110-Episode 95 The Right Way to Spend the Heat

Today, we are open at the following location. If you need anything, please come to the following location.

We put a sign on the door with a map and these words on it, and headed for the riverbank to conduct our business (we're all going out, so if you want to eat, come to us). This is the second time we've done this, after the day of heavy rain.

We haven't really had any visitors lately, and the last one might have been old lady Mumm. ...... Oh, Umaro was there. But well, he is a customer, not a guest.
Yesterday and the day before yesterday, there were really no visitors.
Ginette said, 'It can't be helped at this time of year,' but ...... what?Are the people in this town saying, 'I don't want to go outside because it's too hot? Are you suffering from summer fatigue?Eat rice, eat rice!

So, perhaps because of this situation, Ginette was relatively unconcerned about my business trip (a vacation in the name of business). In fact, she was rather enthusiastic about it.

'I'm glad we can all go out together.

She had been excited about it since last night.
I wonder if he's waking up to the joy of playing.

'...... hot'.

Magda doesn't seem to like the heat very much, and has been sluggish to the point of being useless for the past few days.
When I show her coffee jelly, she flies to it, but other than that, she basically sticks to the floor.

'My swimsuit, it's amazing!It's so hot, big brother!

Loretta seems to be happy to play in the river, and she's frolicking all the time.
She has been playing in the river with her younger siblings since the time when New Town was called a slum, and she is a good swimmer.
However, this is the first time he got a swimsuit, and he is eager to show it to others.
What she has been doing so far, according to the testimony of her sister at ......, was to say, 'Hey, girl, take a dip! I'm not sure. ...... She's a wild girl.

I'm pulling the cart today because Magda is lagging behind.
I've got a lot on my plate today. Including lunch.

'Hey!This way, this way!

When I arrived at the riverbank, Delia greeted me with a big wave.
Delia had already changed into her swimsuit. Every time she waved her arms, a healthy bulge swayed in the air. ...... I love summer!

On the riverbank, there was a simple scorched-earth hut and a large parasol. ...... Why?

'I asked Umaro to build it for me. The parasol is based on the parasol that Yashiro gave me.

Estella, who was already here, explained it to me.
This guy hasn't changed into a swimsuit yet. ...... He was probably too embarrassed to wait for Ginette or someone to come.

'You can change and use the bathroom in this hut.

Natalia explained to me. Natalia is already changing.
Her bare legs peeking out from her pareo are dazzling. It makes me salivate.

'So, where are the Umaros?
'They're out shopping.

Imelda came out of the hut.
She's wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a dress with a wide hem.
She was wearing a wide-brimmed dress and a wide-brimmed hat. ...... Why didn't she change her clothes when she came out of the hut? ............ Oh!

'Is it the bathroom?
I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will work for you.

No, because.

I was just checking to make sure there was nothing wrong with changing clothes. ...... I can't have anyone peeking in on me, you know.

I don't think there's a man in this city who'd do something of that magnitude ...... when there's Delia, Magda, Estella, Natalia, etc. ......
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it. ...... I'm sorry to hear that. Well, think of it as a fee to see a beautiful woman in a bathing suit, and work as hard as you can.

'It's quite cool here.

Under a parasol on the riverbank, Norma, who had already changed into her swimsuit, was lying down gracefully.
Another dynamite!
If I had some sun oil, I'd apply it to her!

'A...... ladybug~!Hello, Jinetto!
'Hello, everyone.

Millie and Bertina walked up to me. I wondered if the slower pace of Bertina and the narrower stride of Milly would be the same speed. That's a new discovery.

'I've bought something!
'It's hot, that it is!I feel like jumping into the river, that I do.
'I want to wash ......'.

The three men return with disgusted looks on their faces.
Paula and Nephrite were on either side of them.

'Come on, come on . Don't be a pussy!You're a man!
'Isn't it a privilege to be able to walk with these two beauties?Hey, Nephrite.'

'Yes, you should be grateful.

Oh ...... you've affirmed it, Neffery ......

'What did you get for me?'
'Oh, Yashiro-san. Good morning.
'Our swimsuits and some alcohol, that I did.
'Don't go into the river with alcohol, okay?
'Of course not, brother. We'll keep it cold and drink it later.

Well, that's fine.

'Then we'll go change first. Come on, let's go.
'Oh, yes, sir.
'I understand, that I do.
'I'll go with you.
'No, Omero's already in his swimsuit.
'...... I'd rather go home than be left alone in this.'
'............ Why are the men in this town so immune to women? ...... Or is Omero too scared?

So, the four of us went into the hut together and began to change clothes.
...... Why are there four men in such a small place? ............ Omero, come on out.

I'm not sure what to say.I'm sorry to keep you waiting!

Suddenly the door was opened and Percy jumped in with a flirtatious greeting.

'Hey, peeps!
'Hey!Give me a break, man!

Percy panicked.
I mean, why are you here?I didn't call for you. Where did you hear that from?

'I've finally figured out what it takes to make ...... good sugar.'

He started talking.
I'm standing next to a guy with his ass hanging out in the open, and this halfway good-looking guy starts talking about something.In front of his bare ass.

'It's ...... love.'
'Oh, Becco. There's a long hair growing out of the mole on your ass.'
'Are you sure, that you're sure?
'Do you want me to pull it out?
'No, that I can't!Pulling out the mole hair will make you unhappy, that it will!
'No, it won't.'
'I mean, listen, you guys!

I'm more interested in your mole hairs than your love.

'I've never been much of an egg eater. What do you mean?I've heard a lot of stories about stomach problems. It's scary, right?
'Getting an upset stomach from eggs is a sign of poor management. Eggs from District 42 can be eaten raw. As long as they're fresh, that is.'
'Yes!That's the point!

Oh, ...... was that a bush snake? ......

'That's what love is, isn't it?
'I'm talking about the loving kindness of Mr. Nefari, making the eggs safe to eat!
'Becco, can I braid your mole hair?
'No. ...... You have three of them, that you do!
'That's enough mole hair!Listen to me, my love story!

In short, he came to the 42nd district frequently to buy eggs to meet Nepheli, and said, 'Making sugar also requires love! And you were inspired by him in some incomprehensible way, right?

'So you were stalking her as part of your daily routine, and when you found out that Nepheli was going out, you followed her to the river, so you rushed to buy a bathing suit and rushed here.
'That's a great answer, but I'm afraid you're not listening, young man!You're not stalking me!It's platonic love!It's pure love, don't you get it?

Don't talk about pure love with a guy who runs as fast as he can just to see a bathing suit.

'Your sister's not here?
'No one can see my sister in her swimsuit!I won't even show it to my wife!
'Wow, ......, Yashiro-san, you've made acquaintance with such a pervert again, haven't you?
'Really, I'm troubled by all the perverts, including you.'
'I'm not a pervert!

Shut up, pedophile.

'Well, I can't help it now that I'm here. Let's get dressed. I've got the rest of you.

No amount of men's swimsuits will do you any good. We should just give this place to the women.

'Oh, and guys...'

I remembered something important, and I'm going to tell everyone.

'That black stuff around Percy's eyes is makeup. Don't spray her with water or anything.'Never'?
'''Heh~............ (smirk)'''
''Are you all demons?

I quickly changed my clothes and left the hut.
I waited for the others to come out, and now Jeannette and the others entered the hut.

'Then, please wait for a while.
'Oh. If you need any help, you can always call me at .......'
'Natalia. Keep an eye on things.'
'Yes, ma'am.'

Is that why you had Natalia change her clothes first, Estella?
It's okay. It's a good idea to have a little patience. In a little while, swimsuit paradise will come to you. There's treasure in waiting. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

'So, in the meantime, Oumalo, Becco, Omero and the charlatans. Help me.

I'll bring a long bamboo cart cut in half.
We're going to make drift noodles.
The somen is already boiled and soaked in water.
The mentsuyu is my original.

For now, I just set up the bamboos and get ready.

'What's this?You're doing something interesting.
'Oh no!You're showing your stomach!
'Boobs 'dong'! That it is!

In the event that you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at a few of the best ways to get the most out of your home.
...... What the hell are these guys doing?

I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure what to do.

Delia is building up her anger gauge. ...... This is not good, the river will turn red. Mostly with Omero's blood. ......
It's a fun vacation today. I'll make sure Delia's in a good mood.

'No, your swimsuit is too cute, everyone is embarrassed.
'Oh no!............ again!You're a good talker, you know that?


--The bones in my shoulders creaked.
...... Why do I have to do such serious damage? ............

'Brother, you're a man!
'Mr. Yashiro, you're so cool!
'Mr. Yashiro, that's great!
'Casual skinship with a beautiful woman: ...... Can I have that technique now, you?

The four idiots who crowd around me and make whatever noise they want...... go sink in the river once......

'That's right. Men are really stupid.
'Geez! That it is?
'My back?You can even see my back!

Umaro and Bekko make a fuss over Norma, too. They're going to die today, aren't they?They're making too much noise.

'Ladies and gentlemen. It seems the ladies are ready.

Natalia said quietly, and our eyes naturally focused on the door of the hut.

...... is coming!
It's finally time, swimsuit paradise!

I'm not sure what to do.'Entry number one, Magda Lavers, Lolita Angel of the Sunshine Pavilion!

Natalia begins to talk like a presenter in a clear voice.
No, what's that? Is there a beauty contest in this world too?

As if in response to Natalia's call, the door opens and Magda emerges.
I've seen Magda in a swimsuit before. It's a swimsuit that prioritizes cuteness.

'What?I would love to die right now!

A pervert is writhing next to me. I'm on the verge of fainting.

Oh, it's so hot. Can't someone just dump me in the river?

'...... It's even more awesome when you take it off.'
'Oh, okay, okay. Come here quickly.'
'...... Mmm. I'm not impressed.'

That's because it's your second time. You can have Umaro rave about it here.
No, it's cute.But aren't you curious about the world you haven't seen yet?

Entry number two!The lively idol of the chicken farm. Nephrite!'

Natalia called out, and Nephrite came out of the open exit.

'Hey!Don't pay too much attention to Yashiro's s*x!

When she comes out, her eyes suddenly meet mine, and she embraces her body in an embarrassed manner.
You can find many different types of swimsuits in the market. However, the back of the swimsuit is wide open, and there is no shortage of s*xy effects.
Like Magda's tankini, she is wearing a bikini underneath.

'Ne, ne, ne, ne, ne, Neffery-san!You're really beautiful!It's amazing!

A charlatan is barking in the distance.
I'd like to throw him in the river too.

Nephrite comes up to me and asks, 'How's it going? He asks me. There's nothing I can say except, 'It looks good on you.

'But my swimsuit is less revealing than others, isn't it?Is there a point to it?'
'No, I just thought it would look better on Nephrite.
'Oh, maybe you don't want to show ...... my skin to other people too much?
'Yes, .......'
'Ah~!You hit the nail on the head!I'm sorry!You're such a jerk!

Neffery slaps me on the back and bounces away from me. Sparrows and pigeons walk like that,.......

It's true that you don't want to ...... expose your skin too much.
It's because the ...... face is like a chicken,...... and the borderline is very ...... uncomfortable. What do you mean?
It looks like something ...... you'd find in an Egyptian mural. I can't look at it directly. ......

I'm not sure what to say.Entry number three!Paula, Cantartica's signature girl!

After an exclamation that sounded like a cabaret host, Natalia next called out to Paula.

'Look, look!Isn't she pretty?

Paula, confident in her own appearance, was straightforward in her appeal.
It was a sports-type bra that covered her from the neck to the bottom of her breasts, exposing a large part of her from the shoulders to the back, so it was not too heavy, and yet it gave her a lively impression that showed off her cuteness despite the exposure. It looks like something a beach volleyball player would wear. It's the perfect swimsuit for a bright girl like Paula.

'Hey, hey, hey!Are you cute?'
'Oh, yeah. You'll get more customers if you stand in the store in this.
'No, no, no!You're hot!

This kind of light-hearted conversation might be Paula's greatest charm.

'I can't believe she's going this far!Sister Bertina, the saint of the forty-second district!

Natalia, who seems to be having trouble with the entry number, calls out Bertina's name .


No wonder Becco and Omero couldn't help but let out a squeal.
Bertina was wearing a pure white hoodie on top, an outfit that could only be seen on .......
In fact, she is wearing a white one-piece swimsuit underneath, but on top of that she is wearing a rash guard, a hoodie that can get wet. The front of the hoodie is fastened so tightly that it looks as if she is only wearing the hoodie. No, every time she walks, you can see a glimpse of something white at the base of her legs, which is also very erotic!It's not panting, okay?It's a swimsuit.But that doesn't matter at this point, does it?It's not pants, so there's no shame, right?Then it's okay to look at it, right?

I'm not embarrassed either. Thank you for your concern, Yashiro-san.
'No,......, I thought that Bertina was a little bit like that,......, haha.'

The more you hide, the more erotic!I thought that's why I put her in a rash guard!I can't say that .......

I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

'Oh ...... it's okay. Miry, I'm not a child. ......'

Miry comes out, flustered by Natalia's funny call.
She is wearing a dress with frills on the chest and waist. The swimsuit is designed to look like a child's, but with a little more attitude. What Millie is looking for is not exposure!It's about healing!

'Hey ladybug, how's ...... it going?
'If you ask me if it's good or bad, ......, I'd give it a hundred points!
'......It looks like a criminal~'
'......That's not the way to look at a child.'
'......I can't help it, it's Yashiro.'

Paula, Nephrite, and Magda are making strange accusations about me.
I'm jealous. I'll look at you that way a little bit, yes!

'A single piece of art brought into the world by God, which attracts men from all over the world with its elegant dressing. The beauty of the world is gathered there. ............ Well, ............ Oh, yes. ...... Venus will descend upon this land!

...... Don't let them give you a copy. I'm not sure how much they paid for you.

'You'd better watch out!

Imelda emerged from the hut with her arms outstretched.
I gave the flamboyant Imelda a dress on purpose. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that or not, but I'm going to do it. ......
It's the big tits that think exposing their cleavage will make men happy!That's sweet!It's also good to have tits that are cramped and squashed!

'They're so squishy!
I'm not sure what to do.

The fact that she doesn't look too uncomfortable while holding her breasts is probably because the heat is making her feel more liberated.

So there are only three of us left.

'So annoying and yet so shadowy!The ordinary of the ordinary!Loretta Hewitt!
'You're calling out to me badly!I can feel your malice!

Loretta sprang out with the force of a daisy-chair comedian.
Yeah . That's your position, right?

'I wish I could have come out with shame like the others!
'It's better than being sent to the end and having to make a joke before being called. It's better than being the last one to go and being called on to make a joke.
'Ugh, ...... that's better than that, though. ......'

Looking at Loretta's pouting face, my pseudo-brotherly heart was aroused just a little.
d*mn it, it's just for today.

'You look good, Loretta. Let me have a closer look.'
'Are you sure!I want to see it!I want to see it!

Loretta smiles and starts twirling happily. I guess she wants me to look at her front and back.
Loretta's swimsuit is an eye-catching bikini with no matching top and bottom. The more colors there are, the more noisy the color tends to become, but with Loretta's brightness, it doesn't matter. It's a very "typical" coordination. Something unique like this goes well with Loretta. Or is it because the main body has no personality?

'Now, ......, which one shall we choose last: ............'
'Natalia, do you have something against me?

Estella's voice came from inside the hut as Natalia giggled.
...... Estella after Jeannette, that's tormenting.

I'm not sure what to say. You are a cool but dreamy girl, and all you do is dream!I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you out. ......

I'll be back.

In the middle of Natalia's call, a knife flew from the hut. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on. ...... Do they usually do this kind of advanced comedy and comedy? ...... Also, Natalia, you just took a knife out of your pareo, didn't you?Don't keep it in there. ......

'Our lady!Estella Nine Torn!'
'Who is the daughter of the House of Nine Turun?

I'm not sure what to make of that. ...... I mean, you guys. What's the matter with you guys today?

'Oh my god!

Estella is furious.
However, the swimsuit she is wearing is very cute and her angry face does not suit her.

That's it. I'll make him laugh too.

'Estella, my God!You're dropping your tits somewhere!
'No, I didn't!
'Oh, my God!Everyone, let's split up and look for them!
'Natalia, get off me!And don't look for me, either!

Funny ......, you don't smile at all.

'I'm leaving, seriously!
'Oh, wait, wait, wait!I haven't had a good look at it yet.'
'You don't have to look!You're going to laugh at ...... anyway, right?'
'You idiot!I told you I picked the cutest swimsuit I could find!

This is the swimsuit that I told Ukrines to put extra effort into making.
I felt that Estella was too concerned about her breasts to wear something like this. It's just that I'm missing a lot without Estella. ...... No, you see, there is also the calculus of wanting her to lend a hand when there is something that might lead to business.

......Don't bother. I want to see your tits once in a while.

'This is called a bandeau bikini. It's a tube top bra that makes your breasts look bigger.'
'Oh, really?'

The bandeau bikini I gave Estella was decorated with three tiers of frills on the front of her breasts and at the waist, subtly hiding the parts of her body that people tend to look at. The volume of the frills disguises the small size of her breasts, and the pants are like a mini skirt with the frills from the waist.
Thanks to these voluminous frills, the arms and legs extending from the frills look even thinner and more slender. Her waist also looks tighter.
You can see a new side to Estella, who usually wears cool clothes, by putting her in a cute, frilly swimsuit like this.

'Well, well, it's summer. You should enjoy it too.
'...... summer?'

Oh, I see. It's December, and this hot season is called the 'heat wave season'.

'When having fun, it's better to have fun together.'
'Yeah, ...................'

What is it?
Why is Estella so red faced and stiff?
Oh no~...... did I say something again?
No, no, no, that's not what I meant. ............ Oh no, my back is starting to sweat.

'No, that's not what I meant. ......'
'I know. ...... You're an idiot. Do you have any idea how many times I've heard you make careless mistakes?'

With a wry smile, Estella pats me on the shoulder.

'I know exactly what you mean.

She pats me on the shoulder twice and walks away from me as if we were passing each other.
As we pass each other, he leaves me with these words.

'Now, don't deny it. It's .......'

What's that?
What's that reaction?
What should I do?

...... My heart hurts without knowing why.
I'm sure I touched something I shouldn't have, right?
I'll be careful what I say. Seriously, I'll be careful.

I'm worried that I'll hurt you someday. ......

'Well, now then, what are you waiting for? The final weapon of the forty-two districts is here!
'No, please don't stir things up like that!I'm leaving as usual!

Without waiting for Natalia's call, Ginette emerges from the hut.

''''.................. gulp''''

All the boys spit in their mouths.

No, that's not fair.
It's a weapon worthy of the name ...... Lethal Weapon.

Perhaps because of the tremors, Jeannette squeezed her breasts.
I'll help you!I'll hold one of them for you.

'Oh, um, ............, that's weird, isn't it?

Not at all!
In fact, I think you should wear that outfit on a regular basis!

Ginette's swimsuit is a halter-neck bikini where the bra strap is tied behind the neck.
By tying it behind the neck, the breasts are lifted up and the cleavage is emphasized more and more. If I were to attend a meeting of the gods to decide on the three sacred treasures, I would recommend this bikini.
The waist of the pants is adorned with a large ribbon, which makes it look less revealing than it is. Even if you don't have a pareo, it will alleviate some of your embarrassment.
Anyway, Ginette's swimsuit is designed to sway and sway whenever you move.

'Ha, yes!Is it ......?'

Perhaps still unaccustomed to being seen in a bathing suit, Ginette's ears are red and she looks uncomfortable.
I make it clear to her.

'Thank you for the meal.
''Please don't say that!
'''Thank you for the food! ''
''Everyone, please repent!

The three men who took advantage of me were also pissed off.

After enjoying the swimsuits of all of us, we played in the river to our heart's content.
Bertina and Milly were quiet enough to dip their feet in the water, while Paula and Delia jumped in and swam with all their might.
As for me, I was teaching Ginette, who said she couldn't swim, how to swim.

'Hands, keep your hands on me, okay?
'Yes, yes. It's okay, just dip your face in the water.'
'Oh, you're not going to drown?
'I'm fine.

Ginette realized that she really hadn't been outside the cafeteria much.
Estella, as expected, and Natalia were swimming around with the beautiful form of a competitive swimmer.
And Loretta was swimming so well that it made me feel sick.

'That's disgusting!
'It's terrible!My brother is straight up terrible!

She swam so fast even though her form was a mess, it was like swimming with a snake, and I felt a little 'wow'.

Norma and Imelda are relaxing on the shore. Well, everyone has their own way of spending time.

Magda and Nepheli were like, '...... do you want to take it off? Isn't it too early? ...... do you want to attack?'' We need to know when it's time!A makeover is a powerful weapon that only the two of us have! The two of them were discussing when to wear a bikini or not. ...... Do what you want.

We had a lot of fun until late afternoon, and when we got hungry, we decided to have Nagashi Somen.
I couldn't wait to do this.
I had never done it in Japan before.
I couldn't leave this to a stupid kid, because the person who washed the noodles had to find the right timing.
By process of elimination, I'm the only one who can do it. All of you here are idiots.

'Well, let's play!
'Hey, who's that?Who just screamed like an animal?Was it Magda?Delia?'
'...... Sister Bertina.'
'Is that you?

Don't even get me started on the noodles.
I asked Omero and Bekko to keep pouring water into the bamboo with a ladle, and poured out a handful of somen.
Oh!It's flowing!

'Bon appétit!
'Delia!No grabbing!
'Bertina, calm down!

There's a high rate of beasts here!I don't know.

After a couple of servings, things finally settled down.
It seems that each of us has eaten a certain amount of somen.

'Yashiro-san. I'll change. Please eat too, Yashiro-san.
'Hmm?I see. Sorry, Jeannette.'

I accepted Ginette's offer and stood next to the bamboo.
Becko and Omero seem to have taken over. Delia and Magda are going to drain the water.

'Then, let's go!

Ginette says in a relaxed voice.
She grabbed her chopsticks and braced herself. ...... Then the somen was dropped onto the bamboo. ...... Instant!


'That was fast!

The two watermen were pouring water at a speed like a whitewater slide.
Magda keeps the water flowing, and Delia swings her ladle in time with the somen, and launches it like a slamming mass of water.
Are these people going to feed us?

'That sounds fun. Let me have a go.
'Yeah, but ......'.

Ginette flinched for a moment at Delia's offer, which was clearly too dangerous, but ......

'Then, please.'

......I guess I gave it away. ............
You will find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.
She pointed the ladle at Omero, then spun the ladle around and held it like a batter.

'Omero, eat up!

He then 'hit' the somen with the ladle as if it were a thousand knocks.


The noodles hit Omero's mouth perfectly, and not a single one spilled.

'That's amazing ......'.
'No, it's great, but that's not how you do it!Let me eat like a normal person!

I won't allow you to play with food!

And so the good time passed, and ...... we truly enjoyed the hot day of midsummer.
It's okay to have fun like this even in the hottest season.
If you just complain about the hot weather, your heart will rot.
Thanks to the heat, we were able to see everyone in their swimsuits.

'Spend the time when your activities are restricted by having fun by playing around ......? I'll try to get this idea to take root in the whole city next year.

That's what Estella said with a carefree smile.
That's right.
Enjoying the hellish heat wave is a win-win situation.

There's sure to be fun things waiting for us tomorrow.
After all, summer has just begun!

After the sun had set, we returned to the sunny pavilion, where we closed the store early and collapsed into a sleepy stupor.
As my consciousness was engulfed in a muddy sleep, I thought to myself ......

'What should I do next? ...... I wonder if I can do a test of courage, watermelon splitting, ...... fireworks, ......'

I was thinking like a kid who is excited about his summer vacation plans.
Eventually, my consciousness was interrupted and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I had no idea that such a thing had happened. ............

'............ You're lying, right?'

When I woke up to the intense cold, I opened the window and gasped.
My breath and the view in front of me were all covered in white.

The whole world was covered in snow.