122-Episode 105... Hey!


Estella frowns.
'Yes, cake.

'Cantalcica and Lemon both serve cakes.

It's the time of day when lunch is over and the customers have retired.
In the deserted interior of the restaurant, Estella and I were sitting facing each other.
On the table, there was a lemon pie from the sweet shop "Graduates". We had taken it out.

'If it's cake, every restaurant in the 42nd district serves it. You must have spread the word.
'Then let me put it another way. You're the one who spread the word.' 'Then let me put it this way, two of the famous restaurants that serve cakes were hit from the top.
'...... Someone who doesn't like the cakes is behind it?
'Only if there is a connection between the two incidents.

I cut the lemon pie into bite-sized pieces and put them in my mouth. Yes, it's delicious!
The lemon flavor mixed in with the custard cream gives it a refreshing sweetness.

This afternoon, Estella and I went to "The Graduates".
I made an appointment with the person in charge and was told that he would be available at noon today.
But that's why I couldn't take Jeannette with me. Since the children's lunch was a success, the restaurant has been very busy during lunch time recently, and Ginette could not leave the restaurant.
That's why Estella and I went to "The Graduates" and asked the master about the situation and showed him the kitchen. He showed us how to cook the lemon pie, and of course there was no problem.
We were given a piece of lemon pie because we had made it.
I wanted to give it to Ginette and the others who were staying at the sunny pavilion.

Originally, the status of lemons in this town was infinitely low. The people here didn't eat them except by biting into them.
But when the Sunlit Pavilion showed them how to use lemons, with lemonade, lemon water, and lemon tea, their recognition gradually increased, and so did their demand.

The master of "Graduates", who is particularly attached to lemons, tried to find a way to use them in cakes and came up with this lemon pie.
Before the renovation, the store used to serve mainly green tea and hojicha tea in a rather Japanese style, but when I taught him how to make cakes, he came across lemon tea and was impressed by it.

So, the cake using lemon as a sign of their love, including the story of its birth, was a big hit with the female customers, and soon became a popular restaurant.
...... d*mn, girls everywhere love this episode of love.

'......HamHam............The Taste of Love'
'It's delicious. I've become a fan of this cake.

Magda and Loretta seemed to like it a lot too.

'Yashiro-san. I've made you some coffee.
'Oh, thank you.

Ginette made me a cup of fragrant coffee.
It's certainly delicious, but a little too sweet for me. It tasted like ...... love.
So I'm going to use a sharp coffee to freshen up my palate.

Hmm. I wonder why I feel a little smarter when I drink coffee.

'So, about what you said earlier, are they really after the cake?It was hamburgers that were abused in Cantartica, wasn't it?
'Well, it may be difficult to prove the connection.

Estella gives me a serious look as she chews on her lemon pie.
She's got a bit of a scrunchy nose, though.

'Cantalcica is probably the number one restaurant in the 42nd district, both in name and reality, so it may have simply been targeted. But they also sell cakes. I don't think we should disregard that.
'So the cakes are what got someone's attention?
'Yes, I'm afraid so.

The harassment only started recently.
And the most recent change in the 42nd district is the appearance of cakes.
Fashionable cakes began to line the streets where there had been no such thing as a good sweet.

Thanks to the spread of sugar.

'You don't think ......'.
'It's not impossible that it's possible.

Until now, sugar has been monopolized by the aristocracy.
Now that it's available to the common people, they may have some ideas about it.

'What do you think about that?

But, unusually, Ginette objected.

'Mr. Assunto once told me that the aristocrats are indifferent to the sugar that is now available around here. Let's see, it's called ............ 'poor man's sugar', and it's a counterfeit of the high class nobleman's sugar. ......'

I see.
The new sugar is made from sugar radish, a kind of "stinky spinach" that you can't even eat properly.
From the point of view of the aristocracy, which values tradition and dignity, sugar made from sugar radish may be shallow.
Since they call it "poor people's sugar," they may think it is insignificant and has nothing to do with them.
It's like how the rich don't care about sweets.

'Indeed, I haven't heard of any protests from the nobility regarding the distribution of sugar. In fact, they don't even seem to care.

If that's the case, ...... I may have been wrong.
There is no connection between the two recent incidents, each store just got involved with some strange people because of their high profile,.......

'Then it might be a waste of time.
'What?...... Oh, is that it?

By 'that' I mean the second phase of the harassment operation I've been asking Estella to carry out.
This time, she places several girls in front of the sweet shop "Graduates", and asks them to keep saying lines like "Graduates are closed?", "Let's go to the sunlit pavilion", "Well, that's the original place for cakes", "Cakes at the sunlit pavilion are really delicious~", just like the villagers in RPG. If the protagonist talks to them, they'll say the same thing over and over again. This is so that the information is conveyed properly.

I pity the Graduates, who are repeatedly advertised in front of the store. ...... Well, forgive me.

But if the aristocrats aren't involved, then the cake line is a bust. ......
The only people I can think of who might be antagonistic to the cake are the aristocrats.

'Well, I guess we'll have to rethink our strategy. ......'
'That's right. It might be better to wait and see. If you want, you can get an escort to reopen the Graduates' business. ......'

--and that's when we were talking.

'Is there anyone in charge?

The door was kicked open with such violence that a man stepped into the store.
The man's face was that of a reptile. If I remember correctly, that face is ...... an iguana.
You'll be able to get a lot more than just a pair of shoes.

............ He's here!

The Iguana man looked around the store,...... probably because he was the best-dressed,...... and spotted Estella.

'Oh!You're the one in charge here?
'No, I'm not.'
'Don't talk back to me!
'You're not ......, are you?
'It's your eyes!
'Your eyes are talking back to you?I've never heard that word before.'
'Shut the f*ck up!
'Does it bother you?
'Are you ...... fighting with me?

I'm sure you'll be able to tell by the way she carries herself that she's a strong woman.
Looking at Estella's relaxed expression, she may not be so fearsome.

If that's the case, I'm relieved. ......

'...... patted down chest'
'Shut up!

He stared at me with a very scary face. It's scarier than an iguana,......, and it'll give you a look of comfort, yeah.

I'm sure you'll be fine.

Ginette stepped forward, even though I should have stopped her.


Ginette is at a loss for words as she stares at you.
But then she takes a deep breath and says, 'Mmm! I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it.
...... bang!

'...... overhanging breasts'.
'So, shut up, Yashiro!

He got mad at me again. Estella, you're scaring me!

'Oh, it's me!It's me!
'What about ......?'

The Iguana man's brow wrinkled at the sudden declaration.
Realizing that the message was not being conveyed, Ginette gave a proper explanation.

'I am the one in charge!
'And I'm the one in power!
'...... Magda is the popular one.'
'What, I'm the normal one!
'What the hell is wrong with you people?Are you kidding me?
''I'm very serious!
''Then you're even more annoying!

Except for Jeannette, I, Magda, Loretta and the rest of the staff of the sunny pavilion all declared in unison that we were serious, but what the hell is wrong with this reptile?

'Oh, sir. I'm the one in charge, can I help you?

Nervously, Jeannette calls out to the Iguana Man.
Then the Iguana Man looked at Jeannette and lifted the corner of his mouth in a grin.

'So you're in charge. Then let's see what you can get out of me.
'You mean your tits!
'No!You shut the f*ck up!You've been yammering on and on!

The iguana man bared his fangs at me.
I think I have a high rate of being disliked by people I meet for the first time.

'What do you have to offer, ......?

That's strange. According to the previous information, this guy shouldn't ask for money. ......

'Anyway, give me 100,000Rb. And shut this store down. It's an eyesore.'

Wow, ...... this guy is getting a taste for it.
And it's getting really messy.

'Oh, uh, .......'
'What the hell, man?Get on with it!
'But ......, why would we do that?'

Iguana man who really doesn't seem to understand.
Estella interrupted him.

'You didn't say what you wanted. You haven't told me why this store needs to transfer money to you. Or are you some kind of robber?'

That's good. If he's a robber, he'll beat you to a pulp and turn you in to the neighborhood watch!...... Magda and Estella.

No, you're not!I'm, you know!I'm, you know, ............ that thing!
'Maybe you're saying, "I've been sick since right after I ate something from this restaurant. Is the food in this restaurant rotten? Are you trying to say ......?'
'Yes!That's it, that's it!That's what I'm talking about, manager!Do you understand?
'Yes, yes, yes.

This messy reptile couldn't seem to come up with the right words to say, so I gave him a helping hand and he took advantage.
...... No, that's why. You should know that. The fact that I know what you have to say means that your bad behavior is coming to light, right?

'Oh!The Judgment of the Spirits won't work on me!After all, I'm not 'lying'!

Cheap ......, you reptilian, too cheap!
You haven't even said what you had to say, let alone lied about it.
In other words, you're not even on the stage.

'So, you're not feeling well right now, are you?
'Can't you see that, huh?

To Estella's casual pointing out, the reptile replies with a threat for some reason.
I'm not sure if you're aware of that.

This is a great way to make sure that you do not have to worry about your own health and well being.-- Estella pointed out to him implicitly ......, and he replied with great vigor.
You can find a lot more information on this at ....... I'm not even sure I know what you're looking at when you look at me like that. Such a super class idiot. I'm sure it's more short sighted than the most gullible mormat in the 42nd district.

...... I can't help it.

I'm not sure what to do.This is a big deal!I'm not sure what to do with it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

I'm going to clearly and slowly tell you the setting that this stupid reptile should be protected from.
Just pretend you're suffering from a stomachache.

'Ah, ah!That's right!Ouch!My stomach hurts from food poisoning!

You're not supposed to say that!Now you're totally trapped in the Spirit's Judgment!

It's your cake's fault!Take responsibility and give me 100,000 Rb!Also, shut down the store!

...... Why does he have to ruin all the measures he took to prevent the Judgment of the Spirits?
I'm getting tired of even arguing with this guy. ...... I feel like my reputation is going to go down the drain if I have a serious fight with this guy. ......... ...What should I do?I'm not sure what to do.
And then he said, "Can you not look at me like that?I don't know you either. I don't know her either. Isn't he more short-sighted than the most gullible man in the 42nd district, Mo'amat? He gave me a look like.

'Loretta ......, can you turn that guy into a frog?
'No, I don't want to!I feel like I'm losing if I get involved with him.
'No, ...... I also feel like I'm losing if I get involved.
'That's not true!Big brother, just go ahead and kill him like you always do!
'Yeah~...... me?
'Shut up, you guys!If you don't get on with it, ......'.

The idiot reptile spits and yells and pulls out a large sword that hangs from his waist. It's a sword with a wide, curved tip. It's a sword called a cutlass.

The sword reflects light, and the air in the store instantly becomes tense.

The first to make a move was Magda,......, who moved so casually, as if she were going to the bathroom,......, that we could not react. No one could think of anything, not even the reptiles were prepared.
Magda approached the reptile, and with such a casual action, as if she were picking up marmalade from the table,......, she made a fist.

The small fist clenched tightly was aimed precisely at the base of Cutlass' blade. At the same time as he swung out, he caught the wide blade, and with a crisp sound, the blade flew through the air. And then, with an eerie sound, the blade flew through the air. ...... Wow, the sword has been cut in half from the base.

'...... No sword drawing or violence is allowed in the store.

I'm sure you're aware of that.
The sword you just pulled out was smashed within seconds.

'...... next violation and I'll ............ break it.'

No, there is no next time, you've already broken it. ............ What, you're talking about the human body?It's not the sword that's broken, but the owner!

That's not good. I don't want any bloodshed, that's for sure.

'Magda. They say he's got food poisoning, which means he's sick. Sick people need to lie down and rest right now.'

He intervenes between Magda and the reptile and puts his hand on the reptile's shoulder.
Then he told the reptile, 'Lie down quietly. Or else you'll get a ......' look.

The reptile must have taken the fact that his prized cutlass was so easily destroyed very seriously. ...... He quietly followed my instructions and sat down on the floor. And then gently ...... lay down in a reserved way .......
The reptile is sweating profusely all over ...... its body, probably because Magda is staring at it.
You look really unwell. If he had acted like this from the start, we could have made it more worthwhile, or used a trick or two,.......
I think the stupidest way to fight back against such an idiot would suit you.

'Genet. Bring me a black bag of pills from the medicine cabinet.'
'Huh?Oh, yes.'

Ginette hesitated for a moment, but when I nodded, she seemed to agree to my request.

'Estella, get me some water.
'I'll boil it.
'Water!Just water!

She's scary as hell, this one.

'Yes, sir.
'You're a beastman, aren't you?
'I'm a very pretty hamster man.
'Is your strength strong?
'If Magda-chou is '100', I'm about '2'.
'That means I'm about ten times as strong as Jeannette. ......'
'Am I that weak?

Ginette, who had brought the medicine, rolled her eyes.
The power of the beastman race is far beyond that of humans. Don't worry about it.

'Well, Magda and Loretta. You two work together ......'.

Pop ...... and put your hands on the stupid reptile's chest.
Then I'll say with a big smile.

'Make sure that the sick man here is held in place so that he can never escape.
''Kashimari~ (smirk)''
''Hey!You guys!

As the reptile tries to get up, Magda presses down firmly on its shoulders. Loretta skillfully presses down on its flailing legs. Oh, you're holding his knees? Well, that's a good decision by the eldest daughter, who has sometimes twisted her naughty younger brothers around by force.
Well, ......, I sit down on the stupid reptile's chest. I'm going to sit on that stupid reptile's chest. ...... Are you stuck?

'Hey, you guys!What the hell are you doing?
'Oh, nothing. If you've got a stomach ache from eating my food, I'm going to have to 'take responsibility' for taking care of you, okay?

I give him a refreshing smile, and the stupid reptile's forehead starts to sweat profusely, dripping down.
Come on, you're so rude. You have such a beautiful smile. ............ nii...


An eerie sound that didn't belong to a human escaped from the stupid reptile's throat.

'Ginette, show me the Conversation Record.
'Yes, sir!Conversation Record!

A translucent panel appears in front of Ginette's eyes.
This is a very useful thing, with various search functions. You can see the exchange rate of a currency, and you can also specify a date to see the conversation of that day.
And ......

'Search for conversations with this Iguana man before yesterday'.

It is also possible to search for conversations with a specific person.
And the search result is ............ 'Not applicable'.

'Huh~, that's strange~?
'Yashiro is quite fond of that, isn't he?

Estella, with a glass in her hand, looks at me with a dumbfounded look.

You're an idiot. It's just good manners for a deductionist, you know. Everybody does it!

'You've eaten here before, but you haven't had a conversation with the manager, Ginette, have you?
'Uh......, no......, another guy took care of it, ...... I believe.'
'And the accountant?
'That too, another guy .......'
'When was the last time you were here?
'When I'm in the store, I'm in charge of all the bills.'

Ginette said firmly.
Recently, Magda and Loretta have both learned to do the math, but Ginette is still faster. In addition, Ginette wants to talk with the customers as much as possible, so she is in charge of the accounting at the Sunlit Pavilion.
But, as Ginette said, the only condition is 'when Ginette is around'.

'I haven't opened my store for a few days now,......, but if you've been sick recently, it can't have been that long ago that you had the meal that caused it,.......'
I'm not sure what to do.That's right!You've got the wrong restaurant!That's right, maybe!There are a lot of similar stores, heh, heh, heh......'
'There's not a single store, let alone a restaurant, in this neighborhood, away from the main street.

Estella asked sharply.
Not only that, but there are no buildings around the Sunlit Pavilion.
This store stands alone on the side of the road.

'No, that's why ............ I wonder if I was dreaming ...... hahahahaha...' ...'

How has this stupid reptile managed to avoid being turned into a frog so far?
I've never heard anyone lie so blatantly before.

'Well, well. That's all right, gentlemen.

The air in the store was becoming more and more conducive to exposing the stupid reptile's lies, as he told so many blatant lies.
But that's not good, is it?
You know what they say, hate the sin, hate the person.
And from the looks of it, this stupid reptile is feeling very sorry for himself.

'Why don't you stop obsessing over the truth, the whole truth, and all that?

I say with a calm heart, like a saint.
I'm sure you have a kind, compassionate smile on your face.

'Oh, that ...... Yashiro-san ......'.
'Yashiro, your face looks terrible. ......'
'...... evil'.

Jeannette, Estella, Magda, say such terrible things.
I twist at the waist and turn around to ask Loretta, the kind-hearted, honest woman.

'That's not true, is it, Loretta? (Nitaa ......)'
'Hii!Oh ...... there's a demon.''

They're all so rude.
Oh, well. Compassion is not something to be shown to someone, but something to be given.

'Mr. Reptile......'
'Ha, hahi......!
'I'm going to give you some medicine now.'
'Eh...... no, I think I'm fine...... now, I guess. My stomach doesn't hurt anymore. ......'
'Don't be shy, reptile. There are no signs of food poisoning, and you look healthy enough to be suffering from food poisoning, even if you've been blatantly lying about it. ...... Sick people need to be treated ......, don't you think?
'............ Ah,............, no... .........Sus,sus,sorry......'
'Oh, no!It's okay!You don't have to say anything!............ 'This kind of thing' is mutual, you know.'
'O,ota ...... is ............'
'Come on,......, open your mouth,............'

I think Regina said, 'I'm not going to make it!I'm about to die!I want to die with my tits between my legs. I open the seal of the ultimate potion that Regina left for me to take when I'm in a serious condition where I'm thinking, 'I'm going to die!
Inside, there is an unmistakable, 'This is medicine! From inside, I smelled an inexplicable fragrance that said, 'This is medicine!


--As soon as it was exposed to oxygen, the medicine began to move.

I'm sure you've heard of it, but I've never heard of it.What's it good for?
'Come on,......, I don't know.
'I don't know!
'But I'm sure it's good for you. He's a bit of a joker, but he never makes anything that's bad for you. ...... He's more than happy to make something that corrupts your mind, though. ...... So I'm sure it won't kill you if you drink it.
'No, you can't drink that dangerous stuff!
'Yes, you can. ...... I'll push it into you. ......'
'That's not it!That's not what I meant!

The stupid reptile strained his entire body, trying to escape his restraints.
But there is no escaping the restraints of Magda and Loretta. ...... Loretta, you're surprisingly good at what you do, aren't you? This reptile is also a beast, but you've got it under control.

Let's see: ......
I moved my body closer to the stupid reptile and showed him the part of the medicine that had the warning on it.

"Indications: good for you. Probably good for you.
Side effect: stomach bug will make a 'switch' sound (for three days).
Caution: When exposed to air, it makes a strange noise.
If you put your face close to it to drink, it will make a screeching sound.
Usage and Dosage: Drink the proper amount with 'guts'.

So, that's it. Let me see your guts.
'No!Stop it!Keep that thing away from my face!
'Yes, yes, yes!

I ignored all the pleading words of the stupid reptile and took out Regina's special potion in front of her and held it close to her face.
As soon as she did...


The wriggling potion let out a scream of desperation.

'No, no, no!I don't want to drink it!No way!Ususo-suso!It's all a lie!I don't have food poisoning!I'm in perfect health!
'Oh, ......, is that so?

I nodded my head twice and smiled again.

'But that's a lie too, isn't it?

If it's all a lie, then it must be a lie that I'm in good health.
Well then, I guess I'll have to take my ...... medicine. ............ Hee hee hee.

'Wait, please!Please!I'll do whatever you say!

There you go again.
I'm sure you've heard of it.
He's too stupid compared to those two insects. That's why it's so hard to connect the two cases.

So I'm going to ask him directly.

'You'll do anything, won't you?
'I will!I'm serious!
'Then tell me the truth, and don't lie to me about this. If you do, I'll overlook all the bullshit lies you've told me so far.''

I stood up and pointed at the stupid reptile lying there with his arms straight out.

'But if you lie to me here, ............ I'll end your life.

The stupid reptile seemed to finally realize the gravity of the situation.
His pupils dilate and his eyes begin to tremble slightly.
His mouth opens slightly and his teeth clatter against each other.

I turn my cold, emotionless gaze to the stupid reptile and ask.

'Who put you up to this?

He's an outsider.
It doesn't feel right, no matter how you look at it.
When I was a worm, the pair of us strongly refused to let anyone know what organization we belonged to.

But this idiot seems like he'd talk a lot.
There is clearly a temperature difference.
In contrast to the pair of insects, this stupid reptile is too light. He's shallow, thoughtless, and flippant.
Yes, just like ......

He's as flimsy as an errand boy who did what someone told him to do.

'Who told you to do this?

The stupid reptile's complexion was turning pale by the minute.
Do I look so horrible?

Yeah, what do you think, sissy? ......

'............ Answer me.'
'I don't know. ......'

I don't know, huh?

'Ho, it's true!I was walking down the street and all of a sudden a guy I don't know approached me and said, 'I'll give you money if you mess up the cake in District 42!I'm serious!Oh, look at my tool bag!It's got the gold coins I got in advance!There's no way a punk like me has this much money!Hey, trust me!I'm serious about this!

I stare into the eyes of the stupid reptile.

The eyes are wide open and dark with fear. ...... No one can tell a lie with eyes like these.

I'm sure he's not lying--I'm sure of it.

'All right. I believe you.'
'Really?Thanks for the help. ............ Well, get these little b*tc*es off my back as soon as possible. ......'
'I'll take your word for it.'
'......?So come on, let's get these guys' hands off ......'
'Food poisoning, isn't that hard?'
'What?No, no!You idiot!You know that's not true, right?

When I chuckled, Magda and Loretta chuckled at the same time, and even Estella chuckled as well.

'Oh, you ......, you ............, stop ......... ...!
'It's okay. I'll be fine. ~~~~ It'll get easier. ............ Maybe.'
'Yes!No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

'Stop,' said the stupid reptile, opening his mouth, and I threw Regina's writhing, screaming potion into it.


The strange voice of the mysterious potion combined with the screams of the stupid reptile, the potion was eventually swallowed.


After making a few dozen strange noises and convulsing his body, the stupid reptile relaxed.

............ He's dying.
...... No, I'm lying, okay?He's just fainted.

'What are you going to do about it?

Estella asks with an amused, annoyed, and complicated expression.
'Well, it's ...... not a good idea to leave it in the store. ......

'I'll just dump it in front of the Graduates'.
'...... Magda will take it.'
I'm not sure what to do with it.

I don't know, I feel like everyone's face is wizened.
The only one with a worried look on her face was Jeannette. Don't worry, don't worry.
This kind of thing won't die in a little while.

'Well, let's go dump them.

And as I approached the stupid reptile...


I'm not sure what to do.
...... Oh, this guy must be hungry.

Oh, Regina. Your medicine really works well. ............ side effects.


As I listened to the voice of that strange stomach bug, I thought of the important information I'd gotten.

It seems that someone who doesn't like the cake is sneaking around behind my back.

This is a situation to think about. ............ Yeah.