71-66. Three things ordered by Yashiro.

'...... d*mn it, I can't be making bricks!This place is abandoned, right?Okay, let's hide in here!
'...... Who's there?Who's there?
'Oh shit!There's someone at ............, what are you, a kid?'
'You're not a kid either.'
'You, what's your name?
'...... Wendy. What's yours?
'Theron ......, what are you doing here?'
'My dad and his apprentice are nagging me to make bricks. They say they're the third generation. ...... It's like they're always watching me. I just want to be alone sometimes. That's why I ran away.
'Does Theron want to be ...... alone?'
'Of course he does. So, what's Wendy doing?'
'Studying flowers. I don't want to be ...... alone, so I'm making ............ nice flowers that will bring everyone together.'
'......What's wrong with you?'
'Nothing, it's nothing!
'......Ah, Theron, if you want to be alone, I'm out of your way.'
'I'll go.
'Wait a minute!...... Wendy doesn't like to be alone, does she?'
'Yeah. ...... I'm lonely when I'm alone.'
'Well, then, ............ I'll be here for you from now on.'
'Yeah......, but Theron said he prefers to be alone......'
'Huh, up to two people is ............ safe, so...'
'...... I see. So two people are safe.'
'Well, it's nice to meet you, Theron.'
'Oh, yeah. Nice to meet you, Wendy.'

'And!This is how they met, and eventually became aware of each other, and their love for each other began to burn!

In the sunlit pavilion after lunchtime, Loretta talks passionately while banging on the table.
...... When did you ask me how Theron and Wendy got to know each other?

'It's a very nice story.
'It's pure love, isn't it?
'...... These two should be together.

It seems that everyone involved in the Sunlit Pavilion is on Theron Wendy's side.
Bojek, you poor thing.
Well, I'm on Theron's side, too. It's more profitable.

'So, my brother is going to take a stab or two at getting these two together, that's the plan this time!
'I didn't make such a plan.

I'm just thinking that it would be more convenient for my plan if they were to get together.

'...... When Yashiro takes off two layers of clothing, ............ he is almost completely naked.'
'No, you can't do that, Yashiro-san!
'Don't take Magda's word for it, Ginette.

Why do I have to strip naked to get Theron and Wendy together? I mean, what kind of couple would get together like that?

Well, that's how they met, and that's why Bojek doesn't know his son's childhood friend.
For Bojek, it was a situation where his heir was snatched away from him.

However, after meeting Wendy, Theron began to work hard at making bricks, and now he can make the finest bricks that no one can imitate. ...... It's kind of ironic, isn't it?

'So now the two of them are going through trial and error with Yashiro's input.
'Insight is a bad word. Call it advice.'

Estella looks at me, worrying about the chest area of her dress.
Perhaps it's because she's not used to wearing such clothes, but she seems uncomfortable.

'Kitsune no onee-san ga ikita!
'Someone with big boobs!
'Wait a minute!That's no way to explain it!...... This is why kids are such a pain in the ass.

Following the sisters who ran into the dining room, a beautiful foxy woman appeared, puffing on a cigarette.
When I met her in the past when I was working to restore a road that had been flooded by heavy rains, she didn't seem to have a very good impression of the hamster people,......, but that seems to have improved somewhat. He's not looking too uncomfortable, even though his sisters are getting involved.

I've got the things you asked for.
It's perfect for the deadline.

This foxy beauty is Norma Gregson. She's a mold maker who belongs to the Hardware Guild.

...... I thought the sign of the store was a shield, but apparently it represented an iron plate. Hard to tell.
So, today he delivered a mold for something I ordered.
On the table is a massive piece of iron about 50 centimeters long.
I don't know how he can carry this steel plate with such thin arms. The physical ability of the beastman race surpassed my common sense by a long shot.
The mold I ordered has a slightly unique, but from my point of view, very familiar processing.

'I've never seen a mold of this shape before. What are you going to make?
'I'll show you, if you like.After this, someone who uses this mold will come and do an experiment here.
'Experiment?...... Hmm, well, I've got time. Yeah, I'll let you watch.

She moves slowly and seductively, sucking on a pipe and smoking purple smoke.
It's also a great way to get a feel for what's going on in the world.

'...... Yashiro. You've seen too much.'
'Five more minutes .......'
'I'm going to blind you, aren't I?

I can feel Estella's true intent to kill.
What the hell. It's okay, it's nothing to lose. ......

'By the way, you guys are wearing some strange clothes. Is that the new stuff from Uclines' place?'

At Norma's question, her sisters pulled on their sleeves and twirled around in their yukata like Zashiki children.

Yes. The women of the Sunlit Pavilion all wore yukata.
The sisters, of course, Ginette, Magda, and Loretta. Also, as a member of the festival committee, Estella is playing a role in promoting the yukata.

'What do you think?Isn't it cute?
'It really is. The colors are bizarre, yet somehow calm. ...... Is this a red fish?

Pointing to the goldfish print yukata Ginette was wearing, Norma said admiringly.
The fabric for the yukata was gathered by the dressmaker Ukrines, and the pattern was dyed by me. The result is a little different from the Japanese ones, but I guess it's okay for this time. If the demand for yukata increases in the future, we can start full-scale production. It should be made according to the traditional method.

A festival is a yukata. You can't talk about a festival without yukata!
More importantly, I'm not happy!

That's why I asked Ukrines to make it for me.
However, instead of being displeased, the caring aunt sheep was overjoyed, saying that it was a new type of clothing and a revolution in the clothing world.
She agreed to provide us with the yukata we needed for the festival on the condition that we teach her how to make the yukata and how to wear it. We needed quite a few yukata, but the more we made, the more skillful Ukrines became, and he seemed to want to make more and more.
Now, as a period of promoting the yukata, we have asked our members to wear yukata as much as possible. If they are seen here and there in the city, they will naturally become the talk of the town.
Above all, yukata is very feminine and pretty.
The sound of the geta (Japanese geta clogs) is also generally well-received. Some of them even close their eyelids and enjoy the high-pitched sound of the geta when they hear it on the street.

'Well, well, well!You all look good together.

As I was thinking this, Ukrines came to the sunlit pavilion.
She gazed at the women dressed in yukata and narrowed her eyes.
She must be happy to see her own yukata being worn so beautifully.

'How does it feel?Is it tight in the chest or obi?
'Oh, yes. It's fine. ............ and ......'

Ginette's cheeks flushed as Ukrines spoke to her.

'......Isn't it wrong after all,......I mean, it's just that,......I don't feel comfortable without it... .........'
'Oh, I've actually been wondering about ...... that for a while too.'
'............ Magda, too, at least a little.'
'As you can imagine, I'd be worried if I didn't have it.'
'It's good, isn't it?
'I'm fine.
'It's okay, you're kids. Now we're talking about adults.'

The girls crowded around Uclines, trying to make some kind of statement.
At first, Ukrines didn't seem to see what they were talking about, but finally he seemed to get the point and patted them on the back.

'Oh, you're worried that I'm not wearing any clothes, aren't you?
'Hey!Mr. Ukrines!In front of Yashiro-san, you can't ...... do that!
'You're talking too loud!Quiet!Quiet!

'......When Yashiro bites, ............ it's over.'
'Big brother ...... only has a keen sense of smell for this kind of thing,......'
'Haha, sorry sorry sorry. But you know, it's necessary to make you look beautiful. Please be patient.'
'............Uh......I understand that, but ......'
'On the other hand, if you wear them, the lines will show up and it will be embarrassing.'
'I'm not wearing anything that embarrassing, though. ......'
'...... Estella sometimes wears things that look like strings.'
'How the hell do you know that?
'What?What kind are they?I want to see it next time!Please go put them on!
'You don't have to if you're just going to look at them!
'Mi, everyone!You're talking too loud!Quiet!Quiet!

The girls are talking quietly, glancing at me.
It's a good idea to keep your eyes and ears open. ...... Well, let's just save face for the girls here.

You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.

'Either way. This is a women-only secret, so as long as you don't tell ...... the men, there's no need to be embarrassed, right?'
'Yes, that's right ......, isn't it?'
'Well, you can keep it a secret.
'...... unrecognized events are as good as non-existent.'
'Then, gentlemen, keep your mouths shut!
'...... You seem to be the most talkative one.'
'That's not true, Estella!That's a terrible accusation!

Well, the bottom line is that the rule of not wearing pants when wearing a yukata is embarrassing.
It's a girls-only rule, a secret from the boys.
...... Of course I know about it. I'm sure you've heard of it.
But let's just pretend we don't know. It'll be better for their feelings.
I don't want them to reject the yukata.

So I'll pretend that I don't know.
So I'll pretend I don't know. And I'll enjoy ...... grinning by myself. ............ Mmm.

'Yashiro-chan. Do you have a minute?'

Ukrines calls me 'chan'. But, as is his habit in business, he speaks in a slightly broken down 'ですます' tone. It's a bit weird, but he doesn't seem to mind at all, and doesn't seem to have any intention of improving it, so I give up.

'I've made a drawstring, can you take a look?
'Oh, you've made a prototype?
'Actually, it's already at the product level.

The purse he handed me had a cute round shape and was a color that would look great with a yukata. I would have liked to make it out of crape if I could, but ............ it is very difficult to reproduce traditional crafts in this world. It would be a good idea to try to find someone who has crape techniques, but ...... I don't think we can count on that.

'What?What's with the cute bag?
'There's cardboard in the bottom, isn't there? That's how it keeps its shape.'
'...... woman's heart, gotcha.
'Can I have this at the festival?
'It's so cute!

The girls' eyes lit up when they saw the purse.
Ginette, in particular, is staring at the purse as if she's about to step into it.
He's watching the ...... seams. He's going to make it himself, isn't he?
If you ask me, I'll get you a pattern and everything.

Lately, Ukrines has been absorbing and sublimating my techniques and creating items one after another, so the perception that the yukata was invented by me is fading.
That's why I can stare at the crowd of girls enjoying themselves and think to myself, 'Oh, they're not wearing any yukata.
Okay, I'll just keep my mouth shut.
I've already transferred all the rights to the yukata to Ukrines, so that's fine.

'Ya~shiloh!Wait for me!

A chicken in a yukata came to the dining room, clacking its clogs.

--Summer in Kinyo. Summer in Japan.

'Oh, yes. I'll have to make some pomanders to keep the bugs away.
'Hey!What do you mean, my face reminds you of insect repellant?

Nephrite came to the sunny pavilion, his cheeks puffed out in frustration. You're pretty handy for a beak.

'Well. Now that the main character is here, let's get ready.'
'Hmm?That means you can use my mold at .......'
'Yes. That's Neffery from the chicken farm.'

When I introduced him, Norma stared at Nepheleigh sullenly.
It seemed that he was concerned about how the mold he had made would be used.

Nepheli seemed a little nervous as he was being licked and stared at by a fox beauty with a raging cleavage and a wide open chest, whom he had never met before.

--A summer of tension. Japanese summer.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... No matter how I look at Nepheli's face, this phrase keeps going around in my brain. ...... I wonder if the combination of the yukata makes it so. ......
Incidentally, I have Nepheli wearing a yukata as well.
Nepheli seems to be particularly fond of clogs, and has been walking around here and there recently. Thanks for the publicity.

And of course, wearing a yukata means that Nepheli is also wearing a yukata. .................. Well, it doesn't really matter.

'Becko's late.
'...... Hey. Didn't you just throw me around like I was rude?Look at me, Yashiro!

The sound effect of 'pppppp! The sound effect of 'pfft!
She really smells like a girl from the Showa era.

'I'm sorry I'm late, that I am!

I'm sorry I'm late, that I'm sorry I'm late!
You're late, you bastard.
We need what you're bringing as much as we need the molds.

'Look at this!It's my new work, that it is, 'The Statue of the Enshrined Hero'!

I kicked down the huge wax statue that Bekko had made, destroying it as I unveiled it.

'Aah!A work of art that took forty-six minutes!
'Are you late making such a trivial thing, you bastard!Also, the production time is too short for such a powerful work!
'No, I just had an idea, that I did!When I think of something, I can't stop making it, that I can't stop making it!
'I told you we'd use enough candles for next week's festival!Don't waste them!
'I'm sorry, that I am!Oh, that's right!I've brought what you asked for, that I have.

Saying that, Bekko takes out a large bottle from his hand luggage.
There was a lot of honey in the jar.

Here, here!This is what I needed.

'Okay, Magda and Loretta, go set Norma's mold in the stall outside.
'...... Roger.'
'I'll take care of it!
'Estella and her sisters, get the coals ready for the fire.'
'Alright. Let's go, sisters.'
'Here we go, sister!
'Sister Cord!
'Don't say 'sister-in-arms'!

Sisters. She's not 'string sister'. Estella is 'sister with strings' now.

'Mr. Yashiro, what shall I do?
'Jeannette and Nepheli are in the kitchen. I'll prep the ingredients.'
'Alright!I'll show you my cooking skills!

Nephrite is all fired up with his arms wrapped around himself.
But don't get too excited in front of Jeannette. ...... Ginette is on another level.
She can cook better than a good old-fashioned Japanese mother.
It's not enough for his new wife to say, "I took a cooking class for a year.
Well, this time I'm only going to mix the ingredients, so I don't think there will be that much of a difference in ability.

'Can I see it too?

Norma approaches me with her fox ears twitching, as if she's interested.
It seems that ears and tails can move even in old age.

'That's fine, but there's no smoking in the kitchen. You can leave your cigarettes here.'
'Is that so?

The kitchen is a cook's battlefield.
We can't compromise even on the slightest thing.
The smell of smoke on the fish will ruin its taste.

'Well, it's only for a little while. I'll be patient.

Norma spins her cigarette around and pulls out a portable ashtray from her pocket. You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.
...... I want to be a smoking pipe in my next life.

I'm not sure what to do.
I'm not sure what to do.I'll do my best!
'That sounds kind of interesting.

Ginette, Nephrite, and Norma followed her into the kitchen.
Now I'm going to go to the kitchen too. ...... Just as I'm about to do that, Bekko comes into view. ............ Ah.

'What is it?'
'I need you to help Estella with something.'
'Mm. Handling fire is dangerous, that it is, I know!

'Leave it to me, that I will! And with that, he claps his chest and Becko goes out.
I wipe the sweat from my forehead as I watch him go.
...... I forgot about Becko's existence in a second, and I couldn't say that I forgot to ask him to work.

I put aside my petty guilt and went into the kitchen.
It's Becco's fault for forgetting. That's what I told myself.

I laid out the ingredients in the kitchen and checked them.

'Flour, honey, baking soda...'

To my surprise, Regina was making baking soda.
It's part of her research into medicine, and she also has baking soda and baking powder. ...... Although the name was a tricky one like "Nantoka Nantoka". If you ask the ingredients, you will find that it is definitely baking powder.
If you have baking powder, you can make a cake.
If you can make a cake, fashionable girls in the 42nd district will gather around like, "Hey, do you want to have tea? If you can make a cake, fashionable girls in the 42nd district will surely gather around like 'hey, let's have tea.

Needless to say, I ordered a lot of it. Baking powder is an essential ingredient for fashionable girls!

...... Though it's highly doubtful that there are any fashionable girls in the 42nd district.

'Neffery, eggs.
'Yes, please. I brought a lot of them, so feel free to use them.
'Speaking of which, how are the birds?
'They're doing great!They're laying so much I don't know why. It's hard to pick them up every morning.

We are happy to have a stable supply of eggs.
By the way, Masha from the Sea Fishing Guild thanked me once. She said that her income has gone up a lot now that she can sell shells.
I'm all for good synergy.

The eggs from Nepheli's house are excellent in shape and size, and the yolks are firm, rich, and quite tasty.
I think I can make the best of these eggs. No, I'm sure you can.

Mix the flour with the eggs and baking powder, add water, and stir until the mixture becomes tacky. Finally, add a lot of honey. ......'
'Oh, ......, it smells so good.'

As you stir, the sweet aroma of honey and wheat softly tickles your nostrils.
It's an aroma I've missed for a long time.

It's done!
'What, that's it?
'It doesn't look very tasty, does it?

Nepheli, who had been so excited, was shocked at how simple the process was, and Norma frowned at the whitish ochre liquid.
I'm not going to eat it like this.

'I'm going to bake it in the mold Norma made for me.
'Then let's head outside.

Ginette takes the lead again, carrying the seeds I've made.
We walked out into the garden, with Nephrite and Norma looking unconvinced.

'We didn't have to, did we?
'I just wanted you to see the process of making it. I'm not going to be able to help with the real thing.'

I showed it to Jeannette because there's a chance we might make something like it someday.

'...... griddle, ready.'
'The fire's on.
'Teppan, it's hot!Gosaru-san, I'm going to try touching it!
'Mmm!I don't have ......, that I do!

The stall was ready.
Everyone seems to be waiting for it. Their faces were glowing with anticipation.

'I'm looking forward to seeing what we can make.

Bertina, who was standing right next to the stall, also looked like she couldn't take it any longer. ............

'Why are you here, Bertina?......-san.'
'I felt like you called me.'

I didn't call you!

I didn't call any of them!
It is possible that the information was leaked by the sisters to their brothers and sisters in the church. ......

'When I was cleaning the chapel, I smelled a sweet smell in the air.
'What's wrong with your sense of smell?

It's a long walk from here to the church.
It's unlikely that the smell of our food will reach you. ......'s, but. I'm not going to pursue this any further because I'm sure Bertina can handle it.

I'll let you participate in the tasting.

'Well, I'll make it first, so you'd better learn how to make it well.
'Yes!I'll take care of it!

He walked around to the back of the stall with Neffery.
The charcoal was glowing red, and the griddle was heating up nicely.
Two types of iron plates were connected by hinges and could be placed on top of each other. One of them is a flat steel plate, but the other has a number of round dimples the size of golf balls, which are arranged in an orderly fashion.
Pour the seeds you have just made into the hollows, and when they are heated to a certain degree, put the flat iron plate on top of the other, and heat it for a while from the flat iron plate side.
A sweet aroma rises up, making the gallery belly growl as they watch my movements.

'Now, it's done.

Opening the closed griddle, a lovely dome-shaped baked cake is completed.

The name of this is baby sponge cake.
It's a staple of festivals and my favorite.

Well, it seems strange that the baby sponge cake is made first when there is no sponge cake.

'I'm excited. I'm getting nervous.'

Bertina is looking at the baby sponge cake and shaking her body from side to side.

'Excited, fidgety, excited, fidgety.'
'Oh, God!Shut the f*ck up!Just wait a minute!'
'......................... 'Excited, fidgety.
'You really didn't wait long, did you?

I wish Bertina would take a lesson from her sisters.
I'd like you to take a look at my sisters. They're still more well-behaved than you. ...... d*mn, you've lived dozens of times longer than me, but you haven't grown up at all. ......

'All right. Well then, eat up .......'
'It's delicious!
'That was fast!

Now, Bertina's hands have surpassed the speed of sound.

'Now, I'm going to cook it, so you can eat it too.
'Hey!It's 'eat'!
'I'm going to eat!
'I'm going to eat!
'I don't need 'is'!

The younger sisters are getting excited and Loretta is chiding them. In this way, she is a proper sister. Even though she is ...... Loretta.

I'm not sure what to say. Is there anything I can help you with?
'It would be nice if you could keep Bertina in check.
'That's ...... a bit much for me .......'

Ginette, who knew how great Bertina was, couldn't help but let out a chuckle.
Well, as for Bertina, there was nothing to do but give up with a generous heart.

'Then, I'll need your help to bake it.
'Wait a minute!I'll do that!

When I asked Jeannette to help, Nephrite immediately offered to help.

'I have to master it before the show.
'I see. ...... So, Nephrite will bake, and Ginette will make more of the seeds you just made?
'Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
'Then, Yashiro, teach me how to bake.'

Nephrite, perhaps eager to try his hand at baking, poked and prodded.
When he looked at Jeannette, she nodded back at him as if she knew everything. Then I'll leave the kitchen to you.
Ginette smiled and walked back into the dining room.
In this kind of situation, Jeannette is very perceptive. Very good.

'The ...... bird has gone on the offensive.
'Big brother, you're probably the one who doesn't notice that kind of thing. He's insensitive.'
'Ginette is a good person. ...... On the other hand, Yashiro is ......'.

I feel like I'm being told all I can say over there.
Idiot. I'm just thinking about the success of the festival as my top priority.

Whether or not this festival would be a success, my future and the future of the Sun Goddess Pavilion would be greatly affected.

So, ignoring all the nonsense from the idiots, I taught Nepheli how to bake.
......, but. This was much harder than I expected.

It's difficult to control the heat.
There were many things that Nepheli didn't understand, such as adjusting the heat, cooking time, and timing.
If there were a gas burner with easy heat adjustment and a cooking timer, even a beginner could easily cook a tasty dish, but ...... is not such a thing.
So, the only way to learn is to learn with your body.
It seems that Nepheli will have to keep practicing until the actual event. In order to build a foundation for this, we are going to train hard today.

Nepheli's intense training lasted for several hours, and the baby sponge cakes were baked one after another and swallowed into Bertina's stomach one after another.
I was worried for a moment that she might have another stomach ache, but ...... Bertina kept a cool face and ate all the baby sponge cakes as they baked.
She said, 'After the last time I had a stomach ache, my tolerance level seems to have gone up a lot. It's called 'leveling up', isn't it? ...... You monster.

In the meantime, the bright sky changed its tone to a subdued indigo, and eventually night came.
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'I'm sorry, please go to ......'
'Hey!It's bright again today.
'I'm sorry, Hero-sama......, I've had a little too much sun today. ......'
'That's okay, Wendy. Thanks to you, I was able to walk safely through the night.'

There was Theron, who wore a fresh smile like Santa Claus encouraging the red-nosed reindeer, and Wendy, who seemed to have been exposed to a great deal of light dust during her research and was radiant enough to make you think that Amaterasu had appeared in this world.

'How unusual. Are you the daughter of the Firefly Squid People?
'No, no!No, I'm not!

Norma, who was full from eating the baby sponge cake, sat down on a chair in the garden and puffed on her cigarette again.
He saw the glowing Wendy and thought she was a firefly squid. ...... Are there really firefly squid people?Maybe I'll ask Masha next time.

'So, did you get what you asked for?
'Yes!After much trial and error, I managed to complete it!

A handsome man with silver hair rushes towards me with an incredibly refreshing smile. ...... face is so close!

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.

It's not easy to get rid of that glowing powder once it's attached to you, and if you're exposed to even a little sunlight, it glows brightly at night.
The doodle on Loretta's forehead took three days to completely disappear.
When the word 'meat' was removed from Loretta's forehead, I felt a sense of relief and sadness. ......

'Wendy would never let me touch the powder,' she said. She said she'd mix it herself.
'Because I don't want ...... Theron to have such a strange body,............, and I want to be the only one to make him shine. ......'

"Because it hurts only me"?
Yeah, that totally hurts!
I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea. It's a downgrade. Degradation.

'Hey, you can either move on or explode.
'Oh, I'm sorry, hero.'
'Don't be a hero!

Wendy's tone of voice was so contagious that even Theron began to call me hero.
...... I hope that Bekko will be given additional punishment. He's the one who started it all.

'Yashiro-san! I've got some more seeds for you. ............ What's wrong with you?

Ginette, meeting Wendy for the first time, rolls her eyes when she sees the shining Wendy.

'Oh, I'm sorry. It's just my constitution, don't worry about it.

I'm sure it's not a constitutional condition, but ...... I guess she's getting tired of explaining it.

'Wendy. You should stay out of the lab from now on and clean off any light dust that may have seeped into your body. And if you can, stay out of the sun that day.

If such a conspicuous person joins the festival, he'll be the center of attention.
That would make Wendy the star of the festival.
That's no good.

I feel sorry for her, but she'll have to stay indoors during the day.

'Well, Wendy. Come to my room.'
'Yes, ......, but .............'
'Am I ...... scary?'
'No, you're not!...... Well, then, I'll visit you at ...................'
'Yeah. I'll stay with you until the night of the festival.'
'Theron ......'
'...... Wendy'.
'Take it somewhere else, you rear-enders!

What the hell is this?
What's with this unpleasant atmosphere?
I'm going to stomp on it!

'Then let's see the finished product, shall we?'
'Yes, sir. This is the ...... finished product!

What Theron proudly took out of the bag he was carrying was exactly what I had envisioned, and ............ I was convinced.

I knew that this festival would be a success.

'Alright!The last week!Let's run as fast as we can!

Some raise their fists and howl.
Some smiling.
Others silently stare at the raised fists.

Each of us reacts in our own way.
But the hearts of those present are headed in one direction. That much is certain.

After all, this hubbub before the festival is irresistibly fun.

And so, as we rushed around, ............ the day of the festival finally arrived.