103-Episode 88 Unpopularity

'Woohoo!The sea fishing guild is here!
'I love it!I'm in the lumberjack guild again!
'Eh~, trade me~!I'm in the Trubec Engineering Guild!

The children are chatting animatedly.

'It's a great success.

No wonder Jeannette was so happy.
The children's lunch was a great success.

There had always been a large number of men who came to the restaurant to eat in between work, but when they went back to work, many of them came with their children during the so-called 'hole time'.
It seems that mothers and their children are enjoying a leisurely late lunch, avoiding the time when there are many males.

The children's lunch flag is served randomly.
At first, I was expecting some complaints, but surprisingly, even if the flag was not the one they wanted, the children just shrugged it off as 'inevitable' and there was no major confusion.

However, with the exception of one flag, ......

'Aaah!This flag is killer!
'Wow, that's cute!

A child frowning and staring at it as if it were an abomination is ......

'......Why does everyone hate ............ me, did I do something wrong?'

Estella is on the verge of tears.
...... Yes, only the lord's crest is somehow unpopular with the children.

Five days have passed since we started selling children's lunches. On the first day, the response was only, 'Oh, it sold well,' but on the second day, there was an immediate response.
Children who ate the children's lunch showed off the flag in the square.
And today, the fifth day. The number of children's lunches sold surpassed the number of sales of our signature dishes, "Yaki Salmon Set Meal" and "Daily Specials Set Meal," and became the sole top seller.
Boom, wow.

So, in the midst of all this, what caught my attention was the unpopularity of the ...... lord's flag.
The kids who looked at the flag frowned.
I wondered if they were afraid of the double-headed eagle and the snake.I thought, but apparently not.

'What the hell?

For the past few days, Estella has been stuck in the sunshine pavilion, seemingly unable to get any work done. I think I'm about to start crying for real.

'Could you design a new coat of arms for me?
'Bah!Don't change it, you can't do this!
'Because!Because of that!It's not appropriate for a lord to have a coat of arms that is so hated by the children!

His eyes are serious. ...... This guy could be serious.

'Oh, ...... hello.'
'Oh, Millie-san.
'Hello, Millie. I brought you some flowers.
'Thank you very much.

There are fresh flowers on the counter all the time these days. Today is the day to replace them.
With the increase in the number of parents and their children, the plan is to win the hearts of the mothers as well.

'Wow!Your sister's coat of arms is so cute!
'Yeah, ......?

A young girl in the store is getting excited as she stares at the bag that Millie is wearing on her shoulder.
The bag may have been provided by the guild and had what appeared to be the guild's coat of arms engraved on it.

'......, the guild's crest?Cute?'
'Yes!It's cute!
'Oh, thank you .......'

Millie smiles shyly as a young girl compliments her store's coat of arms.

Even a small guild has a coat of arms.
It is used to mark the goods that are delivered.
The food and drink guild to which the Sunlit Pavilion belongs also has a coat of arms. However, restaurants tend to emphasize the individuality of each person, and there are few restaurants that display the guild's emblem. There are very few. So you don't see many of them.
It would be nice to have one in the Sunlit Pavilion. Crest.

The coat of arms of the Flower Arrangement Guild is a cute design with a motif of pretty flowers and birds that would be popular with girls.
The girls in the store were flocking to Millie's bag with the crest of the flower guild.
It was very popular.

'Okay!Let's take that thing!
'We'll be in big trouble!

Estella's brakes seem to have failed, and she has no idea where she's going with her foot on the gas.
...... If I don't do something, the lord of the 42nd district is going to blow himself up in a big way.
If that happens, the people will lose faith in him, he will fall, he will be taken over, and the lord will be replaced. ...... If that happens, the plans for the city gates and roads will be ruined!On top of that, Estella has the rights to the sewage system, so she won't be able to sell to other districts and money won't be coming in from the outside. ......

I can't let you do that.

'Hold on a second. I'm going to find out what's causing this.'

Estella gives him a pestering look.
...... something, if you were abandoned in the park on a rainy day, I would pick you up and take you home, I would.
And I'm going to name you Crane. ...... Would "Peta" be better?

While thinking about it, I grabbed a nearby kid and listened to him.
I smiled so as not to scare the kid.

'Hey, can I talk to you?
'Aaahhhh!Mama~a!I'm being taken away by a scary old man!

Who's the kidnapper?

'...... Pfft.'

Estella is laughing at me over there.
...... I'll stop, you bastard.

'Hey... Why do you hate the lord's flag?'
'Oh, it's ......... ......'

The kid glanced at his mother.
He was probably checking to see if it was okay to talk. ...... I see. You have to cage the old lady to get the kid to talk. ......

I'm not sure what to say.What a bunch of beautiful wives we have today!I can't help but want to ask you to sample the new cake we're releasing next month!'
'You guys!Make sure you answer this wonderful brother's questions!
'We're going to help that cool big brother!
'I don't care about the Flower Arrangement Guild!Just listen to your brother's story!
'Oh, ......, I don't care,............'.

I'm sorry, Millie. ...... I'm going to buy you a bouquet of flowers.
They don't take advantage of their children. She's bossy, even a little unreasonable. And yet, they have built a strong relationship of trust with their children, so they are fulfilling their duties as mothers.
It reminds me of good old Japan.
It reminds me of the good old days of Japan, when a strong-willed mother was the norm.

The kids gather around me, obeying the orders of such a scary mother. Thank you for making it easy.

'Yes, sir. I'll go get ready.'

That's all Ginette needed to know, and she retreated to the kitchen.
She will bring the rare cheesecake that she has prepared and cut it into bite-sized pieces for the tasting.
The tasting was to be held at some point.
Word of mouth has tremendous advertising power in this world.

I'll leave the old lady to Jeannette.

'Hey, don't you guys like the lord's flag?

It must have been ingrained in them that if they say anything negative, they will be offended. The kids keep their mouths shut. They are smart kids who are watching adults very carefully.
Therefore, I will treat them as if I were dealing with adults, not kids.

'You can be honest with me. It's more helpful.'
'Me too...'

Yeah. You're really being honest.

'Is there a reason you're doing this?

The more questions you ask, the more the kids think they're being told off.
We need to somehow create an environment that will make them talk honestly.

'So, who's afraid of the picture of the ...... eagle?

I raise my hand and invite the kids to raise their hands.
But the result was zero. No hands went up.

'Then, I hate snakes!

I ask the kid to raise his hand, but he doesn't respond either.
It seems that the design is not the problem.
What then?

'Who doesn't like lords?

No one raised their hands, either.
When I glanced at Estella, she was patting her chest in relief.

'Then what the hell is wrong with me?Does anyone know?

I crossed my arms and asked them with exaggerated movements, as if I were an older brother in a children's TV program.
Seeing me, a faint smile appeared on the faces of the kids.
Good, good. I guess this kind of thing works in this world too.
If you want, I'll teach you a counting song later. ...... Oh, since it's going to be translated, shouldn't it be in the melody?What's going to happen with that?But that's okay for now.

'You know, ......'.

As I was twisting my neck, a chatty girl with an air of 'I'm a big sister' came up to me with her hand over her mouth. It was a signal for a private conversation.
I gently lend my ear to the girl.

'...... My dad always looks uncomfortable when I get a letter with that crest on it.
'Your father?
'Yeah, ......, so I'm sure that letter is from ............ someone bad.'

When I looked around, I saw that all the kids were nodding their heads in agreement, as if their private conversations had been overheard.
...... Oh my god.

The letter was probably a collection notice.
It must be a document to collect the monthly tax based on sales and harvest.
That's a nasty look on your face. Taxes are paid later, right? It's like a 'take it or leave it' kind of thing.

Even if it wasn't, a letter from a lord would make you nervous just to receive it.
In Japan, it's like getting a letter from the tax office or the police.
For a moment, you may wonder, 'Have I done something wrong? This is the kind of thing that makes you wonder if you have done something wrong.

So these kids were watching their parents' expressions closely. ......

It's going to be difficult to clear up this misunderstanding. ......

'Can I have a word with you, gentlemen?

In front of the kids who were repeating secret conversations that were not really secret conversations, Jeannette crouched down, looked at them and slowly spoke.
The kids who had been chattering quieted down and all turned their attention to Ginette. All of them have a smile on their face.
...... With a single smile, you've tamed the kids I went through so much trouble to get to know.

'My lord is not a bad person. On the contrary, the reason why you all can live happily every day is because the lord is working hard, hard, hard.

Estella is in tears over there. ......, but Ginette is not protecting you, okay?Ginette doesn't know that Estella is the daughter of a lord. She simply thinks so.

'Hey, kids. Do you like popcorn?''
'''I love it!'''
''Well, how about cake?
'''I love it!
''I love it!
''I like it a lot!
''How about children's lunch?

The kids are shouting at full power, as if they're grinding their souls.
Hey, the store creaked. ......

'All that food wouldn't have been eaten if it weren't for the lord.
'Bullshit. ......'
'Is that so?'
'Oh. It was the lord who said, 'You can set up a stall,' and it was also the lord who made it possible to use sugar for cakes. And the sale of this children's lunch has also been approved by the lord.

But it wasn't done by the lord alone, you know. I'll keep my mouth shut about that.
......, you don't have to adjust your mind to the kid.

You'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in this sort of thing.
'...... Wow.'
'That's amazing.'
'Yes!Yeah, the lords are awesome!

With my encouragement, the kids are starting to question their own values.
The lord is not a bad thing. ............ Maybe, just maybe.
This "maybe" is important.
We need to create a space in the minds of those kids who have not listened to us so far.
Then, if you attack them, you can fool them into thinking you are a kid.

'But ...... hey?
'Yeah,......, my dad said, "You raised taxes again, that a**h*le lord! He said.'
'Heh. What's your name, son?'
'Jeannette. Can you get this scary lady off the stage right now?
'Yes, I'll do that. Come on, Estella. Just hold on here.
'But!That guy!It's him!

'Estella-san!Let's leave it to Yashiro-san for now!'

Estella is being dragged by Jeannette to the far end of the store . ...... You could have just thrown her outside.

'Still a little unbelievable, aren't you?
'Me too ......'
'A little .......'
'I see. You're right. It's not gonna be easy anytime soon.'

To show you that I'm on your side, I'll show you that I agree with you a lot.
Actually, the kids have already fallen for one of mine.
They thought it was 'hard to believe' that their lord was a good man.
But when I said, 'Isn't that a little hard to believe? But when I said 'a little unbelievable', they changed their opinion to 'a little unbelievable'. And he affirmed it himself.
By doing so, he was able to limit his distrust of the lord to only 'a little'. Since I affirmed it myself, there was no way the kids would doubt it. What's more, even I, his ally, said, 'That's right.
The lord is 'a little' unbelievable. That's what all the kids are saying now.

Now all we have to do is overturn their wobbly values, and their opinions will change 180 degrees.

'Well, tomorrow. Will you come back for another children's lunch?I'll show you the proof that the lord is on the side of you kids .............''
'One more time?'

I nodded loudly, put my hand over my mouth and motioned with my hand for the kids to gather around.
It's a signal to talk in private. This is what the kids like.
Sure enough, they all crowded around me with excited faces.

Making sure they are all focused on me, I secretly say to them.

'If you beg your mother now, you can have a children's lunch tomorrow.

That's good to know!The kids ran to their mother as if they had been shot.

'Hey!You know, my good brother wants us to come back tomorrow!
'The lord!
'The evidence!

There are many reasons for begging.
Even the impregnable mothers would have to agree if they were told at this place, in this situation, and at this time.
At any rate, in a store where they were being allowed to taste cakes for free, their own children, who had been found to be antagonistic to the lord through no fault of their own, were ordered to come back tomorrow by a good man who was willing to help them dispel their distrust of him, and who they had just said was kind and a good brother. We were ordered to come back tomorrow.
In addition, we can add the environment of 'we can't be too cunning because of the other wives' eyes.
There are not many mothers who can say 'no' in this situation.

'I can't help it, .......'
'Well, I'll see you tomorrow.

The mother falls, and the kids shout with joy, 'Yes! They shouted with joy.
This alone must have raised the lord's stock a bit, right?

'Well, gentlemen. Please take your seats.

Clapping her hands, Ginette calls out to the kids.
Perhaps due to the power of their big breasts, the kids obeyed Ginette's words.

''Do you have some idea of what the lord has done for us so far?
''The fact that your lives have become much easier in the past few months can be said to be the fruit of the Lord's efforts.''

Ginette began to persuade them.
The mothers listened attentively. There's no place to talk about this, so this might be a good opportunity.
After all, it is only with the support of the people that a lord can exercise his power to the fullest.

'Ginette-chan ............ is so kind.'

Estella is staring at Jeannette with both of her eyes bugging out.
I'll sit down and listen to Dr. Ginette's lecture,............," she said when she let her guard down.

'But there is a wonderful person who planned them first and lobbied for them harder than anyone else!

...... It's been a very, very unpleasant trend.

'There is a wonderful person who invented price stability, sugar distribution, knowledge of sewage, popcorn, cakes, and this children's lunch ...... No, most of the menu items we have in this store!

......Hey, I think I have a cold. ............I can't stop the chills.

'He's a humble, thoughtful and modest man who doesn't do much in the way of public appearances. But!We must never forget his presence, his achievements, and his kindness!
'Hey, girl!What kind of person is that?

...... Oh, stop it, you nameless little girl!If you ask Jeannette such a thing now, ......

'Who are you?
'Where are you?
'I want to meet you!

Shut up, you kids!
Look!Ginette's cheeks are getting a little flushed because of your agitation!Don't make me get excited!

'''Tell me!'''
''I understand!

You know!

''That person is ............ that person!

And so, the person Ginette was pointing at was ............ Estella.

'Oh, no!I'm not sure what to do.

I ...... ducked under the table in the nick of time and escaped danger.

'Oh, wow!That's him!
'You're awesome!
'He's so cool!
'No, no, wait a minute, guys. This is a misunderstanding. ...... First of all, I'm not a guy. ......!
'Oh, um, guys!You're wrong!You've got the wrong guy!I'm not that guy!
It's not him!Thanks for the cake!
'I like you, big guy!
'I'll be your wife!
'No, no, wait!What about me?
'...... Estella'.

I jumped up behind Estella, who was trying to argue with the kids, and quickly gave her an earful.

'It's nice to be a lord who is popular with children.
'Yeah, ............ do you think so?

Estella's smile falters.

'Oh, Yashiro-san!Where the hell are you ......?
'Oh, I'm sorry, Ginette. I'm going to go to Bekko's place. I've got some urgent work to do.'
'What?Huh?No, but I'm still in the middle of telling everyone how wonderful Yashiro-san is at ......!
''Well then!I'll take care of the rest!Oh, I'll tell Magda and Loretta to go back to the store!

I hurriedly left the sunlit pavilion.

I'm not kidding.
I can't stand being made into a hero in a place like that.
I'm a con artist, remember?
I'm just gathering information to run a scam in this world and laying the groundwork for living in this world.
You can't scam me if you're a celebrity.

The lord changed this city. That's all that matters. History is fine as long as the leader of the time represents it and leaves his name behind.
If you have to memorize the name of the carpenter who built Osaka Castle, all the students who take the entrance examinations will suffer from exam neurosis.

I easily dodged the disaster that was about to befall me and walked away from the sunny pavilion.
I'm going home until the noise dies down. ......

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I've got to get ready for tomorrow, too.