one can stop them?

Maybe we should seriously hold a ......, power harassment workshop.

'What do you think, Molly?Are you cured?'
'...... Yes.'

'Molly, your voice isn't working!

'My muscles don't hurt anymore, but ............ I feel like everything hurts except my muscles. ......'
'Hahaha, you're overreacting, Molly.'

No, I'm definitely not overreacting.
I'm not going to lose my marbles in front of Delia for the rest of my life. I promised myself that.

'Let's see, Molly ...... is Delia's style of shape-up training. ......'
'I'm sorry, Yashiro-san,......, my body can't move.'

That's right.

'Well, there's a shape-up class in the evening for beginners that I designed, so you and Barbara can take it.
'If it's Yashiro's idea, I'll take ...... credit, I can do .......'

That's right, that's right.
Molly's as smart as they come.
I'm sure she's already learned. ...... that the Delia way is dangerous.

'Delia will teach you "Mr. Yashiro's Shape-up Exercises", please.'
'Oh, that's so easy, even a kid can do it, I bet.

Haha. Delia~?
It's difficult enough to make a normal adult short of breath and unable to stand for a while.I don't know if you get the message?
It's dangerous~, maybe I should change instructors~?

'Yashiro-san ......, what is the exact difficulty level?
'It's enough to make Nepheli exhausted.'
'Well, if that's the case,............, when I'm back in shape, I'm sure.'

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.
I couldn't say no, could I?

'Oh, by the way, manager.

Ginette, still reeling from the cleavage-slipping incident, tilted her head with a slightly red face.

'Manager, have you softened up?
'What?You're not saying that your tits are growing again?
'No, they haven't!
'Let me have a look at them, Jeannette!

Ginette bends over, covering her breasts with her arms.
Oh, shit!
I can't analyze the size!

'Oh, no, it's not breasts, it's ............ belly?

Ginette's red face turned slightly pale.

'You know, manager, ......'

Delia approached Ginette while saying this.
Then, standing next to her, she suddenly pinched Ginette's stomach.

'Have you gained some weight?

Ginette's eyes widened as she let out an inaudible scream.
Then she turned her back and rubbed her belly to make sure it was puffy,......, and her chestnut hair stood on end for a moment.

This is a great way to make sure that you don't end up in a situation where you're not the only one.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time with us.

'Delia-san, ...... do you have a scale or something?'
'Oh. If you come to my house, I'll lend you one. Are you on your way?'
'............ Yes. I'm sure our scales would be too ...... scary to ride alone, so ......'
'Well, why don't you all come over to my place?

I'm happy to have my friends over to my house. Delia smiles like that and Ginette looks like a calf being sold.

Oh, if I go to Delia's house like this, things will probably get a little more complicated, a feeling of certainty spreads in the back of my mind.

'What about Molly?
'...... excuse me, I need a piggyback ......'
'Hey, hey.'

We can't just leave Molly here in this worm-infested place.

I left the riverbank with a wounded Molly on my back.

'I'm sorry, I'm in such a bad shape. ......'
'You promised not to tell me that, Dad.
'Well ...... I'm not sure ...... I'm sorry again and again.'

I told Molly not to worry about the little girl on my back and started walking towards Delia's house.
Staring at the contrasting faces of Delia and Ginette's backs.