194-Later Tan 22 Nostalgic scenery

I have never experienced the period of rapid economic growth, but if I were to describe it based on the impressions I get from movies, this is exactly what I would expect to see in a town with such an atmosphere.
Old wooden fences and rows of ramshackle houses. The streets were bare of earth and bumpy.

It's so nostalgic.
'What a coincidence, anchovies. ...... I think so too.'

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.
I'm not sure if this is the kind of town that used to be the norm.
You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.
...... Telegraph pole?

There are no electric wires, but there are many wooden telegraph poles standing on the street. It's a place for the flying insects to rest their wings. ...... There are people who can fly.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

Lucia said, somewhat sadly.
She looked as if to say, 'I'd fly around with you if I could.

'During the heat of summer, this pillar is filled with the beautiful glow of numerous Genji Fireflies.
'Oh, ...... fireflies.'

I thought honestly that it must be a beautiful sight.
It reminded me of the countless fireflies I used to see by the riverside with my masters.
The river in the neighborhood where the delicious gori lived was very beautiful. There were also many fireflies every year.

'Hmm, ......, that's kind of annoying. I didn't know you and I could talk.
'You really should be happy.'
'Pull it.'

Lucia punched him in the shoulder. ...... Friends.
I'm sure that the slow flow of time in this place makes it so. You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.
It should not be, but ...... I suddenly feel as if I can hear a tofu maker's trumpet coming from somewhere.

'Do you like this place, my friend Yashiro?

Gilberta peeks out from the other side of Lucia and asks.
Well, yes, I do. If you're asking me if I like him, ......

'I like it. It's kind of relaxing.'
'I see. I'm glad to hear it, I am. In fact, my birthplace is near here.

I'm sure Gilberta is currently residing in Lucia's mansion, but I see that her family home is around here.
I've heard that there are a lot of insects living in this area, is that not strange?

'If you like, I'd like to invite you and your friend Yashiro to my birthplace.

The house where Gilberta was born.
I'm a little curious. If you'd like to invite me, I'd be happy to visit.

'I'd love to introduce you to my parents. They'll be my friends forever.

...... Hmm?
Hey, Gilberta, ...... isn't that called a mate?

'......Yashiro. You are .............'

It's Estella. Can you not look at me with such disdain as 'random, this guy ......'?
I didn't say anything.

'Anchovies...... you......'.

No, that's why, Lucia. Don't look at me with that 'touch me and I'll mince you' look.
I'm not saying anything.

'Oh, um, ...... Yashiro-san......'

Ginette...... you, too, 'Are you perhaps leaving the Sunlit Pavilion? ............

'Gilberta. I'd love to come visit you. You and Ginette.

He grabs Ginette by the elbow and pulls her towards him.
As we lined up, Gilberta nodded broadly with an even happier smile on her face.

'Mm!I think we're all happiest together, I do!

This guy has no special intentions or hidden feelings behind his words.
I want to cherish the first friend I made. That's all I want.
Don't make a fuss about it.

'Well, that's why you should take a vacation somewhere else.
'Yes, sir. I'm looking forward to it.

The anxious look on her face earlier has disappeared, and she is now looking excited about the prospect of visiting her friend's house.

'Oh ......, but if this keeps happening too much, it's bad for Magda and the others. ......'

In fact, Magda and Loretta have been missing you a lot.
After this case is over, you can give them as much attention as you want.
I'm going to indulge them a little too. A little, yeah.

'Well, we're going to have an adult lunch next time, right?We'll set up a special facility in the central square.'
'Yes, sir. It seems that the store on the main street has become vacant, and we're going to use it for a limited time sale.''

After the gluttony contest, and after the situation at the city gate had settled down, a special venue was set up on the main street in District 42 for the sale of the adult lunch for about a week.
It is said that even now, Estella is receiving dozens of letters of request.
Therefore, there is a plan to start selling lunches for adults again.

'If we start selling lunches for grown-ups, customers will go to that restaurant, and the lunches for grown-ups include the taste of the Sunshine Pavilion. I think it's okay if you put up with that for a little while.
'Well, that means .......'
'Why don't we take that time off somewhere and go have some fun together?

Ginette's face lit up when she heard this suggestion.

'Yes!It would be fun, wouldn't it? I'm sure Magda and Loretta would love it.

If we give them advance notice, they'll be satisfied.

'Then I'd really like you to see the Garden of the Thirty-fifth District.
'That's right. Shall we let Magda and Loretta drink the nectar from the garden?'
'Yes, sir. They both have a sweet tooth, so I'm sure they'll love it.

For Jeannette, Magda and Loretta are her colleagues, and they are like family to her. I want to make them happy.
She is even willing to take time off from work to do so.
Ginette's heart, which was once tied down by the Sunshine Pavilion, has been freed in a good way.

She must have come to realize that the time she spends with Magda and Loretta is an essential part of her life.
That's much better than running a diner out of a sense of duty.

'Hey, anchovy.
'Hey, anchovy.'

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few things to do. ...... Her face is so close.

I'm not sure what to make of it.

That's what you're asking again. ...... You know, you need to work on that habit. It's not nice.

'...... They're both beastmen. The tiger people and the hamster people.'
'Are you a girl?Are you pretty?

More lousy questions!

'You were in the store when you came in. A small, expressionless girl and an extremely normal girl.'
'Oh, those two!Okay!I'll sit with you.'
'Don't come!You go work!

No one with an ulterior motive, please!
I mean, you're biting off more than you can chew on your plans for fun, my lord and his head waiter!

'If you don't want to sit with me, then don't come with me, you anchovy!
'I've planned this!

How self-centered can you be?

'If you want to keep me out of the way, I won't introduce you to the swallowtail butterfly people!
'You're the one who asked me to meet them in the first place!Let me meet them responsibly!

No more, nobleman!
Do you think that the world revolves around you?

'Don't talk back to me!You may not know it, but the world must revolve around me!

I thought so, seriously!
I mean, does Lucia believe in the geocentric theory?Or is this just another mischievous translation of the 'forced translation magic'?

'Yashiro-san. If Lucia-sama is coming with us, we might have less problems. Everyone in District 35 respects you very much, Lucia-sama.

Ginette, following Lucia's selfishness. It's ......, but...
You know, Jeannette.
If anything, this guy is going to take the lead in causing problems. I mean, I can see that happening for sure.

'That's a good point.

Lucia praised Ginette with a triumphant look.
Ginette, in spite of such an arrogant praise, let out a sigh as if she was afraid.

'Unlike those anchovies over there, you seem to have a sense of decency. That's the Jeannette with the tits.
'Has that name taken root?

Ginette makes a full-blown protest at the name, which must have definitely come from Gilberta.
I'm sorry, Ginette. It seems the lords here didn't have the decency to do so.

Incidentally, while they were having this chatty conversation, Millie and Wendy were eagerly discussing the nectar in the garden.
Or rather, Millie was asking Wendy a lot of questions. It was like she was digging for answers, and I thought that she seemed to be bothered by it.

Well, Wendy seemed to be enjoying herself, even though she was smiling a little, so I guess it was no problem.
I guess Millie can get excited sometimes.

And Estella walked quietly with an indifferent expression on her face, as if she was trying to avoid the troublesome conversations that were unfolding on all sides.
...... You heartless bastard. If you're a lord, why don't you take care of this troublesome lord?

'You have arrived at your destination, Lady Lucia.

Gilberta sent such a report to me when we were walking down a narrow alley between wooden walls and about to reach a large street.
The swallowtail butterfly tribe that we were looking for must be at the end of this alley.
On the other side of the alley, we see a magnificent gate.
As if protected by it, a large one-story house stands on the other side.
Although it is a one-story house, it is wide. It reminded me of the luxurious Japanese houses of long ago.

'My people took pity on Sirach, a swallowtail butterfly, and donated this house to him.

Lucia says to no one in particular, but to the whole group.
It's a big story, but it's not a very pleasant one,.......
It's a method where sympathy becomes money and money heals the soul.

But money can't heal real wounds.
In fact, if you have too much money, you may feel empty and lonely.
Sometimes, it is easier to forget everything and concentrate on your work.

If you are sent such a big house ......

I'm not sure what to say.

...... You may feel as if you are being told that.

The reason for this thought may be that the area around the old but gorgeous mansion is so quiet.
Because of its large size, the old appearance of the house looked ...... lonely.

'It's a big house. ......'

Ginette muttered, staring at the house of Sirach, a member of the swallowtail butterfly tribe.
Her voice sounded somewhat fragile and pitiful.

Perhaps it was because Ginette had been living alone in a large house that she felt something.

'Hey, Gilberta. Does this Sirach guy live here alone?'
'That's right, on paper. But not really, in reality.'
'What do you mean?
'Multiple visitors take turns, every day, from the Swallowtail tribe.'

This house is only inhabited by Sirach, but in order to ensure that Sirach is not left alone, her fellow swallowtail butterfly tribesmen are taking turns coming to take care of her. ......

'Blissful, or rather ......'.

It's as if we're being watched, I thought.

'Who is it?

Suddenly a voice called out from above me.
I looked up and saw a girl standing on the gate.
On her back were the wings of a swallowtail butterfly.
They were a bright yellow color with black lines forming a beautiful pattern.
The two pairs of wings, large and delicate, were very magnificent.

'They're magnificent.
'You ignored me when I appeared and talked about the gate!
'I didn't say 'magnificent gate'!I was talking about you!

The girl from the swallowtail butterfly tribe stomped on the gate in exasperation.
Every time she stomps on the gate, her estimated E-cup bulge shakes and sways.

'Calm down, Nicca. We're talking about tits, my friend Yashiro.'
'No, you're not!
'You!You're an anchovy, how dare you insult the people of my district!
'I told you that's not true!
'Yashiro. In this city, there is a thing called the 'Judgment of the Spirits'. ......'
'I'm not lying!Trust me, Estella!
'But, Hero-sama. Her breasts are certainly magnificent, aren't they?
'Yes, they are!They are magnificent!But I was talking about something else right now, wasn't I?
'Oh, ...... ladybug, you're always talking about your breasts, so ...... everyone, you're mistaken ......'
'What?Millie too?I'm not sure what to make of that.I'm shocked to hear that.

I don't know. This is the first time I've seen a beautiful feather and I've been beaten to a pulp for praising it.
Is it okay if I cry?

'Um, everyone.

Jeannette, who always follows me in times like this. This time, too, she intervened with a slightly troubled look on her face.
You're the only thing that's kept me going, Jeannette.

'Mr. Yashiro sometimes talks about things other than breasts. This time was one of those precious times, I'm sure.
'That's not a subtle follow-up!

What do you mean 'precious one time'?
I'm not talking about boobs all the time!

'...... indecent,desne'.
'Please don't give me that kind of disdainful look when we first meet.'

The whole thing is a misunderstanding.
It's amazing that you're surrounded by so many people you know and you don't have a single ally. I'm impressed.
Can I cry?

'It's Nikka. These are the guests I told you about.'
'These are the guests?

The girl from the swallowtail butterfly tribe called Nikka stares at me with eyes bared in alarm.

'This overtly suspicious man is the anchovy.'

Oh, come on.
Is that any way to introduce him?

'Aren't you expecting sardines?
'Did you really tell him that anchovies are coming?

What, are you stupid?
You're an idiot, right?
Why are you an idiot!

'Hmm, ...... hearsay is something that is not accurately conveyed.'
'It's the way you say it, that's the problem!
'Oi, anchovies!

Nikka points at me and shouts in anger.
It's gotten so popular, you know. ......

'I won't forgive you if you're rude to Lucia-sama!

Nicca spreads her wings wide in a threatening manner.
Then she flaps her wings quickly.

'I'll make your eyes water with my scales!
'Stop it, you're annoying!

It was an annoying attack.

'Mm......, your eyes are squeezing.'
'Yes, I do, too, my eyes.

I don't know what to say.
Who's the rude one? You most of all. You're talking from on high.

Nikka. These men are our guests. Let them meet Sirach.'
'Shh, but desne......'

Nikka turns her gaze to me.
Her gaze grows sharper, and even hatred appears to be in the air.

'These are humans, aren't they?I would have allowed you to see them if they were anchovies, but not if they were humans!

Their personal grudge against humans seems to be quite deep-rooted.

'Humans are cowardly, unfair, dirty and smelly!
'Your lord is also human, though...'

When I said a few words to the enraged Nikka, she closed her mouth and fell silent.
The sweat on his forehead is soaked.

'............ le, except Lucia-sama, desuyo'.
'By the way, here is the lord of the 42nd district. He's also human.

He pushes Estella in front of Nicca.
The word 'lord' may have had an effect, but Nikka's eyes swam.

'............ Lords are a separate category.
'By the way, the pretty girl over here is also human.'
'Huh!Oh, no!What?

When I introduced Jeannette like that, she began to make strange noises and get upset.
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this. ...... No, I don't want you to be embarrassed like that. ...... You see, the way the story goes, ......... ...

'......The embarrassment is kind of cute,............'.

But such dismay seems to have worked, and Nikka's venom has been completely drained.

'Nikka. There are many kinds of humans. Don't lump them all together and hate them.
'............ and,but desne............... ...Yes, sir. I'll be careful after that.

Nicca nodded on the gate.
She couldn't argue with Lucia's words and admitted her defeat.
Well, I'm the one who brought it to that point.

'But anchovies are the only ones that stink!
'Hmm. I agree with that.
'Hey, come on, you guys!

I'll punch you in the face, my lord. And the swallowtail butterfly as well.
And the swallowtail butterfly.

'Oh, sir. Mr. Yashiro doesn't have a particular scent, so I don't think you need to worry about it.

Yeah. Ginette.
When you gently comfort me there, it makes me look like someone who cares a lot, right?

I appreciate it, but could you please stop?I know you're trying to be nice.

'You've ruined my life!I'll rub it in if you don't stop!
'......Yashiro is still Yashiro when he's angry. ......'

Ignoring Estella's sigh, I point at Nikka.

'You're a breast!

Then I point at Lucia.

'You're an ass!
'...... Why not my breasts?Hmm?If you have a reason, let me know. Hmm?
'Shut up. Estimated B cup. Ask your own breasts. Ask your estimated B-cup breasts!
'Very well!Estella, it's war!
'Wait, Miss Lucia!Jashiro!Cancel this right now!
'Shut up. Certified A-cup!
'Alright, war!

Estella and Lucia clasped hands tightly.
This was the moment when the allied forces of District 42 and District 35 were born.

'Don't do something stupid. Two lords together.'
'You're the cause of all this stupidity, aren't you, Yashiro?
'That's right. Don't interrupt me, anchovy!

I've wasted so much time on useless things.
I hate waste and squandering more than anything.

'Hey, Nicca.

I called out to Nikka, who was holding her plump E-cups above the gate and glaring at me.

'As you can see, I'm a harmless, good person. Let me pass.'
'There's nothing more untrustworthy than your words.

Why?You're such a gentleman!

'Sirach-sama's mind and body have been damaged by humans!There's no way I'm letting her meet someone as insensitive as you!
'Hey, Nikka!How dare you speak out against my lord?
'I'm talking about you, Yashiro!

What kind of insensitivity do you think I have? I don't understand.
I'm so sensitive that I find a plush chair uncomfortable right after someone stands in it.

'There won't be a problem, just like Nicca thinks. I assure you, I will.'

Gilberta steps forward and faces Nikka.
She pounds her chest, thumps her chest.

'Believe me, I know my friend Yashiro. I believe my friend Yashiro, who called these breasts 'magnificent tits'!
'It's not worth trusting!

...... No, no, no. I think it's a foregone conclusion. I'm sure you'll remember that.

I'll take full responsibility.

Lucia says with the dignity of a lord in her tone.
Even Nikka is momentarily frightened and chokes on her words.
I mean, what kind of relationship does a lord have to have to say this much?
How politely is this Siraha being treated?
If you take too much care of things or anything, they become fragile.

'Wentan here is a Yamamayuga,' said Lucia.

Lucia said, referring to Wendy. ...... 'Wentan,' stop it.
Wendy stiffens her shoulders and looks up at Nikka with trepidation.

'This one has now taken up residence with a human.
'A sub-strain is desuka............ with humans?'

Nikka frowned, a look of honest surprise on her face.
The look in her eyes was one of awe and disdain for the incomprehensible.

'It's not a sub-lineage. It's the Yamamayuga people.'

Lucia corrected her words.
For a moment, Wendy's expression relaxed, but the tension still seemed to be there.

Wendy had once told me that she had begun researching glowing flowers so that the Yamamayuga people could play with them like butterflies.
For the Yamamayuga people, the swallowtail butterflies may have been an object of admiration.
At the very least, Wendy must have thought the sight of the swallowtail butterfly people playing with flowers was beautiful. That is why she wanted to be like them.

The contemptuous gaze of such a person may be painful even if it is not.

Perhaps you have been treated in a similar way in the past.
Maybe they have been treated similarly in the past, like in "Don't Come to Me, Subgenre," .......

'I can't let you meet anyone who has chosen to become a slave of humans, even more so, Death.

The belief that marriage with a human is like that is firmly rooted in my mind.
However, that statement was not a good idea.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

'...... Theron is not that kind of person.
'You think so because you are ignorant. You don't know the world, you don't know history, and you can only see what's right in front of you. You don't know anything about the cruelty of human beings. ......'
'That's not true!

A flash of lightning spreads across the area.
Nikka, Lucia, and Gilberta rolled their eyes at the violent spark.
It was because Nikka had scattered scales earlier that the lightning had spread more easily.

You can find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.

'I'm sorry for the ...... disturbance .......'

He bowed his head as if to make up for it.
Wendy has a habit of shaking her emotional needle to the extreme when people say bad things about Theron. That's something you need to work on.

'Ta, just ......'.

Wendy looks down at Nikka from the top of the gate with a reserved gaze, but still not backing down, and declares her thoughts once and for all.

'I didn't fall in love with Theron just because of his good qualities.

A clear statement that she is not ignorant.
This seemed to be Wendy's way of expressing her affection to Theron so that he would not deny it.

'I've spent a lot of time with you, met a lot of people in a lot of different places, had a lot of contact with them, and I've made up my mind.

'Don't use the word "ignorant," and don't talk like you know something you don't.' That's what Wendy was trying to say, I guess.
Then why don't you just say so?

'Hey, Nicca.

Wendy would never say anything that would push someone away.
That's both kind and cruel at times.
Look at Nicca's face. She's in a state of helplessness because she's been completely denied, but she's in a state of helplessness because she hasn't been declared a clear loser. Your expression shows a lot of confusion.
He's in a position where he can't just admit he's wrong, you know.
It's kinder to talk him down.

So I'll say it for him.

'How many people do you know?Acquaintances, friends, acquaintances, it doesn't matter. How many people have you spoken to?Have you seen their faces?'
'No, there's no need to ...... meet them!We are a race incompatible with humans,......!
'How many people do you know?
'............ Lucia-sama and a few others,............,' he said.

He frowned and turned away.
That action is akin to raising the white flag.

'Locked up in a place like this, refusing to interact with anyone but certain people, refusing to meet new people, abandoning the idea of knowing ............'.

With a flinch, Nicca stepped backwards.
The fact that you can't argue with it means that you accept it.
How can you say that when you're holed up in a secluded place like this where no one ever sets foot, blocking your eyes and ears?
It's like a closed country.

Wendy, on the other hand, ran away from her parents' home and moved to the 42nd district with no one to turn to, and immersed herself in research to pursue her dream.
And there, she met people with whom she could share time, joy, anguish and excitement.

Totally ......

'Which one of us is the ignorant one?
'U ...... Shut up, Death Net!Ah, the subspecies has its own way of thinking!
'Oh, sorry. That argument won't work.

I'm not going to listen to that excuse.
You know, ......

'I'm the same person as you, aren't I?

There's no reason to give you special treatment.

'You're right, you look different. You have wings and antennae, and you can fly.That's a feat I can't match. But so what?'

The logic that we can't understand each other's minds because we look different is broken.
It doesn't work. It can't be true.

'Of course we can't understand each other's minds.

That's impossible even among our own kind.
We can only empathize at best.
If it's Jeannette or Estella or Magda or Loretta, you can at least tell what they're thinking by looking at their faces. But that doesn't mean that I understand their minds.
Only the person himself can know what he is thinking.

'But isn't it important to try to understand even though you don't understand?

If you think you can understand the other person's mind without making any effort, that is just arrogance.
The heart is not something that can be easily understood.

It doesn't matter whether you're of the same race or a different race.

Humans are such creatures.

'If someone like you rejects me with a lock on my heart from the start, there's no way I can understand you.
'Shut up, Death!Humans are always like that, always ...... verbally .......'
'Heh. You understand humans quite well, don't you?''

'That's your imagination, isn't it? I'll accuse you in a roundabout way.
Nikka's expression distorts in an obvious way.

'It's Nikka.

A beautiful, silky hand slips between Nikka and me as we stare at each other.
Lucia steps in between us and calls out to Nikka.

'If you are opposed to this marriage, then let Sirach meet with you and persuade you. Let her tell you the story of how she was hurt by her marriage to a human.

How did she take Lucia's words, Nikka closed her mouth and began to think silently.
The bleak atmosphere that had covered her entire body had faded. I suppose that means he has reached a certain level of acceptance.

As for me, I felt better knowing why Lucia had brought us here.
Lucia's attitude toward Wendy's marriage was unclear, whether she was for it or against it.
That's why it's been a mystery to me what he wants us to do by taking us to see Sirach. ......

He's expecting it.
He's hoping that we - Wendy and Theron's marriage - will break the ice.

If you act as the lord of the 35th district, which has a sympathetic policy toward the former subspecies and subhumans, you will surely have sympathy for them for a long time to come.
Like the couple of white butterflies I met in the flower garden, I can't get rid of the feeling of 'I will obey my lord's orders and take the upper hand' because my lord's 'sympathy' is rooted at the bottom.

Humans have done terrible things in the past. We must atone for that.

There is no true happiness in things given with such a backward-looking mind. There is no such thing.
Because the position has not changed a bit.

Those who give and those who are given.
The status system remains intact.

I don't know if Lucia is aware of this, but she certainly wants to do something about the current situation.
Lucia's interest in this marriage proposal may have been due to the fact that the situation had been prolonged. She was grasping at straws.
Even if it fails, Lucia herself won't be hurt at all.

You are a strong lord.

'......, you should meet him. You should meet him and see for yourself. See the pain and sorrow that Lord Siraha has suffered. ......'

At last Nikka broke.
She spread her wings wide and flew down from the gate.
As if in a flutter, she lands in front of us.

'However, if you are rude to me, I will kick you out immediately!
'Do I look like the kind of person who would do that?
'Yes, you do!

They don't seem to trust me, but they'll let me in anyway.
One step forward, I guess.

'Prepare yourself ...... to accept the heartbreaking sorrow of .......'

Nikka said and walked through the gate.
We followed her into the garden.

The one-story house we saw nearby was unnecessarily large and seemed to ...... emphasize the sadness even more.