195-Talk about it later on. 23 Shiraha.

We passed through a large gate and walked through a deserted garden.
If you've been cooped up here for so long, you should at least keep the garden clean, I thought.
When I looked at Millie, she seemed to be thinking the same thing as I was, looking at the deserted garden with a sad expression on her face.

'Don't scurry around so much, Death.

Nikka leads the way, speaking sternly only to me.

Pulling open an old wooden door, I was led into a one-story house.
Without taking off my shoes, I walk up the corridor. The floor creaks.
The only sound is the creaking of the floor in the silence, as if time has stopped.

You are led to the back of the building and made to stand in front of a large wooden door.

'This room is Sirach-sama's room.

Giving me a cold stare, Nikka puts her hand on the wooden door.
The door slowly opens and there he is.

An old woman with large swallowtail butterfly wings growing out of her back, her antennae swaying as she eats. ......

'Haaaa...... lard is the best!

The fat hag was gulping down a big gulp of soggy soup.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.
'No, no, no!You look so happy!

I was imagining a wounded, weeping beauty in a dark room, but ...... I was disappointed!

I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure if it's open or closed, but the eyes buried in the cheek meat of Sirach are looking at me. ...... are probably facing you. If you're looking for the best way to get the most out of your wedding, you'll want to look for a wedding dress.

After staring at us for a while, Siraha moves her fleshy cheeks, which seem to waste extra energy opening and closing, and opens her mouth.

'Are you the one who wants another drink?
'No, I'm not!

You're still eating, you old hag!

'I'm not giving you another ......, okay?
'No, thank you!

Who would want that liver-damaging oily soup?

'Who the hell are you?

It was probably because I had raised my voice too loudly. The swallowtail butterfly man who was standing next to Sirach ran towards me.
No, not the swallowtail butterfly mankind, but the ............

'Are you a swallowtail butterfly larvae mankind?
'Who's the larvae?

The guy's face was 100% unadulterated caterpillar.
As proof of this, he thrust out a yellow branch-shaped stinky thing near his nose in anger.
A stench like a rotten tangerine filled the room.

'Keep your stinky horn out, caterpillar!
'They're swallowtail butterflies!Don't treat me like a child!

No, no, no. They're children.
You're not even a chrysalis yet.

'Carl is a grown man who came of age this year!I'll refrain from being rude, anchovy!
'Pfft. Anchovy is a funny name for a .......'
'Shut up, caterpillar.'

It seems that the caterpillar holding its mouth and laughing is named Carl.
If you're coming of age, that means you'll be 15 this year. He's one year younger than ...... Loretta.

I'm not sure if the bug people are larvae or pupa before becoming adults.
I'll ask Estella or Wendy about it later.

'So, this old lady of the Turtle Tribe is Sirach?
'She's from the Swallowtail tribe!
'Who's Tagame?That's rude!

That statement would be disrespectful to the Tagame people. I don't know if you're at ...... or not.
But it's wonderfully round.
If you only look at its face, it looks like a pug.

'Anyway, take away the food. You'll get into trouble if you let him eat any more.
'Don't be silly, Death!Heartbreak is a horrible thing that makes you eat less and kills you.Sirach-sama needs to eat, even if he has to!
'Whose food is getting thinner?

It's a lot of food!

'Your sighing has been increasing lately!
'You're probably eating too much and getting lethargy, what do you want?

You were begging for a refill just now, too!
You're not getting any thinner, food, body, and nerves!

'I don't know, I feel like I'm getting tired again. ......'
'It's just my imagination!That's impossible!

Your nerves must be weakened!
I'm hallucinating!

'As you can see, Siraha-sama's mind and body are full of scars!

'I'm sorry. I can't find a single scratch. ......'
'Look at the antennae!

When I looked at Sirach's antennae, the right one was shorter than the left. The right antenna was shorter than the left. It seemed to have been cut off about halfway through.

'Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, Sirach-sama. ............ Because I lost my antennae, I can't even fly anymore. ......'
'No, I think there are other reasons why you can't fly.

I've never seen a creature with that weight that can fly.

'What do you think?Just meeting you was heartbreaking, wasn't it?
'Sorry. It's more like a laugh.

While we were talking, Siraha kept eating the fried buns on her plate, 'mocchimocchimocchimocchim'.
What a happy face she has. ...... It makes me want to feed her. I like pugs more than you think.

'Shiraha. It's been a while.

Lucia approaches Siraha, who is sitting comfortably in a sturdy chair.
Get up, old woman. You've got a lord coming to visit you. Get up, even if it takes a beating.


Sirach stared at Lucia, then held out the empty bowl of oil soup.

'You're the one with the refill, aren't you?
'No, Siraha. It's Lucia, my lord.'
'Oh, dear. Lucia, is that you?You've grown up so much!
'...... It hasn't been that long since we've met. We met last month.'

Is this old lady starting to lose her mind?Or is she not interested in anything other than food? ............ Probably the latter.

'I've brought a guest with me today. He's from another district. ...... Wentan.'
'Yes, sir.'

When her name was called, Wendy ran awkwardly to Lucia's side.

'This daughter of the Yamamayuga tribe has decided to marry a human.
'Oh, dear, ......'.

Sirach stares at Wendy with his eyes wide open.
She puts her marshmallow-like hands to her mouth - she's not going to eat them, is she?You look like you're about to eat it, so don't get cold feet--you look surprised.

'You ......'.
'Yes, yes. My name is Wendy.'
'You look just like me when I was younger.'

Siraha says with a big smile on her face.
Wendy glows for a moment.

'I'm honored.

Lie to me!
Didn't you just say, 'Oh, really? Didn't you just get shocked?You were, weren't you?

'And that made you a little nervous, didn't it?

She takes Wendy's hand and wraps it gently in both of hers. Sirach's actions were filled with a gentle, enveloping tenderness, as if he were caring for a young child.

Wendy shook her head clearly when he looked at her with a caring gaze.

'No, no. I'm not worried. I believe in Theron ...... because I believe in him.'
'Yes .......'

Inhale fully and exhale slowly.
Sirach's large belly expanded and contracted with it.

'............I see.'

I think the words that came out of her mouth sounded somewhat happy.

'Why did you bring Wendy here, Lucia?

Lucia didn't show any discomfort at being called 'chan' by Sirach. This is in spite of the fact that ordinary people refer to the lord as "chan".
Is this also a consideration for those who were once called subspecies? Or is it because they've known each other since they were children? ......

In front of Sirach, Lucia seemed to be just another girl.

'I want you to tell her a story. I want you to tell me what Siraha experienced and what she thought at that time. ......'
'Let me ask you, what do you want?

In response to Sirach's question, Lucia closed her mouth once.
She then turns to Wendy with a serious look in her eyes.
With Sirach's hand in hers and Lucia's gaze on her, Wendy can't escape and looks back and forth.

'............ The rest will be for him to think about. I'd like you to give him a chance to think about it.
'Yes, ............ yes.'

Lucia and Sirach. The conversation seemed to be complete between the two of them.

Sirach lifts his head to look at you.

'Nikka, Karl.'
'Yes desu!
'Yes, Dazo!
'Can you give us a moment, please?
'What?De, de, de sked, Sirach-sama?
'No, no, no, no, that's ............ not good!

It seems that what Siraha saw was not me, but Nikka and Karl, who were standing on either side of me as if to warn me.
Naturally, Nikka and the others were repulsed. ......


It's not that I don't like it, but it's not that I don't like it.
I grudgingly agreed to Sirach's offer.
Don't forget to glare at me when you do.

'Then, I'll wait in front of the door.
'If anything happens, please call me immediately!I'll run in and take this man down!
'Why are you assuming that I'm the one who's going to do something?

The caterpillar is glaring at me like a maniac.
You'll have to wait until you're a pupa before you act like that.

'Don't worry, just wait out front. Nicca and Carl alone.'
'......?That's right, we'll wait together. ......?

In the event that you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find a lot more information on the web.

Ah ...... nah.
That's how it is.
I love you, but I can't tell you how I feel about you. I love you, but I can't tell you how I feel about you. I love you, but I can't tell you how I feel about you.

I tap the boiled caterpillar on the shoulder and say a few words as a senior in life.

'You're such a kid.
'You're annoying!

Boiled caterpillar Carl sticks out his sense of smell.
Stop it!It stinks!

'Mmmm. You're a pretty girl.

Ginette leaks her overrated opinion.
Come to think of it, Jeannette is not afraid of insects or reptiles at all.
In fact, she seems to think that they are 'small and cute'. Loretta, for example, makes a lot of noise when insects fly around, but Jeannette doesn't do that at all.
This is an aspect of Ginette that is somewhat unexpected from her appearance.

......, but I don't think this caterpillar guy is cute. No, he's not.

'Just go out and hold hands and wait for me.
'T-That's not holding hands!
'Yes, we are!I'll be armed and ready to respond at a moment's notice, no matter what happens!I'll keep that in mind!

I'll keep that in mind.' Ahhhh, ......, the man is more naive than you, and you don't even know it.
Look at him. The curls are a little dented.
And don't mount the weapon. I'm afraid you'll misfire.
Even if you say, "I accidentally stabbed him," like a sweet chestnut, it's no big deal.

'Hey, Carl.

I put my hand on Carl's shoulder as he retracts the stinky horn, and tell him with all my heart.

'Hold Nikka's hand firmly.

I don't want to get stabbed.
Especially don't get stabbed for a crime you didn't commit!

'Oh, you're cheering for ............, aren't you?

No. Not even a little.
Self-preservation, self-preservation. Everything you say is for your own good.

'Maybe he's a good guy ............, dude.'

Hahaha, you're imagining things.

'Oh, I'll do my best!

Carl declares to me with eyes blazing with motivation. His fists are clenched tightly.
Well, yeah. Go for it.

Nikka gives me a stern look, Carl gives me a heated 'I'm gonna do it! and then they both leave together.
What a noisy bunch they were.

'Yashiro really gets along with ...... everyone right away, doesn't he?
'We don't get along.

I'm just amazed at Estella's dumbfounded face.
I'm on the verge of being stabbed.

'Well... Well then, let's have a talk. Everyone, come here and sit down.

Siraha said in a calm voice, beckoning us.
We stepped onto the wooden floor. Are you going to sit here?

'Gilberta. There's a 'zabu' over there, bring it to her.
'All right, I will.'

Sirach is giving instructions to Gilberta.
It's a good thing that Lucia doesn't blame her for this.
...... Do you want me to help?

Hmmm. They're good kids.

Wendy couldn't move, apparently because Sirach was still holding her hand.

A soft cushion was brought in and laid out in front of us.
We sat in a circle with Sirach as the standard.
I feel a little uncomfortable sitting on a cushion in a place where there are no shoes on the floor. ...... If we could make tatami mats, we might be able to take off our shoes.

I'm not sure what to say. It's so soft.
'Mmm...... soft ...... feels good'.

Ginette and Milly seemed to like the soft cushions.
They sat on the cushions again and again, enjoying the feeling of the softness.
Well, I hope they're enjoying it. It's certainly a comfortable seat.

'Well. Now, let me tell you something.

Sirach sits back deeply in his chair and lets out a long, deep breath.
...... and, before that...

'You should let Wendy go.
'What?Well, well, well.'

As if she had just realized it, Sirach let go of Wendy's hands that were holding hers.
What, what?Did you forget?
It's already started, old lady?

I'm sorry. It was so smooth and comfortable that I couldn't resist.
'No, no. It's an honor.

He looked annoyed, but not disgusted.
If it had been an old man, Wendy might have started crying, but if it had been an old woman, she would have been fine.
But if it was an old man, Wendy would have started crying. ............ I see!

'Hey, Jeannette. You look very comfortable .......'
'Please repent.'

He was cut off by a smirk.
...... I see. You should have said 'I'm sorry' after you rubbed her. ...... I made a mistake in the procedure.

Wendy sits down next to Sirach, and everyone sits down.
From Sirach, going right to left, Lucia, Gilberta, Estella, me, Jeannette, Milly, and Wendy.
By some coincidence, I'm right in front of the old lady. ...... Sorry about the view, this seat.

'I met him when I was about ...... the age of that ladybug girl over there, I think. ......'
'About nine years old?
'Oh, ladybug ...... Miri, you'll be fifteen this year ......?'
'Yeah, yeah. I was just nine years old.'
'Oh ............ that's awful ......'

Millie's shoulders slumped.
It can't be helped. Your real age doesn't show in your appearance.
If you're talking about 'about that age', you're usually referring to appearance, not actual age.

Ginette is comforting Millie, who is nodding her head. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing and how you're going to do it.

Estella stumbled for a moment, but then asked the question.
That's the part I want to be clear about.

'Yes, that's right.

She wouldn't reveal the name, but she acknowledged the fact.
Who I'm marrying is rather unimportant at the moment.
If Sirach doesn't want to tell you, there's no need to ask.
Rather, the question is, 'What happened with that person?

'You know, I had a very fiery love affair with that guy. ......'
'Siraha. Don't talk about that. Why don't you tell him about the antennae?
'But you know, Lucia. He's the kind of guy who'd be ashamed of a flower if he saw me outside at ......'
'Shiraha!There are ...... young girls, too. Please be considerate.

When Siraha began to squirm, Lucia stopped her tightly, holding her reddened cheeks.
It's a good thing I'm not the only one. I'm not even going to listen to ...... the old lady's peachy talk.

I want to talk to you.
'You can tell it to Nikka or Carl later.

There's gonna be vomit all over this place.

'No, you can't. They're ...... hmm. All of the swallowtail butterfly people, and maybe other subhumans as well ......, have decided that my past is 'sad' and won't let me talk about it.

I'm not sure if it's the other way around.
I think she's thinking that she shouldn't talk about her past because it reminds her of her heartbreak .............
So, are you trying to cover up your past wounds with the pleasant things in front of you?

If that's the case,......

'All right. I'll listen to the old lady's love story on an empty stomach.'

When there's nothing to throw up.

'But for now, I want to know the conclusion first. Can you tell me about the antennae?'
'Oh, yeah?Yeah, yeah. ...... Yeah, yeah.'

Siraha smiles weakly, looking a little unsatisfied.
However, the next moment, she changed her expression to one of radiance.

--And then she chuckles and laughs.

I'm finally beginning to understand.
The crux of this problem.
And both Lucia and Sirach are aware of it, but they can't do anything about it.
They are at the mercy of the good intentions that keep pouring in at random.

But it's tasteless to just talk about the conclusion. Will you join me for a moment?

Siraha looks at me and says.
You want me to listen to you.
Fine. I'll listen.
As long as your feelings are included in the story.

'He was a very peculiar man. He was very kind to me, a subspecies.'
'Subspecies, is that what he told you?'
'No. He never said anything like that. The whole town had already established an atmosphere of not doing that kind of thing.

But the people, especially the nobles, must have kept that kind of intention in their hearts.
According to the information I've gotten about Sirach so far, she married a nobleman.
If "she" is a nobleman, the people around her must have been nagging her against her will.

You're an eccentric .......
It's ironic to be treated as an oddball for doing a good deed.

'My family was poor. I went to work when I was nine. The Flower Arrangers Guild was a great help to me.
'Yeah, ......'

Milly's antennae twitched when she heard that Sirach had once worked at the Flower Arrangement Guild.
I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.
The expression on her face right now is just like that.

'That's how I met her. ...... We were both still children, but we fell in love hard, and ............ one day she saw me outside ............'. One day, he told me about me outside .......'
'You said we'd talk about this another time!

Why not?
You really want to talk about it?
I have a bad feeling about the word 'outside'!

'Well then, we'll talk about this next time when we're alone.
'Can you stop saying things that make sense?We'll get married after all, and then you can tell me about it!

I scolded the old lady who was giving me a blank stare and urged her to move on.
Ginette, Milly, and even Estella have red faces. Don't talk about things you can't let a girl hear.

'I'm sorry. I'm kind of embarrassed to ...... cover it up.'

No, what you're about to tell me should be far more embarrassing.

'It's a bit awkward for me to say this, but ......'.

Sirach showed a little embarrassment and ...... smiled softly.
A gentle smile, like a rape blossom swaying in the spring breeze.

He took me in as his wife.
'Yeah, ......'

Millie shouts.
Millie has a tendency to think so lowly of her subspecies' position that she refrains from riding in the carriage.
It is likely that she could not believe that the subspecies could become the full wife of a nobleman.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, you can contact us at .......
You can find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get the most out of their lives. I can feel such a margin.

'Didn't the people around you ...... and your relatives object?'

It was Estella who asked the question.

He's a nobleman. He probably knows very well what the aristocracy is thinking and doing behind the scenes.
From his experience and knowledge, he must have come to the conclusion that it is not acceptable for a nobleman to take a subspecies as his wife.

'You've done it, haven't you? It's been done.

The choice of words shows the personality of the person.
The time you have experienced and the emotions you have felt at that time affect your language.
That's the word I chose, Sirach. I wonder what he was thinking at that time.

'But he's stubborn, too. ...... ugh.'

In the midst of the fierce opposition, the two of them must have continued to fight it alone.
The smile on his face was nostalgic for the past, but at the same time, I could feel his sadness.

'He was the eldest son, and he said he was abandoning the house. ............ and ............ ...... was burned to the ground.'

The sound of gasping breaths shook the air inside the room.

The eldest son of a noble family decided to abandon his home and live with Sirach.
I'm not sure what to make of that.
The event, a commonplace, third-rate tragedy, must have left an indelible scar on the young couple.
These wounds, even hearsay, choke the hearts of those around them.

'I was surrounded by a sea of fire, and I flew desperately. I carried her in my arms, looking blankly ahead,......, and as I ran for my life, my antennae were cut off and gone.

The right antennae was cut in half.
It was an honorable injury I suffered to save a loved one. ......

But the cost of that honor was great.

'In the end, that's what separated us. ...... Well, I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that we both had lives.

The smile that appeared on his face looked as sad as if he was crying.
She did not mean what she said. But I can't do without saying so.
More than anything, he couldn't stand it himself.

'Siraha......, you're pretending to be a jerk in front of them, aren't you?
'Hmm ......, I don't mean to be .......'

He holds his mouth and smiles quietly.
It's impossible for this old lady to be a blur by answering so clearly and calling out the back of our ...... words.
The old lady ...... who is confined to her room and eats what she is given with relish is just an act to blind the eyes of those around her.

'The reason you were separated is because the people around you made too much noise.
'Oh, ......, you're so smart.'

Sirach stares at me in pure amazement.

'What do you ...... mean, Yashiro-san?'

Ginette asks me.

We escaped from the burning, and that's why we got separated.
If that's all there is to it, there could be a variety of reasons, such as injuries, the other party died, lost love, or a fight broke out......, but considering the fact that Siraha now continues to play the role of a dumb old lady, there is only one answer.

'After that incident, Siraha asked for help from her friends. Her husband, the eldest son of a noble family, was burned to the ground. That's quite an incident. It would be impossible to live a normal life from that point on.

He couldn't live as a nobleman or he was injured. ......
The fact that Sirach flew with the man in his arms means that he was in no condition to escape on his own.
Even after escaping from the fire, Siraha and the others were still trapped.

The only people they could rely on in such a situation were their relatives and ...... friends.

'You're right. Surprise. It's like you've seen it all.
'I'm just combining the information I've been given and making inferences.'
'I see. But it's amazing.'

He claps his marshmallow hands and gives me a pat on the back.
Stop it.
I don't want applause from a lonely face like that.

'She was badly burned defending me during the ...... explosion. He didn't regain consciousness and ...... really chilled my heart.

With her husband in such a state, Siraha ran away and came back to this place with nowhere to go.

'And then you went back to your friends and ...... got caught, didn't you? By your friends.'
'Yes. Yes.'

He lifted his chin and made a gesture as if he were looking through a wooden door.
He was probably checking to see if Nikka or Carl had heard him.

'When my family saw me coming home with wounds, they were in an uproar. 'I was hurt by a human being.' ...... They didn't take me seriously.'
'Why is it ......?If you had told them the truth, they would have understood. ......'

Ginette says, confused.
'But that question is a bit harsh. I can't let Siraha answer.
I'll open my mouth instead.

'I imagine that no matter how much ...... Siraha told the truth, they wouldn't take it as such, saying that she was being deceived or threatened into saying so.

For example, even if Siraha claims that this person is not a bad person, her family cannot trust her words because they see Siraha with wounds all over her body.
How can they trust a man who is a blood relative of the one who endangered their daughter's life?
The harder Siraha tries to appeal, the more she thinks that she is being told what to say and that she is being brainwashed.

'I wonder if it's possible to be so ...... extreme in your beliefs that you ignore any of Sirach's words. ......'
'Wendy's parents aren't listening to what Wendy has to say either.

'Oh ......'.

Jeannette must have seen it.
No matter how many times I tried to persuade her, she refused to give up, saying, 'You're being deceived.

'This is all because of the stupid status of 'subspecies' and 'sub-lineage'. It's because of the imprinting of 'humans deceive and discriminate against other races'.

Jeannette fell silent.
The grief must have spread and weighed heavily on her heart.
Maybe you haven't had a chance to touch it much. Because you've been living in the sunny pavilion, protected by your grandfathers.
That's a very lucky thing.

'I'm sorry, Wendy. I didn't mean to use you as an example.
'E......, oh, no. I hope you don't mind.

I apologize for using my parents as a poor analogy.
I'm sure they don't feel very good about it.

Wendy and Millie both have complicated expressions on their faces.
Perhaps these two have seen such conflicts before.
They look as if they are remembering something.

'I've tried to get out of here a few times,......, but I couldn't.'

And so, Sirach gave up ......, or compromised.
The more you try to escape or resist, the tighter the interference and restraint from those around you will become.

'We worked hard for three years,...... and even consulted with the lord,...... but in the end, we chose to live apart.
'......I'm sorry I couldn't help you.'
'Oh. It was your grandfather's time, Lucia.'
'Still, ............ I'm .........'
'Please don't.'

Stroking Lucia's furrowed brow, Sirach smiles gently, as if at a child.

'Thanks to you, I'm still able to exchange letters with that person. I'm happy for that.
'Do you have a correspondence?

A faint glimmer of hope.
Jeannette responded.

'Yes. Once a month.
'So ...... that's ............ good.'

It's a small thing, really, but ...... Siraha looks happy from the bottom of her heart.
Perhaps this is what gives her the strength to live now.

After three years of resistance, they became exhausted and decided to stop resisting, thinking that they would be separated from each other.
They lived apart and exchanged letters through their lords.
In this way, they have continued to comfort themselves by thinking that each other is alive and well.

'If I, a human being, were to intervene inappropriately, I might give the swallowtail butterfly people and other insect people an unpleasant misunderstanding. 'Is the lord still protecting the humans? I don't want any conflicts between the two sides,......, which is why I haven't been able to make a decision until now.

Lucia bows her head deeply, lamenting her inability to do so.

'Sirach...... is sorry. Please let me apologize from the bottom of my heart.
'Oh my god. Stop it. It's okay, it's okay. I'm happy enough as it is.'
'But your time is .......'
'Time, you know, when it's gone, you can never get it back. The same goes for the time that passes while you regret it. If you don't live happily in the present, you'll be regretting your regrets for years to come. Okay?Now, raise your head.

The more time you waste on regrets, the more you'll regret that waste someday.
If you waste time on regrets, you will regret that waste someday. You should accept that there is nothing you can do about it and live happily in the present. ......
It may seem like a positive idea,...... but it is actually a very sad idea.

It's a very sad way of thinking. 'Those kids are really good to me. They are all thinking about me and working hard for me day in and day out. If I complain about this, it's the same as saying bad things about them. I'm happy with my life now.

The swallowtail butterfly people didn't listen to Sirach's words.
But it was out of the purest of good intentions, and Siraha couldn't blame them.
Excessive meddling. Imposing good intentions.
But if it's all for your own good, it's hard to reject .......

Conflict between humans and subspecies. Imprinted emotions.
And then there's the gossip that started when Sirach lost his antennae, that Sirach was hurt by humans.
The combination of these factors has created a trend that says, "Look, humans are terrible after all.
Young people like Nikka and Karl don't even suspect it.

A kind of resignation,......, Sirach is also not going to say anything about it now.

'But,......, yes. If you are ever reincarnated,...... then it would be great if we could be together.
'...... Gosh.'

Millie sniffs.

In a panic, Ginette pats Milly on the back to calm her down.

Two people who can't be united: ......
It can't be helped: ............

...... but...

'Hey, old lady.

I can't leave this third-rate tragedy as a tragedy.

'Why are you giving up on me like that?

Because of your injury, Wendy's parents are stubbornly suspicious of human beings and fiercely opposed to Wendy's marriage.

'You look like you've done all you can and there's nothing you can do about it. ......'

Do you know how much profit this marriage is going to generate?
Do you know how much profit this marriage will generate?

'You're making a big mistake if you think you'll gain insight as long as you're old enough.

It's a pity if you have such a lukewarm idea that you can just live your life peacefully, without making waves, without hurting anyone. I'm sorry, but you're already in it. I've made a fortune.

Sirach. You said you were happy enough with your life?...... Did you mean it?

Sure, you're surrounded by kind friends, you're cared for by everyone, and you can check on the safety of your beloved, even if it's only by letter.
I'm sure you're living a reasonably happy life.
But you know what?

Don't be satisfied with that.

There are still many things in the world you don't know. Don't you want to see them?There really is the best scenery out there, but you don't know it, and you're satisfied with the easy happiness you've been given and turn away from it. ...... Are you okay with that?

Keep your mouth shut, Estella.
By looking at her, I block out Estella's words.
There's no need to be polite or rude. That's not the point.

This is the only way to bring down this guy who's been carried around for so long by so many people.

'You'll have to help me. I'm sorry, but I can't veto it.

I stood up and walked up to Sirach.
The eyes that looked up at me were completely withered, but with a hint of surprise and expectation in them.
Take a good look with those narrow eyes of yours.
This is the face of a man who would claw at your withered, wrinkled heart.

That's about right.
Don't give a guy who's about to get married and be happy a sobering story. What if they get anxious about marriage?
And if Wendy says she wants to call off the wedding because of it, I'll demand compensation from you.

Hey, Siraha. You're aware of this, aren't you?
I prioritize not making waves and not hurting anyone. With that look on your face, ...... you're the one who's getting hurt all the time.

Wendy looks really happy when she is with Theron.
I'm sure you do too, don't you?

'Let's make a bet, Siraha.'
'A ...... bet?'
'Oh, yeah.'
'Don't want to make it too hard, do you?
'Nah, it's easy.

You've had your fill of life's sweet and sour, let me show you.
You're still ignorant.

'You've eaten a lot of good food, haven't you?
'Yes, I have. Everyone brings me a lot. I think I've eaten almost everything I can get around here.
'Almost everything you can get around here' ......?

That's what I call ignorance.

'Then, I'm going to make you something very tasty from now on, something you're familiar with that you can get around here. Probably something you've never even tasted before.
'Oh my. Is there such a thing?
'If there is, you can help me at ....... No matter what Nikka or any of her people say, you have my full support.'
'Hmmm ...... interesting girl. What's your name?
'Mm-hmm. You're Yashiro. Okay. I'll take your bet.

Then let's just win this bet.

'Jeannette. And millie.
'Yes, yes.
'Yeah, ............ crap............ what?'

Millie still has red eyes, and Ginette is comforting her.
I've got to get these two to smile again.

'Help me. Help me out with a plan to make this old lady smile from the bottom of her heart.

It's not really my style, but I gave her a ...... wink, and it seemed to have an extraordinary effect.
Ginette and Milly were at a loss for words for a moment, looked at each other, and then both broke out into a smile.


I instructed them and asked them to do a little errand for me.