73-Episode 68 Festival Night

As the sun went down and we could only dimly see the faces of the people walking next to us, the festival site was lit up.
The candles lined up on both sides of the road were lit.
Huge lanterns made of wax. They were so huge that they would burn all night.

The warm orange flames swayed with the flow of people, brightly illuminating the festival site.

'It's beautiful .......'

Imelda let out a sigh as the flames lined the street at night.
It is indeed a spectacular sight.
The revelers, who had been engrossed in their food earlier, were now admiring the beauty of the flames, losing track of time for a moment.

'How is it? How bright is this street?
'It's quite good, isn't it?
'Then, the branch of the Lumberjack Guild is also located on this street: ......'
'But the lights won't come on after the festival, will they?

U...... hitting a sore spot.
I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.I'm going to live here, you know.
He seems to like the scene that is now unfolding in front of him, but he doesn't intend to approve the location of the branch just because of this.
It's going to be difficult to get Imelda to change her mind about wanting to live in Newtown because she loves its beautiful cityscape.

...... Well, we have a trump card, though.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this. I'm feeling comfortable.
This is a person who doesn't care where the branch office is located as long as the Woodcutter's Guild comes to District 42. He's not an enemy, but he can't be relied on either.

By the way, this candle has been specially processed so that it won't go out in a moment.
Surrounding the wick of the candle is a flat cloth made of woven fiber, which looks like a circle when viewed from above. In this way, the wax-soaked wick and the surrounding cloth burn at the same time, preventing the wick from being extinguished by a small amount of light, and the flame becomes larger.
When you want to put it out, just pop the iron lid on it and it will go out immediately. It really takes a moment.
Each of the wax lanterns is equipped with a lid, so take it off and pop it on -- that's all it takes to extinguish the flame. It is a bright, durable and safe candle.

'I'd like to have one of these lanterns in my house.
'Becko would be happy if you bought a subscription.
'In return, I think Father will be sad, though.

Of course, since the lanterns are so well made, the price is reasonable.
Moreover, they are very powerful and can last only one night.
If you want to use them at home, you'll have to buy new ones every day, which will put financial pressure on the lumberjack guild.

'So, when does the main event start?
'Soon. For now, let's just enjoy the night stalls.

The lights make you feel as if you are in another world.
Even if you've eaten a lot of food in the daytime, you can't help but think it looks delicious again when you see it this way. It's no wonder my purse strings are loosened.

'I'd like to eat two more okonomiyaki!
'Hey, Miss Planning!

There's no one as unplanned as this guy.

'At night, you can see things differently, and the food you ate during the day will taste different. Please give me forty frankfurters.

In Paula's store, the sisters, who should have the main event coming up soon after this, are showing their appetite. ...... There was one, even more unplanned than Imelda. ......

'Estella, take that thing to the church and get yourself ready for it.

Estella walks towards Bertina, who squeals with delight at the pile of frankfurters.
...... stopped immediately and looked back at her.

I'm going to do my best, so watch me, okay?

I'm going to do my best.

'Oh, oh, ......, I'm watching you.

What a sweet and sour feeling.
Of course I'm watching.
It is no exaggeration to say that the success of the main event will determine the success or failure of this festival. This is why we've been running around all this time.
So I'll watch. I'll watch it, but ......, if you say so, I'll look at it from a slightly different perspective. ...... At all.

After Estella dragged the fiercely resisting Bertina to the church, I headed to the sunlit pavilion with Imelda.
I wondered if Jeannette and the others had finished their work and were preparing for the event.
In the worst case scenario, I'll take over the store and go to ......

I was thinking of ......, but...

'Sisters, they're already gone!
'Shop, food, sold out!
'Now it's just a resting place!

It was a shocking statement.
They had run out of the materials they had prepared. We're sold out, sold out, closed.
Oh my god. ...... I can't believe I read that wrong. ......
I can't believe we're running out of stock at such a profitable time. ...... I'm so sorry!I've been having nightmares for three days and three nights about my regret.
I wonder how much profit I could have made in the last ten or twelve hours. ......

'The manager was happy...'
'I'm so happy!

'We all banzai'd.
'The guests also banzaied.
'My sister said it was a big help to have more time.
'Master Magda also said that...'

We heard that the food stalls had sold out early, and Magda and Loretta had returned to the sunny pavilion.
Three of the four stalls were sold out: ......Oh ......

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it'll be fine. ......
And ...... I see. Ginette, you're happy.

'Manager, it's the first time we've ever sold out.
'He said I look like a grandpa!
'Grandpa's sold out!
'Out of stock, old man!
'No, that's not it. The old man didn't sell out, did he?
''Sold out!
'''Sold out Jijii!'''
''No, that's why ......, well, no more.''

Ever since Jeannette took over the store, the sunny pavilion has been carrying a large amount of inventory.
He said that until I came along, they were throwing away a lot of excess foodstuffs.
Ginette must have felt lonely every time.

No matter how hard I try, I can't sell.
Even if you work hard, there is no one to see your efforts.

That must have been very hard.
I don't know how you didn't lose heart.

It's because you didn't break down, because you didn't rot, that the Sunlit Pavilion has come this far.
I wonder how Ginette saw today's sold-out performance.
I wonder how it shook Jeannette's heart.

I'm sure she didn't have a hard time. Rather than that, ......

'Then, well, I guess I'll just sell out .......'

Let's just think of this as a learning experience.
We can use this lesson for next time.
Yes, it's an investment of sorts. A valuable experience.

Mr. Yashiro. Would you like to watch the main event here?

The sunlit pavilion was crowded with children and elderly people. ...... They must be very tired. All the resting guests didn't get up from their chairs.
I'm not sure if I'm in the way here.

'No, let's go to the church. That's the best place to see it.

The procession of lights comes from the east and west around the church.
It will be most spectacular in the church.


The sound of a drum rang out in the distance.

'Oh no, it's already started!
'Oh, is that the signal?
'Yeah. Let's hurry up!
'Oh, no, no, no!

Imelda seemed to be trying to argue with me, but she quieted down as I forcefully pulled her hand and walked away.
She followed me in silence.

The sound of the drums continues to play, getting smaller and smaller.
In the meantime, the river fishing guild, the hunting guild and the vigilantes of the 42nd district are supposed to lead the spectators to clear the way for the festival.
A procession of lights walked along the road between the spectators.

The sound of the drums is also the signal for the younger Ham kids to stand by.

The younger siblings, who were not allowed to stand in the store, complained that they wanted to help in some way.
The older ones were busy serving customers or helping Umaro and Moormat, while the younger ones were basically apprentices.
I guess they didn't like that. The younger siblings were pissed off that they couldn't do anything to help on this big day.

So I gave them a very important task.
It is a very important role that holds the key to the procession of lights.

On the way to the church, I looked to the side of the road and saw that my younger siblings had finished their standby. Full of motivation. It's a good idea. ...... That's all well and good, but don't get too excited and start flying, okay?
The timing has to be perfect for the main event to shine.

The interval between the drums is getting narrower.

Boom, boom, boom, boom............

The closer we get to the church, the more the powerful sound of the drums echoes in my heart.
Even the hand that holds Imelda's hand is involuntarily filled with strength.

'............ Huh.'

When I squeeze her hand, Imelda lets out a strange voice.
What is it?When I turn around, I see ......

'No, please don't look at me now!

She turned her face away from me.
She was embarrassed that we were holding hands.

You're a ...... maiden!I've held hands with ...... more women than I can count.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. I've been to a lot of folk dances. ...... Some of them didn't even hold hands with me. ............ Some of them just let their hands float a bit. ......... I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea.You're a demon, Imelda!I'm not sure what to say.Apologize to me!

'Why are you crying?
'I'm not crying. ......'

The candlelight is sinking into my eyes.

In the meantime, the intervals between the drums are getting shorter and shorter, and now the speed of the drums is becoming what I would call random.

It would be more exciting if we could hear the musical accompaniment.
I wish I could recreate it someday.
Well, this is the first time. A drum with a sound similar to a Japanese drum should be enough.
The drums used by the hunting guild to warn of monsters were structurally very similar to Japanese drums, so I used them. There are such things in some places.

'My heart is pounding. What is this elation? ......'

Imelda is looking at the road at night with bated breath.
The festival-goers lining the street are probably experiencing the same feeling.

The sound of drums echoing in her heart.
The slight sense of immorality of being outside at night, when you don't usually go out.
And the extraordinary scenery of the flickering flames in the dark night.

Expectations grew even higher.
Let yourself be intoxicated by the tension-like elation!

And then, just as the sound of the drums was reaching its peak and the audience's hearts were racing...

Suddenly, the light disappeared.

In an instant, the world is enveloped in darkness.
The rampaging drumming stops for a moment.

The darkness ......
The silence ......
Everything in the world is engulfed by ......

A kind of strange atmosphere filled with anticipation and anxiety prevails.

And then--

Shan ......

A small ............, very small bell sounded in the dark night.

The eyes of the audience turned towards it at once.
And ......

'Oh ......'.

......, and admiring voices leaked from everywhere.

Beyond the darkness.
I see lights in the distance.

In a long line, a dazzling yet warm glow of pure white slowly marches toward us.

'It's beautiful ....... ......'

Imelda muttered to herself.
No wonder she said that.

All those present were transfixed by the pure white light that illuminated the dark night.
They lined up in a row and were fascinated by the fantastic light that bobbed up and down in time with their steps.

No one spoke a word as they gazed at the mysterious scene that had suddenly appeared.

Shan...... Shan...... Shan............

As the sound of the bell drew nearer, the shadows of the light-bearers came into view.
They were several women holding shining lights.
In their hands, they hold beautiful potted bricks that glow.
A single flower is planted in it.

The white petals of the flower sway proudly in the light.

Wendy is leading the procession on the east side.
After a week of waiting indoors, Wendy is not glowing today.
She is only illuminated by the brick of light in her hand.

The light shines on her well-toned face, creating distinct shadows.
It was more beautiful than any make-up, and made the girls stand out.

And at the head of the west side, ............


At the head of the west side was Ginette, wrapped in an untainted light.
Her usual bright and cheerful smile was overshadowed by a calm and quiet expression.
It was mysterious to the point of ......
If there is such a thing as a goddess in this world, she must have a face like this,......, with a beautiful expression that makes you think that.

I was in no mood to talk to her.

The light gathered in front of the church.
The gathered light illuminated the darkness.
It was a beautiful sight, a miracle if ever there was one.

The light powder that Wendy had researched and created, combined with the bricks that Theron had made, resulted in glowing bricks.
If left out in the sun during the day, they would glow brightly at night.

It is a precious light that has been born in the 42nd district, where there are no streetlights.
With it, you won't be afraid of the streets at night.
No matter how deep the darkness, it will shine brightly.

'Oh, ......'.

As the procession of lights reaches the end of the church, a shout goes up from the revelers.
I looked and saw that the path that the procession of lights had just walked was lit up with pure white lights.

Nice timing, siblings.

All of this was staged by my younger siblings.
They were the ones who turned off the lanterns at the signal of the drums.
And it was their younger siblings who turned on the lights now.
The glowing bricks, which had soaked up the sunlight next to the lanterns during the day, were covered with black cloth and put on standby in the evening.
In the evening, they were covered with black cloth and put on standby. They were removed at once when the procession of lights gathered at the church.

Those little bastards. They pulled it off.
Nice job. You timed it too perfectly.

The glowing bricks now dazzled the darkness of the night that the candles had just illuminated.
From a pale and warm light, to a fantastic and mysterious glow. ......

The festival site is enveloped in a pale, pure white light that captures the hearts of all those present.

'How bright it is......'

Yes, the light emitted by the light bricks is very strong.
Although it is affected by the strength of the sunlight during the day, it is more than enough considering the fact that it was pitch black and we had to rely on the light of the stars.
Moreover, unlike candles and torches, once the light is set up, it can light up the night without fuel.
Incidentally, the glowing bricks are made to lose their light after about a year at ....... In fact, the adjustment was the hardest part. If the bricks were made in the usual way, they would continue to glow semi-permanently. However, this is not the case.

If the bricks shine forever, sales of the bricks will drop after they are installed once.
They need major maintenance once a year. That's about right.

Now Wendy, the creator of the brickworks and the light powder, will have a regular income.
Besides, this event will be a good advertisement and the demand for light bricks will increase rapidly.
The brickworks would probably be flooded with orders, and the current impoverished life would change.
Then Theron could be with the man of his dreams.

Yes, these bricks of light are also the light of love that brings two people together. .............

Wendy has been working day and night to create a glowing flower.
Theron was trying to increase the demand for his flower bed by relying on the flowers that Wendy produced.
However, he could not complete the glowing flower and was on the verge of failure.

All he had to do was change his mind.
It was simple enough.

If you can't create a glowing flower, make your flower bed glow.
Wendy's desire to create a glowing flower had started out as a longing, but after meeting Theron, it became a belief she wanted to achieve.
They both had the same goal: to increase the value of bricks and increase demand.
So, instead of making bricks to support rare flowers, they should have made bricks of rare and beautiful value.

The day after I told him that, the shiny bricks were completed.
All it took was for Theron to mix Wendy's powder into the clay and bake it, and it was born.
A product that could break through the difficulties that had plagued him and easily turn the tide of adversity that he thought he could never overcome was created with such ease.

Well, I could only laugh.

What I had been trying so hard to find, but still couldn't, and had almost given up on, was solved in an instant by simply changing my perspective.
They must have felt as if they had found a loophole leading to the goal they had been desperately searching for.

But they were happy with the result.
Regardless of the process, they were on the path to the future they had hoped for.

I guess their honesty paid off. They didn't embellish, they didn't slouch, they didn't dress up, they just pursued straight, and as a result, they got it. They got what they really wanted.

Theron and Wendy have decided to get married soon.
It is said that Bojek, who was trying to make Theron a son-in-law of a nobleman, surrendered unconditionally to this brick of light.

'I've never seen such an amazing brick. I can sell ...... this!

Bojek, who strongly wanted the brickworks to survive, acknowledged their relationship with the birth of the glowing brick and went to the nobleman in person to bow to him.
The nobleman was expecting some kind of harsh punishment, but when he heard what had happened, he readily backed down and congratulated Theron.
But when the nobleman heard about the situation, he immediately stepped aside and congratulated Theron, saying, 'If you continue to make wonderful bricks, that's enough for me.

--And so, the mess at the brickworks was cleaned up.
As if to say, this path of light has become a guide for lovers.

Eventually, I plan to use this street to hold a big event to celebrate the wedding of two couples, and to attract tourists as a 'road of love' for lovers.
Girls love that kind of thing, don't they?

When the light was spreading through the streets of the festival site, the procession of light that had gathered in front of the church entered the church.
Inside the church, the light is handed over to Bertina, who returns it to the spirit gods.
She then gives generous blessings to those who have shown their gratitude.
The event proceeds as follows: .......

'Blessings of the God of Spirits: ...... This light is the light that the God of Spirits has given to us humans. It's a light of hope that cuts through the darkness of the terrible night, isn't it?

Well, in light of the purpose of this event, that's what it is.

The light that illuminates this street is the light blessed by the spirit gods, and it is also the light of love that brings lovers together. ...... Is that a little too greedy?
But there are plenty of tourist attractions that have all sorts of reasons to be there. So, this is fine.

'If a branch of the Woodcutter's Guild is established in the place I claim, not in New Town, ......'

Then I'll put the finishing touches on fulfilling my purpose.

'You can pass this path of light, full of blessings and love, every day.
'Every day at ............ here: ......'
'That's right. Moreover, the city gates are not yet built at the moment, so it will be a while ......'

'I'll use my most difficult kill words to woo Imelda here!

'This road is for you only.

'This beautiful path of light is ...... watashi,dedicated ............!

I close my eyelids and shudder.
I guess I'm imagining striding down this road, which is now crowded with people, occupied all by myself. The edge of her mouth twitches, and she struggles to hold back a grimace.

'I understand!

Imelda then said the words I had been waiting to hear.

'Let's build the Lumberjack Guild near the city gate that Yashiro-san insists on!That's where I'll be living!

Now, the construction of the street is as good as decided!
At last, the Sunken Pavilion would become a restaurant facing the road.
We've turned the unavoidable bad location on its head!

Inside the church, a solemn blessing ceremony was held, and next to me, Imelda, immersed in her future fantasies, revealed her smiling face, and I was biting back the joy of having managed to achieve my original goal, despite several setbacks.

So, I'm sorry Estella.
I overlooked your efforts.

But that's a small thing!
There's a new road!

As I gazed at the brightly lit brick roadway, I was sure that my future was bright.