105-Episode 90 One Day in the Forest

I can't believe my eyes. There's a word for that.
'Hey, is this ...... really my eyes?
It's used when you can't believe what you're actually seeing, not just .......

Yes, for example, in this case.

'Oh, ...... Rejina, hello.'
'Oh, Millie, hi. How are you?
'Yes. You look good too, Regina.
'I'm fine, but I'm not going anywhere, so it doesn't mean much to me.

Regina and Milly.
The extremely shy duo are chatting.

'What the hell is going on?
'Ouch!...... Ah, ladybug-san.'
'What the hell is wrong with you? You're suddenly shouting too loudly. I was so surprised I thought my boobs would shrink.'
'They're shrinking?Seriously, I'm sorry!

No, of course not.
I got upset at the sight of something a little surprising.
Let's just calm down.

I was now coming through the main street to the east side of the 42nd district to go to Regina's store.
The weather is fine. The sun was shining and I felt a little sweaty.
On a day like this, Regina must be sitting in a dark, damp room with the wooden door shut, hugging her knees and talking to the cotton dust rolling on the floor. The weather was so clear that she could have been sure of that.

And yet, somehow Regina was outside, talking to Millie.

So that's it. The first thing I should say is ......

'Millie ......, don't get too close to her, she'll get sick.
'Yeah ......, what's making you nervous?
'Oh ...... yourself, you've got some nerve ......'.

I'm just trying to make sure that a beautiful girl with a promising future doesn't trip over some stupid pebble and go off the rails in life.

'Oh,......, Rejina and I often ...... talk ...... from time to time, right?
'Yes. She is one of the few friends who remembered my name.
'You guys must have been close.'
'............Ummm ............Yeah.'
'Well... .................. well...'
'I guess it's not worth mentioning. ......'

'I'm sure you've met him on the street and you've exchanged a few words.

'So, where are you going?'
'Home?I'm in dreamland.
'Only you would describe your house that way. How introverted are you?
'On sunny days like this, it's best to shut the doors and sit in a dark, still room, holding your knees and talking to the cotton dust rolling on the floor. ......'

You're not seriously doing this, are you?

I'm not sure what to make of that.
'Yeah ...... that ............ can I answer normally?'

Of course. I'm not looking for Millie to be a joke.
What I want from Millie is healing.
Just be yourself.

'You know, I'm going to go pick some wildflowers.
'Not flowers?
'No. ...... We're going to dry them and preserve them.'
'Oh, I see. It's that time of year again.

Regina claps her hands.
What is it?Is it in season?
We don't have four seasons in this town, so I don't really know what the season is like.

'If you don't mind, can I go with you?I have some medicinal herbs I want to collect while I'm here.
'Hmm!It'll be fun to go with you.'
'Then it's decided. Even if we have a lot of luggage, we'll have a man to help us.
'Wait a minute. Why am I supposed to go with you?
'Oh, ......?
'No, not ...... 'e', but .......'

Why is Millie even looking at me like, 'You're not coming? Why does she look like she's not coming?
I didn't say I was coming, did I?

'Wildflowers grow in the deep, deep forest. ...... With only beautiful women and beautiful girls, I'm worried about something. ...... Hey, Millie.'

'It's not fair to use Millie, Regina.

It's not fair to use Millie as a trump card. It's hard to say no.

'If you help me, I'll give you a nice medicine as a reward.
'Medicine?For what?
'A man's pride!It'll give you more energy. ......
'Come on, let's go first, Milly.
'Yeah, ......, but .......'
'Oh, no, no, no, no. Let's go.
'Hey, wait!Don't do that, yourself!

Regina comes running after us as we start walking.
She stood next to me and grabbed me by the shoulders. What a rough body touch. There's nothing s*xy about it.

'...... haha ...... haha ............ Akan... ...I've used up all my energy today. ......'
'How little strength do you have,......'

I'm sorry to hear that you've run out of gas after only two meters of running. ......

'Ah ......, then you can ride?
'What?I'm sorry.Are you sure?

Millie said, pointing to the usual cart.
Magda had ridden in it when she went to meet the anteater brothers, and it was a big cart that even Regina could lie down in. The power of the beastmen is immeasurable, since such a small Miry is pulling it with ease. Well, it's not a beast, but a bug.

I'm sorry about that. Be my guest.'

Regina climbs into the back of the truck, cutting her hand. What kind of old man are you?
It's not 'excuse me'!

'You're not carrying flowers today, are you?
'Hmm. I'm picking lots of wildflowers.'
'...... to fill this one?
'Wildflowers, they're delicious.'

...... Beastmen are not fuel efficient. Magda and Miry seem to get hungry after using their powers.

I'll be back.I can't ride in the back of the truck on the way back, can I?'

That's because we'll be loading wildflowers.

'You. Do your best to pick herbs for me, too!
'Regina. You really look good on a cart. ...... I mean baggage.'

It would definitely save us a lot of trouble if we just threw him out.

'Ladybug, I'll teach you how to pick wildflowers.
'You're a pro, ......, let's see what you can do.
'That's no...... big deal,...... is it?

I think she's really going to fill this huge cart with wildflowers.

That's how I ended up following her into the forest. Millie seemed to be talking to me on the assumption that I would follow her. Well, I guess I'll just pick some wildflowers and go home.

Me in insectivorous plants in the forest.

'Oh, ......, soon!
'Already!How many times have you done this to yourself?Get a grip, will you?

In the deep, deep forest.
I was preyed upon by a giant insectivorous plant that I touched with my fingertips.
The mere touch of my fingertip was enough to prey on it. ...... Even the scary older men in Japan wouldn't dare to hurt me unless I bumped their shoulders.It's so unreasonable!

'ugh ............Yes, while you're at it ......'
'I'm sorry, Millie and ......'.
'Ah ......, hurry up ......, if you open this petal, the beast will be caught by the smell and come ......'.

It's more survival than I imagined.
I'm not sure if I'm going to be attacked by a beast when I have that smell all over me.

'Regina. Do you want me to give you a hug?
'Ah~, I'm sorry. I'm not the type to flirt outside. I'm a lady.'

d*mn. ...... I was going to make a companion.

I heard that it was a forest in the 42nd district, so I completely underestimated it.
This forest is managed by the Shoka Guild and is off limits to the general public. It is said that you can enter the forest if you get permission from the Flower Arrangement Guild, but you must be accompanied by a member of the Flower Arrangement Guild in order to do so.

Regina has been there several times in the past to gather herbs.
Ginette has been in there too, right?

'Ginette's been preyed upon quite a bit, hasn't she?He's so pale.'
'Yeah. Jeannette's never been to .......'
'It's a pity, you can't have a friend.

...... Why am I the only one being preyed upon by insectivorous plants? ............

'It's hard being good-looking!
'If you're so positive, you'll be fine. Let's keep picking wildflowers.

Nobody's listening to me.

It seems that this area is deliberately planted with a large number of insectivorous plants in order to prevent trespassing. And they're huge ones that prey on people.
...... What have these guys been eating to grow up to this point?...... You've eaten a few of them, haven't you?

'This flower likes sausages and beer.'
'Old man.'

It loves sausages and beer, and sometimes preys on people. Old man!...... No, males don't prey on people.

'Ladybug, maybe you smell like sausage. ......'
'Oh, that may be so. I'm the only one in this group with a sausage hanging out ......'
'Come on, Millie!Let's get on with it!

Don't listen to Regina. ...... What's she trying to say?

'There's a lot of ...... wildflowers ahead. I'll pick some for you, ladybug.'
'No, no, no. Don't mess with me, Milly. I'm an expert at picking wild plants.'
'How can an expert be preyed upon by insectivorous plants like an idiot?

Shut up!There were no insectivorous plants of this size in Japan!
I've been following the landlady to gather wild vegetables since I was a child. There is a widespread image that grandfathers go to the mountains and grandmothers go to the rivers, but in my family it was the other way around.
The proprietress went to the mountains to gather wild vegetables, and the master went to the river to catch river fish.
I was taught the skills of both of them, and I am the one!Whether it's picking wild vegetables or catching fish in the river, I'm ready to take on anything. Nothing is impossible for me!

I'm sure you'll be able to find something to help you.

Millie pointed to several long, spindly trees.
They were less than a meter in diameter and about four meters tall.
At the top of these long trees. At the top of the tree, about three meters above the ground, there is a green grass-like growth. It does not look like a leaf of the tree, but like a parasite of the tree. It reminded me a little of a sea anemone.

I mean... Oh, come on. ......

'The wildflowers on top of the tree are what I'm looking for.
'No, you can't.'

That's impossible.
You'd have to have feathers to go and get it.
The tree trunks are as smooth as whooping crape and there are no branches or hollows to catch your feet.
The habitat of wildflowers is not a place where humans can reach.

'What's the matter with you? Aren't you good at this?

That's why we didn't have any of these stupid plants in Japan!
I tried to argue with her, but I stiffened.

A beast the size of a tiger appeared beyond Regina.
It bared its fangs and was definitely staring at me.
It made a threatening 'grrrr' sound in its throat and kept its head low, ready to pounce.

If you're attacked by one of those things, you'll be more than hurt.

'You guys ......!

Before I could say 'run', the beast came flying at us.
No, definitely, towards me.

...... me?

I've heard that the smell of insectivorous plants attracts the beast. ............ Is it really this effective, that smell?

I'm running.
I'll run as hard as I can.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

...... And then I was captured.

I was held down by Magda's thick arms, which were as long as my waist, and my movements were completely blocked.

Is this what you call a disaster?
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to ............ end up being attacked by such a beast here?

When I was about to be engulfed in such desperate thoughts, I heard Regina's voice clearly.

'This is our chance. Go pick some wildflowers while you can.


No, no, no!Help me!I need your help right now, please!
What do you mean?I don't awaken in a pinch, or have hidden powers that overflow, or anything like that!
If you leave me alone, I'll be eaten for sure!


Millie's anxious eyes turned to me.
And ......

'...... Good luck.'


Millie said the unanswerable words and climbed up the tree easily.
Wow, Millie is a good tree climber. ......

It's not a good time to talk about it.
I'm in a lot of trouble!

But ......

I'm not sure what to do.Huh!Huh!Huh!Huff!

The beast started licking my face.
...... eaten............?

After that, the beast repeatedly sniffed me, climbed on me, bit me sweetly, and acted like a cat pouncing on a ............ reefer.
...... This is ............

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'Well, I'm really grateful that you took on the job.
I'm not sure I'd have thought to take on .............It's not ............!I'm not ......!I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.
And it stinks!This beast's saliva smells so bad!

'Well, I'll go to ...... too.'
'Hey!Where are you going?
'I've got to get some herbs.
'Yes, that's right!I have to gather all the herbs for you, right?So, you, take my place!

Regina smiled at my desperate plea.

'Well, I'm not getting married yet.

That's what I'm like!

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your wedding.

...... I can't get married anymore.

I've had a bad time. ......
In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at ....... .

I'm not sure what to make of it.I'll give you lots of hilar leaves. See?

Worried that I was so exhausted that I could barely walk, Milly gave me a lift to the sunny pavilion.
'Oh, my house is this way. See ya! I said, and quickly left.
He ...... seriously remember ............

'Oh, ...... you know, hilar leaves are really good ...... in soup to warm you up, right?

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
She's a really good girl. I want her in my home. How about we trade her for ...... Loretta?

'I'm sorry I had to give you a ride. Do you want to come by?'
'Uh-huh. I need to dry some wildflowers.'

I leave Milly at the door.
As usual, she repeats 'Bye! Millie repeats over and over again.
After seeing her off until she was completely out of sight, I opened the door of the sunny pavilion.

'Oh, welcome back, what's wrong, Yashiro?

As soon as she sees me, Jeannette comes running up to me.
The next words came out before I could say 'Mr. Yashiro', so it was a bit confusing. Well, let's panic. I said I was going to Regina's, but when I came back, I was soaked.

'I was out gathering wildflowers with Millie and one other person.
'Oh, ......, that beast must have gotten to you.'

Ginette let out a chuckle. It seems that the annoyance of that beast is common knowledge among those who have been in the forest.

Ginette walks into the kitchen, saying she'll be right back with towels. She must be going upstairs. I hope you have a bath ready.

'............ sssssss'

Magda whisks up to me and sniffs me.

'......I smell another woman.'

......I wonder if that beast was a female. ......

'......And a smell that makes me want to take a bite out of it. ............Itchy.'
'Please don't do this. ...... I don't have any energy left today. ......'

The feline element in the tiger tribe seems to have reacted to the feline element in me.

I'm not sure what to do.What's wrong, big brother?

Loretta came out of the kitchen and ran in front of me.
Ah, so you're worried about me too. You're so different from Regina.

'Whoa!You're disgusting, big brother!

He picks his nose, makes a U-turn, and heads back to the kitchen.
I'll put you up for ............ trade, seriously.

'Yashiro, the water is boiling now, please wait a little longer.

Ginette comes back with a towel. That's Ginette. She seems to have prepared the bath without telling me. She knows what she's doing.

'Big brother. When your body is clean, I'll worry about you too!
'Shut up, you can't say anything else.

Loretta pokes her head out of the kitchen.
That's the way he is. I know exactly what you mean!

'Oh, yeah. Here, a souvenir.
'What is it?

I hand Ginette the wildflower Millie gave me. What's it called?It's a wildflower I've never seen in Japan. ......

'Wow!That's a hilal leaf!

Oh, yeah. Hilal leaves.

'I see. It's that time of year already.'
'Is it the season?

In a city where all kinds of food are available all year round, the concept of season may not exist.
But it seems to be a food with a sense of season.

'When I eat this wild plant, I think it's the end of the season.
'Yes. It's the time to wrap up the year.
'Ah, ......, come to think of it...'

I'm going to break my fingers and count them.
Hmm ......, that's true.
It's already been almost eight months since I came to this world.

It's already December, isn't it?

Even in this world, where the time and calendar are very close to Japan's, is December still the time to end the year? The last month of the year. Well, that makes sense.
Perhaps it was because it was December that Millie and Regina went out to gather wildflowers and medicinal herbs. They are probably preparing for the New Year's Eve.
If you ask me, the whole town seems to be busy.

'Um, Yashiro-san.

Hugging a leaf of Hilar, Ginette stares straight at me.

'Could you please go shopping with me tomorrow?There are a lot of things I need to buy.
'Oh, good.

We're getting ready for New Year's Eve too.
Yeah. Do you have any buckwheat noodles?New Year's Eve soba. Oh, and mochi.
I'll ask Assunto.

'Well, let's go shopping tomorrow. Magda-san, Loretta-san, take care of the store for me.'
'A day?Is it going to take that long?'
'Yes. It's very important, so it must be done without fail!
'Hmm... Well, that's fine.

With no four seasons, District 42 is like an everlasting spring. Recently, the weather has become a little cooler and more like autumn. It would be nice to spend a day with Ginette in the fresh autumn breeze, wandering around the city to do some shopping.

I'm getting a little excited.
Now that I've decided that, I'll have to get some rest early today.
It's not that I'm looking forward to tomorrow or anything, it's just that I can't wait until tomorrow.
I'm running out of energy today because of the beast, and tomorrow will be another day of walking, so I need to be in good shape.
That's why I'm going to rest early today. ............ d*mn!I might not be able to sleep!

I spent the day with a slightly buoyant heart, and waited for the next morning.
The sky was clear and blue, the sun was shining brightly.

The sun was shining brightly and the sweltering heat of the day arrived.