108-Episode 93 I really like that.

Hey, ......
Yesterday, it was a little chilly at night.Unbelievable, right?

I was sweating!
It's so uncomfortable!

Sweating so profusely that the straw on the bed was sticking to my neck.
I was so sick that I woke up even though I was still sleepy. Oh, I want to have a morning shower.

I opened the wooden window that was fitted into the window, but there was no breeze blowing, and there was a sweltering heat in the air. ...... It's because of the humidity. It's too hot without sunshine.
I didn't look at the hourglass, so I don't know exactly what time it is, but it's probably before four. There's no delicious smell coming from downstairs.

I listened closely to ...... and heard the sound of water splashing around. ...... What the hell is that?There's no need to be coy about it.
I think Ginette is doing something in the courtyard.

My head is still a bit fuzzy, but I don't think I'll be able to fall asleep again.
I decided to give up and get up, and headed for Ginette.


I opened the door to find Magda lying in the hallway.
He was lying there like a bowling pin, with his hands clenched tightly together.

Anyone would be surprised to open the door and suddenly see this. I let out a very low voice.

'Hey. If you're going to sleep, sleep in your room.'
'............ is impossible.'

Well, the corridor is a bit cooler, but it's only ...... a margin of error.
But that doesn't mean you can't catch a cold lying around here.

'If you can't sleep, get up. If you're too lazy, you'll get sick.'
'...... piggyback'
'It's too hot, so no.'
'.................. princess hug'
'I'm dull in my sleep too, ...... give me a break.'
'............ I have no choice. I'm up.'

Magda woke up with a slow, sluggish movement, like a zombie coming out of the grave.
Her hair is shaggy. I'll have to cut it soon.

'I'll give you a brush later.
'...... Mwah.'
'No, I haven't done it yet.'
'...... reminds me...'

Oh, is that a thing?

Still unable to open his eyelids, Magda grabbed my pants and walked unsteadily.
I stumbled in front of the ...... ginette, and my lower half 'purr~! And seriously, give me a break.

'Hey, Magda. We're on the stairs. Keep your eyes open.'
'...... m~'

Rubbing his eyelids, Magda walked out to the landing of the stairs leading to the courtyard. It is a rather dangerous staircase with only a simple handrail. If you're sleepy, you could fall down.
I have to keep an eye on Magda.

And in front of me, watching Magda closely...

'...... and oh!

--Magda jumped from the landing to the garden with the beautiful form of a special effects hero.
Jeannette, who was downstairs, also noticed and screamed.
Ginette's shadow fluttered.
Apparently, she caught it well.
............ What are you doing, Magda?

'Hey!Are you two okay?'
'Yes, yes. I'm fine. What about you, Magda?
'...... I could fall on my head and be fine from this height.'
'My heart's not fine.'

I grab her head a little roughly and pat it around. You should be a little sorry.

'.................. mmm'

Magda lets out a small 'mmm'. ...... That's not a compliment. You should reflect on that.

'But you're both early today, aren't you?
'It's been too hot. Couldn't stay in bed.'
'That's true. It's been especially hot today.'

The heat seemed to be getting to Jeannette, who always seemed to be unaffected by it.

'Why don't you wear a bathing suit today?
'No, I can't.'

She smilingly dismissed the idea. ...... Tsk.

'Then put on your normal maid's uniform and pour a lot of water over the top. ......'

He smiled again.

'But it's hot, isn't it?'
'It's hot during the heat wave.'
'So, for the sake of your customers, show them how cool it is from the outside. ......!
'Please give up.'

d*mn ......, today's Jeannette seems to be different. No matter how hard I push or pull, it doesn't budge.

'It can't be helped. Then let's make a special effort to dress as usual today.
'What's so special about it?

What a pity.
If it's summer, there's something to be said for summer attire.

'So, what are you doing here at this hour?
'Yes. I thought I'd do the laundry.
'Do you want me to help?Yes, I'll help you!By all means!
'Um, ............, not underwear, in case you were wondering.
'.................. I know!
'Now you're really disappointed, aren't you?You were at a loss for words for a moment, weren't you?

Today's laundry is supposed to be towels.
We use a lot of cloths every day in the cafeteria. It's a lot of work just washing them.
I'll at least help you dry them.

'What?Where's Magda?
'...... Magda is here.'
'Magda!No, you can't sleep in the laundry!
'...... chilly'
'You'll get wet!
'...... good'
'Not good.'

Jeannette pulls Magda out of the laundry basket.
Ahhhh ...... you're getting wet.

'Go wash your face. You'll feel a little better.'
'...... Got it.'

Magda heads for the well.
I'd like to wash my face too, but ...... well, we can do that later.

'So, this one, please.'

The towel is handed to him and he unrolls it and drapes it over the rope.
He's been doing this kind of work every day since before the sun came up?
I'm grateful.
I guess I should thank him somehow.

'Hey, is there anything you want me to do?
'You know, I'd like to thank you for working so hard every day like this. ...... If there's anything I can do, I'd be happy to hear it.

I said, and Jeannette paused for a moment, then smiled.

'This is like a routine now,' she said.

It's nothing to be thanked for, I suppose you could say.

'Oh, but... That's right. I'd be happy if there was something cold on the menu.

According to him, the set meal was not selling well yesterday.
The customers must have lost their appetite in this heat.
I'd like to do something about it. ......

'Rather than a meal menu, it would be nice to have something cold on the dessert menu.
'Dessert. ......'
'Yes, sir. A cold dessert. Do you have any idea what that would be?

No, not really.

I thought about it yesterday when I was shopping at Assunto's place, and I'm sure everyone would be happy if we could make shaved ice.
But we don't have ice.
We don't have a refrigerator.
The best I can do is to use Norma's "simple refrigerator" (a waterproof box) to cool it.
I can't even make ice cream.

I guess the only thing we can offer is iced tea.

Currently, we are serving iced tea at the Sunlit Pavilion.

The tea is made in a bottle and put into a well to cool.
I don't have gum syrup, so I sweeten the tea beforehand and chill it.
Actually, I don't like this iced tea very much. It's a little too sweet for me.
I like to have something refreshing to drink, I think.

'I wish I had coffee. ......'

Iced coffee can be served black without sugar.

But there is no coffee in this town.
Not only at the Sundaari-tei, but also at the luxury coffee shops in Cantalucia and the Forty Wards. In other words, there is no coffee in this world.
Well, let's say you somehow roast some beans that you don't know what they are, grind them in a mill by chance, put the ground beans on a filter by fatal chance, and by some astronomical miracle pour hot water on it. Then coffee is born. However, the person who sips it reacts with 'Bitter! and they would never look at it again.

Seriously, I don't know what the world's first coffee drinker was thinking when he made that ......, but he did a good job.
As a coffee lover, I have to admire it.

'Would you like me to make you a cup of coffee?

...... What did you say?

'Oh, by the way, ......'.

As I froze, Jeannette began to giggle.

'Didn't Yashiro-san say that before?It seems like it's been a long time since ...... you asked me to have morning coffee with you.'

That's what I said to Jeannette when I was testing the way the "forced translation magic" sounds and is translated.
I remember that time ......

'Oh, by the way, that time was ............'

Ginette muttered the same words that I had thought of in my head.
The only thing is that what I thought of was different. ......

I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I've been so impressed with your work.

He puffed out his cheeks in a slightly embarrassed manner.
A faint protest.
A cute resistance.

This must have been the time when I was verifying the translation of "I got it" to "I stole it".
...... Yes, I did say it that day. I said, "Would you like to have a morning coffee with me?
And at that time, ...... Ginette did indeed say.
I'll make you a cup of coffee. And.

I had forgotten until now that the word "coffee" had been introduced to Ginette from the beginning.
So there is ......

'Is there ............, coffee?'
'Yes. I like it, coffee.
'But, but it's not on the ...... menu, is it?'
'No, it's not. People don't drink it because they say it's too bitter.

No way. ......

'Do you have ...... coffee beans at the Sunlit Pavilion?
'Yes, we do. My grandfather was a coffee lover, so we have a mill and a siphon.'

Jesus ......

'......I wish you would have told me sooner ............'
'What?Oh, I'm sorry .......'
'No, it's ...... fine. Sorry.'

I completely misunderstood.
It's called an assumption.

There was no coffee in the restaurant called "Sundaari-tei" or "Cantalucica".
And most importantly, there was no coffee at Luxurious either.
At that point, I had concluded that there was no coffee in this world.
But, ............ exists?

'When this is over, I'll have you make me a cup of coffee.
'Yes. It's been a while since I've had a drink.

Ginette hurriedly hung up the laundry.
In the end, she finished drying the laundry without being able to do much to help.

'Now, I'm going to prepare the coffee.

Normally, this would be the time to prepare the donations for the church, but she said she would give priority to my request.

'It might take a while.
'Then I'll go ahead and prep the food.

Normally, it would be more appropriate for me to make the coffee and Ginette to cook, but I wanted to try it for some reason. I thought I'd like to have a cup of Ginette's coffee.
Maybe it's different from the coffee I know.

After placing the laundry basket in the space under the stairs, Ginette went into the pantry.
I've been in there many times before, but I've never seen coffee beans in the pantry.

'Look at this. This is what coffee is made of.

They were unmistakably coffee beans, raw and unroasted.

'How do you roast them?
'I do it myself. I learned how to do it from my grandfather.

That's very authentic.

'Where can I get one of these?
'Just ask Mr. Assunto and he'll bring it to you.

Do you carry it, Assunto?
Tell him!

'I think I heard before that people who like it seem to like it, and it's selling well.

People don't like coffee.
At first, everyone thinks it's bitter.
Once you get used to the bitterness, it becomes a habit. If you don't know that, there is no reason to drink coffee.
If you do not have the knowledge of what coffee is, you may reject the bitterness.

But coffee does exist.

'It's been a long time, so I'm excited, too.

After fetching the tools, Ginette went upstairs.

I took the coffee beans and the vegetables to prepare and headed for the kitchen.
And on the way, ......

'When I thought she wasn't coming back, I went to ............'.

I found Magda lying by the well.
He seems to have fallen asleep while washing his face. Maybe it was because it was a little cooler by the water?

'Hey, Magda. Don't sleep here.

Magda let out a cute breath that would make Umaro die in agony if he heard it.
I guess he couldn't get up early enough.
I carried the vegetables to the kitchen and carried the sleeping Magda to the dining room in a princess hug.
It's probably too hot to sleep even if I took him to bed.
Then, the dining room, with its large space, is still somewhat cooler. He can sleep here for a while longer.
Maybe the smell of coffee will wake him up.


'I want a cold dessert,' said Ginette.

'This is good, isn't it?

There's coffee in the sunken pavilion.
We have cream for the cake.
And the agar used to make the honey beans.
If you have all of these, you can make ...... that.

A simple yet stylish dessert that I can't resist eating in the summer.

Let's make some coffee jelly.

It's going to be another hot day.
I'm sure that cold coffee jelly will be exceptionally delicious.

'If that's the case, ......'.

I start preparing the coffee jelly in parallel with preparing the vegetables.
I don't have a refrigerator, after all. The only way to cool it down is to use a cold well.
I hope it will harden properly. ...... Well, I've experimented with agar before with honey beans, so it shouldn't be a problem.
You can use whipped cream instead of creep.

I'm starting to enjoy this.

As if in response to my rising tension, the sound of a bell rings out loudly.
It's the wake-up bell.

I have a feeling it's going to be another hot day.
With these thoughts in mind, I started peeling potatoes for starters.