72-Episode 67 Festival Morning

'Hey there, brother on the street!How about a frankfurter!They're perfect with beer!'
'Squid roast!Squid squid squid!Fresh squid delivered this morning from the Sea Fishing Guild!
'Cold beer!We also have wine!
'This is for the kids!How about a sweet baby sponge cake?
'...... popcorn. It's delicious!

The touts' voices rang out.
With the exception of ...... Magda.

Today, at ten in the morning.
The festival has finally begun.

The streets stretching east and west from the front of the church are overflowing with people.
Normally, this road is only used by the members of the agricultural guild, such as Moormat, or the children of the church, but this was probably the most crowded road ever since its creation.
It's a relatively wide road with enough space for two carts to pass each other, but it's already crowded with stalls and spectators.

I am now at the east end of the festival site, in an open area near the main street.
From here, I'm going to walk along the usual path toward the sunny pavilion, but it will take me several times longer than usual.

While I'm thinking about this, people are pouring into the street leading from the main street to the festival site.
The lively sound and good smell of the festival reached us from afar. It's no wonder I'm so drawn in.

And what I'm doing here is ......

'Mmm-hmm!Look at this!It's a yukata that I designed and custom-made for Ukrines-san!

Imelda twirls around in front of me, wearing a lustrous yukata with white flowers blooming brightly on a dark blue and black base.
Yes. Imelda is just telling me how proud she is of her yukata. ...... I don't know what I'm doing.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
When Imelda, a beautiful young lady who was the pride of the Forty-second Ward, wore a yukata, it naturally became a topic of conversation among the fashionable girls of the Forty-second Ward. And the yukata became a huge movement in the forty wards.
Ukrines told me happily that there was a long line of customers at his store every day, most of whom came from the forty wards.
It seems that he was quite happy to be recognized by the residents of the so-called 'superior' district.

'For some reason, yukata has become popular in the forty wards, and more and more people are wearing something similar to my yukata.

So Imelda, with her money and power, made a custom-made yukata.
...... That's why I haven't seen Ukrines lately. He had so much work to do: the yukata for the store, Imelda's custom-made yukata, and the new yukata for the show, which he had announced himself. No wonder.
It's about time you partnered up with some clothing store and shared your skills with them. Well, it won't be long before there are copies out there.

'Look at this drawstring.

She showed off a peach-colored drawstring that seemed to be a special order.
The pale peach color looks very pretty against the deep hue of the yukata.

'I was particular about my geta, too.

The noseband is a vivid shade of blue with bright red camellias blooming all over it. The black, shiny geta must be made of lacquer. There was a store that sold lacquer ware, so I ordered some as a test, and it turned out to be a big hit.
Nowadays, I hear that lacquerware workshops are busy making clogs instead of bowls.

'...... Hey, Yashiro-san.'
'I've been explaining all this to you, but why haven't you ever complimented me on my yukata?
'Oh, I didn't compliment you?
'No, I haven't heard of it!

I was praising it in my heart. I guess you have to say it out loud to get it across.

'You're the cutest thing in the universe.
'What's with that heartless bar reading?

I'm a little curious as to how the word 'universe' was translated, but that's okay for now.

The reason why I can't praise it honestly is because Imelda's design has deviated a little from the original yukata. For example, the hem of the yukata is mini-skirt length, and the geta has a cord other than the hosao (a cord for the nose), which is wrapped around the knee in a fashionable way.
Also, her hairstyle is too flamboyant. Are you a gal?
The proper way to wear a yukata is to wear your long hair up in a ladylike manner and expose the nape of your neck in a s*xy way!

And since Imelda, the fashion leader of the 40th district, is wearing this kind of yukata, girls on the street are saying 'cute~'.
...... I hope the weird yukata doesn't catch on.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at .......

I'm not sure what to make of it.
I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you get through the day. ...... Imelda, don't tell me you're not wearing that ............ mini-skirt length!

I'm not sure what to say.You're the star of the show today!
'What's with you, all of a sudden?...... Well, I don't feel bad about it, but...'

I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not.
I'm not sure what to make of it.

'The bottom of your nose is getting longer, Yashiro.

And Estella, whose collarbone has shrunk, appears with a grumpy look on her face.

'Little ............, you're late. What have you been up to?'

'Before that, what did you just say to me?
'It's just a misspelling, don't worry about it.'
'Totally ......'

This is a very elegant yukata with a bright and gorgeous design based on orange, but with a sense of ladylike calmness.
And as I thought, Estella looks good in a yukata.

'Did you tie your hair up?
'Yes. Natalia insisted, so ............ it's strange, isn't it?'
'No, it's good. Very good. It reminds me of being a girl, which I usually tend to forget.'
'I hope you don't forget that .......'

It's funny.
Even though I'm praising her so much, Estella's expression is still dull.
Is she at a difficult age?

'Well then, let's go around the stalls.'
'I suppose so.'
'I'll show you around.

The three of us are going to look around the festival today.
We're here to entertain the lumberjack guild.

However, we won't be there all the time.
Once we've visited a certain number of stores, we'll let them browse freely.
I'm sure Imelda will want to go where she wants.

After the sun goes down, the main event of the festival, the procession of lights to the church, will begin.
They return the lights to the spirit gods as a sign of gratitude.

The members of the Sunlit Pavilion will also participate in the procession.

If I can find some time before that, I'd like to take Jeannette to see the festival.
No, you see. He's got a store to run so he can't go out anywhere. So I've always hoped that something fun would come "from over there".
This festival is the perfect opportunity to do just that.
You can forget about the time for a while and go shopping. Even Ginette deserves a reward like that.


Not far from the main street, there is a stall of the Sun Goddess Pavilion.

One stall of the same size is rented to each group of stores and craftsmen who have declared their participation in the festival. One stall per group, no matter how powerful they are or how much money they have.
Otherwise, the group will take over the place and the fun will be lost.
We decided on the location of the event by drawing lots.
The organizing committee had the discretion to make some adjustments, such as separating the staple food items, arranging the drinks at regular intervals, and consolidating the souvenirs.
Well, it's just like Japan's biggest market in summer and winter or some such events.

How to make a difference in this limited space ...... is also something to be seen.
So, the atmosphere is a little different from that of Japanese stalls, but that's the point. I think it's okay that the festival is unique to this city. You don't have to be faithful to the original.

We just sold it!

My sisters are waving cheerfully at me.
Okonomiyaki is served at the stall of the sunny pavilion. Since Bertina had praised the okonomiyaki in the past, we figured it would be good.
After all, okonomiyaki is always a part of festivals.

'It looks delicious. It smells so good.
'Do you want some?
'Can't you make it half size?
'Don't customize it by opening a ...... store. ............'
'You won't be able to eat anything else if you eat a whole piece of this. When you are a person of my level, you are rich in planning.

I don't know if planning is rich or poor, but please refrain from making detailed orders. I don't know if planning is rich or poor, but please refrain from making detailed orders.

'If you want to split it in half, you can do it yourself.
'So, ............, I'll give you half!
'No, ...... I honestly ...... don't even want to look at okonomiyaki for a while. ......'

I ate it to death as I accompanied my sisters in their training. No, they ate themselves to death. I think I've had a couple of astral withdrawals.
I don't know what to say, but the smell of this sweet and spicy sauce alone is enough to make me go ............

'So you want to share half with me?
'Are you and ......?
'Then you'll have to eat it all by yourself.
'I can't help it. I'll treat you to a meal.
'...... I'm paying for this?The Lumberjack Guild is richer than me. ......'
'I've been told that you're entertaining us today.'
'............ Oh my god.'

Reluctantly, Estella opens her purse.
It was a ............ gusset.

'Hey,......, what's wrong with that?
'Oh, is this it?Isn't it cute?

She's very happy to show off her purse.
He looks as if he wants you to listen.

'It's a wallet developed by Ukrines. You can open and close it with a single touch, and the mouth closes tighter than with a string, so the coins don't fall out!And the cute shape of this ............ wallet makes Uclines a genius, don't you think?

I was the one who taught him the original idea.
When I was making the purse, I drew a picture of a purse like this and just explained it to him. I put it on hold this time because I didn't think I'd have the time or the materials to make it. ............ That sheep lady must have been so busy that a strange switch went off.I'm sure she'll collapse as soon as the festival is over. ......

'What's ...... that?

Imelda suddenly shouted loudly, and Estella shrugged her shoulders.

'If you give me that wallet, I'll pay for everything today!

It seems she fell in love at first sight.
He's ...... simple.
I guess he's the type of guy who, if he gets even one of a series, has to complete the whole thing.

'But,......, I like it a lot,......'.

Estella shows some difficulty. What can ...... you be confused about? You can always buy a new purse later.

'Right now, the production of gumboots has stopped. It probably won't be back until next month.

Estella explained to me secretly so that Imelda would not hear.
What the hell, I don't care!

'Give it to her. I'll make it for you next time.
'Are you sure?
'Oh. ...... Your allowance is directly connected to the finances of the 42nd district. Stop wasting it.''
'...... That's too much.'

You idiot!
It's a good thing I'm not the only one.
How many times have you seen an admonisher sprout wings and fly away!
It'll happen this time too. Before you know it, you'll be thinking, 'What, the silver coins haven't evaporated? I'm sure it will happen this time.

'......Yashiro's handmade or ............hmm'.

In the event that you've got any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, we'll be happy to assist you.

'I'll give it to you then. It's called 'entertainment'.
'Mm-hmm. That's a good idea. I'm in a bit of a good mood, aren't I?

Oh, this young lady is so sweet... ......
I'm sure she's the type of person who'd be fooled into buying something from a sales demonstration.

That's why Imelda bought okonomiyaki on her own, and Estella and Imelda are sharing it.
They look like friendly young ladies, and it's relaxing to watch.

And then you hear a voice that sounds familiar.

'...... Yashiro, do you want some popcorn?

It's Magda.
Magda is setting up her usual stall on the main street.

'No, not at the moment. How's the sales going?'
'...... New customers are eating in.'
'The guys from the forty wards?'
'...... Yeah. '.................. Forty wards are pretty easy.'
'Hey ......, where do you learn to say things like that?

Magda raises the corners of her mouth like an evil priest. But his eyes are always vacant and expressionless.

In the event that you've got a lot of time and energy, you may want to take a look at the following. So, while Cantaluchica has a frankfurter stall, the main street is open for business as usual.
Of course.
It would be absurd to close the store for the stall.

So, the second store, run by Magda, and the seventh store, run by Loretta, are open for business as usual today.

Ah, yes!

Of course, YODAMARITEI is also open for business.
Coincidentally, the store is located in the middle of the festival site, so it looks like we're going to have a bit of a fever today.
Because the store happens to be located on the street where the festival is held, the store and the garden in front of the store are open to the public as a resting place for people who are tired of walking during the festival.
Chairs and large tables are set up for people to sit down and relax their tired legs and feet after walking around. A little space like that is very helpful, isn't it?
It's a festival day to show gratitude to the spirit gods. We should show that kind of service.
You don't have to pay to sit down.
However, ...... you can buy something to eat while you're there, or rather, you should eat something.

So, today, the Sunlit Pavilion is open in four locations: the main store, the second store, the seventh store, and the storefront!
Hahahaha!We can win!We can win!
Look!The customers are swarming like ants!

It is largely due to the hard work of my sisters that we have been able to expand so widely.
They worked hard every day at the Sunlit Pavilion, and now they have grown to the point where they can be entrusted to guard the store.
And Magda and Loretta, having gained subordinates, have grown many times more than their sisters.
I no longer have any worries about letting them run the stall. I'd be happy to share the goodwill with them.
Well, I'm not letting them go yet.

That's why I'm thinking that I can make some time for you.
It's ......, you see. Ginette's prize.

'Sister. Two more okonomiyaki for you!
'Hey!What's with the planning?
'Because they're delicious!
'You're going to eat a lot more than that!And wipe your mouth!You like beautiful things, young lady!

But Imelda's hands were occupied with her empty paper plate and chopsticks.
She cringed and wondered for a moment if she should wipe with her yukata.
Stop it, you!

'Oh, God!I can't help it!

I took out a handkerchief from my pocket and wiped Imelda's mouth.

'Hey, hey!Yashiro-san!

Imelda shakes off my hand as if she can't take it anymore.
I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that. ...... Hmm, did that hurt?

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll do fine.

...... Hmm?
What are you talking about, this guy?

'......My lips have been taken from me. ......'
'I didn't take your lips!

It's an expression that can only be used in a mouse-to-mouth situation!

'............ You're bold.'
'Hey, don't ever say that in front of the lumberjack guild.

It will shorten my lifespan by several decades, okay?

'Yashiro ............ in public like this.'
'You were watching me, right?I was just wiping my mouth!It'd be weird to take it the wrong way, right?'
'Well, I don't know. ...... I've never had anyone do that to me.'

What's ...... this little bit of shuriken-like atmosphere ......?

'...... festival is the scent of love'.
I'm not sure what to make of that.

Magda gives me a blank stare.
I'm not going to praise you!

'Well, we'll have okonomiyaki later and walk a bit.
'That's right. I'd like to see some things too.
'But the ...... crowd is like a demon. ............ Don't get lost.'
'Of course.
'I know, I know.'

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a little nervous about the whole thing.
...... Yeah, ............ it's hard to walk ......

'Come on, let's go, Yashiro.'
'Let's go, Yashiro.'
'...... festival is the scent of love.'

No,......, I like that scent.

The east side of the street from the main road to the church is where the visitors come in, so there are many food-related stores. The stores are arranged in such a way that people can have a light meal there, walk around when they are full, enjoy shopping and exhibits on the west side, and go back the way they came when they are hungry and pick up something else.

'Yashiro!Do you want some baby sponge cake?

Nepheli, wearing a cute yukata, waved at me from one of the stalls.

'Maybe the month after next!

...... I don't want to see baby sponge cakes for a while.
It was the first night I was glad Bertina was there, that day of training.

'They're very good, these frankfurters. Please give me sixty more.'
'Lo, sixty!

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a fan of your work. I can't keep my mind off of ....... As long as you get the show right, that's all that matters.

I'm sure you'll understand.This is the masterpiece of masterpieces that I have completed in 72 minutes!This is the masterpiece of all masterpieces that I have completed in seventy-two minutes, that it is "The Hero with his nose up in the air", that it is!I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.I'm not sure what to make of it.

I think I just saw a strange store open in my mind's eye for a moment, but it must have been my imagination, and my shoulders haven't dulled, as I threw a handball over 30 meters in my third grade physical fitness test.

You can eat all the fish you catch.

Masha, who had heard about it from Delia, said, 'I want to join the Sea Fishing Guild! But I thought of a fishing pond. It was a modified version of the water tank Masha always used when she came to land, and it was filled with sea fish. She would drop a line from the edge of the tank and fish. Why is Masha in there too?And the old men are all looking at each other and dropping their lines for Masha.
...... Men are really ............ stupid, aren't they?

'It's a huge crowd,...... and it's hard to just walk around a bit.
'It's ...... disrespectful of you not to give way to me!
'Be patient. That's what festivals are all about.
'There are so many people ............ that I can't go on without sticking to Yashiro .......'
'Yashiro-san. I can't help but stick to you.

I'm not sure what to make of that.

We finally arrived in front of the sunlit pavilion, buffeted by the waves of people.
How many times did it take us to get there? ...... I'm exhausted.
I'm glad there's a rest stop right here. ............ Wow, ......

'It's packed, isn't it?
'There's nowhere to sit.

The scene made me doubt my own eyes.
The sunlit pavilion was overflowing with people.

'We're coming to take your order now!Please wait a moment~!

Ginette was busily running around, weaving in and out of the crowd of people.
Her sisters are also running around.
It's a busy place.

I thought there would be a lot of people taking a break, but I expected many of them to bring in food from the stalls,......, so I thought there would be few people ordering from the sunny pavilion,......, but contrary to my expectation, there were a lot of customers. However, contrary to his expectations, customers began to order from Jeannette and her sisters. One after the other.

'It's because of that thing, isn't it?

Imelda pointed with her chin to the glass showcase that Umaro had made for her.
There, food samples made by Bekko are lined up. ...... One of them. One of the samples is placed in the center of the showcase, and children are crowding around it.

'Wow!The fork is floating!
'What's going on here?
'Hey, honey, would you like to try some of this?
'Yeah, sure. Let's eat it together. Excuse me!
'Yes!Please sit down and wait for your turn to be served!

The influence of pasta with meat sauce (the fork-floating version) is unbelievable!

It's something that I approve of. It's only natural that the common people would be interested in it.

No, well, I'm glad that the response has been better than I expected. ............

I'm glad to see that the response has been better than I expected, but I'm afraid you won't have time to gynet at this rate, will you?

'Oh, Yashiro-san!Look at this!It's amazing!When I did what Mr. Yashiro said, there were so many customers!I'm so happy right now!
'I'm sorry!
'Yes, thank you!Excuse me, I have to go!

Ginette bowed and went back to serving customers.
...... She seemed to be happy.

If so,............, that's fine.

'Do you think we should help too?
'No, we might be slowing you down too much.

I've been away from running the diner too much lately. If I make a mistake, I'll never be able to get it back.

'I'll ask my brothers or Delia for support.
'So, Yashiro-san, you will continue to entertain me, right?'
''Hmm?Ah, well, I can at least take a look at .......''
''What are you talking about!The first round is a preliminary inspection!The second round is the first round!The third lap is the main battle, and the fourth lap is the encore!
'If we go around here four times, we'll lose the day. ......'
'That's the main event of this festival, isn't it?You're just in time.

This guy ...... is going to drag me around all day: ............

'Come on, Yashiro-san, Estella-san. We're going to go eat okonomiyaki again!

'......Don't ............ say it, you'll feel it and it'll be hard.'
'..................Entertainment is hard work, isn't it?
'............Well, it's my job.'

As long as Jeannette was working hard at the diner, I was going to work hard at mine.

As I walked back and forth through the crowd, my energy was being drained, and I thought to myself, "He's been taking care of himself, and now he's standing there with his life force burning! When I had reached the state of a hero in a shonen manga, the sun hid its figure beyond the horizon.

Night is coming to the forty-two districts.

And the festival transforms into a nighttime feast of darkness and fire...

The real show begins here.