409-64th episode without additives, one of the stronge...

'Come on, guys!Stay back, it's dangerous!

Paula walks into the stall that has been prepared for her.
Paula's father brings in a huge tray with a lot of sausages.
The stall has a hot griddle where the sausages are cooked one after another.

'What the hell are you doing?

Norma was also peeking at Paula's stall as the crowd's interest gathered.

'Oh, Norma!Just in time!Help me out!
'Huh!What are you talking about?You can help, but you don't even know what you're making. ......'
'Norma will be fine!It's harder than you think, you know. Hey, I thought I'd help!
'...... can't help it.

I'm sure you're trying to make it look like you're not accepting it, but your tail is wagging happily and your mouth is loose and squishy.
Norma, you like to be relied on, don't you?

'You're too easy, Norma. I'm starting to get a little worried, even though I'm not the only one.
'Just keep an eye on her.

I don't want Norma to get any bad bugs.

'I'll fight off any insects that come near Norma-san.
'Yeah, that would be a pity, so be moderate, okay?

Annihilation would be too much of a pity.
They'd want to be pampered a bit.

'Norma, cut the cabbage into small pieces and fry it. Season it with salt and pepper.'
'How much?
'A lot!

With a bang, four cabbages are piled up.
Norma's cheeks fluttered for a moment, but she seemed to have made up her mind and began chopping the cabbage with great skill.
Excellent handiwork.
Excellent knife work.
Great arm speed, great breast swaying.

'...... wonderful.'
'That's not what you say when you're staring at cleavage.

Sometimes I don't understand what Imelda is saying.
I guess it's a difference in values.

'Ah!I found you!
'I didn't know you were here, Doctor.

Estella and Lucia find the teacher and run up to him.
That's strange... Estella shouldn't have studied under him yet.

'There are two people here who don't want to be respected, aren't there?
'You're the one who sowed the seeds, breastfeeding teacher.
'It's a misunderstanding. Lucia-san has taken it upon herself to take advantage of you.'
'Hmph!I'll even wag my tail for the sake of breastfeeding!

Are you alright, my lord?
I don't know, where's Gilberta?Why are you letting Lucia run wild?
I don't know, pets should be trained properly, or else they should be tied up properly.

'Hey, ladybug, what are you making?
'That's a hot dog.'
'Yeah, they're good.'

At the stall, Norma, who seemed to have been turned on, was nimbly chopping cabbage and frying it.
Next to him, a short sausage is being cooked.

'Norma, I want you to cut a slit in the round pan and open it halfway like this.
'Like this, right?'
'Yes, yes. Be careful not to cut them apart.'
'And how many of these do I have to do?
'A lot!
'Another lot. ......'

Paula took the bread that Norma had cut into slices and spread butter in the slices.
Then she spreads the seasoned cabbage on top, puts the sausage on top, and sandwiches it.
Finally, the surface of the bread is lightly grilled with a torch, so as not to burn, and the bread is crispy.

'Yes!The hot dog is ready!You can eat it with tomato sauce and mustard if you like!

The first hot dog is now ready.
The crowd, who had been watching with bated breath to see what would be made, gulped down their saliva.
It was easy to imagine what it would taste like. You can tell just by looking at it that it is absolutely delicious.

'Who wants to be the first to try it?

Paula asks, but everyone is hesitant.
It would attract a lot of attention.

'Well, go get Millie.
'Huh?You're sure you're okay with ......?
'Yes!Millie, come here. It's absolutely delicious!

Paula beckoned to her, and Miry, a little nervous, ran up to the stall.
She takes a hot dog, looks at it closely, dips it in tomato sauce and a little mustard, and bites into it.


With the sound of the sausage popping, Millie's big eyes sparkled.

'............ oishii!
'All right, give me some!
'Give me another one!
'Hurry up!
'Come on, Paula!Give it to me, too!

The crowd rushed to the stall, impressed by Millie's untruthfulness.
I gently pulled her towards me so that she wouldn't be crushed.

Millie was still a little dazed.

'Was it that good?
'It's amazing ......, isn't it, ladybug!

You're really excited.

'After all the sweets you've eaten, doesn't this stuff taste so good?
'Mmm!I love it.

She mimics my tone and smiles with a slightly embarrassed, 'I've done something naughty' look of satisfaction.
So don't imitate me like I'm some kind of evil symbol.

Please don't let Millie get greedy.

'What's this?Bekko-saaaan!

Imelda barked.
Apparently it was delicious.

'This, again. You've come up with something amazing, Yashiro.'
'Estella, you've got ketchup on your mouth.'
'I'm fine!
'No, it's not fine.'

He takes out a handkerchief and wipes Estella's mouth. ...... Ahhh. I'll have to ask old lady Mum to remove the stain again. I think I'll bill this guy.

'You, anchovy!Why were you hiding this delicious food?
'It's no wonder we didn't have any bread. You've got mustard on your nose too.
'I don't care!
'You should care!

Why are lords so disappointing?
I'll wipe off Lucia's mustard as well as Estella's.

'Huh?You're ......!
'I'm sorry. Gilberta's not here, so I'm just wiping it off for you. I didn't mean anything by it.'
'No other intentions,...... against the lord,...... no, against the noblewoman,......!

If you say that, you'll lose the position of Estella who didn't show any reaction. Don't say it.

'And ...... something smells good ......!

Oh, that's probably Estella's smell.
I wiped my face just before.

'You, you, you, you, your handkerchief ......!
'Why don't you just use a regular handkerchief, it's so annoying.
'You're not going to kiss and chug in the middle of the night, are you?
'Who would do that?
'I would!
'Don't do it!

Bring back this lord!

It seems that Gilberta heard the cries of these souls, but she appeared in the hall.
With Ginette.
Pulling a large cart.

'Ah, Mr. Yashiro. I've finally finished frying everything.
'Thank you for your hard work.'
'No, sir. It was a lot of fun.

I've asked Ginette for a lot of 'secret weapons'.
I hope it's time to show it off. ......

'What about Magda and Loretta?

'I was so excited to go to the stall. Look, there it is.'

Ginette pointed to Loretta and Magda, who were standing by their stalls a short distance away from Paula's stall.
Magda was holding a torch, just like Paula.

'Now, now, pay attention!

While Magda was getting ready, Loretta quickly opened her stall.
Loretta's didn't need to be cooked on the spot.

'The greatest invention of the century, using the new bread!This is the sandwich!

Ta-da!Loretta held up a triangular sandwich.
It consists of ham and cheese, ham lettuce, egg, and potato salad.
I was thinking of making a cutlet sandwich, but the fryer was occupied with something else this time, so I gave up. Well, even if the sandwiches become more popular, the katsu sandwich will not be buried and will rise to stardom at once.

'Easy to eat!
'Don't you think it's a bit healthy?
'Oh, I like ...... this!
'Eggs, yum!

The reaction of those who ate the sandwich was also positive.

'This one has honey mustard on the surface of the bread. The tangy, sweet and spicy sauce makes the lettuce and ham taste even better.

The people eating the sandwiches nodded admiringly at Loretta's explanation.
That piquant stimulus stimulates the appetite, and no matter how much you eat, you never get tired of it.

'But since you can't see how it's made, it's kind of plain .......'
'It's delicious, but it's not spectacular. ......'
'Hmmm ...... normal?
'Please don't say ordinary!The sandwich is very good.

Because of the lack of performance, the sandwich is indeed a bit plain.
Although it's just a matter of cutting and inserting, it can be quite difficult.
That's why I ended up cooking at the sunny pavilion.
I thought there would be a lot of bread left over anyway, so I had my sister secretly bring home a certain amount.

Since it was Loretta, I thought it would be okay to be modest.

And what about the bread left in the hall - Magda will be using it from now on.

'......, a new product from Magda Presents. Atenshonpuri-zu'.

Magda raises her hand to get attention.
Are you Stu? Where did you learn to do that?

'What do you make, Magda-chan?
'That's pizza toast.
'Pizza toast: ......'
'Is that a pizza?

I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

'Is it a pizza?
'It's like a pizza.'
'I'm looking forward to it!

Perhaps remembering the pizza she once ate, Bertina's face broke into a smile.

'Are you that excited about it?
'Yes, very much. I still remember the taste of the pizza from that day.

Bertina's stomach growled as she recalled memories of the past.
......I'm sure you'll agree.

In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find it on the web.
The oven was not ready in time, so the ingredients had to be cooked first.

The bread was cut into thick slices and lightly burned on both sides to make it crispy.
It's a great way to make sure you don't end up in a situation where you can't afford to go back to work. ...... Oh, I brought boiled corn. You've made an arrangement. Well, it's good because it goes together.
Then put a lot of melted cheese on top of it, and roast it over a torch so that the cheese melts.

Yeah. I'll make an oven for pizza toast later.
Looking at it makes me want to eat it. I want to simplify the cooking so that I can eat it whenever I want.
That's where Norma comes in. ...... She seems to be busy. ...... Well, I'm sure she'll do it if you ask her.

'...... finished. Pizza toast.

The appearance of the melted cheese is impressive and makes people cheer.

'......If you want to eat first, go to ......'

Bertina raised her hand cheerfully.
That much?

'...... then, Sister.'
'Thank you very much!

Bertina ran quickly over and received a pizza toast.
She was about to bite into it, so I'll warn her first.

'Bertina!The cheese is hot, so don't burn your upper jaw here, behind your front teeth!

'It's okay.'

Bertina said and bit into it.
The cheese stretched out, and the crowd gasped.

Then, after chewing, Bertina said to ......

'It's too good!

She was impressed by the taste.
As I have seen several times, the crowd rushed to the restaurant, asking for 'me too', 'me too' and 'me too'.
This would be a big hit if you could serve it in a restaurant.

If I can get it in the store, yeah.

'Yashiro. Will this pizza toast be added to the menu at the Sunken Pavilion in the future?
'There are no plans to do so at the moment.'
'Why not?It's so delicious.

Estella asks, stretching out the cheese.

'First of all, the cost is high. If you use bread that costs 60Rb a loaf, the price goes up accordingly.

A quarter of a loaf is used for pizza toast, but that's still 15Rb. If you add cheese, sauce, and time and effort, the price goes up.
If you set the price too low, it may go bankrupt when you have a large quantity.

'Also, there is the uncertainty of supply.

Bread is baked in batches on days set by the Church.
It's not every day.
Seeing how well the bread is selling, the Church may increase the number of days it bakes bread.
But even so, it will be difficult to bring in a large number of loaves every day.
There will be other people who want to buy it, and it will be difficult to put it on the menu if there is always a fight for it.
Even if you stock up on too much food, it won't last that long in this city without preservatives.

'I see. ...... It's a pity.
'You can make it at home. If you have pizza sauce and cheese, it'll taste just fine.'
'I see!Then let's sell the pizza sauce at the Sunken Pavilion!'
'Estella-san. I'm sorry, but that's the domain of our peddler's guild, isn't it?

I wonder how long she's been there, but Assunto smiles at Estella's excitement.

'Don't worry!The lord will give you permission.''
'Oh?Was our wise lord such a disappointment?'
'What, Assunto, you didn't know?
'I guess he didn't want to admit it.
'You guys, don't talk bad about him in front of him.
'Okay, Assunto!Let's go over there and say, 'Flat-chested! Let's go over there and say, 'You're flat!
'Don't swear at him even when he's not there!
'I'll say it inaudible. Hey, Assunto?
'No, I'll refrain from that. More importantly--'

Assunto gets the look of a merchant.

'Are you sure you won't be selling those pizza toasts and hot dogs?
'You can probably predict the bread supply, can't you?'
'Yes, ...... but, well, that's a shame. It was my favorite flavor, pizza toast.'

Assunto looks deeply disappointed.
It's the first time he's ever been disappointed about a meal. ............ Don't be fooled.

'Does it look that good to you?
'No, no, no. It's definitely delicious.

'No, it's definitely 'tasty'.' That's 'tasty for profit'.

'Do you want me to give you the recipe for the pizza sauce?
'Are you sure?
'No, that's a trick. You wanted that right, so you interrupted Estella's conversation.
''Hohoho. Now, what are you talking about?

It's so obvious.
You rushed to interfere when Estella said 'sell pizza toast' for you.
You said that only by selling it on the market would you be able to make a real profit.

'But if Mr. Yashiro listens to my request so readily, I'm afraid there might be something behind it.
'There is. Or rather, there is a condition of exchange.

Assunto was not surprised when I said that. He was well aware of such things.

'May I ask you something?
'If the pizza sauce goes on sale, the sales of bread should jump dramatically from the initial forecast.
'Yes, I suppose you're right.
'Then we can sell our debt to the Church, right?'
'A favor ......? I don't know, the Church is an organization that doesn't owe money to individuals or companies.
'Even if they don't directly show gratitude, they will at least calculate that it's in their best interest to keep this guy around, right?

'That, of course. Calculating is their specialty--no, their habit.'
'Mr. Assunto. You're speaking too soon. You too, Mr. Yashiro.

Bertina scolded him quietly.

'Assunto. You should apologize to Bertina.'
'I'm sorry, Sister.
'No, no. Just be careful, that's all.'
'And apologize for me, too.'
'You can do that yourself.

I can't help it, so I just say, 'I'm sorry.

'So, what are you trying to do by ingratiating yourself with the Church?
'No, nothing. I'm not going to do anything crazy, okay?
'Ho ho ho. Mr. Yashiro likes to joke.'
'That's true. It's just, you know, the 42nd district is at the very end, under a cliff, with a lot of shade, so it's hard for the Spirit God's and the church's bigwigs to see us.
'In other words, you want to be spared?
'I'm sorry to hear that. There's nothing illegal about it, it's in accordance with the rules.It's just very confusing.

My hope is that you don't have a problem with that 'confusing' part.
You know how powerful people are, if they don't like something, they'll accuse you of being difficult?
I don't want you to do that, Yashiro.

'I'll be happy if you watch over me with kind eyes.
'Please don't do that. I'm about to return the bread I've taken the trouble to put in my stomach to the earth.
'I feel like I'm going to vomit, that's terrible!Yashiro, please stop!
'Yashiro, let's stop. Right?Hey!

Assunto's face is getting really pale, so I'll cut him some slack.
I think he's pretty cute. ......

'...... yashiro. Sold out'
'This one's sold out too, bro!
'Hot dogs are also sold out.'

The three girls who had sold out of this hidden gem gathered around with smiles on their faces.
If people know that there is such a cooking method, some of them will try it at home. That would increase the sales of bread.

So, I'm going to publish the recipes for these three hidden gems.
If the sales of the bread increase and the aristocrats start eating it, the church will be happy with the increase in income.

So, I hope you won't look at the 42nd district, which seems to be hiding in the depths of the earth, but I'm sure you won't look at it at all. Yeah.

Looking around, all the bread in the hall was gone.
Even though we had prepared a large amount of bread, people were coming from the 42nd, 29th, and 41st wards. It was not enough.

It was difficult to gather enough bread to satisfy such a large number of people.
Both financially and in terms of production capacity.

'If you don't have enough, you can buy some the next time the bread is baked.

When will that be? That's up to the church.
It is unlikely, but if the church is displeased, it may take strong measures to stop the bread production.

Bread in this town is not something that can be eaten casually.
A melon bun is 500 yen. That's expensive.


That's what I just said.
'If you don't have enough, buy some the next time they bake bread.

'Or you can just eat something similar and delicious.

On cue, Gilberta opens the lid of a large cart.
Then, Ginette comes from the cart with a tray of new products from the Sunlit Pavilion, one by one, in full view.
Magda and Loretta are standing behind Ginette, ready for battle.

As the bread disappeared from the hall, the eyes of the many spectators who had remained in the hall, not yet ready to leave, now focused on Ginette.
They turned to Ginette's tray.

There, laid out on the tray, was food that resembled bread, but with a slightly crumbly appearance.
Yes. This is--

'These are the new doughnuts on the menu at the Sunlit Pavilion.
'What's that doughnut ......?

And Estella draws a circle in the air with her finger.
That's right. That's the doughnut.
But it's a little different from the ones we currently have at the Sunlit Pavilion.

After the birth of sweet buns and being impressed by their taste and texture, this new doughnut shines brightly.

'Estella, you have to try this.

'Wow, it's really sticky!
'Just try it.'
'Uh, yeah. ...... Ahhhhh ..................... ......... Yum!

Estella's shoulders shook and her body slumped. A brilliant overreaction. You could be a gourmet reporter.

'Yashiro, is this ...... anpan?
'No, it's an an-donut!
'An doughnut?
'This is a cream doughnut, and this is a chocolate cream doughnut.
'It looks very much like a sweet bun.
'What do you mean, Estella. They're completely different.

Donuts are not baked in the oven.
They're made by frying them in oil.
So they don't fall under the category of 'bread' as defined by the Church.

Even if it looks and tastes very much like bread, it is definitely a doughnut, not a bread by any means.
Therefore, it does not violate the church's domain at all, and there is no reason to be offended!
If you still complain about it, ...... Yashiro will get angry!

'Everyone, please enjoy your meal. There are two kinds, so choose the one you like.
'Yes, yes!This one is Loretta-chan's recommended cream doughnut!
'The ...... red bean doughnuts are kind of amazing.
'I think you should try them, too. I want you to try them, too.

The members of the Sunlit Pavilion, including Gilberta, handed out doughnuts to the crowd.
Those who tasted the doughnuts said one after another, "Delicious! It's delicious! One after another.
The sweetness in their mouths must have been reset by having a hot dog or pizza toast after the pastries, and it must have been just right.

The sweetness was too heavy.

The crowd was in a lively mood, comparing several kinds of donuts.
My lord was the one who looked unhappy in the midst of it all.

'You've taken another ...... nasty loophole .......'

Estella lets out a heavy sigh.
She looks a little pale because she's afraid that if the Church gets wind of her,......?
That's why we're going to contribute to the church's sales. Pizza sauce, you don't have to monopolize the recipe, we'll make it public, and you can sell a lot of bread with it. The peddler's guild will be enriched and the farmer's guild will have more work. It's a way to make people from various fields happy.

Basically, I don't envy other people's profits.
As long as it doesn't lead to profit or loss for us.
If others are making money, they can make as much as they want.
Kicking others down does not mean that our profit will increase. In the long run, keeping others out of trouble is what prevents us from making a profit. This will lead to profit.

Then I'll spare you the knowledge.

So, you know.
It's not bread, it's a donut, so it's safe, right?

'If you have any complaints, go to .......'
'Then why don't you show them the cooking process?

Lucia laughs off Estella's fears.
Yes, yes. I don't use a stone oven at all.

'...... By the way, how much do you plan to sell these red bean paste donuts ............ for?'

Estella's face is pale, as if she has a bad feeling about this.
The crowd is also interested in the price of this new doughnut.
Anpan and other sweet breads similar to this one were priced at 50Rb.
How much is this bean jam donut really worth? ......

All right, I'll tell you.

'''' cheap! ''''
''''I'll buy them every day! ''''
I'm going to buy it every day. '''' I'm going to make it my staple food. ''''

In the midst of the boisterous crowd, only Estella sighed heavily again.

'...... Absolutely, only the 42nd district does not see an increase in bread sales. ............'

Well, if there is a steady supply of similar products at about a fifth of the price.
But, you know, even if it's similar, it's still different, and sometimes you want to eat that too.
Don't worry about it.
Even if sales drop, it doesn't mean they won't sell at all.

'Besides, Assunto will take care of it so that the church won't say anything.
'What?No,...... eh?
'Yes, ......, then please, Assunto.'
'No, no, no, no!You can't expect too much from me!
'Then I won't give you the recipe for pizza sauce!Pfft!
'Hey, Yashiro-san!This is not the same as .......'
'Yashiro's notice!
'...... I understand. But in return, I will enjoy the deliciousness of the pizza sauce to the fullest!

Assunto lets out a sigh of desperation.
What's so depressing about that?
I've given you the new recipe you asked for, and even suggested a better way to eat the new bread.
It's such a great service that the Pope should be crawling on the ground thanking me.

That bread is the reason why our donuts sell so well.
Rather than just saying, "We have this kind of thing," let us use the publicity effect of the "popular thing" and the product will sell better.

This has been proven by exercise machines that use electrical signals to forcibly move the abdominal muscles.
Even if you don't know the origin of the product, it is similar to the popular product and cheaper than the popular product.That's why they sell well.

If you can take advantage of something, don't hesitate to take advantage of it.
That's the first step in business.

...... Hmmm.
This one will sell!

'Yashiro. This red bean paste doughnut is delicious, but it makes my fingers dirty.

Estella, who has eaten an Andonut, looks at her sticky fingers and says.
What an idiot. That's the last 'fun' part, so to speak.

'The powdered sugar that's sprinkled around the andonut is Percy's new product. So it's sweet. Give it a lick.'
'Lick it like ...... this?'

Estella frowned for a moment at the misbehavior, but as soon as she licked her finger, her eyes lit up.

'Oh my god!
''What?That's the whole point of a red bean paste doughnut.

Seeing Estella, the kids imitated her and licked her fingers.
'Yummy! Yummy! The kids were so excited.
The powdered sugar on their fingers feels strangely tasty, doesn't it? Maybe it's the sense of immorality that makes us feel like we're doing something wrong?
Like when you lick off the lid of an ice cream cup from a paper cup, or when you lick off the whipped cream from the film around a cake, you know you're misbehaving, but you can't help doing it.
That's the real fun of this kind of thing.

'So, that's it for sweetness.
'What about sweet?Don't tell me you have some kind of pizza toast in your donuts?
'It's not pizza toast, but--'

When I denied it, Bertina looked disappointed.
Don't be so quick, Bertina. It's not time for that look.
This is one of the strongest breads I've ever wished to make.
It's one of the major breads that are always in the top 10 of favorite bread rankings, and there are even specialty stores that specialize in it.
It's a representative of bread, and the only bread that can be prepared and sold at the Sunken Pavilion according to the rules here at All Bloom!

That's right!

This is the curry bread!

Shaped like a rugby ball, the fried bread is called "bread" in name, but the cooking method is similar to that of a donut.
The crunchy, chunky crust is filled with a rich, thick curry that is irresistible!

'Yashiro-san. It's a curry doughnut.'
'Oops, no.'

I called it curry doughnuts because I can't make and sell 'bread' in this town.
I have to be careful. I can't afford to get my foot in my mouth over something so trivial.

'Curry, donuts?Do they go with ......?'
'Well, try it.'

Estella was skeptical about her first meal.
That's always the case. Anyway, I'll give it a bite.

'But I've eaten a lot of bread, so I'm already full. ...... Just one bite.

He bites into the curry doughnut, saying something like this.
At that moment, he looked up to the sky and roared with the force of a ray of light spitting out of his mouth.

'It's so good!

Then, the words 'just one bite' disappeared. He gobbled up the whole thing in no time at all.


Estella's pupils were dilated as she stared at me.

'Uh-uh-uh, you're selling it, right?It's going to be on the menu at the Sunlit Pavilion, right?
'Yes, it will!I'll sell it.That's not a good look for a girl to have!
'Yes, how much?Hey, how much is this?How much are you planning to sell it for?
'That's too expensive!
'It's cheap!
'While the others are 9Rb!

'It's costing me a lot of time and materials!
'The lord will make up for it!
'You're desperate!

12Rb is cheap enough.
Tacos are only 10Rb, you know.Curry doughnuts are a bit more expensive than that!
If you have a problem with it, don't eat it!

If they sell too many, I won't have enough to eat.
Despite my appearance, I love curry bread.

'Huh, I can eat this for 12Rb from tomorrow... ......!
'If the Church interferes, we may have to stop selling it.
'Assunto, try to die hard!
'...... Estella-san. Why don't you leave Yashiro-san's side for a couple of months. ...... No, it's nothing.''

With such a large number of people's stomachs gripped, we could expect more sales tomorrow.
Strike while the iron is hot, you know.
The people's interest was piqued by the birth of the bread, and I snatched it away with even more interest.

This will sell!It'll sell!


When I turned around, I was hugged and patted on the head by a smiling Bertina with tears in her eyes.
You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.
...... What?

'I think he was too moved to speak.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.
That's the end of the story. ...... You're amazing, Curry Pan.
Is it worth as much as a hug from a beautiful sister?
Maybe if you make it even better and feed it to her, it will be even better. ......


Ginette looks into my face and smirks.

'Do you want to do penance?
'Even though I didn't say it out loud?
'It's written all over your face.

Then I'll wear a blindfold when I think of erotic things in the future.

And so, my plan...
With the birth of the an-donut and curry-donut, the curtain came down on my plan to teach the church how to make soft bread, and give birth to the bread-eating contest and curry bread, my favorite things, in this city.
I hope that the curry doughnuts and the bread-eating contest will continue to take deep root in this city forever and ever.

Especially, the bread-eating contest, please.