411-Additive-free Episode 66 A slightly different tast...

'Muhaa~!It's so good!
'...... Magda has already mastered the red bean paste donut.'
'Mogumogu............ gari!
'.................. That's the worst one. It never happened.
'Hey,......, it's a little bitter, but it's still good enough.'

A scene I've seen somewhere is being repeated.
If you've mastered it, don't create a bad one. I'm still a long way from becoming a master.
I mean, do the fox people get loud when they get excited?Norma, Umaro... Calm down a bit.

'So, uh, Norma-san.'
'What is it, Molly?

In front of the kitchen, Molly, who had just finished a meeting with Ginette, who had assigned her room and her work, was closing in on Norma with a biting intensity.

'Please tell me what you're cooking!As soon as possible!
'You're going to do it now, aren't you?'
'Yes, sir!The sooner, the better.'
'But you, ......, have you eaten breakfast?

Norma looked at Jeannette.
Ginette nodded with a slightly annoyed smile.
Molly had come here before the sun had even risen to check on the quality of the powdered sugar before opening the Sunshine Pavilion.
Because of this, we ate breakfast together at the church.
'I'm so happy to have such a delicious meal in the morning,' I thought of Molly's smiling face as she ate another bowl of rice. It was the kind of meal that would make Jeannette very happy.

'What we had this morning was a normal, very tasty meal. That's why I want to eat the diet food and lose weight as soon as possible!
'If you eat ......, you'll get fat, right?
'What?It's a diet food?

Oh, ......, I see. I'm still at this level.
In the forty-first district, knowledge about dieting has begun to spread somewhat through the topics of the lovely Yan Avenue, but it seems that the information has not yet spread to Molly, a citizen of the forty-second district beyond.

'Isn't it a dish that the more you eat, the more you lose weight!
'I don't know anything about such a horrible dish!
'I don't know anything about it either.

I don't know the top two dishes in the 42nd district. I'm sure no one else knows.
...... There is no such dish. If there were, it would probably use some pretty dangerous ingredients or seasonings.
That's not a dish. It's a deleterious substance.

'Diet food is food that has fewer calories than a normal meal, but still gives you a sense of satisfaction.
'Less broccoli than a normal meal: ......?'
'Don't do this, Molly,......, you're not the only one I trust to be a disappointing girl, I'm not.'

There are plenty of dishes with no broccoli.
You're not going to lose weight by cutting back on broccoli.
I mean, broccoli is innocent.

'It's a dish that you eat in place of your regular food to reduce your calorie intake.
'Manager, what are those calories?
'Um, .............'

Ginette looks at me as if asking for help.
I'm sure I've explained it to Jeannette and she understands. ...... Well, even if she understands, it's not like she can explain it well.

'It's about the energy in your food.
'Energy, sir?
'Yeah. It's essential for survival, but if you consume too much of it, it will be stored in fat and become flabby. ...... Well, it's the source of flab.
'I'm going to stop eating food!
'No, you'll die.

You need it to live.

'Why are there things in the food that cause weight gain that I wish I didn't ...... have?
'Some animals eat a lot of food in the fall to store fat. In order to get fat.
'What? Why do they do that?
'To survive the winter. Fat is warm, so they don't starve to death if they don't get food for a long time.
'...... We have heating and a stockpile of food.'

That's true.
But you can't have the best of both worlds, you know.

'Can't we just save calories somehow?
'That's what diet cooking is for. Everyone learns to cook on a diet in order to hold back what they want to eat and still eat something that tastes good and satisfies them.
'What do you want to eat ......?
'Red bean paste doughnuts and melon pans are very tasty, but they are high in calories. If you eat a full bowl of red bean paste doughnuts, you will definitely get fat.
'Well, ......, but Umaro-san is .......'

Molly's gaze caught sight of Umaro devouring Magda's doughnut.
Umaro is a stocky guy, not fat by any stretch of the imagination. His face is that of a fox, so you'd think he'd be a bit of a fluffy healer, but when he's undressed, he's a slim macho with a rather nice body.

Your arms are so tight.

'Cause they're doing physical work every day. They're consuming more calories than they take in. That's why they're so hungry and skinny every day after work.'
'You know a lot, Norma.
'He walks by my neighborhood on his way home from the job Yashiro asked him to do. ...... Day after day ............ ......!

Hey, you homophobe.
No, it's more like a rivalry.
You should really get along, fox people.

'You mean ...... you're not fat because of your job?
'Well, yes...'
'That's not fair, Mr. Umaro!
'Huh?I'm not sure what's going on here.I don't know the details because I'm not looking over there, but it's probably unjustified anger!

Umaro, who had his back turned to us, staring only at Magda, plopped down on the table with his head in his hands.
He doesn't seem to turn to this side of the table where Jeannette is.

'......I'm tired every day, but I'm gaining ...... weight. ............ It's not fair. '
'Um, it's not my fault ......, is it?

'I can't do that kind of thing!

How heartless of you to comfort her with your back turned.
I wish you were the enemy of women.

'Manager~!Come to the kitchen!The oil is a big problem!
'Oh, no!I'll be right there!

Loretta, who was practicing making red bean paste doughnuts, peeked out in a panic.
As Jeannette heads for the kitchen, Norma, Molly and I are the only ones left near the counter.

'Molly, don't cry. Here, look up and wipe your tears with this.

...... Yeah. You're so easy to understand.
When Jeannette's gone, there's no one to be embarrassed about.
Molly's still a minor, and for some reason Norma's fine with it. If Norma is okay with it, then most women are okay with it. ...... I really don't understand this guy's sensibilities.

'...... I'm sorry, Mr. Umaro. I'm sorry to ...... inconvenience you by crying when you take it out on me. ......'
'It's okay. Girls at that age have a lot of problems and it's hard. It's better to let them vent in moderation than to hold them in. If it's okay with me, I'll always be there to take care of you.
'............ You're so reliable. You're so different from my brother.
'Haha. It depends on the person.

Umaro smiles at Molly, who has stopped crying.
Molly also regrets taking it out on him, and smiles with her red eyes that have just stopped crying.

'Umaro is strangely kind to underage girls, isn't he?
'Please don't use misleading expressions!I just can't be nice to adult women.
'I think that's a terrible thing to say. ......'

Molly is 14 this year.
She'll be an adult next year, so she won't be able to speak properly after that. ...... I don't understand your sensitivity.

I don't know much about dieting or proportions, but Yashiro can teach you a lot.
'Don't be so selfish. I'm going to charge you for your information, Umaro.
'Well, if it makes Molly smile, ......'.

What's with this guy?
I'm not sure how you can be so handsome.
I'm not sure I'd be able to afford the money or effort for someone else.

'......Yashiro. The hallway connecting the kitchen and the kitchen door has been creaking lately.
'Yes, it is. Well, let's have that fixed along with the roof of the courtyard.
'Haha, that's no problem!

We promised to fix the courtyard roof before the field day, didn't we?
I'm going to use it to the hilt anyway.

'Okay, Molly. I'll ask Delia to teach you gymnastics this afternoon.'
'Barbara, you're coming too, right?'
'Huh?Oh, oh!...... what?'

Barbara sat alone at a remote table, dumbfounded.
She was so shocked that after pleading with Norma so vigorously, her soul was drained.

You're not fat,......, you're still a little short on meat, but you should learn to cook and work together as a general education, not for dieting.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.
You're too far ahead on your own.

'I'm sure there are plenty of girls besides Barbara who want to get a general education. I'm sometimes asked if there are any such classes.
'You mean like Imelda's manners class?
'Yes, yes. She also wants a class on how to treat her boss at work.
'How to behave?What's that?
'You have to put up with unreasonable attitudes from time to time. There are a lot of women who have problems with erotic bosses.
'Oh, ...... that kind of thing.

It seems that s*xual harassment and power harassment exist in this world as well.
In fact, it's probably worse than in Japan.
'Don't let the women enter the workshop! and erotic bosses who say they are educating you but touch you.

'Are there any in the hardware guild?
'There was one when I was an apprentice, ...... but he suddenly disappeared one day when I gave him a little warning. ...... It's strange. ~............Hmmm...

I'm scared.
I'm scared, Norma.
What did you do?
You're not harassing me, are you?

But a power harassment and s*xual harassment course might be a good idea.
To educate the victims as well as the unconscious perpetrators.
As for the instructor, well, ......

'Hmm?A s*xual harassment course?If so, I'll teach you how to do it with a lot of practice.
'Hmm?Power harassment training?Yeah, that's good!I'll be the instructor, and I'll kick the crap out of anyone who harasses me!

............ No.
I can only see a future where instructors take the lead in s*xual and power harassment.
It might be a good role model, but... ...... No, it's too bad for the victims. No, not at all.

Anyway, I'll do the diet cooking at noon. Until then, I'll work as usual. You'll burn off the calories from your breakfast if you keep moving.
'Yes, yes. I'll do my best!
'Barbara, you should go help in the fields in the morning. And I'll be back here for lunch. Yap Lock will understand if I tell him right, won't he?
'Oh, I'll tell him ......, but .............'

Barbara has a serious look on her face that doesn't suit her.

'Aashi, my mom and dad accepted me, and I thought I was totally useless, but they said it was okay to be just the way I was, and that they would make me a part of their family,...... and I thought, "Oh, it's okay to be just the way I am. ......'

The disparate hands on the ground are clasped tightly on the thighs.

But ...... I realized that, in order to be chosen by the one and only, such a naive thing as "it's fine as it is" is not good enough at all. ...... ......'

The back teeth made a crunching sound.
In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

'Aashi, I want to be beautiful!

She said a girlish line that I couldn't have imagined from her when I first met her.

'I still don't think they'll choose me, but ...... Aashi, I want to work hard!I want to work as hard as I can and become as pretty and beautiful as I can. ...... I want you to see me become beautiful!

No way, that Barbara, hey ......

'If that doesn't work, I think I can just give up. So ...... that ............, you know, I don't want to do that,...... ...... Oh, no!I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.
'Yes!That's it!Aashi, I don't want to compromise!

Barbara is trying to make an effort on her own.
I never thought I'd hear the words 'I have to study' come out of Barbara's mouth.

'Well, then, you can go to the lovely Yann Avenue when it opens.
'What's that?
'Yashiro's building a place in the 41st district for women to become beautiful.
'You've built something like that?
'He's building it right now.
'That's great, hero!I admire you!
'Please don't ...... make me sick to my stomach with your respect.

I mean, you were at the briefing before they built the lovely Yann Avenue. I'm sure you've been to the briefings before they built that lovely avenue. You were there as a test subject - or model - to show that beauty can be obtained through hard work.
And I'm sure I had her play the role of a graceful tea drinker at Osina's. ...... Either she doesn't remember, or she's so disinterested that it's slipped her mind, or she's so embarrassed that she's covered her memory. ...... Her brain is a really inefficient structure. It's a really inefficient structure, isn't it?

Also, I'm not the one making it.
I only drew up the plan, Ricardo and Umaro made it. I'm just putting my name on it for the benefit.

'But it costs money to be beautiful. It's not like it's free anywhere.
'I see!Well then, I'll help you with your farm!
'And while you're at it, figure out how to make it more profitable.
'Do you think I can do it, ......?
'You'll have to learn.'
'Yes!I'll get the sisters to teach me!
'Then you'll do it as soon as you think about it.'
'Yes!Thanks, Miss Norma!Thanks for cooking lunch!

As if a fuse had been lit, Barbara began to move vigorously.
The excitement of starting something. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

'...... Love is great, isn't it?

Yeah, that's right, Umaro.
You're one of those people who's done some pretty outrageous things for the love of Magda, but you're not aware of it.

'It's too good for you, brother. ......'

Molly stares at the door with a subtle look on her face.
You don't want to believe that the person you fell in love with to the point where it changed your life is a make-believe raccoon who stalked the person you had a crush on, skipped out on work, and almost got your sister to disown you because of your irresponsible comments, and then went home in tears.

That's it!So, we've decided to work as usual in the morning.

Norma claps her hands and says in a strangely happy voice.
And then she pulls her face closer to mine with sparkling eyes.

'So, Yashiro, make me some pizza toast!
'No, I can't.'
'The griddle is heating up now!It'll be ready to use soon!
'I don't have any bread.
'We'll just buy some.
'We ate it up yesterday, all the people.
'Isn't that the bread of BU and the 41st district?
'Estella wouldn't let the lords of the other districts bear the burden alone, would she?There's a lot more to it than that.
'What are you doing, Estella?

Unreasonable anger was shouted out the window.
Good for you, Estella. I had to leave right after breakfast today because I heard there was still work to be done. If I hadn't, Norma would have taken it out on me.

'Ah!That's right.'

With a snap of her hand, Norma lifts the corners of her mouth.

'The ...... bakery owes Yashiro a debt of gratitude. ...... Just let him make it. ......'

Norma gives him an evil look.

'The baker doesn't know that I gave him the recipe for the new bread, okay?
'Even if they didn't, they'd know about it. If you're a citizen of the forty-second district.

...... is a very unpleasant situation.
Is everyone going to blame me for anything new?I'd like to see that assumption cleared up, because it seems to bring trouble.

'Besides, you can't make bread without the Church's permission, can you?
'Mmm. ............'

Norma swells.
She puffed her cheeks up like a spoiled child.

'I guess so!Then let Yashiro make it for you!
'I'll be a criminal!

That's why they made me wear the ostentatious holy vestments once already!
I don't want to have to go through that kind of heavy atmosphere again!

''It's so boring that we can't make a prototype after all the work we've put into it!

Norma's face crumpled and her body trembled.
It's the tantrum of a spoiled child.

'That's enough!You're not mature enough!
'No, wait, Umaro!Let's wait and see!

Blah, blah, blah, blah!
No, no, no, no, no, no!

'You're being watched.
'I'm gonna stop.'
'Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

The two rampaging flutters stopped dead in their tracks.
Is there no mercy from God in this world?

'............ Then it's fine. I'm going to put cheese on a donut and bake it. ......'
'Don't do that. It'll never go together.'
'.................. Mmmmm!

Norma is turning into a little girl.

'Norma, you're so cute ......'.

Molly is still relatively close to Norma, which is probably why she thinks so.
If we were just acquaintances, I would have thought Norma's sulking was cute and I would have been able to dote on her with open arms. ...... But now that I've learned that her sulking can turn on me, I'm not so optimistic.
If he does this, it will affect the rest of his work. ......

Also, if you become too much of a pain in the ass, you will lose your marriage. ............ No, it's nothing.

I can't help it. I don't know if it will work out. ......'
'Are you going to make something for me?

Norma's face, Shiny*.
...... It's really simple, or extreme.

I'm not sure.

Ginette comes running from the kitchen.
It seems that the oil disaster that Loretta caused has been resolved.

'You still have dough for the donuts, right?
'Yes. I've prepared a lot today.
'Then can you share some of it with me?
'Are you going to make doughnuts too, Yashiro-san?
'No, I think I'll bake some pizza in the oven Norma brought.'
'I think that would be great!

'Yes!'--and a Bertina grows between me and Ginette.
...... warp?

'It's about time my ...... no, my children's red bean doughnuts were ready, so I went to taste ...... them and see how they were.
It's a great way to get a feel for what's going on in the world.

You can't hide your true feelings.

'So, you can make pizza?Without it being a crime?
'No, I can't guarantee it will work. ......'
'Even with a sixty percent success rate, the pizza will still be delicious!

Just when you thought you couldn't eat anymore, Bertina's pizza fever hits.
I was going to try to make it and quit if it failed, but now I have to ...... make it succeed, don't I?

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.I'm looking forward to it too!

Umaro is also happy with all his hands.
With Magda's doughnuts lined up in front of him.

'...... Umaro. It's still there.
'What?Yeah, but we need some for the church kids, right?
'...... These were made for Oumalo.'
'I didn't know that!I'm impressed!I'll take it home with me then!
'...... Freshly made is the best.'
'No ......, but I have ten more.
'............Do you want some?
'Yes, I do!I'll eat every last one!
'......But what about the pizza?
'Yes, I'll have that too!
'Umaro, take it easy. Ginette, wrap him up.'
'Yes, sir.

We'll be moving around and getting hungry when we start work anyway.
I'm sure we'll get through about ten of them by the end of the day.

After Ginette goes to the kitchen, I walk over to Magda and stroke her hair.

'Magda. It's not like Umaro despised your red bean donuts, right?'
'...... No. Magda isn't sulking.'
'What?Magda, did you sulk at me?
'...... I'm not sulking.'
'Aaah!I'm impressed!I'll always put you first, Magda!
'.................. pizza, you looked happy.'
'I'm happy about the pizza, but if you compare Yashiro-san and Magda-tan, Magda-tan wins hands down!
'Okay, Umaro, go home now.
'Oh, no!This time, Yashiro-san is upset.
'There's no pizza for you!
'The water pulley in the flush toilet!I'll make it lighter!

Ah, the water pumping pulley... ......

'Oh well. I'll feed it to you.'

'...... though the current pulleys are light enough?'
'Not for Magda. It's hard for me.'

After packing ten red bean paste doughnuts into the small lunch box that Ginette had brought, Magda was in a somewhat better mood, and since the project to improve the courtyard was going well, she could not help but start preparing to bake a pizza.

I'm not sure if ...... I'm being used in a good way.
I'm sure you'll be fine.
I think it is the role of Umaro and the lords to be used.

'Yashiro-san. Are you okay with this fabric?'
'Well, it's a little different, but ...... I think I can manage.'

The dough will be a bit sweet, with eggs and milk and a lot of sugar, but ...... Bertina said 60% success rate is fine, and Norma will be satisfied as long as it's baked, and I don't care what Umaro likes, Yeah, it'll be fine.

'Do you want to make a sweet dessert pizza?
'No!Just a regular pizza!

Bertina refuses to try anything new!

'But the dough is a bit sweet. ......'
'If it goes with the tomato sauce, it'll probably be fine.

Bertina, how badly did you want to eat that pizza?

Let's make it. I went into the kitchen and everyone followed me.
Loretta, who was still in the kitchen, said, 'What?What's going on? but she had a point.
It's too small.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where by and how to use it, you can contact us at our own web site.
...... The butter in the dough will make it crispy.

'I've never made a pizza with donut dough before,' he said.
'It's fun to be hands-on.'

Ginette seems to be taking it positively, but I'm more worried that I'll fail.

'Ginette, cut the peppers as thinly as you can into small pieces.
'Yes, sir.
'Also, do you have any bacon or sausage?
'We have both, sir.'
'Well, let's get bacon.
'Yes, sir.
'Melted cheese, right?

Ginette took out the necessary ingredients with a happy face.
The look on her face indicates that she wants to make it too.
I used to do it by myself, didn't I? I couldn't let Ginette use the smuggled stone oven, as I thought.

'Do you have any pizza sauce left?
'Yes. I made some this morning just to check before I gave the recipe to Mr. Assunto.''

There's quite a bit of pizza sauce in there.
Well, this can be used for tacos, so it won't go to waste, but ...... you're making too much, aren't you?

'Yashiro-san mentioned a U-shaped oven, so I thought I might need it.
'Don't make this much before you're sure. What if it goes to waste?
'I've never misjudged my estimates in the recent past.

It's true that with such a large number of products in the Sunlit Pavilion, we haven't had a surplus of prepared ingredients, nor have we had to buy ingredients that went to waste.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.

...... Does Ginette perhaps have precognitive powers?
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.
It's a great way to get the most out of your time and money.

You're great, Jeannette.

You're great, Jeannette,' she said, staring at her tits.
Praise. A round of applause.

'Thank you, sir. ...... Um, aren't you looking too far down?
'No, no, it's just right.'
'Oh, God, Mr. Yashiro.'

Hey, hey.
You just have to look at me when you talk to me.

'Norma, how's the griddle?
'It's pretty warm. I don't know if it's enough, though.'

The griddle seems to be getting plenty of heat.

'What do you want to make now?

After I'd finished making the red bean doughnuts, Loretta peeked at my hand with interest.
While she was strangely paying attention to me, I rolled out the dough, spread the sauce on it, and sprinkled the ingredients that Ginette had cut for me.
Finally, the melted cheese is placed on top, and the rest is put into the U-shaped oven.

As I watched the process, the upper and lower parts of the oven burned in the same way, but the vertical part of the U-shaped oven, the back part, started to burn before the front part.
There is no griddle in the front, so the back part burns first.
Turn the dough around.
This is more complicated than baking in a stone oven.
The toaster oven was convenient, but it doesn't work well.

'It needs improvement.

I'm a little worried about the sleep-deprived lady next to me who is so lively.
...... Get some sleep, Norma.

When the cheese has melted, the dough has browned, and the bacon and peppers are nicely heated, remove the pizza from the U-shaped oven.

The fragrant smell of burnt cheese tickles your nostrils.

'Bon appétit!
'Quick!Magda, hold Bertina for me.
'...... I'll do my best.'

With a smile on her face, she calmed Bertina down and cut the pizza into eight equal pieces.
I'm cutting it with a sashimi knife. ......

'If you're going to start making pizzas, you'll need a pizza cutter.'
'What kind of thing is that?'
'It's a circular thing with a thin blade, you roll it around like this to cut.
'I'll make one!As soon as you give me the blueprints!
'Oh, no. I can't ask you to do that for a while.

If I give Norma any more work, her skin will go beyond its limits.
It's a matter of concern that the beauty rate in the Forty-Two Wards will go down.
Above all, Norma needs to stay beautiful or she will lose her persuasive power as a teacher of diet cooking classes.
The purpose of the class is 'Eat healthy and lose weight! But if the instructor's skin is a mess, it's not good.

I thought that this pizza should have been a failure ......, but it turned out to be a great success.

'It's delicious!
'Yes!The dough is a little sweet, but it's strangely matched with the ...... deliciousness.'
'Big brother!This is crispy and delicious, isn't it?'Crispy! 'Crispy! Yes!
'The pizza before ...... was also good, but Magda likes this too.
'Hmmm, but I think the dough is a bit sweet.

Ginette was the only professional to offer a stern opinion.
The fact that he doesn't praise it outright suggests that he's ready to add ...... pizza to the menu at the Sunshine Pavilion.

...... Really, what kind of restaurant is this?

'Do you want some Molly?
'Well, ...... and .............'

Molly hesitated, hiding her stomach with her thin arms.
But she has 'I'd like to try it' written all over her face.

'It's okay. Even if you eat it now, I'll ask Delia to make sure she squeezes you as hard as she can.
'Yes. Then, let's eat!

With Norma's back to her, Molly also eats the pizza.

'......?It's delicious!This tastes different from any bread.
'Well, yeah. The dough isn't as sweet as it should be, and the crust is a bit chunkier.'
'Yes, it is. That's why it's so supremely delicious. ...... Oh, I miss it.'

Bertina gazes enraptured at the distant past.
Ah, that's the face she's expecting to see soon. I never said I was going to make it, okay?
You're just making assumptions, aren't you?

'If such a dish were to be added to the menu at the Sunlit Pavilion, it would be ......'.

Molly's body shuddered.

'...... I'll gain about 20 kilos!
'I'm going to gain 20 pounds!

Don't eat an unlimited amount of food.
Ha-ha-ha. So you gained weight for more than just sugar research, huh?

'But well, this U-shaped oven is too big. If you can't make it smaller, you won't be able to keep it in the store.
'Yes, ......, it's a bit too small.'
'Carpenter, I'll rebuild the kitchen more spacious.
'You'll just have to downsize it!
'Then give me some ideas.
'Is that how you ask for things?

The same people arguing and yapping.
Get along, seriously.

'Magda~. You like pizza, don't you?
'I like .......'
'I'll help you!We'll make it smaller and more efficient as soon as we can!I'll be ready to sleep for a few days!
'As you wish!
'No, Norma, go to sleep!
'Umaro-san and Norma-san, may the Spirit God heal and bless you both. ......'
'What are you secretly praying for to make her work, Bertina!Let her rest!They're going down!

The pizza revival has become a reality and some people are starting to go crazy.
...... This is serious, if we don't revive it quickly, people may die.

I didn't really need it that badly, but pizza.

...... and maybe Estella will have a headache.
I'm sure you've heard of it.
And also the fact that it's a new product that may decrease the sales of bread.

'Excuse me, Yashiro-san. ...... Can I have another one?
'Molly. Exercise is not that versatile, you know?As I said before, remember the word 'weight'?

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what's going on in your life.