109-Episode 94 What's New and What's New?

'...... maaaahhhh'.

Magda opened her mouth wide and screamed like a frog in agony.

'...... and bitter ............'

I gave her a cup of coffee, but it didn't seem to suit her taste.
He glared at the cup of coffee as if he were looking at an enemy of his parents, and stretched his arms as far as they would go to keep the cup away from him.

'This is not ...... ............'.

Apparently Loretta didn't make it either.
She slumped her shoulders and nodded like a laid-off businessman.

'That's how it is at first, isn't it?

With a wry smile, Jeannette sips her coffee.

'At first, I also thought, "This is not for people to drink.
'But you started drinking it, didn't you?

I'm definitely a coffee drinker, so I'm guzzling it down.
I'm going to have some of Magda and Loretta's leftovers. ...... Oh, they put sugar in their coffee. ............ You don't understand.
She smiled quietly and bit her lips tightly. Her expression had a nostalgic feel to it.

'I guess it's because my grandfather loved .......'

He turned the cup in his hand so that it tilted slowly, and stared into it.
I wonder if he is staring at the shaking coffee.

'When my grandfather left,......, I was kind of lonely,......, so I started drinking it,.......... ...Hmm, I'm like a child, aren't I?

It's unusual for Jeannette to talk like that.
She doesn't talk much about her past, but this is probably the first time she's talked about her grandfather in front of everyone.I don't know if he talked about him individually or not.

'Oh, I'm sorry. It's such a story. ......'

Shrugging her shoulders in a slightly embarrassed manner, Jeannette sipped her coffee.

'I guess it's because I drank coffee with Yashiro-san.

Then she puts the cup down on the saucer and looks at me with a ...... gaze.

'Yashiro-san is somewhat like your grandfather.

That's something he's said to me before.
The grandfather who took Jeannette in and protected her until the day her life ended.
Does this guy see the face of such a person in me?...... is too much for you.

'Was the ...... manager's grandfather a ...... titty fanatic?'
'That's not the point, it's the resemblance!
'So, in that way, you're affirming that I'm a boob maniac?
'...... You're Yashiro, you can't help it.

You can say whatever you want.
I drink up my coffee and take Magda's.

It is past noon.
Actually, it took a long time to roast the coffee, and it is now late.

The coffee jelly will be ready soon.
By that time, people should be arriving in droves.


The first person to show up was Bertina. ...... She is a very enthusiastic sister when it comes to tasting.

'Oh, is that a new food?
'That's what it is. Would you like to try it?

If you don't know, you probably can't drink it properly. So I handed the sweetened version that Loretta was drinking to Bertina.
Smiling, Bertina takes the coffee with both hands. She smells it first and inhales its deep aroma.

'Hmm~............ smells good. Now let's go to .......'

After savoring the aroma, she takes a sip of her coffee.

'.................. Phew!

You threw up!

'............It's poison.'
'No, it's not!
'I was taught that all bitter things are poison.'
'You're wrong, that interpretation!

Who taught you such crazy knowledge?

'...... This time the food is not promising. ............ I'll go back to the church and cry... ...'
'Wait, wait, wait!Because coffee jelly is delicious!You don't need to be able to drink coffee to eat it!
'No, ...... you don't have to force yourself to eat it, I have cake.'

What are you urging me to do in a roundabout way, Sister?

'Yo, Yashiro!I'm here!
'Thank you for inviting me, Yashiro.

Delia and Nepheli arrive at the store at the same time.
They're bumping into each other at the entrance, trying to decide who should go in first. ...... You guys don't get along as well as usual, do you?

I'm not sure what to say.I'm sure you'll be glad you did.You'll be glad you did, Yashiro!

Wearing a fluttering, summery one-piece dress, Imelda appeared on the scene in all her glory. It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.
...... No, close the umbrella.

'It's really ...... bad of you to call me out on such a hot day, Yashiro.

I'm not sure what to say. And Norma comes in with a dress that's open to the chest.
Welcome!I welcome you!
Sweat like grains appear in the cleavage, like beautiful crystals. ......

'It's so hot, can you please come in quickly?
'Thank you for inviting me, Mr. Yashiro.'

Estella and Natalia come over to Norma's big tits with a backward look on their faces.
Behind them, Millie popped up with a large ladybug hair ornament swinging in her face.

'Hello, .............'
'You called a lot of people. Are we all here?
'I'm here too.

Paula the cantaloupe walks into the store, her golden retriever-like canine ears flicking. This is the same Paula who took to me as soon as I told her I was launching a new product. He was the same way with the cake, and he would jump at anything he could get his hands on.

'But you're all women, aren't you, Yashiro?

Estella looks at me as if she wants to say something.
I wonder what she's talking about.

'Three ...... four ............, that's nine people.

Ginette is counting the number of visitors. ...... She still seems to be bad at arithmetic and is slow at counting. Maybe she's not good with numbers.

'Oh, Jeannette. There's one more coming.
'Is that you, Regina?'
'No. I invited her, but she's not coming.'

He really doesn't like to be in public places.

'Wendy then?
'She won't come unless she's with Theron.
'Why don't you call him together?
'I'm in a bit of a situation.
'...... Oumalo?'
'Are you Becko-san?'
'Neither of them. For some reason.

It's a boys-only day.
Because I want to do something.

So, who is it?
'Me, sir.

Then the last guest showed up.

'Thank you for inviting me, Yashiro-chan.

It's the sheep-faced owner of the clothing store, Ukrines.

'You're Ukrines, aren't you?
'Hello, Ginette. I'm sorry to bother you.

This is the first time I've ever seen a woman use the word 'chan' in a casual tone of voice.
This uncomfortable tone of voice is still the same.

'Why Uclines?
'Hmm?Are you dissatisfied?'

Estella asks me in a whisper.
I simply reply, 'What the hell are you talking about?

'Of course I'm not dissatisfied. I was just wondering why.

Of course you're wondering. Ukrines is indeed uncomfortable with this group.

'I don't think you're up to something again, .......'
'Okay!Now that we're all here, it's time to show off the new sweets!

He shouts loudly to interrupt Estella's guess. ...... This guy is really sharp.
It doesn't matter if there's a Uclines in the mix. Don't be so sure.

'By the way, Uclines ......'.

Pretending to be going to get ready, I give Ukrines an earful.

'You're ready to go?'
'Of course I am. Speed is of the essence in this kind of thing.

Despite his calm tone, he has a keen interest in making money.

Actually, this morning. After the donation was over, I walked around the forty-two wards by myself.
I ran around in the extremely hot weather, calling out to every single person who was needed for this big project.
And the most important role in this project. Ukrines is the one who will play the most important role.

I heard that he had talked to me in the morning, and had already achieved something in just a few hours. I knew I could count on this guy.

Now ...... the bait that could be used to catch the big ones is ..................

'Magda, Delia. And Norma and Natalia . Can you help me out a bit?'
'Huh?Um, Yashiro-san. If you want to help, I'm .......'
'Oh, Ginette's fine. Just sit down for now.'
'But ......'.
'Because you're the main dish.'
'Main ............?'

With Ginette tilting her head curiously in her chair, I headed for the kitchen with the selected members.
Uclines casually follows me with the luggage. Nice, that casualness.

With the four beauties and Ukrines in tow, I walk through the kitchen and out into the courtyard.

'What?Isn't that the kitchen?

Delia questioned, but Magda quickly answered her.

'It's chilled in the ...... well. Cold dessert this time.'
'Wow, that sounds delicious!
'I see, it's a perfect dessert for summer.
'You think of interesting things, every time. I'm impressed. So, no more smoking pipes?

Each one of them interpreted it well and agreed with me.
Oh, no smoking pipes.

'Well, I'll go to the kitchen and prepare the dessert.
'Yes, yes. Leave it to me.

I pulled up a simple refrigerator from the well and left the five of us there, and went back to the kitchen.
As expected, it's not a good idea to have a man in the room.

'What?What are you guys helping with?
'Master Yashiro. I need a detailed explanation.
'Tiger girl, do you know anything?
'...... I have no idea.'

Oh, no, no, no, no.
You guys just do what Uclines tells you to do.

This will make this hot and humid ...... heat wave a lot more enjoyable. ...... Mhmm.

When I returned to the kitchen, I immediately took out the coffee jelly from the refrigerator.
Oh, it's hardened properly.
I think this will be a good product.
However, it will take time to make, so the quantity will be limited. ......
I wonder if it would work if I left some in the fridge.

There seems to be little demand for coffee beans, and they are not sold in small packages. It's a lot of work and no profit.
So when you buy coffee beans, you have to buy them in bulk.
As a result, the company wastes a lot of coffee beans every year.
So why do they buy it? ...... I knew the reason and didn't ask the question. But Ginette told me.

'Every year on the anniversary of my grandfather's death, I make coffee and we drink it together.

In our world, there is no custom of graves and no such thing as Buddhist altars. Mourning the dead seems to take the form of offering prayers to their souls.
So, I heard that Jeannette also made two cups of coffee at the sunny pavilion and drank them in memory of her grandfather.
I thought that there was no such thing as a birthday, but there was such a thing as a death anniversary.

Ginette used to buy coffee beans every year for that one day.
...... I'll have to spend more on it from now on. It makes the old man happy, doesn't it?

'Well, let's serve it up.

I dare to say it out loud to change my mind from the sadness.
There's a lot of fun waiting for us. There is no time to be gloomy.

I take out the coffee jelly from the refrigerator, cut it into dice, and put it in a small bowl.
It would have been great if I had a glass container, but ...... that's a subject for the future. It's expensive, glass. I'm sure the aristocracy will be reluctant to give it to you again because of their interests. ...... I'm sure the aristocracy will be reluctant to give it to you again because of their interests. ............

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it. Well, I guess this is a good thing.
Serve whipped cream on top of the jelly, which shimmers with elasticity.
If it is too little, it will be said to be bitter, but if it is too much, the freshness of the coffee jelly will be spoiled. This amount is very important.

This is the debut of coffee jelly. I have to make it a spectacular success.
I put the cream in with one of the five greatest concentrations of my life. ............ exquisite. This is the work of a master. Excellent distribution. This is absolutely delicious!

And just as the satisfying coffee jelly was finished for the number of people, Magda and the others came back to the kitchen.


I couldn't help but exclaim.
Excellent!It's fantastic, you guys!
Perfect and awesome!

'I demand ...... an explanation as to why we have to dress like this.'

Natalia turned her cold gaze towards me and asked me with a blank expression.
I'll answer that question later.
In front of everyone.

'That's not the point,' she says, 'look!This is the new sweet!It looks cool, doesn't it?'
'Oh!It's kind of pliable and interesting!

Delia immediately took a bite.

'It's black. ...... It's strange looking.'

Norma is also looking at it with great interest.

'............ Looks bitter. Maybe Magda should just have the cream.'
'Well, don't say that, just try it.'

I pat Magda on the head, her brow creasing.

Now we're completely off topic.
By all means, I want many people to know about it.
Never listen to a person who uses "more than that" and dodges my questions. You don't need to listen to them before you don't trust them. --I mean it.
The first thing a scammer learns is "it doesn't matter". It's the first thing scammers learn. Ponzi scheme recruiters are fond of saying. They want you to focus on the "bright future" that doesn't exist.
So, if you don't want to get caught in a scam, just cover your ears and say 'Ahhhh, I can't hear you' to anyone who uses the word 'more than that' even once.

'I feel like I've been ...... left out of the loop'.

Natalia. You're absolutely right.
But I like the way you listen to me when I say that. You're a very nice guy. Best of all, ...... is my favorite outfit right now.

'Come on, bring me the latest sweets.

I instructed the beauties with the coffee jellies to 'come out one by one in the order I tell you' and returned to the dining room with Ukrines.

Now, let's get started. ......

'I've kept you waiting!Now it's time to unveil it!

This is the event of the summer!

'The 42nd Ward Swimsuit Collection in the Sunlit Pavilion!

The cafeteria was buzzing with excitement.
Don't worry about it, let's have the top batter make her appearance!

'First up!Delia!

I call out, and Delia emerges from the kitchen.


and so on.
I suppose that's just as well.

Delia is wearing a bikini that boldly exposes her legs and stomach.
However, since Delia usually wears revealing outfits, we don't feel that she is disgusting.
Rather, the colorful colors make her look even cute.

'This is a shorts bikini that shows off your healthy body in a beautiful and cute way.

Uclines explains what she recommends about this swimsuit.

'Oh, my ......, I feel a little embarrassed when people pay attention to me like this. ............ Oh, don't look at me too much.'
'Don't worry. There are only girls here.
'Oh, that's true too.'

My words seemed to ease Delia's tension a bit.
...... Well, there's one boy here, though.

I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.
Of course, we want everyone here to wear swimsuits!
As soon as I proposed the plan, Ukrines took to it with great gusto and produced a swimsuit based on the design I had given her at a very fast pace. This clothing store ...... can do it!

Delia finishes distributing the coffee jelly she brought with her and walks up to me.

'Hey, you know what?Does this ...... look good on me?'

She crosses her arms behind her back and shyly asks me that question.
When he asks me that, I have only one thing to say.

'You're so cute.
'Cute ......?Are you cute, or am I?
'Yes, I am. It's a bit revealing, but it gives her a healthy and bright impression. It's a good swimsuit that makes good use of Delia's honesty and cheerfulness. It looks good on you.
'Mwah!I got a compliment from Yashiro!

Delia writhes in delight.
The overexposure no longer seems embarrassing.

Isn't that important?Creating this kind of atmosphere.

'Well, next is Norma!

I call out, and Norma emerges from the kitchen with a relaxed gait.

'This is .......'

Her voice is a little more nervous than before.
Norma is wearing what is called a monkini, a swimsuit that looks like a one-piece swimsuit from the front but looks like a bikini from the back. Her back and waist are boldly exposed. In fact, covering her stomach emphasizes the exposed parts and makes her look somewhat s*xier than a normal bikini.
It's not just about showing off your skin, you know!

'...... Don't look too hard.

Unusually, Norma is embarrassed. She usually shows off her cleavage as much as possible.
It seems that she is embarrassed to be dressed differently than usual.

'This is a swimsuit that makes an adult woman look more attractive.
'Because the adult s*xiness is emphasized not in the obscene direction but in the vector of beauty. It is difficult to wear, but it suits Norma well. It's even mystical.
'Well, ...... if you admire it so much, I'd be happy to wear it.

Norma loosens her mouth with a face that seems not to be full. He likes to be complimented, doesn't he?
But ...... this swimsuit is not good from behind.

'Okay, next. Natalia!

Natalia appears with a slightly sullen expression on her face.

'Wow, .......'
'This is lovely.'

The cheers from the crowd were becoming more positive, as they were getting used to the swimsuit.
Natalia was wearing a black bikini with a pareo wrapped around her waist. The way Natalia's thin, white legs peeked out from the long, curly skirt-like pareo was very s*xy.

'This is the best for a graceful woman, isn't it? It's not too revealing, so it's still very s*xy and ladylike.
'I wish a ladylike woman like Natalia would wear something like this. It is a swimsuit that shows the playfulness of a woman who has both the reserve of an adult and the honesty of a girl. You'll find something that will make you smile.
'............Does it make you feel good,............ I'm not sure what to make of it.

The grumpiness disappears from his expression, and he finishes handing out coffee jelly with fluid, lean movements.
I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.
...... Why did you turn?

'......But, you know, swimsuits are ......'.

And just as Estella was about to pour out her negative emotions on Jeannette, I called the last one in to stop her.

'Come on, Magda!You're up!'

Seeing Magda emerge from the kitchen, the atmosphere in the cafeteria changed drastically.

'She's so cute!

The atmosphere was softened by the appearance of a pretty girl in a swimsuit show with the s*x appeal of an adult.

Magda is wearing a swimsuit called a tankini.
This is a combination of the words "tank top" and "bikini," and as the name implies, the tank top is worn over the bikini. A tank top can be a camisole, and the one Magda is wearing now is a camisole with a cute frill around the chest.
The camisole can be removed to reveal a bikini, but if you're too shy to wear a bikini, this kind of swimsuit can be worn over the top.
...... You can also cover up your small breasts with frills.

'......It's even better when you take it off.

You'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of swimsuit.
No, that's okay. I'm not looking for that in Magda.

'...... jelly all over the place?'
'Oh, that's for us. This one, please.'
'...... I see.'

Magda walks over to me with the coffee jelly.

'Come on, enjoy your coffee jelly.'
'No, no, no!No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Estella is also showing some interest in the swimsuit.
She wants to know the details.

'No, what. It's too hot, so I thought we'd go play in the river.
'Great, that's great!I'll show you a good spot!You can swim!

With Delia, we'll have a safe place to play.

'So, I was thinking, why don't you try on the latest swimsuit that Ukrines made for you. ...... Even if I give it to you normally, you'll say, "It's too revealing" or "I don't do this kind of thing" or "I'm gutted."'

I continue with my presentation, unaware of the anger rising from Estella.

'A bathing suit is not a disgusting thing. It's a fashionable piece of clothing that shows off your beauty and cuteness in this way!Healthy exposure is not 'erotic'!It's beauty!

Well, it's up to us to decide how we want to look at it!

'It's just that it's gotten so hot here. It's a waste if we don't take advantage of it and enjoy it, right?

Wasteful is not good.
Eliminate waste and make the most of what you can. That is a wonderful way to live as a human being.

'We have swimsuits to suit everyone. Please try it out.

When you are a little curious, you are handed a swimsuit that has been prepared for you. Uclines, as expected, understands the psychology of customers.
I'm interested in swimsuits. I am interested in swimsuits, but I am embarrassed to wear one myself.
That's when I was handed a swimsuit from .......

'Wow, it's so cute!

If you feel that it's cuter than you thought it would be and not too revealing, you'll want to wear it ............, of course!
Moreover, there is a group mentality at work here.
It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has to change your clothes, or you'd break the mood.

'What do you think, Loretta?Isn't she cute?'
'Yes, sir!I'd like to try it on!
'What about Millie?I thought you'd look good in something like that.'
'Oh, ............, yeah. I think I can wear this .............

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and how to get it.

'But ...... I'm ......'.

And the last obstacle is this guy. Estella.
She needs to get rid of her breastless complex.

'Estella. Your swimsuit is designed to show off your long, thin limbs. Isn't it cute with all those frills?I'm sure you'll look great in it.
'So,......, is it?

The ruffles around the chest disguise the lack of breasts and enhance the rest. That's what this swimsuit is for.
If Estella is up for it, she's all set. ............ Ready to fish for the main course.

'Oh, um, ............ um, ............ um... ...'

While everyone else is getting ready to wear it, Ginette is the one who's fretting.
This guy is extremely shy about exposing his skin.
But now that you're in my hands, ............ you can take off that extra piece of fabric!

'Yes, yes .......'
'Are you ashamed of your swimsuit?
'Yes, well, ............ yes. It's still a little ...... for me.'
'You'll look great in it.'
'But ......'.

Hmm ...... I know Jeannette's weakness.
You can't escape me. ......

'It's summer. Let's make some fun memories together.'
'............ together......'

The people you meet in this way are all trying to share the same fun.
It's not the kind of thing you can reject, this guy.

'......Yes, that's right.'

'Yes. Then I'll try my best to wear it.

Hooray for summer!
Thank you for the hot weather!
Welcome to another world!

'Then I'll help you change!
'That's fine!

...... Too bad you couldn't fake it with the flow .......

Come on, guys!
Get into your bathing suits!And entertain me!

'Oh, ...... well, ............. You've had a lot of fun today, Ginette.
'Oh!I'll be back.

An old woman's calm voice mingled with the sassy voices of the girls in their bathing suits.
It was Grandma Mum, a regular laundry worker from when Jeannette's grandfather was still alive.

'Shall we come back today?
'No!Please, come in.

Jeannette loves Old Mum. There's no way she'll let her go.

The girls, sensing the atmosphere, lowered their voices.

Oh, ......, this is the trend of canceling the swimsuit show.

'Oh no!

On the way to the cool seats at the back of the store, led by Jeannette, Grandma Mum looked at the coffee jelly and raised her voice.

'This brings back memories of ...... coffee. Oh, but it's hardened, isn't it?
'It's a dessert made from coffee. Would you like to try it?
'Oh, you don't mind, do you?
'Yes. Grandma Mum is a regular customer.

Hearing this conversation, the people who had been absorbed in their swimsuits remembered the existence of coffee jelly.

'Oh, yes!I want to eat this!
'That's right. I've never seen this food before, it's very interesting.
'Well, young lady. I'll do the 'ah-ing' at .......'
'No, that's fine.'

Oh, I see you've completely canceled the swimsuit show.
Well, I'll enjoy it on my next river trip.

'...... This is a bitter lump.'
'Yes, ...... I'm not expecting much either.'
'Don't say that, just try it.'

Magda and Loretta show some difficulty. I'm drinking the coffee first.
But coffee and coffee jelly are totally different.

'Mmm!It's good!It's sweet!

Delia, who loves sweets, takes a bite and exclaims.

'It's sweet and refreshing. ...... It's strange that the slight bitterness tastes so good. ......'

Bertina's eyes light up at her first taste.

'Wow. It's a fashionable taste. It looks nice and perfect for summer.'
'I had the same impression. Your daughter is now old enough to understand things a little better.
'......, are you putting yourself down?Are you belittling me?

Estella and Natalia liked it.

'Well, what do you say?
'............ if you just want to try it.'
'Yes. I don't have high hopes for it.

Magda and Loretta put the coffee jelly in their mouths.
The moment they put it in their mouths, their eyes widened. Their eyes widened.

'...... Magda has been waiting for something like this for a long time.
'It's delicious!The aroma of the coffee is crisp and pronounced, yet it stands out in the sweetness of the cream, and the slight bitterness makes the sweetness not overpowering. The look, feel, smell, and taste of this dessert will make you feel the coolness of the season.

That's a big compliment.
You guys change your palms, don't you?

'I'll get one for Grandma Mum. You eat it too and tell me what you think.'
'Are you sure?'
'Yes. You can make me another one.'
'Yes, sir. Thank you very much.

Ginette sat down across from Grandma Mum and took a mouthful of coffee jelly with her.

'............ Ah, it's delicious.'
'It really ...... reminds me of the old man in the sunshine, it tastes so nostalgic. ......'

I felt as if I was immersed in the "sunlit pavilion of that day", separated from the rest of the world.
Let's leave it alone for a while.

'How about Imelda, Nephrite, and Paula?
'I'd like a refill!Also, please have Bekko-san make a food sample of this ASAP!
'It's kind of a mature taste, isn't it?
'Yes, yes. I'm sure my customers will love this.

Imelda had already eaten her fill, Nephrite had the eyes of a young girl yearning for adulthood, and Paula seemed to have enjoyed the coffee jelly with a curious, passionate look in her eyes.

'Ah ............ Miri, I like this.
'Isn't it bitter?
'Oh ............, it's good, isn't it?

It seems to be a little bitter for Millie.
But she seemed to like it.

Since it has gained the support of such a wide range of people, the coffee jelly will be a success.
It may sell like hotcakes during the heat wave. ...... I'm going to be busy preparing it.

'It's really nostalgic. ......'

Grandma Mum, eating a small mouthful of coffee jelly, muttered to herself.

'In the past, we used to drink coffee together like this, here. I liked the old man in the sunshine. ......'
'............Yes. That's right.

The people who had been making a lot of noise kept their mouths shut and just stared at the quiet air in the corner.
Somehow, I felt that I shouldn't destroy this. This air.

'You're doing well, Jeannette. I'm glad to see you're doing well, too.

Jeannette was at a loss for words.
For a moment, her eyebrows furrowed and she looked like she was about to cry.
But the next moment, a soft smile covers her face, and she says in a voice like a soft flower blooming.

'Yes. I'm very happy too.

The watchers say nothing.
They don't say anything, but they all feel something. That's the look on their faces.

The swimsuit show has been cancelled,............, but that's okay.

I'll try not to ruin the calm atmosphere, but I'll advise Ginette not to let the most important things go unanswered because of this.

'Your swimsuit will make your boobs look terrible, but that's its charm, so don't be shy to wear it.
'Why did you just say that?We were in a good mood!

You idiot!Of course it's because good tits are more important than good air!

'......Yashiro, so it can't be helped.'
'My brother is ...... totally.'

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
............ You don't know what I'm talking about!

I'm not sure what to do, but I'll back off for now. It's special. Hmm.