104-Episode 89 Special

'I am sincerely sorry ...... for this ...... and I will never ............ do this again! I'm so sorry, that I can't do it again!

Early morning .
Bekko is on his knees in front of the store.
I don't mind at all that Jeannette is looking at him and freaking out. All you have to do is get down on your knees or sleep on your knees.

'What the hell happened to that ......?
'I just gave him a big talk yesterday about confidentiality.

A leak of information can, in the worst case, bring down a major corporation.
Information leaked in a casual manner can cause astronomical losses.

In particular, if ...... someone else had beaten us to the punch with regard to the product we had Bekko make this time, we would have lost an immeasurable amount of money.
In addition, the opportunity for the kids to fall in love with the lord would have been destroyed. It was a very serious incident that could not be forgiven by expelling the forty-two districts.

'So, have you got the numbers?

You'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of them. ...... I'm not that mad at you, so stop being so afraid of me.

'Just look up at me.
'But ...... I can't forgive myself, that ...... I can't forgive myself.'
'All of you, raise your heads!

He raised his head. What?Is there some kind of Edo-era sensor built in?
Also, 'haha! is when you bow down?When you raise your head... 'Haha! Not many people say that when they bow down.

'Well, I can't help but think that if Imelda is pestering you, you're going to break down.
'No, no. This matter was caused by my lack of awareness, that it was. Mr. Imelda had nothing to do with it, that she did.

Becko told Imelda about the new cake and the secret work.
I'm not sure if it's because of my beliefs, but I'll take full responsibility for it. ...... Could it be...?

'Ha-ha-ha. I'm not sure. I'm going to kill myself, that I am.

I'm scared!What, is it really that painful?
That's really rude.

'I'm a fan of Estella, Magda, my sister, Molly from the sugar factory, and Cheryl from the corn farm.
'They're all vines, aren't they?

Cheryl is five years old.You're a criminal.

'So, what is that ...... package all about?I thought you said it was to teach us about the magnificence of our lord?
'No, it's not that noble, is it?

Where did you get that from and who did you talk to?
Do you think I would say something like that?

Well, at the very least, it's enough to take away those kids' preconceived notions and make them think they like the lord. It's a stunt, that's all.

'Good morning!
'Good morning, ......, what's up?
'Oh, you're here.'

Theron and Wendy arrive at the Sunken Pavilion at the right time.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but it's a good idea.
...... Why is Wendy with you when you called Theron?I'm not sure what to do.I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure what to say.I don't know.I'm not sure what to make of that.Explode!Or lose the eyebrows!Disintegrate, handsome!

'You disgusting bastard!
What?No, no, hero!We're such ......!'
'Yes, we are. I was only accompanying Theron as a light to keep him from falling on the dark road. ......

What kind of a man would use her as a light, is that it?
If I were Wendy's father, I'd punch him in the face and say, 'You think my daughter's a flashlight? If I were Wendy's father, I'd punch her in the face.

'Did you ask Mr. Theron to do something for you?
'Oh . Bekko and Theron. This is a project that won't succeed without the cooperation of these two.''
''Ah, Mr. Yashiro!To think that you would rely on me like this, ............ I will cut my stomach to express my gratitude, that I will!

I'm not happy at all even if you cut me!

'Theron, it's great ...... to be relied on by a hero, ............ it's wonderful.'

'It's because of your support that I've been discovered by the heroes. ...... Thanks to you.'
'Do you want to kiss me, that you do?

Good job, Becco, you're the best!Good job!
Ginette's face turned red, but she was watching it all the same.
Hahahaha!That was a bummer!I'm not going to let it go that pink!

...... Don't be happy that you're relying on me, guys. I'm not sure what to do.

'By the way, Theron.
'Will it still dry out?
'If you keep it exposed to the outside air, it will ....... But we've improved it so that it can be made soft and sticky again by kneading it with water.
'I see. That's very helpful.'
'Oh, that's very kind of you!
'So, you're exaggerating!

Theron bowed at a right angle. For some reason, Wendy is bowing with him.
Well, she's a good girl. I wish he'd explode, but only Theron.

'This is the actual item.

...... I'm sure it's quite heavy,...... but I'm sure the bug people have strong arms,......

While Wendy is lowering the crate to the ground, Theron adds to its contents.

'As you said, it's individually wrapped in small portions of about 25 grams.'
'I see. I'm sorry for asking you to do something so troublesome.
'I'm sorry!I'm sorry to ...... make you bow down to the heroes!
'So stop it!

Am I a dictator?
And you're still bowing to me, Wendy?

I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it.
...... What is this scene?Are you a bad person?

I'm sorry, but can you take all this to the kitchen?
'''Yes, I'd be happy to! Yes, that it is!

The three of them competed with each other to carry the heavy luggage, and Ginette led them into the kitchen.
...... I wonder why people like me so much. ............ I get so many strange looks.

After the early morning hustle and bustle is over and you've done your morning routine, the sunlit pavilion is open for business again today.

'I wonder if they'll be okay ...... and if they'll get it right?Our flag .......'
'Well, don't worry about it.

Estella, who had joined us at the church, looked anxious as ever today.
She's so weak mentally.
Well, just keep your head down. It'll probably work out.

Whether it's sunny or rainy, whether Estella is sinking, time flows at the same speed, and the life cycle of the people in this town is also regular, and almost every day, the same people come to eat.

'Hah!Magda-tan, you're a real angel again today!

And let's not talk about the unrelated ones this time.
While I was busily working, lunch time was over, and this time came. The parents and children from yesterday are gathering one after another.

Now, it's time to play. I wonder if they'll bite well. ......

'Welcome to the Sunshine Pavilion'.

Ginette begins to serve the mother and child.

'Well, I'll have the daily set meal and a children's lunch for her.
'Yes, ma'am. Magda-san!
'...... excuse me.'

At Ginette's call, Magda approached the table with Ginette, carrying a large box. As if to switch places with Magda, Ginette went down to the kitchen.

The box Magda brought was the size of an upright piece of cardboard, with a large slot at the bottom that looked like a small vending machine.
Or rather, it is exactly like a small vending machine.

The internal structure is so complicated that I was about to give up on the idea of letting Becco copy it, but he made me build it as a punishment for leaking ...... information. I spent half a day on it yesterday, and it turned out pretty good.

The small vending machine has three levers, and by pulling down any one of them, a flag falls down to the bottom slot.
It was closer to the old "Cosmos" vending machines than the current ones.

In the future, we will use this small vending machine to let children who order a children's lunch choose a flag.

'Press .......'

The kid pulls down the lever of the small vending machine, prompted by Magda.
Then, a flag in a case fell into the slot. Here, it's for the pilaf, you know. I have to keep it sanitary.

Incidentally, we'll try to collect as many of these cases as possible. It's a cost saving measure.

Now, let's see which flag came up: ......

'Ah!............ ugh ......'

The kid's expression clouded over.
The kid drew the flag of his lord.
That's it!Great job, kid!

'...... jackpot!

Magda rang the handbell.


The kid looks around in panic at the sudden situation.
He must be puzzled by an event that had not happened until yesterday.
The kid immediately sensed the next move and turned his gaze towards it, 'Ah! and turned his gaze in that direction.

Where the kid was looking was Loretta.
Hearing the sound of handbells, Loretta walked to the table where the kid was sitting, carrying a box full of small bags.
This time, Loretta switched places with Magda and stood in front of the table.

'The lord's flag is a jackpot!Congratulations!I'll give you one of these bags of your choice!

What kid wouldn't be happy to be told he's won.
All eyes in the store ......, especially those of the other kids, are focused on the kid who won the prize.
They must be curious about the contents of the bag.

'Well, here!

The kid who got one of the bags proudly holds it above his head.
The other customers' children swarmed around him.

'Let me see inside!
Hurry up, hurry up!

Under pressure, the kid who won the prize opens the sachet.


What came out of the bag was a square wax mold made by Becco and a children's clay developed by Theron that did not harden easily.

'What's this?

The kid who had won asked Loretta, tilting his head.
Well, I guess he doesn't know how to play.
I guess that's where I come in.

'Hey!Good for you!You're so lucky!

I pat the kid on the head and give him a refreshing smile.
...... He's a little frightened.
Well, well. Nothing?I don't like kids, so I don't have a problem with them hating me.

This is a toy that the lord provided for you kids .......
'''' Toys? ''''
'I'll borrow it.

With the approval of the kid who won, I begin to knead the paper mache.
Playing with clay at the dinner table is outrageous, and I would never normally allow it, but it's a good first day.
When the clay is well kneaded, it becomes soft. I pressed the softened clay into the mold that Becko had made. After pressing it from behind with a 'swoosh, swoosh' motion, he slowly removed the mold. ............ The clay was in the shape of a horse.

'''' Wow! ''''

The kids ate it up.

'Besides horses, there are also dogs, cats, foxes and alligators. Maybe there's something that's not an animal.
'''' I'd love to! ''''

Okay. I think it's safe to say that the toys worked for now.
Something the kids want unconditionally and quite badly. That's what toys are for.

But toys are difficult.
If it's too simple, kids won't bite. If it's too complicated, kids won't bite.
I was going to have him make miniature animal figures, but then I would have had to color every single one of them.
Becko has a talent for painting, but he didn't have the time. If he painted, he would need time for the paint to dry, and above all, he would need time to prepare the paint.
It is not a convenient world where paints are sold in stationery stores. You have to make up your own combinations of the colors you need. I didn't have time to try them out one by one.

I asked Millie to prepare bamboo to make a bamboo dragonfly, and I also thought of using wood to make a kendama, but I didn't have time to teach her how to play it.
But we didn't have time to teach them how to play. Kendama is very difficult to make.

When I thought of something that I could spare time for and that was simple to play ......, clay was really convenient.
In addition to the simplicity of kneading and pressing, kids can easily make complex animal models. That's a lot of enthusiasm.
The good thing about this model is that we don't have to paint it.

The best thing about this is that we don't have to paint anything, which saves us a lot of time, and at best, it's perfect for "free creative activities that maximize the creativity of children.
You can paint it whatever you want. It doesn't matter if the horse is red, camouflage, or anything else.

Perhaps this will lead to the birth of a future artist among them. In that case, I would like to ask you to donate a lot of money to the cafeteria. I'm the one who gave them a start, and I'm as good as their parents.

Another advantage is that you can play with it as many times as you like by re-kneading the clay. Play until you get bored. And after you get bored, you will discover new ways to play.
That's innovation!
Oh, what a good thing I'm doing now. It's no exaggeration to say that the future development of the 42nd district is being created by me right now!

'You can always go to the brickworks to buy clay. When you've collected a lot of molds, you can exchange them with your friends and play with them. What you do with the toys is up to you. Have a great time!

The eyes of the kids looking up at me, how bright and dazzling they are. ......

I can make a fortune with educational materials.
No, I won't do it, but...

'Hey, hey!Give it back!It's mine!

The kid who won stretches out his arms and wants the mold and clay.
I bet you want to do it, don't you?Don't you want the other kids around you to do the same?

'The lord's flag is the winner. If you win, you get this one!
'Mommy!I'll have kids' lunch too!
'I want to do that!
'I want a horse!

The kids scattered to each table, begging for more.
The first day of service, the percentage of lords is high, but ...... it's not so easy to win, you know?
You'll have to beg for it over and over again!
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.Let's go every day until we win! We'll go every day until we win!Come on!Loosen the purse strings for our little ones!And while you're at it, have a nice meal before you go home!
Hmmm, hahahahahaha!

'Ahhh!It's the Sea Fishing Guild!
'Hahahahaha!I'm going to win!You'll see~!........................ Torbeck!
'Pupupu!I'm next!'

The kids are swarming the small vending machine.
Magda is maneuvering the kids to line up in order. He's casually awesome, that guy. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that those disorganized kids don't clash with each other, and they listen to you. ...... Isn't it boob power that makes kids listen to you?

I'm not sure what to do.I'm not sure what to do.
'Oh no!Let me see!
'I love it!
'It's true, it's the lord!
'Give it to me!

The kids jostle each other like lion cubs.

'Mi, look at ......!Hey, look at me, Yashiro!

Estella says in a tearful voice as she claps me on the shoulder.

'The children, they want to be lords!They're jealous!
'All right. I can hear you, so don't hit me on the shoulder!It hurts like hell!

I don't know how excited she is, but Estella's face is crumpled and her body is writhing and twisting.
And then I hit her hard on the shoulder.

What the hell?
'I love you!
'It's because of you!I'm so happy!I can do my job with confidence from now on!Thank you!'
'...... Oh,oh.'

You're usually not very honest, but ...... you shouldn't just blurt out such horrible words. How do I react to that? ...... d*mn it. And you don't even know it.

...... Tomorrow I'm going to bully you again with my smooth, floppy ...... I'm going to bully you!
I'll make you as embarrassed as my face is right now!

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand what I mean.
She looks like she wants to say something, but she doesn't speak to me. It's no wonder.
As punishment for yesterday's propagation of Yashiroism, I've banned 'Mr. Yashiro' from work for the rest of the day.
If you want to call me 'Yashiro', you must call me 'Hey' or 'You'.
As a result, Jeannette hasn't been able to talk to me today.
I feel bad that I'm ignoring her, but she needs to see some pain. I don't want to have to go through that again.

The kids are swarming around the new model and making a lot of noise. It seems the new model is a condor.
It seems that I was able to successfully drive a wedge into the "small gap" that I kept in my heart yesterday. The small gap became a hole, and the hole gradually widened, destroying the ...... entrenched stereotypes.

In the minds of the kids, the lord was upgraded from "a bad guy who torments my parents" to "a good guy who gives me toys".
It's the same as when you get excited when you see a sticker in a candy box or a shiny back of a character card. In other words, it is enough to establish such a rule among the kids.

Winning a lord" = "getting a toy" = "being treated as a hero among the kids".

Now that such an equation has been established, the popularity of the lord will be unassailable.

'Thank you!Thank you, Yashiro!

Estella, weeping tears of joy, hugs me, pats me on the head, and pats me on the face. How excited are you? ............ You must have had a really tough few days. ......
Human skin can act as a tranquilizer when emotions are running high.

I mean, Estella is like a cat.
At first she was very cautious and didn't show any vulnerability, but now she's showing her emotions so honestly. It's like a cat laying down with its belly exposed.
You've become quite attached to me, haven't you?

'Oh, hey!

It's a good idea to take a look at the web site and see if you can find any useful information.
I'm not sure what to say. ............

I'm not sure what to say.

I was about to say it, but I swallowed. But as if he had made up his mind, Jeannette took a deep breath and ...... said something outrageous again.


The ...... world froze.

'You, um, are amazing!Yasi ......, you've made everyone smile. I think you're really great at that!
'...... Hey, Jeannette......'
'Yes!What is it, dear?

............ Is this guy on purpose?Or are you a natural?

Just as I was about to point out the dangers of what he just said, the kids started screaming.

'It's just like when your mother calls your father!
'Are you married?
'Are you guys in love?

Ginette makes a strange noise at the kid's words.
...... No, 'Huh! It's not ......

'Oh, no,...... that's not it!I'm not sure what to say, but I'd like to know what you're thinking. ...... ...... That's all!

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk. ...... And as he left, he dropped another bomb on me. ............

The air felt heavy, and I looked to the side to see Estella ...... frozen with her hand on my shoulder.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on. ...... What's wrong with the air?
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what's going on in your life.

I'm not sure what to do.

The kid who started the whole mess has one last thing to say.

'Is that infidelity?

He pointed at me and Estella. ......

Who taught a little girl that word? ......

Immediately after, Estella ran out of the store shouting, 'It's not like that! In the end, I was left behind and had to do all the rest of the customer service.

...... Did I do something wrong?
You've been working rather hard.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. .................. I was convinced at the time that God doesn't pay attention to people's good deeds. I was convinced.