196-Later, Tan 24th, that's not that selfish.

'Thank you for waiting.
'Oh, it was so beautiful!

Ginette and Milly come back after their errand. Although they were a little excited, they seemed to have brought back the items they ordered.

'Thanks to Gilberta, everything went smoothly.
'Normally, this act is against the law. But, permission was granted, by Lady Lucia. I'm a witness to that.

Taking the flowers out was against the rules, but I asked Lucia to make a special exception.
When I told her it was for Sirach's sake, she agreed, saying it was just for this one time, but her expression was somber.
Initially, I had planned to ask Ginette and Milly to go alone, but Gilberta offered to go with me so that the insects in the garden would not make a fuss about humans looting the flowers.
Thanks to her, the excursion seemed to have been completed without any major problems.

'Yes, ladybug. Is this the right ......?'
'Yeah, it's good.

Millie presented me with four kinds of flowers.
They were the nectar-filled flowers that bloomed in the flower garden. Each with brightly colored petals blooming proudly. They are full of nectar.

They were feeling down after hearing Sirach's story, so I asked them to escort me to the garden. I hoped that they would feel a little refreshed by going to the garden. ......, but it seems to have had an extraordinary effect.
Millie's tears have all but disappeared, and Ginette's face is beaming with happiness.

'Oh, my. Nectar from the garden.

Sirach's cheeks relax at the sight of the beautiful flowers.

'I love the nectar of this flower, too. But ......'

She looks at me with a slightly disappointed, pitying look.

'I've already had every kind of nectar in the garden.

'I've already had all the nectar in the garden,' I said, 'and I'd like to try something delicious from around here that Siraha doesn't know about yet.
Siraha's expression clouded when she saw that the nectar that had appeared was from the garden. Rather than being disappointed, she said, 'I'm sorry you had to think of that.
Lucia must have been thinking the same thing. She didn't even try to hide her quizzical expression.

'That's why you're too quick to jump to conclusions, guys. I told you.I'm going to make you something delicious that you don't know.'

Ginette, Estella, and Wendy, who have an idea of what I'm trying to do, are all smiling and looking good.

'So, Jeannette. Will you help me?

With Ginette's help, I blend the nectar.
It's the 'mix of all' that was so highly praised in the garden that day.

When I had mixed in another kind of nectar, Lucia sat up.
Her face says, 'What the hell are you doing?

Oh, come on, just watch.

She seals the flowers together and shakes them like a shaker. I feel like a bartender.
Now you have a special blend.
...... But, well, I'm a little nervous, so I'll just taste it first.

............ Yeah. It tastes the same as it did then.
It seems that the amount of nectar produced does not change from day to day.

I use the empty flower as a cup and divide it into four equal parts.
One is for Sirach, then Lucia, Gilberta, and finally Millie.


When I handed the cup of flowers to Millie, she began to squirm with an apologetic, embarrassed expression.

'Actually,......, I drank some nectar from a flower in the garden a while ago,............. '
'I'm the one who recommended it. Millie was the only one in the group who didn't know the original flavor.

Millie seems to be feeling a bit embarrassed and guilty, as if she had snacked on it. But ......

'Jeannette. Good job.'
'Mmmm ......'

When I praised her, Ginette smiled shyly, somewhat proudly.

She had realized what I was trying to do and had laid the groundwork for it beforehand.
That's right. It's better to have tasted the standard stuff before the special stuff.
As usual, he's very thoughtful.

I'll tell Milly it's no problem.
In fact, I'm glad you had a chance to taste it.

So we're all set.

'Come on, have a drink.

I suggested, and Sirach took a sip first.
Then he said, 'Well, ......,' and opened his eyes and held his mouth with his hand.
This is not a gesture of vomiting. It's the kind of thing you do when you're shocked and you can't help but cover your mouth.

'...... I've never had honey this good before.

That's all he muttered, and began to drink the remaining honey again.
It's a small amount, about the size of a wine tasting, and it's drunk slowly and carefully.

'Which ......'
'I'll have a drink, me too.'

Lucia and Gilberta both sipped from their flower cups, their eyes wide.
Then they look at each other and break their faces, and Lucia opens her arms and tries to hug Gilberta, but Gilberta easily dodges her.
That's Gilberta. There is no waste in her movements.

'This is delicious. I'm impressed.
'I'm a little sad for you, Gilberta. ......'

And Milly...

'Hahaha .................. amazing ...... amazing amazing!Ladybug, you're amazing!
'No, it's not that I'm amazing. I just found it by accident when we were all together.
'Yeah!Amazing!It's amazing!

He seems to like it so much that he's unusually excited.
She bounces up and down and squeezes the empty flower cup. Naturally, they did not crush the cup.

The people who have enjoyed the new taste are showing different reactions.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation. ...... Hey, Lucia. I'm not sure what to make of it.


In the midst of all this, Siraha calls out to me in a quiet voice.
She is calmer than anyone else, more majestic than anyone else, and more serene than anyone else.
When our eyes met, she smiled at me.
And then--

'Another round.
'Don't go back to your eating habits.

You can have all the drinks you want later.
There's a flower garden nearby.

'More importantly, how was it?There are still things around here that you don't know about, right?

I'm going to show this stubborn, all-knowing, resigned person that there is a whole world out there that he has yet to see.

'Therefore, don't be satisfied with the present. Take action. You have a wish that you really want to fulfill, a wish that you can't give up, right?Then move forward with more vigor.

He throws a few stingy but passionate words at Sirach.
If you don't make a move, this town will never change. The sense of discrimination that lurks behind the facade of friendship will not disappear.

If you move, even if you can't eliminate it, it will be much more fun than it is now.
You can show a lot of people that it's possible to get along more simply.

'If you don't know how to proceed, I'll teach you!

None of you are satisfied with the status quo.
You've got the color of resignation reflected in your eyes.
The future you stare at with such eyes must be boring.

'Tell that to the good people who won't listen. Tell them, to all the good people who won't listen to you, to all the ignorant sycophants who care about you and are eager to heal your wounded heart.

Tell them plainly, with your own mouth.

'There was nothing wrong with our marriage!

Whether you cause trouble for others or not, you can think about it then.
There's no need to worry about it or be shy about it.

'I want to be near the person I love'--everyone has the right to be selfish like that. That level of selfishness is allowed.

Shiraha's narrow eyes begin to tremble.
A bead of water appears in the corner of her eye, and then overflows.

'Ya......Yashi............Ro,chan......... ...wow,me............'

In the event that you've got any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at our own web site.

'I ............ want a refill.'
'I heard you, you're talking about me!
'I want another ......!

How much do you like it?
Don't make your stomach growl!
Stop crying!I'll have another one!

I'm embarrassed to say that I've been rattling off some rather hot and stinky stuff.
My ears are all red.

I'm so embarrassed. ...pfft.
'Pfft. ......'
'Shut up Estella!And Lucia, don't you laugh either!

The dumbass lords are shaking their shoulders loudly.

'I think it was cool, I... My friend Yashiro's words touched me.'

In the meantime, Gilberta seemed to appreciate my efforts.
Yeah, yeah. Gilberta's a cute guy.

'But it's not cool, that's for sure, the way things are going now.
'You're the enemy, too?

You're too honest, Gilberta!
You're too honest, Gilberta! We're friends, let's follow up!I'm sure you'll be fine.

'Oh, ...... ah's ...... ladybug.'

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site. ...... Are you trying hard to hold back your laughter?
No, it's not. There is no way Millie and Wendy would do such a thing. They're on our side.

They're on our side. ...... Hey, was that a word ......?Miry ...... is going to cry a little .......'

I'm sorry.I'm sorry.She's a good girl.
But please stop crying, it's a bit embarrassing.

'Hero. I was also very moved. Everyone has ...... the right to be selfish and say, 'I want to be near the person I love.
'I'm sorry, Wendy!I'm not sure what to do.I'm so embarrassed!

You'll wonder if you're an enemy pretending to be an ally!

'I'm also ...... impressed with ............ your words.
I'm not sure what to say.

I'm not sure what to say.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but it's a good idea.
...... Maybe I should change my ways.

'...... Yashiro-san'.

And finally, Jeannette.
Oh, no. I'm desperate.
Mock me, pity me, whatever you want!

I turned my head and ...... shoved!...... and grabbed both my hands.
Strongly and firmly.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'I was happy. ......'


'Earlier, Yashiro-san said ...... 'I want to be by the side of the person I love,' and that selfishness like that is ...... allowed. ......'
'So, don't repeat it over and over again......'
'It's allowed, isn't it?'

Jeannette's hand tightened, and mine squeezed even tighter.

...... I can't take my eyes off ............

'That day ...... when Yashiro-san decided to stay in the sunny pavilion, that day ...... I was actually ...... very happy. ............I was actually ......very happy that Yashiro would ignore all of his thoughts and way of life and ......stay by my side. ......I'm just so happy ......'

I don't know what to do. ...... Tears are welling up in Jeannette's eyes. ............I don't know what to do.
What,......, seriously, what should I do?

'My thoughts are shallow,' he said. ......I think I'm the only one who's happy. ............The truth is, I'm very annoyed with Yashiro. I'm sure you'll be able to understand that I'm not the only one who is happy about this. ......I sometimes blamed myself for this. ............ "I want to be near the person I love. --That much selfishness can be ...... forgiven.'

I'm not sure what to say.
Stop it!

'I was very happy to hear you say so in your voice and in your words, Yashiro-san'.

In short...
Ginette was really happy that I stayed in the sunlit pavilion, but there was a part of me that thought it was shallow. ...... But I was saved by the fact that I myself said, 'That's just fine, isn't it? ...... That's what he said.

So that means that ......

I'm sure you'll be able to understand that I'm not the only one who wants to ............ be there for Jeannette. ...... ...............

'Another ......'.
'Shut the f*ck up, old lady!I'm trying to think of something right now!You'll see what I mean when you see it!
'You know what's going on!
'Oh, God!Nikka!Carl!Come here!

I don't have time to be nervous because of some old lady who doesn't read the air.
...... Well, to be honest, there's a part of me that's a little bit 'thankful'.

I'm not sure what to say.You've got a lot of nerve calling me out!
'We don't listen to humans!

Nikka and Karl walk in, shoulders heaving.
Oh, shut up!

We're not going to listen to you!I need you to run an errand for me.

'You've got to be kidding me!Also, it's rude to call you an old lady!I stand corrected!
'Mu............ a bit more polite, des...... kane?'

I'm sorry. She's also a bit of an idiot.
She smelled like that when she looked at me.

'Don't be fooled, Nicca!Humans are creatures of deceit and manipulation.
'No. Yashiro doesn't care if you're human or noble, he'll take advantage of you.'
'd*mn it, Estella. Don't come out here where you don't belong, it'll complicate things.

I shut up Estella, who immediately wants to interfere, and start my strategy to round up this troublesome pair of swallowtail butterfly people.
Well, that's easy.
Just motivate one of them and bring them to your side.
It's a good thing I'm doing this for Shiraha. ......

So I walked up to Carl and squared my shoulders forcibly.
You'll find a lot of people who'd like to know more about you.

You and Nikka, will you go to the flower garden with me alone?

The Flower Garden is a popular date spot for the Bug People.
When I get a boyfriend or girlfriend, I'll go to the Garden, too!That's how it is.

'Sirach wants to drink nectar from the flowers. This is for Sirach's sake. How can I refuse?'
'Ta ............ sure ............ then... ...um,......, it can't be helped .......

'Since I have to, since I can't help it, why don't you come with me to the flower garden?
A shy boy who can only watch while being close to the girl he loves needs this kind of coquettish arrangement.
And such a shy boy is quick to jump at this kind of 'it can't be helped' reason.
Now, you can dance to your heart's content at my beck and call. ...... in the palm of my hand.

'Ni, niqqa!This is for you, Sirach. ...... Yes!It's for Sirach!It's our mission, you could say!
'What's wrong with you?What's the matter, Karl? Are you burning up today?
'Because it's our mission!I can't help it!I want you to ............ go to the flower garden with me. ...... if you want.

Oh my god!I'm not going to let you get away with it!
You've got a weak ending!

'What?If you want to go to the Hanazono, Carl can go there by himself.

Look at that!
That's the kind of reply you get when you're a wimp!
You should've left it to the spirit and momentum and taken him out a little forcefully!

Don't look at me like you're about to cry!I gave you a perfect pass, but you struck out.

'Um, Nikka-san. Actually, what Sirach-san wants to drink is a special kind of nectar, and it takes more than one flower to make it.
'That's true. And since Sirach seems to want a lot of it, ...... Karl might not be able to hold it all by himself.

Ginette and Estella gave a nice assist.
I'm not sure what to say.That's the girl!
You've got a good point there.
It's hard to say no when you're given a reason like that.

'U......m............ that's it,......des,money?

Okay, you thought about it for a moment, didn't you?Then let's finish it.
I'll bind Nikka's wavering heart with the chains of my sense of duty.
With this one word, Nikka has no choice but to go.

'I'm worried about Carl alone. It's good to know I can count on you to be strong.'
'I can't help it. Good grief.

Wow, they're easy.
What a bunch of easy pickings.
They've been making assumptions and rumors about others for generations.
They're too easily influenced.

Hey, human!Don't treat me like a child!I'm an adult now!

Shut up, larva.
I'm assisting you in some ways.
Then put away your stinking horn!

'Millie. Tell her what flowers to bring.'
'Uh-huh. You know, this flower, this one, and this one: ......'

Millie shows him the empty flowers and begins to explain.
Carl learns the flowers with a snort. ......
I'm sure you'll be fine. You've got to remember that.

I've already got it!It's not a problem if you leave it to me!
'I'm very worried. I'll keep that in mind.
'I said I'm fine!
'Well, Nikka. Take the empty flowers with you. Take care of it.'
'Hey, human!I'm telling you to leave it to me!
'Another round of .......'
'Look, he's crying. Go on, get him out of here.'

I talk them out of it.
Oh, man. I don't know why I'm going through all this trouble. ......

Carl and Nikka walk out of the room.
After watching their backs, Estella said to me.

'You use people from all walks of life as your jaw. I'd like you to teach me the secret.
'Don't do that. You'll fall under the curse of being favored by a strange race.

The curse Nephrite was talking about, might be real.

'Hey, aa no karu-san is ......'
'You might be right. ugh.

Millie and Jeannette are talking secretly.

'What is it?
'Oh, no. I was wondering if Carl might like Nikka. He seemed to be very happy that we were going to the flower garden together.

......, no, no, no.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that you like.
I'm not sure what to say.

What? ...... Super insensitive.

It's a good idea.
'You still say that?

Just when I was about to nail Jeannette with the "enough is enough" question,......, Jeannette's face exploded.
In an instant, it turned bright red and a faint cloud of steam rose up.

'Wow, wow,...... me,............ just now.'

'Ah, ano!It's not like there was any deep meaning to ...... the one you just saw.

I'm sure that what you just said...
I'm sure you're referring to the fact that you were happy with what I said, or the fact that you said afterwards that you thought it was a shallow thing to say.

It's not a statement that implies that you're a good ............ person, but that you're a good ...... person and an important employee. ...... that,favor.................. maaaahhh!

The gynet is broken.

That's it.
Now he finally realizes what he said.
He thought it was shallow of him to wish for me to be near him, but he was happy to be told that he was allowed to be selfish in wanting to be near the person he loved.
That statement was, in essence.

--Isn't that the same as saying, 'You like me?

I realized that it might not be impossible to interpret it in that way, and that it might not be easy to deny it completely if you look at it from a different angle.
Well, I guess not!
Yes, yes. Yes, yes.
I like it as a person, as an employee. ........................... ......... That's what it's like.

'All right!All right, all right, calm down!

Don't fidget!
...... It's even more embarrassing.

'Huh .................. that ......... ...I'm sorry. ..................'

I covered my face with my hands and crouched down.
If you put a kettle of water on Jeannette's whiskers, it would boil water in a matter of minutes.
That's how much heat he's giving off.

Well, you're right.
If you put a kettle of water on my whiskers, it would boil in a minute.
............ Ginette. If that's not intentional, it's evil.

'Yashiro ........ Don't pick on little Jeannette.'
'What do you think you're doing?

'Tell Natalia to take her to an ophthalmologist.
Sighing a little unhappily, Estella puts her fist on my side.
What's that?If you want to touch me, I won't hesitate to flatten you, you bastard.

'Refill ......'.

Oh, God, shut up, you old hag!
It's your fault I got all messed up in the second half!

'Anchovy. Don't pick on Sirach.'
'You too, Lucia?

What is it?
Is there a rule that lords can't stare reality straight in the face?
What kind of creatures are nobles?

'As a result of giving her too much delicious food, Sirach's selfishness is...'

That's what Gilberta said. But it wasn't a tone of voice that blamed me.
I'm relieved to hear that she's consoling me, telling me it can't be helped.

'I'm sure you should be allowed to be selfish and want to eat what you want.
'Yes, that's not true.

Don't mess with people's shameful quotes and black history.
You can't just do whatever you want without malice, okay?

It's at .............
I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it. ......

'I'm going to put this guy in with my husband. Lucia, is there a problem?'

If I decide that the Bug People are going to use force against humans ......, I'll reconsider. Otherwise, I'd like to let them see you.
So, I'll get permission from the person who will be most inconvenienced when I take action.

'What's the point of letting them meet?

Lucia says this in all seriousness.

'This tragedy has happened as a result of their marriage. Are you going to bring them back together and create a new tragedy?

Is this the reason why Lucia couldn't come up with a positive solution?
I don't think the current situation is good. But I know that taking action will have a huge repercussion.
For fear of that, we have continued to maintain the status quo.

...... It's like looking at the old 42nd district.
Even though it is certain that the situation will become worse, they cannot come up with a solution.

In such a case, you should destroy the delicate balance that is being maintained.
Just like the 42nd district used to do. And like the 41st district during the gluttony contest.

'Do you think tragedy will happen?
'There's no guarantee it won't.'

That's a lordly thing to say.

But it's not. Do you think tragedy will happen?

I'm talking from a more microscopic perspective.

You're spreading yourself too thin and missing the point.
You need to face yourself more.
The only thing you need to look at now is your own mind.

'...... I think. I'm thinking.

Facing her inner self for a few seconds, Lucia gives her answer.
Well, I guess so.
If I tell her now that I'm going to meet Sirach and her husband, there will be an uproar.
We all know that.
That's why ......

'If you think so, why don't you take measures to prevent problems from occurring?

The fact that a problem is certain to occur means that you can make all possible preparations before the problem occurs.
As long as you don't run away, you can take measures against any problem.

'Except when the food switch is turned on. ......'

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing and how you're going to do it.

It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see what you can find. That's what it looks like to me.'

Before I met Sirach, I thought he was a swallowtail butterfly who'd been hurt by humans and was spewing out unquenchable resentment.
It's nothing like that. The problem is an overprotective environment.

'It's the unshakable, absolute reality that destroys assumptions.

If Sirach meets her husband and spreads an aura of happiness around, their fixed ideas will be loosened up like powder beads.

'There must be obstacles before we can get there.
'That's why we're going to have to deal with it.
'Is that even possible?If we fail, the worm people will be even more ...... against humans!
'Wait a minute, Lucia-san.'

Like a willow swaying in the wind, she has an expression that seems to carry away the storm that is blowing.
With such a cool face, Estella pointed at me.

'When Yashiro makes this kind of face, it's when he's coming up with something. A bizarre solution to make everything go away. Isn't that right, Yashiro?'
'Who's bizarre? ............ And don't buy it.

Well, there's always a way.

'Oh, you know what?

A few moments ago, Jeannette, who had been in agony over her own comments, raised her hand with a pale pink face that had not yet recovered from her fever.
Her large eyes, which were puffy in their natural state, became as sharp as possible, and she looked at him seriously.
To assert one's opinion in such a situation,......, Jeannette is a little different after all.

'What is it, Ginette? Tell me.'
'Yes, sir.'

Lucia gave me permission to speak.
With her lowered hand on her chest and a light squeeze, Ginette opens her mouth.

'Please listen to Sirach's opinion. The most important thing is whether you want to see her or not,.......

That's a fair point.

But he still managed to express his opinion properly.
His words must have reached Lucia.

'I guess so.

Lucia put her hand on Ginette's shoulder.
Ginette's shoulders shook, and Lucia looked at her with a gentle gaze.

'If Sirach wants to see you, ...... I will take responsibility for any problems that may arise.

After asserting this, he turned his gaze to me with an overpowering look, as if he were threatening me.
It was as if he was declaring war on me.

'This is good, isn't it?

But that declaration of war was somehow comforting.

Lucia moved to our side.
The lord who had been occupied with keeping the balance finally made a decision.
Even if you have been thinking about it for a long time, it takes a lot of courage to take action.
The person who triggered it was probably ......

'What ......?
'Well done.

It was probably the compassionate feelings of someone who could genuinely care for others without being contrary.

'No, no. No, I'm not. ......'

"Sirach's feelings are the most important.
He made her understand such an obvious thing clearly. That's actually quite a big deal.
That casual comment was important now.
Credit where credit is due, my friend.

'I just ............ understand the feeling of wanting to be near the person you love.

Ginette looks down and mutters shyly.
............ Yeah. I'm not sure if I'm rehashing anything.
I had a bad feeling and tried to end the conversation quickly,......, but the devil moved faster than me.
Yeah. The devil with the bright red hair.

'That's right, Jeannette. Your feelings are important, and no one should interfere with them. Because ......'

Estella gently hugs Ginette's shoulders and they both turn their bodies towards me.
And then, with the most smug look on her face,...... and even her voice,...... she said.

You can be forgiven for being selfish if you want to be near the person you love.

............You guys, remember this.

If I could go back in time, I would kick the shit out of me, but that's impossible, so I'll just forget about it.
Let it fade away, such an abominable word!