62-Episode 57 Inspection and First Part of the Woodcu...

Three luxury carriages are entering the 42nd district in a row.
Not on the shortcut course that Estella and I took the other day, but on a wide street that passes through District 41.

The carriage takes us directly to the lord's mansion.
The large yard would be cramped with three large carriages. From here on, the servants would bring the carriages to the carriage house, a warehouse-like parking lot for carriages, and let the horses rest in the lord's stable.

I was standing next to Estella, who was dressed in a little better than usual, and Natalia, who was in her usual serving clothes, welcoming the carriage.

First, the door of the majestic carriage in the lead opens.

'Welcome to the 42nd district.

Estella bows reverently and says a few words of welcome.
I bow my head to her.

'Thank you for welcoming me. By the way, is there any reason why the shaking became less as soon as we entered District 42?

The one who asked me such a question without even saying hello was Stuart Javier. He's the guild leader of the Woodcutter's Guild based in District 40.
His huge body, as big as a grizzly bear, got down from the carriage. His attendants must have felt very cramped as they rode with him.

'I thought that the establishment of a branch of the Lumberjack Guild would increase the flow of heavy timber, so I had the road built.
'I see. It's certainly sturdy and flat.

Javier stomps his foot on the ground. From a distance, it looks like a giant monster on the loose.
Garth, Garth!...... See, it doesn't look out of place.
I'd say don't compare it to the bumpy roads of the 40th district. I'm sure you'll be able to do something about your own road first.

'It's really ...... far away.'

A particularly ornate carriage, different from Javier's, emerged from the carriage.
She does not care about the road that her father is praising, and looks at the people around her as if she is judging them.

'There's nothing here, is there?

Imelda opened her fan, spitting out a line that would be one of the top three first words when leaving a deserted station in the country.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this. ......

I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results. I'm sure it's because you're in the country.

That's impossible.
It's no different than the 40th ward.

However, it's been sunny and clear since this morning, and the sun is shining down on us with all its energy.

'You're going to get a sunburn.

These words must have been the signal.
The third car, a rather low grade car that seemed to say, 'Size comes first! Five stout men jumped down from the third carriage, a rather low-grade carriage that seemed to say 'size first', and simultaneously held their hands above Imelda's head to block the sunlight.

'Thank you, gentlemen.
''''' Yes!That's about it. '''''

...... Oh, they're a bunch of idiots, aren't they?

It would be hotter to be surrounded by five big men with muscles.
Are they going to go around the forty-two districts with that posture?
I hope they don't ...... because it would bring down the dignity of the 42nd district.
It's like ...... "Kagome Kagome - Muscle Version", it's uncomfortable to watch.

'Hey, Imelda.

When I called out her name to give her a small gift for coming all the way to District 42, I was surrounded by ...... 'Kagome Kagome - Muscle Version'.
It's hot!And something stinks!

'You've got a lot of nerve calling out a young lady, don't you, bean sprout?
'Do you want to be turned into hatchet rust, bean sprouts?

I'm being stared at with a very scary face. ......!

'Gentlemen, please stop.'
''''' But, young lady!
'Please stop!
''''' Yes!Miss! '''''

With Imelda's voice, the "Kagome Kagome - Muscle Version" left me and gathered around Imelda again.
What are those things? I'm not sure if it's a funnel or a bit or something like that.I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've heard of it.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.
...... She's saying that on purpose, isn't she?

'It's Tashiro.'
I'm sure you've got a lot of questions.Don't underestimate the power of my memory!

See? You remember.

'So, what can I do for you, sir?
'Oh. I thought I'd give you something nice to thank you for making time for me.
'Oh, that's quite an auspicious gesture. But that won't make the inspection grade any easier, will it?'
'I don't mean that. At any rate, there is no need for you to be lenient at all.''
'...... You're very confident, aren't you?
'If I wasn't confident, I wouldn't have bothered to call you.

'Yes,............, I'm looking forward to it.'

If this young lady's character is as I read it, ...... this inspection will certainly be a success.
As a test for that, let me see how she reacts when she receives this gift.

'Then, please accept this.
'What's this black thing?Let me tell you, when you're in my class, you've received many famous and exquisite items from many lords. If it's something boring, I'll refuse to accept it.
'Do as you please. If you don't want it, you can throw it away.'
'...... You're very confident, aren't you?
'That's why I said I wouldn't have bothered to call you if I wasn't confident.

I'm saying I'll give you this gift by name. I wouldn't do it if I wasn't sure it would please you.

'Let's have a look.
'You see that string in the middle?Remove it.'

As I said, Imelda untied the string that held the body together.
However, one of the strings is sewn to the body, and the other is simply fastened with a button, so it can be easily unfolded.

'It's kind of fluttery, isn't it?
'Then push the tubular part on top of the handle up towards the tip.'
'Is it like this ......?'

Imelda put a lot of pressure on it, and the gift I gave her opened up into a hemisphere with a 'bang! The present I had given her opened into a hemisphere with a 'bang' sound.

'This is .............'
'It's a tool called a parasol. It gracefully blocks the sun's rays.'

Yes, what I gave her was a parasol made of black cloth.
It is made thin and light so that it can fit in a woman's hand.
The cloth, which is the main body of the umbrella, is laced and casts a beautiful shadow on the person who holds it. In addition, the lace is decorated with frills that do not interfere with the lace, making it a delight to the eyes.

'............ beautiful'.

Imelda seems to like the parasol, spinning it around and peeking at it, holding it up, and playing with it as if to check how it feels.


It's a good idea to take a look at the actual products and services that are available on the market.

'Well, that's quite something, isn't it? Very well. I'll take it.

...... You're so naive.
But if you look at the way his mouth is hanging loose, he seems to like it a lot.
Well, I was confident too, so I guess it was to be expected.

At any rate, Ginette, Estella, Magda and Loretta also liked the parasol very much.
Bertina and Regina were also pleased, and I was sure that the parasol would be popular among women in our world.
Aside from the shopkeeper, I had a small ulterior motive in giving them to Bertina and Regina.
Bertina wanted to ask for their help in building the road in the future. By urging the followers of the Spirit Church to 'go to church! You can appeal for the necessity of the road by urging the believers of the Spirit Church to 'Go to the Church! At that time, I will ask them to hold a mass, bazaar, or any other event at the church.
I've also asked Regina to make something for me. In the event that you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a few things you can do.
...... Well, both are like bribes.

I guess it's a necessary expense.

'By the way, is this 'parasol' sold in the 42nd district?
'No. It's the only one of its kind in the world, made just for today, just for this day.
'It's the only one in the world,............, yes,............, yes.'

Imelda spun the parasol around, and then flipped herself around to face her back.
I'm sure you'll be glad you did,.......

'...... Hey, Yashiro!

Estella, standing next to me, pokes me in the side and whispers to me.

'What's the one thing in the world? We all have one. You're making one for Natalia, aren't you?
'Yeah. In return for a contract to protect me in case of emergency.'
'That's not one thing at all!If they find out, they might turn you into a frog!
'I'm not lying. That parasol was made for the success of this inspection, and so far it hasn't been sold, and everyone has different patterns and colors, so no two are alike. It's the only parasol in the world.
'...... However, I didn't say that there is only one parasol, did I?
'That's what I'm saying.
'......I'll be sure to pay close attention to the meaning of words when I talk to Yashiro in the future.
'That's a good idea. That's a good idea. If you do that, the risk of being deceived by someone will be greatly reduced. ...... hmm?'
'Eh, what?'

I stared at Estella's face and gently stroked her chin.

'You've got something on your forehead.
'What, really?

Estella followed my movement and held her chin with both hands.

'It's your chin. You idiot.

'What's ......?

Right after I said I wouldn't be fooled, there it is. You're still a little naive.

'Yashiroo, ......?
'I've shown you how gullible you are. You should be grateful.'
'Remember me when your .................. visit is over.'

I assure you.
You'll have forgotten all about it by the time I'm done.

But... The parasol's response is positive.
That's a good sign.

'What is it?
'Go to the Sunken Pavilion and tell them we're going ahead as planned.
'Yes, sir. I'll send word to my men.

Natalia bowed and signaled to the servants who were standing by the pavilion.
Natalia gives the order from a short distance away.
Our plan is going well.

'It's working.
'That was my biggest concern.

The only uncertainty was how twisted Imelda's character would be. ......
If she is not willing to admit it from the beginning, and just picks at the corner of the box, the conversation ends there. I thought I would have to use a more violent strategy to get them to agree to my terms instead of negotiating. ...... For example, take over the lumberjack guild. ......

The actual character of Imelda seems to be a bit twitchy, but not necessarily evil. She is a stubborn person who can't be honest. He may be what is called a tsundere. ...... There's no way to know if she's a tsundere or not, though.

The fact that he likes the parasol suggests that he is willing to judge a good thing as good.
If that's the case, then the plan I've laid out should work.

'......, but I wouldn't be too careful.
'Of course. ...... Yashiro, let's do our best.'

Estella gently held out her hand.
Let's save the handshake until we're successful.

So I give Estella two pats on the head.

'......, are you treating me like a child?
'Should I have treated her like an adult and rubbed her breasts and ass?
'If I had done that, I would have stuck a knife in you.

It would be a shame to get stabbed to death before the inspection.
We'd better behave ourselves.

'So, where are we headed first?

Imelda, in a good mood and with a parasol, asks me.
...... Don't ask me, ask Estella. I'm just a support.
Also, the members of the "Kagome Kagome Muscles" are staring at me like I'm crazy. ...... Did you guys want to play "Kagome Kagome - Muscles Version"? ...... It's so hot.

'Imelda, are you hot?
'I'm fine. I have a parasol.'
'I'm hot.'
'You have to be patient. You're a man, aren't you?
'It's hot even for a man. ...... d*mn, I thought it was a little chilly when I went to visit.
'The weather changes every day.
'It changes too much. In the country I was in, the climate and temperature changed more slowly. You can't compete with spring and summer coming day by day.

Just a few days ago, I was happy to think it was always spring. ......
It's going to be as cold as the middle of winter. ............ I'm getting depressed now.

'So, let's take a look at the main street first.

With Estella leading the way, the group of inspectors departed the lord's mansion in droves.
Estella, who is leading the group, is dressed in smart pants today. At first glance, she looks like a handsome man who might be hated.
With a beautiful maid next to her, she looks rich and handsome.
You're lucky Estella, I know you.
If you were a complete stranger, there would have been an assault on ............ Main Street.

Now, this handsome man is escorting Imelda, who looks like a very beautiful young lady with a deep window.
If you don't know anything about it, you might think that some nobleman is marrying the daughter of a beautiful nobleman.
...... What an unpleasant sight.

'Mr. Yashiro. What tricks do you have in store for us on the boulevard?'

Suddenly, Imelda turned to me, her eyes sparkling with curiosity.
She looks like a child who has been taken to an amusement park.

'A trick?
'Oh?You're confident you can entertain me, aren't you?It's boring to just look at ...... the city and be done with it.'
'Haha......, well, I guess you'll have to wait and see.

'Expectations?This wag in the forty-second district?That's a funny joke.

............ This woman ............ was obsessed with parasols just a moment ago.
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk.

All right.
Then let's treat them thoroughly.
Let's show them what entertainment is all about!

'This is the main street.

It's the main street of the 42nd district, lined with Paula's cantaloupe and Ukrines' clothing store.
Today, as always, it is crowded with people.
The time is past noon. After lunch and a break, it was time to start the afternoon's work.
This street is different from the one before the break.
Let's work hard for the rest of the day so that we can have a good drink after work!...... is filled with such invisible energy.

I rather like this atmosphere.

'Hmm, I don't mind the smell even though it's so densely packed with stores. ......'

Javier's nose twitches.
A store is a place where a large number of people come and go. Restaurants are especially busy.
In a place with such a large number of people, there is a problem that is inseparable.
It is the toilet.
The more people there are, the more excrement there is. If there are a lot of restaurants, there will be more "squirting".
This naturally leads to a foul odor in the vicinity.
Various measures are taken to prevent this from happening, but the smell inevitably leaks out.

There is no such stench in the current 42 wards.

'This is the power of sewage.

Estella begins to explain to an impressed Javier.
All the toilets in District 42 are treated with sewage.
All of the foul-smelling sewage flows to the water purification facility, where it is purified and discharged into the sea.
Thanks to this, we can enjoy the delicious smells wafting through the city.

'It smells so good, doesn't it ......'.

Unfortunately, Imelda was the first to notice the smell.

'It's true,......, what's that smell?
'Father, it's coming from over there!

Imelda pointed to ......

'Delicious food from the 42nd district!
'It's delicious!

'Sunshine Pavilion No. 2. A taco stall.

'This is unbearable. ......'
'Gee, ...... pedophile?'
'It's the smell!

Javier snaps and glares at me.
No, you don't have to be that mad. I'm just trying to make a light joke. ...... Hey, you're close, close, close!
Javier grabs me by the collar, pulls my face close to his and whispers in an angry voice. In a whisper that only I can hear.

'...... Don't talk about that in front of my daughter!

Oh, you mean that. Your dignity as a father is ........................... ...What?'Don't talk about it in front of her,' you said.

'Shhh!I'm not.

...... You're a mischievous one.
You're a big guy. What do you mean, "Shhh! 'Shhh!

'You're dressed so pretty.'

Imelda is calling out to her sisters.
The young lady, as expected, is not hostile to the young and innocent sisters, and is looking at the child.

'My brother made this for me!
'My new uniform!
'The hat is so stylish!

Since Imelda, a lover of beautiful things, was coming to visit, this boulevard was made thoroughly 'beautiful'.
In addition to cleaning the streets, we have provided all the people here with good-looking costumes, which they are required to wear throughout the day. Naturally, the cost and the order came from the lord.
After many meetings with Ukrines, the dressmaker, we have created a large number of uniform outfits.
The concept is a dreamland. The concept is a dreamland. ...... Oh, I don't mean the one in Chiba, I mean the wonder dream one.

As part of this, my sisters are dressed like toy soldiers.
They wear cylindrical hats with high crowns, and are dressed in tight uniforms reminiscent of English soldiers, but with a cute twist.
I think I did a good job.

'But why is the uniform like a man's?Couldn't you have made the skirt prettier?

Huh~...... this is why ............ Imelda, you don't know anything!

'A girl wearing men's clothes would be cute.'
'What about ............?'

Ugh, this guy!I'm sure you'll understand.

A man's Y shirt, a man's school run.And men's swim trunks!
Isn't it cute when a girl dresses like that?
Especially sea pants!Of course, 'only'!

I didn't know that's what you were thinking. ............

And for some reason, Estella is embarrassed in a completely unrelated way.
No, no, no. You're wearing men's clothes. That's not the point, is it?'I'll borrow it for a little while' kind of thing, and then, 'it's too big' kind of thing?That's what I need!

'But the smell is irresistible!Let's take one.

Javier approached his sisters.

'Run, sisters!The bears are coming to eat you!
'Oh no!
'We're going to be eaten!
'Is this life?
'Should I just give up?
'No, we should run!
'I'm running away!
'Wait!No, no, no, no!No, girls!I'm not going to eat you ......!

I'm not going to eat you!' Javier spoke frantically to his sisters as they fled like spiderlings.
Too bad, Javier. You can't make me do what you want.

'What do you think you're doing?
'No, no, no!I'm afraid of your face!Just listen to me!

Javier is furious at his sisters for running away from him.
But calm down. There's a reason I'm not letting you eat tacos here.

'After the inspection, we're going to have a nice cold beer and a great meal!If you eat here, you'll lose the taste of beer after work!
'Ugh ............ that's also ...... well ......'.

It's a good thing that the father and son here are surprisingly straightforward.

If the guild leader is convinced, the woodcutter members will have no choice but to follow suit.
He glanced sideways at Cantartica and the others, but said nothing, and continued his inspection. We just smelled the good stuff.

Then, they wandered around the main street to see how prosperous the 42nd district was.
As they did so, the good smells coming from the stores here and there seemed to stimulate the lumberjacks' stomachs.

The lumberjacks even seemed to be a little eager to kill.
Humans are so dangerous when they are hungry.

But as long as the trump card is in the sunlit pavilion, I can't let these guys eat here and now.

'Now, let's take a look at the west side of the city.

As I said this, I stepped into my usual way home.
Yes, the alleyway from the main street to the sunlit pavilion.

I'm sure everyone will be thrilled with Ginette's home-cooked meals when they're this hungry.

Estella, who knows what's going to happen, chuckles to me.
It is said that a good meal on an empty stomach is powerful enough to stop a war.

But it's not enough.
Especially Imelda. This young lady won't be won over by a good meal.
If that was enough to make her fall, she would have fallen at the last lunch.
It's not that simple. That's the kind of girl she is.

That's why I've prepared a secret plan.
A secret I haven't even told Estella.

After a short walk, the familiar dining hall comes into view.
Now, it's time for the big moment. A surprise to satisfy the hungry beasts and tug at the heartstrings of the sensitive young lady.
Savor it!

Ginette's standing in front of the sunlit pavilion.
When she saw us, she smiled her usual kind smile.

Good. We'll go into the sunlit pavilion, have her check out the flush toilet while we wait for the food, and then we'll go to ..................

'Yasirot, that!

Estella called out to me in an urgent voice.
When I looked in the direction the finger was pointing, I was speechless.
I was speechless.

There were more than two dozen wax statues of heroes ...... that looked just like me standing in a row.

'Come on!Let's have a look at the sewage treatment plant next!
'Yes, that's right!It's the key to supporting the sewage system of the forty-two districts!

He shouted loudly, distracting the Woodcutter Guild's group.

...... If you show them a creepy scene like that, everything is par for the course.
I'm not sure what to say. That's all it takes!

'Yes, what is it?
'I need you to go to the Sunshine Pavilion right now and tell Magda that we're changing to Operation B!
''Operation B'' ......?

In order to entertain the Lumberjack Guild, I had entrusted Ginette with the decoration of the interior.
For better or worse, Ginette's style is the selling point of the Sunlit Pavilion. I entrusted her with the decorations, hoping that she would bring out the Ginette style, but ...... it seems that it turned out badly.

No, since it was Ginette, I had a hint of the possibility of that happening.
That's why it's "Operation B"!

"Operation B" is...

''Normalize me. ...... I'm sure Magda will understand my intentions.''
'I agree. Then I'll go tell him.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.
It's a great way to make sure you don't end up in a situation where you're going to have to go through a lot of trouble to get to your destination.

In the event that you're not sure what to do, there are a number of things you can do.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you can do to help.
...... I'm so sorry. I think I should have at least let him eat a taco.

And we came back to the sunlit pavilion when the sun was setting and it was getting dark.