197-Let's talk about it later.

'I've got it, Dazo!
'Karl tried to take a bunch of flowers that didn't matter, so it was more work. I should have gone alone.'

Nikka and the others return with a basket full of flowers.
I guess Carl wasn't good enough.

I guess there was no obstacle for them to take out the flowers.
The fact that Gilberta didn't say he was going with them means that he didn't think it was necessary.
Maybe they can trust us just because we are a tribe of insects living in this land.

'Well, you guys. Get out once more.'
'Huh!Don't be silly!
'You're treating me badly!
'Shut up. I'm still in the middle of my story. Come on, Siraha. You tell him too.'
'Another .......'

Oh, God. They're all ......

'If you don't do what I say, I won't make that honey you were talking about.
'Get out of here. Both of you.
''Sirach-sama is easily listening to the humans?

Carl and Nikka squealed in surprise. They're in perfect unison. They're so close, aren't they dating?I'm not sure.
...... I'm a little surprised too.
I didn't expect you to be so obedient.

'Yashiro ............ I'm getting a little scared of you.'
'Don't say it ......, it's not my fault.

I don't know if I'd like it if you were this straightforward,.......

The only way to control Shiraha is to feed her. It's the only way.
I quickly shake the honey and give it to Sirach.

'Well, well, well. That looks delicious.'

She takes the cup of flowers and sips lovingly, with an expression of great emotion on her face, as if she had just reunited with her lost child for the first time in over a decade.

'Hah ............, I'm living for this drink ......'.

Beer after a hard day's work.
You're overreacting.

'It's so good, isn't it?
'It's not ...... strange to mix honey with it!
'If that's what you think, why don't you guys go drink it in the flower garden?

'If you think so, you can drink it too, in the flower garden.' 'Everything here is for Sirach, so I can't do it.
I'll explain that, and tell Carl to go drink the honey in the garden, just the two of us.

'Come on, let's go, Nikka!This is also, uh, probably for Sirach-sama!
'Huh?Doesn't matter, does it?Hey, Carl, ......!I don't want you to pull me in!

Forcibly, Carl pulls Nikka's arm and leads her away.
Yeah, yeah. It's better for a man to be a little pushy. Yeah.

Ah, now it's quiet.

'I bet they're going to the garden hand in hand, aren't they?

Wendy smiles as they walk away.
No, ...... I don't think they'll be that sweet and sour. ......
But Wendy is tickled, as if she remembers something, perhaps because she has been there before.

'Blast it. Theron.
'Why isn't Theron here right now?The hero?

I'm jealous.
Rearmament doesn't need a reason to explode.
All you have to do is blow up anytime, anywhere.

'Well... Are you done, Siraha?'
'Yes. It was very good.'

The selfish mode ends, and Siraha's calm expression returns.
This guy, I guess. She's the kind of person who cries out if she gets hungry in the middle of the night.
It might be similar to Delia. I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more information on this on the web.

'So, what do you think?

After Siraha calmed down, I returned to the subject.
We need to find out what he's really thinking.

'Do you want to see your husband?

If he says yes, I can take care of it from there.
If he says no, it will be difficult to get the cooperation of Lucia and Jeannette, since ...... he doesn't want to. I'm sure those two will respect Sirach's opinion, and the people in District 42 are ...... somewhat likely to listen to ...... Ginette's opinion.

So, Siraha.
I'd like to meet ......

I don't want to ............ meet with you, you know.

.................. Seriously?
The tense air loosened a little ...... and sank heavily.

So you ...... don't want to meet him.
Maybe this guy doesn't want to deny those around him who support ...... him in his current life.

'Cause, you know, ......'.

Perhaps thirsty, Siraha dipped her mouth into the flower cup and poured the sweet nectar down her throat.

'Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm!

...... No, no, no. It's just enough to moisturize you, isn't it?

'Cause ...... me ............'.

After gulping, he clutched the flower cup and put his hand on his cheek shyly.
He turned his head to stare diagonally down, and the flower let out an embarrassed sound.

'...... I've gained some weight.'
I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'm sure you don't notice it, but it's such an error!

I've heard that you were as thin as my friend Jeannette, the old Sirach.
I'm sure you've heard of it.

I'm sure you'll have a great time.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... No, maybe if the person believes deep down that it's a little bit, it's considered a little bit?
If you think about it in terms of one ton, is 100 kilos in the range of "a little"?

'In other words, as long as you lose weight, I can meet you, is that correct, Sirach?

Estella asks Siraha to clarify her ambiguous answer.
You have to get confirmation from the person in question, right?

'Well, ............ I want to meet ...... you.'

She smiled happily, her wrinkled cheeks lightly tinted.
The mere thought of her husband made her look so happy.
I wish I could ...... let him see me, don't you?

If you force him to stop eating, it will help.
You're eating too much, anyhow.

'If I can't eat, ...... I'll die, you know?Murderer.
'Don't you dare say such unkind words!

Do you understand that this and that centered on you is making the race strained!

'So, if you eat healthily and lose weight appropriately, Sirach-san will meet your husband, is that correct?

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, please contact us.
I'm not sure if you can do a healthy diet ............ while eating? ......

'Shiraha. Can you exercise or something?'
'Yes. I've been exercising a lot lately.

At the unexpected answer, I rolled my eyes uncharacteristically.
To be honest, I was impressed.
If I got this kind of shape, I'd be too lazy to move. ...... I guess women want to be beautiful no matter how old they are.

'What kind of exercise do you do?
'Turn away.
'Hey, Gilberta. Bring me something to hit you with.'
'I'm sorry, but I can't accept that, I... I'm afraid my life is in danger, Sirach. I don't think so.'

What's the point of exercise if you can't look away?
You can't even burn the calories of a single boiled bean with that thing!

I'm not sure what to do.

At Sirach's suggestion, I'm going to throw chokes.
Sirach parries. I win.

'Turn away, Hoi'.

I point to Sirach and he points to the right, and his face turns to the right as if he were following me.
I won straight away.

'What the hell, Siraha. You're so weak. ...... You're sweating like crazy!

Large drops of sweat were dripping from Siraha's forehead like a waterfall.
It's as if a pot has been left on the fire, and sweat is dripping down one after another.

'hii...... hii............,oxygen......... ...'
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

You can't even perform daily activities if you're running out of oxygen.
You can't live on your own anymore. ......

'This might be life-threatening if I don't get her to lose weight before I see her husband.
'Yes, you're right. If you don't moderate a little more, it will be bad for your health.

Jeannette. Don't be shy about it, just tell her 'lose more weight or you'll die, fatty'.
...... No, I'd actually be surprised if Jeannette said something like that.

'But, Yashiro. If you're here, Nikka and the others are going to keep spoiling you. ...... Honestly, I don't think you can lose weight.'
'People are going to die because of their kindness?It's a good thing I'm a good person.

Excessive meddling is now evil.

'If I could take Siraha out, I could at least put her on a diet. ......'

If I could take her to the Sunlit Pavilion, Ginette could cook her a balanced meal, Magda and I could give her a moderate amount of exercise, and Loretta could work as usual--I think I could get her on a perfect diet.

'As a matter of fact, it would be impossible to take her out. Above all, I can't give you permission.

Lucia had a good point, if they were to take Sirach out, not only Nikka and the others, but also the Bug People who lived in this area would protest furiously.
Especially when the reason is 'to meet the husband who hurt Sirach'.

'Oh, um... Yashiro-san.'

Ginette comes up to me, looking as if she has just thought of something.

'Would it be possible for me to stay here?

What are you talking about, Jeannette?

'I'll stay here and cook a meal for you, Sirach.
'No, you, what about the ...... store?And the donation to the church.
'The store is at .............'

For a moment. Ginette's gaze wanders for a moment, and then she proposes something outrageous.

'How about if Yashiro-san becomes the head chef and only sells a limited time menu!

I take the plunge and seal off the entire menu of the Sunlit Pavilion and offer different dishes for a limited time.
If Jeannette is unable to come out to the restaurant for some reason, Jeannette proposed the exact same emergency measure that I was thinking of.
To be honest, I was surprised.

The fact that Jeannette thought the same thing as I did was one thing, but more importantly, the fact that she volunteered to take a day off from work was ......

'Are you okay with that?
'Yes, I am. I'm sorry to inconvenience the ...... customers, but I can't just leave ............ Sirach-san like this.''
'That's true, but ...... you don't know how many days it will take.'
'Three days...... no, two days. During that time, Nikka-san will learn to cook. So, what do you think?'
'You're going to teach him?
'Yes, sir. I think it will be fine if you learn how to cook simple things.

Surely, two days would be enough for that. ............

'But, Yashiro. What do you think the people here will think?'

Estella says to me with a very worried look on her face.
...... If you want to persuade me, why don't you just ask Jeannette? You're trying to force me to be the hated one by letting me express my negative opinions through my own mouth.

'They're all people with not-so-nice feelings about humans, you know?I'm not sure I want to leave Jeannette alone. I'm not going to be able to accompany you .......'

The lord can't just leave the house for two days on a whim.

'Then I'll go with you.

It was Wendy who came forward.

'I'm sure Theron will understand if you tell him, Hero-sama. I'm sorry to say that I'm using Hero-sama, but ......'
'No, I don't mind if you give me a message. ......'

I mean, there's even a man here. ......

'Then I'll take over as your companion and escort.

Gilberta raises her hand.

'I'm going to ask that the two days be closed to men, by the authority of Lady Lucia and Lady Sirach.
'You can do that?'
'Yes, I can. Circumstances are what they are. You can at least talk to them. Besides, unlike the anchovy, the ...... ginette seems to have been rather well-liked.''
'Oh, is that so?

Lucia's eyebrows drew together in a nasty smile.
Well, certainly, judging from Nikka's reaction, she probably doesn't think badly of Jeannette.
Lucia's comment was unnecessary, though.

'Oh, ...... Miri wants to stay too, but ............ can't take a day off from the store,...... ......'
'It's okay, Miri. You should prioritize your work.'
'Ugh ............ sorry, okay?

I'm sorry, but I can't help it. I can't make her do too much.
I'm not sure if you're serious,......, Ginette?

I'm not sure what to make of it.

Millie runs out of the room.
It is essential that Nikka and the others agree with Siraha's diet plan.

Now, when they come back, there'll be more trouble. ......

'Um, Yashiro-san,............, can you do me a favor?

I'm sure the anxiety is slowly growing, although I let my momentum get the better of me.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

'It is the duty of the employees to protect the manager's absence.
'Yashiro-san ......'.

You're the one who brought this up.
You want to try it, right?
Then go ahead and try it.

'If anything happens, call me right away.
'Yes, sir!Thank you very much!

With a face like that, how could I object?

'Do you want me to send Natalia, just in case?
'No, it would be annoying to have too many people. Let's leave it to Gilberta.'
'Yes, .......'

Of all of them, Estella was probably the one who was most worried about Jeannette.
You can trust her a little more, can't you?
These guys don't seem so bad either, you know.

And I have things to do in the meantime.

'Yes. I'd love to, of course.'

Well. That's good.
But that's not it.

'Do you know where your husband is?'
'That's the thing, .......'

Sirach glances at Lucia.
Does he know?

'Neither I nor Sirach know where that man is. But we could meet him if we wanted to.'

I don't see him.
You don't know where he is, but you can meet him if you want?
You mean there's a way to call him?

'The man comes to my house to correspond with Sirach. He brings a letter he has written and leaves with a letter written by Sirach.'
'What's that?That's a pain in the ass.'
'It's probably a way to prevent Sirach from knowing where he lives.

So Lucia is acting as an intermediary between Sirach and her husband.
That's quite a service you're providing.

'So, when will the husband come next?
'In a month or two.'
'Is it that long?
'Actually, I just received a letter this morning.
'He was here this morning, the husband?
'Yes. Just twenty minutes before you arrived.'

What a coincidence.
d*mn, that's bad timing.
It would have been nice if he'd come this evening at least. ......
Since I missed it today, I'll be out of touch for at least a month.

'Didn't he write his address on the letter?

Of course not!Don't say that so easily.

Even if Siraha is ready to meet him, she doesn't know if he feels the same way.
If she waits for a month, she won't know when she'll see him.
Moreover, Sirach and her husband need time to meet and clear up the misunderstandings of the people around her.

If we keep doing that, Wendy's wedding will be postponed.
We don't want that.
Timing is everything when it comes to marriage.
We can't let this fever die down.

'Maybe there's a clue in the letter. For example, talk about local specialties.'
'I see. If there's something distinctive about them, or a description of their unique culture, ......'
'...... It might be possible to narrow down where the person is now, right?

The information Estella had given him was useful.
If she could narrow down where he lived, it might be possible to find him.

'Sirach. Can I see your letter?'
'Yes. ...... I'm so embarrassed.'

She covered her face with her hands and shook her body, 'No, no, no!
If you were a catfish, there'd be an earthquake right now.

'Don't you want to see me?Show me the letter and I'll take the responsibility of finding you.'
'Oh, you've said it.

Estella looks at me with wide eyes.
Don't be so surprised. ...... I'm a little surprised myself.
Oh, I don't know why I said it. I can't believe I'm letting you see him.
What if I can't do it? ............ I think you've been caught off guard. ...... Ginette's.

.What is it?I'm not sure what to make of it.

It's Ginette, a veteran of inadvertent remarks and even a Hall of Famer. I'm sure it's a piece of cake to infect others with it. ...... nasty.

'Um, Sirach. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a fan of your work.

Hey, hey!

'Oh, is that so?I'll worship her then.

Look at that!
The old lady started worshipping without even knowing what it meant!
She's just like the sun!There's no benefit.
What am I, a Buddha in the flesh?

I'm not sure what to do.
'Yeah, hey ............, I get it. Your eyes are not deceitful. I trust you.

It seems that you can judge people by their eyes, or should I say your age.
Well, you've seen a lot of people.
With those narrow eyes.
And then Sirach's narrow eyes turned to me.

'Yashiro-chan is a good girl too.'

Oh, I'm sorry.
His eyes are all cloudy.

'Well, then, I'll show you my letter ......, though it's embarrassing.'

Siraha gropes at the foot of the chair she's sitting on so heavily.
There seemed to be a drawer there, though it was hidden by her thick legs.
From a drawer under the chair, she pulls out a letter.

The letter is written in thin ink on paper that feels good to the touch.
There are beautiful, thoughtful letters on it.

"To my beloved...

They'll even address it for you.
It's so stylishly done. ......

It's just that this one word is enough to convey the feelings.
The warmth of the thought of each other is ............ completely. You've done it.

I'm not sure what to say.
I'm not sure what to say.


I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
You are my nesessary.
"Bitter vegetables are celery and parsley.

What have I done?
I'm not sure what to make of it.

I was reading a love letter that I didn't know if it was a song from the 80s or a misunderstood rap song, and I had a migraine that made me think a woodpecker had taken up residence in my side of the head.
They're so in love, aren't they?
My heart is heavy. ......

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

"from Shiraha

'Isn't that the letter you wrote, old lady?
'Yes, because you want to read the letter ......!
'It's a letter from the other side!

They want information about your husband!
Well, after reading this letter, I'm starting to think it's not promising either!

In between the sentences, I wanted to write 'Yo checkerra! between sentences.

'I've got it, if you want a letter from the other side.

Gilberta pulls a letter out of her pocket, just before punching the meatball in the chair.
'Well, I thought you said earlier that you got a letter this morning.

'If you have ......, please tell me quickly.
'I was hesitant because of the circumstances, that is.'
'Circumstances are ......'.

'What the hell is that? In the event that you have any kind of questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at our own web site.
...... Sirach stood up ............ and pushed me away ...... ...... baba......

'It was easy to foresee, this would happen.
'...... Oh, I see.'

It was a known fact that Sirach would go berserk if shown the letter.
If you want to ...... tell me first. I've taken unnecessary damage to my ribs.

'Amazing ...... Sirach, you can move so agilely.'
'Yes, it's amazing. '

Estella and Jeannette were so surprised that they were half in a daze.
Wendy is slightly taken aback. ............ I mean, Wendy is lightly poisonous, I've noticed that recently.

I'm not sure what to make of it.

'...... Shiraha, Shiawase'.

He holds the letter to his chest and smiles wickedly with his reddened face.
It's a scary ...... smile, like an alien just before predation.

'......I'm so happy, I think I'm going to die. ............No, I'm going to die.'
I'm not going to let you die now.

I don't want you to die now, I do!

'Sirach, can I read that letter?
'............ love enemy ......?
'Who would want to take an old man away from me? We need to find out where he is.'
'........................Love Enemy... ...?
'Did you hear what I said?Do you understand what I'm saying?

I told you I don't want the old man!

I managed to persuade the reluctant Siraha,......, with Lucia and Ginette playing a major role,......, I received the letter.

I'm not sure what it says. I'm thrilled.

It's the first time you've seen someone else's love letter, Ginette told me a little excitedly.
You can't expect too much from ....... One of them was a rapper with a Showa-era flavor.

All of us read the letter in turn. ......In the end, all of us are interested. ......At first, Ginette and I stood side by side and looked at the letter.
...... Our faces are close together. It smells a little better. ............ but it's not hitting my arm. What's that?That goes without saying. I wish you'd be more vulnerable.

The letter was written in a manly, graceful hand.

"To my beloved wife, Sirach--

'Oh, ......, that makes me squeal.'

Ginette sighs next to me.
She seems to be very susceptible to this kind of thing. She's a girl.

And the beginning of the letter went like this.

"To the sweet angel who lives in my heart.

Sweet Angel" written in manly, graceful letters. ...... So this one is like this, too. ............

I'm not sure what to make of it.
I'm sure the content is decent ...... maybe decent ...... absolutely decent ...... if not decent tear it up.... ...

It's been too long since I've said goodbye.
I'm going to be overwhelmed with words to say.
Even if I used up all the paper in the world, I wouldn't be able to convey my feelings for you.
Still, let me write.
I'd like to tell you how I've been living in this long time. ......

In the city where I live, a cold wind blows from time to time.
When that happens, I suddenly think: ......
If only you were next to me, we could have kept each other warm.
High in the sky, a migratory bird asks me.
'Are you really human?
I asked it why it was asking me that,
'You only have half a heart in your body.
So ...... half of my heart is in your heart.
Even though we're far apart, we'll always be together. We'll always be together.


Aitaitaa: ......
It hurts: ...... It hurts: ......
It hurts even more because it's written more seriously than Sirach's letter: ......
It's a string of words that sounds like something out of a 90's trendy drama or a more twisted underground stage play. It's a violence of rhetoric by an impersonated poet.
What's with the "migratory birds"? Don't talk to me about ......, you bird!
In addition, when you think that this is written by an old man around the same age as Sirach,......, it hurts even more.

The ginette has been silent since a while ago.
I'm sure he's stressed out to the point of stomach ulcer by this cold string of text. ......

'............ smolder'

...... 'smolder'?

'............ sad,It's a letter.'

I looked next to me and saw that Ginette was half crying.
'............ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

'But, ...... kusun ............, it's a nice letter.'


'A letter, how should I put it,............, directly touches the heart,.......'

Yeah, yeah.
The pain and coldness of this letter is really resonating with me. I've got a shiver down my spine, too cold. I've got a migraine and my stomach hurts.

So why, Jeannette? Why do you look so warm-hearted and peaceful?

'Oh, um, Yashiro-san, ...... the next page, ......'

What!You want to read more, this letter!
I'm almost at the end of my rope, and I want to stop here!

'It's lovely ......, my heart is pounding.'

Yeah. ............

I don't know what's so great about this, but it seems to have struck a chord with Jeannette.
It could be a difference in sensitivity,...... or it could be brainwashing. ............ Mm, that's not good.
In order to release the bad brainwashing on Jeannette, I bravely folded the ............ letter.

'What?No, Yashiro-san!Let's read it to the end!
'Do you want me to read this stupid letter all the way through?
'What, why?It's a beautiful letter. I'm looking forward to reading it to the end.
'Yes, .......'
'Come on, Yashiro-san, join us.

I'm looking forward to reading this letter to the end. ...... It's a painful process. .......
Even the monks of Koyasan would run away from this. It's mind-blowing.

'How about we pass it to Estella and ask her to look for clues?You know, the maiden Estella will be very interested in other people's love letters.'
'Wait!Stop it!That makes it sound like I'm some kind of careless person who likes debugging!
'I didn't say that. I said it was flat.'
'You didn't say that either!

Even if I didn't say it, I always think it!

But it's impossible to finish reading this letter that's going to turn my brain into melted pudding just by reading it. ............ It's six pages long. ...... I'm sorry.
Ginette will read it with Estella and the others later. I can't do it.
I didn't read any of it, but I flipped through it page by page and skimmed it. It's painful to even look through it. The best I can do is look at it from a bird's eye view.

And when I looked at the last one, ......

'Oh, ......!

Ginette let out.
Then she pointed to the bottom of the letter. She pointed to the sender's signature.
The name on it was.


--Well, I've heard that name before. ......

'Mr. Orkio is a friend of your grandfather's. ......'
'Ah!Is he one of the 'Wrinkled Squadron Jibaba Five' who are regulars at the old Sunlit Pavilion?
'There's no such name attached to it, though!

Thanks to Grandma Mum's arrangement, some of them have started to gather at the Sunshine Pavilion again.
All of them are friends of Ginette's grandfather and used to be regular customers of the Sunlit Pavilion.

'But they might just have the same name.
'Let's take a look at the letter. It might contain some clues!
'Yeah, .......'

You're going to read this after all. ............ I can't help it. Concentrate your nerves and read ............!No way!

It's a good thing that you're not the only one.
The whole paper smells like the bubble era,......, and your eyes are more beautiful than diamonds.It's impossible, right?

I'm not sure what to say.I'm sure you'll agree.

As if to cover for me, Ginette, who had been reading the letter as if she were devouring it, called me excitedly. I think I've found something.
I wonder if this is the kind of moment when an archaeologist uncovers a new fact from a stone slab. ......

'Here's the story about the coffee.

Ginette deciphers the hazy, eye-causing string of letters and finds the key information in the letter.
I managed to persuade my brain to reject the letter, saying, 'No! I don't want to see it anymore!' I held my aching head and heart and looked down at the poisonous text that was spreading miasma at ......, and sure enough, the word 'coffee' was written there.

'What does it say on ......?'
'Huh?No, you can read it here: ......'
'Sorry, I can't. Tell me what it says.'
'Well, let's see, ......, "In a world watched over by a thousand stars, I am ......."'
'Oh, I'm sorry. Can you tell me after you translate it into modern Japanese?Can you translate it into modern language and then tell me?
'Eh, ...... and...' Ha, yes. I'll try .............'

My eardrums will melt if you read it aloud to me like that.
What's that, a world watched over by all the stars? ......

But recently, something exciting has happened, and it's .'' Ginette stopped speaking and let out a shaky breath.
You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.

'...... that I can now drink the coffee I used to drink in the store I used to frequent,......' she said.

He choked up a little, but tried his best to speak ......

The second generation's coffee is ............ a solid ...... reproduction of the taste of its predecessor. The second generation of ...... 's coffee is ...... a solid ...... reproduction of its predecessor.

That was the best compliment Ginette could give him.
This is the coffee that he remembers his grandfather making for him. For Jeannette, it is a very special and memorable coffee.
A regular customer who knew him back then recognized the taste of Jeannette's coffee as the same.
That must have made him very happy. It's irreplaceable.

'Gosh, ...... Oh, I'm sorry. ...... Yes, I'm fine now.'

Dabbing at her eyelids, wiping them, and exhaling, ...... Ginette smiled.
She wasn't crying anymore. The joy must have been well contained in Ginette's heart.

'Haha ...... sorry. I still can't get my face back to normal.'
'That's okay. You were happy, weren't you?
'Yes. ...... Ah, but now your chances are much better.'
'Oh. Now we can catch him for sure. ......'

'And I want to fly back to the Forty-second Ward right now and shut the old man's old age out right now.

'When I get back, don't let me beat you up for it.
'Why not, sir?Please don't do that!I'm not that sturdy!

Why do you ask?Do you need a reason?He's an old man who mass-produces these dangerous things that emit miasma!
It is because he is not sturdy that he is allowed to stay. ...... Well, if Jeannette says so, I'll stop.
I think it's best to nip the seeds of evil in the bud as soon as possible, as they continue to produce such harmful substances.

'Anyway, Mr. Assunto once told me that coffee is not drunk very often and is only enjoyed by a few connoisseurs.

Oh, that's right, there was such a story.
Thanks to that, I thought that coffee didn't exist in this city.

'So if Sirach's husband has been drinking coffee lately, there's a good chance that he's a regular customer of Orkio's.'
'Well, I guess so.

Let's go home and talk to him.
Even if we have the wrong person, we should be able to find out who 'Orkio the coffee drinker' is soon.
We could even ask Assunto to introduce us to the person who buys the coffee.

'............ ah...... sad'.
'Huh ............ that's nice.'

Estella and Wendy let out a heated exhale.
...... You're lying, right?Tell me it's not true. ............
They've read Orkio's letter that he got from me.
...... What is it about that thing that makes it so exciting?
I still can't get rid of my goosebumps. ......

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. ......

'Okay!Then you know what you have to do.'

I've had enough of poisonous text, so I'll erase it from my memory and go to .......
I'll move on to the positive.

'I'm going back to District 42 to see Orkio.
'Yes, sir. I'll think of a diet that will please Sirach and teach it to Nikka.

Ginette is going to stay for a couple of days and nights from today. ......

'...... If you have any trouble, call me right away.
'Thank you very much. ...... but I'm sure you'll be fine.'
'I see.'

You're getting tougher.
...... I need to grow up a bit too.

'What the hell is this?You're too busy calling us and kicking us out!
I'd like to complain about the way you're treating us.

A noisy voice comes into the room.

Well, ......, I guess I'll try to convince those two before I leave.