106-Episode 91 The soles of the feet on a midsummer da...

It's hot!
What the hell is this?

'What's going on with ...... Jyu,December,......?

I wipe the sweat from my chin with my arm.
I've never felt this heat ...... even in August. ...... Where's the city of everlasting spring?

'This time of year, we have a heat wave every year.'
'......Seriously? ......'

I'm pretty sure it's summer day when the temperature is above 25 degrees Celsius, midsummer day when it's above 30 degrees Celsius, and extremely hot day when it's above 35 degrees Celsius.
If we are to believe the magic of forced translation, are we going to have days of over 35°C?
It's December, remember?

'When I feel this heat, I feel the end of the year.
'Is that how it is? ......'
'Yashiro-san, this is your first time in the heat wave, isn't it?
'I've had a few times before when it was hot.

When we had a festival, the temperature was such that I could wear a yukata comfortably.
But when it's this hot, ...... you don't want to stay inside and come out.
Oh, so that's why Regina was unusually outside yesterday.
I knew this was going to happen, so I decided to get some groceries while it was cooler. ...... d*mn it, tell me!

'What are you going to buy?
'About three weeks' worth of food and a few other things for the end of the year.
'I'll have Assunto bring it to you. ......'
'Then, let's go ask Assunto-san to bring the food for the Sunken Pavilion.

Do we need to separate the ingredients for the restaurant and for home?

'Well, we're off!
'...... oohhhh'

Ginette pulled me by the arm and pulled me out into the middle of the blazing sun.
Farewell, sunlit pavilion.
Farewell shade. ......

The time is just before noon.
From this morning until now, Jeannette has been working all day preparing the food to be served at the restaurant.
Now Magda and Loretta alone can run the restaurant.

'I think the number of customers will probably decrease for a while. Everyone is busy preparing for the end of the year.
'Isn't it because it's the end of the year that you're going out for a quick meal?
'That's fine as long as we can go out. ......'

It's going to get so hot that you can't go outside?
Stop it, seriously. ......

'First, let's go to Assunto's place.

Ginette took me by the hand and we headed for the main street, the sun burning my skin.

Before I knew it, Assunto had moved his branch to the Forty-second District.
It seems that they used to be in the forty-second district, but moved here before and after the festival.
They chose a contractor who could start construction immediately, instead of asking Trubec Construction Company.
Did you want to come here so soon? ...... Well, money is always taken by those who are quick.

As we wipe the sweat off our faces with our handkerchiefs, Assunto greets us.

'Well, you're very hot.
'Huh?No, no!You see, this is not what I meant.

When Assunto said this, Jeannette hurriedly let go of the hand she was holding.
No, Jeannette. I'm talking about the temperature.

'It must be hot outside, please come inside.
'Oh, ............ yes.'

Ginette's face flushes as she realizes what 'hot' means.
Well, I wouldn't go into it without a fight, either.

...... There's no air conditioning or anything. Of course not.

Across from us sits Assunto, who unfolds a sheet of paper on his desk that lists various products. It's like a menu.

'What can I do for you today?
'Well, I wanted to prepare for the end of the year.
'I see. Well, how about some soybeans?
'That sounds good. Soybeans.'

Jeannette is telling Assunto about the ingredients she wants.
As for me, ...... I can't do this anymore. It's too hot for me to hear.
I can't even eat when it's this hot. I don't care about food. ........................ Oh, that's right.

I don't know. Do you have any somen?
'Yes, sir.'

You do?

'We have buckwheat noodles and udon noodles, do you want me to bring some?
'I guess so.

For summer fatigue, there's somen. But they get boring faster than you think, so buckwheat and udon would be good.

'Well, please, for now.
'Yes, sir.

Oh, I'd like to try Nagashi Somen. ......
Cold Chinese noodles: ......
Will "Chilled Chinese Hajimemashita" finally make its debut in another world?

'Yes. How about glutinous rice?

Assunto is looking at me smiling.
Glutinous rice............ I'm supposed to eat mochi in this hot weather?
I've just been given some wild plants. I just got some wildflowers.

'What do you want, Yashiro-san?
'Well, I'll just take it.
'Now, I can offer you red beans at a discount.

...... What, is he trying to tell me to eat zenzai in this hot weather?
It's a gaman contest.

'How do you eat red beans?

Jeannette asks me.
No, no, no.

'It's what's in Imagawa-yaki.
'Imakawayaki's?Please!Mr. Assunto, please give me that!

No, you've got quite a bite. ...... Didn't you know?

'Stewing pumpkin with azuki beans makes it sweet and delicious.

The winter solstice pumpkin. ...... It's also something you want to eat when it's cold.
Isn't there anything more suitable for summer?
For example, shaved ice.

'Hey, is there any place where we can get big ice cubes?
'Ice ......?

'What's he talking about in this hot weather? They're looking at me like.
I know, I know. I know I'm talking out of my ass.
But, you know, you want to have shaved ice, or even if you don't, you want to put watermelon or drink in a tray with cracked ice and chill it.

'We can't prepare it right away, but if you give us a couple of weeks to ......

There are no refrigerators in this world, so you'll probably have to freeze it in a cave or something. ...... You might be able to eat shaved ice in two weeks. ......... ...Do you want to buy some?
No, we need an ice scraper first. A shaved ice machine. And no syrup. .......

'Well, that's still good.'
'I see. Well, it's silly to pay for ice, isn't it?

Assunto smiles elegantly.
He's changed, hasn't he? In the past, he would have sold you whatever he could.

'Then, tomorrow ...... we'll deliver these ingredients the day after tomorrow at the latest.
'I'm sure it's going to be hard work in the hot weather, but I'd appreciate it.
'No, no. It's just business.

That's great.
I respect you as much as a mover in the middle of summer. I'll never be able to copy you.

'Oh, that's right. Since you purchased a large quantity, I'd like to offer you a little service. Please wait a moment.

With that, Assunto hurriedly left the reception room.
When he came back a few minutes later, he was holding a fan in his hand.

'Oh!Isn't that a fan?
'As expected of Mr. Yashiro. You know your stuff. This is an item invented in District 10.

I'll take the fan and stir it up right away. ...... Ah, it's cool.
Ginette follows my example and moves her fan.

'It's true. It feels so good.
'I'll give you that one.
'Are you sure?
'Yes. It's not very expensive in itself. I'm giving it to someone who's always been good to me. You two are the first.

Apparently, since it's a rare and useful item, he plans to hand it out to his clients.
I guess that's the direction his mind is going, too.

'Then, Assunto.

I'll give you one piece of advice as a thank you for giving me something good.
I point to the paper part of the fan and say.

'Write an advertisement for the peddler's guild on this part of the fan. That way, you can advertise it to people who use it and to people who just see it. If it's a rare item, it's even more eye-catching.

'It's the same as the sunlit pavilion shirt.'

Well, that's what it is.

'I see. ...... Is it an advertising effect? ....... No, this was a blind spot. I guess I'm still not as good as Yashiro. May I use that idea?
'Yeah, use it, use it. It won't hurt my pocket.'
'Then, be my guest.

Assunto is smiling. He's probably thinking in his head about what kind of advertising phrase would be more effective.

'So, that's it for us.
'Are we going somewhere else now?
'Yes, sir. We're going shopping for the day.

In the hot sun.
I was almost melting in the disgusting heat while blowing air around my neck with a fan.

...... Is this fan made of bamboo? ............ Bamboo, yeah.

'Probably so. I don't know the detailed route of acquisition. It's out of my jurisdiction.

It's a fan made from bamboo procured from somewhere by a craftsman in District 10.
No wonder Assunto doesn't know how it's made. He doesn't say where he gets his materials from every single time.

'Don't tell me you're planning to make your own fan?
'No,......, that's not the case,.......'

I want to do shizusomen. But I'm not going to tell anyone about it yet.
I don't want people to get their hopes up.

At any rate, I'll provide you with some unimportant information.

'Stepping on blue bamboo is good for your health.

Ginette said, turning her gaze to her feet.

'...... No way, you can absorb some kind of ingredient from the soles of your feet and ......'
'That's not possible!

Do you have a mouth on the sole of your foot, you.

'There are a lot of acupuncture points on the feet, and when you stimulate them, they release waste from the body.
'Is that so?
'You're standing on your feet, you're like a lump of waste.
'I don't know what it is, but ...... I feel like you just said something bad.'

Ginette puffed her cheeks lightly.

'There's a ...... pressure point on the bottom of my foot?I'm not sure.It's not exactly what I'm talking about.
'Okay, Assunto. Give me your foot.
'Feet?What are you going to do?
'I'm going to give you a little foot massage.
'Oh, no!I'm afraid to ask you to give me a massage, Yashiro-san!

Don't be respectful, it's kind of creepy.

'Ms. Jeannette, why don't you give it a try?
'What?Is it me?
'I'm also a little interested in it, and if it's something that could be a topic of conversation, I'd like to adopt it positively. ...... I'd like to see it with my own eyes for reference.
'But, but ......'.

Ginette closed her knees tightly and looked down in embarrassment.

'It's dirty, and it's ......'.
'Oi!Water and hand towels!Also, please bring some aromatic oil!

As soon as Assunto called out, a booth maid who must have been waiting outside the reception room quickly brought a tub of water, a hand towel and aromatic oil.
I didn't know they had aromatic oil.

'Now, please take your shoes to .......'
'Whoa!Before you know it, you'll be talking about doing it!

Assunto took an interest. He wouldn't mind using Jeannette as bait to get some knowledge.
Ginette took off her boots and dipped her bare feet into a tub of water.

I wonder if it's ....... I'm strangely nervous.
I feel like I'm peeking into Ginette's bath.

Ginette washes her feet with the sound of water splashing.
Hey, Assunto. Don't look so hard. I don't like the thought of losing something.

'So,............, that ............ Yashiro-san.'

She averted her gaze and slowly pulled her feet out of the water and held them out in front of me.
Jeannette's face was bright red.

'Nice to meet you ......, please .......'
'Oh, oh!'

Fearfully ......, why are you so nervous, just touching my feet. What are you, a junior high school student?
Feet, feet. Just a foot. It's nothing.
Just grab it, press on the pressure point and say 'you're dead'. ...... No, I'm not dead.

Okay, I'm totally fine. I'm totally fine. I'm totally fine.
I took Jeannette's leg in my hand, pretending to be comfortable, not caring about anything in particular, feeling lighthearted.


...... What is this?I feel weird!

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I was just ticklish. ......'
'Oh, yeah, yeah. That's right. It's your first time.'
'Huh,............, yes,......, well, I don't have any ...... experience, so ......'
I've never had a foot massage before!
'Yes, that's right!

Foot massage!
Foot massage!
Come on, let's start the foot massage!

Ginette sits on the sofa.
Ginette sits on the sofa, kneels on one knee, stands up on the other knee, places a cloth on the upright knee, and gently places Ginette's right foot on the cloth. The left one is taken out of the water trough and placed on top of the boot that has been removed.

'Oh, that ...... is kind of ............ exciting, isn't it? I'm so ............ sorry that I had to turn my foot against Yashiro-san. ......'

So, why is everyone respecting me so slightly?
I'm just a regular scammer around here, you know?I'm just a regular scammer who's destroyed a few organizations.

'Okay, I'll start, but let me know if it hurts.
'Yes, ............'.

Jeannette purses her lips tightly together.
...... What's with this 'I'm going to s*xually harass you now' vibe?It's a massage, right?It's a healthy thing to do, that's all!

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

When I looked at her, she looked like she was about to cry, and her eyes were filled with tears.
Then, in a voice full of courage, she threw out the following request.

'Please ............ gently ...... do ......... ...?



...... you.
You did that on purpose, didn't you?
Even if it wasn't on purpose, that was out!
What's with the timing of that line?Are you aiming at me?

I'm not sure.I'll be back!Yahiro-san ............!
'How about ...... sorry?
'Huh!Oh, uh, ...... I'm sorry, sir. ......'
'Okay, .......'

You're making me nervous for nothing. ............ You're totally, totally ............

'You should use this amount of pressure to avoid too much pain.
'Oh ............,hmm...... yes...... that.... It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.I'm not sure what to do.

Stop panting!

'You know, you two ...... should do that kind of thing at night, at home ......'.
'That's not what I'm talking about!Massage!'

Assunto averts his gaze and gives an awkward look.
Oh, God!I don't know what to say.

It's a great way to get a good night's sleep.

Ginette said with tears in both eyes.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you can do it. ......

'Is there any pain?
'Yes. It hurts when it's hard, but if you go easy on it.

Finally, Jeannette's smile returns.

It's not like I'm going easy on him,......, I'm just touching him most of the time. It's not just pushing. I'm sure you'll be happy with the results. ......Ginette, you've got a lot of waste in your system, don't you?
I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing and how you're going to do it.I'm not sure what to say, but I'll try.

...... so you. I'm not sure if you're doing this on purpose, or if you're just choosing your lines.

'......Uh............Yashiro-san bullied me...... ......'

After the massage, Jeannette is sitting triangularly on the sofa, crying.
She is rubbing the sole of her right foot. The stinging pain doesn't seem to be going away.
I did a little work on his right foot and left it at that. It is dangerous to do this in public.
...... Well, if you insist, you can do it in my room this time. ............ No disrespect intended!

'But did it hurt that much?
'Yes. It was almost as bad as when the clay pot hit my whiskers. ......'
'...... so much, huh?

The metaphor is rather graphic. This guy's got real experience, right?

'It hurts because it's unhealthy. I can feel the pain when I'm pushed.
'You're right, that was a bit of an exaggeration.

Assunto chuckled, and Ginette puffed out her cheeks, perhaps a little annoyed by it.

'Then you should have it done too, Mr. Assunto!It's definitely painful!

It was unusual for Jeannette to get so worked up.
But Assunto has a relaxed expression on his face.

'I'm sorry to say, but ...... Yashiro is not a muscle-bound powerhouse, and the way he hurts just from a light push with his thumb is ......... .. ......'
'Okay, Assunto. Sit there and wash your feet.'

Hmmm ...... you don't know. You don't know how many celebrities have had their feet licked in agony on TV.

'No, that's fine, but you can't ...... have a funny reaction, can you?

That's called 'pretending'.
'It doesn't hurt at all. ...... Ow! You know comedy, don't you?

Assunto washes his feet, much more roughly than Ginette.
He sits down on the couch like Ginette and puts his right foot out to me.

'............ In my country, there's a food called "pig's feet".
'Why are you talking about it now?

No, it's not pig's feet, I thought.
Assunto's feet were normal human feet. This would make it easier to press pressure points.
I was just wondering what I'd do if it was a hoof.

'I'm a little nervous,' he said.

Assunto sat down shallowly and put his weight on the backrest.

'It's definitely going to hurt,' he said.
'Ho ho ho ......, I won't make as big a fuss as Mr. Ginette.'

Assunto is comfortable.

'Then, if you make more of a fuss than Ginette, you'll get a discount on the food I ordered today.'
'Yes, I'll do that. However, please refrain from unbelievably violent behavior, okay?I'm trying to make a scene, .......'
'I'll play fair. I swear on the Spirit God.'
'I see. Then you're safe.'

You know what? An unhealthy-looking guy like you, there's plenty of room for tears if we play fair.

'Then let's go.
'Yes, sir. Please.'



On a sunny, very, very hot summer day, a pig squealed--

'Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!Aren't you doing something reckless!Are you sticking a knife or something?
'You're just pressing lightly with your thumb, see?
'Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!It's not a good idea.I'm sorry.Pugyaaah!''

Assunto slumped down on the couch.

'Ginette . Hold Assunto down so he doesn't fall.'
'Yes, sir. I don't want him to get hurt.

Ginette obediently listens to me and presses both of Assunto's shoulders against the sofa.

'What?No, please don't!You can't hold me down!

'But it's dangerous, sir.
'Devil!Are you the devil?Do you have a past that you're still holding on to?I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

Press down with your thumbs from the outside to the middle of the sole. There is a kind of stubborn muscle, so I massage it with my thumb to make it lumpy.

'Ouch!Ouch!I'm sorry!I apologize!I'm sorry for laughing earlier!

Serious tears came in, and although it wasn't enough at all, I'll let you go.

'Haa.................. haa......... ............... haha ............ ..................'

Leaning languidly against the couch, Assunto's shoulders rise and fall violently.
He glanced at me and stared at me with both eyes moistened with tears.
And then he said this in a resentful tone.

'...... and .................., Yashiro-san... ...You're so violent. ......'

It's a good thing you don't handle bamboo at your place.
If there had been bamboo here, I would have cut the tip at an angle and stabbed you for sure.

'Well, thanks for the discount.
'............ is ............... ...zzzzz ............ leave it to me ............'

Assunto nodded, exhausted, as if he had been tortured.
In the event that you've got a lot more than one, you'll be able to take a look at a few of them.

...... I wonder what we were doing here after all.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

Ginette, still in a bit of a bad mood, says to me with a look of vengeance in her eyes.
Oh, go ahead.
I'm good with foot pressure points.

'............ Please make time for me next time you're free.'
'............ Hmm?'

The only time the Sunken Pavilion is free is at night.
If you're asking me to make time for you there, then ..................

'Ah, ............ ah, ............ well, one of these days.'
'Yes. ...... sooner or later.

Well, you're overthinking it,............, aren't you?

In a delicate atmosphere, we walked down the main street.
The sun is still high in the sky, and it is beating down on us relentlessly.

I guess that's why.

I'm sweating like crazy now.